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^ Exception instances...
37710 [sean chitten] Start
+ 37712 [jim freeze.o] puts "booga: #{booga}"   ## => add this line
| 37728 [decoux moulo] ...
| 37730 [sean chitten] Hmm... so I looked over the examples and they suggest mixing in
| 37731 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 37732 [matz ruby-la] Because you skipped the "initialize" of Exception.  You have to call
  37733 [sean chitten] Not only will it not give you a warning, but 1.7.2 does the expected
  37735 [matz ruby-la] 1.7 behavior is done by big modification (so called allocation

^ Apache & Ruby - for a newbie
37711 [lucid connec] I've seen the recent posts about using Apache with Ruby.  Unfortunately,
+ 37713 [sean chitten] Let's see if we can sort things out then.
+ 37739 [tobiasreif p] Here's just a little howto about setting up a local development Apache

^ mod_ruby and eruby Apache error
37725 [mps discomsy] I just upgraded my Apache server for various reasons and along with it I
37806 [sean chitten] How did you compile mod_ruby?  Your configuration looks correct.  I

^ Ruby Weekly News
37729 [Dave Pragmat] ...

^ Ruby on IRC (was Re: Socket API)
37740 [ docx io.com] I may have missed an e-mail or twenty, but where is ruby being discussed on
+ 37741 [stephan.schm] Doesn't help you much, but there is an IRCNet #ruby.de community
| 37743 [cochi uni-pa] And a #ruby on IRCNet for non-german speaking ones. And of course the
+ 37742 [msassak spea] irc.openprojects.net #ruby-lang
+ 37744 [gnhurst hurs] #ruby-lang at irc.openprojects.net

^ ruby-dev summary 16501-16750
37746 [maki rubycol] This is a summary of ruby-dev ML in these days, translated

^ What's wrong with example/testgtk/dnd.rb?
37748 [selander pdc] H!
+ 37749 [selander pdc] *laugh* No wonder it is not working. Ruby is certainly a very capable
+ 39622 [nconway klam] If you're using 0.27 of ruby-gtk, that file has been updated and

^ Re: ruby-dev summary (Shared subpattern)
37751 [michael_s_ca] /(ab*c+d){2}/  ?
37752 [decoux moulo] ...
37755 [michael_s_ca] This looks to me like a simple back-reference, no?
37757 [decoux moulo] ...
37761 [michael_s_ca] Of course you're 100% correct; I realize my mis-thinking here now.
37762 [michael_s_ca] I meant "abXa" for that first example, of course.
37823 [harryo zip.c] I've never heard such an idea before, but it might be worth

^ Threads
37759 [kgergely mla] I've decided to use ruby in my diploma. (have some perl experience...)
37763 [matz ruby-la] The termination of the main thread interrupts other threads.  So it's
+ 37783 [kgergely mla] Well, than is there any (pretty) alternative to wait for all threads?
+ 37785 [ckruse wwwte] Hoi,
  37791 [kgergely mla] So what should I do?
  37793 [nat.pryce b1] Write a synchronisation class that implements your required synchronisation

^ PocketRuby for HP Jornada 820 (WinCe v 2.11, StrongArm processor)
37766 [do_joly yaho] I am having trouble getting PocketRuby to work on an
37834 [j1kwok yahoo] I suggest downoading the free Embedded Visual Tools 3.0 from

^ Re: [patch] update to (X)Emacs modes
37767 [ville.skytta] the
37773 [nobu.nokada ] I see.
+ 37776 [ville.skytta] A quick "grep -r" in Emacs sources reveals that 'add-to-list' was
| 37779 [nobu.nokada ] Thank you.  I read only NEWS.
+ 37777 [ville.skytta] A quick "grep -r" in Emacs sources reveals that 'add-to-list' was

^ Weekly RCR Summary
37769 [RubyGarden t] ...

^ gnome canvas
37772 [john johnkni] Does anyone use gnome canvas from ruby?

^ .EXE file
37774 [rahmanian60 ] Is a way for convert ".rb" file to ".EXE" file?

37775 [liquidv12 li] ...

^ ruby language capabilities
37778 [sosoruby ema] ...
+ 37840 [comp.lang.ru] ...
| 37848 [  pih oek.dk] I just read this document, and I think time is spent better reading
| 37909 [paul atdesk.] What's worse is that the document seeks to discover which is the
| 37931 [  pih oek.dk] I agree, its a very poorly written comparison.
+ 37872 [msassak spea] Soso,

^ capital method names
37781 [paul atdesk.] a = 1
+ 37782 [jason jvoege] It certainly flies in the face of the Uniform Access Principle, which Ruby
+ 37784 [matz ruby-la] It's a little magic sprinkled on Ruby.  You know I hate CamelCase.
| 37786 [paul atdesk.] Hmm, I wasn't suggesting CamelCase at all.  There are other types of
+ 37787 [peter semant] Sorry but this is not so. Given the following code..
  37789 [paul atdesk.] When doing name lookups (and no parens are supplied), Ruby first checks
  37792 [matz ruby-la] But notice it's done in the compile time.  Local variables are
  37794 [paul atdesk.] Good point.
  37886 [pit capitain] On 10 Apr 2002, at 4:19, Paul Brannan talked about changing a

^ Little interface improvement request for embedding Ruby
37788 [cboos bct-te] I have a small request to formulate for next versions
37790 [nobu.nokada ] I suppose you can check whether rb_cObject or something is
37904 [cboos bct-te] I could if they were initialized to some meaningful value
37905 [nobu.nokada ] Before initialization, rb_cObject is 0.  you can check just
37906 [cboos bct-te] Hum... Sorry, I will check that.
37912 [nobu.nokada ] Static and global variables must be filled with 0 unless

^ ruby + Creating and extending XML documents
37795 [oliver jelly] I am looking for some advice / opinion.  I am currently developing a website
+ 37796 [tobiasreif p] you could do something like
| 37871 [oliver jelly] - Is it not better to USE the class rather than inherit from it?
| 37895 [tobiasreif p] I don't know. But if there's a document which is in a subcategory of a
+ 37881 [home clabs.o] I think you've got a good grasp of the benefits of inheritence. You've put
  37914 [oliver jelly] Thanks very much for you help. Your XmlSerialization module sounds like
  37952 [home clabs.o] You can easily work this in. The to_xml method returns an XML element

^ Source code for _The Ruby Way_
37797 [hal9000 hype] After much delay, I have delivered the
+ 37801 [djkea2 mugca] Excellent!
+ 37802 [djkea2 mugca] Excellent!
| + 37803 [pate eylerfa] If you email me the two files, I'll put them up on my website until you
| + 37844 [ruby fourthc] I also would like the *.tar.gz file, and thank you.
|   37857 [pate eylerfa] Sorry, you sent it during dinner, so it took a bit longer than normal to
|   37883 [ruby fourthc] thanks Hal and Pat; I downloaded from webpage and now have source.
+ 37804 [ian caliban.] Yes, please. My fianc?e bought me a copy of your book for my
| 37807 [botp delmont] Yes, pls.
| 37876 [hal9000 hype] Hmm, I couldn't email you for some reason.
+ 37863 [sweagraff cf] Yes please.
+ 37874 [curt hibbs.c] Add me to the list!
+ 37878 [brailsmt yah] How about for the twelfth person... dang.
+ 37890 [Stephan.Kaem] Gee, I'm kinda late for this, too bad I didn't read the news group last
  37891 [botp delmont] you can get it fr pate's page  http://pate.eylerfamily.org/ruby/

^ Best Ruby for Windows ?
37798 [dennisn pe.n] To replace a difficult-to-maintain portion of a system, I've
37843 [ljohnson2 kn] ...

^ RE: ruby-dev summary 16501-16750 (immutable?)
37805 [chr_news gmx] May I throw in the fact that Python has a quite different take on this
37865 [matz ruby-la] I'm totally against Python's in-place (argumented) assignment.  The
+ 37897 [pixel mandra] well, C++ is one language that has consistent behaviour on this, and still
| 38043 [matz ruby-la] Unless you overload operator +=.
| 38048 [pbrannan atd] #include <iostream>
| + 38099 [chr_news gmx] In addition you typically define  Foo's internal ``+'' in terms
| + 38100 [chr_news gmx] In addition you typically define  Foo's internal ``+'' in terms
+ 38011 [chr_news gmx] I imagine that seasoned pythoneers are fairly sensitized about
  38035 [matz ruby-la] Maybe.  But I doubt their decision was right.

^ C++ extensions, garbage collection, Ruby and SWIG
37811 [ptkwt shell1] ...
+ 37821 [tpeters uni-] then you should seek to understand both memory management implementations
+ 37913 [paul atdesk.] I don't know how swig will deal with languages that do not have their
  37928 [lyle knology] ...

^ Observable Array
37812 [swilhelm the] solution to be as general as possible, so I came up with the following
37894 [george.marro] The parse error you get on the 'alias :old_<< :<<' and 'alias :old_[]=

^ ANN: REXML 2.1.0
37813 [ser germane-] I'd like to apologize to everybody on the list who have been posting

^ Re: REXML 2.1.0
37817 [sean celsoft] ...

^ FXRuby: subwindows
37822 [keendahl wan] ...
37827 [ljohnson2 kn] ...

^ Win32Ole
37824 [dougie globa] ...
37858 [rich infoeth] I will send it to you offline.

^ Rotate, et al
37830 [jzakiya mail] I have a newbie question about rotate operators.
37846 [ned bike-nom] Because we also want to have object pointers fit into 32 bits. So the low

^ Ruby as replacement for VB?
37833 [rs onsitetec] ...
+ 37826 [info mjais.d] I do not use Windows very often and don't now anything about VB
+ 37837 [patrick-may ] require 'win32ole'
| 37869 [home clabs.o] Just to second this, I've been using ADO recently via the win32ole and it's
+ 37866 [james rubyxm] Out of curiosity, why do you want to do this?  VB is really good for
| + 37896 [teyde online] ...
| + 38123 [rs onsitetec] ...
|   38124 [home clabs.o] Well, then, you should check out .NET :) Not that all your problems are
+ 37923 [mdavis sevai] My goal for Locana is to create a replacement for Access97.  This could
  39153 [xlucid users] Is FoxWindows one of the future target GUI toolkits for
  + 39160 [cbbrowne acm] I'd regard Aruna as "just another soon-to-fail Internet IPO" except
  | + 39240 [tobiasreif p] the website seems to be
  | | 39242 [cbbrowne acm] Ah, no.  The Aruna that I saw was <http://www.arunasoftware.com/>
  | | 39244 [tobiasreif p] ... so that's where the confusion stems from.
  | + 39273 [mdavis sevai] Well, Aruna is not an internet IPO and is not soon-to-fail.  Here is a
  |   39276 [cbbrowne acm] Aruna Plc Aruna House, 110 St George's Rd, London, SE1 6EU, United
  |   39277 [mdavis sevai] So, what you're suggesting is that I should change the name of ArunaDB
  |   39279 [cbbrowne acm] Aruna may well be someone else's trademark.  THAT is the issue.
  |   39281 [botp delmont] aha, If name is the issue here, how about "ArubyDB"?
  + 39168 [timsuth ihug] ...
  + 39271 [mdavis sevai] I have no plans to create a binding for Fox but it can be done.  If

^ crypting ruby source
37835 [coquelle eni] Is there anybody aware of a method to crypt the sources of ruby software
+ 37851 [comp.lang.ru] ...
+ 37856 [elanthis awe] Of all the methods available, your best bet is to A) covert it to C
+ 37875 [dennisn pe.n] I'm not sure of the context you are working in -- for example, how will
| 38743 [philip dynas] Well, both two scripting engines from microsoft also have an encoded
+ 38280 [web2ed yahoo] This would be a great addition for Ruby.  Both Oracle and ColdFusion
  + 38296 [michael_s_ca] not trying to sound smartassy here, but the lack of native support for that
  | + 38300 [dblack candl] This subject comes up sometimes on comp.lang.perl.misc (or at least it
  | + 38301 [    s xss.de] ...
  | | + 38306 [james rubyxm] That's too damned funny!
  | | + 38311 [michael_s_ca] *ha*, touche'.  =)
  | + 38312 [tom.hurst cl] Sort of.  You can compile it into C, make dumps of the bytecode etc.
  + 38318 [cbbrowne acm] ...
  | 38322 [james rubyxm] One possible reason to encrypt the source is to guard against
  | 38346 [mwg fluffy.i] ...
  + 38354 [probertm nor] There are other reasons as well.  I want to be able to distribute
    + 38369 [jim freeze.o] I think this is a good idea for some situations, especially
    | + 38399 [comp.lang.ru] ...
    | | + 38427 [probertm nor] There are some unfortunate realities that come with my particular
    | | + 38429 [jim freeze.o] Yes, thanks for mentioning that. I'm sure it is public knowledge
    | |   38452 [jean_hugues_] If all you need is making the source code inconvenient to read by  casual
    | + 38437 [ rik kde.org] #if Jim Freeze
    |   38440 [jim freeze.o] Ok for now, but actual implementation use something
    + 38401 [daniel zeped] Why not code the algorithm in C as a Ruby extension? It would fairly quick
    + 38528 [ruby-talk je] Why don't you coredump it a'la xemacs?
      38541 [jd bluenugge] How exactly is this method performed.  I've always wondered this :)

^ Easy character comparisons
37838 [sean celsoft] ...
+ 37847 [rasschaert i] ...
+ 37859 [dblack candl] Not shorter, but maybe nicer-looking.
| 37882 [lucid connec] For me (a  relative Nuby) this seems by far the most legible of the
+ 37860 [rich infoeth] "string".begins_with? "s" => true
| 37892 [tsiivola nik] ...
| 37939 [sean celsoft] ...
| 37992 [tsiivola nik] And of course
+ 37862 [ rik kde.org] #if Sean O'Dell
+ 37868 [vjoel PATH.B] "string"[0] == ?s
+ 37893 [matz ruby-la] string[0] == ?s

^ mix-in dependancy
37839 [ysantoso jen] I'm playing around with the idea of attaching modules to some class
+ 37842 [ysantoso jen] I made a mistake. Should have used methods and instance_methods.
+ 37915 [paul atdesk.] I know of no built-in mechanism.  However, RubyTreasures has something
  + 37943 [chr_news gmx] It might be worth while too check the arity(ies) as well??
  | 37956 [pbrannan atd] That's a good point.  I will make a note of it for the next release.
  + 37946 [ruby-talk je] Just curious, where do you guys find useful URLs like above? Thanks

^ class << self   question
37841 [info mjais.d] class << self
+ 37832 [    s xss.de] ...
+ 37864 [dblack candl] You've added the instance method #func to the singleton class of which

^ Ruby interpreter error reporting
37845 [sean celsoft] ...
37901 [tom.hurst cl] It's an effect of how parsing works, especially how automatically
37902 [nobu.nokada ] The expression is parsed as

^ ANN: REXML 2.1.2
37849 [ser germane-] This release is a bug fix release.

^ cant build eruby
37852 [micah object] ...

^ Range.each without iteration
37853 [sean celsoft] ...
37850 [ysantoso jen] Not "at least once", but exactly once because [0..value] is not a
37836 [sean celsoft] ...

^ Questions about Ruby
37854 [ahrlind hotm] I am currently working on a assignment about Ruby, and I would like to know
+ 37867 [ralph.mason ] Shouldn't you do your own homework?
+ 37879 [ptkwt shell1] ...
+ 37884 [tim vegeta.a] ...
  + 37910 [vmreyes us.i] How Rude and impolite this Mason can be!
  | + 37911 [mark.firesto] I agree with you.  As far as I am concerned, asking questions on a list like
  | + 37955 [ralph.mason ] No not rude, the comment is 'tongue in cheek'
  + 37927 [lyle knology] ...
    + 37932 [ruby fourthc] I agree, Lyle.
    + 38115 [tim vegeta.a] ...