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^ request information from torrent tracker
375301 [l17339 gmail] I'm struggling with something here, and maybe any of you can help me.
375421 [l17339 gmail] I solved the problem.

^ Ruby-openGL almost working?
375302 [jacek.chabor] Ruby-opengl problem is very old, I don't know about any good solution
375312 [markus fisch] The library path changed, namely the "current directory" -> '.' is *not*

^ [ANN] hoe-seattlerb 1.2.4 Released
375314 [ryand-ruby z] hoe-seattlerb version 1.2.4 has been released!

^ [ANN] ZenTest 4.4.2 Released
375315 [ryand-ruby z] ZenTest version 4.4.2 has been released!

^ Using OpenSSL in Ruby
375318 [astounding g] Anyone have any pointers to documentation, notes, info, or if none of
+ 375334 [huard.elise ] you might want to take a look at
+ 375340 [drbrain segm] I have written introductory documentation for OpenSSL, but it is only in =
+ 375341 [ged FaerieMU] There's nothing specifically about using memory IO, but the
+ 375345 [drbrain segm] Do you mean a wrapper for http://www.openssl.org/docs/crypto/bio.html# ?
  375466 [astounding g] Thank you for the pointers everyone.
  375506 [b.candler po] You could create a SocketPair, and demux the TLS stuff into that. You
  375516 [astounding g] Thanks, Brian.  Sadly, I require non-blocking I/O and a
  375568 [drbrain segm] 410b8b/fdc3c5c6686ceb49?lnk=3Dgst&q=3DSocket.pair&rnum=3D2&hl=3Den#fdc3c5c=

^ Re: 2 apps require different version same GEM
375323 [henrik ceder] I have the same dependency problems pretty often and they really put a

^ Regular expression help
375324 [munikur gmai] I need help in putting a regular expression, regular expression should
+ 375326 [monty vmware] Try crontab -l |egrep -i "(shut|init|sync|reb)"
+ 375327 [josh.cheek g] How about
  + 375328 [monty vmware] -e isn't a grep option on Solaris. [-bhinsvwx]
  + 375330 [shortcutter ] What do you need -P for?  There is no specific perlism in the regexp.

^ ruby unicode/string explosion (0xFF in utf-8)
375325 [sylvestertca] I'm reading a CSV file that has some non US-ASCII characters.  I want
+ 375329 [botpena gmai] see http://blog.grayproductions.net/articles/encoding_conversion_with_iconv
+ 375361 [b.candler po] I guess it's not genuinely UTF-8.

^ different between the "::" and "."
375332 [zuerrong gma] class Myclass
+ 375333 [sutniuq gmx.] - --------------------------------------
+ 375342 [kbloom gmail] The only difference between :: and . occurs with uppercase identifiers.

^ [ANN] MountainWest RubyConf 2011 CFP
375335 [blowmage gma] We are happy to announce the 5th MountainWest RubyConf 2011 will be held on
376518 [blowmage gma] Just a reminder that the MWRC CFP closes tomorrow. Be sure to submit before

^ Could someone please update crc32-0.1.0 to the new API?
375337 [ruby-forum s] I am entirely too new to ruby to take on something like this

^ Re: gem install fxri works for me.
375338 [tad bochan.c] I had the same problem on Ruby 1.8.6 (2009-08-04 patchlevel 383) [i386-mingw32], and then noticed that the RUBYLIB environment variable was pointing to some dumbass location. I unset RUBYLIB and fxri loaded ok.

^ Problem reading PDF
375343 [RichardDummy] I downloaded/installed the pdf-reader-0.9.0  using gem install.
375353 [stefano.miol] Maybe you should try posting on pdf-reader's own mailing list at
375390 [RichardDummy] Thanks, Stephano.

^ generate digital audio: tones, etc.
375346 [cmhoward fri] I want to play around with writing Ruby scripts that generate electronic
+ 375360 [justincollin] You could try bloopsaphone: https://github.com/mental/bloopsaphone
+ 375648 [cmhoward fri] Bloopsaphone looks great. Only thing I haven't figured out yet: Is it

^ Problem with ruby code.
375347 [zorfie123 gm] A simple code that is self explanaetary. However when I run it, it spits
+ 375348 [zorfie123 gm] Its self explanatory, but when I run it, it spits out errors. What can I
+ 375349 [stefano.croc] You  need a + before V2 in the body of questioN
+ 375350 [zorfie123 gm] thank you :)

^ Having trouble with randomisation
375354 [zorfie123 gm] I want my program to say a diffrent maths question everytime the user
375355 [jeremy bopp.] V1 and V2 are constants calculated one time at the beginning of your

^ Re: Deaf Grandma
375356 [ipl.tshirts ] After reviewing the previous posts, I noticed that many answers did not
375381 [b.candler po] Remember to set your bye counter to zero in every case except where
375391 [josh.cheek g] That's called whispering, deaf grandma won't even bat an eye!
375431 [b.candler po] You might be swearing at her though...

^ Chdir on Windows - beginner doubt
375357 [marcelo inte] Folks,
+ 375358 [luislavena g] Download 0 files is part of the script, correct?
| + 375368 [timr probo.c] I'm a relative newcomer here, and that surprises me greatly.  The Windows
| | 375369 [luislavena g] ws
| + 375372 [marcelo inte] Hey, Luis. Thanks for the welcome!
|   375375 [botpena gmai] hmm you have, JPG.jpg in there
|   375379 [marcelo inte] Yep, found that out after I copied the program here.
+ 375359 [gthiesfeld g] Luis beat me to it. ;-)
  375373 [marcelo inte] Did work well indeed with the newest version. The book is a few years

^ [ANN] highlander 0.1.0
375362 [djberg96 gma] There can be only one! Process, I mean.
375364 [has.sox gmai] hey,
375366 [damian.janow] ...
375367 [has.sox gmai] FYI, I did a github search for highlander and it came back with too many

^ rspec-2.3.0 is released
375365 [dchelimsky g] rspec-2.3.0 is released (including rspec, rspec-core, rspec-mocks, =

^ ruby1.9.2 looking for Ruby.framework/Versions/1.8/usr/lib/ruby/1.8/csv.rb:312
375370 [guru.inamdar] I have just started learning ruby and Im using ruby 1.9.2p0 (2010-08-18
+ 375374 [guru.inamdar] i came across this forum http://www.ruby-forum.com/topic/206773 but i
+ 375376 [james grayso] (2010-08-18
+ 375377 [guru.inamdar] Sorry I just cant find the solution and when i checked my ruby
+ 375378 [guru.inamdar] please ignore my last post as i did not realize it found a reply. I will

^ scraping but failed due to the uniqueness of the site
375382 [rubyforum gm] As you can see, this site is very unique that a news video runs
+ 375383 [peterhickman] On 13 December 2010 10:08, Soichi Ishida
+ 375385 [rubyforum gm] Thanks Peter!

^ access shadowbox with watir
375386 [tcblues gmai] Anybody knows how can we access to a shadowbox window with watir?
375422 [jarmo.p gmai] If it's html then i don't see any reasons why you shouldn't be able to

^ require - not loading gem
375387 [paul hollyer] I have installed the spreadsheet gem to read and write MS Excel files.
375396 [me waltonhoo] You must manually require rubygems in 1.8.x.  In 1.9.x this is no longer
375420 [paul hollyer] Thanks, makes sense.

^ Daemons
375392 [iainspeed gm] I've got a process I'd like to daemonize, a call the twitter search API =
+ 375393 [alex blackke] The Daemons gem is good, but if you don't need anything fancy then
| 375394 [iainspeed gm] Thanks Alex, I'll give both that gem and the code a good look!
+ 375708 [jeremy hineg] Also take a look at the 'servolux' gem.
  375716 [tim.pease gm] API ever 10 minutes or so. There seem to be a few gems that purport to =

^ Re: yardoc - can't view code docs in browser SOLVED
375397 [mrbillhaxor ] have been related to how the project handled gems. So I started

^ Substituting New Line Character
375398 [atomicmcbomb] I have a bunch of text that I need to inject a newline character. In my
375399 [jeremy bopp.] There are multiple standards for the end of line character sequence in
375400 [atomicmcbomb] Thanks Jeremy.
375401 [jeremy bopp.] irb(main):001:0> a = "hello world"
375405 [atomicmcbomb] thanks Jeremy,

^ EzCrypto crypts to string or binary?
375402 [barbq2000 gm] key = EzCrypto::Key.with_password("aKey","salted hash")
+ 375403 [jeremy bopp.] It appears that you're getting binary data in irb as well.  It's just
+ 375412 [barbq2000 gm] Thanks, that's helpful.

^ Syntax error, want to use multiple variables in one line, copy mysql data
375406 [kvaccaro mit] I'm completely new to Ruby and trying to do something pretty simple --
+ 375410 [peter vanden] .rb:95:in
+ 375419 [shortcutter ] Maybe row looks different than you think.  I would try this
+ 375423 [kvaccaro mit] Thanks for all your help! Turns out the problem was even simpler than I

^ String or string
375407 [garrisontayl] I am doing something where I do=20
+ 375408 [sduncan weta] It doesn't seem to mind if those are pre-assigned ...
+ 375409 [josh.cheek g] falsiness of its parameters. The set of falsy objects is { false , nil },
  375411 [garrisontayl] When I typed it I wasn't looking at it, it was actually=20
  375413 [chaos ross.a] Same problem, though. That's the same thing as
  375414 [garrisontayl] I want it to puts blah if u2 isn't force or spells.
  375415 [sduncan weta] ruby-1.9.2-p0 > u2 = "foo"
  375418 [shortcutter ] Ruby version 1.9.1

^ Conflicting definitions between ActiveRecord and QT
375416 [emil_macarie] I am somewhat of a Ruby newbie, so if this question is in the wrong
+ 375417 [stefano.croc] In ruby 1.8, Module#constants takes no arguments and qt-ruby redefines it in
+ 375441 [emil_macarie] Thank you for your help.  I will give that a shot as soon as I get back

^ Instiki failing to run - msvcrt-ruby18.dll not found
375424 [blip blipit.] Hope you can help. I am completely inexperienced as regards
+ 375432 [luislavena g] Instiki has just recently made compatible with Ruby 1.9, but they do
| 375435 [blip blipit.] Thanks for the response. There were technical reasons why I couldnt
+ 375480 [blip blipit.] still getting msvcrt-ruby18.dll not found unfortunately. Although the
| 375489 [luislavena g] As I mentioned before, the issue you're getting about the missing
+ 375493 [blip blipit.] sounds reasonable. although I only have a vague conception of what a
| + 375495 [cmdjackryan ] A binary gem is a gem that contains binaries (which means compiled
| | 375499 [blip blipit.] Thanks very much Phillip
| | 375509 [cmdjackryan ] You are quite welcome. :)
| | 375512 [blip blipit.] Sorry to show ignorance - what exactly is contained in a back trace?
| | 375524 [cmdjackryan ] The last steps of your program before it gave up, and refused to do
| | 375587 [blip blipit.] Morning All
| + 375515 [luislavena g] Apologies, but I assume you have certain knowledge of programming.
+ 375589 [blip blipit.] *** UPDATE ***
+ 375594 [blip blipit.] I've trialled this across the 'net and it does seem to work ok as a
+ 375792 [blip blipit.] Ok, everything works but I still have the missing file error.

^ Designer sunglasses
375425 [aamar22 gmai] Every year new sunglasses are introduced by different fashion

^ Grep a string
375426 [munikur gmai] I need to grep the entire string "sync; sync; reboot" after 0 10 * * 0
+ 375428 [b.candler po] Have you tried searching for an online regexp reference, or used a
+ 375429 [peter vanden] If on the commandline, 'cut' may be useful.
| 375434 [munikur gmai] cat /tmp/cron.list | egrep '^[0-9\*]'
| + 375439 [Rob AgileCon] cat /tmp/cron.list | ruby -nle 'next if $_ =~ /^\s*#/; fields =
| + 375446 [b.candler po] Grep shows the whole line which matches, or with the -o option shows the
|   375456 [peter vanden] The part you may have overlooked is the 'cut' command at the end of
+ 375430 [adrain.f.tep] grep "sync;sync;reboot" cron* |head -1 | sed 's/[0-9*\\]//g;s/^[ ]*//'
+ 375433 [Rob AgileCon] Well, you asked on a Ruby list so you're getting a Ruby answer from me.
  375457 [ryand-ruby z] me.
  375500 [Rob AgileCon] Except that I have $_.split(" ", 6) since there are 5 schedule parts

^ Ruby 1.9.2 : Io performance when application use multithread
375427 [regis.aubare] The file attachment is an simple script for measure performance
375448 [drbrain segm] On OS X 10.6 I don't see a performance drop for threaded vs non =
375449 [drbrain segm] threaded.  I ran your script with an argument of 1000 instead of 10 as =
375494 [regis.aubare] Test of your version with  ruby 1.9.1 on linux : 30% better flow,
375525 [zuerrong gma] t's
375532 [shortcutter ] I am not sure what you are asking here.  Are you talking about current
375545 [zuerrong gma] nt
375586 [shortcutter ] It depends.  Generally even Ruby's green threads work pretty well for
375595 [zuerrong gma] Thanks. good answer.

^ Win32::Screenshot 0.0.8 Released
375436 [jarmo.p gmai] Capture Screenshots on Windows with Ruby

^ [ANN] cool.io 1.0.0: a cool event framework for Ruby (formerly known as Rev)
375437 [tony.arcieri] Do you like Sinatra? Do you like Node.js? Wish you could write Node.js apps

^ [ANN] pistachio 0.1.0: HTTP "push" middleware for Rack powered by Redis
375438 [tony.arcieri] Need events delivered to an HTTP client in realtime? Perhaps you=92ve

^ [THREADS] Behaviour of Thread#stop?
375440 [xavier.noell] I'm currently struggling with Ruby threads, especially the #stop and

^ do your bit for my mental health - how to find the difference between two strings?
375442 [iainspeed gm] I have a piece of code that doesn't work in a Sinatra app I've been =
+ 375443 [gmkoller gma] This is likely not what you are looking for directly, but it my give
| 375453 [ryand-ruby z] WTF?!? Did you even read his mail?
| 375458 [gmkoller gma] I was thinking from the title that knowing the exact difference
| + 375460 [hassan.schro] Well... your example code tells me the Levenshtein distance between
| + 375461 [ryand-ruby z] Well... my mind is blown. Obviously, for me to call you out for not =
|   375472 [gmkoller gma] Listen,
|   375477 [shortcutter ] As Brian has correctly pointed out there are more ways that String
|   375485 [gmkoller gma] Robert,
|   + 375496 [hassan.schro] It was me, not Ryan, who said it didn't work, and of course I tested it
|   + 375502 [b.candler po] Maybe the OP could have chosen a better subject heading, but it's fairly
+ 375444 [b.candler po] If you're using ruby 1.9, then there are hidden qualities to strings :-(
| 375554 [iainspeed gm] Thanks for all the responses, though I was looking for the difference =
| 375558 [b.candler po] foo = "servicename"
| 375561 [iainspeed gm] the
| 375563 [b.candler po] (1) The Rack spec already defines ASCII-8BIT for the body. It doesn't
+ 375465 [botpena gmai] 1 pls show terminal/screenshots
+ 375588 [yitsushi gma] ng that doesn't work.
  375591 [b.candler po] The strings are "equal", in the sense that Ruby says a==b is true. But
  375639 [peter vanden] Would it make sense than to include a method like
  + 375649 [martindemell] identical? is a more future-proof name
  + 375657 [w_a_x_man ya] Try

^ Re: Behaviour of Thread#stop?
375445 [b.candler po] You probably don't want to be doing this. There are higher-level data =
+ 375462 [zhangsu live] thr.stop? returns true not only when thr is dead but also when it is
+ 375541 [xavier.noell] You're absolutely right. I forgot about the Queue structure, which is

^ Need Help with Split
375447 [atomicmcbomb] I have a list of records that need to be split between the address and
+ 375451 [w_a_x_man ya] DATA.each{|s|
+ 375452 [brabuhr gmai] /tmp$ cat i.rb

^ Re: Errors installing RedCloth 4.0 on Windows XP
375450 [almigo10 gma] Another way that worked for me is

^ cTioga - help with axes
375455 [chrislz15 ya] I would like to have a plot where the bottom x-axis has major ticks with
+ 375511 [chrislz15 ya] Anyone?
| 375522 [ninja slapha] ruby-talk is generally for questions about Ruby programming, and I, for one,
+ 375523 [chrislz15 ya] Ah, ok. I posted there yesterday but it seems like a dead forum.
| 375529 [ninja slapha] The next step would be to email the author, or maintainer, or whoever is
+ 376589 [niziriss hot] ctioga  --yaxis line --xaxis top,line --inset .5,.5:1,1 --xrange 20:70

^ [ANN] treequel 1.2.2 Released
375463 [ged FaerieMU] treequel version 1.2.2 has been released!

^ Update Ruby without new installation?
375467 [hka2011 gmai] update to 1.9.2 without doing a complete install alongside my 1.8.6
375474 [stu rubyprog] For OSX I use rvm and never touch my system ruby installation. I

^ String.populate(data) for sprintf?
375468 [redstun gmai] This idea came up in my mind last night.
+ 375469 [redstun gmai] oops, sorry for typos
+ 375470 [botpena gmai] what is wrong w String#%
  375471 [redstun gmai] I mean to have String.populate as an instance method
  375473 [matz ruby-la] fmt_str = "aligned numbers: %6d %6d"
  375476 [redstun gmai] Ah, right, so I was just asking for something like

^ mysql gem segfault on line 343
375475 [dglnz2 gmail] cross posted from mysql ruby forums
375490 [luislavena g] What version of mysql gem you have installed? (gem list mysql)
375527 [dglnz2 gmail] Downloaded it and then tried it again and got the same error.
375531 [dglnz2 gmail] This problem is SOLVED !!!

^ How do I define virtual global variable in ruby?
375478 [femtowin gma] in ruby c source code, there is
+ 375482 [ryand zenspi] <http://codesearch.google.com/codesearch/p?hl=3Den#kOEgDIzD-Ao/trunk/lib/r=
+ 375486 [shortcutter ] They are not global variables, they are more restricted: these
  375505 [b.candler po] In addition to what Robert said, maybe const_missing would be useful to

^ Circular Require Warning by gsl and curb
375479 [adam.pocsi q] I have spent some time googling for answers to this and I have checked

^ No such file to load -- rubygems (LoadError)
375481 [ops.tong gma] I have use ruby to write a shell script to send email automatic, then i
375483 [ryand-ruby z] env | grep RUBY
375484 [ops.tong gma] My script already have require "rubygems", and how to set rubygems
+ 375488 [jgabrielygal] Jesus.
+ 375491 [ryand-ruby z] Then you're prolly using a different ruby in cron than on cmdline. Use full p=
  375503 [abinoam gmai] It's probably "env-related"
  375510 [ryand-ruby z] ing-