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^ Improving performance of hash math
377121 [dblockdotorg] I am trying to improve performance of Euclidian distance between two
+ 377122 [dido.sevilla] VHJ5IG5vdCB0byB1c2UgdGhlIGV4cG9uZW50aWF0aW9uIG9wZXJhdG9yIHRvIHNxdWFyZSBhcmd1
+ 377123 [gwtmp01 mac.] Switch to using #each with an explicit accumulator variable instead of =
| 377124 [dblockdotorg] Looks about twice as slow. Either way, about 36% of the time is spent
| + 377125 [dblockdotorg] Here're some actual numbers. I am doing the above code 10K times with
| + 377151 [gwtmp01 mac.] of #inject.
| + 377154 [ryand-ruby z] of #inject.
|   + 377160 [dblockdotorg] In case someone reads this for the purpose of the algorithms, and not
|   | 377161 [dblockdotorg] I meant to say "fast", as in under a second.
|   + 377169 [gwtmp01 mac.] proper application of inject, but if you think it is 2x slower, then =
+ 377130 [shortcutter ] Use Hash's default value mechanism or use "|| 0" and kick out
  377145 [dblockdotorg] - has_key has almost no cost, made no difference
  377179 [shortcutter ] Still the hash needs to be looked into twice.  I prefer to do the work

^ RVM can't find executables
377132 [wallu667 gma] My paths seem to be ok, e.g.
377133 [wallu667 gma] Nevermind, solved the problem by removing $HOME/.rvm/bin from my path.

^ Send message from Ruby app to Ruby app
377135 [releu me.com] I have two console apps in Debian and I want to send messages from first
+ 377136 [shortcutter ] DRb.
+ 377140 [releu me.com] Thanks!

^ EventMachine & EM.defer
377142 [wflanagan te] I'm stuck using EM.defer.
377155 [btricha gmai] I'm on my phone right now so I can't try your code nor can I even read

^ [ANN] pg 0.10.1
377143 [ged FaerieMU] Version 0.10.1 of pg has been released.

^ WEBrick/Premature end of script headers:
377146 [tad.bochan b] I have been playing around with WEBrick, and kept getting the "Internal

^ local copy of rubyforge
377148 [hmmedina gma] Is there a way that I can maintain a local copy of all gems, from let'=
377149 [ben bleythin] let's say rubyforge? (or any other repo for that matter). =A0I'd like to m=
+ 377152 [hmmedina gma] Ahhh, I see... Thanks..
+ 377266 [drbrain segm] let's say rubyforge? (or any other repo for that matter).  I'd like to =

^ Please help: uninitialized constant ActionView::Helpers::TagHelper::ERB (NameError)
377150 [andrew.dange] consists of a few files containing a couple of small classes and am
+ 377210 [andrew.dange] I am still stuck on this error, any help for a newbie?
+ 378746 [ruby-forum m] There's apparently a circular loading issue in Rails 3 (any helper loads

^ edit xml file
377156 [Dmodie gmail] I'm new to Ruby, and this may be considered advanced.  I'll do my best

^ edit xml file
377157 [Dmodie gmail] I'm new to Ruby, and this may be considered advanced.  I'll do my best

^ edit xml file.
377158 [danthom1000 ] I'm new to Ruby, and this may be considered advanced.  I'll do my best
+ 377165 [josh.cheek g] Good job! I know that can be frustrating to try to figure out :) Though, you
+ 377172 [danthom1000 ] Josh,

^ Each roll-over in File?
377159 [dwilde1 gmai] I have the following code in a PDF writer using Prawn on Ruby 1.8.7 p249
+ 377162 [astounding g] ng
+ 377163 [astounding g] ng
  377168 [dwilde1 gmai] close if @done == true

^ Unsupported digest algorithm (sha256).
377167 [kuanfai_yf h] Unsupported digest algorithm (sha256). (RuntimeError)
+ 377397 [rubyforum mo] The fact that you can use sha256 from the command line but not in your
+ 377418 [kuanfai_yf h] Thanks for your suggestion, but I get the error message after running
| 377497 [botpena gmai] expected. you're using 1.8.
+ 377441 [rubyforum mo] How ironic. :-)
+ 377444 [chenyfsg gma] Thanks Brian for your prompt response. Following are my environment
| 377498 [botpena gmai] also add the newer sources
+ 377447 [rubyforum mo] Yes, that's what I would do.  In fact that's what I did when I had a
+ 377496 [botpena gmai] that errs comes from your app
+ 377575 [chenyfsg gma] I have just re-installed my ruby and now it gives new error. I feel

^ Unsubscribe
377170 [adam spatial] Unsubscribe

^ undefined method `before_create' for main:Object
377171 [sathiya.rail] ruby=1.9.2

^ How to reference a different epoch.
377173 [dantes990 ya] I'm trying to use the 'at' method in Time on some data pulled from an
+ 377178 [jonathan jmn] Sure, you should be able to add 978307200 to the result of your
+ 377180 [shortcutter ] That seems fairly easy
  377584 [dantes990 ya] Well those solutions seem obvious enough.  Thanks for the help!

^ jruby in a pure java environment
377174 [martindemell] I'm curious about JRuby's adoption as a tool in pure Java places - has
+ 377175 [tony.arcieri] Initially we had a native dependency (Nokogiri) but given the environment
+ 377217 [headius head] I weary of stackoverflow. For some reason it seems like the myspace of

^ [ANN] sfl 2.0 Released
377176 [blambeau gma] sfl version 2.0 has been released!

^ Re: edit xml file. follow up
377177 [danthom1000 ] Josh,
377202 [josh.cheek g] The forum is a front-end for a newsgroup / mailing list. So, for example, I

^ Rubygame needs help: Looking for new owner, additional developers.
377181 [jacius gmail] Rubygame is in a sad state.
377218 [headius head] I'll offer some justification for JRuby being a really excellent

^ Re: Packers and movers
377182 [vikashsin gm] noida packers and movers provide packing moving services in Noida, Delhi and gorgaon. 50% discount on packing.

^ sorting songs to directories
377183 [slyusarevmik] I've got a bunch of music that is in one directory and I wanted to sort
+ 377191 [shortcutter ] Just a quick check but your regexp for matching songs in line 21 is
+ 377203 [slyusarevmik] pretty much, yes (i'm just learning ruby).
| 377222 [shortcutter ] Well, there isn't much online docs for TagLib2.  There are two
+ 377243 [slyusarevmik] thanks, i think the closing thing was what was wrong.

^ Array within array question
377185 [joshua wired] ruby. My dilemma is that I've got an array which holds a whole lot of
+ 377186 [stefano.croc] puts deck[0][cdname]
+ 377187 [joshua wired] Thank you for that lightning quick response. I've just printed out some
+ 377188 [shortcutter ] puts deck[0][cdname]
+ 377189 [shortcutter ] Or even

^ Legacy bug in net/imap in Ruby 1.9.x
377201 [tnt banza.ne] Since I'm using Rails 2.3.8 with Ruby 1.9.2 the sent emails are cut-off
377394 [aaron tender] Will you file a ticket in the redmine tracker for this so that it gets
377400 [tnt banza.ne] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.

^ Oauth
377204 [iainspeed gm] OAuth part, and test=
377205 [iainspeed gm] Oops! I hit send before I was done - hold your horses people! :)

^ Read spreadsheet from internet
377206 [oss.hcs goog] I am probably no longer justified in claiming to a newbie, but I suspect
+ 377209 [josh.cheek g] I'm not familiar with the gem, but your web_contents looks like it is a
+ 377212 [oss.hcs goog] Thanks.  Luckily I am incapable of embarrassment.

^ merged cells in the spreadsheet
377207 [bellcolt hot] How do i determine the number of columns in a horizontally merged cells

^ help on find over find
377208 [gusantor hot] MyModel.find(:all).find(:first)
377211 [ewollesen gm] The objects returned by find(:all, ...) and User.requests are
377263 [gusantor hot] thank you very much Eric, I'll look forward this way

^ Deleting from hashes
377213 [joshua wired] Following on from my previous question
+ 377214 [ryand-ruby z] First off, that's an array, not a hash.
+ 377223 [shortcutter ] rand(1) won't work as intended, since you never get 1 as result.  You
+ 377224 [joshua wired] Thank you all, now for the issue of that being an array. I made a
| 377225 [shortcutter ] 1400,
+ 377227 [joshua wired] I now have it working, this is what it looks like
  + 377229 [shortcutter ] 1400,
  + 377230 [shortcutter ] 1400,
    377232 [ryand-ruby z] Maybe it is just me... but when they're still using training wheels I =
    377233 [shortcutter ] Well, as I pointed out (maybe not clear enough) it's also more correct

^ Installable Mac Application
377215 [jimfreeze gm] I have a ruby (1.8.7) program that takes a config file and uses appscript to
+ 377216 [ryand-ruby z] appscript to
+ 377220 [sherm.pendle] <http://rubycocoa.sourceforge.net>
+ 377237 [jimfreeze gm] I'm interested more in packaging really. I don't want to use MacRuby. It's
  377245 [steve stevek] MacRuby is the best way to handle packaging of applications on a Mac. This

^ altenative for click_no_wait()
377219 [chethanahb a] My Framework uses click_no_wait() for clicking some objects in

^ some works from _why
377221 [gazmcgheesub] I stumbled on this today

^ Totally lost in learning Ruby
377226 [my77elephant] This is my second attempt to understand Ruby.  I completely read 1)
+ 377228 [stefano.croc] First, you don't need a compiler to use ruby. Ruby is an interpreted language,
+ 377231 [shadowfirebi] I don't mean to sound condescending, but if you've not programmed before, perhaps you are underestimating the problem of jumping two hurdles at once - learning to program, and learning the Ruby language.  Programming requires a paradigm-shift which, of course, is difficult to explain to those who have not made it.
| 377293 [my77elephant] Shadowfirebird,
+ 377234 [cmdjackryan ] Well, one hurdle at a time. First you need to learn to program, and
+ 377267 [michael.broo] In addition to the suggestions provided by others you may also want to look
| 377274 [michael.broo] Oops... I meant to say "The Pragmatic Programmers" at the end of that last
| 377275 [vic.blaga gm] If you have a little .NET experience you could try using IronRuby. It could
+ 377277 [jose stat.uc] A district-wide database and interface is not a trivial project.  Coding
| 377284 [stu rubyprog] Actually why is this being done in-house as opposed to outsourcing it
| 377289 [unk.dcc gmai] I recommnd learn for the beginning and study every sintax before another,
+ 377291 [my77elephant] Thanks for such speedy response. The Rubi community is really
| + 377297 [ninja slapha] I'm not sure quite what you mean here.
| | 377301 [my77elephant] Thanks a $llion for responding. Based on your response, where do I
| | 377319 [cmdjackryan ] There's dozens of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript guides out there, but a
| | 377332 [ninja slapha] Probably a good starting point.
| + 377305 [josh.cheek g] I think you should not do this. It is tempting to think "if only I did this,
+ 377292 [my77elephant] Thanks for such speedy response. The Rubi community is really
+ 377294 [my77elephant] Shadowfirebird,
+ 377302 [my77elephant] Thanks a $llion for responding. Based on your response, where do I
+ 377331 [rubfor recit] What happened the first time - did you give up or try something else?
+ 377333 [my77elephant] The first time I completed the book, then got stuck trying to understand
| + 377340 [stu rubyprog] Google search how to "think like a computer scientist".
| + 377341 [tigre7t hotm] one point is being made here that open source means no owners
| | + 377369 [shadowfirebi] Goodness.  If you feel like that what on earth are you doing on this list?
| | + 377378 [rubfor recit] On forums like this you can't expect people to design a database schema
| |   377380 [shortcutter ] It's not only a question of how long it takes a reader to understand
| + 378038 [flebber.crue] I admire your vim and vigor, I really do if you wish to learn Ruby
+ 377338 [rubfor recit] Best of luck. If you haven't programmed in anything else then I guess
+ 377950 [my77elephant] Is a Code editor the same as a text editor? Can they both be used for
| + 377955 [shortcutter ] Yes and no.  Both can be used to edit source code but an editor or IDE
| + 377961 [jude.dashiel] Q29kZSBlZGl0b3JzIGFuZCB0ZXh0IGVkaXRvcnMgZGlmZmVyLiAgQ29kZSBlZGl0b3JzIGRlcGVu
+ 377969 [my77elephant] Based on the responses received I am leaned toward the following study =
| + 377971 [sduncan weta] I haven't been following the thread, but I wonder why you would buy
| | 377989 [stu rubyprog] I agree with Sam here Hilary.
| | + 377990 [h3rald h3ral] +1 for Vim
| | + 377991 [jeremy bopp.] I use vim every day for editing all manner of files on various
| + 377980 [sherm.pendle] Ugh. W3Schools is a *very* poor reputation among pros who actually know
| + 377997 [rubfor recit] Rails is a powerful package but I would think twice about getting
|   378006 [josh.cheek g] +1 Use vim is another mountain to climb on top of learning to program. Go
+ 377995 [my77elephant] Here is my confusion....take the simplistic case of using an Excel
| + 377998 [stu rubyprog] vi follows more command line logic like: {command} {file}
| + 378044 [jude.dashiel] T25jZSB5b3Ugd3JpdGUgYSBzY3JpcHQgYW5kIHdhbnQgdG8gdGVzdCBpdCwgeW91IHJ1biB0aGUg
+ 378096 [notchent yah] When you first begin to learn about programming, your first obstacles
+ 378239 [my77elephant] Based on the responses I have been receiving, I will greatly appreciate
| + 378246 [shortcutter ] Microsoft Access gives you a database with application code in a
| | + 378248 [shadowfirebi] I second that.   Work out exactly what you want the product to do.  Then work out the smallest set of functionality that would make the product at all meaningful: cross off all the bells and whistles, then look at what's left and pick out the most important part; then cross off everything else.  That's the bit you want to make first.
| | + 378271 [my77elephant] What I want to create is a product that is computer accessible, that is
| |   + 378275 [soman.abhiji] You could try RubyMine from JetBrains. They are  offering personal license
| |   + 378315 [shortcutter ] I consider it an interesting question (although completely off topic
| |     378317 [rubfor recit] I agree the propostion is somewhat spurious. We in the UK have a lot of
| |     378411 [my77elephant] So Mike,
| |     + 378413 [jeremy bopp.] As you're sure to have gathered by now, doing what you want to do takes
| |     + 378414 [rubfor recit] I think what the essence of your application is, is to get people to
| |       + 378423 [shortcutter ] That might be true for analysis...
| |       + 378455 [my77elephant] Distinguish community,
| + 378448 [guecker928 y] Having been in and around software design for far longer than I care to=A0=
+ 378412 [einztein hus] I don't know if anybody else already said this butí─ did you really go
  + 378431 [ruby cocosju] No offense meant, but creating a programming project like you are
  + 378454 [my77elephant] lly go

^ execution expired - timeout
377235 [l17339 gmail] I have one problem with some ruby script I developed. This look a basic
+ 377283 [b.candler po] 1. Write a standalone test program which demonstrates the problem. I
+ 377287 [botpena gmai] maybe it's another error
+ 377373 [l17339 gmail] Just to tell ya that with
  377377 [l17339 gmail] Hey again.
  377412 [botpena gmai] i tested these, and the program is capturing the Timeout error.. note,

^ using gems installed via 'sudo gem install'
377236 [thisredoned ] I've installed ruby-opengl through sudo gem install because there were
+ 377238 [cmdjackryan ] Well, if you didn't do a "sudo rvm gem install" (or whatever the
+ 377240 [thisredoned ] I have gemset created but I don't know how is that helping because there
+ 377242 [hassan.schro] No it's not.
+ 377246 [thisredoned ] I am using rvm with 1.9.2 version and by what I said before I meant that
| 377247 [hassan.schro] If it's "all working just fine" then why are you posting?
+ 377248 [thisredoned ] The installation is working (with sudo). But I can't use the gem in my
| 377250 [hassan.schro] What error? Instead of vaguely describing it, why don't you *fix* it?
+ 377252 [thisredoned ] gem install ruby-opengl
| + 377254 [steve stevek] rvmsudo gem install
| + 377264 [luislavena g] /lib
+ 377256 [thisredoned ] To my surprise it isn't working. rvmsudo gem install ruby-opengl still
| 377257 [hassan.schro] It's not that you're doing it as root, it's that you're using a different
+ 377258 [thisredoned ] it says "Proper support for ruby 1.9/1.9.1+" so I assumed that it will
  377259 [hassan.schro] Using /Users/hassan/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.1-p243

^ uninitialized constant Net::LDAP::LDAP_MOD_REPLACE
377239 [bkwiencien d] I am trying to write a buby script that changes an ldap password. The

^ Looking for 2 Ruby on Rails Developers in Northern VA
377241 [lwarrenii gm] I'm currently looking for 2 Ruby on Rails Developers in the northern

^ Spreadsheet - "invalid encoding" Problem
377244 [tad.bochan b] I just gem installed spreadsheet and tried the example ,
377271 [masap.hat gm] It looks an error from Iconv library, I guess the encoding from utf-8
377334 [tad.bochan b] The code does in fact work in windows, so I will try the iconv -1 when
377355 [masap.hat gm] Not 'iconv -1', but
377374 [tad.bochan b] Told you HPUX was , er, different !

^ Timestamp difference
377249 [b.fowl87 gma] How would you find out whether the time difference of one timestamp is
+ 377251 [hassan.schro] and??
+ 377253 [tad.bochan b] Try
+ 377255 [Rob AgileCon] In addition to the other responses, I'll point out that you have (past

^ Using net/HTTP - How to login and then retrieve data?
377260 [rgc3679 yaho] I'm new to Ruby, coming from Java. I need to write an HTTP client in
+ 377261 [Rob AgileCon] Do you need to also set .basic_auth on the POST request?
| 377265 [rgc3679 yaho] Yes, POST also requires basic_auth.
| 377288 [geekprogramm] ...
| 377407 [rgc3679 yaho] Thanks for that - looks like an interesting gem. I will try it out.
+ 377262 [richard.conr] Well Net::HTTP is a bit on the low level side. You really need to know the