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^ Newbie: two cool discoveries
374411 [diego.viraso] I just wanted to share a couple of things I've found out lately. I
+ 374412 [arturo.g.art] the "&" is a shortcut to "to_proc"
| 374422 [w_a_x_man ya] Note that it's to_proc, not to_lambda. I don't see why
| + 374423 [josh.cheek g] Because lambda is more pretentious (at least, thats why I use it)
| + 374468 [arturo.g.art] Yes, is to_proc.  not because is shorter and clearer, btw, but because is
+ 374413 [shortcutter ] I'm curios to hear whether you maintain that statement after seeing
| 374415 [diego.viraso] Good point. It never came to my mind that you could forget to give
+ 374421 [w_a_x_man ya] when proc{|x| x.respond_to?(:to_a) && x.size>1}

^ Net::SSH.exec Using the "exec" method interactively
374416 [guillermo.ri] Recently i started playing with the Net::SSH gem. So far, good, but i
374456 [b.candler po] You could try Net::SSH::Telnet, which gives Net::SSH the same API as


^ error message
374418 [lars_werkman] Error in application
+ 374419 [josh.cheek g] You say you changed "<require 'greeter_controller' to require
+ 374420 [lars_werkman] heey i love you man :P my problem whas that i had to require those other

^ Chat with cheating wife and date her now
374428 [avaguwvn gma] Why are you waiting here online Cheating wife

^ Ruby serialport
374429 [speedy.wizar] I am trying to find out, how should I work with the serialport

^ Re: =?gbk?B?W8Csu/jTyrz+XSBOZXQ6OlNTSC5leGVjIFVzaW5nIHRoZSAiZXhlYyIgbWV0aA==?= =?gbk?B?b2QgaW50ZXJhY3RpdmVseQ==?=
374430 [lyfi2003 sin] maybe you want to use exec! ?

^ [ANN] relative-require v1.0
374431 [jonas pfenni] relative-require.rb
+ 374432 [shyouhei rub] Why don't you use require_relative which is a standard ruby feature?
| 374443 [hutch-lists ] Is it? It seems to be an extension library. What does that mean anyway? =
| 374445 [james grayso] Yes.  It was added in Ruby 1.9.
| 374544 [hutch-lists ] Thanks James. Is there online documentation for Ruby that's complete? I =
| 374558 [james grayso] feature?
| 374698 [hutch-lists ] keeping a copy of the Pickaxe handy for at least that reason.
| 374699 [barsmithy gm] Any one know how to unsubscribe from getting these emails ??
| 374702 [hutch-lists ] List-Unsubscribe: 	<mailto:ruby-talk-ctl@ruby-lang.org?body=unsubscribe>
+ 374433 [jonas pfenni] Good point. To tell you the truth, it's something that didn't exist in
  374435 [shyouhei rub] You don't need require_relative because you're doing the same thing as that

^ earn 200-300% just launched new doubler 15 m ago join fast
374436 [ptc2blog gma] ...

^ How to use Ruby like shell script?
374437 [raincolee gm] Can I use ruby like my linux shell script(e.x. bash)?(or on the other hand,
+ 374438 [vderyagin gm] Yes, you can.
+ 374441 [hassan.schro] You might be interested in `rush` => http://rush.heroku.com/
+ 374446 [james grayso] $stdin.reopen(=85)
| 374449 [stu rubyprog] backticks work very well as well and are in the bourne scripting
| 374451 [stu rubyprog] I'm sure there are many bourne *again* specific resources out there but I
| 374464 [raincolee gm] OH, sorry for my poor English.
| + 374466 [jgabrielygal] uby
| + 374467 [shortcutter ] You do not need to call "ls" from Ruby scripts because there are Dir[],
| + 374494 [stu rubyprog] `backticks` are the keyboard symbol below the tilde.
|   + 374495 [stu rubyprog] lol I just figured out one way to make your ls command into an array.
|   | + 374496 [julian coret] derp.
|   | + 374497 [spam.entfern] That's not a good idea. File names can contain white space, line breaks
|   |   374499 [stu rubyprog] Right on. looks like String#split will take regular expressions.
|   |   374500 [spam.entfern] File names can contain new lines.
|   |   374501 [stu rubyprog] using tr (both in ruby and your shell) should help dealing with such
|   |   + 374515 [shortcutter ] This whole argument of yours just proves my point that the silliness
|   |   + 374530 [spam.entfern] None, you should use the system API to deal with directory and file
|   + 374514 [shortcutter ] No.  At least not on my keyboard anyway.  Remember that keyboard
+ 374450 [rilindo gmai] Yu,

^ installing on Windows 7 64 bit
374439 [lodger sympa] I would like to install ruby 1.86 or 1.9 on Windows 7 64 bit but I do
+ 374440 [phrogz mac.c] I use Ruby on Win7 64-bit at work with no issues.
+ 374442 [cmdjackryan ] Ruby will work on all Windows versions and editions since 2001. That

^ Re: relative-require v1.0
374447 [jonas pfenni] Sorry for not doing my homework first, I think I will unpublish this

^ Kernel.exec not behaving consistently on Windows?
374453 [jarmo.p gmai] It seems that Kernel.exec doesn't work consistently on Windows when
+ 374454 [jarmo.p gmai] Jarmo
+ 374458 [luislavena g] Ruby 1.8.x Kernel#exec is broken. The changes required to fix this
  374459 [jarmo.p gmai] But Rake only handles system and backticks - is the problem same with

374463 [vithyam6 gma] ...

^ abstract classes and modules
374465 [diego.viraso] for some code I am writing, I'd like to have a couple of abstract
+ 374471 [niklas bruec] class Foo
| 374474 [ninja slapha] Yes it does. Try it.
+ 374473 [ninja slapha] Just do it.
  374481 [diego.viraso] Thank you for a very exhaustive reply. Much appreciated. :)
  374487 [ninja slapha] I'm not sure how they would, anyway. After all...

^ (none)
374469 [zipinghappy ] unsubscribe-confirm 2010112821190214304150764955 zipinghappy hotmail.com
374480 [penyihirkeci] (none)

^ Loading variables from a file [Noob Question]
374477 [brick living] Hey everyone,
+ 374479 [cmdjackryan ] Ruby 1.8.x ships with YAML, while Ruby 1.9.x includes JSON. Both
+ 374485 [diego.viraso] On Nov 28, 5:44=A0pm, Richard Mccormack <br...@livingwiththehorde.com>
+ 374502 [w_a_x_man ya] On Nov 28, 11:44=A0am, Richard Mccormack <br...@livingwiththehorde.com>
+ 374506 [josh.cheek g] The preferred way to open a file is with the block syntax because it ensures

^ Re: Loading variables from a file
374482 [brick living] Ah, exactly what I was looking for! Thanks a ton, I can't believe I

^ Boots germany shop?
374483 [wlinlin8899 ] I knows,I really LIKE THE GERMANY life,anyone is the same?

^ Refinements
374484 [transfire gm] <a href="http://timeless.judofyr.net/refinements-in-ruby">Refinements</
374620 [transfire gm] Why even use DelegateClass ?

^ Original Ruby Quiz site
374486 [kbloom gmail] The original Ruby Quiz web site (http://www.rubyquiz.org/) is blocked by
374489 [stu rubyprog] zsh% whois rubyquiz.com

^ rspec-2.2 is released!
374491 [dchelimsky g] ### rspec-core-2.2.0
+ 374498 [no spam.plea] Great news David, but I have a question.
+ 374518 [ryand-ruby z] [Upgrade.markdown](https://github.com/rspec/rspec-core/blob/master/Upgrade=

^ creating a openstruct from xml
374492 [devguy.ca gm] object like of type OpenStruct where i can access everything like a
374493 [james grayso] object like of type OpenStruct where i can access everything like a =
374579 [devguy.ca gm] ject like of type OpenStruct where i can access everything like a property?
+ 374580 [james grayso] a object like of type OpenStruct where i can access everything like a =
+ 374603 [mike.dalessi] You may want to check out Nokogiri's "slop" mode (invented by the

^ Multiple versions on a server?
374505 [cojones gmx.] Hey guys,
+ 374508 [me waltonhoo] That depends largely on your setup.  In the general case, yes, look into
+ 374509 [cojones gmx.] Well, I'm using mongrel_cluster and apache to run the applications. Do
| 374520 [b.candler po] If you're using Apache as a proxy to the mongrels, that should be fine.
+ 374512 [mbj seonic.n] ...
+ 374522 [cojones gmx.] Just found that .rvmrc thing. Looks like just what I needed :) Thanks

^ Re: RubyGems 1.2.0
374507 [manish8n yah] I've just had the same problem trying to upgrade rubygems from 1.2.0 to
374517 [ryand-ruby z] This is an unfortunate bug in the self-updater of 1.2.0.

^ Condition variables and thread scheduling
374523 [alex blackke] I'm trying to understand how condition variables are supposed to work;
374525 [shortcutter ] Yes, this is intentional behavior.  There are no guarantees with
374528 [alex blackke] That's what I thought, ok.

^ GOSU Question
374527 [nahpr yahoo.] show what went wrong with the program/game. The thing is it closes
374915 [julianraschk] This does not have anything to do with Gosu itself. You can run any

^ Can any one explain ARGV,gets.chomp() command line arguments same .rbfile
374531 [bdurgaprasad] puts ARGV[0]
374533 [niklas bruec] the regular "gets" opens & reads ARGV[0], if given. Use $stdin.gets

^ Access Postgre Sql
374543 [jaganjacob91] I am new to this language
374572 [daniel degu.] I usually use sequel, but there are many other gems to access

^ Segmentation fault in hpricot executin from Apache-PHP
374547 [txetxuvel gm] I'm really new in ruby but I need to use the premailer ruby
+ 375163 [user compgro] I am facing the same. Did you get the solution?
+ 375226 [txetxuvel gm] No, and I'm really lost :-(

^ Re: Class Instantiation
374548 [steveausten5] information from your post. Really appreciate your work.!! It was

^ Re: Regexp: named captures
374549 [steveausten5] I really enjoyed the article. It proved to be Very helpful to me and I

^ ruby on server side
374550 [rajesh.huria] I am new to this forum. so forgive me if my post replicating old post.
+ 374556 [steve stevek] You'll want to check out one of the many Ruby web frameworks. If all you
| 374690 [rajesh.huria] this looks quite complicated to me :(
| + 374692 [richard.conr] You mean using CGI? Its possible. You will need to configure your web server
| + 374701 [hutch-lists ] If you can configure Apache, you're going to find this easy :-)
+ 375032 [rajesh.huria] Ok guys, thnx for the answers.. i am freaked out with all experiments :)
| 375035 [code apotheo] I suspect you are having some path issues.  The PHP script probably isn't
| 375041 [rajesh.huria] I checked with getcwd(); // current working directory on server
| 375044 [wishdev gmai] Good Afternoon,
| 375051 [rajesh.huria] because ruby script use some library(nokogiri) which is not so easy to
+ 375040 [e.akmuradov ] do user will have a possibilty to pass any parameters to system() call ?
| 375042 [rajesh.huria] system takes all linux commands with options. i am not sure about
+ 375100 [rajesh.huria] thnx for all replied.. problem is solved.. we did not installed anything

^ Re: idiomatic way to assign if not nil?
374552 [steveausten5] I really enjoyed the article. It proved to be Very helpful to me and I

^ Convert Cassette to CD
374553 [steveausten5] Great Post.I like the link.Now expecting some good ideas from your
+ 374554 [steveausten5] Convert Cassette to CD
+ 374555 [jcribbs netp] Steve, I really enjoyed the Six Million Dollar Man, but, now, I kind of wish

^ Help sorting an array
374557 [jack.zelig g] I have an array consisting of "Event" objects, and string elements which
+ 374559 [zhangsu live] class Event
| 374561 [colinb2r goo] Well this is different, but I'm not sure it's better. :)
+ 374562 [jgabrielygal] Borrowing from ActiveSupport's Array#split (I modified it to keep the
+ 374581 [shortcutter ] I would chose different data structures: if your events have a month
| 374594 [daniel.gayta] k =3D ["MARCH", 1, 2,"JANUARY",3,4, "FEBRUARY",5,6,7,"DECEMBER",8,9, "OTHER=
+ 374618 [jack.zelig g] First of all, thank you very much for the replies.
| 374623 [jgabrielygal] I agree with both Robert and Daniel. I would make the month a field of
+ 374626 [b.candler po] If your Event has an accessor which shows the month of that object as a
+ 374646 [botpena gmai] if you just want the month precede the event(s),  then just reverse the array.
+ 374671 [jack.zelig g] Thanks again for all of the helpful answers.
+ 374730 [rubfor recit] If you've ever read "Real Programmers don't use Pascal" (see
  + 374747 [ammarabuali ] How can you use ruby without "all that OO stuff"? That's one of the
  | 374749 [cmdjackryan ] No fair. Any VB code looks almost, but not entirely, completely unlike
  + 374781 [shortcutter ] That's true.  However, I would add that the choice of language does not=20

^ Confusion about singleton method definition
374560 [dunric29a gm] I'm just learning Ruby from The Well-grounded Rubist book and I cann't
+ 374563 [zhangsu live] The context is expected to differ from the top level inside
+ 374578 [dunric29a gm] Su Zhang> Thanks, but that confirms my results. The books preface states
+ 374628 [dunric29a gm] Anybody else can confirm there is no difference between constants scope
| 374656 [botpena gmai] in ruby 1.9.2, your example will provide no difference.
+ 374651 [shortcutter ] Does it?
  374653 [josh.cheek g] I get that result for 1.9.2

^ Correct use of block
374565 [martinskou g] I've been using Python for years, but looking into Ruby and rails.
+ 374566 [wagner.andre] something like "call_and_time", and I'd probably leave off the empty parens
+ 374582 [shortcutter ] No, that's perfectly OK.  I would just do minor changes and leave out
+ 374585 [tony.arcieri] You can do

^ rspec-core-2.2.1 is released!
374567 [dchelimsky g] ### rspec-core-2.2.1 / 2010-11-28

^ Stash is a new project
374568 [transfire gm] Just wanted to let any one interested know that I am turning the

^ when using system(), how do I redirect Exception msgs?
374569 [davidreynon ] ruby TestSuite.rb > /Users/dave/Desktop/outputtext.xml
+ 374570 [davidreynon ] I answered/found my own question.
| 374573 [gwtmp01 mac.] Just be aware that you won't have very good isolation between your
+ 374571 [gwtmp01 mac.] The exception is occurring in the child ruby process started by 'system' =
| 374575 [davidreynon ] Ah... YOu're right. Is there a way to get all other values from the
| + 374576 [gwtmp01 mac.] <http://rubydoc.info/gems/open4/1.0.1/frames>
| + 374577 [jeremy bopp.] I think what you may want to do instead is continue using the load
+ 374574 [davidreynon ] You're right. Is there a better way to run the ruby script within a ruby

^ Re: Contributing to a gem on github
374586 [josh.cheek g] The gem I was going to contribute to (bones-extras) has been deprecated, so

^ RFC Future Ruby hash literal syntax
374587 [michael.kael] REQUEST FOR COMMENTS: Change to future Ruby hash literal syntax
374588 [wishdev gmai] Good Afternoon,
+ 374589 [ryand-ruby z] h =3D { a: ["A"] * 5, b: 0, c: 1 }
| + 374596 [ryand-ruby z] including hash's block initializer. Hash.new {...} is brilliant and I =
| | 374597 [tony.arcieri] Who uses string literals anymore? I switched to using BenStrings
| + 374602 [tony.arcieri] Using an inline block like that mandates parens around the argument(s)
| | 374630 [b.candler po] => nil
| + 374606 [sduncan weta] Oops, just realised I didn't need the x
| | 374610 [botpena gmai] i'd do,
| | 374611 [ymendel pobo] I wasn't aware that was possible, but it makes sense since `3.times`
| + 374638 [josh.cheek g] Don't even need to go that far, even the String version has this issue.
| + 374675 [ryand-ruby z] No! BenArray performs like the latter.
|   374742 [ymendel pobo] For communication's sake, I suggest you make special cases like that
|   374753 [ryand-ruby z] I did. "Ben"
+ 374590 [tony.arcieri] Ditto. Forget about shift/reduce conflicts... I don't care if a parser can't

^ [ANN] configurability 1.0.3
374591 [ged FaerieMU] Version 1.0.3 of configurability has been released.

^ class-wide begin/end blocks/exception handling
374592 [davidreynon ] So I have a class with a lot of methods, and each method has a begin/end
+ 374595 [ged FaerieMU] There isn't any syntax that lets you rescue any exception for the whole
+ 374641 [shortcutter ] Not directly, but you can do
  374642 [shortcutter ] Even better

^ could this generate memory leakage?
374593 [flethuseo gm] Could this potentially generate memory leakage?

^ Any way to know a Class's name in class method?
374612 [beagle4321_2] I'm writing a class where I need to know the class's name inside a class
+ 374613 [wyhaines gma] class MyClass
| 374617 [shortcutter ] Or even just
+ 374614 [beagle4321_2] Thank You!!  It works.  Seems so simple now :)

^ installing ncurses and IDE
374619 [moog_master ] handling. I'm very happy to try it, i have looked at the documentation
+ 374627 [sentinel1879] Can't help you unless we know what exactly the problem in installing is.
| 374644 [moog_master ] Well. im Kinda a noob in this: Right now im writing you from a Win Vista
| 374645 [cmdjackryan ] I suggest working on the latter. It's much easier (especially if you
+ 374948 [moog_master ] hey, so i tried doing what you advised.. but once again i get errors
| + 374950 [cmdjackryan ] Try "ruby19 -v".
| + 374989 [martindemell] Try it without the s (sudo apt-get install build-essential). I don't
+ 374949 [moog_master ] nikita@ubuntu:~$ ruby -v
+ 375108 [moog_master ] Alright i will give it a go. Also, any1 got an idea on how to get this
| 375110 [Reid.Thompso] i'd start here
+ 375166 [moog_master ] in the end i got fxruby to work, im gonna work with that. Works like a

^ Re: can't install ruby-prof 0.7.0 or superior on windows
374621 [direvius gma] try installing a prebuilt binary. There is no one for the last version,

^ 'require' is not recognised
374632 [tararakeane ] New to Ruby and trying to run benchmark
+ 374634 [niklas bruec] How do you try to run that file? Sounds like your shell is trying to
+ 374635 [tokenshift g] It sounds like you're entering Ruby code directly into the command
+ 374636 [tararakeane ] Thanks - I created a file with the following code which I ran from cmd
| 374637 [jeremy bopp.] require "benchmark"
+ 374639 [tararakeane ] Sorry if I wasn't specific before
| 374640 [jeremy bopp.] You need to put quotes around benchmark in your require statement.  The
| 374649 [josh.cheek g] And "string" is just fancy programmer speak for "text" (data composed of
+ 374652 [tararakeane ] thanks for your help - I had forgotten to include benchmark inside
| + 374654 [jeremy bopp.] The name benchmark is the name of the file to load which in this case
| + 374655 [jgabrielygal] I recommend you read an introduction to Ruby (there are some useful
+ 374657 [flethuseo gm] #!/usr/bin/env ruby
| 374658 [jeremy bopp.] That will not work for Windows out of the box, and Windows is where Tara
+ 374659 [tararakeane ] Thanks all - I'm sure I'll have loads more questions in future.