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^ Ruby iterative depth.
376902 [faraohh gmai] How to make an iterative method of stack?
376921 [abinoam gmai] For helping me understand your desired outcome I manually turned it
376927 [faraohh gmai] Thanks for reply, actually the first number is 'id' and second
377001 [abinoam gmai] Sorry, but I was not able to figure out exactly how this piece of code
377022 [faraohh gmai] You are true, I'm trying doing like C and hierarchical tree, what

^ What does class Random require?
376903 [tomzam gmail] Simple question,
376904 [jose.halesga] charset=us-ascii
376910 [kbloom gmail] If you can't user Ruby 1.9.2, then maybe the simple-random gem will do

^ [ANN] sqlite3-ruby is being renamed
376909 [aaron tender] This announcement is to let you know that the sqlite3-ruby gem is being

^ array dynamic intersection and union
376916 [jamal soueid] I was wondering If could intersect and union array dynamic in my code.
+ 376918 [Rob AgileCon] Why don't you try a few examples and find out?  If you still have
+ 376919 [jamal soueid] Sorry I did not explain myself first time.
  376924 [Rob AgileCon] Let me rephrase that because you still aren't giving enough

^ Thread, locking TcpSocket from each other?
376917 [walle.sthlm ] I got a question regarding threads and the function gets. Lets say I got
376933 [b.candler po] Don't do this. If there's a lot of data coming in, probably one thread

^ [ANN] clogger 0.7.0 - configurable request logging for Rack
376925 [normalperson] Clogger is Rack middleware for logging HTTP requests.  The log format

^ Re: What are your ruby rough cuts ?
376934 [b.candler po] * Regexp ^ and $ work match more than just start and end of string. For
+ 376937 [jl235 kent.a] I'm sorry to take this slightly off topic, but I just can't let this
| + 376941 [ryand-ruby z] re-run=20
| | 376944 [jl235 kent.a] I already do use a proper editor and indent my code correctly, but there
| | + 376957 [kedar.mhaswa] This is a *great* post. Thank you! And just reading everyone's response
| | + 376974 [ryand-ruby z] out
| |   377038 [jw mustmodif] Found this recently... probably the least intuitive thing I've seen in
| + 376943 [b.candler po] I understand your pain, I used to do the binary-chop thing too :-)
| + 376966 [no spam.plea] Sounds like fun! What are you using for parsing?
+ 377102 [shortcutter ] Most importantly: improve Ruby's usage of native threads, i.e. get rid of GIL.
  377111 [tony.arcieri] This is largely an implementation problem, not a language problem. JRuby,

^ Re[rough cuts]: regexp
376935 [anurag08priy] Are you aware of the \A, and \Z regexp matchers - matches the start

^ Re: Normal For Loop
376936 [saverio.pub2] I have a "good" example. In my case I want to iterate a collection,
376940 [josh.cheek g] It is probably unwise to put different types of data all in the same array,

^ Re: regexp
376945 [b.candler po] Actually, the correct answer is \A and \z if you want to match start and

^ what's the difference between these two snippets of ruby?
376949 [mrbillhaxor ] Sorry I couldn't help the line wrapping. Thanks in advance.
376953 [josh.cheek g] The second version modifies config['parent']
377035 [mrbillhaxor ] Got it. Thank you much.

^ Re: impossible to sort a hash by key?
376951 [sony.fermino] h = ENV.to_hash

^ Dealing with TimeZones
376955 [tom moulton.] What is the easies to use package for dealing with time zones and DST
+ 376979 [jonas pfenni] I would take a look at TZInfo again. Since it's used by rails, it
| 376982 [tom moulton.] Yes, but to get the update my program would need to re-load, not to mention I would have to manually, I would often forget, which defeats the purpose
| 377199 [jonas pfenni] Yeah I know what you mean. It's not a problem for most people because
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^ Find memory leak in 1.9 app
376956 [schmurfy gma] I am in charge of a ruby server at my work for nearly 2 years now, it
+ 376970 [rogerpack200] valgrind might help, jruby has some "high powered" profile methods, and
+ 376985 [schmurfy gma] Thanks for you answer,
  377005 [headius head] If it was simply 1.9 support holding you back with JRuby, you may want
  377019 [schmurfy gma] I never said I suspected eventmachine or any mri native library to be
  377117 [headius head] Understood. The maintainers of the JRuby EM would probably love to

^ Library Reference : ri :: Language Reference : ?
376958 [kedar.mhaswa] ri is cool -- library reference at your fingertips (literally ;))
376975 [ryand-ruby z] ...

^ Why Quby? (was Re: What are your ruby rough cuts ?)
376959 [ninja slapha] First, why did you feel the need to fork Ruby syntax? I think I saw your post
+ 376960 [tony.arcieri] In Reia, everything (including objects) falls into two fundamental
| 376963 [cmdicely gma] That's fairly misleading. There are lots of mutating operations in
| 376972 [tony.arcieri] I don't mean to be condescending, but if that's your reaction, I don't think
| + 376973 [tony.arcieri] you and shit on your corpse.
| + 377079 [shortcutter ] Keeping the bang notation discussion aside I don't think that your
| + 377128 [cmdicely gma] Scheme (which, I think, is where Ruby got the specific notational
|   377147 [tony.arcieri] Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Scheme uses this notation for
+ 376978 [jl235 kent.a] Why Quby? (was Re: What are your ruby rough cuts ?)
| 377000 [ninja slapha] This is _exactly_ what I'm talking about. I already know how to write Ruby
+ 377003 [headius head] I have to ask...does an applet not give you what you want? JRuby does
  377025 [jl235 kent.a] That hadn't occurred to me, and would be the best option for getting
  + 377063 [ninja slapha] Aside from this, the browser already has a perfectly good language and runtime
  + 377118 [headius head] All valid points. Part of the big push for JavaFX before Sun died

^ [ANN] Cinch 1.1.0 released
376967 [dominikh for] Cinch 1.1.0 has been released!

^ Regexp - start and end of line or string
376968 [colinb2r goo] How often do people use \A and \z (match start and end of a string)
376969 [justincollin] Most of the time I am going through data a line at a time, so this is

^ Re: Singleton class, metaclass, eigenclass: what do they mean?
376980 [josh.cheek g] Going through Metaprogramming Ruby, and in this book, they went with
377197 [jonas pfenni] It seems that 1.9 has more or less standardized on the singleton_class
377273 [martindemell] I think it's more that those of us with a maths/engineering background
377590 [eregontp gma] For me, eigenclass is just weird cool.

^ Ruby on Rails 1+ exp Resume
376981 [rubyonrails3] Question ---> 1:-
377198 [jonas pfenni] ut I don't no

^ Current class
376983 [josh.cheek g] Going through Metaprogramming Ruby, and the author, Paolo Perrotta points
+ 376984 [vderyagin gm] Concept of current class is well-explained in this article: http://yugui.jp/articles/846
| 376991 [josh.cheek g] 1. No (implicit in that no other use case was mentioned)
+ 377083 [josh.cheek g] I found one more situation where this knowledge is relevant.
  377084 [josh.cheek g] Okay, and this, then, explains, why you can include modules into the general

^ [Ruby 1.9] New String rules?
376986 [felix.leg vp] I have just updated my Ruby into 1.9.0, and tried to run one of my
+ 376987 [sutniuq gmx.] #Encoding: UTF-8
+ 376988 [nobuoka r-de] In Ruby 1.9, every String object knows the encoding of itself. So you
+ 376989 [michael.broo] In Ruby 1.9.x you need to explicitly specify the encoding of your strings to
  377430 [felix.leg vp] Your proposition will not work, because it first requires a valid

^ yari with buttons
376993 [pedzsan gmai] For the few that liked my ri-emacs with buttons, I've shifted over to

^ [ANN] sqlite3 1.3.3 Released
376994 [aaron tender] sqlite3 version 1.3.3 has been released!

^ Writing on yaml file??
376995 [niezam54 hot] Is it possible to write on existing yaml file using ruby programming?
376998 [cmdjackryan ] File.open myfile, "a+" do

^ Problem populating a hash with regex results
376996 [RichardDummy] I've got a text file with 7 fields.  I successfully extract the data
376997 [josh.cheek g] hash with `:n_shares=>$2`, on line 17, but you pull it out with `puts
377004 [RichardDummy] ur
+ 377006 [RichardDummy] On Jan 16, 11:37=A0pm, RichardOnRails
| 377014 [jgabrielygal] eeds Cost
+ 377131 [shortcutter ] ds Cost
  377192 [RichardDummy] eeds Cost
  377193 [shortcutter ] ceeds Cost

^ [ANN] amalgalite 1.0.0 Released
376999 [jeremy hineg] amalgalite version 1.0.0 has been released.

^ A tad of meta-programming needed
377007 [RichardDummy] I've got the following hash set up and it works fine.  But this took
+ 377009 [josh.cheek g] The matchdata object implements the same inteface as a hash. If that is all
| + 377028 [botpena gmai] ll
| | 377044 [RichardDummy] all
| | 377194 [shortcutter ] Basically you need a mapping from symbols to group indexes to make
| | 377286 [RichardDummy] ractices.com/
| + 377036 [RichardDummy] =3D>$3, =A0:closed_MDY=3D>$4,
+ 377010 [zhangsu live] eval('$' + i.to_s)
  377037 [RichardDummy] That failure was annoying me greatly.  Thanks for restoring my sanity.

^ Why Ruby Does Not Support Method Overloading?
377008 [rubyonrails3] I have taken one class with two overloading methods i.e same method name
+ 377011 [vderyagin gm] There may be only one method with given name in Ruby class. If several
| 377015 [rubyonrails3] Ok Thank Your
+ 377012 [anurag08priy] You can use default arguments in this case.
+ 377057 [zhangsu live] Method overloading is ideally a feature only for statically typed
  + 377059 [josh.cheek g] I went through a Lisp book over the winter break, and I took it a different
  + 377071 [shortcutter ] ... and method lookup tables will potentially be larger.  Dunno
  + 377075 [shortcutter ] There is also a more fundamental reason to consider disallowing method

^ Comparing a string word by word
377013 [braj1999 gma] I am facing a problem where we have to compare two strings. I applied
+ 377016 [abinoam gmai] Could you send your string and regexp?
+ 377134 [shortcutter ] You could either extract words and compare corresponding arrays or you

^ Obscure syntax error
377020 [molfie gmail] Today I came across a very strange scenario that raises a syntax error =
+ 377021 [peterhickman] The format
| + 377023 [alexg rugged] I think Rolf's point is that in *both* of those last two cases there is
| | 377029 [molfie gmail] is no method called x - the only difference being that in the first case =
| | 377043 [colinb2r goo] I don't have an explanation for why using the symbol gives a
| + 377024 [jgabrielygal] What I don't understand is the difference between x "y" and x :y
|   377026 [peterhickman] Well, and I have to admit I am guessing here, the source is parsed in
+ 377046 [ryand-ruby z] (NoMethodError)
  + 377047 [abinoam gmai] In my humble opinion I think it's even simpler than that.
  | 377058 [ryand-ruby z] the parser.
  + 377062 [eregontp gma] Sorry, I already found it: http://redmine.ruby-lang.org/issues/show/3163

^ Ruby Hacking Guide Translation
377027 [skra pantolo] I'd like to continue the translation of the "Ruby Hacking Guide" by
+ 377032 [zuerrong gma] Seems good job.
+ 377033 [rogerpack200] Also isn't there a "new" RHG for 1.9 somewhere?

^ [ANN] wlang 0.10.1 Released
377030 [blambeau gma] wlang version 0.10.1 has been released!

^ [ANN] noe 1.2.0 Released
377031 [blambeau gma] noe version 1.2.0 has been released!

^ [ANN] test-loop 5.0.0
377039 [sunaku gmail] test-loop - Continuous testing for Ruby with fork/eval

^ initialize() in a module, is it correct?
377040 [ibc aliax.ne] module, so a class including such module can invoke super() in its
377041 [jgabrielygal] I don't think so. initialize it's just an instance method, just like
377042 [ibc aliax.ne] El d=C3=ADa 17 de enero de 2011 19:08, Jes=C3=BAs Gabriel y Gal=C3=A1n
377077 [shortcutter ] But you should change the signature to make it more compatible with

^ Add value inside 'Nested Mappings String'
377048 [niezam54 hot] Im trying to add some data/value into my nested mapping file(strings)
+ 377049 [abinoam gmai] Perhaps you're not considering that "children" returns an Array!
+ 377053 [josh.cheek g] I think working with this data will quickly become very difficult to deal
+ 377055 [niezam54 hot] How do you know the hash inside it is indexed 0? This is because the
| 377056 [abinoam gmai] Well, Arrays are ordered by nature. (Hashes shouldn't be considered so).
+ 377060 [niezam54 hot] Actually, those contents will be converted into YAML format for other
+ 377061 [niezam54 hot] I tried to change the children type from "programme" to "objective" by
  377068 [abinoam gmai] In your example, there's only one element in the Array, and 4 elements

^ Calling by Reference - Two Questions
377052 [rubfor recit] I know I'm not the first person to get stumped by how to get Ruby to
+ 377054 [abinoam gmai] I think I didn't understand your question correctly, sorry (My english
+ 377065 [rubfor recit] Well, that is bizarre.
| 377066 [gwtmp01 mac.] They both work.  Remember that myswap!(a) changed the array to [5,2] and =
| 377067 [abinoam gmai] d so myswap2! changes it back to [2,5].
+ 377069 [rubfor recit] Interesting.
| 377073 [jgabrielygal] The rule is how Ruby handles variables and objects. A local variable
+ 377081 [josh.cheek g] You actually can (though I'm not sure what you think is happening when you
  377086 [rubfor recit] That kind of just moves the question on to how does replace work. But
  377087 [shortcutter ] The last "self" is the method's return value.  It makes perfect sense
  + 377091 [josh.cheek g] Oh yeah, I should have made that more clear. Inside the method, self is the
  | 377107 [josh.cheek g] *ary[self] should be ary[index]
  + 377108 [rubfor recit] Robert, can you expand on that?
    + 377110 [jgabrielygal] = is not a method of object, is the assignment operator. Modifies
    + 377116 [b.candler po] Array doesn't have an '=' method. When you write

^ Re: help with OAuth unitialized constant OAuth::VERSION
377064 [doraemon.zh ] try

^ The most recommended way of naming methods in Ruby
377072 [edmond.kacha] Rubists,
+ 377074 [ryand-ruby z] methods in
+ 377076 [shortcutter ] Not exactly.  There was a lengthy discussion here about whether
| 377078 [edmond.kacha] 2011/1/18 Robert Klemme <shortcutter@googlemail.com>
+ 377082 [cmdjackryan ] obj.calculate
  + 377103 [shadowfirebi] As you said; but I would only use this interrogative form myself if the method returned true/false.  That's how it works in core Ruby?
  | 377105 [shortcutter ] ethod returned true/false. =A0That's how it works in core Ruby?
  | 377137 [shadowfirebi] What, "classname = Myclass.name?"?    Ew.  Sorry, I wouldn't be comfortable with that.  Where in the core Ruby classes does that happen?
  | 377138 [shortcutter ] omfortable with that. =A0Where in the core Ruby classes does that happen?
  + 377113 [gwtmp01 mac.] I think the conventional wisdom is that this should only be done only if there is a matching non-mutating method that has the name without the exclamation mark.
  | 377127 [edmond.kacha] Edmond
  | 377144 [gwtmp01 mac.] Ah,
  | 377190 [edmond.kacha] 2011/1/19 Gary Wright <gwtmp01@mac.com>
  + 377195 [mentionuse g] What is this! Java?

^ Hash keys exist?
377080 [b.fowl87 gma] Is there a way of checking whether a group of keys exist within a hash.
+ 377085 [b.fowl87 gma] Keep this open as someone might have the answer but I have reworked the
+ 377088 [shortcutter ] =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0:username =3D>
+ 377089 [josh.cheek g] Here is a recursive solution

^ rvm and ruby version
377090 [pal palbergs] I have a remote VPS server with Debian 5 running ruby 1.8.7. I installed
377092 [josh.cheek g] RVM hijacks your ruby by modifying your $PATH
377093 [pal palbergs] Of course. I forgot to change that. That explains it. Thanks. :-)

^ Getting machine name by port 137
377094 [braulio_lima] I need getting machine name by windows port 137 - netbios.

^ RSS Maker : LastBuildDate / TTL / Copyright
377095 [mfcoder-ap y] Does anyone know how to code an RSS maker to generate additional tags
+ 377096 [kou cozmixng] In <73f90e19374a3d055da0b4f668ead97d@ruby-forum.com>
+ 377104 [mfcoder-ap y] Thanks for the reply.
+ 377106 [mfcoder-ap y] Ooops!

^ Books and/or Tutorials
377097 [dimeneira gm] I recently picked up Ruby and am absolutely loving it.
+ 377098 [josh.cheek g] I have one I made to teach my friends Ruby (they used to be keen on Python
+ 377109 [rubfor recit] I've got about 10 books on Ruby. I collect them like fake R0lexes.
| 377112 [unk.dcc gmai] rsrs lol...give me a link ;]
+ 377115 [b.candler po] That's the first edition and is free. It was written for ruby 1.6, but
+ 377120 [stu rubyprog] Look at the Well Grounded Rubyist
  377153 [abinoam gmai] Two more...

^ class context
377099 [skra pantolo] I thought that the block in the `class_exec`-method would be executed as
377101 [shortcutter ] if

^ Help with ncurses
377100 [misplaced.mu] When I try to require ncurses the following error message comes up.
+ 377126 [gdprasad gma] $ irb
+ 377141 [luislavena g] On Jan 18, 1:05=A0pm, Institute For human continuity
+ 377164 [misplaced.mu] Thanks for your help but I've already worked out that ncurses and
  377166 [botpena gmai] try pdcurses

^ [ANN] MountainWest RubyConf 2011 Registration Open
377114 [blowmage gma] The 5th MountainWest RubyConf is now open for registration!