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^ How to do UDP calls
375487 [l17339 gmail] Hey guys...
+ 375492 [shortcutter ] The standard library has basic UDP functionality already.
+ 375504 [b.candler po] Can you give an example of what you mean by a "UDP url"? I don't know of
+ 375548 [l17339 gmail] Maybe I have not explained well...
| 375549 [b.candler po] No, I haven't seen the udp:// URL format at all. Is there an RFC which
+ 375550 [b.candler po] It's not HTTP. It's bittorrent-specific (so using "udp" as the URL label
+ 375555 [l17339 gmail] Hey man, thanks for your reply.
| 375564 [b.candler po] s = data.pack('qNN')
+ 375600 [l17339 gmail] Man, thanks a lot for you time. You've been a really great help.
| 375613 [b.candler po] A 64-bit integer is 8 bytes, and two 32-bit integers are 8 bytes.
+ 375739 [l17339 gmail] Thanks for your explanation.
  375742 [b.candler po] Not from my reading of the description at

^ Visit this blog to increase your general knowledge, this will be very helpful to you
375497 [jr.kv.01 gma] ...

^ xml parsing in ruby
375498 [saleem.vighi] I am very new to ruby language and have problem in xml parsing in ruby.

^ xml parsing in ruby
375501 [saleem.vighi] I am very new to ruby programming and therefore, facing problem in xml
375513 [zundra.danie] Have you looked into nokogiri?
375517 [saleem.vighi] No, I could not find it. When did you sent it?
375518 [saleem.vighi] Ok. I tried to look into nokogiri but I could not solve my problem yet.
+ 375520 [abinoam gmai] Salim,
| 375544 [saleem.vighi] I am really grateful to you for your immense help.
| 375547 [abinoam gmai] Salim,
| 375559 [saleem.vighi] It works as intended. Thanks for the help. I have understood most of the
| 375566 [abinoam gmai] (ARGV[0].nil?) ? ("xmlfile.xml") : (ARGV[0])
| 375583 [saleem.vighi] Thanks Abinoam.
+ 375521 [shortcutter ] Typically you'll get more and better answers if you ask more specific

^ [ANN] minitest 2.0.1 Released
375514 [ryand-ruby z] minitest version 2.0.1 has been released!

^ [ANN] RubyInstaller DevKit 4.5.1 Released
375519 [jon.forums g] Just in time for your holiday hacking, the RubyInstaller for Windows project [1] is pleased to announce its latest release of the DevKit [2] providing MinGW GCC v4.5.1 capabilities for Ruby on Windows users.

^ Help a beginner
375526 [guille ducti] It's showing the error: Unsupported digest algorithm (sha256).
+ 375534 [botpena gmai] probably not a ruby version problem, eg
| 375546 [josecalderon] What gem are you wearing?
+ 375551 [guille ducti] Thanks -botp and Jose.
| 375565 [b.candler po] Try a more common digest, e.g.
+ 375571 [guille ducti] Thanks again for the help.
+ 375576 [guille ducti] One last question: what is doing $ ruby -ropenssl -e 'p
| 375577 [botpena gmai] yes. that is why you have to check one at a time wc gem is screwing openssl...
+ 375579 [guille ducti] How I do that?
| 375580 [cmdjackryan ] 1. Write test case (i.e. a minimal script doing what you want as above).
+ 375604 [guille ducti] Thanks Phillip, but what I am confused now is about how I require one
  375621 [cmdjackryan ] require "gem_file_to_be_required"

^ parsedate (LoadError) 1.9.2
375528 [siddharth.ka] siddharth@jupiter:~/tools$ ~/tools/mri-186-p420/bin/ruby -rparsedate
375533 [botpena gmai] parsedate has been removed in 1.9.2.

^ what sofware are you using to reading the ruby language ?
375530 [yangtt cools] which sofware is best to reading ruby language?
+ 375535 [dglnz2 gmail] What is you OS?
+ 375536 [shortcutter ] Your question got me stumped: are you really asking what tool to use

^ Ruby and science ?
375537 [michel demaz] I am really puzzled.
+ 375538 [cmdjackryan ] If you need the proper tools Right Now, then, well, you have to pick
| + 375539 [michel demaz] The issue is internal representation. For instance a matrix 1000 x
| | 375542 [cmdjackryan ] That's true. But it's not like they are much more manageable in for
| + 375569 [ryand-ruby z] And thanks to Rocket Scientists=99, it does Fortran too!
|   375581 [michel demaz] Which means my problem was just finding where to look up !
|   + 375582 [cmdjackryan ] Not quite, but have a look at ruby-toolbox.com (IIRC), which gives an
|   | 375584 [michel demaz] 'gsl' was not in the toolbox, and (stupid me) I did not look in the RAA
|   | + 375655 [jarmo.p gmai] This thread reminded me this nice blog post about the same topic -
|   | | 375662 [michel demaz] @ryan : thanks for the Fortran tip
|   | + 375720 [bjracine glo] I totally understand the desire to have thse capabilities and the elegance =
|   |   + 375727 [michel demaz] Benjamin, you are moving the knife in the wound (translated from French,
|   |   | 375746 [martindemell] "Twisting the knife" in English
|   |   | 375752 [michel demaz] In French it is "remuer le couteau dans la plaie". Twisting is certainly
|   |   + 375758 [sophrinix gm] It depends on what kind of science you are trying to do in ruby.
|   |   + 375764 [headius head] What I'd really like to see are FFI-based wrappers around key science
|   |     375794 [martindemell] How do FFI wrappers handle concurrent running? (As in, how do they
|   |     375798 [headius head] At least in JRuby, FFI calls are not prevented from firing in
|   + 375637 [ryand-ruby z] gem install RubyInlineFortran
+ 375540 [ammarabuali ] Have you seen Ruby/GSL?
| 375543 [michel demaz] Good news. I'll look. Thanks !
| 375553 [michel demaz] Works ! (Ubuntu Lucid)
+ 375557 [tony.arcieri] Have you considered trying to use a library like JAMA with JRuby?
| 375560 [michel demaz] I am still reluctant to a jump to jruby. I'll first check GSL on MRI
| 375567 [colinb2r goo] 1. JRuby is currently(?) and anecdotally somewhat slower than MRI 1.9, but
| + 375573 [ninja slapha] And JRuby is getting faster all the time. It's not clear whether one will
| | 375663 [headius head] We've always emphasized compatibility and bugfixes over performance,
| | 375906 [ninja slapha] Not really.
| + 375664 [headius head] Apart from perhaps MacRuby calling ObjC and IronRuby calling .NET,
|   375675 [ara.t.howard] of course JRuby is a fantastic tool for many use cases, but i've personally
|   375681 [headius head] ly
|   + 375686 [ara.t.howard] experience for many, many cases. And that's the Ruby way.
|   + 375687 [james grayso] Before I say this, I need to state that I love and use JRuby.  The =
|     + 375691 [michel demaz] @all, esp. @ara, @james, @charles
|     + 375763 [headius head] ings, like manipulating processes in a POSIX environment. =C2=A0I don't use=
|     | 375769 [ryand-ruby z] Oh come now. If the JVM sucks at something, JRuby sucks at it too. Don't =
|     | 375780 [headius head] You couldn't be more wrong. It's understandable since you don't
|     | 375793 [ryand-ruby z] Don't pass the buck.
|     | 375797 [headius head] 's implementation to identify someone passing the buck when they do it.
|     | 375802 [james grayso] bugs we didn't immediately fix=85
|     | 375806 [headius head] y process management. =C2=A0It had to interoperate with other processes tha=
|     | 375809 [james grayso] Unixy process management.  It had to interoperate with other processes =
|     | 375810 [headius head] something in the translation.
|     + 375812 [tony.arcieri] For what it's worth, the APIs that Ruby provides for process management and
+ 375672 [ara.t.howard] i worked in science using ruby for many years.  it is true that sometimes
+ 375789 [timrandg gma] I think you are completely correct in your criticism of ruby's lack of
  + 375799 [jose.halesga] Curious if you've used RinRuby and what  you think of it?
  | 375818 [ryand-ruby z] I've had good success with rsruby. It isn't the nicest or terribly =
  + 375923 [ara.t.howard] mostly true.  worth mentioning, however, is that scientific visualization is

^ Re: RubyMate (TextMate) issue
375552 [mike.manewit] I know this is a bit old, but here's a quick way I found on the TextMate =

^ Effects of require
375556 [tsuraan gmai] I've been using python a lot lately, so I'll start with how that
375572 [no spam.plea] No, there's not. Requiring a file *executes* that file, which often
375615 [tsuraan gmai] Ok, but there is a way to accomplish what I needed, anyhow.  I
375641 [gwtmp01 mac.] I don't have any definitive answers to your questions, just a few =

^ Re: Communicating with Smalltalk
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375578 [m.fellinger ] 'm
375596 [ryand zenspi] Iirc you can set drb's serializer to yaml. I think I remember Eric showing m=

^ Random error in ci_reporter
375570 [corrdump gma] I'm running ci_reporter to convert rake unit tests to xml format, to

^ rspec-rails-2.3.1 is released!
375574 [dchelimsky g] ### rspec-rails-2.3.1 / 2010-12-16

^ rspec-core-2.3.1 is released
375575 [dchelimsky g] ### rspec-core-2.3.1 / 2010-12-16

^ : Ruby and science ?
375585 [jiq.niu gmai] How to unsubscribe ?
375616 [kspillner ac] Howdy-=0A=0A> How to unsubscribe ?=0A=0AYou can't; the Ruby mailing lists a=
+ 375618 [matz ruby-la] unresponsive.
+ 375620 [cmdjackryan ] s unresponsive.
+ 375625 [kspillner ac] Howdy-=0A=0A=0A>> You can't; the Ruby mailing lists are broken and the mail=
  375626 [cmdjackryan ] =A0The automated list manager at ruby-talk-ctl@ruby-lang.org is broken; the=

^ Is programming art?
375590 [raincolee gm] (I'm a high school student confused by this concept)
+ 375592 [peterhickman] The creation of software aspires to be a science or at least more like
+ 375593 [peterhickman] The creation of software aspires to be a science or at least more like
| 375597 [spoon killer] a point.  This is because writing silly, and often useless, pieces of
| 375603 [peterhickman] There is a distinction between being useless and having no utility. I
| 375606 [spoon killer] I agree that there is a subtle distinction I had not considered!
+ 375598 [daniel degu.] There are diverse opinions about the status of computing. Also it can
| 375602 [mike stok.ca] Remember to look at Knuth's "Computer Programming as an Art" from 1974 =
+ 375622 [ninja slapha] In the sense that anything can be.
| + 375627 [ninja slapha] ...except I apparently forgot that was Knuth, not Dijkstra. Must have Dijkstra
| + 375644 [raincolee gm] You imply that our programming craft is too young to be art. But programming
|   375905 [ninja slapha] No, that's not what I'm saying at all. I'm saying it's too young to be
+ 375633 [tony.arcieri] In my opinion, 99.9% programming isn't art.
| + 375634 [brian brianj] The same question could be asked about painting. Is painting art?
| | 375645 [tony.arcieri] It depends what you're painting (but you already answered your own
| | 375661 [brian brianj] That's kind of what I was trying to say.
| + 375635 [spoon killer] In case anyone here is a obsfucated programming virgin, here is
|   375660 [spoon killer] In case anyone is interested, here is an argument which shows
+ 375653 [rubfor recit] Art generally speaking is there to decorate our environment (visually,
+ 375677 [e148759 bsno] What is art?
  + 375678 [shyouhei rub] Yeah, I know this is THE right way for original poster to find his answer, but
  | 375680 [ap1900 gmail] I think most individuals exist in both worlds.  If you are repeating exactly
  + 375679 [tony.arcieri] I gave one definition earlier, but there's another definition that's also

^ How to add conditon in select method
375599 [jakheart001 ] How to add the condition for "order by birthdate desc" in the following
375601 [cmdjackryan ] Assuming ActiveRecord: http://api.rubyonrails.org/classes/ActiveRecord/Base=

^ How to compile ruby to executable? (Linux)
375605 [hakoukko gma] I'm wondering how I could compile my .rb file to executable? I know that
+ 375607 [hakoukko gma] When I put...
+ 375608 [spoon killer] Can you run other programs you have installed with rubygems?
+ 375609 [hakoukko gma] $ locate allinoneruby | grep bin
| 375610 [spoon killer] Why would you want to remove that directory from your PATH?
+ 375611 [hakoukko gma] Is there other compilers than these then?
  375612 [spoon killer] There's a JRuby compiler that I've never used
  375658 [echristopher] And rawr makes Linux, OS X, and Windows executables out of JRuby programs.
  375665 [headius head] * To hide the code

^ RMagick doesn't work
375614 [hakoukko gma] Then I installed RMagick which went well (it didn't succeed earlier when
375735 [devguy.ca gm] Kind Regards,

^ Integer/Fixnum/Bignum are "immutable"?
375617 [kedar.mhaswa] Is my understanding correct that there is no way to change the "value"
375619 [matz ruby-la] No.  But the exact answer depends on your definition of the "value".
375623 [kedar.mhaswa] Sorry. Does that mean my understanding is not correct or no, there is no
+ 375624 [matz ruby-la] If your definition of the "value" of an Integer is its numeric value,
| 375628 [kedar.mhaswa] Got it. That clarifies. Thanks!
| 375636 [peter.vanden] For Fixnum, I believe there are simply no setter methods for the
+ 375630 [shortcutter ] You can add instance variables to some of the types you mention so they

^ const lookup, autoloading, and scoping
375629 [smparkes smp] I'm trying to do nested class/module lookup by name and beginning to =
375682 [transfire gm] k it's not possible/clean in the face of autoloading.

^ RAutomation 0.2.1 Released - Automate windows and their controls through user-friendly API with Ruby!
375631 [jarmo.p gmai] RAutomation - Automate windows and their controls through user-

^ win32screenshot 1.0.0 - The New Beginning
375632 [jarmo.p gmai] Capture Screenshots on Windows with Ruby to bmp, gif, jpg or png

^ Re: soap4r orders multi-element sequences incorrectly?
375638 [jomeara tale] Were you able to resolve this issue?  I have run into a similar problem
375640 [jzipperle gm] I ended up writing a workaround that (so far) fixes the issue in my
375751 [jomeara tale] Thanks Justin.  Very much appreciated.

^ RAutomation 0.3.0 Released
375642 [jarmo.p gmai] === Version 0.3.0 / 2010-12-18

^ background threads
375643 [venkatram.ak] Here is a class when run starts printing numbers to the console in a new
+ 375650 [michaeltbake] I'm not sure that I understand your question, but there are few things I see
+ 375656 [venkatram.ak] Mike
  375659 [shortcutter ] I am not sure what you mean.
  375771 [venkatram.ak] Thanks for your code and help. By commenting a few lines in your code I
  376008 [shortcutter ] Well, obviously because - as you state below - when the main thread

^ Still get this RDoc error using HTML
375646 [transfire gm] It occurs in 1.8.7 and 1.9.2.
+ 375647 [brabuhr gmai] ruby 1.8.7 (2009-06-12 patchlevel 174) [universal-darwin10.0]
+ 375722 [drbrain segm] I see you filed a bug report but no patch.  I will fix it when I have time.

^ Codelobster PHP Edition
375651 [codecreator2] I advise you to try Codelobster PHP Edition.
375693 [jarmo.p gmai] Okay, and why should any Ruby user on earth want to do anything with

^ Someone explain to me the logic behind ARGV[0]
375652 [sbstn26 yaho] For example there's a code
+ 375654 [stefano.croc] ARGV is an array. Calling ARGV[0] returns the first argument of the array,
+ 375685 [shevegen lin] The [0] just accesses the first member of the array, like for any other
+ 375817 [alec arlross] <stefano.crocco@alice.it> writes
  375828 [abinoam gmai] Just in case it's not clear enough for him (Kaye ng)...

^ Independent processes
375666 [tasos.laskos] I'm having a bit of a problem...
+ 375667 [james grayso] $ cat parent_and_child.rb
+ 375668 [tasos.laskos] Thanks for the response,
| 375669 [james grayso] That's correct.  By default they share STDIN.
| + 375670 [tasos.laskos] Thanks James, re-declaring the trap interrupt in the children worked. :)
| + 375671 [matt technor] Or maybe this is what you want: http://www.ruby-forum.com/topic/185221
+ 375673 [tasos.laskos] No that wouldn't work for me...
| 375674 [james grayso] Memory isn't shared between processes, unless you take steps to make it so.
+ 375676 [tasos.laskos] Cool, I should be set now. Thanks guys.

^ variable problem
375683 [derril.lucci] so i am writing a program that sends email via an smtp server on gmail.
+ 375690 [stefano.croc] Stefano
+ 375692 [zuerrong gma] he

^ do not invest in funmobile.com
375684 [funmo hotmai] do not invest in funmobile.com, it is a shit company, all their

^ Ruby-USB in windows
375689 [srinivasan12] I am trying to talk to a USB device (a thumb drive) in Windows 7 via
375694 [luislavena g] On Dec 19, 3:39=A0am, "Srinivasan R." <srinivasan120...@yahoo.com>

^ Arrays and Lists ?
375695 [emil_macarie] I have recently started playing around with Ruby, and now I am starting
+ 375698 [hassan.schro] Forgive me if I'm misunderstanding your point, but --
+ 375699 [b.candler po] Nope. It grows the memory space, and shuffles the existing elements if
  + 375700 [emil_macarie] Thanks !  That does make me feel better about using an array as a list
  + 375710 [peter vanden] These are the relevant pieces of code in array.c (ruby trunk)
    375723 [me waltonhoo] Also, Ruby is using realloc to resize the array, meaning it tries to

^ FW: Fml status report (ruby-talk ML)
375696 [kspillner ac] As I said: unsubscribe is broken.=0A=0A-----Original Message-----=0AFrom: r=
375705 [ben bleythin] So, you sent "unsubscribe" to ruby-talk-ctl@ruby-lang.org and you got