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377235 [l17339@gm il] I have one problem with some ruby script I developed. This look a basic
+ 377283 [b.candler@po] 1. Write a standalone test program which demonstrates the problem. I
+ 377287 [botpena@gm i] maybe it's another error
+ 377373 [l17339@gm il] Just to tell ya that with
  377377 [l17339@gm il] Hey again.
  377412 [botpena@gm i] i tested these, and the program is capturing the Timeout error.. note,

using gems installed via 'sudo gem install'
377236 [thisredoned@] I've installed ruby-opengl through sudo gem install because there were
+ 377238 [cmdjackryan@] Well, if you didn't do a "sudo rvm gem install" (or whatever the
+ 377240 [thisredoned@] I have gemset created but I don't know how is that helping because there
+ 377242 [hassan.schro] No it's not.
+ 377246 [thisredoned@] I am using rvm with 1.9.2 version and by what I said before I meant that
| 377247 [hassan.schro] If it's "all working just fine" then why are you posting?
+ 377248 [thisredoned@] The installation is working (with sudo). But I can't use the gem in my
| 377250 [hassan.schro] What error? Instead of vaguely describing it, why don't you *fix* it?
+ 377252 [thisredoned@] gem install ruby-opengl
| + 377254 [steve@st ve ] rvmsudo gem install
| + 377264 [luislavena@g] /lib
+ 377256 [thisredoned@] To my surprise it isn't working. rvmsudo gem install ruby-opengl still
| 377257 [hassan.schro] It's not that you're doing it as root, it's that you're using a different
+ 377258 [thisredoned@] it says "Proper support for ruby 1.9/1.9.1+" so I assumed that it will
  377259 [hassan.schro] Using /Users/hassan/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.1-p243

uninitialized constant Net::LDAP::LDAP_MOD_REPLACE
377239 [bkwiencien@d] I am trying to write a buby script that changes an ldap password. The

Looking for 2 Ruby on Rails Developers in Northern VA
377241 [lwarrenii@gm] I'm currently looking for 2 Ruby on Rails Developers in the northern

Spreadsheet - "invalid encoding" Problem
377244 [tad.bochan@b] I just gem installed spreadsheet and tried the example ,
377271 [masap.hat@gm] It looks an error from Iconv library, I guess the encoding from utf-8
377334 [tad.bochan@b] The code does in fact work in windows, so I will try the iconv -1 when
377355 [masap.hat@gm] Not 'iconv -1', but
377374 [tad.bochan@b] Told you HPUX was , er, different !

Timestamp difference
377249 [b.fowl87@gm ] How would you find out whether the time difference of one timestamp is
+ 377251 [hassan.schro] and??
+ 377253 [tad.bochan@b] Try
+ 377255 [Rob@Ag le on] In addition to the other responses, I'll point out that you have (past

Using net/HTTP - How to login and then retrieve data?
377260 [rgc3679@ya o] I'm new to Ruby, coming from Java. I need to write an HTTP client in
+ 377261 [Rob@Ag le on] Do you need to also set .basic_auth on the POST request?
| 377265 [rgc3679@ya o] Yes, POST also requires basic_auth.
| 377288 [geekprogramm] ...
| 377407 [rgc3679@ya o] Thanks for that - looks like an interesting gem. I will try it out.
+ 377262 [richard.conr] Well Net::HTTP is a bit on the low level side. You really need to know the

Lexical vs Dynamic Scope
377268 [tim@ti mo ga] Forgive this very basic question, but Googling has not answered my
377269 [josh.cheek@g] The x in g is the same as the x outside of g. There is only one single x in
+ 377276 [tim@ti mo ga] in
+ 377282 [abinoam@gm i] or

[ANN] kramdown 0.13.1 released
377270 [t_leitner@gm] ## About kramdown

swig and ruby
377272 [bomastudio@g] build a binding to LIBREDWG library, but I don't know SWIG ..... need
+ 377278 [echristopher] LibreDWG is C; I was thinking you might consider Rb++
| 377280 [bomastudio@g] yes, rb++ seems to work with C++, confusion!!
+ 377279 [sutniuq@gm .] have a look at their forum: http://www.ruby-forum.com/forum/wxruby
  377281 [bomastudio@g] good idea, I'm going to the group. Let me see....

Plurals in RDoc documentation
377285 [pedzsan@gm i] I can't find my post from yesterday.  Sorry if this is a repeat.
377328 [drbrain@se m] This annoys me too. I have not decided to automatically link plural class na=

How to use image_tag method from module ActionView::Helpers::AssetTag?
377290 [andrew.dange] I am just getting started using ruby and rails and I have a simple class

Easiest way in Ruby to express "given this, set target to this if nil or undefined, else increment by this"
377295 [RichardDummy] class Z
+ 377296 [jeremy@bo p.] Replace the @@'s with @'a so that you use a class instance variable
| 377326 [RichardDummy] Thanks for that lucid explanation of where my error lay which in turn
+ 377317 [yermej@gm il] On Jan 22, 10:50=A0pm, RichardOnRails
  377330 [RichardDummy] Thanks for introducing me to the Singleton class from the Ruby

detection process in windows xp, vista, seven.
377298 [bureaux.seba] Is it possible to detect such processes in windows xp, vista, seven?
+ 377299 [cmdjackryan@] Not sure what you mean.
+ 377321 [luislavena@g] tasklist.exe
+ 377322 [john.allen@e] require 'win32ole'

FastCSV fcsv and how to keep imported field format (or how to convert it)
377300 [dot_baiki@ya] Dear Community,
+ 377303 [james@gr ys ] true)
| 377306 [botpena@gm i] umeric,
| 377307 [james@gr ys ] =3D>
+ 377310 [dot_baiki@ya] This way seems to be right, but now somehow the :header_converters =>
| 377311 [james@gr ys ] Time;Work
+ 377318 [dot_baiki@ya] Yes! Sweet. And BIG THANKS! And shame on me :-) Of course it works like

377304 [redstun@gm i] Enumerable.inject is pretty cool, but it treat the elements as if they have
377308 [botpena@gm i] how about,
377309 [botpena@gm i] sorry if that wasn't so clear. again,
377357 [redstun@gm i] Cool! thanks!
377406 [colinb2r@go ] I'm curious as to when and why people use each_with_index and/or
+ 377564 [redstun@gm i] Interesting, thanks Colin.
| 377589 [eregontp@gm ] sing
| 377593 [redstun@gm i] guess we find a spot to improve when chaining up multiple enum methods?
+ 377583 [b.candler@po] I think you answered it yourself: people will generally choose the more

Help! Please, I'm lost!
377312 [lord_dark_ha] Well, I'm a spanish user, so I'm sorry if my English isn't good
+ 377313 [martindemell] 1. Use an array to represent each die
| 377315 [lord_dark_ha] The answer well explained for a newbie, plz. Thanks.
| 377316 [martindemell] Here you go. We make a class to represent a die, with methods to roll
+ 377314 [blambeau@gm ] just a hint for the interactive part: have a look at the
+ 377320 [lord_dark_ha] Well I tried that code but, when I try to run it, Shoes freezes and RDE
| 377324 [martindemell] it's pure ruby code, not shoes. not sure why rde doesn't do anything,
| 377329 [lord_dark_ha] It isn't. When I try to run it from console, it asks for the number of
+ 377339 [lord_dark_ha] KO, sorry for the double posting, but I can't edit my last message. I

How to convert letters to uppercase?
377323 [skolopen@ya ] Im unfamiliar with regular expressions.
+ 377325 [b.candler@po] 1. Write a regular expression to match everything before the first
| 377375 [nobuoka@r- e] When the string doesn't contain a period, you want to change all
+ 377327 [martindemell] ruby-1.9.2-p0 > a = "helpuser01.hello.txt"
  377337 [tad.bochan@b] a="helpuser01.hello.txt"

Obtain 'CSV' data
377335 [niezam54@ho ] I have some problem while obtaining data from the csv file format. Here
+ 377336 [james@gr ys ] File.foreach(path) do |line|
+ 377344 [niezam54@ho ] What do you mean by '# use fields here...'? and how to tell ruby that i
| 377345 [d_rems@ya oo] Result of split is actually an array. So your "Active" column would be
+ 377349 [niezam54@ho ] When i printed out fields[2], the outputs are nil. This goes for
| 377368 [shortcutter@] Are you sure?
+ 377351 [angel_steel@] open("file").each do |line|
+ 377408 [niezam54@ho ] "Issue,,Risk/Opportunity,Compliance,Consequence,Current Status,Due
| 377442 [jgabrielygal] Because you said the fields were separated by '|' and this is why
+ 377409 [niezam54@ho ] ["1.a,Maximise use of natural lighting,,Active,,,,,,\n"]
+ 377464 [niezam54@ho ] Thanks for the solution. i change the "|" to "," and it worked. But Im
  377473 [james@gr ys ] The C in CSV stands for "comma."

Get 2 last letters of a string and increased
377342 [louposk@gm i] how can i make the string "admin_X10-11_001"  increased by 1 in order
+ 377346 [zhangsu@li e] "admin_X10-11_001".succ
+ 377347 [mentionuse@g] a = "admin_x10-11_001"

reverse engineering: "property[name=steps] > array"
377343 [danthom1000@] I'm new to Ruby, I've inherited some code for my job, and I'm trying to
377379 [anurag08priy] If you have a look at [1], you are actually looping through all the

Compile a Ruby script
377348 [lord_dark_ha] Now, thanks to the forum, I have my brand-new and shining Ruby script,
+ 377350 [luislavena@g] Luis Lavena
+ 377385 [jdp@jd pa e.] Looks like you have an old version. There is an updated version
+ 377404 [lord_dark_ha] Thanks everyone ^^ I owe you another. Just a final question: If I use

377352 [lorenzo.brit] I cant not understand why these code is well
377354 [botpena@gm i] then just put it Person
377356 [lorenzo.brit] Ok, thanks, in that way what actually we are doing is a class method
377358 [botpena@gm i] yes. a class method
377360 [lorenzo.brit] WOW thanks a lot, i really got crazy about that. i will continue to

CodeFest - Online Coding Festival by Computer Engineering Society, IT-BHU
377353 [vishal2295@g] We are delighted to inform you that Codefest'11, the annual International o=

[OT] Cannot unsubscribe from ruby-talk
377359 [denis.defrey] I=92ve been meaning to unsubscribe from ruby-talk (nothing personal; I =
377364 [blambeau@gm ] i.e. you have to send a email to ruby-talk-ctl@ruby-lang.org with the word

from 'socket' to 'eventmachine' http client.
377361 [i8igmac@ai .] im working on a vulnerability scanner, basically a http client... i have

pg gem 0.10.1 wth Ruby 1.9.2 does not work with method @pg_conn.exec_prepared(stmt_name, parameters)
377362 [zdavatz@gm i] The pg gem 0.10.1 does not seem to work with Ruby 1.9.2 with the method
377363 [ben@bl yt in] You don't actually show the exception, only the backtrace. What is the

Re: pg gem 0.10.1 wth Ruby 1.9.2 does not work with method @pg_conn.exec_prepared(stmt_name, paramet
377365 [zdavatz@gm i] Dear Ben
377366 [zdavatz@gm i] Dear Ben
+ 377367 [zdavatz@gm i] Ok, it seems that this again is related to some subtle changes from Ruby
+ 377381 [rick.denatal] Zeno,
  377383 [zdavatz@gm i] Dear Rick

String replace ' for mySQL insert
377370 [roland@kl in] I'm a newbie, just started programming Ruby about 1 month ago. Have lots
+ 377371 [b.candler@po] You're probably going about this the wrong way - your database layer
+ 377372 [roland@kl in] Thanks Brian,
+ 377376 [ian.asaff@gm] in VB, '=' can means both assignment and equality, so the following does
+ 377382 [roland@kl in] thanks Ian,

FileUtils writing to stderr
377384 [marcuslamb@y] I'm having a few issues with FileUtils writing stuff to stderr when no
+ 377393 [drbrain@se m] or has occurred. For example I might have the following simple
| 377398 [drbrain@se m] no error has occurred. For example I might have the following simple
+ 377433 [marcuslamb@y] I see your point. I should be able to check the return code for errors.

New to Ruby - Twitter API
377386 [robert.brenn] I am looking to retrieve data from TWitter - ideally I want the dta in
378537 [peter@va de ] $ rvm use 1.8.7

Block-Argument-Scope changes in Ruby 1.9.1 to Ruby 1.9.2 and breaks dbi-0.4.5
377387 [zdavatz@gm i] Ok, it seems this is related to dbi (0.4.5) and the way Ruby 1.9.2

The finer points of postfix conditionals.
377388 [j@jo at an e] foo if foo = 1
+ 377389 [mentionuse@g] Not being assigned to nil here makes sense, even without knowing why it gets
+ 377390 [shortcutter@] -e:1: warning: found =3D in conditional, should be =3D=3D
| 377471 [peter@va de ] To understand this better, I used the method 'defined?'.
| + 377504 [shortcutter@] You can certainly do that for learning purposes but I have not yet had
| + 377506 [b.candler@po] Yes, but you should rarely if ever need this in practice.
+ 377396 [j@jo at an e] Thanks for the explanation. FWIW I think it is a shame that postfix
  + 377401 [gwtmp01@ma .] to=20
  + 377423 [shortcutter@] See Gary's reply.
    377453 [j@jo at an e] Yes, I agree that it's surprising this is done at parse time. But
    377509 [shortcutter@] Why do you find that surprising?  Parse time is exactly the time when
    377516 [j@jo at an e] I guess I expected that the two different concrete syntaxes would be
    377522 [shortcutter@] But that would lead to a situation where a local variable declared in

dbi force to Array in Ruby 1.9.2 - works for 1.9.1 as well - row.to_a
377391 [zdavatz@gm i] Ok just FYI we solved the problem. It again (after the Hash-Iteration

Login does not work
377392 [zyxel21d@gm ] created a database for users called user1, I have the login screen set

Worker pool - what to use?
377399 [ch.blank@gm ] Hey,
+ 377426 [shortcutter@] <disclaimer>I don't know stomp and I have only rudimentary knowledge
| 377451 [tim.pease@gm] Initially
+ 377753 [cb@un se .a ] Hey, thanks a lot for the input!

Re: reverse engineering: "property> array"
377402 [danthom1000@] Cool!  thanks for the help.

confused about andand
377403 [danthom1000@] I'm reverse engineering some code I inherited, and having a little
377405 [gwtmp01@ma .] comment

Is an instance of a class really an instance of its superclass too?
377410 [kedar.mhaswa] I understand that the answer to that question is yes.
377414 [gwtmp01@ma .] included

Obtain data from .csv
377411 [niezam54@ho ] ["Issue,,Risk/Opportunity,Compliance,Consequence,Current Status,Due
+ 377416 [leslieviljoe] \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\
+ 377417 [yongjiawei@g] Sorry to say but I think I'm quite confused. You started out trying CSV
+ 377419 [angel_steel@] does you CSV file actually really have those square brackets?? If  yes,
| 377421 [yongjiawei@g] Actually I have this feeling the posted segment
+ 377466 [niezam54@ho ] Leslie : I dont think I have time to create a new script based on the
| 377475 [yongjiawei@g] Saw in the other thread changing to ',' for the regexp works. The
+ 377477 [niezam54@ho ] Yeah, iam still having trouble extracting some data from the csv file
| + 377482 [yongjiawei@g] The thing is i need to extract those data
| + 377483 [brabuhr@gm i] You mean something like this?
+ 377484 [niezam54@ho ] Thanks for your post. btw, how do you specifically obtain data for
| + 377485 [yongjiawei@g] Yes you need to add logic to filter out the rest of the rows for which
| + 377486 [brabuhr@gm i] $ ruby baz.rb
+ 377487 [niezam54@ho ] didnt realize your second post. yes, i mean like that but what if i only
+ 377488 [niezam54@ho ] Unquoted fields do not allow \r or \n (line 1). (CSV::MalformedCSVError)
| 377491 [brabuhr@gm i] Is the csv file you posted the same as the file you are testing with?
+ 377490 [niezam54@ho ] is it because im using windows 7 or because of my ide NetBeans 6.9.1?
+ 377492 [niezam54@ho ] Yes im using the same file. And it worked!!! after changing into 'rb'.
  377494 [brabuhr@gm i] That is related to the traditional difference in line-endings between

Surely there's a better way to do this... (implementing a DSL)
377413 [tony.arcieri] I'm trying to write a method that builds a class and takes arguments from
377437 [shortcutter@] g a
377450 [tony.arcieri] Because I'm building these classes for another API, namely Resque. I'm
377503 [shortcutter@] Then it seems this would do

dynamic drop down menu based on xml data
377422 [danthom1000@] I'm new to ruby, html and javascript (ouch).  In an erb file I am

List Processor Issue (spamassassin again)
377424 [shortcutter@] it happened again (see below).

Add new value to top of an Array
377427 [samtreweek@g] instead of the bottom. eg. When using <<, this appends to the end.
+ 377428 [ondemannen@g] a = [ "b", "c", "d" ]
+ 377429 [ian.asaff@gm] ruby-1.9.2-p136 :009 > x = [2,3,4]
+ 377431 [samtreweek@g] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
| 377480 [botpena@gm i] note, there is also Array#insert.
+ 377432 [anurag08priy] Array#unshift

Re: New String rules?
377434 [b.candler@po] You want to know the new String rules in ruby 1.9? Try

How can I tell rake to publish the docs to a different directory
377435 [zdavatz@gm i] How can I tell Rake to publish the documentation not to doc but to a
377436 [zdavatz@gm i] rdoc1.9 --op doc3

STI with many to many association
377438 [rodrigopavan] Im using ruby 1.9.2 and Rails 3.0.3.
377468 [b.candler@po] This is the Ruby (programming language) list. There are separate

module_function and Object include.
377440 [kedar.mhaswa] I understand that the use of the Module's class method "module_function"
377500 [zhangsu@li e] "Including a module in Object class" simply makes every object respond
377511 [kedar.mhaswa] Thanks! You are right.