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SunLisp: A new Lisp drinking society in Ft Lauderdale, FL debuting 7PM, Pearl Harbor Day
374933 [kentilton@gm] In case you missed it, SunLisp is debuting on Pearl Harbor Day

Verbosity of p
374940 [johnywhy@gm ] puts "Inspect:#{p(myDog)}"
+ 374942 [matthew@by e] "p x" is a shorthand for "puts x.inspect", i.e. it actually does the
+ 374943 [ben@bl yt in] puts obj.inspect

Re: gem only work in home directory
374941 [grickc@gm il] I fixed this issue after reading this post.

qt4-ruby crash
374956 [watson.the.b] i had one of the worst idea in my life one month ago: port a working
+ 374957 [stefano.croc] Which version of qt-ruby are you using? I remember having some problems like
+ 374958 [watson.the.b] This is my version, sorry for not giving it in my post!
| 374959 [stefano.croc] If I understand correctly, that's the version shipped with the latest stable
+ 374963 [watson.the.b] <code>
| 374998 [stefano.croc] First of all, just to be clear, you're using tree widgets, not tree views.
+ 375034 [watson.the.b] Thanks for your help, I had in mind to use a custom model for the tree
+ 375037 [watson.the.b] It works! I changed one of my treewidget to a treeview and it works even

Q: what database would you suggest?
374960 [diego.viraso] I am doing some scientific work in Ruby. So far the data is stored
+ 374961 [cmdjackryan@] SQLite[0] might be worth a look, especially if you can split your data
| 374975 [diego.viraso] Thanks, I'll start with this then.
| + 374976 [cmdjackryan@] Without knowing your situation: I'd use sqlite3-ruby, or DBI (still
| + 374978 [rick.denatal] IMHO you should definitely have a look at the latest Rails 3 version
| + 374981 [ninja@sl ph ] Whichever you like -- the important thing is to start.
|   + 374985 [james@gr ys ] entire  database for any operations.
|   + 375033 [ammarabuali@] I learned that the hard way. I innocently tried to fork a process that
|   + 375036 [petite.abeil] "Prepare Now For Possible Future Head Transplant"=20
|     375043 [ninja@sl ph ] "So what about that weird title involving head transplants? Obviously a head
+ 374964 [rubfor@re it] SQLite sounds like a good start as Phillip Gawlowski says. It's widely
| 374969 [shortcutter@] I don't have benchmarks handy but for really large volumes I'd turn to
+ 374983 [reid.thompso] my recommendation would be postgresql.  If you don't want to deal with postgresql initially, then sqlite3.
+ 375045 [e.akmuradov@] Berkley DB, for sure.
| 375048 [petite.abeil] Interestingly enough, the latest, greatest Berkeley DB seems to offer =
+ 375081 [e.akmuradov@] oh, i didn't knew that they implemented SQL API.
| 375083 [flebber.crue] For my two cents I am fairly database illiterate the only thing I have
+ 375157 [lojicdotcom@] From what you've described, I recommend you spend some time looking into

Coats and his jacket Mdwylat 2010 2011 different colors attractive Chronicles
374962 [medomex18@gm] Coats and his jacket Mdwylat 2010 2011 different colors attractive

Another fashion coats for the winter of 2011
374966 [medomex18@gm] Another fashion coats for the winter of 2011

Updates, advisories and surprises
374967 [medomex18@gm] CsjT4yDH4eHlIMfh0c3j5CDH4dHN7eMKx9Df0SDh3+Mg3ewg5dDHIMfh3tPjIOPM4+ba5SDj5CDH

Updates, advisories and surprises
374968 [medomex18@gm] Updates, advisories and surprises

Newbie - cookies and controller
374972 [ZalekBloom@h] I have a code which is using cookies.
374973 [ryand-ruby@z] Please ask this on the ruby on rails forum/list.

Commandline: How to add an own option?
374979 [ajfrenzel@we] I tried it this way, but it fails und the ducumentation is extremely
+ 374988 [transfire@gm] You need to give more context then this. What code is this? As far as
| 375000 [ajfrenzel@we] #!/usr/bin/env ruby
+ 375019 [ajfrenzel@we] Ok, the simplest way to overcome problems like this is, to dicard all

Ambiguity resolving: "block [5]" vs "method [5]"
374984 [mike@mi e- o] Just curious how Ruby resolves the ambiguity when calling a method with a list,
375001 [shortcutter@] ing

How to get a browser information using only ruby without rails
374990 [shahpriyank0] I want to get a browser information which user use on its machine but,
374994 [sathish.sale] What do you mean "only by using ruby not want to use rails" ?
374999 [gladimdim@gm] browser = ENV["BROWSER"].

Re: Ruby 1.9.1 is released
374991 [tinalee85@li] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.

lib/ruby/site_ruby vs lib/ruby/vendor_ruby
374993 [sathish.sale] What is the difference between  "lib/ruby/site_ruby" vs
+ 375030 [sutniuq@gm .] If you compile and install a C extension without packaging it to a gem,
+ 375031 [ammarabuali@] The theory is, things you or your admin installs go into site_ruby, as

[ANN] fairy: A framework for distributed processing
374996 [hazimem@gm i] We are very happy to announce that fairy 0.6.0 has just been released!
375016 [botpena@gm i] its quite paranoid on 1.9.2
375070 [hazimem@gm i] Thank you for your comment :-)
375106 [botpena@gm i] $ locale; lsb_release -a; uname -an; ruby -v; gem -v

Traverse YAML node tree with non-unique values
375002 [mydoghasworm] I have a YAML document which I believe is valid (at least it would be
+ 375004 [ajfrenzel@we] Append a number to the item entries, before loding via YAML.
+ 375005 [cmdjackryan@] If Ruby can't read it, it's not valid. ;) SCNR
+ 375007 [mydoghasworm] @Fritz: Thanks, however, I am not the one building the file, so I need
| 375010 [niklas@br ec] If you use YAML.parse, you'll get a YAML::Syck::Map. You can traverse
+ 375009 [josh.cheek@g] Rather than having multiple keys that are the same (which doesn't work since
| 375008 [josh.cheek@g] data = {
+ 375011 [mydoghasworm] Thanks Josh for the detailed reply. Looking at the YAML in your first
| 375014 [josh.cheek@g] A key is the name you use to refer to that set of data. Perhaps you mean
+ 375012 [niklas@br ec] Actually that document *is* invalid.
+ 375013 [mydoghasworm] Ah, thanks, and now I also see from Josh's YAML sample that it has

Manual Memory Management and Automatic Garbage Collection
375018 [tridib04@gm ] I am trying to do a research on Manual Memory Management and Automatic
+ 375021 [jeremy@bo p.] Have you tried sprinkling some printf statements throughout gc.c
| 375054 [tridib04@gm ] Yes I have tried that long back.. for example in this code fragment--
| 375065 [jeremy@bo p.] Ruby creates plenty of objects during its normal operation, so this
+ 375023 [shortcutter@] There were some threads here recently about GC.  What specific
+ 375027 [ammarabuali@] The GC_NOTIFY flag is not available in ruby 1.8, it's in 1.9 only. If
| 375056 [tridib04@gm ] I tried in there also.Here is the code.--
| 375058 [ammarabuali@] It will never work. You're printing after return!
| 375059 [tridib04@gm ] I shifted the printf statement above the return statement.Here is the output I am getting--
| 375062 [me@wa to ho ] Most likely Garbage Collection is not being run for your (rather short)
| 375064 [tridib04@gm ] 123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930313233343536373839404142434445464748495051525354555657585960616263646566676869707172737475767778798081828384858687888990919293949596979899-bash-3.00$
| 375068 [jeremy@bo p.] Garbage collection is expensive, so the garbage collector's operation is
+ 375057 [tridib04@gm ] On One function void rb_gc() I added one printf statement of my own.
+ 375072 [tridib04@gm ] Thank You all for your responses...I am getting a clear view of the Ruby
| 375276 [tridib04@gm ] I tried this code fragment..
| 375304 [tridib04@gm ] I can see the garbage collector coming when I type.
| 375305 [jeremy@bo p.] Maybe there are optimizations for String objects that circumvent parts
| 375308 [tridib04@gm ] The plateau is at the same point.Even if I ran the code for at-least
| 375309 [jeremy@bo p.] Create a handful of files to be used as templates of the form required
+ 383399 [tridib04@gm ] I have some questions::--
| 383432 [shortcutter@] I am sure, both can be achieved with an amount of hacking Ruby's
| 383454 [tridib04@gm ] What do you mean by Hacking Ruby's Code... I didn't get it.. Can you
| + 383455 [cmdjackryan@] % svn co http://svn.ruby-lang.org/repos/ruby/trunk ruby
| + 383457 [johnkvictor@] Ruby has a very primitive conservative GC -- it just scans the stack
| + 383463 [shortcutter@] Did you mean to include manual cleanup of particular instances which
| + 383491 [slava.kravch] You could also take a look at ObjectSpace class and its methods, esp. "garbage_collect" and "define_finalizer". But if I'm not mistaken, they won't instantly initialize GC - as it was said earlier, Ruby decides when it's best to do that alone by itself.
+ 383498 [tridib04@gm ] Thank you all for replying

Ruby dispatcher and work processes
375020 [mydoghasworm] I would like to implement an (open source) application platform
+ 375024 [shortcutter@] Maybe the announced fairy framework is for you.
| 375025 [mydoghasworm] Fairy framework?
| 375049 [gwtmp01@ma .] <http://code.google.com/p/fairy-prj/>
+ 375050 [tony.arcieri] This may be a more general question about the ABAP architecture, but why
+ 375254 [ara.t.howard] gem install slave

Re: fairy: A framework for distributed processing
375022 [transfire@gm] Looks like the API could use Serializable Proc.
375074 [hazimem@gm i] I agree with you.

Fwd: [ruby-core:33583] Initialization time
375026 [ko1@at ot ne] I forward my post for ruby-core mailing list.  I hope your advice.

hay... this is kate, we r staying near by u, wanna dating with me...
375028 [iamforufrien] hay... this is kate, we r staying near by u, wanna dating with me...

embedding ruby - segfault after initialization when running rb_gc_start??
375029 [marco-oweber] I'm trying to embed Ruby into the Ur web programming language.
375052 [ammarabuali@] Is this a multithreaded environment? If so, it sounds vaguely like the
375053 [marco-oweber] Wow. I can reproduce the bug by running the initialization code within a
375055 [ammarabuali@] Mutexes won't help with this problem. The issue here is the GC is not
375099 [marco-oweber] Ok thanks. I definitely don't understand all details at this moment.

Data structures from C to ruby
375038 [inferno_di@h] similar to c pointers for ruby. Let me give an example.
+ 375047 [ninja@sl ph ] "Similar", maybe. It depends what you want to do with them.
+ 375109 [stu@ru yp og] -from-c-and-c-/

Vortex Level0 with Ruby
375039 [e.akmuradov@] level is extremly straight-forward with C, but i do belive that it is
+ 375046 [ryand-ruby@z] i's
+ 375080 [e.akmuradov@] thanx, but i also dont't get this part
| + 375082 [jgabrielygal] It's not necessary. It's a convenience method (similar to File#open)
| | 375093 [ryand-ruby@z] good catch. thanks
| + 375122 [ryand-ruby@z] it is code. on a puzzle. of course it isn't absolutely necessary. The =
+ 375140 [e.akmuradov@] i just need some time :)
  375173 [jgabrielygal] In Ruby, classes are open. This means that at any time, you can reopen

Split version requirements
375060 [transfire@gm] Problem...
+ 375061 [transfire@gm] "rake > 0.8 < 1.0".split(YOUR_REGEX)
| 375067 [ammarabuali@] [ "rake", ">0.8", "<1.0" ]
| 375069 [transfire@gm] Cool, I've never seen '?<!' before. Thanks for the tip.
| + 375071 [jeremy@bo p.] Convert the negative lookbehind assertion into a positive lookahead
| + 375073 [ammarabuali@] I should have mentioned that.
|   375105 [shortcutter@] +1
+ 375063 [ammarabuali@] I can't tell what your goal is exactly, but since the problem is not

install mysql problem
375076 [myocean135@y] in my console,
+ 375078 [cmdjackryan@] You are missing the headerfiles for MySQL. If you re on a binary
+ 375079 [myocean135@y] pt@pt:~$ apt-get install mysql-dev
| 375089 [flebber.crue] sudo gem install mysql -- --with-mysql-config=3D/usr/local/mysql/bin/
+ 375098 [luislavena@g] Your installation of Ruby is not complete.

why catch block directly exeute
375084 [bdurgaprasad] catch (:finish) do
+ 375085 [jgabrielygal] catch
| 375086 [bdurgaprasad] Thank you very much Jess Gabriel y Galn but some confusion please
| 375088 [jgabrielygal] I'm not sure I understand your question. The way it works is that when
+ 375087 [flebber.crue] -in-ruby

Inherit python libraries ?
375090 [samarul.cs@g] I found Ruby is a mixture of Perl and python . It is more flexible
375091 [josh.cheek@g] We have libraries too (they're called gems in Ruby), check out

Module with classes
375092 [bdurgaprasad] I read some materials about modules that is  modules are combination of
375094 [dhruva.sagar] You need to read a bit more on how modules work.
375107 [colinb2r@go ] Adding to that, here's a link to the online, somewhat out-of-date but still

How to delay "string" interpretation?
375095 [ajfrenzel@we] t='#{a} + #{b}'
+ 375096 [blambeau@gm ] To my knowledge, you won't be able to do it in a
+ 375097 [ajfrenzel@we] Yes, that helps. Thanks a lot.
+ 375101 [flo@an er gr] string
+ 375102 [ajfrenzel@we] @Florian Gilcher
| 375159 [shortcutter@] You can do the same with the method approach I suggested.
+ 375103 [shortcutter@] def f(x,y)
| 375125 [ajfrenzel@we] What happens in the 2nd line? f is a proc object, which gets passed an
| 375130 [josh.cheek@g] It isn't getting passed an array, it is having it's [] method invoked, which
+ 375168 [b.candler@po] require 'erb'

Using something like 'load' on IO Stream ?
375112 [plucas@te hn] Is there a way to load a Ruby script in text, not a .so or .dll, from an
375115 [tony.arcieri] eval
375133 [plucas@te hn] I would prefer another solution.
+ 375134 [stephenp@ag ] why?  that's exactly what eval is for...
+ 375135 [jeremy@bo p.] Perhaps you could elaborate a bit on what makes the use of eval
+ 375136 [me@wa to ho ] Reasoning?  AFAIK there isn't another solution.  This is pretty much
+ 375141 [spoon@ki le ] eval is going to be the least computationally expensive, most portable,
+ 375161 [shortcutter@] Please state your requirements.
+ 375164 [b.candler@po] Have a look in the ruby C source for load() and eval(), and you'll see

class_eval constant look up.
375113 [stephenp@ag ] class A
375116 [stephenp@ag ] apparently it changed it 1.9.2

How to config textmate to use ruby1.9
375114 [iamsuger2@12] I installed textmate1.5.9 and ruby 1.9.2 on my OSX SL.
381323 [vbosch@gm il] I think you need to modify the PATH variable inside the preferences =

tk widget: variable or textvariable
375117 [mydoghasworm] In Ruby/Tk, is there an easy way to check whether a widget supports
375146 [nagai@ai ky ] 1. catch RuntimeError on TkWindow#cget or TkWindow#[] or TkWindow#configinfo.

HTTP POST request --> Ruby server
375118 [thebluedrago] I am making a tiny web server, and I am having problems with HTTP POST
+ 375119 [astahl@hi .c] ...
| 375124 [thebluedrago] Well, it seems like everything is ok by what Wireshark sees, yet it
| + 375126 [jeremy@bo p.] How are you iterating over the input?  Are you using each or each_line?
| + 375127 [astahl@hi .c] ...
+ 375120 [codyscharfe@] Unsubscribe
+ 375121 [wishdev@gm i] Good Morning
+ 375128 [thebluedrago] Damn, that sounded promising.
+ 375129 [thebluedrago] No, wait, you were right!
| 375131 [jeremy@bo p.] Great to hear.  For the record, the other methods you tried will all run
+ 375132 [thebluedrago] After more debugging it looks like Ruby gets stuck when it tries to add
| + 375137 [tokenshift@g] Put a print statement after this line, to make sure it isn't actually
| + 375138 [jeremy@bo p.] peer.readchar is blocking because there is no further data available but
|   375142 [thebluedrago] Yes that's what should happen, but the first one didn't block for some
|   375147 [jeremy@bo p.] As long as there is a question about why there is a difference in
+ 375156 [thebluedrago] That worked!
  375303 [jeremy@bo p.] Go take a look at the source for readbytes.  You'll see that it actually

winclicker.rb:232 segmentation fault due to data corruption
375123 [robert.wiley] I solved my own problem so this request doesn't require a reply.

[ANN] stash 1.0.0: persistent Ruby data structures with Redis
375139 [tony.arcieri] Stash provides a high-level, abstract interface to data structures servers

Error installing all gems on Windows Vista
375148 [wcherry69@gm] Ok, I've run into an issue running the gem install command on Windows
375187 [luislavena@g] can you try "gem install sqlite3-ruby --no-ri --no-rdoc"
375256 [wcherry69@gm] Luis thanks, you pointed me in the right direction. I followed your last

ruby book
375149 [abedar2000@g] i am looking for a good ruby book for a developer who has a c
+ 375150 [stu@ru yp og] I went through a period where I bought many ruby books. Sadly most books suck.
| + 375154 [james@gr ys ] I definitely do not agree.  I love Programming Ruby and many others.
| | 375158 [stu@ru yp og] It's interesting. Programming ruby was one of the first english ruby
| + 375160 [shortcutter@] I guess you mean David's "The Well-Grounded Rubyist".
|   375176 [stu@ru yp og] Yes that one. email lists don't have edit button like in forums. I
+ 375151 [gene.ressler] I like the pickaxe book _Programming Ruby_ by Dave Thomas.
| + 375152 [ian.asaff@gm] I second metaprogramming ruby. Not only taught me ruby idioms, but showed me
| + 375206 [zuerrong@gm ] me second.
+ 375167 [wruyahoo05@c] We all have different learning styles and book preferences.
+ 375211 [sakuro@22 8c] It would be nice if yugui's One-Giraffe Book "Hajimete no Ruby"
+ 375217 [jose.halesga] Besides the online API docs, I've found 'Ruby Best Practices' useful... =
  375220 [abedar2000@g] On Dec 9, 12:01=A0am, Jose Hales-Garcia <jose.halesgar...@stat.ucla.edu>
  375224 [stu@ru yp og] de novo caveat lector