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[ANN] linkparser 1.1.0
374727 [ged@Fa ri MU] Version 1.1.0 of linkparser has been released.

hash method how-to?
374731 [transfire@gm] Are there any good tutorials out there for writing proper #hash
374737 [niklas@br ec] in most cases it's the easiest to delegate the hash method to something
374738 [ymendel@po o] On Dec 1, 1:10=A0pm, niklas | brueckenschlaeger
+ 374754 [niklas@br ec] sure, that is a nasty side effect, so probably not the nicest example :)
+ 374761 [rick.denatal] class X
  374820 [ymendel@po o] Good explanation. My response was a knee-jerk reaction without
  374822 [shortcutter@] Ultimately all hash values are derived from member hash values.  The key
  374884 [rick.denatal] re
  374885 [shortcutter@] This is a different story: I was talking about how Set calculates its

assignment reading file
374739 [whales-dont-] can anyone do this ?
+ 374740 [ben@bl yt in] No, nobody here can do your homework for you.
+ 374741 [sduncan@we a] ...
+ 374743 [cmdjackryan@] I'd ask at the Zoolander Center For Children Who Can't Read Good And
+ 374744 [ammarabuali@] Based on my experience, the people on this list are very helpful and
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WDSL2ruby driver generating diferent
374750 [jesus@je co ] I meant we generated a drivers with wsdl2ruby.. but now we tried to

Try it and see.
374751 [rubfor@re it] You don't think, as a determined real programmer, I would publish code
374756 [ninja@sl ph ] Go ahead, test it. Sure, the puts works, but what are the actual array
374771 [rubfor@re it] As I relayed previously on this channel, I was introduced to Ruby by
374772 [johnneylee.r] You're free to abuse the language however you like. I raised a

[ANN] pg 0.10.0
374758 [ged@Fa ri MU] Version 0.10.0 of pg, the PostgreSQL client library, has been released.
374767 [botpena@gm i] you
375144 [ged@Fa ri MU] Very true; thanks for pointing that out. Similarly, on other platforms,

[ANN] ZenTest 4.4.1 Released
374762 [ryand-ruby@z] ZenTest version 4.4.1 has been released!

[ANN] autotest 4.4.6 Released
374763 [ryand-ruby@z] autotest version 4.4.6 has been released!

[ANN] rubygems-checkcert 1.0.0 Released
374764 [ryand-ruby@z] rubygems-checkcert version 1.0.0 has been released!

Singleton class, metaclass, eigenclass: what do they mean?
374765 [tony.arcieri] Every time I think I have my head around what these terms mean I seem to run
+ 374768 [ninja@sl ph ] That doesn't make sense. I'm curious to know where you got that definition,
+ 374769 [nobuoka@r- e] I think it is not a singleton class, but a normal class.
| 374770 [josh.cheek@g] I take all three to mean the same thing: the object's own personal class. It
| 374773 [jgabrielygal] It
+ 374783 [transfire@gm] run
  374787 [gwtmp01@ma .] to run
  374803 [transfire@gm] to run
  + 374818 [gwtmp01@ma .] seem to run
  + 374825 [tony.arcieri] Yeah, thanks for the clarification everyone. I talked to a Ruby implementer
    374830 [transfire@gm] er
    374832 [tony.arcieri] That seems to refer to it as a "Class object"... my question is why does the
    374834 [gwtmp01@ma .] Because some classes have behavior that is unique to the class.
    374835 [tony.arcieri] Earlier I asked how this was implemented... apparently "class objects" have
    374844 [gwtmp01@ma .] have
    374850 [peter@va de ] For me, it was the book "Advanced Rails" by Brad Ediger (O'Reilly) that finally
    374903 [tony.arcieri] Is there some overall, grand unifying pattern I'm missing then? Because when
    374924 [peter@va de ] If I understand correctly (and I would welcome corrections), the pattern
    374954 [rick.denatal] There's a much simpler explanation IMHO.
    + 374974 [peter@va de ] Thanks for the detailed explanation.
    | 374977 [rick.denatal] I think I should have said klass or superclass pointers.
    | 374982 [peter@va de ] If I see correctly, those are really different things. The klass
    | 374987 [rick.denatal] No, the klass pointer in the object header points to the beginning of
    | 375015 [peter@va de ] I believe the confusion is that this is the case for "regular objects"
    + 375017 [wruyahoo05@c] Is the word "singleton" used widely or at all in this sense in
      376980 [josh.cheek@g] Going through Metaprogramming Ruby, and in this book, they went with
      377197 [jonas@pf nn ] It seems that 1.9 has more or less standardized on the singleton_class
      377273 [martindemell] I think it's more that those of us with a maths/engineering background
      377590 [eregontp@gm ] For me, eigenclass is just weird cool.

Re: pg 0.10.0
374766 [ara.t.howard] thanks for this excellent library michael!
375143 [ged@Fa ri MU] Most of the credit belongs to Jeff Davis, the PostgreSQL genius that

Why are you still spending a lot in the Outlook data sharing?
374774 [lalachenli@g] As we know, Exchange is a very demanding solution, and in many if not

ruby Aiml parser
374778 [manuelramos7] I am trying to run a aiml parser writen a few years ago called ProgramR.

Extending & Distributing Ruby
374779 [paul@ho ly r] Has anyone any ideas if it is possible to embed a Flash Player ActiveX
+ 374780 [marco-oweber] ActiveX is Windows only. Flash runs on linux - but at least my (debug)
| 375307 [paul@ho ly r] I don't appear to be having any problems with Flash on Linux - the
+ 374782 [rubfor@re it] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
  375306 [paul@ho ly r] Thanks, I'll look at the links tonight.

Membership Certificate in the Post
374784 [rubfor@re it] Robert

newbie: variable names
374785 [dstone@co ce] i just started with ruby.  i've been off the front-lines of programming for about 15 years.  recently, our company was purchased by a died-in-the-wool java shop that is just starting to adopt ruby and rails.  i've always had at least a working knowledge of our programming environment, so i started investigating ruby.  truth be told, i've never before worked in an object oriented environment.  so, when i, just moments ago, executed a small program which demonstrates how easily even methods in an internal (ships-with-ruby) class can be redefined, i experienced a holy s#@! moment.  well, possibly unrelated to topics dealing with an amazing object model, i have my first (of what may be many) really dumb questions: why is it advantageous to be able to distinguish aVariableName from avariablename?
+ 374788 [jeremy@bo p.] Are you asking why identifiers are case-sensitive?
| 374810 [dstone@co ce] Yes, thanks: I was asking why, when designing a language, why make identifiers case sensitive.  One list member responded that there would be an extra overhead involved in equating, say, aVariableName with avariablename.  Overhead considerations aside, I think it would be desirable to have identifiers be case-insensitive... ?
| + 374815 [josh.cheek@g] As an extremely visually oriented person, I think I would incur a mental
| + 374816 [jeremy@bo p.] I can't speak to the reasoning behind the design decision, but I see
| | 374829 [dstone@co ce] Jeremy,
| + 374817 [spoon@ki le ] As Robert Dober said, in Ruby, constants (Upper case) are
| + 374821 [stu@ru yp og] I worked with macromedia( now adobe) lingo which was case insensitive
+ 374789 [robert.dober] advantageous to be able to distinguish aVariableName from avariablename?
+ 374791 [shortcutter@] So you basically ask why Ruby's identifiers are case sensitive.  It's
  374819 [Ruby@Go gl M] def mae; end
  374848 [cmdjackryan@] riablename?

Screen scraping an aspx site with Mechanize
374786 [sofiewil@kt ] I've been googleing for over a week now, but I can't find out how to
+ 374807 [astahl@hi .c] ...
| 374851 [sofiewil@kt ] Thank you for your reply! I haven't gotten it to work yet though. I get
| 374854 [astahl@hi .c] ...
| 374868 [sofiewil@kt ] Now I'm even more confused.. Have you got any examples to show me?
| 374892 [astahl@hi .c] ...
+ 374808 [mike.dalessi] You should watch Ryan Bates's excellent screencast on scraping data with
| 374849 [sofiewil@kt ] I've already watched that railscast (and the one about screen scraping
+ 374863 [josh.cheek@g] I don't think Mechanize will work for this. Mechanize can't process
+ 374897 [piyush.pr@gm] Even though you can probably do this with mechanize, I'd advice against it.

Text Parsing Help
374790 [jester_b84@h] Greetings,
+ 374792 [jeremy@bo p.] In Ruby, the literal "\n" is a string consisting of only a newline
+ 374794 [peter@va de ] $ irb
+ 374797 [jester_b84@h] newline
| 374798 [jgabrielygal] ted as
+ 374804 [jester_b84@h] Yes, but I tried the code and it is still not working.  I used a puts
| + 374823 [peter@va de ] I hope my example below can explain what happens
| + 374827 [josh.cheek@g] "\n" is a newline
+ 374902 [jester_b84@h] Peter/Josh,
+ 374904 [jester_b84@h] Ah hah!  I figured it out, the txt file had the wrong encoding.  I

Compiling DLLs - but still use Ruby?
374805 [jason.lillyw] I have a Windows software program that I use frequently which can talk
374833 [zhangsu@li e] You can embed a Ruby interpreter or simply Ruby code in your C++ code.

what's wrong with this picture?
374809 [serialhex@gm] so, i dont believe that i've done anything wrong, but i cant seem to get
+ 374811 [wagner.andre] Your first clue is that it shows up in the list of
+ 374812 [jeremy@bo p.] You defined an instance method for DSP, but you need to call it as a
+ 374813 [reid.thompso] perhaps
+ 374814 [serialhex@gm] thanks Reid, your fix worked, but why should i have to 'include DSP' if
| + 374826 [b.candler@po] There is module_function (which is subtly different though :-)
| + 374845 [botpena@gm i] ...
+ 374837 [serialhex@gm] Brian, that's wonderful... that's a beautiful, elegant way to solve my

[ANN] tdb - Trivial Database bindings for Ruby
374824 [normalperson] and undocumented, but I figure it could be useful to people already

[ANN] Rainbows! 2.0.1 - upload pipelining fixes
374841 [normalperson] Rainbows! is an HTTP server for sleepy Rack applications.  It is based on
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Problems installing Ruby1.9.2 on Fedora 13
374842 [rzledo@gm il] 1) .\configure
374843 [t.yao426@gm ] ...........................................................................=

374846 [vithyam6@gm ] ...

ffi library refuses to load
374847 [lutheroto@gm] I'm trying to run a sample program from rubygame, but it claims a
+ 374852 [ryand-ruby@z] Just a guess, I think this is saying libffi.so.4 is missing, not ffi_c.so.
+ 374874 [lutheroto@gm] Is there any way to confirm that? And if it's true, how can I fix it?
  374881 [ammarabuali@] $ locate libffi
  374888 [lutheroto@gm] It works now. Thanks a lot for the help. Details below.
  374905 [ammarabuali@] You're welcome. Trisquel sounds interesting, I'd never heard of it before.

DRM Principle - Don't Repeat Microsoft
374853 [rubfor@re it] I was thinking about this last night and it's part of a belief I have
+ 374855 [rimantas@gm ] I am pretty sure that's not how Ruby started.
| 374858 [rubfor@re it] And
| 374859 [richard.conr] Ubuntu? I looked for it on the Microsoft site, but all I found were
| 374864 [rubfor@re it] I guess you must be new to computing. Microsoft is a big company in
| + 374865 [richard.conr] So where do I get the IE script interpreter for Ubuntu? Do I have to compile
| | 374869 [spoon@ki le ] Use Wine to run Windows programs on Ubuntu.
| | 374873 [richard.conr] Nah, he is trolling. Hence I am baiting him. But I am too busy to keep this
| + 374887 [stu@ru yp og] Steve Ballmer? Is that you? Hows that monoculture working out?
+ 374856 [johnneylee.r] I understand that you might not be capable or want to rewrite things,
+ 374862 [spoon@ki le ] Thanks!
+ 374871 [cmdjackryan@] While Ruby is a scripting language, too, it does not follow that it
+ 374894 [code@ap th o] I take it you aren't a fan of portability -- and prefer rewriting one
+ 374895 [ryand-ruby@z] What does this have to do with the "ORM's Don't Do It" thread?
  374911 [hramrach@ce ] Bogus arguments by MS devs were used to support the "ORMs Don't Do It" ?

Repeating messages?
374857 [johnneylee.r] Hey,
+ 374860 [shortcutter@] Don't worry.  This is just GMail - you are seeing two copies (the one
+ 374861 [peter@va de ] I got your message 1 time.
  374886 [johnneylee.r] Mail

SOAP program using server and client
374866 [dhananjaybha] SOAP srever and SOAP client such that server defines a method that

Toolkit programs
374867 [dhananjaybha] TK window that has 2 radio buttons °∆RUBY°« and °∆JAVA°«, a label and a
374870 [cmdjackryan@] UBY=92

cast object to object
374875 [davidreynon@] So I have an object of class (user defined) Dave() and Dave2()
+ 374876 [jeremy@bo p.] Ruby is not statically typed, so there is no such thing as casting.
| 374877 [davidreynon@] Yeah maybe the string confused things. I don't want to even convert to
| + 374878 [cmdjackryan@] name_of_my_class.gets
| | 374882 [shortcutter@] I don't think so.
| | + 374883 [rick.denatal] Or for a more robust solution which can also handle strings like
| | | 374901 [josh.cheek@g] Here is a link
| | + 374890 [davidreynon@] Robert, thanks. That is the concept. However, I am getting a weird error
| |   374891 [gwtmp01@ma .] error
| |   374899 [ryand-ruby@z] klass =3D "FireWatir::Link".split(/::/).inject(Object) { |k, n| =
| + 374879 [jameskilton@] obj =3D const_get(string).new
| + 374880 [ian.asaff@gm] Do you mean something like this?
+ 374898 [davidreynon@] hahah it worked great... Thanks all!

[ANN] JRuby 1.5.6 Released
374889 [tom.enebo@gm] The JRuby community is pleased to announce the release of JRuby 1.5.6.

ascii ?c "c"[0] "c".ord.chr question
374893 [stu@ru yp og] I was curious why the prefix ? for ascii code was removed in 1.9.x?
374896 [ryand-ruby@z] It wasn't removed, it just changed what it returns to work with =

Domain Specifc Languages
374900 [rubfor@re it] This is to do with a current trend - domain specific languages.
374944 [code@ap th o] A DSL *is* a different language.  That's sorta the point.

[ANN] ruby.cmd.line mailing list for rubyist command line / console fanatics
374906 [zhando@op ns] Greetings,
374925 [zhando@op ns] So far I've discovered that using squirrel mail through dreamhost will
375075 [gabriel.horn] +1 for ruby commandline apps. I'd like to exchange tips for building
375111 [sentinel1879] For command line parsing, the stock optparse. The others take over the
375203 [zhando@op ns] Interesting. Thanks for sharing that.

purging non ascii chars
374907 [raj_plays@ya] I read records from a text file and insert them in the DB.
374909 [ammarabuali@] What do you exactly mean by "non ascii"? Do you mean extended ascii
374980 [vikkous@gm i] Hmm, actually it should be gsub! rather than gsub here.
+ 374995 [raj_plays@ya] Thank you Ammar for the code and Caleb for the encoding explanation.
+ 374997 [ammarabuali@] Thanks for the corrections Caleb. I missed those possible side effects.

Google Data + RoR
374912 [modkorewiz@g] Is there any guide how to get started? im trying to create a app that
374913 [tshanky@gm i] have you seen this --

newbie: nested classes; ruby compiler behavior
374914 [dejstone@gm ] Code examples from Peter Cooper's Beginning Ruby.
+ 374917 [shortcutter@] That's the way exception handling works.  And this is not particular to
+ 374918 [dejstone@gm ] Thanks Robert.  Is there a file that I might include or require so that
  + 374920 [djonavarro@g] I read that same tutorial Keep reading. That error is supposed to happen and
  + 374923 [shortcutter@] No, you need to explicitly handle the error.  I am sure the book will

Re: How to screen scrape an aspx site using Mechanize?
374916 [sofiewil@kt ] Ok, you seem to all agree on that Mechanize is not a good option for

gem only work in home dictionary.
374919 [grickc@gm il] ===========================
374970 [peter@va de ] in the "interesting" file name ~/ruby/mysql.rb
374986 [grickc@gm il] (/usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/activerecord-3.0.3/lib/active_record/connection_adapters/mysql_adapter.rb

Split a string at a certain character
374922 [mattslay@jo ] I am writig an app where the user will enter a string and then I need to
+ 374926 [peter@va de ] ruby-1.9.2-head > s = '12.7 AB36'
| 374929 [mattslay@jo ] Peter!!!! You are *THE* man!!!  I actually just bought the 1.9.2 version
| 374953 [shortcutter@] The float part does not exactly match floating point numbers but it
| + 374971 [peter@va de ] Indeed ... I was showing a lazily coded quick first approach (and a
| + 375454 [mattslay@jo ] Thanks, all.. This has greatly solved many problems for me.
|   375507 [b.candler@po] \d+ means "a digit, one or more times"
|   375508 [mattslay@jo ] I see now.  I made this change and the message has gone away.
+ 374927 [josh.cheek@g] This meets all of your cases, though none of them include negative signs at
  374930 [mattslay@jo ] Josh - Well, this looks both simple and powerful as well.  You all are

How to tell if ruby app is already running
374928 [jack.zelig@g] I have a FXRuby app, which is fine and dandy and does exactly what it
+ 374931 [djberg96@gm ] gem install posixlock
| + 374947 [cmdjackryan@] This smells like a pure UNIX solution to me (and I don't know if Ruby
| + 374951 [jack.zelig@g] Thanks very much for the replies.
|   374955 [djberg96@gm ] I did not realize you were on Windows. I think it could be made to
+ 375255 [ara.t.howard] ...
  + 375263 [sduncan@we a] To avoid file based locking you could just choose an application
  + 375344 [djberg96@gm ] Dan

Better way to read property than using eval()?
374932 [mattslay@jo ] Is there a better way to read a property from a model if you have a
374952 [shortcutter@] x = @tolerance2.send(@size[2])
375066 [mattslay@jo ] Thanks, Robert, this does work fine....
+ 375077 [shortcutter@] irb(main):009:0> class Foo
| 375104 [mattslay@jo ] I think I know what it is:  send() is a Ruby method, and the
+ 375145 [peter@va de ] I would prefer