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^ cannot load watir
372377 [junkone1 gma] as you can see, i have the watir gem installed but cannot load it in
+ 372379 [junkone1 gma] i made it to work by loading rubygems first.
| + 372382 [bret pettich] There is an environment variable that automatically loads rubygems.
| + 372383 [luislavena g] RUBYOPT=3Drubygems setup.
|   372387 [junkone1 gma] last time, i used 1 click intaller. not this time. so i probably have
|   372394 [luislavena g] RubyInstaller no longer adds RUBYOPT
|   372415 [junkone1 gma] ng
+ 372381 [bret pettich] require 'rubygems'

^ Why no yield in 1.9.2 blocks?
372405 [ed.howland g] I searched in vain for the answer, but why doesn't yield work inside
+ 372410 [w_a_x_man ya] <main>'
+ 372433 [shortcutter ] This isn't something new in 1.9.2.  There is no version of Ruby that I
+ 372436 [josh.cheek g] I always figured it was because it was enclosing its environment, and having
  372445 [b.candler po] def foo             # <- block passed implicitly

^ Want to use methods instead of ObjectSpace
372406 [prpaulroche ] I have these methods......
372409 [jeremy bopp.] Your current list_add implementation is designed to allow you to add one
372413 [prpaulroche ] Thanks for taking a look.
372418 [jeremy bopp.] No problem. ;-)

^ Database connection String Using 'win32ole'
372412 [prateek123 g] def open(database)
372414 [astahl hi5.c] What type of authentication does your SQL Server use?  Windows or SQL
372416 [prateek123 g] Thanks a lot for the quick reponse. I have mixed mode authentication
372419 [prateek123 g] connection_string =  "Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;"
372812 [cbciv yahoo.] To clarify, using the trusted connection attribute in the connection

^ to meet us just click on we r searching for fun
372417 [iamforufrien] to meet us just click on we r searching for fun

^ Scraping database
372426 [railsfid gma] (http://github.com/tenderlove/mechanize/blob/master/GUIDE.rdoc) but =
+ 372438 [ryand-ruby z] (http://github.com/tenderlove/mechanize/blob/master/GUIDE.rdoc) but =
| 372441 [railsfid gma] Huh?
| 372443 [rubfor recit] The most likely use of a list of doctors who hadn't provided their
| 372444 [cmdjackryan ] Not to mention that none of these doctors agreed to have their data
+ 372455 [junkone1 gma] hanize/blob/master/GUIDE.rdoc) but being a newbie there is a lot I don't un=
| 372473 [ryand-ruby z] (http://github.com/tenderlove/mechanize/blob/master/GUIDE.rdoc) but =
+ 372457 [peter.pincus] Say again ? Mckenzie ?! :-D

^ Running datampper but getting this error:
372427 [rfsllc gmail] no such file to load -- dm-mysql-adapter
372432 [josh.cheek g] Have you installed it?

^ Re: Compiling Ruby on OSX, OpenSSL error and possible fix
372428 [plasticchick] I got the same error installing Ruby EE 1.8.6 and solved it by moving

^ Regexp Unicode property names strange behavior?
372431 [ammarabuali ] On 1.9.2, I'm seeing an "invalid character property name" error from Regexp
372437 [ammarabuali ] It was bad documentation! Xdigit should be XDigit, and Ascii should be
372439 [ryand-ruby z] Regexp
372440 [ammarabuali ] It has been very difficult finding detailed information about many of the

^ Non-Hard Coded File.open(newFile)
372447 [grantcurell ] Like a lot of people I'm new to Ruby and I'm trying to do something I
+ 372448 [hassan.schro] in
+ 372449 [stefano.croc] Your code seems mostly correct, but I don't exactly understand what
+ 372458 [grantcurell ] Thank you so much Hassan, that fix seemed so obvious after you said it
| 372460 [hassan.schro] Good, but you should probably look at fileToParse.chomp for a more
+ 372472 [w_a_x_man ya] s in

^ global hotkeys in windows.
372451 [flethuseo gm] I built a script that does a job for me, and I'd like to call from time
372452 [echristopher] You'd need to use something like AutoHotkey for that. I've never used
372468 [jethrow gmx.] AutoHotkey would be more my area of knowledge. You might be interested
372519 [flethuseo gm] This is cool. I was wondering though.. is it preferable to copy the
372520 [jethrow gmx.] Registering does not create a copy. Registering will make it so you can
372583 [echristopher] To practice a little bit, I made some simple scripts to demonstrate
372588 [flethuseo gm] Thanks Eric.

^ what does this error mean `activate': can't activate activesupport (= 3.0.1, runtime) for ["activerecord-3.0.1"]
372453 [junkone1 gma] i am using active record in my program and cannot understand what this
372456 [luislavena g] It is telling you that firewater and watir required activesupport
372650 [jarmo.p gmai] In that case Watir will raise an exception because it strictly loads

^ open-uri + Zlib: not in gzip format
372454 [grayphoque g] I have a script that fetches a gzip compressed web page using open-uri

^ Re: no such file to load
372459 [tispratik gm] This might help some, who are trying to install Rails3 using RVM and

^ Can't Debug in Ruby
372461 [grantcurell ] I'm attempting to debug in Ruby 1.9.2 with the Eclipse plugin. Whenever
+ 372469 [luislavena g] For ruby-debug to be installed under Ruby 1.9.2 you need RubyInstaller
+ 372474 [grantcurell ] That didn't work for me. Apparently there is some sort of bug with one
| 372494 [luislavena g] =3D6d...
+ 372480 [grantcurell ] Well I lied I got it working for about half an hour. And then randomly

^ No key set in openstruct ?
372462 [jeansebastie] Is there a cleaner way to check if no field have been set than the
372465 [shortcutter ] irb(main):015:0> x.methods - x.class.instance_methods
372470 [jeansebastie] he
372527 [robert.dober] Hmm I'd consdider this a bug, maybe report this to ruby-core

^ Re-naming a block
372463 [wagner.andre] I'm writing a method which takes a block and returns a lambda which will
+ 372466 [jgabrielygal] t's
+ 372467 [rick.denatal] Well maybe the answer is to create a proc with the right line number

^ Behavior trees in ruby
372475 [wagner.andre] I know this isn't really an announcement list, but this is my first ruby
372476 [joelvanderwe] AFAIK, the list welcomes this kind of post.
372482 [sutniuq gmx.] Definitely! But please put a "[ANN]" in your subject line next time so

^ array of arrays to file
372477 [junkone1 gma] i want to use faster csv to write a array of arrays to file. But i am
372479 [b.candler po] So, what happened when you ran your script? What did it do?
372492 [junkone1 gma] you are right. thanks.

^ Simplified version
372478 [prpaulroche ] is the code.....
372555 [devguy.ca gm] your problem is that you create an empty array above, then below you

^ Convert Array to nested Hash
372481 [zhiqiang.lei] Dear All,
372483 [sandor.szuec] I don't think that you really want to add 3 layers of dictionary.
372484 [shortcutter ] irb(main):019:0> [
+ 372485 [zhiqiang.lei] A beautiful injecting, thank you all. Because an external library return =
| 372497 [mentionuse g] The first solution given is by far the more readable and more
| 372499 [zhiqiang.lei] I agree.
+ 372517 [w_a_x_man ya] a =3D [ ["A", "a", 1],
+ 373191 [zhiqiang.lei] I'm sorry to bring this old topic out. But there is a question make me =
  373193 [Rob AgileCon] The inject() will pass two arguments to the block.  The accumulated

^ Workaround for gem push
372486 [b.candler po] I've got an updated gem to push out, but I've got a problem.
+ 372489 [m.fellinger ] Use rvm, that way you don't have to touch your system ruby and can
| 372491 [b.candler po] Perhaps I should have been clearer: "I'd rather not mess with my
| 372509 [ryand-ruby z] I'd
+ 372511 [luislavena g] The only workaround I can think of right now is remove ubuntu managed

^ A way to code a HUD in Linux?
372487 [javiervalenc] I want to code some sort of HUD, this is, a transparent desktop layer
372488 [m.fellinger ] XOSD should do the job?
372490 [javiervalenc] well, I thought using Xlib and checking xosd sourcecode, but then found

^ Utilizing data from a csv file
372493 [prpaulroche ] been taken in from a csv file.
+ 372495 [hassan.schro] No kidding :-)
| 372496 [prpaulroche ] Sure, scrap that :)
| 372498 [hassan.schro] I'm not sure I understand the question; Song.new creates an object.
+ 372500 [prpaulroche ] Sure, here's the csv file........
| 372501 [hassan.schro] ?! So, I'd say you need to work on that -- there's no obvious way to
+ 372502 [prpaulroche ] Incidentally, this does what I want to achieve
| 372504 [jeremy bopp.] Aside from the mess of using ObjectSpace like this, for what reason do
| 372506 [prpaulroche ] Yeah good point.
+ 372503 [jeremy bopp.] This rightly does nothing.  The each method operates over the array
| 372507 [prpaulroche ] Thanks Jermey, this example has helped. This did the trick......
| 372510 [jeremy bopp.] You're farther along, but you're still missing something important that
| 372513 [prpaulroche ] The larger implementation of this will have strings and numbers
| 372514 [jeremy bopp.] Am I correct that the answer to my question is that you are passing an
+ 372505 [greg5000 ear] It looks like you have a handle on your data structure but need help
| + 372508 [prpaulroche ] Thanks Greg, much appreciated
| + 372539 [leslieviljoe] Split is simple, but it doesn't deal with CSV rows which have strings
|   372545 [cmdjackryan ] It's also been moved into Ruby's core API with 1.9 (require "csv").
+ 372516 [prpaulroche ] Having build_all in Song class was me just trying to see if I could read
  372538 [jeremy bopp.] FYI, what you're trying to do with CSV files is often handled with a

^ [ANN] Sinatra 1.1 released!
372512 [k.haase finn] We are happy to announce that Sinatra 1.1 has just been released! This
372552 [eregontp gma] Awesome !

^ problem with ruby1.9.2 and gems on Debian
372515 [fluffy_bunny] I installed rubygems 1.3.7, then decided to upgrade from ruby1.8 to
372522 [devguy.ca gm] possibly you just need to do the following to add the missing zlib
372867 [fluffy_bunny] Managed to gget gems working. I had a bit of a problem with aptitude not

^ GUI (Tk) and Web Questions,  general...
372518 [gmkoller gma] My story is that I had a GUI project that had to get done in a hurry
+ 372544 [mark markros] Yes, as far as Tk goes, the 8.4.x series is ancient history, though
+ 372586 [arndt.roger ] 1. An additional themed toolkit ttk,

^ win32console changes Windows cmd.exe colors
372523 [redspotcab g] A problem has occurred with Windows Vista64 rspec since I upgraded to
372542 [gthiesfeld g] I believe so.  Currently, win32console makes assumptions about the default

^ Placing new names under standard namespaces?
372525 [ammarabuali ] Someone recently pointed out that placing new classes and modules
372528 [shortcutter ] I can see both positions: changing built in / std lib classes is
372532 [ammarabuali ] Thanks. Drawing a distinction between universal extensions and

^ How to manage multiple version of ruby
372529 [a-rshah rail] Can any one tell me how to manage multiple version of ruby? right
+ 372530 [peterhickman] You want RVM
+ 372531 [jameskilton ] charset=us-ascii
+ 372534 [luislavena g] Linux/OSX/*nix based OS: RVM

^ Need help with class variables and inheritance
372535 [bl4.929b pla] class TestClass
372543 [leslieviljoe] The @@variables are shared among subclasses, not superclasses. So you
372547 [bl4.929b pla] Yes but if i have 2 subclasses with 2 methods in each then i will need

^ Class eval does not work with self
372536 [ridingwithra] I am experimenting with a test class to figure out why self.class_eval
+ 372537 [wagner.andre] No, self is not Xclass inside of add_method. It's the instance of Xclass. If
+ 372540 [jgabrielygal] irb(main):001:0> class Xclass
  372541 [jeremy bopp.] irb(main):001:0> class Xclass

^ RubyInstaller saved my sanity!
372548 [devguy.ca gm] I have to thank the guys who are working on the 1 click rubyinstaller

^ Pausable script
372554 [flethuseo gm] I'm trying to build a script that writes something every 2 minutes. This
372558 [lparravi gma] sleeping a small amount of time (e.g.: 100ms), checking if there's

^ DSL and indirection question
372556 [matt technor] I'm trying to figure out the best way of writing a script that describes
+ 372557 [james grayso] describes various requirements in the form of "12.34.56" (from a =
| 372559 [matt technor] Chef or Puppet would not be practical in this environment for various
| + 372560 [james grayso] simple example or two?
| + 372584 [shortcutter ] ment)
+ 372561 [joelvanderwe] Maybe this helps, at least on the syntactic side (it's still a hash of

^ Sinatra and Rails. Was: [ANN] Sinatra 1.1 released!
372562 [ed.howland g] Great news. I love me some Sinatra!

^ [ANN] webkit-rspec-formatter 2.0.0
372563 [ged FaerieMU] Version 2.0.0 of webkit-rspec-formatter has been released.

^ Ruby 1.92 and hpricot gem
372565 [user compgro] Would like to know if hpricot gem works on Ruby 1.92.  I am trying to install hpricot and getting an error - extconf.rb failedCould not creat Makefile due to some reason. you may need configuration options. I tried to install Ruby 1.87 still get the same error. I installed some dev kits as suggested by some posts. No luck. Any idea how I can get this to work please?
+ 372566 [astahl hi5.c] What OS are you installing on?  From my experience, if it's ubuntu,
+ 372567 [luislavena g] nstall hpricot and getting an error - extconf.rb failedCould not creat Make=

^ Can't get ruby serial port to work
372568 [dd25 njit.ed] I recently installed Ruby Version 1.9.2 on my PC.  I am trying to get
+ 372569 [jeremy bopp.] You probably need to at least install the appropriate development kit
+ 372570 [dd25 njit.ed] Where would I download the development kit to in the Ruby192 folder?
| 372571 [jeremy bopp.] I believe the instructions for installation, among other things, can be
+ 372575 [dd25 njit.ed] I installed the developer, but still can't get the serial port to work.
| 372591 [luislavena g] Did you follow the Development Kit instructions?
+ 372590 [dd25 njit.ed] Anyway, does anyone have any idea what the problem might be?  It says
| 372595 [phasis gmail] 2010/10/26 Dd Dd <dd25@njit.edu>
+ 372594 [dd25 njit.ed] I don't think I got an mkmf.log file, but I followed the development kit
| 372638 [luislavena g] t-Kit. =A0Of
+ 372643 [dd25 njit.ed] I uninstalled Ruby 1.9.2 and then installed Ruby 1.9.1 before.  This
+ 372644 [dd25 njit.ed] I just installed Ruby 1.8.7 and DevKit 3.4.5; Using the instructions
| 372706 [luislavena g] If that is where you installed Ruby, that is OK.
+ 372748 [dd25 njit.ed] I think I got it to work; I followed all the DevKit installation

^ Extraction of single subarrays from multidimensional array
372572 [mauricirl gm] I am a new member of this group and a newbie about Ruby. After a
+ 372573 [s.korteling ] You're working too hard. The most simple way usually works. Just
| 372599 [mauricirl gm] Thanks a lot  Siep for your prompt help.
+ 372578 [shortcutter ] Btw, I assume you do bioinformatics.  If all your Arrays contain three
  + 372602 [mauricirl gm] Thanks a lot Robert for your clear explanation and help.
  | + 372609 [jgabrielygal] It's usually called the splat operator, and its function in the above
  | + 372614 [colinb2r goo] There's an explanation of *array in the online Programming Ruby, probably in
  |   + 372619 [mauricirl gm] Thank you all for the very very instructive replies-
  |   | 372620 [jeremy bopp.] It is not possible to do what you're proposing.  If you just want to
  |   | 372647 [shortcutter ] I go further and say: it is not even reasonable to do that.  That's
  |   | 372653 [mauricirl gm] OK, so  looks like there is no way with Ruby to extract
  |   | + 372655 [alexg rugged] It almost certainly can. I think you just need to rephrase your question
  |   | + 372657 [shortcutter ] arbitrary nested arrays but generating variable names is almost
  |   | | 372669 [mauricirl gm] Dear Robert,
  |   | | + 372687 [jgabrielygal] Looking around for permutations in Ruby, I came across
  |   | | | + 372731 [mauricirl gm] Dear Jesus,  YES this this exactly what I wanted to do. Reading your
  |   | | | + 372732 [mauricirl gm] Dear Jesus,  YES this this exactly what I wanted to do. Reading your
  |   | | + 372694 [joelvanderwe] I'm not sure I've understood what you're looking for, but it might be
  |   | + 372659 [w_a_x_man ya] If you don't know the length of ss when you write your program,
  |   |   + 372661 [mauricirl gm] Sorry for my bad explanation, in my case I actually know how many
  |   |   | + 372666 [shortcutter ] Then why don't you just iterate the outermost Array and be done?
  |   |   | + 372667 [jgabrielygal] The question is: what do you do with those subarrays? What's common in
  |   |   + 372663 [mauricirl gm] Sorry for my bad explanation, in my case I actually know how many
  |   + 372646 [shortcutter ] ["foo", "bar", "baz"]
  + 372603 [w_a_x_man ya] a, b, c =3D ss

^ [ANN] loofah and loofah-activerecord 1.0.0
372576 [mike.dalessi] Previous versions of loofah included both basic string sanitization

^ Re: [ANN] loofah 0.4.7 Released
372579 [unbewusst.se] because i'm using daily nokogiri i wanted to test loofah with a small

^ Re: Sinatra and Rails. Was: Sinatra 1.1 released!
372580 [k.haase finn] Both. You can use Sinatra as Rack middleware in front of your app, a

^ Foxit Reader 4.1
372581 [phamthanhy g] [center]Foxit Reader 4.1
372600 [badman9694 i] 4. version is more bugy than 3.

^ Web App with Windows GUI
372582 [rubfor recit] I am trying to design an application that scripts a GUI to expose its
+ 372624 [devguy.ca gm] you could look into using local sockets or PRC, not sure if there is a
+ 372695 [cbciv yahoo.] I've been down this road.  If it's a simple GUI and was written as a
  372699 [rubfor recit] Wow!
  372702 [wishdev gmai] Afternoon
  372714 [cbciv yahoo.] I hope that was a good "wow". :)
  372718 [rubfor recit] Its a VB Health Insurance package. The application is to register, view
  + 372759 [reachme char] There might be some mileage in using AutoHotKey with Ruby. There was a
  + 372777 [echristopher] I would be very cautious when automating that sort of program, or any
  + 372813 [cbciv yahoo.] Sorry, but I think that this falls into the category of being overly