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Translation of Matz keynotes
378495 [whitequark@w] ...

Translation of Matz keynotes
378496 [whitequark@w] ...
378498 [sophrinix@gm] I guess silence is golden
378531 [susanhall181] ...

Translation of Matz keynotes
378497 [whitequark@w] If someone is interested here, I've just translated last two articles

Newbie having serious problems
378502 [52w7te9ara@s] Greetings all,
+ 378508 [martindemell] init_borders << "{color: "#0000ff",n
+ 378509 [yaserbuntu@g] I think that you got the code form part 2 of the tutorial [1] by clicking on
| 378516 [52w7te9ara@s] Thanks guys!
| 378521 [sherm.pendle] This is purely a MySQL permissions issue, nothing to do with your Ruby
+ 378520 [52w7te9ara@s] I think this is a Mysql problem.
+ 379413 [52w7te9ara@s] Greetings,

[ANN] EM-Udns - async DNS resolver for EventMachine based on udns C library
378503 [ibc@al ax ne] EM-Udns is an async DNS resolver for EventMachine based on udns C
378513 [ibc@al ax ne] Iaki Baz Castillo

What does %q do?
378512 [friedoysterl] What does %q do in ruby?
+ 378514 [johnf@bi sb ] %q{abc} is equivalent to writing "abc". It's most useful when you have
| 378515 [johnf@bi sb ] By contrast, %Q{abc} is equivalent to writing "abc" (double quotes).
+ 378517 [josh.cheek@g] Also, lowercase q is like single quotes, but uppercase Q is like double

[ANN] test-unit 2.2.0
378529 [kou@co mi ng] % sudo gem install test-unit

program to rename files : improvements
378530 [giovi.alvera] directory. The program lets you choose the directory,
378586 [jfreeman88@g] What up Gio,

RubyGems search using Picky
378533 [florian.hank] I've written a new style RubyGems search. Try it here: http://gemsearch.heroku.com/

Need help with Report and Logging capabilities with Test::Unit
378534 [nevesagar@gm] I am new to whole unit testing thing.  I am starting to use
378551 [nevesagar@gm] Anyone ???

New Version
378540 [rick.denatal] Announcing ri_cal version 0.8.8

Ruby SoC
378543 [anurag08priy] I am curious to know if Ruby Summer of Code will happen again this

How to get the input from.
378545 [vidgameteste] I want to know, what code i use, if someone doesnt enter the correct
+ 378584 [jfreeman88@g] I'm a bit new to Ruby, but in other langs a common approach is to put
+ 378629 [groups@in ox] Avdi Grimm

hiring query
378546 [a.b.federico] I am searching for ways to recruit a part time Rails programmer in the
378561 [lorenzo.brit] well, im from other country but for little earnings i can hel you with

Hot Sameera Hot Cleavage show - Download
378552 [malathi1104@] Hot Sameera Hot Cleavage show - Download

Assign Ruby string value to Javascrip variable?
378558 [raymanojin@g] Is it possible to assign a ruby string value to a javascript variable?
+ 378559 [lorenzo.brit] yes you can, but where you are doing it, in the view.js.erb file?
| + 378560 [lorenzo.brit] i did something like these
| + 378562 [edmond.kacha] 2011/2/15 Lorenzo Brito Morales <lorenzo.brito@gmail.com>
+ 378592 [echristopher] I'm guessing the problem is that you're using string interpolation

Ruby(and programming) beginners question regarding 'NoMethodError' while using Hpricot
378563 [sndpgr@ho ma] I am trying to build a web scraper which fetches Fundamental data for
+ 378565 [estanis@et e] The #search method returns an Hpricot::Elements object, which is somewaht
+ 378652 [sndpgr@ho ma] Thank You! very much Estanislau
| 378655 [estanis@et e] The #next_sibling method was not working because you were using it on the
+ 378742 [sndpgr@ho ma] Thanks! for the link Estanislau.
+ 378973 [sndpgr@ho ma] I tried to find the class of the object on which I am using the method

How does slice work?
378566 [friedoysterl] x.slice(parameter 1, parameter 2)
+ 378567 [shortcutter@] ri String#slice Array#slice
+ 378569 [friedoysterl] Thanks - I'm still a little bit confused.  Where does the slice
| + 378570 [michaeltbake] It selects the number of elements given by the second parameter,
| + 378571 [johnf@bi sb ] You pick a starting point to slice and then a number of items to
+ 378573 [friedoysterl] Thanks - very clear!

[ANN] kgio 2.3.2 - OpenBSD build fix
378568 [normalperson] kgio provides non-blocking I/O methods for Ruby without raising

Raise error with flexmock?
378572 [rfsllc@gm il] I am trying to raise a Timeout::Error with a spec but can't seem to get

Explain private methods?
378575 [friedoysterl] When you use the word "private" to clear private methods - what does it
378576 [ben@bl yt in] That's basically correct, yes. Technically it means that the method

What does << do?
378577 [friedoysterl] @rooms << Room.new(reference, name, description, connections)
+ 378578 [sebastian.ba] imho << reads Room.new(reference, name, description, connections) _into_ @rooms
+ 378579 [stu@ru yp og] It adds an instance of Room to the @rooms array
+ 378580 [john@jo ng a] It places a new room in @rooms.  Imagine this
+ 378581 [johnf@bi sb ] The answer is, "it depends on what @rooms is". In Ruby, (almost)

confusing tlsmail error Bad login (Net::POPAuthenticationError)
378587 [tdbtdb@gm il] I am trying to execute an example listed on
+ 378588 [b.candler@po] "-ERR Bad login" is the actual response from the POP3 server. It means
+ 378589 [tdbtdb@gm il] Oops, never mind. I was having a problem earlier with the password, so

Re: Arcadia ide 0.9.3
378591 [antonio.gale] I had disactivate tk rad extension for now, because it is instable, it

Error from Data_Wrap_Struct when class is inside a module
378593 [zatomic@di z] I'm playing around with writing a ruby extension in C and I'm getting

What is the purpose of "initialize"
378594 [friedoysterl] Why do you need initialize and what do you put in the parameter after
+ 378597 [stu@ru yp og] It's called a constructor in other languages. it can be used to initialize
+ 378598 [percent20@gm] the initialize method is your constructor it is called when you create a new
+ 378599 [surprisevall] Well, it is called by default when one instantiates an object from a class.
  378600 [surprisevall] I should have said "from which all objects are derived"...

Why use a symbol in place of a variable?
378595 [friedoysterl] (working from Peter Cooper's Beginning Ruby book, p. 155 of the book)
+ 378596 [johnf@bi sb ] A symbol and a variable are two different things. A symbol is
| 378601 [learnsanjeev] This is quite good tutorial about symbols and strings here
| 378604 [chris@ch is ] Along with what John Feminella said about symbols' immutability is the
+ 378609 [rubfor@re it] Another way to look at it is a symbol is it is an emnumerated scalar.
  378611 [johnf@bi sb ] I don't think that's an accurate characterization, imo, since symbols

How to read CSV in Ruby 1.9.2
378602 [phantom.hitm] I am totally new to rails. I have a school project that requires me to
+ 378603 [chris@ch is ] Simple example...
| 378606 [james@gr ys ] through
+ 378640 [catsquotl@gm] I wondered that myself last week and came up with..
  378719 [thopre@gm il] this code is not really a good solution

use pipe with net/ssh
378605 [pim@li ge ou] I'm trying to figure out how to use a pipe with the net/ssh class. I

RoR Positions in DC, Chantilly & Remote
378607 [lwarrenii@gm] I have an immediate need for Ruby on Rails positions in Chantilly, DC
378659 [vbatts@ha hb] This would be better served on the NoVA RUG mailing list

Can i install a voice recognition engine with rails application on to the server
378608 [rajesh.13kit] Can i install a voice recognition plugin/engine which converts the

Receivein a Post Attribute
378610 [mrbayene@ho ] This should be quite easy but I can't for the life of me find a
378612 [sutniuq@gm .] This is the Ruby mailing list, not the Rails one. Rails may be written
378616 [ben@bl yt in] Except this isn't a rails question at all.

Marshal data too short
378613 [mfcoder-ap@y] On Ruby 1.8.7.
+ 378644 [shortcutter@] Are you using binary IO?  I.e.
+ 379479 [mfcoder-ap@y] Thanks for the response.  I've been distracted from this issue by more

Web frameworks
378614 [matt@te hn r] What are the current web framworks that are well thought of an supported?
+ 378615 [flo@an er gr] Have you had a look at Padrino? It's build on Sinatra, but smaller than Rail=
+ 378617 [richard.conr] Sinatra is good, Padrino is another option built on Sinatra that contains a

Defining class methods
378618 [tony.arcieri] It seems there are 3 ways of defining class methods (at least in common
+ 378622 [anurag08priy] Do
| 378628 [groups@in ox] This one. That way you can always tell simply by looking at the method
+ 378630 [botpena@gm i] 4) Explicit definition
| + 378631 [groups@in ox] I avoid this one because it makes class renames more of a chore.
| | 378634 [botpena@gm i] Indeed. and that's what i like i about it. makes me think more on the
| + 378635 [johnf@bi sb ] There's lots of ways to add a class method; Ruby is not a very
+ 378641 [shadowfirebi] I don't mean it as a put-down; I suspect the only person I'm putting down is myself.   But I don't find that class methods actually come up much in my Ruby coding; when I find myself coding one I tend to stop and think hard about whether I actually need it.
| + 378654 [groups@in ox] is myself. =A0 But I don't find that class methods actually come up much i=
| | 378656 [johnf@bi sb ] I don't know if I'd go so far as to say they're a code smell. Without
| + 378662 [tony.arcieri] Well, more specific than DSLs: metaprogramming, and DSLs that generate code.
+ 378669 [sean.ohalpin] Do

Treetop - parsing to nil result
378619 [chrisrose.ch] please forgive a very novice question on what may be an arcane topic.  I
+ 378621 [ryand-ruby@z] the
+ 378623 [no@sp m. le ] A nil result means your parser failed to parse all the input.
  391087 [mjessick@at ] Thanks for the debugging hints - just the suggestions I was looking for.

capturing stderr for a file
378625 [flethuseo@gm] I am trying to run a script from ruby, but it produces some output to
378627 [groups@in ox] output = `./script.sh #{e} 2>&1`

net/ssh in ruby. ssh.exec fails
378632 [jarodzz@gm i] I just finished install net-ssh-2.1.0.gem.

ruby1.9 - require "debug" and output when stdout is not a terminal?
378637 [marco-oweber] cat >> test.rb << EOF

system firefox returns false. Why?
378638 [u.gotzes@go ] irb(main):001:0> system "firefox.exe"
378639 [chris@ch is ] I'm not on a Windows machine, so I can't replicate, but system should return

ActiveRecord 3 group+select
378645 [esis_coder@l] select, the new finder methods in ActiveRecord 3.x so I have this

Ruby code in Haml
378646 [raymanojin@g] How do I embed Ruby code in Haml? I am passing an array via a get
378647 [brister@po o] You need '-' at the start of a line with ruby code otherwise haml just
378653 [b.candler@po] I think it's clearer to use regular HAML insertion inside the block,

question about modules
378648 [James.French] I have a main.rb file which is the entry point for a system. It loads a lot=
378649 [shortcutter@] No.
378650 [James.French] ot of other ruby files using 'require'. I would like to put this whole syst=

Distributed libraries without Git?
378657 [ch.blank@gm ] Hey,
+ 378658 [johnf@bi sb ] I'm a little confused by this. Bundler doesn't care what version
+ 378660 [ch.blank@gm ] gem "rails", :git => "git://github.com/rails/rails.git"

WatirSplash 1.1.1 Released
378661 [jarmo.p@gm i] Biggest improvements in the new WatirSplash is it's support for Linux,

catch and throw?
378664 [friedoysterl] Can someone explain to me how catch and throw works?
378668 [mentionuse@g] Unless you have a very specific question, you'll find a lot of resources

How does parse work?
378665 [friedoysterl] How is it different from split? chomp?
378667 [mentionuse@g] You might find reading the documentation and having irb is useful to

problem to update ruby
378666 [maite.piedra] I  have to try to update ruby version I have a mac

Please help me to creating model of server
378670 [releu@me co ] 1) accept and maintain a connection of clients
+ 378671 [chris@ch is ] Without getting too far into the details of what your server is going to do,
+ 378672 [ben@bl yt in] As Chris said below, you need GServer :)
+ 378675 [releu@me co ] Thanks! :)

Ruby reflection - get method definition as a string
378673 [adamlauper@g] the actual test to the console or store it to a file.  The tests are
+ 378674 [anurag08priy] # test.rb
| 378679 [flo@an er gr] In Ruby 1.9, you can retrieve the place where the method was defined =
| 378680 [echristopher] Cool, I didn't realize you access the source file using tap and rewind.
+ 378701 [quixoticsyco] I just released a gem which gives access to the source code of methods
  378702 [johnf@bi sb ] I haven't looked at James's gem, but if live_ast can map AST

question re: small piece of code
378677 [friedoysterl] young_people = people.find_all do |p|
+ 378678 [ryand-ruby@z] it
+ 378681 [jakekaiden@g] question re: small piece of code

Installing Mysql directly or using XAMMP
378683 [hbailey17@ny] Can anyone tell me what is the difference between downloading MySQL
378684 [echristopher] The MySQL web site will always have the newest version -- at least in

LiveAST: a pure Ruby 1.9.2 library obtaining live abstract syntax trees
378685 [quixoticsyco] = LiveAST
378694 [eule@sp ce c] good news!
378716 [stephenp@ag ] how does this work exactly?  It hooks into the require / eval

Undefined method `+'
378686 [danny.lupine] hey guys the following line of code is producing a "undefined method
378687 [sduncan@we a] What is the content of @plays?
378697 [johnf@bi sb ] Is it an "undefined method '+' on NilClass"? If so, you forgot to
378706 [Rob@Ag le on] def plays=(v)
378707 [johnf@bi sb ] Whoops, that's what I get for copy-pasting into the wrong segment. You

Problem: open-uri blocking redirection from http to https
378688 [xdelcastillo] I was working on a small script to verify the presence of an element
379123 [akr@fs j. rg] Currently it is not configurable (as the comment says) except monkey patching.

Cross-compiling ruby
378689 [psander@ti o] I want to build ruby in a cross-compile mode in which the results of a comp=
378725 [psander@ti o] Thanks to an offline pointer, this is the revised build procedure that buil=

OpenSSL signature method == null?
378691 [christian.b.] I'm using OpenSSL to generate an x.509 certificate used for document
378695 [b.candler@po] $ openssl x509 -in ert.pem -noout -text
378720 [drbrain@se m] cert.sign key, OpenSSL::Digest::SHA1.new

rvm install 1.9.2-head -- errors while running make.
378692 [jtmiller@gm ] I'm attemping to install Ruby on Ubuntu 10.04.
378693 [peterhickman] So just what does it way in /home/shmup/.rvm/log/ruby-1.9.2-head/make.log?
378717 [jtmiller@gm ] Ahh haha, sorry Peter. It was 5:30a when I typed that, and was already tired

Ruby 1.8.7 patchlevel 334 released.
378696 [shyouhei@ru ] We have several fixes for Ruby 1.8.7 today, two of which are security

[ANN][Security] Ruby 1.9.1-p431 is released
378698 [yugui@yu ui ] Ruby 1.9.1-p431 has just been released. This contains a fix for

[ANN][Security] Ruby 1.9.2-p180 is released
378699 [yugui@yu ui ] Ruby 1.9.2-p180 has just been released. This contains a fix for

Html + Javascript + Ruby
378700 [bianca.steph] <script type="text/javascript">
+ 378703 [blazeroot@gm] params["+ tarefa +".to_sym][:input]
+ 378740 [b.candler@po] You can use <input type="hidden"> to put any extra variables you want
+ 378794 [bianca.steph] params["+ tarefa +".to_sym][:input] doesn't works.
+ 378795 [bianca.steph] nether params[:tarefas]
| 378796 [blazeroot@gm] What parameters do You get in your server log?
+ 378798 [bianca.steph] [4;36;1mSQL (1.3ms)[0m   [0;1mINSERT INTO "nome_tarefas_fluxos" ("fluxo_id", "nome_tarefa", "numero_subtarefas") VALUES(110, E'0sub0ccccccccccinputcccccccccc', NULL) RETURNING "id"[0m
| 378800 [blazeroot@gm] params[:terefas][0][:sub][0]
| 378804 [josh.cheek@g] If this doesn't work, try
| 378832 [bianca.steph] params["tarefas"]["0"]["input"] works perfectly...
+ 378801 [bianca.steph] You have a nil object when you didn't expect it!
  378803 [blazeroot@gm] Paste here code where You're trying to get that value, please.

Help for extracting text with regexp.
378704 [netiqicufeni] I'm having some trouble with the regexp :/
+ 378705 [peterhickman] You know what they say, if you choose to use a regex you've got
+ 378708 [jgabrielygal] irb(main):001:0> require 'uri'
+ 378713 [botpena@gm i] there are many ways.
+ 378714 [netiqicufeni] Thanks a lot for your help ! :D

CSV in Ruby 1.8.7 and 1.9.2
378710 [ronaldrails@] csv_string =3D CSV.generate(:col_sep =3D> "\t") do |csv|
378712 [james@gr ys ] That's because Ruby 1.8.7 has a different CSV library.  You'll need to =

CSV with Ruby 1.9.2 and 1.8.7
378711 [ronaldrails@] csv_string = CSV.generate(:col_sep => "\t") do |csv|
+ 378715 [chris@ch is ] First and possibly most important, the CSV implementation is completely
| 378806 [ronaldrails@] c,
+ 378805 [ronaldrails@] I tried set UTF-8 like you, but didnt works with 1.9.2. I got the same

2011 saw the best cars
378718 [0160088826s@] Section 560 of the cars in 2011

question for newbie
378721 [nericlau@gm ] a = << END_STR
+ 378722 [Rob@Ag le on] It means that you can't have a space or it looks like you're trying to
+ 378723 [stu@ru yp og] you need to remove the space between << and END_STR for the heredoc to work
+ 378724 [jstewart@fu ] That's called a heredoc string. See

[ANN] hoe-seattlerb 1.2.5 Released
378726 [ryand-ruby@z] hoe-seattlerb version 1.2.5 has been released!

[ANN] ZenTest 4.5.0 Released
378727 [ryand-ruby@z] ZenTest version 4.5.0 has been released!

[ANN] RubyInline 3.9.0 Released
378728 [ryand-ruby@z] RubyInline version 3.9.0 has been released!

[ANN] ParseTree 3.0.7 Released
378729 [ryand-ruby@z] ParseTree version 3.0.7 has been released!

HTTParty - Proper way to do Digest Authentication?
378730 [rgc3679@ya o] I'm wanting to use HTTParty to login to secure server using digest

[ANN] ruby_parser 2.0.6 Released
378731 [ryand-ruby@z] ruby_parser version 2.0.6 has been released!