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^ Portable Ruby distribution for Mac or Linux?
373022 [jason.sandfi] This might sound a dumb question. I want to embed Ruby with the
373024 [steve stevek] Shoes does this. http://shoesrb.com/

^ see this 1000$ per day FROM GOOGLE secret released 5000 downloads in 1 day
373028 [ptc2blog gma] see this at www.mixmasala.co.cc

^ [ANN] Ruber released
373030 [stefano.croc] Ruber has been released today

^ i really need your help!
373037 [dj_sia_x yah] page http://www.ricardoisfemale.gr/i60m and the only thing i ask is to
+ 373038 [ammarabuali ] Gang-clicking is no good. You're lucky there isn't a dislike button.
| 373042 [nicholas.orr] open it in chrome (dev version) then press translate.
| 373053 [dj_sia_x yah] ricardo.gr <- this is where the contest belong and you can find whatever
| 373055 [jeremy bopp.] Sia, what does this request to click a Like button on some website have
| 373087 [ryand-ruby z] Weeds are defined as any flora you don't want... including roses.
+ 373041 [dj_sia_x yah] well i'm trying to achieve this thing. i did't want to desturb anyone!

^ [ANN] Ruber 0.0.4 released
373039 [stefano.croc] Ruber 0.0.4 has been released today

^ Getting Hash to print and work with numbers
373043 [seanfmglobal] trying to learn anyones input would be very helpful. Can't figure out
+ 373044 [shortcutter ] A hint: check your spelling.
+ 373045 [maritariq gm] a = Company['Emp01']['*p*ayrate']

^ UTF-8 aware chop for 1.8?
373049 [ammarabuali ] Is there an easy way to chop (as in String#chop) a string that can
+ 373059 [ammarabuali ] Ended up making my own. Posting it here for the benefit of others, and
| 373061 [mentionuse g] I was going to say
| 373062 [ammarabuali ] Beautiful. Thank you both.
| + 373063 [james grayso] =3D> "\n"
| | 373066 [ammarabuali ] is all you need, since it can only match once.
| | 373067 [james grayso] last = s[/.\z/mu] || ''
| | 373069 [ammarabuali ] At this rate the method is going to disappear. :)
| | 373099 [botpena gmai] can we make that a one pass?
| + 373137 [b.candler po] => "abc\n"
|   373139 [ammarabuali ] James clarified this earlier. But thanks for chiming in nonetheless.
+ 373060 [james grayso] str.gsub(/.\z/mu, "")

^ Enumerated Scalar
373050 [rubfor recit] As a one time Pascal programmer - does Ruby have the concept of an
373051 [shortcutter ] There is definitively nothing built in.  You have to create this

^ Multiple Table Join
373056 [michael.bren] file is .rb so I will give it a shot. I am trying to join a 3rd table to
373058 [shortcutter ] Including error messages and / or stack traces usually helps us a

^ Ruby Perofrmance
373070 [i_baseet hot] Why people say that Ruby is a slow language? And is there any plans to
+ 373071 [steve stevek] Like most things, "Ruby is slow" doesn't have a black and white answer.
| 373091 [namekuseijin] g,
| 373092 [steve stevek] It's quite possible that something has changed recently that I'm not aware
+ 373075 [josh.cheek g] Ruby 1.8 was, I think, the slowest widely used language in the world. They
| + 373094 [namekuseijin] lang2=3Dracket
| + 373095 [namekuseijin] BTW, I think all scripting languages -- heck!, any high level language
+ 373079 [shadowfirebi] Well, it does have that reputation.  But, slower than what? Obviously it's going to be slower than compiled languages like C. And, when running on what? Since clearly it depends on the hardware you run it on.
+ 373096 [peter.c.r.la] If you have a program that takes a while to run, I think jruby is worth
| 373098 [josh.cheek g] Another nice thing about  JRuby is it gives you access to Java. And it's
| 373171 [igouy2 yahoo] jruby is worth=0A> trying.  I often find small benchmarks show ruby 1.9 and=
+ 373301 [Ruby GoogleM] Because they don't understand the difference between a programming
| + 373311 [zuerrong gma] or they don't understand the difference between a programmer and a
| + 373327 [cmdjackryan ] Or because they are stuck in the "CPU time is expensive!" mindset. ;)
|   373348 [ammarabuali ] Or simply because they are parroting what they heard years ago,
|   373349 [default spir] One could even say even 1.8 wasn't that bad.  Made a benchmark last month
+ 373387 [spam.entfern] All interpreted languages are slow, because you need CPU cycles to
  + 373388 [zuerrong gma] 2010/11/9 Oliver Schad
  | 373392 [peterhickman] Many moons ago I started a thread that advocated writing it in C if
  | 373548 [code apotheo] C and C++ are not the same language, and there is typically a notable
  | 373577 [peterhickman] I focused on C, and to some extent C++, as it is seen as a language
  + 373404 [cmdjackryan ] The fastest code is code that never runs.

^ ruby and emacs question
373073 [jude.dashiel] What can I download and install with emacs-23 and above so that emacs
373085 [devguy.ca gm] well i have been returning to the root of simple is faster and better

^ Interim ruby-quiz: Middle Management Email
373076 [chris.caccia] I would like to offer an interim ruby-quiz.  Note: I am not

^ Ruby 1.9.2 with Rails 3.0.1
373078 [bcruparel ya] Is there a problem with Ruby 1.9.2 p0 being able to process unicode
+ 373080 [ammarabuali ] s.
| 373088 [luislavena g] - Show us some code, show us the exact problem with a sample program.
+ 373093 [bcruparel ya] Sorry about that.  Was tired towards the end of the day and therefore a =
  373100 [luislavena g] e a
  373115 [b.candler po] That answer is wrong - but I don't blame you for giving a wrong answer,
  + 373122 [ammarabuali ] That's a great collection of tips and rules. Thanks for sharing.
  + 373130 [bcruparel ya] "The correct answer is: the encoding of a ruby 1.9 source file (and
  | 373133 [b.candler po] As the comment says, that setting is used for templates, but seeds.rb is
  + 373146 [luislavena g] Thank you Brian for correcting me. Encoding has always been in my TODO

^ Re: Ruber 0.0.4 released
373081 [danrbr gmail] Scala solved this problem (which can viewed as a lack of the "uniform

^ Aziende Ruby / Rails a Torino?
373083 [riccio inmai] ciao a tutti,

^ Ruby vs PHP for the web
373097 [i_baseet hot] I am not here to say that PHP is better or the opposite, I am here to
+ 373101 [wroxdb gmail] But Ruby with Rails does create a web app with much less code than others.
+ 373104 [devguy.ca gm] yes it works with the same DBs and others, not sure what you mean by
+ 373105 [rubfor recit] If you use eRuby, then the two are very similar in the way you code, the
| 373135 [b.candler po] That's true, but I'd say that most ruby app designers don't write their
+ 373138 [jose.halesga] charset=us-ascii
+ 373169 [i_baseet hot] Thank you guys,
| + 373173 [devguy.ca gm] you must be sitting in agony trying to decide between php and ruby =P,
| | 373179 [ammarabuali ] I agree. With all those dollar signs, arrows (->), and mandatory
| + 373181 [code apotheo] As someone who has written a fair bit of both PHP and Ruby for the Web
| + 373631 [d_rems yahoo] I had 15 years of programing after me when I ended my programing carrier
+ 373337 [call andolas] For creating a web application, you need to use ruby on rails and not
| 373338 [cmdjackryan ] but you don't *have* to, nor do you *need* no.
| 373346 [code apotheo] In fact, you do not need any framework at all.  Ruby can be run
+ 373341 [spam.entfern] Ruby cause of the high dynamic approach and a cleaner language design.
+ 373461 [cbciv yahoo.] As others have said, yes.  There are Ruby libraries to allow you to
| 373534 [rubfor recit] Can you explain what you mean? That seems a contradiction in terms.
| 373563 [jgabrielygal] It means that the language imposes restrictions about how different
| + 373585 [josh.cheek g] 2010/11/12 Jes=FAs Gabriel y Gal=E1n <jgabrielygalan@gmail.com>
| | + 373589 [jgabrielygal] I know that, but that's not an implicit conversion performed by the
| | | 373611 [josh.cheek g] 2010/11/12 Jes=FAs Gabriel y Gal=E1n <jgabrielygalan@gmail.com>
| | + 373590 [shortcutter ] Strongly typed because there is no _implicit_ conversion.
| |   373605 [rubfor recit] To me it's pretty straightforward. An object of Class A cannot be
| |   + 373620 [joelvanderwe] What makes this so slippery a question is what "treat as" means.
| |   + 373629 [shortcutter ] So you are claiming that Ruby is weakly typed.  It is not.  Ruby does
| |   | 373765 [rubfor recit] dynamic typing.
| |   | 373771 [shortcutter ] Dynamic typing only says something about _when_ types are evaluated.
| |   | 373781 [shortcutter ] Typo!!! This should of course have read "strongly typed".
| |   + 373760 [code apotheo] Not quite.  The type of an object of class A is never changed.  Rather, a
| + 373888 [zuerrong gma] $ perl -le 'print 2+"2"'
|   373897 [w_a_x_man ya] In awk, "+" always means arithmetical addition; string concatenation
|   373898 [w_a_x_man ya] Or even
+ 373853 [alpha.azieru] the 70s/early 80s), then PASCAL, JAVA, and now Ruby.
  373891 [shortcutter ] Interesting tidbit: research has shown that developers have roughly
  + 373895 [josh.cheek g] Though you take a hit learning how to use the preproduced code. I have spent
  + 373934 [alpha.azieru] Thank you.
    + 373949 [shortcutter ] IIRC the statement was that independent from programming language the
    + 374503 [code apotheo] I suppose that, if you are going to produce the same number of lines of

^ cms 4 static pages?
373102 [gstepken goo] m looking 4 a framework, that allows to build static community software
373114 [b.candler po] * nanoc 3
374200 [gstepken goo] tnx lots, great help!

^ Ruby Time - Sports Time
373103 [flebber.crue] what time method would be best for sports times. I am referring to
373112 [shortcutter ] First we should distinguish between storage and representation.  You
373116 [flebber.crue] om/posts/rklemme/019-Complete_Numeric_...
373128 [shortcutter ] com/posts/rklemme/019-Complete_Numeric_...

^ Can I run windows command line app interactively?
373110 [cai.inceptio] # open a session
+ 373143 [jeremy bopp.] The problem is that @session.each will run until the input stream is
| 373459 [cai.inceptio] Thanks a lot Jeremy for reply.
+ 373462 [cbciv yahoo.] You can do this, but you'll need to use the Win32 API to attach to a
  373652 [cai.inceptio] Thanks Charles, this looks promising.
  373685 [cbciv yahoo.] You're welcome.
  373871 [cai.inceptio] My case is the former. I write scripts running regular jobs and they

^ Splitting a string into characters - not bytes
373117 [peterhickman] I realise that this is probably a known thing but my google-fu is not
+ 373119 [ammarabuali ] MjAxMC8xMS80IFBldGVyIEhpY2ttYW4gPHBldGVyaGlja21hbjM4NkBnb29nbGVtYWlsLmNvbT46
| 373120 [peterhickman] Thank you thank you thank you
| 373123 [ammarabuali ] I was just reminded of that simple solution myself yesterday on this very list.
| 373144 [mentionuse g] If you want the array you can do str.chars.to_a.
| 373145 [ammarabuali ] => "1.9.2"
+ 373121 [stefano.croc] What version of ruby are you using? In ruby 1.9, you can simply use

^ true! or false!
373118 [transfire gm] class TrueClass
+ 373124 [default spir] I believe the more idiomatic way of doing it would be with question marks,
| 373126 [transfire gm] Originally I did not have the exclamations at all, just `.true`, but
+ 373134 [b.candler po] class TrueClass
+ 373149 [josh.cheek g] You would need to override at a higher level, I think, because I frequently
  373155 [transfire gm] ly

^ Any emacs user here?
373131 [t.yao426 gma] I'm now using Sinatra and I'm an emacser
+ 373132 [ruby slightl] Yes, there is -
| 373140 [t.yao426 gma] Thanks a lot
+ 373166 [tim.hoolihan] I don't have a haml answer, but I have I use rinari, ecb, etc
+ 373168 [ryand-ruby z] I just added http://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/HamlMode
| + 373186 [jude.dashiel] I tried git pull http://github.com/technomancy/emacs-starter-kit/ in
| | 373203 [ryand-ruby z] ...
| + 373189 [t.yao426 gma] Thank you guys , you're great~
+ 373223 [ruby.object ] Did you try ELPA? They have an Emacs package manager that can be

^ getpersonas travel-cambodia recomment about
373136 [khmerrole gm] in http://sihanoukvillekampongsom.com sihanoukvillecloselink

^ Re: help with a simple SOAP WSDL client?
373141 [craig.talber] Apologies for bumping a ridiculously old thread, but it's exactly on the
373142 [tony.arcieri] Tony Arcieri

^ beginner question - searching csv file by column and returning values if true
373147 [microfud aol] I'm a complete noob to ruby and am hoping someone can help me with this.
+ 373152 [w_a_x_man ya] # Read the file.
+ 373156 [jeremy bopp.] require 'csv'
  373465 [cbciv yahoo.] of the standard CSV class.  If you're using 1.9, FasterCSV is already

^ 1.9 CSV Parsing Issues
373153 [kenneth.lam ] I'm currently porting a script to 1.9 and I'm having problems getting
+ 373154 [james grayso] $ ruby -v -r csv -e 'p CSV.parse("field1,field2\r\nfield3,field4\r\n")'
+ 373157 [kenneth.lam ] File.read shows "field1,field2\nfield3,field4\n"
| 373159 [james grayso] Great.  That's what we expected to see.  You are right about the =
+ 373160 [kenneth.lam ] Excellent, that works perfectly.  Thanks a lot for your help.
  373163 [james grayso] My pleasure.

^ Rack usage.
373170 [paradisaeida] How many Racks is it reasonable to have in a call stak?

^ Help selecting the correct elements in an array
373172 [demetriuso h] I'm working on a method but the results are "the opposite" of what I
373177 [ammarabuali ] scores.where(["standard_id NOT IN (?)", standard_ids])
373195 [demetriuso h] Ammar,

^ Emacs/putty code help
373174 [thierryny ho] Please someone help me with this ruby code on putty/emacs
+ 373178 [w_a_x_man ya] mber
+ 373184 [jgabrielygal] Take a look at ARGV

^ ssl encryption with post_form()
373175 [robmckennie ] im writing a program that needs to post a form, and iv found that i can
373176 [ammarabuali ] Did you try googling for "ruby https post"? The first few results will
373205 [robmckennie ] <sarcasm>
373215 [ammarabuali ] .facetiousness

^ the second argument
373182 [wroxdb gmail] what's the argument of "obj" in:   def []=(index,obj) ?
+ 373183 [jgabrielygal] This is syntactic sugar for
+ 373469 [cbciv yahoo.] a[index] = obj

^ Wonderful Website...!!!!!
373185 [parimalam01 ] Dear All,

^ require problem
373188 [roni.kekkone] Pragmatic Programmers) and I'm at chapter 7 where I have touse require
373190 [ammarabuali ] quire
373201 [roni.kekkone] Thank you very much, Ammar. That explains a lot. I trust you when you
373211 [cmdjackryan ] Consider <http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/advisory/2269637.mspx>.

^ ANN: Sequel 3.17.0 Released
373194 [code jeremye] Sequel is a lightweight database access toolkit for Ruby.

^ Conta occorrenze in Hash
373196 [darkangel-84] 1)
+ 373197 [justincollin] frequency = { 'alle' => 13, 'legge' => 16, 'delle' => 13, 'sono' => 16 }
+ 373198 [jgabrielygal] trasforma

^ bundler+metric_fu customs configuration (not rails) - after changing default folder, still creating the default folder tmp
373199 [paqs140482 g] I'm trying to configure the rake file in order to change the default folder

^ bulding a crash-proof eval(), is it possible?
373202 [nick nick-br] I'm building an app which must execute user-submitted bits of Ruby code.
373204 [stefano.croc] You need to replace rescue with
373208 [nick nick-br] Thanks you Stefano; that did the trick!
373221 [huard.elise ] Also, you probably thought of that, but you want stop them from

^ text editor on USB drive
373206 [chen_li3 yah] I install Ruby1.92(PC version) on my USB drive but I cannot install a
373210 [cmdjackryan ] If you don't need file associations and the like, just use one that is
+ 373236 [devguy.ca gm] you can also try emacs, i love emacs =)
+ 373320 [shortcutter ] Kind regards
  373339 [chen_li3 yah] Thanks for the recommendation. I download Scite and install it the USB

^ install text editor without adminstrator previlege
373207 [chen_li3 yah] Can I find a text editor without using adminstrator previlege and
373209 [sutniuq gmx.] Just extract it where you want it to be and use it from there.
373340 [chen_li3 yah] Thanks for the suggestion. I now installl Scite on the USB drive and it =
373350 [scott aitrus] You could use NetBeans or RadRails, as well.
373351 [Reid.Thompso] charset="utf-8"

^ Who is your soulmate? Get the answer from a live psychic now!!!
373212 [aymooontrix ] Who is your soulmate? Get the answer from a live psychic now!!!

^ Get a value from array
373216 [b1368810 lhs] I need to get a value from array.
373217 [Gennady.Byst] h[0].to_s[2,4]

^ Maybe not a Ruby question but I still need to know
373219 [sbstn26 yaho] I'm using windows XP.  I save my practice files in my thumb drive -
373234 [devguy.ca gm] what are you saying? that you want"H:\Ruby\Practice\example1.rb" to run
373247 [sbstn26 yaho] Yes I can and I have been doing that for several months now.  That's
373355 [zettabyte gm] 'my-script.rb' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
373772 [sbstn26 yaho] To Kendall Gifford,