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The most recommended way of naming methods in Ruby
377072 [edmond.kacha] Rubists,
+ 377074 [ryand-ruby@z] methods in
+ 377076 [shortcutter@] Not exactly.  There was a lengthy discussion here about whether
| 377078 [edmond.kacha] 2011/1/18 Robert Klemme <shortcutter@googlemail.com>
+ 377082 [cmdjackryan@] obj.calculate
  + 377103 [shadowfirebi] As you said; but I would only use this interrogative form myself if the method returned true/false.  That's how it works in core Ruby?
  | 377105 [shortcutter@] ethod returned true/false. =A0That's how it works in core Ruby?
  | 377137 [shadowfirebi] What, "classname = Myclass.name?"?    Ew.  Sorry, I wouldn't be comfortable with that.  Where in the core Ruby classes does that happen?
  | 377138 [shortcutter@] omfortable with that. =A0Where in the core Ruby classes does that happen?
  + 377113 [gwtmp01@ma .] I think the conventional wisdom is that this should only be done only if there is a matching non-mutating method that has the name without the exclamation mark.
  | 377127 [edmond.kacha] Edmond
  | 377144 [gwtmp01@ma .] Ah,
  | 377190 [edmond.kacha] 2011/1/19 Gary Wright <gwtmp01@mac.com>
  + 377195 [mentionuse@g] What is this! Java?

Hash keys exist?
377080 [b.fowl87@gm ] Is there a way of checking whether a group of keys exist within a hash.
+ 377085 [b.fowl87@gm ] Keep this open as someone might have the answer but I have reworked the
+ 377088 [shortcutter@] =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0:username =3D>
+ 377089 [josh.cheek@g] Here is a recursive solution

rvm and ruby version
377090 [pal@pa be gs] I have a remote VPS server with Debian 5 running ruby 1.8.7. I installed
377092 [josh.cheek@g] RVM hijacks your ruby by modifying your $PATH
377093 [pal@pa be gs] Of course. I forgot to change that. That explains it. Thanks. :-)

Getting machine name by port 137
377094 [braulio_lima] I need getting machine name by windows port 137 - netbios.

RSS Maker : LastBuildDate / TTL / Copyright
377095 [mfcoder-ap@y] Does anyone know how to code an RSS maker to generate additional tags
+ 377096 [kou@co mi ng] What Ruby version are you using?
+ 377104 [mfcoder-ap@y] Thanks for the reply.
+ 377106 [mfcoder-ap@y] Ooops!

Books and/or Tutorials
377097 [dimeneira@gm] I recently picked up Ruby and am absolutely loving it.
+ 377098 [josh.cheek@g] I have one I made to teach my friends Ruby (they used to be keen on Python
+ 377109 [rubfor@re it] I've got about 10 books on Ruby. I collect them like fake R0lexes.
| 377112 [unk.dcc@gm i] rsrs lol...give me a link ;]
+ 377115 [b.candler@po] That's the first edition and is free. It was written for ruby 1.6, but
+ 377120 [stu@ru yp og] Look at the Well Grounded Rubyist
  377153 [abinoam@gm i] Two more...

class context
377099 [skra@pa to o] I thought that the block in the `class_exec`-method would be executed as
377101 [shortcutter@] if

Help with ncurses
377100 [misplaced.mu] When I try to require ncurses the following error message comes up.
+ 377126 [gdprasad@gm ] $ irb
+ 377141 [luislavena@g] On Jan 18, 1:05=A0pm, Institute For human continuity
+ 377164 [misplaced.mu] Thanks for your help but I've already worked out that ncurses and
  377166 [botpena@gm i] try pdcurses

[ANN] MountainWest RubyConf 2011 Registration Open
377114 [blowmage@gm ] The 5th MountainWest RubyConf is now open for registration!

Improving performance of hash math
377121 [dblockdotorg] I am trying to improve performance of Euclidian distance between two
+ 377122 [dido.sevilla] Try not to use the exponentiation operator to square arguments. Direct
+ 377123 [gwtmp01@ma .] Switch to using #each with an explicit accumulator variable instead of =
| 377124 [dblockdotorg] Looks about twice as slow. Either way, about 36% of the time is spent
| + 377125 [dblockdotorg] Here're some actual numbers. I am doing the above code 10K times with
| + 377151 [gwtmp01@ma .] of #inject.
| + 377154 [ryand-ruby@z] of #inject.
|   + 377160 [dblockdotorg] In case someone reads this for the purpose of the algorithms, and not
|   | 377161 [dblockdotorg] I meant to say "fast", as in under a second.
|   + 377169 [gwtmp01@ma .] proper application of inject, but if you think it is 2x slower, then =
+ 377130 [shortcutter@] Use Hash's default value mechanism or use "|| 0" and kick out
  377145 [dblockdotorg] - has_key has almost no cost, made no difference
  377179 [shortcutter@] Still the hash needs to be looked into twice.  I prefer to do the work

RVM can't find executables
377132 [wallu667@gm ] My paths seem to be ok, e.g.
377133 [wallu667@gm ] Nevermind, solved the problem by removing $HOME/.rvm/bin from my path.

Send message from Ruby app to Ruby app
377135 [releu@me co ] I have two console apps in Debian and I want to send messages from first
+ 377136 [shortcutter@] DRb.
+ 377140 [releu@me co ] Thanks!

EventMachine & EM.defer
377142 [wflanagan@te] I'm stuck using EM.defer.
377155 [btricha@gm i] I'm on my phone right now so I can't try your code nor can I even read

[ANN] pg 0.10.1
377143 [ged@Fa ri MU] Version 0.10.1 of pg has been released.

WEBrick/Premature end of script headers:
377146 [tad.bochan@b] I have been playing around with WEBrick, and kept getting the "Internal

local copy of rubyforge
377148 [hmmedina@gm ] Is there a way that I can maintain a local copy of all gems, from let'=
377149 [ben@bl yt in] let's say rubyforge? (or any other repo for that matter). =A0I'd like to m=
+ 377152 [hmmedina@gm ] Ahhh, I see... Thanks..
+ 377266 [drbrain@se m] let's say rubyforge? (or any other repo for that matter).  I'd like to =

Please help: uninitialized constant ActionView::Helpers::TagHelper::ERB (NameError)
377150 [andrew.dange] consists of a few files containing a couple of small classes and am
+ 377210 [andrew.dange] I am still stuck on this error, any help for a newbie?
+ 378746 [ruby-forum@m] There's apparently a circular loading issue in Rails 3 (any helper loads

edit xml file
377156 [Dmodie@gm il] I'm new to Ruby, and this may be considered advanced.  I'll do my best

edit xml file
377157 [Dmodie@gm il] I'm new to Ruby, and this may be considered advanced.  I'll do my best

edit xml file.
377158 [danthom1000@] I'm new to Ruby, and this may be considered advanced.  I'll do my best
+ 377165 [josh.cheek@g] Good job! I know that can be frustrating to try to figure out :) Though, you
+ 377172 [danthom1000@] Josh,

Each roll-over in File?
377159 [dwilde1@gm i] I have the following code in a PDF writer using Prawn on Ruby 1.8.7 p249
+ 377162 [astounding@g] ng
+ 377163 [astounding@g] ng
  377168 [dwilde1@gm i] close if @done == true

Unsupported digest algorithm (sha256).
377167 [kuanfai_yf@h] Unsupported digest algorithm (sha256). (RuntimeError)
+ 377397 [rubyforum@mo] The fact that you can use sha256 from the command line but not in your
+ 377418 [kuanfai_yf@h] Thanks for your suggestion, but I get the error message after running
| 377497 [botpena@gm i] expected. you're using 1.8.
+ 377441 [rubyforum@mo] How ironic. :-)
+ 377444 [chenyfsg@gm ] Thanks Brian for your prompt response. Following are my environment
| 377498 [botpena@gm i] also add the newer sources
+ 377447 [rubyforum@mo] Yes, that's what I would do.  In fact that's what I did when I had a
+ 377496 [botpena@gm i] that errs comes from your app
+ 377575 [chenyfsg@gm ] I have just re-installed my ruby and now it gives new error. I feel

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undefined method `before_create' for main:Object
377171 [sathiya.rail] ruby=1.9.2

How to reference a different epoch.
377173 [dantes990@ya] I'm trying to use the 'at' method in Time on some data pulled from an
+ 377178 [jonathan@jm ] Sure, you should be able to add 978307200 to the result of your
+ 377180 [shortcutter@] That seems fairly easy
  377584 [dantes990@ya] Well those solutions seem obvious enough.  Thanks for the help!

jruby in a pure java environment
377174 [martindemell] I'm curious about JRuby's adoption as a tool in pure Java places - has
+ 377175 [tony.arcieri] Initially we had a native dependency (Nokogiri) but given the environment
+ 377217 [headius@he d] I weary of stackoverflow. For some reason it seems like the myspace of

[ANN] sfl 2.0 Released
377176 [blambeau@gm ] sfl version 2.0 has been released!

Re: edit xml file. follow up
377177 [danthom1000@] Josh,
377202 [josh.cheek@g] The forum is a front-end for a newsgroup / mailing list. So, for example, I

Rubygame needs help: Looking for new owner, additional developers.
377181 [jacius@gm il] Rubygame is in a sad state.
377218 [headius@he d] I'll offer some justification for JRuby being a really excellent

sorting songs to directories
377183 [slyusarevmik] I've got a bunch of music that is in one directory and I wanted to sort
+ 377191 [shortcutter@] Just a quick check but your regexp for matching songs in line 21 is
+ 377203 [slyusarevmik] pretty much, yes (i'm just learning ruby).
| 377222 [shortcutter@] Well, there isn't much online docs for TagLib2.  There are two
+ 377243 [slyusarevmik] thanks, i think the closing thing was what was wrong.

Array within array question
377185 [joshua@wi ed] ruby. My dilemma is that I've got an array which holds a whole lot of
+ 377186 [stefano.croc] puts deck[0][cdname]
+ 377187 [joshua@wi ed] Thank you for that lightning quick response. I've just printed out some
+ 377188 [shortcutter@] puts deck[0][cdname]
+ 377189 [shortcutter@] Or even

Legacy bug in net/imap in Ruby 1.9.x
377201 [tnt@ba za ne] Since I'm using Rails 2.3.8 with Ruby 1.9.2 the sent emails are cut-off
377394 [aaron@te de ] Will you file a ticket in the redmine tracker for this so that it gets
377400 [tnt@ba za ne] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.

377204 [iainspeed@gm] OAuth part, and test=
377205 [iainspeed@gm] Oops! I hit send before I was done - hold your horses people! :)

Read spreadsheet from internet
377206 [oss.hcs@go g] I am probably no longer justified in claiming to a newbie, but I suspect
+ 377209 [josh.cheek@g] I'm not familiar with the gem, but your web_contents looks like it is a
+ 377212 [oss.hcs@go g] Thanks.  Luckily I am incapable of embarrassment.

merged cells in the spreadsheet
377207 [bellcolt@ho ] How do i determine the number of columns in a horizontally merged cells

help on find over find
377208 [gusantor@ho ] MyModel.find(:all).find(:first)
+ 377211 [ewollesen@gm] The objects returned by find(:all, ...) and User.requests are
| + 377263 [gusantor@ho ] thank you very much Eric, I'll look forward this way
| + 387274 [gusantor@ho ] had success
|   387277 [ryand-ruby@z] field=20
|   387346 [gusantor@ho ] thank you Ryan
+ 387348 [josh.cheek@g] This doesn't make sense, an instance of user should have a method
  387416 [b.candler@po] In Rails 3 you active Active Relation, where the new query methods

Deleting from hashes
377213 [joshua@wi ed] Following on from my previous question
+ 377214 [ryand-ruby@z] First off, that's an array, not a hash.
+ 377223 [shortcutter@] rand(1) won't work as intended, since you never get 1 as result.  You
+ 377224 [joshua@wi ed] Thank you all, now for the issue of that being an array. I made a
| 377225 [shortcutter@] 1400,
+ 377227 [joshua@wi ed] I now have it working, this is what it looks like
  + 377229 [shortcutter@] 1400,
  + 377230 [shortcutter@] 1400,
    377232 [ryand-ruby@z] Maybe it is just me... but when they're still using training wheels I =
    377233 [shortcutter@] Well, as I pointed out (maybe not clear enough) it's also more correct

Installable Mac Application
377215 [jimfreeze@gm] I have a ruby (1.8.7) program that takes a config file and uses appscript to
+ 377216 [ryand-ruby@z] appscript to
+ 377220 [sherm.pendle] <http://rubycocoa.sourceforge.net>
+ 377237 [jimfreeze@gm] I'm interested more in packaging really. I don't want to use MacRuby. It's
  377245 [steve@st ve ] MacRuby is the best way to handle packaging of applications on a Mac. This

altenative for click_no_wait()
377219 [chethanahb@a] My Framework uses click_no_wait() for clicking some objects in

some works from _why
377221 [gazmcgheesub] I stumbled on this today

Totally lost in learning Ruby
377226 [my77elephant] This is my second attempt to understand Ruby.  I completely read 1)
+ 377228 [stefano.croc] First, you don't need a compiler to use ruby. Ruby is an interpreted language,
+ 377231 [shadowfirebi] I don't mean to sound condescending, but if you've not programmed before, perhaps you are underestimating the problem of jumping two hurdles at once - learning to program, and learning the Ruby language.  Programming requires a paradigm-shift which, of course, is difficult to explain to those who have not made it.
| 377293 [my77elephant] Shadowfirebird,
+ 377234 [cmdjackryan@] Well, one hurdle at a time. First you need to learn to program, and
+ 377267 [michael.broo] In addition to the suggestions provided by others you may also want to look
| 377274 [michael.broo] Oops... I meant to say "The Pragmatic Programmers" at the end of that last
| 377275 [vic.blaga@gm] If you have a little .NET experience you could try using IronRuby. It could
+ 377277 [jose@st t. c] A district-wide database and interface is not a trivial project.  Coding
| 377284 [stu@ru yp og] Actually why is this being done in-house as opposed to outsourcing it
| 377289 [unk.dcc@gm i] I recommnd learn for the beginning and study every sintax before another,
+ 377291 [my77elephant] Thanks for such speedy response. The Rubi community is really
| + 377297 [ninja@sl ph ] I'm not sure quite what you mean here.
| | 377301 [my77elephant] Thanks a $llion for responding. Based on your response, where do I
| | 377319 [cmdjackryan@] There's dozens of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript guides out there, but a
| | 377332 [ninja@sl ph ] Probably a good starting point.
| + 377305 [josh.cheek@g] I think you should not do this. It is tempting to think "if only I did this,
+ 377292 [my77elephant] Thanks for such speedy response. The Rubi community is really
+ 377294 [my77elephant] Shadowfirebird,
+ 377302 [my77elephant] Thanks a $llion for responding. Based on your response, where do I
+ 377331 [rubfor@re it] What happened the first time - did you give up or try something else?
+ 377333 [my77elephant] The first time I completed the book, then got stuck trying to understand
| + 377340 [stu@ru yp og] Google search how to "think like a computer scientist".
| + 377341 [tigre7t@ho m] ...
| | + 377369 [shadowfirebi] Goodness.  If you feel like that what on earth are you doing on this list?
| | + 377378 [rubfor@re it] On forums like this you can't expect people to design a database schema
| |   377380 [shortcutter@] It's not only a question of how long it takes a reader to understand
| + 378038 [flebber.crue] I admire your vim and vigor, I really do if you wish to learn Ruby
+ 377338 [rubfor@re it] Best of luck. If you haven't programmed in anything else then I guess
+ 377950 [my77elephant] Is a Code editor the same as a text editor? Can they both be used for
| + 377955 [shortcutter@] Yes and no.  Both can be used to edit source code but an editor or IDE
| + 377961 [jude.dashiel] Code editors and text editors differ.  Code editors depending on code to be edited have additional capabilities like block indenting and outlining capability among others.  Netbeans isn't an editor it's an ide integrated development environment and that's a different kettle of fish altogether.  It is possible to use notepad to write code though and a person new to a programming language will learn syntax faster and better that way.  When a person gets to the point where they're asked to do production assignments rather than development assignments, then it's time to research and select either a code editor; an integrated development environment or both and learn those before going on into the production assignments.
+ 377969 [my77elephant] A) since I intend to use the internet as the major source of communication, learning ruby through Rails may be my starting point. I installed Ruby 1.8.7, Rails 3.0.3, with Sqlite3 (1.3.3 x86 -mingw32)
| + 377971 [sduncan@we a] I haven't been following the thread, but I wonder why you would buy
| | 377989 [stu@ru yp og] I agree with Sam here Hilary.
| | + 377990 [h3rald@h3 al] +1 for Vim
| | + 377991 [jeremy@bo p.] I use vim every day for editing all manner of files on various
| + 377980 [sherm.pendle] Ugh. W3Schools is a *very* poor reputation among pros who actually know
| + 377997 [rubfor@re it] Rails is a powerful package but I would think twice about getting
|   378006 [josh.cheek@g] +1 Use vim is another mountain to climb on top of learning to program. Go
+ 377995 [my77elephant] Here is my confusion....take the simplistic case of using an Excel
| + 377998 [stu@ru yp og] vi follows more command line logic like: {command} {file}
| + 378044 [jude.dashiel] Once you write a script and want to test it, you run the irb program and type irb scriptname<enter> and if you've put the script in the directory where irb expects it it's possible you run your script.  The irb command is only one way to do this but useful for beginners.
+ 378096 [notchent@ya ] When you first begin to learn about programming, your first obstacles
+ 378239 [my77elephant] Based on the responses I have been receiving, I will greatly appreciate
| + 378246 [shortcutter@] Microsoft Access gives you a database with application code in a
| | + 378248 [shadowfirebi] I second that.   Work out exactly what you want the product to do.  Then work out the smallest set of functionality that would make the product at all meaningful: cross off all the bells and whistles, then look at what's left and pick out the most important part; then cross off everything else.  That's the bit you want to make first.
| | + 378271 [my77elephant] What I want to create is a product that is computer accessible, that is
| |   + 378275 [soman.abhiji] You could try RubyMine from JetBrains. They are  offering personal license
| |   + 378315 [shortcutter@] I consider it an interesting question (although completely off topic
| |     378317 [rubfor@re it] I agree the propostion is somewhat spurious. We in the UK have a lot of
| |     378411 [my77elephant] So Mike,
| |     + 378413 [jeremy@bo p.] As you're sure to have gathered by now, doing what you want to do takes
| |     + 378414 [rubfor@re it] I think what the essence of your application is, is to get people to
| |       + 378423 [shortcutter@] That might be true for analysis...
| |       + 378455 [my77elephant] Distinguish community,
| + 378448 [guecker928@y] ...
+ 378412 [einztein@hu ] I don't know if anybody else already said this butí─ did you really go
  + 378431 [ruby@co os u] No offense meant, but creating a programming project like you are
  + 378454 [my77elephant] Dear E(Dr. Gosh...,