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^ Alias method in module
377666 [dagnan gmail] I'm trying to alias a method in a module and then overwriting this method (still having access to the old method).
+ 377713 [botpena gmai] try
| 377718 [b.candler po] Looks like when you include module Foo, the definition of foo in the
+ 377783 [zhangsu live] As of Ruby 1.9, when you include a module M in a class C, an anonymous
| 377784 [b.candler po] It's the same in 1.8.7.
| 377837 [mentionuse g] John Mair (banisterfiend) has written some code to manipulate ancestor
+ 377843 [dagnan gmail] Thank you all for your answers.

^ Each Array Method Skipping first Array position
377668 [chris.gogree] Could someone tell me why in the following code, when it iterates on the
+ 377670 [shortcutter ] Does it?
| 377672 [mentionuse g] This was something else I was going to point out. You don't have to
+ 377671 [mentionuse g] The answer is that your code doesn't take into account the situation where

^ Simple way to detect 32bit vs 64bit?
377690 [transfire gm] Anyone have simple means for checking if the running arch is 32bit or 64bit?
+ 377695 [steve stevek] ruby-1.9.2-p0 > RUBY_PLATFORM
+ 377700 [justincollin] 1.size => 4 on 32 bit, 8 on 64 bit.
  377702 [djberg96 gma] checking if the running arch is 32bit or
  377717 [transfire gm] Awesome, thanks.

^ Packaging a Ruby file into a stand alone application
377691 [ajay.ravindr] It has been only a day since I have heard of Ruby (Very very New). My
+ 377696 [dejstone gma] Ajay,
+ 377697 [audaciousaja] Please find attached the Ruby file that I am using to generate a report
+ 377699 [justincollin] Ocra is usually recommended for this: http://ocra.rubyforge.org/

^ instantiating a class
377692 [bellcolt hot] How do i instantiate a class whose name is contained in a variable ?
+ 377693 [anurag08priy] klass =3D Kernel.const_get(myVariable)
+ 377694 [josh.cheek g] class MyClass

^ best ruby blogs?
377701 [nicholas4 gm] What are the major ruby blogs that a newbie should read read/follow?
+ 377725 [josh.cheek g] I like Ruby Inside a lot, you can also get mailed about its articles by
+ 377730 [erik.eide gm] You can find a fair few at http://www.rubycorner.com &

^ Zlib::GzipReader and multiple compressed blobs in a single stream
377703 [jos catnook.] I'm trying to inflate a set of concatenated gzipped blobs stored in a single
+ 377748 [jeremy bopp.] I'm not sure what's going on, but I was hoping you could solve your
| 377979 [jos catnook.] Thanks for your reply.
| 377983 [jeremy bopp.] While I don't think you'll be able to make it as fast as zcat, given
+ 378010 [drbrain segm] single
  + 378019 [jeremy bopp.] Once your fix is in place and GZipReader#unused works correctly, is
  | 378062 [jos catnook.] Fwiw, with the changes just committed to trunk the following code works for me
  | 378063 [jeremy bopp.] That's great!  How does the performance compare to zcat with your data?
  | 378068 [jos catnook.] % time zcat gz > /dev/null
  | 378070 [jeremy bopp.] Excellent.
  + 378059 [jos catnook.] Thanks, Eric!

^ Re: Hi,Please find attached the Ruby file that I am using to generate a reportout
377705 [garethlatwor] OCRA will work.

^ Eric, an IDE for Ruby and Python
377706 [gmkoller gma] This may have sneaked up on a few people?  But now seems to future

^ Pyjamas - Why is this concept of Desktop + ClientSide App not more exciting?
377707 [gmkoller gma] As a long time apps guy without web experience I am finding working
377709 [steve stevek] Because generally they end up looking badly. Desktop apps and web apps are

^ Array Slicing 1.9.2
377715 [lucky.develo] I'm using ruby 1.9.2 Today i was playing around array and here is the
377726 [mentionuse g] It's not actually specific to 1.9, if you're wondering.

^ Ruby Beginer
377720 [soldier96 ro] I am new in ruby and i want to know where i can begin to learn Ruby and
377724 [uwe kubosch.] You will find that most platforms are supported, so what platform you choose for Ruby development should be the one you are most comfortable with.  Be sure to have a good editor :)  And test a lot :)

^ How to get Nokogiri to resolve XPath references when parsing XML?
377722 [mstumpp goog] A lot has been written about Nokogiri in terms of reading XML using
377765 [shortcutter ] I don't think you can get Nokogiri (or any other XPath processor) to

^ [ANN] rdoc 3.5 Released
377729 [drbrain segm] rdoc version 3.5 has been released!

^ Re: nokogirl on ubuntu: failed to build gem native extension
377731 [reza.naq gma] Could you please tell me WHICH config file you changed or how? I'm
377777 [mike.dalessi] Greetings and salutations!

^ gsub! on a txt file
377732 [leo.mmcm gma] I'm a complete newbie in Ruby's world!
+ 377739 [anurag08priy] text = File.read('/R/testo.txt')
+ 377746 [leo.mmcm gma] Ohhhh I didn't know this method!
+ 377751 [b.candler po] Processing one line at a time is a good idea because it lets you handle

^ going onto a new line
377733 [danissoepicl] ok i am quite new to ruby and i am only 14 so.... any way i am
+ 377734 [botpena gmai] print "**uh.....**\n"
+ 377735 [marco-oweber] print "ath
+ 377736 [danissoepicl] thanks botp :) works fine,

^ i need help with if statements
377737 [danissoepicl] i am having trouble with if statements.
+ 377738 [josh.cheek g] if answer == 'yes'
+ 377740 [danissoepicl] thanks :)
  377764 [shortcutter ] case answer

^ Failed requires?
377741 [cmhoward fri] I'm running ruby 1.8.7. If I 'require' a file, and it fails, the program
+ 377744 [sutniuq gmx.] begin
+ 377745 ["none < ruby] $ irb
+ 377752 [b.candler po] A bare "rescue" without specifying a class will rescue StandardError

^ [ANN] Ruby-GNOME2 0.90.6
377742 [kou cozmixng] The Ruby-GNOME2 project released Ruby-GNOME2 0.90.6.

^ Calculating simulated motion blurring
377743 [cmhoward fri] I writing a small game with rubygame. Use fixed framerate (30 f/s) with

^ (none)
377750 [bjones1 chat] unsubscribe

^ RAutomation 0.5.1 Released
377754 [jarmo.p gmai] New version of RAutomation just got released!

^ How deliver emails with sender's name
377758 [m.mastrodona] Sometimes i need to specify a name to show it when email is received.
377759 [b.candler po] mailfrom is for the SMTP envelope. You should only ever pass it a bare

^ [ANN] mahoro 0.2 - Ruby 1.9 compatibility!
377760 [normalperson] Mahoro is a Public Domain Ruby interface to libmagic.  It is in use by

^ New to programming AND new to Ruby
377761 [cassandra.k ] programming, or experience... only interest.
+ 377768 [nupal84 gmai] Would a study group of others working through the same book help.
| 378054 [badlands_200] Kevin,
| 378057 [soman.abhiji] Hey James,
+ 377769 [cassandra.k ] A study group sounds kind of cool.  I'd be interested in that.  I think
| 377774 [nupal84 gmai] Lets have a think about the best way to do this and what we want from it
+ 377772 [josh.cheek g] For questions about how Ruby methods work, keep the docs handy
+ 377776 [james grayso] Good on you for learning new things.  We all need to do more of that.  =
+ 377779 [chris.hulan ] You should check out the Railsbridge community (http://
+ 377780 [martindemell] Check out http://rubylearning.org/class/
+ 377793 [badlands_200] I do not know, but I have a lot of questions but no one likes to explain ru=
+ 378108 [danissoepicl] posting simple questions on here shouldn't embarrass you, i do it all
  378109 [ccrumley cap] be quiet noob (lol)

^ Re:
377762 [shortcutter ] nope

^ RubyGems: versioning devel releases
377771 [chastell cha] =46rom what I understand by reading rubygems.org and checking
377792 [ryand-ruby z] No. It is entirely off of the matching of /[a-zA-Z]/

^ New Gem upload - rules
377773 [dharsininitt] What are all the steps/rules to be followed while uploading a new gem to
377775 [jeremy bopp.] IIRC, rubyforge isn't used as a gem repository by default in newer

^ [ANN] Regex Searching on Arbitrary Sequences
377781 [adgar carbon] charset=us-ascii
377809 [Ruby GoogleM] This is pretty cool. I never understood why pretty much every language
377813 [adgar carbon] In talking it over with the co-writer of the Regex-Searching writeup, we =

^ 2011: Which Ruby books have you read? And which would you recommend?
377785 [azzzz gmx.ne] I know there are a lot of threads about books, but some of them are as
+ 377786 [azzzz gmx.ne] I haven't read many myself yet, but I have read The Well Grounded
+ 377789 [headius head] I'd recommend "Using JRuby" from PragProg, which just recently went to press :)
+ 377790 [anurag08priy] Makes sense :).
| 377801 [badlands_200] I have Beginning Ruby and Beginning Rails. but no training as a programmers the real world do not want to help us with the questions about Ruby
| 377803 [serialhex gm] +1 http://rubybestpractices.com/ i'm really enjoying reading this book, the
| 377820 [h3rald h3ral] I read and reviewed many Addison-Wesley books on Ruby lately, and my
| 377832 [flebber.crue] ?isbn=3D0321603508
+ 377857 [azzzz gmx.ne] /Thanks for the replies everyone - keep them coming!/
+ 378270 [peter_booth ] There are five Ruby books that I enjoy dipping into and also refer to
+ 379127 [azzzz gmx.ne] I finished Design Patterns in Ruby by Russ Olsen - what a great book,
+ 379844 [azzzz gmx.ne] Finished Eloquent Ruby the other day - another great book from Russ
| 379854 [klauer gmail] I'm currently on chapter 5 of that book.  So far I really like it.
+ 379913 [bbxx789_05ss] a)The Pickaxe (i.e. Programming Ruby by Dave Thomas, et al, the latest
  379916 [josh.cheek g] "Dynamic programming" is already defined, though, it's an approach to

^ Fwd: [ANN] Regex Searching on Arbitrary Sequences
377794 [john.carter ] Very Nice!

^ class and inheritance. Inherit data
377797 [niezam54 hot] I have a problem inheriting data from the parent class to its
+ 377819 [ruby urgewal] You declare 'convert_yaml' as a local variable here. It 'disappears' as
+ 377827 [niezam54 hot] Thanks for your post. Actually, i dont want every subclasses to has its
  377831 [ruby urgewal] Sorry, I meant a class variable (@@var).

^ I want to pass the name of a calling web page in a form in Ruby
377798 [asargent73 g] I have a landing page controller and index page that has a button on
377848 [b.candler po] Well I don't see anything Ruby related in that question, but you could

^ Recursive regular expressions in Ruby?
377799 [jarmo.p gmai] I was just wondering if there is possible to write recursive regular
+ 377812 [josh.cheek g] regex = /^(?<bracketed>\[(\g<bracketed>|\d)\])$/
| 377825 [jarmo.p gmai] Thanks!
| 377826 [josh.cheek g] You're right, that was the January edition. Here is the one I meant to link
+ 377823 [shortcutter ] Strictly speaking these are no more regular expressions any more

^ How to know the exit status within at_exit() block?
377800 [ibc aliax.ne] such return code into at_exit() block, but I don't know how to do
+ 377810 [josh.cheek g] How about stick your own exit method before Kernel in the lookup chain
| 377912 [ibc aliax.ne] That could work. Then I need to store status in an Object attribute or
+ 377815 [drbrain segm] ruby -e 'at_exit { p $!.status }; exit 1'=
| 377913 [ibc aliax.ne] Really interesting. However, it fails if exit() is called outside of the sc=
| + 377930 [josh.cheek g] It probably doesn't work in IRB, because IRB wraps calls to exit
| | 377931 [ibc aliax.ne] You are right, however I've realized that in case of exiting without
| | 378005 [drbrain segm] Yes,
| | 378043 [ibc aliax.ne] Thanks. I wonder if $! can be anything else apart from SystemExit and Inter=
| | 378111 [drbrain segm] Interrupt.
| | 378113 [ibc aliax.ne] Great :)
| + 378004 [drbrain segm] catch
+ 377829 [shortcutter ] You are aware that you can simplify that to
  377915 [ibc aliax.ne] Yes, but I want to inspect the exit status code into the block
  377918 [shortcutter ] This is completely unrelated to how you _call_ exit.  I pointed out
  377919 [ibc aliax.ne] Ok, perhaps I should clarify that SOMETHING is not the existing status
  377921 [shortcutter ] I know.

^ [ANN] hoe 2.9.0 Released
377802 [ryand-ruby z] hoe version 2.9.0 has been released!

^ Date.today.strftime("%A").
377804 [ramsees.79 g] Date.today.strftime("%A") returns "Monday", what can I do to get "Lunes"
377844 [list.push gm] If nothing better comes along, you could try something like this.

^ [ANN] rubygems-update 1.5.0 Released
377805 [drbrain segm] rubygems-update version 1.5.0 has been released!
+ 377807 [drbrain segm] Oops!  I forgot to remove this section from the README before release.  =
| 377808 [Ruby GoogleM] Thanks very much. This is great news!
| 377822 [lists jits.c] This update seems to break Bundler...
| 377830 [luc honk-hon] Quote from =
| 377834 [lists jits.c] Thanks Luc!
+ 377886 [botpena gmai] we see that you've remove gem mirror.

^ looping CSV.foreach??
377814 [niezam54 hot] CSV.foreach('ActionPlan.csv') do |row|
377840 [james grayso] You would collect them in an Array.  Put a line like this before the =

^ Decreasing range?
377816 [stefano.grio] I just noticed a behavior I don't really get related to Range and
+ 377817 [josh.cheek g] 4.downto(1) { |i| p i }
| 377821 [shortcutter ] This is certainly the most efficient variant.  For the general case
+ 377824 [stefano.grio] Thank you both, I feel ashamed that I didn't think about "downto" ..
  + 377828 [stefano.croc] Range#each calls the #succ method of the starting element to get the new one
  + 377853 [ymendel pobo] Your use of <=3D> is perplexing, given that anything Comparable would
    + 377874 [stefano.croc] Yet, it's what Range uses. According to "The ruby programming language", for
    + 377891 [ymendel pobo] Wacky.

^ soap4r error when unmarshaling data from client
377818 [yermej gmail] I posted a similar message in the soap4r group, but there hasn't been

^ mkmf-bug under mingw without msys
377833 [raoultranchi] I have a problem building an extension with mkmf under windows which
377839 [luislavena g] You can build ruby without msys, but then you will have problems about
377846 [raoultranchi] I don't have such dependencies. If I manually change the path in the
377849 [gthiesfeld g] You can require the devkit without rubygems.
378232 [raoultranchi] Adding the following to extconf.rb did the job for me. It implements a

^ Gem Seer Help
377835 [bianca.steph] It works fine, but i can't change the content of the tooltip that shows

^ Re: rubygems-update 1.5.0 Released
377836 [eblumenfeld ] It works with ironruby also!!!
377928 [luislavena g] Luis Lavena
377939 [botpena gmai] thanks, luis. author says it's unstable, and install doc says not yet.

^ Ruby Range issues
377838 [Ray Bovet.or] Since I haven't posted to this group in the past 5 years or so, let me
+ 377842 [shortcutter ] art
+ 377858 [Ray Bovet.or] Thanks for the comments, Robert.
  377879 [b.candler po] The logic is in ruby_float_step in float.c.

^ Convert HTML to Confluence Wiki
377847 [jeremy.barth] I'm converting data from a legacy system into a new RoR system.  The

^ attr_reader - general question
377850 [jcarter leup] class ExternalBallistics
+ 377851 [jgabrielygal] This is not calling the method "c=3D", not that you have one, in any
+ 377852 [steve stevek] nope, if you 'puts calcluate' you should see 8. If you want to assign to c,

^ Where to start
377854 [tescatlipoca] a chance till now.
377859 [h3rald h3ral] The easiest (and most pleasant to work with!) Ruby GUI toolkit is definitely=
377860 [steve stevek] +1 for Shoes. I am a bit biased, being on Team Shoes, though. ;)
377871 [h3rald h3ral] I really can't wait until you can provide a proper gem. While Shoes is fine f=
377875 [ninja slapha] +1
377880 [steve stevek] David, right now, they're 100% intertwined. That's the way that _why liked
377903 [ninja slapha] Ok. The question is why he liked it, if you'll pardon the pun.
377963 [steve stevek] First of all, a disclaimer: I never met or talked to _why. So I can't really
377967 [ninja slapha] That sounds like a problem for something like rawr. As far as I can tell, it's
377973 [steve stevek] Totally. Just explaining why things are the way that they are, and why they

^ ANN: Sequel 3.20.0 Released
377855 [code jeremye] Sequel is a lightweight database access toolkit for Ruby.
377885 [botpena gmai] minor nit..
377958 [code jeremye] Jeremy

^ Re: Call SendMessage WinAPI to get item_rect for tree control
377856 [user compgro] Did you ever figure this out?  I am trying to do something similar
+ 377877 [zhangsu live] You need to pass a buffer to SendMessage to store the rectangle's
+ 377881 [maxbc yandex] I found more flexible solution to work with Windows applications. I

^ unsubscribe
377861 [e-ken yandex] unsubscribe

^ Returning a column vector from a 2D array
377862 [jcarter leup] I have a @data_array variable, which is a 2 dimensional array.  If I
+ 377876 [jgabrielygal] Can you show some code? Are you using a specific 2d array from a
+ 377878 [jcarter leup] Hope this isn't too fragmentary and of no use
+ 377985 [jcarter leup] Using Matrix.rb does not work in this application, because I have to

^ rvm upgrade gemset gone
377863 [pal palbergs] I did a rvm upgrade. I said yes to move the gemset. Now, after
+ 377867 [pal palbergs] Looks like they are deleted.
+ 377900 [pal palbergs] Never mind. I had to reinstall them. All ok now.