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^ Repeating messages?
374857 [johnneylee.r] Hey,
+ 374860 [shortcutter ] Don't worry.  This is just GMail - you are seeing two copies (the one
+ 374861 [peter vanden] I got your message 1 time.
  374886 [johnneylee.r] Mail

^ SOAP program using server and client
374866 [dhananjaybha] SOAP srever and SOAP client such that server defines a method that

^ Toolkit programs
374867 [dhananjaybha] TK window that has 2 radio buttons =E2=80=98RUBY=E2=80=99 and =E2=80=98JA=
374870 [cmdjackryan ] UBY=92

^ cast object to object
374875 [davidreynon ] So I have an object of class (user defined) Dave() and Dave2()
+ 374876 [jeremy bopp.] Ruby is not statically typed, so there is no such thing as casting.
| 374877 [davidreynon ] Yeah maybe the string confused things. I don't want to even convert to
| + 374878 [cmdjackryan ] name_of_my_class.gets
| | 374882 [shortcutter ] I don't think so.
| | + 374883 [rick.denatal] Or for a more robust solution which can also handle strings like
| | | 374901 [josh.cheek g] Here is a link
| | + 374890 [davidreynon ] Robert, thanks. That is the concept. However, I am getting a weird error
| |   374891 [gwtmp01 mac.] error
| |   374899 [ryand-ruby z] klass =3D "FireWatir::Link".split(/::/).inject(Object) { |k, n| =
| + 374879 [jameskilton ] obj =3D const_get(string).new
| + 374880 [ian.asaff gm] Do you mean something like this?
+ 374898 [davidreynon ] hahah it worked great... Thanks all!

^ [ANN] JRuby 1.5.6 Released
374889 [tom.enebo gm] The JRuby community is pleased to announce the release of JRuby 1.5.6.

^ ascii ?c "c"[0] "c".ord.chr question
374893 [stu rubyprog] I was curious why the prefix ? for ascii code was removed in 1.9.x?
374896 [ryand-ruby z] It wasn't removed, it just changed what it returns to work with =

^ Domain Specifc Languages
374900 [rubfor recit] This is to do with a current trend - domain specific languages.
374944 [code apotheo] A DSL *is* a different language.  That's sorta the point.

^ [ANN] ruby.cmd.line mailing list for rubyist command line / console fanatics
374906 [zhando opens] Greetings,
374925 [zhando opens] So far I've discovered that using squirrel mail through dreamhost will
375075 [gabriel.horn] +1 for ruby commandline apps. I'd like to exchange tips for building
375111 [sentinel1879] For command line parsing, the stock optparse. The others take over the
375203 [zhando opens] Interesting. Thanks for sharing that.

^ purging non ascii chars
374907 [raj_plays ya] I read records from a text file and insert them in the DB.
374909 [ammarabuali ] What do you exactly mean by "non ascii"? Do you mean extended ascii
374980 [vikkous gmai] Hmm, actually it should be gsub! rather than gsub here.
+ 374995 [raj_plays ya] Thank you Ammar for the code and Caleb for the encoding explanation.
+ 374997 [ammarabuali ] Thanks for the corrections Caleb. I missed those possible side effects.

^ Re: Net::HTTP and handling 302 Redirect
374908 [praveen.bhal] I understands your problem. Here a best service provider in India is

^ Re: undefined method `debug' for nil:NilClass(NoMethodError
374910 [jmanivannanc] Have you solved this problem. Me also having same error.

^ Google Data + RoR
374912 [modkorewiz g] Is there any guide how to get started? im trying to create a app that
374913 [tshanky gmai] have you seen this --

^ newbie: nested classes; ruby compiler behavior
374914 [dejstone gma] Code examples from Peter Cooper's Beginning Ruby.
+ 374917 [shortcutter ] That's the way exception handling works.  And this is not particular to
+ 374918 [dejstone gma] Thanks Robert.  Is there a file that I might include or require so that
  + 374920 [djonavarro g] I read that same tutorial Keep reading. That error is supposed to happen and
  + 374923 [shortcutter ] No, you need to explicitly handle the error.  I am sure the book will

^ Re: How to screen scrape an aspx site using Mechanize?
374916 [sofiewil kth] Ok, you seem to all agree on that Mechanize is not a good option for

^ gem only work in home dictionary.
374919 [grickc gmail] ===========================
374970 [peter vanden] in the "interesting" file name ~/ruby/mysql.rb
374986 [grickc gmail] (/usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/activerecord-3.0.3/lib/active_record/connection_adapters/mysql_adapter.rb

^ Split a string at a certain character
374922 [mattslay jor] I am writig an app where the user will enter a string and then I need to
+ 374926 [peter vanden] ruby-1.9.2-head > s = '12.7 AB36'
| 374929 [mattslay jor] Peter!!!! You are *THE* man!!!  I actually just bought the 1.9.2 version
| 374953 [shortcutter ] The float part does not exactly match floating point numbers but it
| + 374971 [peter vanden] Indeed ... I was showing a lazily coded quick first approach (and a
| + 375454 [mattslay jor] Thanks, all.. This has greatly solved many problems for me.
|   375507 [b.candler po] \d+ means "a digit, one or more times"
|   375508 [mattslay jor] I see now.  I made this change and the message has gone away.
+ 374927 [josh.cheek g] This meets all of your cases, though none of them include negative signs at
  374930 [mattslay jor] Josh - Well, this looks both simple and powerful as well.  You all are

^ How to tell if ruby app is already running
374928 [jack.zelig g] I have a FXRuby app, which is fine and dandy and does exactly what it
+ 374931 [djberg96 gma] gem install posixlock
| + 374947 [cmdjackryan ] This smells like a pure UNIX solution to me (and I don't know if Ruby
| + 374951 [jack.zelig g] Thanks very much for the replies.
|   374955 [djberg96 gma] I did not realize you were on Windows. I think it could be made to
+ 375255 [ara.t.howard] ...
  + 375263 [sduncan weta] To avoid file based locking you could just choose an application
  + 375344 [djberg96 gma] Dan

^ Better way to read property than using eval()?
374932 [mattslay jor] Is there a better way to read a property from a model if you have a
374952 [shortcutter ] x = @tolerance2.send(@size[2])
375066 [mattslay jor] Thanks, Robert, this does work fine....
+ 375077 [shortcutter ] irb(main):009:0> class Foo
| 375104 [mattslay jor] I think I know what it is:  send() is a Ruby method, and the
+ 375145 [peter vanden] I would prefer

^ SunLisp: A new Lisp drinking society in Ft Lauderdale, FL debuting 7PM, Pearl Harbor Day
374933 [kentilton gm] In case you missed it, SunLisp is debuting on Pearl Harbor Day

^ Verbosity of p
374940 [johnywhy gma] puts "Inspect:#{p(myDog)}"
+ 374942 [matthew byte] "p x" is a shorthand for "puts x.inspect", i.e. it actually does the
+ 374943 [ben bleythin] puts obj.inspect

^ Re: gem only work in home directory
374941 [grickc gmail] I fixed this issue after reading this post.

^ qt4-ruby crash
374956 [watson.the.b] i had one of the worst idea in my life one month ago: port a working
+ 374957 [stefano.croc] Which version of qt-ruby are you using? I remember having some problems like
+ 374958 [watson.the.b] This is my version, sorry for not giving it in my post!
| 374959 [stefano.croc] If I understand correctly, that's the version shipped with the latest stable
+ 374963 [watson.the.b] <code>
| 374998 [stefano.croc] First of all, just to be clear, you're using tree widgets, not tree views.
+ 375034 [watson.the.b] Thanks for your help, I had in mind to use a custom model for the tree
+ 375037 [watson.the.b] It works! I changed one of my treewidget to a treeview and it works even

^ Q: what database would you suggest?
374960 [diego.viraso] I am doing some scientific work in Ruby. So far the data is stored
+ 374961 [cmdjackryan ] SQLite[0] might be worth a look, especially if you can split your data
| 374975 [diego.viraso] Thanks, I'll start with this then.
| + 374976 [cmdjackryan ] Without knowing your situation: I'd use sqlite3-ruby, or DBI (still
| + 374978 [rick.denatal] IMHO you should definitely have a look at the latest Rails 3 version
| + 374981 [ninja slapha] Whichever you like -- the important thing is to start.
|   + 374985 [james grayso] entire  database for any operations.
|   + 375033 [ammarabuali ] I learned that the hard way. I innocently tried to fork a process that
|   + 375036 [petite.abeil] "Prepare Now For Possible Future Head Transplant"=20
|     375043 [ninja slapha] "So what about that weird title involving head transplants? Obviously a head
+ 374964 [rubfor recit] SQLite sounds like a good start as Phillip Gawlowski says. It's widely
| 374969 [shortcutter ] I don't have benchmarks handy but for really large volumes I'd turn to
+ 374983 [reid.thompso] my recommendation would be postgresql.  If you don't want to deal with postgresql initially, then sqlite3.
+ 375045 [e.akmuradov ] Berkley DB, for sure.
| 375048 [petite.abeil] Interestingly enough, the latest, greatest Berkeley DB seems to offer =
+ 375081 [e.akmuradov ] oh, i didn't knew that they implemented SQL API.
| 375083 [flebber.crue] For my two cents I am fairly database illiterate the only thing I have
+ 375157 [lojicdotcom ] From what you've described, I recommend you spend some time looking into

^ Coats and his jacket Mdwylat 2010 2011 different colors attractive Chronicles
374962 [medomex18 gm] Coats and his jacket Mdwylat 2010 2011 different colors attractive

^ Another fashion coats for the winter of 2011
374966 [medomex18 gm] Another fashion coats for the winter of 2011

^ Updates, advisories and surprises
374967 [medomex18 gm] CsjT4yDH4eHlIMfh0c3j5CDH4dHN7eMKx9Df0SDh3+Mg3ewg5dDHIMfh3tPjIOPM4+ba5SDj5CDH

^ Updates, advisories and surprises
374968 [medomex18 gm] Updates, advisories and surprises

^ Newbie - cookies and controller
374972 [ZalekBloom h] I have a code which is using cookies.
374973 [ryand-ruby z] Please ask this on the ruby on rails forum/list.

^ Commandline: How to add an own option?
374979 [ajfrenzel we] I tried it this way, but it fails und the ducumentation is extremely
+ 374988 [transfire gm] You need to give more context then this. What code is this? As far as
| 375000 [ajfrenzel we] #!/usr/bin/env ruby
+ 375019 [ajfrenzel we] Ok, the simplest way to overcome problems like this is, to dicard all

^ Ambiguity resolving: "block [5]" vs "method [5]"
374984 [mike mike-no] Just curious how Ruby resolves the ambiguity when calling a method with a list,
375001 [shortcutter ] ing

^ How to get a browser information using only ruby without rails
374990 [shahpriyank0] I want to get a browser information which user use on its machine but,
374994 [sathish.sale] What do you mean "only by using ruby not want to use rails" ?
374999 [gladimdim gm] browser = ENV["BROWSER"].

^ Re: Ruby 1.9.1 is released
374991 [tinalee85 li] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.

^ Re: Building Ruby 1.8.5 interpreter for Windows
374992 [tinalee85 li] belstaff jackets

^ lib/ruby/site_ruby vs lib/ruby/vendor_ruby
374993 [sathish.sale] What is the difference between  "lib/ruby/site_ruby" vs
+ 375030 [sutniuq gmx.] If you compile and install a C extension without packaging it to a gem,
+ 375031 [ammarabuali ] The theory is, things you or your admin installs go into site_ruby, as

^ [ANN] fairy: A framework for distributed processing
374996 [hazimem gmai] We are very happy to announce that fairy 0.6.0 has just been released!
375016 [botpena gmai] its quite paranoid on 1.9.2
375070 [hazimem gmai] Thank you for your comment :-)
375106 [botpena gmai] $ locale; lsb_release -a; uname -an; ruby -v; gem -v

^ Traverse YAML node tree with non-unique values
375002 [mydoghasworm] I have a YAML document which I believe is valid (at least it would be
+ 375004 [ajfrenzel we] Append a number to the item entries, before loding via YAML.
+ 375005 [cmdjackryan ] If Ruby can't read it, it's not valid. ;) SCNR
+ 375007 [mydoghasworm] @Fritz: Thanks, however, I am not the one building the file, so I need
| 375010 [niklas bruec] If you use YAML.parse, you'll get a YAML::Syck::Map. You can traverse
+ 375009 [josh.cheek g] Rather than having multiple keys that are the same (which doesn't work since
| 375008 [josh.cheek g] data = {
+ 375011 [mydoghasworm] Thanks Josh for the detailed reply. Looking at the YAML in your first
| 375014 [josh.cheek g] A key is the name you use to refer to that set of data. Perhaps you mean
+ 375012 [niklas bruec] Actually that document *is* invalid.
+ 375013 [mydoghasworm] Ah, thanks, and now I also see from Josh's YAML sample that it has

^ Re: Error when try to install ncurses gem on windows
375003 [moog_master ] I'm stuck on this also... could you please elaborate
375006 [shahpriyank0] sorry but I could not find exact solution for this but i tried

^ Manual Memory Management and Automatic Garbage Collection
375018 [tridib04 gma] I am trying to do a research on Manual Memory Management and Automatic
+ 375021 [jeremy bopp.] Have you tried sprinkling some printf statements throughout gc.c
| 375054 [tridib04 gma] Yes I have tried that long back.. for example in this code fragment--
| 375065 [jeremy bopp.] Ruby creates plenty of objects during its normal operation, so this
+ 375023 [shortcutter ] There were some threads here recently about GC.  What specific
+ 375027 [ammarabuali ] The GC_NOTIFY flag is not available in ruby 1.8, it's in 1.9 only. If
| 375056 [tridib04 gma] I tried in there also.Here is the code.--
| 375058 [ammarabuali ] It will never work. You're printing after return!
| 375059 [tridib04 gma] I shifted the printf statement above the return statement.Here is the =
| 375062 [me waltonhoo] Most likely Garbage Collection is not being run for your (rather short)
| 375064 [tridib04 gma] 123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930313233343536373839404142434445464748495051525354555657585960616263646566676869707172737475767778798081828384858687888990919293949596979899-bash-3.00$
| 375068 [jeremy bopp.] Garbage collection is expensive, so the garbage collector's operation is
+ 375057 [tridib04 gma] On One function void rb_gc() I added one printf statement of my own.
+ 375072 [tridib04 gma] Thank You all for your responses...I am getting a clear view of the Ruby
  375276 [tridib04 gma] I tried this code fragment..
  375304 [tridib04 gma] I can see the garbage collector coming when I type.
  375305 [jeremy bopp.] Maybe there are optimizations for String objects that circumvent parts
  375308 [tridib04 gma] The plateau is at the same point.Even if I ran the code for at-least
  375309 [jeremy bopp.] Create a handful of files to be used as templates of the form required

^ Ruby dispatcher and work processes
375020 [mydoghasworm] I would like to implement an (open source) application platform
+ 375024 [shortcutter ] Maybe the announced fairy framework is for you.
| 375025 [mydoghasworm] Fairy framework?
| 375049 [gwtmp01 mac.] <http://code.google.com/p/fairy-prj/>
+ 375050 [tony.arcieri] This may be a more general question about the ABAP architecture, but why
+ 375254 [ara.t.howard] gem install slave

^ Re: fairy: A framework for distributed processing
375022 [transfire gm] Looks like the API could use Serializable Proc.
375074 [hazimem gmai] I agree with you.

^ Fwd: [ruby-core:33583] Initialization time
375026 [ko1 atdot.ne] I forward my post for ruby-core mailing list.  I hope your advice.

^ hay... this is kate, we r staying near by u, wanna dating with me...
375028 [iamforufrien] hay... this is kate, we r staying near by u, wanna dating with me...

^ embedding ruby - segfault after initialization when running rb_gc_start??
375029 [marco-oweber] I'm trying to embed Ruby into the Ur web programming language.
375052 [ammarabuali ] Is this a multithreaded environment? If so, it sounds vaguely like the
375053 [marco-oweber] Wow. I can reproduce the bug by running the initialization code within a
375055 [ammarabuali ] Mutexes won't help with this problem. The issue here is the GC is not
375099 [marco-oweber] Ok thanks. I definitely don't understand all details at this moment.

^ Data structures from C to ruby
375038 [inferno_di h] similar to c pointers for ruby. Let me give an example.
+ 375047 [ninja slapha] "Similar", maybe. It depends what you want to do with them.
+ 375109 [stu rubyprog] -from-c-and-c-/

^ Vortex Level0 with Ruby
375039 [e.akmuradov ] level is extremly straight-forward with C, but i do belive that it is
+ 375046 [ryand-ruby z] i's
+ 375080 [e.akmuradov ] thanx, but i also dont't get this part
| + 375082 [jgabrielygal] It's not necessary. It's a convenience method (similar to File#open)
| | 375093 [ryand-ruby z] good catch. thanks
| + 375122 [ryand-ruby z] it is code. on a puzzle. of course it isn't absolutely necessary. The =
+ 375140 [e.akmuradov ] i just need some time :)
  375173 [jgabrielygal] In Ruby, classes are open. This means that at any time, you can reopen

^ Split version requirements
375060 [transfire gm] Problem...
+ 375061 [transfire gm] "rake > 0.8 < 1.0".split(YOUR_REGEX)
| 375067 [ammarabuali ] [ "rake", ">0.8", "<1.0" ]
| 375069 [transfire gm] Cool, I've never seen '?<!' before. Thanks for the tip.
| + 375071 [jeremy bopp.] Convert the negative lookbehind assertion into a positive lookahead
| + 375073 [ammarabuali ] I should have mentioned that.
|   375105 [shortcutter ] +1
+ 375063 [ammarabuali ] I can't tell what your goal is exactly, but since the problem is not

^ install mysql problem
375076 [myocean135 y] in my console,
+ 375078 [cmdjackryan ] You are missing the headerfiles for MySQL. If you re on a binary
+ 375079 [myocean135 y] pt@pt:~$ apt-get install mysql-dev
| 375089 [flebber.crue] sudo gem install mysql -- --with-mysql-config=3D/usr/local/mysql/bin/
+ 375098 [luislavena g] Your installation of Ruby is not complete.

^ why catch block directly exeute
375084 [bdurgaprasad] catch (:finish) do
+ 375085 [jgabrielygal] catch
| 375086 [bdurgaprasad] Thank you very much Jes=C3=BAs Gabriel y Gal=C3=A1n but some confusion pl=
| 375088 [jgabrielygal] I'm not sure I understand your question. The way it works is that when
+ 375087 [flebber.crue] -in-ruby