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^ What am I missing about splat operator?
376088 [RichardDummy] pet1, pet2, pet3 = *["duck","dog","cat"]
+ 376090 [ryand-ruby z] The fact that you're splatting an array doesn't matter, just the fact =
| + 376094 [RichardDummy] t you're splatting.
| | + 376095 [RichardDummy] On Dec 28, 10:54=A0pm, RichardOnRails
| | | 376097 [ryand-ruby z] the comments correct the errors in the post.
| | + 376096 [ryand-ruby z] I have no idea what you're saying here nor why you're capitalizing identity.
| + 376111 [josh.cheek g] This implies to me that I should be able to define to_ary on an object, and
|   376140 [ryand-ruby z] used
+ 376100 [botpena gmai] The splat operator is more explicit and versatile.

^ Free Stock Market tips !! Earn High Income
376098 [hemant.1857 ] Earn high income from stock and commodity market.

^ Possible to respond to output from system(linuxcommand)
376099 [skolopen yah] I have a ruby script that executes a linux command however the command
+ 376117 [e148759 bsno] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
| 376142 [b.candler po] system("yes | opsdb ... ")
+ 376118 [jeremy bopp.] The system method runs the child program non-interactively from the

^ [ANN] parslet 1.0 - a PEG parser library
376103 [eule space.c] parslet is a Parsing Expression Grammar based[1] parser generator
376105 [ryand-ruby z] library. Uff. Now that is out of our system, here goes what it really =
376106 [eule space.c] Official ones, no. Working with it: I just might have gotten the

^ Encrypting a File by intercepting its methods
376109 [jvalencia cl] this case, Tempfile methods.
376120 [brabuhr gmai] Is this a learning exercise or do you really require a secure
376125 [jvalencia cl] Finally I did it with RC4, but it's a bit slow for big files.
376172 [astounding g] Beware when using a stream cipher of reusing the same key (i.e. using

^ platform independent piped input stream from system call
376119 [dannychallis] f = open("|ls")
376121 [jeremy bopp.] -Jeremy
376123 [dannychallis] That is exactly what I was looking for!  Thank you for pointing me in
376145 [eule space.c] ...

^ yet another private method `gsub' called for nil:NilClass error
376124 [mrbillhaxor ] I've got a set of scripts that collect URLs from certain web pages and
+ 376131 [jgabrielygal] Without looking too much into it, I would say that
+ 376159 [mrbillhaxor ] PageContentExtractor but another ruby plugin.

^ Simple, simple debug not working
376129 [jnickoloff g] I'm trying to use Ruby's default, simple debugger but when I try to do a

^ [ANN] rdoc-tags 1.1 Released
376132 [drbrain segm] rdoc-tags version 1.1 has been released!

^ [ANN] rdoc 3.2 Released
376133 [drbrain segm] rdoc version 3.2 has been released!

^ [ANN] tod - Time of day
376134 [jack jackchr] * tod Project Page:https://github.com/JackC/tod

^ how can i include a double quote in a string
376135 [bellcolt hot] i need to a include a double quote in a string without it being escaped.
+ 376136 [tokenshift g] =3D> "first few characters\"last characters\""
+ 376137 [josh.cheek g] I assume you are doing this in irb, and looking at the result. If that is
+ 376141 [b.candler po] $ irb --simple-prompt

^ [ANN] flickr_airlift 0.0.4 released
376138 [beholdthepan] FlickrAirlift is a command line tool written in Ruby to scrape all of a
376139 [beholdthepan] *dead simple command line way to bulk upload a given directory

^ What way is true?
376144 [releu me.com] I have some method. What is preferable: use raise and rescue or use
376146 [eule space.c] In the example you've given, I'd use return most certainly, since you

^ Parsing the Ruby File
376153 [thillaiselva] Hai any one pls guide me...
+ 376154 [ryand-ruby z] What are you actually trying to do?
| 376183 [thillaiselva] Thanks for ur reply!
| + 376188 [drikting gma] Does this help?
| + 376189 [ryand-ruby z] charset=us-ascii
+ 376194 [thillaiselva] I want to find the number of lines in the function code.
| 376195 [ryand-ruby z] you're kidding right? quality (of _any_ kind) can _not_ be determined by =
| + 376201 [thillaiselva] Kindly don't deviate the topic.
| | 376203 [ryand-ruby z] kindly read my response.
| + 376209 [thillaiselva] Could you explain about what this command actually doing?
+ 376202 [thillaiselva] You have asked for what purpose y want to achieve this. For that only I
+ 376205 [rubfor recit] Having said that, the more the comment there, is the better. I don't
  + 376207 [ryand-ruby z] Then you obviously approve of his code comment having a copy of the code in i=
  + 376208 [thillaiselva] In my organization we are following this standard.
    376236 [ryand-ruby z] PERL?!?!

^ How to hook a callback through inheritance
376160 [moshimoshi.h] I've got some troubles with Ruby about callbacks (and inheritance). Here
+ 376161 [moshimoshi.h] class Lmao
+ 376162 [josh.cheek g] The problem is that before_laughing is being invoked as a class method on
  376165 [moshimoshi.h] Okay.
  376170 [josh.cheek g] I mean that you can't add a callback for a given instance of the class.
  376199 [masap.hat gm] It may be too late but how about this?

^ How to instantiate SAVON::Client object from a wsdl stored locally
376168 [payalpatel11] I am using SAVON to consume webservices in my project. Savon lib uses
376174 [tony.arcieri] Have you tried a file:// url?

^ IMPORTANT: Rake not found after installing Rails (RubyInstaller 1.9.2-p0 or 1.9.2-p136)
376171 [luislavena g] Ruby 1.9.2-p0 included some bundled gems (rake, rdoc and minitest). If

^ .irb-history
376173 [koulikoff gm] file above 100 lines to be saved in 1.9.2.
376182 [anurag08priy] IRB.conf[:SAVE_HISTORY] = 1000
376197 [koulikoff gm] $ wc -l ~/.irb-history
376210 [josh.cheek g] Try placing the code in a file called ~/.irbrc
376213 [abinoam gmai] At...
376251 [koulikoff gm] Thank you, this worked too for me.
376257 [abinoam gmai] You're welcome!

^ how to uninstall ruby-dbi-all
376177 [j8reader gma] I downloaded ruby-dbi-all

^ Where To Put Validation Logic?
376178 [tom tomwardr] This is probably a question you could put to any programmer who writes
+ 376190 [tony.arcieri] I think the traditional Rails thinking is going to be: in the model, and
+ 376217 [tom tomwardr] I honestly don't give a damn about rails. In fact, if anything, I'm
| 376224 [cmdjackryan ] Well, validation logic should be in the same place that deals with the
+ 376226 [ninja slapha] I may be trying to shoehorn this into what I already know, but I think this
+ 376240 [tom tomwardr] I appreciate the reply David.

^ Modules as namespaces
376179 [wagner.andre] I'm sure I'm just missing some finer point of modules as namespaces. But can
376180 [anurag08priy] What you are missing is the way Ruby resolves the name of constants.
376184 [wagner.andre] Ah, this makes a lot more sense now, thanks!

^ Building a Chat application in Ruby
376185 [mohnishgj gm] I am trying to build a chat application purely using Ruby. I have looked
376186 [ninja slapha] GServer is a TCP server. It's not a webserver. You can certainly build a=20
376254 [mohnishgj gm] Thanks for your reply, I didn't think about the very fact that I was

^ Work From Home As a Website Tester
376187 [shajiashish ] Dear Sir,

^ trans string into array
376192 [myocean135 y] a=[1,2,3]
+ 376193 [ryand-ruby z] What string?
| 376223 [abinoam gmai] Are you trying inserting an Integer at the begining of an Array?
+ 376227 [peter vanden] If you want to create the array [2,4,5,6] then
+ 376270 [b.candler po] But you can concatenate two arrays, is this what you want?

^ change integer into date
376196 [myocean135 y] require 'date'
+ 376221 [tokenshift g] Methods for dealing with Unix times are in the Time class, rather than
+ 376231 [colinb2r goo] These might help?
+ 376241 [myocean135 y] in my irb,
  376250 [skye.shaw gm] Skyes-MacBook-Pro-15:perl sshaw$ ruby19 -ve'p Time.new 2011,1,1'

^ a common idiom
376198 [michel demaz] I often have to write something like
+ 376200 [m.fellinger ] For one, you can use #compact instead of #reject.
| 376206 [michel demaz] Yes ! I knew there was a method, but forgot the name, browsed thru
| 376215 [ywzhaifei gm] enumerator.each_with_object [] do |value, memo|
| 376216 [ywzhaifei gm] enumerator.each_with_object [] do |value, memo|
| 376218 [michel demaz] A benchmark for the five variants
+ 376204 [ryand-ruby z] result = collection.map { |x|
  376214 [michel demaz] Yes, that's what I was looking for (could not remember/guess the name).

^ Re: [ANN] test-loop - Continuous testing with fork/eval
376211 [sunaku gmail] I just released version 2.0.0, which allows you to define additional

^ Re: what is the advantage is to use class methods over object me
376219 [jakheart001 ] Thanks David Masover and all, It clear my doubts and also get some valid

^ editor for newbie
376220 [cartercc gma] I've just started to play with Ruby. I'm using Windows XP. What is the
+ 376222 [zhiqiang.lei] For editor, I prefer Vim.
+ 376225 [cmdjackryan ] No need to be sorry about Visual Studio. Eclipse, OTOH... ;)
+ 376228 [ninja slapha] Try them.
| 376229 [cartercc gma] Thanks. I use Perl at work and have used vi (vim) for about ten years
+ 376230 [me waltonhoo] Just to be the odd man out here, I'll advocate Emacs.  Technomancy's

^ [ANN] rubygems 1.4.0 Released
376234 [ryand-ruby z] rubygems version 1.4.0 has been released!
+ 376242 [ryand-ruby z] aaaaaaand another release...
| 376264 [Ruby GoogleM] Apparently, RubyGems 1.4 works just fine on JRuby 1.6 in Ruby 1.9
| 376298 [drbrain segm] Obvious troll is obvious!=
+ 376261 [Ruby GoogleM] ... or just use JRuby. Apparently, RubyGems 1.4 works just fine on

^ update_rubygems problem
376237 [mustafakyr g] I am using ubuntu 10.04. Downloaded ruby-1.9.2-p136 and installed it
+ 376238 [cmdjackryan ] You should read the RubyGems 1.4 announcement in full.
+ 376239 [darthdeus gm] RubyGems 1.4.0 doesn't work on Ruby 1.9.x, yet.
| 376245 [Ruby GoogleM] Shouldn't it have
| 376247 [luislavena g] On Dec 31 2010, 11:42=A0pm, J=F6rg W Mittag <JoergWMittag
| 376255 [Ruby GoogleM] # gem help update
+ 376249 [mustafakyr g] SOLVED ! Thanks a lot.

^ Getting two's complement representation of an Integer?
376244 [kedar.mhaswa] Is there a Ruby standard library method to get an Integer's two's
376248 [botpena gmai] try combining  fixnum#size and (s)printf/format using %b

^ write right method to be concise
376246 [myocean135 y] there is a section of my program,it can run,
376269 [b.candler po] method

^ Newbie: Thread variables in Ruby Threads
376252 [imran.nazir ] count = 0
376268 [b.candler po] It's not consistent. In my case, running your program I got

^ [ANN] tmpdir_block-1.0.0
376258 [ara.t.howard] NAME
376561 [djberg96 gma] Good idea. I'm putting it in Sapphire. :)

^ Re: Fabian Marin wrote:I am sorry!!!
376259 [michaelcoudr] sorry about necro posting, but just saw this thread ^.^'

^ On Mac: File.file? behaves strangely
376260 [rovf_via_rub] Or, rather, I probably just made a silly mistake which I can't see
376263 [jgabrielygal] entry is relative to the dir, while File.file? works relative to the
376282 [rovf_via_rub] Of course!!!! I could have seen it myself from the output of my test

^ There has been an error while running make. Halting the installation.
376265 [stoicism1 ao] bash < <( curl
376361 [rebs.guarina] Taken from this post

^ Re: rubygems 1.4.0 Released
376266 [luislavena g] On Jan 1, 2:59=A0pm, J=F6rg W Mittag <JoergWMittag+R...@GoogleMail.Com>

^ [ANN] flickr_airlift 0.0.5 released
376267 [beholdthepan] The flickr_airlift gem comes with the flickr_airlift and flicker_upliftbins=

^ How to export highlighted syntax from IRB
376271 [jason.lillyw] If you look at the Ruby In Twenty Minutes page here
+ 376351 [jason.lillyw] Use http://tryruby.org/ to generate the html I need for my document then
| 376352 [sutniuq gmx.] require "coderay"
+ 376357 [jason.lillyw] This is a nice library. Thank you!

^ Undefined local var hash not trapped
376272 [RichardDummy] # K:\Analysis
+ 376273 [hassan.schro] Uh, "mythical"?? Ruby does have docs, you know :-)
+ 376276 [RichardDummy] On Jan 1, 7:24=A0pm, RichardOnRails
  376280 [dhruva.sagar] Object#Hash was a good indication.

^ Best Linux Distro for Ruby?
376274 [boondox sdf.] What are some of the better linux distro's for ruby development? I know
+ 376275 [t.yao426 gma] Use RVM to manage your ruby versions, then you'll find all the Linux
| + 376279 [stu rubyprog] I've got rvm set up on Funtoo, Mac OSX and FreeBSD.
| + 376284 [koulikoff gm] Or kubuntu ;-)
+ 376294 [matz ruby-la] I use Debian sid, and see no problem developing in Ruby.
+ 376309 [james icionl] I've been using Arch Linux and Ruby 1.9.2 for development, and also have
+ 376321 [s2.akira tin] I use Ubuntu, everything's fine.
+ 376595 [djangofan gm] I think Ubuntu is a little confusing to new Ruby developers.  I
  + 376603 [stu rubyprog] Nothing wrong with a software developer looking up and installing some
  | 376605 [unk.dcc gmai] Jon ..Ubuntu is little good call for begginers...but if u want developer
  + 376612 [jude.dashiel] SWYgeW91IGdvIHdpdGggRGViaWFuLCBwbGVhc2UgY2hlY2sgb3V0IHNpZCBkaXN0cmlidXRpb24u
  + 376621 [paul hollyer] age
    376830 [genednaparad] Gentoo is good choice. I install ruby 1.9.2 from source code.
    376851 [jonas pfenni] Check out ArchLinux, their package is pretty much pristine and tracks
    376854 [culley.smith] I have installed Ruby, Rails, and related dependencies on Ubuntu 10.04,

^ 1.respond_to? :define_singleton_method  # => true
376277 [timrandg gma] In 1.9,
+ 376278 [serialhex gm] umm...
| + 376289 [gwtmp01 mac.] Fixnums are not 'immutable' in that you can associate state with a =
| | 376295 [timrandg gma] But you can add singleton methods to nil and true, so the problem with
| | 376299 [gwtmp01 mac.] Well since there is only one instance of NilClass, TrueClass, and =
| + 376296 [timrandg gma] hex,
+ 376297 [timrandg gma] It looks like there are two classes, Fixnum and Symbol, that produce

^ Linux Unix, Windows, Cisco, Asterisk server tutorials. howto guides,
376283 [src7881 gmai] My blog is for Linux Unix, Windows, Cisco, Asterisk server tutorials.

^ Problem with LOAD_PATH after gem update
376285 [lcl tarazed.] Mandriva 2010.1, ruby 1.8.7, gem 1.4.1
376290 [groniec.13 g] I know that it sounds a bit lamely, but try to uninstall the gem and
376314 [lcl tarazed.] Aye, I did that and sure enough the script works again.  The gem now
376316 [drbrain segm] have=20
376326 [lcl tarazed.] Yes, ruby is x86_64.  Don't know when that changed.  A couple of dozen

^ Connecting with GTalk with Jabber/XMPP
376286 [groniec.13 g] require 'rubygems'
+ 376287 [jeremy bopp.] That gem is incompatible with Ruby 1.9 syntax, and you appear to be
+ 376288 [groniec.13 g] So I've got job for the weekend ;-) I'll try. Just one question: is

^ rspec-rails-2.4.0 is released!
376291 [dchelimsky g] ### rspec-rails-2.4.0 / 2011-01-02

^ rspec-2.4.0 is released!
376292 [dchelimsky g] Changes to rspec-core listed below. There are no functional changes to =

^ ruby-opengl new gl.so
376293 [visicalcenat] Recently I'd encountered problems using ruby-opengl with ruby 1.9.1p430

^ rspec-rails-2.4.1 is released!
376300 [dchelimsky g] This is a bug fix release recommended for all users who have upgraded to =

^ little tool for learning the ruby lookup path
376301 [timrandg gma] I have been looking at the process ruby utilizes for method lookup,
376302 [shortcutter ] IMHO monkey patching should not be general practice and stay limited
376308 [timrandg gma] Thanks for your massive improvements, and insights. I didn't like

^ hello
376303 [malargeetha2] malargeetha20119159686702@gmail.com

^ hai
376304 [malargeetha2] malargeetha20119159686702@gmail.com |
376444 [lw299792458 ] who?

^ hot
376305 [malargeetha2] malargeetha20119159686702@gmail.com

^ heart
376306 [malargeetha2] malargeetha20119159686702@gmail.com |

^ [ANN] MagicRuby is nearly sold out and group room rate ends TODAY! Hurry!
376307 [jeremymcanal] MagicRuby, the FREE Ruby conference at Walt Disney World Resort=AE on Febru=

^ Validates is exists
376310 [jtomasrl gma] Event has_and_belongs_to_many :users
+ 376313 [cmdjackryan ] 1) Rails questions get better service one link over in the Rails forum. :)
| 376318 [josh.cheek g] Of course, if the site lags a little bit, and they impatiently click the
| 376319 [cmdjackryan ] It's a reasonable assumption that a person registering for an event 5
+ 376343 [b.candler po] Foo.find(x) looks for a record with id X, and will raise an exception if
+ 376345 [niklas bruec] Validations should happen in the model, not the controller. You could

^ ANN: Sequel 3.19.0 Released
376311 [code jeremye] Sequel is a lightweight database access toolkit for Ruby.

^ Different behaviour in irb and ruby
376312 [vvanmulders ] I'm new to Ruby and just finished my first program.
+ 376315 [jgabrielygal] If you want to access the answers by question number, you should use
+ 376324 [josh.cheek g] Relying on hash is something I shy from, it is not implemented across all