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^ What about IO::NULL for Ruby 192p136 ?
376685 [plucas techn] It doesn't appears to be committed in this version. Why?

^ Tidying up a text document
376691 [simonharriso] I have the following data which comes from exporting an Access
376700 [ryand-ruby z] hash = Hash[columns.zip(values)]

^ Read csv file. Beginner's HELP!!
376703 [niezam54 hot] Hai,
+ 376704 [james grayso] Welcome.
+ 376705 [niezam54 hot] Thanks James,
| 376706 [james grayso] I need to see line 9 from new_main.rb.
+ 376708 [niezam54 hot] CSV.foreach('C:/Users/nizam/test_q.csv', 'r') do |row|
| 376710 [james grayso] It's my fault.  I forgot to tell you to remove the read mode.  It's =
+ 376711 [niezam54 hot] Yeah It works. Thank you so much

^ Ruby 1.9.2-p0: segmenfault in multithreading when using a custom C extension
376707 [ibc aliax.ne] parser) as a Ruby C extension. It works nice (even with very high
376714 [ibc aliax.ne] The segment fault also occurs with Ruby 1.9.2-p136.
376715 [ibc aliax.ne] I've repeated the same test but using the Ragel HTTP parser (in
376718 [ibc aliax.ne] In my SIP parser (Ruby C extension like Ragel HTTP parser) I generate
376725 [ibc aliax.ne] In order to demostrate the problem I've reported the bug in Ruby
376733 [sunaku gmail] Thanks for taking the time to file that issue, along with instructions
376740 [ibc aliax.ne] BTW I've tryed the test script with ruby-1.9.1-p376 and it DOES NOT crash!

^ :: -- operator or not?
376713 [kedar.mhaswa] The Pickaxe book calls it scope resolution "operator", whereas The Ruby
376729 [ninja slapha] I would say no, because as far as I can tell, it can't be overloaded. Every
+ 376731 [anurag08priy] That is not a very good way of deciding whether something is an
+ 376750 [colinb2r goo] I agree. (Duck typing???)

^ Migrate data from .csv to .yml
376716 [niezam54 hot] Does anyone has any parsers or examples or guidelines on how to convert
+ 376720 [spoon killer] First you need to parse the CSV, using the standard library.
+ 376721 [spoon killer] Ahh, tiredness.
+ 376722 [brabuhr gmai] irb(main):001:0> require 'csv'
+ 376727 [niezam54 hot] Thanks for the info guys. Right now i am still trying to read my csv

^ Read .csv file. Cant obtain data
376719 [niezam54 hot] #!/usr/bin/ruby
+ 376723 [brabuhr gmai] Can I assume since you asked another question about converting a CSV
+ 376726 [niezam54 hot] No I havnt. I can compile the script with no prob. But there is no
| 376728 [justincollin] Maybe you can provide a test file for people to try with your code?
+ 376730 [niezam54 hot] YESSSS
  376746 [spoon killer] Thanks!  I really like helping people; but you've kind of upset me.

^ Re: [ANN] test-loop - Continuous testing with fork/eval
376732 [sunaku gmail] ### test-loop - Continuous testing for Ruby with fork/eval ###
376775 [jonas pfenni] cool stuff. might use that one day
376877 [sunaku gmail] ### test-loop - Continuous testing for Ruby with fork/eval ###
376923 [sunaku gmail] ### test-loop - Continuous testing for Ruby with fork/eval ###

^ lib/ruby/1.8/e2mmap.rb:51: Use Ruby 1.1 (RuntimeError) - Windows Vista Ruby 1.8.6
376738 [zdavatz gmai] I am trying to start up my application on Windows Vista with Ruby 1.8.6
+ 376739 [zdavatz gmai] It seems that
+ 376741 [zdavatz gmai] Closing.

^ [ANN] Ruber 0.0.7 released
376743 [stefano.croc] Ruber 0.0.7 has been released today

^ Case statements - Just beautification
376744 [flebber.crue] I just want to clarify case statements the name after the word case is
+ 376745 [flebber.crue] Oops edited mine to look more like Matz's
| 376747 [shortcutter ] This won't work they way you probably expect.  It will evaluate "x =3D=3D
+ 376799 [timr probo.c] x = gets.chomp
  + 376813 [flebber.crue] I tough my code looked like Matz's
  + 376814 [flebber.crue] I tough my code looked like Matz's
  + 376815 [flebber.crue] I tough my code looked like Matz's
    + 376821 [shortcutter ] You are not using Range#=3D=3D=3D as Matz did.  Please look carefully and
    + 376823 [rick.denatal] Really? It doesn't look much like it to me.  The series of when
      376892 [flebber.crue] =3D

^ SAVON problem
376749 [beny18241 gm] I get following problem when trying to
376778 [jonas pfenni] you should probably report to the savon project, I'm afraid there

^ jruby 1.6 on AIX
376751 [ruby.student] Today I download jruby 1.6. I actually downloaded the source code and the
+ 376780 [jonas pfenni] did you take a look at that page ?
+ 376906 [headius head] You should really only need to download the binary version and put its

^ Problem with Apache 2 and eRubis/eRuby
376752 [afpel94 goog] I'm currently trying to set up ruby for serving web pages on my Debian
376806 ["none < ruby] Do you really mean /cgi-bin/ ? I think apache want it in /usr/lib/cgi-bin/.

^ Deferring proc bindings
376754 [imobachgs gm] I'm re-joining to the ruby-talk mailing list and this time I hope I
376757 [shortcutter ] r is
376795 [imobachgs gm] Ok.

^ minitest --name regexp troubles
376755 [sunaku gmail] I'm using Ruby 1.9.2p136 with Minitest 2.0.2 where the --name option
376771 [sunaku gmail] You have to pass a valid Ruby method name: "/foo_bar_baz/" works.
376798 [drbrain segm] You have to pass a regular expression that matches a test name you want =

^ Exception Handling in Blocks
376758 [btrichardson] I'm using the Memcache protocol class in EventMachine to make calls into
+ 376760 [ibc aliax.ne] Note that, even if you see the code as "sequential" it is not as
| 376761 [ibc aliax.ne] Exception, "Tag :foo not found"
+ 376762 [btrichardson] Got it. Thanks for the explanation Inaki!

^ programmatic access to windows dlls on linux (FFI?)
376759 [jtprince gma] We have a particularly important file that is in a binary, proprietary
376763 [luislavena g] Well, no.

^ String.strip with UTF-8
376764 [erik.eide gm] I can't strip the leading whitespace (or what at least looks like
+ 376768 [ninja slapha] d.entity[0].ord
+ 376769 [peter vanden] and I cannot reproduce your problem. Maybe you could try to
  376773 [erik.eide gm] Thank you for quick reply David & Peter, I was upgrading Ruby to see if
  376781 [jonas pfenni] Yeah, it's the dreaded non-breaking space [1]. Unfortunately, somebody
  376784 [erik.eide gm] Cool, thanks for that! I can just gsub/gsub! it out now that I know what
  376852 [drbrain segm] what=20

^ random orc game
376765 [stevoreesimo] I am learning, slowly, how to use ruby.
+ 376766 [ian.asaff gm] if matches == false
| 376767 [stevoreesimo] Good starter!
+ 376819 [josh.cheek g] including why you are having the issue with the player lives only being
  376871 [stevoreesimo] Thankyou for taking the time to go through, that so thoroughly - that
  376880 [josh.cheek g] Another method you might write could be named "prompt", which just accepts a
  376882 [ninja slapha] Minor nitpick: It is generally faster to use interpolation than concatenation.

^ Threaded Socket communication problem.
376779 [dominic.gatz] I have in my code two socket connections, one to a server and one
+ 376783 [jonas pfenni] Yeah, thread debugging is quite hard. Did you try replacing gets/puts
| 376802 [dominic.gatz] No, but i will give it a try..
+ 376787 [ibc aliax.ne] Your code could be easily implemented with EventMachine in a single
| 376801 [dominic.gatz] ok. How would i do it?
+ 376971 [rogerpack200] Make sure it is flushing its buffers.  You could use wireshark to "make

^ simple name of a class?
376785 [kedar.mhaswa] The name method of class Class returns the full name of a class (e.g.
376793 [colinb2r goo] mod.name --> string
376796 [b.candler po] class Module
376812 [shortcutter ] For the fun of it here's another regexp

^ Weird error using String#[]
376788 [finn0013 gma] Please check out the attached file. I am writing a script to notify me
+ 376789 [kedar.mhaswa] This seems like an encoding issue. But are you hand-scraping an HTML
+ 376790 [finn0013 gma] I probably should. I'm still relatively new to Ruby / RoR so tend to do
+ 376791 [finn0013 gma] Nokogiri <i>is</i> easier... (see below)
| 376843 [shortcutter ] Certainly!
+ 376844 [finn0013 gma] Thanks, Robert. The original post has the script with both expected and
| + 376845 [shortcutter ] I thought more of a small script which does not need network
| + 376846 [ondemannen g] Normally when I see similiar behaviour it's because of "hidden" characters.
+ 376847 [finn0013 gma] Robert,
  377070 [shortcutter ] No, \n is newline, \r is carriage return which simply positions the

^ Ruby is interpreted and scripting language?
376792 [sateesh.mca0] I am ruby fresher.
+ 376794 [imobachgs gm] I think they're different things. Ruby is an interpreted language in
| 376837 [surprisevall] As I see it, a language that is interpreted utilizes a middle-man to make
| 376853 [tony.arcieri] I'd say that's fairly close to my definition.
| 376894 [rick.denatal] These are all really implementation choices rather than a
+ 376800 [rubfor recit] Once upon a time scripting referred to facilities that were rather
+ 376804 [timr probo.c] The question doesn't really make sense.  "Interpreted" and "scripting" are
| 376809 [rubfor recit] Surely you can't ultimately compile Ruby? The essence of it is it is
| + 376811 [shortcutter ] Well, the JVM proves that it's possible. :-)  You "only" need
| + 376824 [jonas pfenni] By doing static analysis, you can determine a lots of things that can
| + 376842 [spam.entfern] That's pretty wrong of course from a theoretical point of view.
| + 376931 [timr probo.c] There already are Python compilers, and I would assert that Ruby contains
+ 376840 [shortcutter ] "Interpreted" is an attribute of a /language implementation/ which
+ 376878 [jl235 kent.a] My personal definition of a compiled language is one that is outputted
  376881 [surprisevall] I find this whole thread very interesting for the very validation that you
  376886 [rubfor recit] Brian, you seem to be saying that people have gone into too much depth.

^ improvements on mixins
376797 [jl235 kent.a] I'm currently building a Ruby-like language, heavily influenced by Ruby.
+ 376810 [josh.cheek g] If you do that, it would be nice if you could register any number of
+ 376875 [jl235 kent.a] This is how I want it to be too. So calling 'update' on a game object
  376879 [josh.cheek g] Sounds really cool! I'll look forward to seeing it.
  376883 [jl235 kent.a] But the language doesn't yet support some basics like inheritance, line
  376884 [josh.cheek g] Whoah, this is way further along than I realized, I am incredibly impressed,
  376887 [jl235 kent.a] Thanks! It's kinda on an open-unadvertised-beta at the moment until we

^ What is the difference between inject and reduce methods
376803 [edmond.kacha] Rubysters,
+ 376805 [anurag08priy] They are the same. reduce is an alias for inject.
+ 376820 [josh.cheek g] They are the same, I think the names are just to make people from different
  376825 [rick.denatal] Rick DeNatale
  + 376833 [wruyahoo05 c] Note that Iverson's notation in "A Programming Language"(Wiley, 1962)
  + 376869 [josh.cheek g] Hah, I went and listened to that song, it was awesome!

^ Ruby 1.9.2 encoding issue
376807 [yves_dufour ] [Rails 3 - Ruby 1.9.2]
376828 [nobuoka r-de] Please check +File#external_encoding+.
376838 [yves_dufour ] Thanks a lot !

^ Embedding Ruby Interpreter + RUBYGEMS
376808 [ruunhb googl] I'm currently writing a c++ library, in which i need to embedded a ruby
+ 376817 [ryand zenspi] On Jan 13, 2011, at 1:56, Christoph M=C3=BCller <ruunhb@googlemail.com> wrot=
| 376827 [jonas pfenni] Right, you'll have to rb_funcall the require method, because rubygems
+ 376861 [ruunhb googl] Oups, ... Now it works with this simple change.

^ Thread Variable race condition
376816 [ganeshgirase] I am not enough efficient in Threads.
+ 376835 [shortcutter ] No, this is not an indicator of a race condition.  Even with proper
+ 376876 [nyaminche ya] Your problem seems to be that you are sharing state between all

^ Why {} is much faster than Hash.new ?
376818 [ibc aliax.ne] Benchmark.realtime { 1000000.times { @m =3D Hash.new } }
+ 376822 [shortcutter ] Rehearsal --------------------------------------------------
+ 376826 [jonas pfenni] I think it's the cost of the method call with options parsing.
| + 376829 [ibc aliax.ne] Good point :)
| + 377034 [rogerpack200] You'd think they'd be able to optimize that , if that's the case...
+ 376868 [ryand-ruby z] % echo "{}" | parse_tree_show

^ Setting the Excel workbook name through my Ruby Code.
376831 [ankit.gupta8] I want to change the Workbook name of my excel when i do a Export to
376976 [jonas pfenni] from what I see, you're probably using the "spreadsheet" gem in rails,
376990 [ankit.gupta8] Thanks For replying... but the thing is as i told i am NOT USING any
+ 377050 [me waltonhoo] Rails provides absolutely no Excel functionality.  If you are somehow
| 377051 [me waltonhoo] If you are using Rails 3, try looking in your Gemfile for 'roo' or
+ 377196 [jonas pfenni] Sorry, I didn't knew you could export xml like that that would be

^ -rprofile output
376832 [thisredoned ] I can't figure out how to redirect -rprofile's command output to a file.
376834 [shortcutter ] %   cumulative   self              self     total

^ inline error on 1.9.2
376836 [thisredoned ] I'm getting the same error as this guy ->
+ 376839 [flo andersgr] The Gem for inline C building is called RubyInline.
+ 376841 [thisredoned ] oh man. I feel stupid. Thanks

^ Hash#select, different than documented?
376848 [rochkind jhu] Returns a new hash consisting of entries for which the block returns
+ 376849 [wishdev gmai] Good Morning
+ 376850 [anurag08priy] I remember a mail on the list by James Britt stating that ruby-doc.org

^ Retrieving and copying element from array
376855 [simon simonh] ["category: cat1",
+ 376857 [anurag08priy] *j.split(', '))}
+ 376862 [ahegge gmail] arr.grep(/category:.*/).map{|a| [arr.at(arr.index(a) +1)]}
+ 376864 [simon simonh] irb(main):001:0> lines = File.readlines('test.txt')
| + 376870 [anurag08priy] My bad; typed in wrong. The 'b' should be 'result' - we want to
| + 376873 [josh.cheek g] I recommend you don't store your data like this, it is fragile and error
+ 376915 [simon simonh] is, this data is coming from a text file. An export from an MS Access
| 376942 [josh.cheek g] category, and a category is denoted by "category: ", and there isn't leading
+ 376950 [simon simonh] That works great, thanks Josh. A couple of questions if you don't mind.
| 376952 [josh.cheek g] Yes, but not whatever matches. The call to #sub, with the second arg being
+ 376954 [simon simonh] You've been very helpful. Thanks again Josh.

^ Ruby 1.8.7pl330 + DJGPP (was Re: GCC-4.5.2)
376856 [rugxulo gmai] Cool, thanks. I'll be honest, I wasn't sure 4.5.x would ever arrive on

^ Ruby without Tcl/Tk.
376858 [gjohnson val] Ruby-talk subscribers,
+ 376859 [seanh1313 tx] I figure there is a way to install ruby without Tcl/Tk.  I personally use FxRuby as a front end, but also have a few scripts that don't have any front end as they only pull something in and put out a file, no real need for a front end.
| 376896 [luislavena g] se FxRuby as a front end, but also have a few scripts that don't have any f=
+ 376874 [jonas pfenni] What platform are you on ? Generally, you can disable specific
  376891 [gjohnson val] config.status: creating Makefile

^ Reading a CSV file with UTF-16LE encoding
376860 [dcordeiro gm] Hy all,
376863 [james grayso] When
376865 [dcordeiro gm] ators'
376866 [james grayso] Yeah, I'll fix that code to be more encoding friendly, but that's what =
376867 [dcordeiro gm] Excellent.

^ ANNOUNCE: NHI1-0.11, PLMK-2.0 und libmsgque-5.0
376888 [aotto1968 us] Dear User,

^ Best practice to require external code dependency ?
376889 [blambeau gma] I'm trying to summarize what I've read about requiring external code
376897 [luislavena g] ng
376899 [blambeau gma] Thanks Luis,
376900 [luislavena g] ere
376901 [blambeau gma] I see (I was currently re-reading https://gist.github.com/54177, which is
376905 [luislavena g] hat
376907 [blambeau gma] Thanks a lot Luis, it makes things a lot clearer for me!!

^ Thread#kill works as a script but not in irb
376890 [kannan.deepa] Thread#kill works as a script but not in irb
377200 [jonas pfenni] Yeah it looks like a 1.8 issue. 1.9.2 works fine though.

^ need assistance in error
376893 [bala81085 gm] First and foremost I must admint that, I am completely new to watir and
+ 376912 [jonas pfenni] it is really hard to tell because I don't use windows, but here are
+ 376932 [bala81085 gm] I haven't posted this question to google watir group, I will post the

^ rendering fonts with ruby
376895 [cullambl yah] Hey gang.
376977 [jonas pfenni] did you take a look at the pango binding ? I think it does what you

^ [poll] What are your ruby rough cuts ?
376898 [jonas pfenni] this is a general census to get developer feedback. Please post the
+ 376930 [ninja slapha] In no particular order...
+ 376947 [josh.cheek g] Can't help but notice that 2/3 of the OP's rules are already violated :P
+ 377017 [shadowfirebi] Very little about Ruby annoys me, to be honest.  By some freak of design it seems that it synergises with the way my brain works.
+ 377119 [echristopher] 1. I know it's a small thing, but I nominate the inability of instance
  + 377129 [shortcutter ] Foo = Struct.new :name, :age do
  + 377139 [tony.arcieri] Reia allows you to use instance variables as parameters to initialize, e.g.