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^ why "::", not "."
372585 [graycardinal] Why does the method of modules use a dot, and the constants a double
372587 [ryand-ruby z] For the same reason why inner-classes/modules use double colon, because =
372611 [rick.denatal] Not so much non-idiomatic as archaic.

^ Re: watir 1.6.5, ruby 1.8.7 and character encoding problem
372589 [tcblues gmai] Now I'm trying the same thing for firefox or watir-wedbriver and the

^ require in instance_eval
372592 [unexist dorf] just wondered about following: http://pastie.org/1249746
372622 [jeremy bopp.] You can call require from anywhere, be it within a class definition, a
372626 [unexist dorf] Yeah this makes sense, but it still surprised me. I thought it will require it in the
372629 [jeremy bopp.] It would seem so, but you need to take care with that since your users
372631 [unexist dorf] Yep true, the point is I never encouraged users to use this, I don't even use it

^ loofah multibyte regex (Was: [ANN] loofah 0.4.7 Released)
372593 [mike.dalessi] 2010/10/26 Une B=E9vue <unbewusst.sein@fai.invalid>
372604 [unbewusst.se] I do agree very well !!!

^ Change captured values in a regexp
372596 [brgsousa gma] SRC= DST=
+ 372606 [w_a_x_man ya] What is going to happen when you subtract 3 hours from a date
+ 372608 [ammarabuali ] That's not a job for regular expressions. You need to handle this by
+ 372616 [shortcutter ] You don't want to mess with what the regexp match returns.  Rather you

^ RedCloth gem installation problem
372597 [badman9694 i] Building native extensions.  This could take a while...
+ 372639 [luislavena g] ma ke.out
+ 372689 [badman9694 i] I did it all as it say's there, but on step 5, i tried to install gem

^ embedded hash in array to selected-array
372598 [koli14 gmail] users = [ { :id => 1, :name => 'Stephan'}, { :id => 2, :name =>
+ 372601 [wagner.andre] users.map {|us| us[:name]}
+ 372605 [josh.cheek g] It seems you are using hashes to collect related data. If its just a quick
  372610 [w_a_x_man ya] =3D>

^ error handling: two flavors?
372607 [grary.stimon] I recall reading somewhere (can't remember where) that there are two
+ 372612 [cliffmsg gma] Stop
+ 372613 [jeremy bopp.] It sounds like you're remembering reading about exceptions, catch, and
+ 372618 [shortcutter ] It is generally not a good idea to use return values for error reporting
+ 372623 [grary.stimon] Robert,
  372648 [shortcutter ] On first sight I would consider this exceptional.  Your description

^ [ANN] MagicLoader 0.10.0: painless code dependency management
372615 [tony.arcieri] MagicLoader uses a special algorithm to calculate the order in which various

^ Re: CSV parsing with optional spaces between fields
372617 [cbciv yahoo.] Just in case someone stumbles across this in the Google archive, here

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^ Re: Update a particular Field in a csv file
372627 [cbciv yahoo.] Probably too late to help the OP, but in case anyone finds this in an

^ Ruby gc.c Code Help
372633 [tridib04 gma] Can anyone State me in Brief how the file gc.c works..(I need to
+ 372683 [tridib04 gma] Any one.!! Who has the knowledge of gc.c file?
| 372686 [jeremy bopp.] It's possible that there is no way to describe the operation of gc.c
| 372701 [sophrinix gm] This has been discussed before on this mailing list. Please use google.
| 373072 [tridib04 gma] IS the function/working of GC in Ruby same as that of JAVA?
| 373074 [jeremy bopp.] Following the recommendation Andrew made just prior to your post, I
+ 373931 [tridib04 gma] I have one question

^ require unable to load existing file?
372635 [mohammad.ela] irb(main):001:0> File.exists? 'models/user.rb'
+ 372641 [jbarnette gm] The current directory isn't in $LOAD_PATH. Try 'require "./models/user.rb"'.
| 372670 [Rob AgileCon] You don't specify your Ruby version, but I'm guessing that it is 1.9
+ 372671 [mohammad.ela] Thank you Rob Biedenharn! Yes I just recently got back into ruby after

^ [ANN] Watir 1.6.7
372637 [jarmo.p gmai] We are happy to announce that Watir 1.6.7 got just released!

^ Switching RubyForge to do commits via svn+https
372642 [tom infoethe] For folks who are still using RubyForge's svn support - we're looking =

^ Re: Shoes 3 released
372645 [dske01 126.c] LISA One of the most important supplies <a

^ Delete the files from mac system connected by windows.
372652 [arihan_sinha] I wanted to do the following actions.Delete some files from a location
+ 372654 [rilindo gmai] Mac is Unix, so the file path is going to be different - it's a forward =
| + 372662 [arihan_sinha] I tried with above code but no result.
| | 372684 [jeremy bopp.] Remember that you're using Windows to access a remote share using
| | 372745 [arihan_sinha] #########################
| | + 372749 [jeremy bopp.] As I mentioned in one of my other responses in this thread, I don't have
| | + 372755 [phasis gmail] ess
| |   372758 [arihan_sinha] win7.htm
| + 372682 [jeremy bopp.] This will only apply if the Ruby script is actually run on the Mac
+ 372681 [jeremy bopp.] Not really addressing your question, but here is a simplified version of

^ Regular expression quirk?
372656 [ammarabuali ] AFAIK, there are no possessive quantifiers in 1.9, so I expected a
372658 [shortcutter ] Kind regards
372660 [ammarabuali ] I don't recall how I ended up with that "fact". I was probably looking
372664 [ammarabuali ] One more thing, Read Ruby
372665 [shortcutter ] irb(main):001:0> /a+a/ =3D~ "aaa"
372668 [ammarabuali ] I ran similar tests and they work as expected from possessives, so I'm

^ Sizes 1.0 released
372672 [sinisterchip] I've just released a new gem called "sizes".
+ 372674 [ammarabuali ] Cool. It would be nice to add the C99 type names, like int8, uint32, etc..
+ 372680 [jeremy bopp.] I think this sort of functionality may already be available as part of
+ 372685 [sinisterchip] Done! Just pushed v1.1 including the additional types. See the

^ [ANN] Kwartz 3.2.0 released - a designer-friendly template system
372673 [kwatch gmail] I have released Kwartz 3.2.0.

^ Re: Boyer-Moore string search algorithm in ruby
372676 [nate natemur] Ruby library for doing Boyer-Moore string searching which you can find

^ Execute the ruby script remotely in windows
372677 [arihan_sinha] I've two windows system say System1 and System2 and both having ruby
372678 [jeremy bopp.] There are a number of ways to go about this, but I think you would

^ TCPServer bug?
372679 [releu me.com] I have a problem with TCP server like this
+ 372688 [shortcutter ] You'll probably do not see the exception because you do not catch and
+ 372727 [releu me.com] Thank you, Robert.
| 372728 [shortcutter ] That's most likely an issue in your client code.
| 372741 [ammarabuali ] If the client can reconnect after a few minutes (5 or so, depending on
+ 372976 [releu me.com] This server is included into Rails app and initialized after

^ Re: Land Of Lisp is out
372690 [namekuseijin] haha, I've read some of the comics before.  It's truly remarkably

^ RubyConf - Share a cab ride?
372692 [s.d comcast.] I'm flying into NOLA (MSY airport) on Wednesday, Nov. 10, 2010 around 3:30 p.m.
372948 [sharpwitz gm] Steve,

^ Problems with Rack and Sinatra
372693 [dain.bentley] I'm trying to use rack to deploy a sinatra application.

^ Problem installing win32-api gem on Windows
372696 [goldsby yaho] I'm behind a firewall that prevents me from just doing
+ 372697 [jeremy bopp.] I can't offer a suggestion for your build problems, but have you tried
+ 372698 [goldsby yaho] Thanks, Jeremy.  That took care of my problem.
| 372700 [jeremy bopp.] No problem.  The rubygems.org site is pretty handy.
+ 372707 [luislavena g] gem help install
+ 372710 [djberg96 gma] The API didn't really change, just the behavior with regards to $KCODE

^ Blowfish hash
372703 [jimktrains g] With the PHP Crypt function
372715 [lparravi gma] Have you seen http://philtoland.com/post/807114394/simple-blowfish-encrypti=

^ rsruby install trouble
372704 [deadpool93 c] for chemical equilibrium for a chemical reaction. The way the experiment
+ 372729 [alexg rugged] Try the gem. This works for me with ruby 1.8.7, R 2.10.1 on OSX 10.6.4.
+ 372776 [deadpool93 c] Okay, now I'm trying to install rubygems, but am getting a weird error
| 372791 [alexg rugged] If you're on OSX you should already have rubygems (I think?). Your error
+ 372795 [deadpool93 c] Now I've gotten all this stuff working. The problem with getting the
| 372797 [alexg rugged] Have you required rubygems first (you will need to on older version of
+ 372828 [deadpool93 c] That did it, thanks a lot.
+ 372892 [deadpool93 c] Sorry, actually, I'm having one more issue. When I get to the section of
| + 372897 [ryand-ruby z] IIRC, the readme will help with this and other issues that come up.
| + 372913 [alexg rugged] Assuming you are using Bash as your shell (I think it is the default in
|   372926 [deadpool93 c] Unfortunately, that didn't work either, as it still spits out the same
|   372932 [alexg rugged] Type the following and show me your terminal output.
+ 372899 [deadpool93 c] As per the README, I stuck the line
+ 372943 [deadpool93 c] R_HOME="/Library/Frameworks/R.framework/Resources/"
+ 373046 [deadpool93 c] Never mind, I got it. Thanks again for all the help.

^ FasterCSV - illegal quoting error - thought it was correct?
372705 [gabe.saravia] .rvm/gems/ruby-1.8.7-p302/gems/fastercsv-1.5.3
+ 372708 [james grayso] Role2"
| + 372716 [cbciv yahoo.] To expand on this, if you check the values returned for other rows,
| + 372717 [gabe.saravia] Thanks! both for the answer and creating FasterCSV in the first place.
+ 373874 [francisca_oz] Thanks guys I really appreciate your help, both solutions work

^ [ANN] Unicorn 2.0.0, 1.1.5, 1.0.2 released!
372709 [normalperson] Unicorn is an HTTP server for Rack applications designed to only serve

^ Defining nested Method in single class
372720 [jakheart001 ] Today morning i exploring the ruby 1.8.7, i found myself some what
372721 [shortcutter ] What error did you expect to see from this - and why?
372724 [jakheart001 ] Thanks for the quick reply..
372730 [shortcutter ] That's just the way it is: you can define nested methods in a method.
372742 [jakheart001 ] Thanks for spending your valuable time, now am clear with this

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^ Food Ball Match See Live.
372725 [harini.meera] See My Photo..

^ ctype functionality without a gem?
372726 [ammarabuali ] Is there a built-in method for identifying character types a la
372733 [shortcutter ] No other than regexp as far as I know.
372737 [ammarabuali ] That's very cool. I'll have to remember that one.
372740 [tony twincod] %w{foo bar 123 345bar}.each do |s|
+ 372743 [ammarabuali ] I do only need to test individual characters. Extending the code to
+ 372744 [shortcutter ] Yes, of course.  The regexp was a quick hack only to demonstrate the

^ Word starts by a vowel
372734 [gregorylepac] How could I know if a word starts by a vowel?
372735 [jgabrielygal] For this kind of task, you use a regex with a character class that
372739 [ammarabuali ] I would like to add to Jesus' good advice that you can add a case

^ [ANN] Rainbows! 1.0.0 - a sleepy HTTP server
372736 [normalperson] Rainbows! is an HTTP server for sleepy Rack applications.  It is based on

^ [ANN] Zbatery 0.4.0 - Rainbows! without a fork stuck in it
372738 [normalperson] Zbatery is an HTTP server for Rack applications on systems that either

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372754 [sutniuq gmx.] Dear Sir or Madam,

^ Executing ruby command is not working from windows to mac connected by putty
372747 [arihan_sinha] I want to delete some files from Mac system where I am in the windows
372750 [jeremy bopp.] This all seems to be working very well, so you have proven that you can

^ yaml, erb, and behavior trees
372756 [wagner.andre] So, last week, I announced my new behavior tree library. Since them, I've

^ undefined method `find' for.:Module
372760 [john johnham] I am quite new at Ruby (we use it for test automation in conjunction
+ 372761 [jgabrielygal] You are calling find as a standalone method, but the find library
+ 372762 [john johnham] script must actually look - as changed via your suggestion - to get it
| 372763 [jgabrielygal] require 'find'
+ 372764 [john johnham] require './find'  #NOTE:  also tried - require 'find'  - same error
| + 372765 [jgabrielygal] Sorry, you only need one of the suggestions when running your script
| + 372766 [ammarabuali ] ame error
+ 372767 [john johnham] Sorry I didn't see your earlier reply.
| 372769 [jgabrielygal] d'
+ 372768 [john johnham] You know guys, it's a been a very long day and I might be missing some

^ MD2 v1.0 released
372770 [sinisterchip] I've just released a new Ruby gem for loading MD2 (Quake II) 3D model
372774 [markus fisch] Quite a surprise to see such a topic in combination with Ruby. Are you
372779 [sinisterchip] Markus,

^ Looking to purchase 1 RubyConf ticket
372773 [ben esomnie.] Anyone have 1 RubyConf ticket they'll sell me?
+ 372775 [james grayso] James Edward Gray II
+ 372778 [ben outright] Thanks. Just contacted Charley and purchased the ticket.

^ [ANN] map-1.5.0
372780 [ara.t.howard] NAME
372781 [botpena gmai] btw how do i run the test...

^ Re: map-1.5.0
372782 [ara.t.howard] (in /Users/ahoward/src/git/map)
372783 [ara.t.howard] i made a mistake, there was a 1.9.x mistake in test running.  github

^ Re: Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender
372784 [botpena gmai] i see that ruby-lang still runs perl =3D)

^ Re: installing bdb-0.6.5 in ubuntu
372785 [ritwik.baner] Your post is about a year old, but let me add to this thread instead of
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^ Renew Your Domain with Cheap Domain Renewal Companies
372786 [medomex19 gm] Renew Your Domain with Cheap Domain Renewal Companies

^ 7 Awesome Ferris Wheels Worth Visiting PHOTOS
372787 [medomex19 gm] 7 Awesome Ferris Wheels Worth Visiting (PHOTOS)

^ In the game Gadget Grip
372793 [linktotrista] In the game, players may choose to place bets on either a single number

^ Application for NGOs developed in ruby
372794 [jorge.martin] It is a pleasure to present the new all-new version of GONG, tool for integ=

^ Ruby 1.9.1 linear memory increase in a simple for loop.
372796 [ritwik.baner] The following text code shows a linear rise in memory usage. Since this
+ 372798 [shortcutter ] AFAIK there is a certain memory threshold below which the interpreter
| 372799 [ritwik.baner] Thanks Robert. You are absolutely right. Even I think Ruby doesn't
+ 372808 [calamitates ] You are calculating n=3Dm**i (m to the i-th power) in subsequent
  372843 [ritwik.baner] I had thought of that too. But, as you can see, in this particular
  372880 [calamitates ] Ruby's garbage collector is triggered by the number of objects
  372907 [ritwik.baner] Thanks a lot for this detailed reply, Peter. I did, however, try the
  372923 [calamitates ] Curious, because I'm seeing the exact behavior I described. Using

^ sinatra-inspired DSL for client-side HTTP
372800 [tom accident] charset=us-ascii
372802 [botpena gmai] awesome. can't wait for the gem to crystalize =)

^ [*ary] operator bug (or not)?
372801 [robert.panko] ruby-1.9.2-head > ary.object_id
+ 372806 [botpena gmai] if  a.is_a? Array
+ 372811 [robert.panko] Thank you for the explanation. Now I understand the "why" and "how" :-)

^ Another DSL question
372803 [matt technor] I have another DSL question.  I have a bunch of data in a tree (a
372804 [botpena gmai] check #method_missing

^ [ANN] Ruber 0.0.1 released
372805 [stefano.croc] Ruber 0.0.1 has been released today

^ undefined method `each'
372807 [rforsythe44 ] Before I explain the issue I=E2=80=99m having I should preface it with so=
+ 372815 [b.candler po] some
+ 372816 [adrain.f.tep] some
+ 372920 [rforsythe44 ] Wow, I didn't expect that to be the issue.  I'll give it a try with

^ Re: operator bug (or not)?
372809 [robert.panko] What's your point ?
+ 372810 [ammarabuali ] From Read Ruby: When given an object that does not respond to :to_a,
+ 372838 [botpena gmai] of course LOL.  forgot to affix the object_id.. i should have pasted

^ [ANN] webkit-rspec-formatter 2.0.1
372817 [ged FaerieMU] Version 2.0.1 of webkit-rspec-formatter has been released.

^ git post-receive service hook gem
372818 [luis saffie.] I wanted to let people know about project I just finished as it may be

^ Communicating with Smalltalk
372819 [sean clipper] I'm using the Mechanize library from Squeak Smalltalk.  Right now, I'm

^ Is this an effective loop
372820 [flethuseo gm] I was wondering if a loop of this sort would be
+ 372821 [justincollin] Don't wonder, benchmark it[1]. My guess is that the former is more
+ 372822 [jeremy bopp.] I'm not sure about comparative effectiveness, but this is probably more
  372825 [ammarabuali ] int i = 1? That's not valid ruby, unless you have a method named int, which
  + 372827 [ammarabuali ] I spoke too soon, my bad. Once I made the loops do the same work inside, the
  | 372830 [jeremy bopp.] I just missed that before sending my message. ;-)  Still, running the
  | 372832 [ammarabuali ] I do. Thanks for the pointers.
  + 372829 [jeremy bopp.] This is interesting, and in an effort to get slightly more accurate data
    372831 [ammarabuali ] I see. I excluded the i += 1 from the for and times loops because that is
    372833 [jeremy bopp.] That's definitely a debatable point in this benchmark because we are
    372876 [shortcutter ] I'm sorry but this is nonsense: different loop constructs are
    + 372881 [jeremy bopp.] Yeah, I suppose you're right now that I think about it again.  Thanks
    + 372882 [josh.cheek g] FWIW, on mine they were not close. The while loop was much faster on every