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^ Trying to compile ruby 1.9.2-head on ubuntu 10.10. Help?
371955 [ken.egervari] I'm trying to compile ruby 1.9.2-head on ubuntu 10.10. I don't know
+ 371963 [markus fisch] I've 10.10 on x64 here, I followed the guide with some exceptions and it
+ 371967 [devguy.ca gm] As Markus said you don't need to install RVM, unless you want to have
  371969 [ken.egervari] Thanks. Well, what I did was get rid of the openssl parameter and

^ Accessing a hash value by string or symbol in C
371965 [djberg96 gma] I think the issue of string vs symbol hash access came up recently.

^ Problem with rb_thread_create
371973 [aotto1968 us] I have a small problem with rb_thread_create

^ mechanize - extract href
371978 [cwatts westm] Hey there everyone.  I'm having a slight problem using Mechanize.  I'm
+ 372018 [jethrow gmx.] The example file might not help if your not using windows, but it might
+ 372085 [cwatts westm] Jethrow, thanks but that's not quite what I need.  I need to extract
+ 372090 [mike.dalessi] website =3D website.search("/a/@href")
+ 372099 [cwatts westm] Thanks Mike.  I've updated the code.  Putting "./" in my code messed up
+ 372636 [cwatts westm] I still haven't figured this out.  Perhaps I should phrase the question
| 372649 [shortcutter ] With this and a local version of the page I was able to get the info you wa=
+ 372772 [cwatts westm] website =3D =
| 372789 [shortcutter ] [1]")
+ 372790 [cwatts westm] Robert, thank you so much for your help.  I'm just starting out in ruby,
| 372792 [shortcutter ] for x in 1...2 will execute the loop body exactly once.  Are you sure
+ 372840 [cwatts westm] Robert,

^ tempfile with a certain suffix
371979 [info randspr] is there a way in ruby to create a tempfile with a certain suffix, say

^ What's the opposite of <<
371982 [prpaulroche ] For example I want to do the opposite of what the following piece of
+ 371984 [josh.cheek g] There isn't any way to tell from here, operators like << are just names of
+ 371987 [groups.2009a] That is really strange. At first, I simply didn't look closely enough at =
+ 371989 [prpaulroche ] But on a simple level......
| + 371990 [josh.cheek g] Yes, we can know this now that you say we are dealing with Strings. It would
| + 372038 [ninja slapha] name = []
+ 371991 [w_a_x_man ya] team =3D %w(Tom Dick Harry)

^ require behavior change from 1.8.7 p299 to 1.9.2 p0
371983 [bcruparel ya] requiring a file is causing problems for me in Ruby 1.9.2 p0.  This
371994 [luislavena g] That means "." is not included and thus you can't require things in
371997 [bcruparel ya] Thanks Luis.  I did some reading on Sinatra/rack-testing plus Ruby 1.9.2

^ Can't understand String#split's behavior
371993 [raincolee gm] When I use ruby 1.8.7 I have a problem with String#split.
372001 [botpena gmai] almost
372004 [raincolee gm] Sorry for my careless.

^ Virtual access to contents of compressed archive?
371998 [spare frigid] Would there happen to be some cool module or extension out there that
372011 [sutniuq gmx.] There's the rubyzip gem ( http://rubygems.org/gems/rubyzip ), which

^ help for beginner
371999 [yorknt gmail] Can someone tell me why this app doesnt work? It always says "missed"
+ 372002 [jethrow gmx.] because your checkShot() param is being passed as a string. The elements
+ 372014 [yorknt gmail] Thank You :)

^ Re: Best Ruby Geometry lib?
372005 [masonsimon g] Try http://github.com/DanielVartanov/ruby-geometry, or my fork of it, in

^ autotest, rspec with rails 3
372006 [devguy.ca gm] after a file change has been saved?
372013 [b.candler po] This is the mailing list for Ruby, the programming language.
+ 372019 [devguy.ca gm] Don't people use rspec in ruby for testing?
+ 372020 [devguy.ca gm] I guess my question was more about autotest, not rails testing, it seems

^ releasing beta version of gem (naming question)
372008 [sentinel1879] I have a stable release of a gem mygem V1.1.x.
372010 [sutniuq gmx.] This is called a pre-relase gem and to get one you have to name your gem
372032 [sentinel1879] Thanks. Added ".pre" to the version attribute in gemspec (or if using

^ unable to preload "rbconfig" in my irb session
372016 [uniqueembass] I'm using Ruby 1.9.2 with Windows XP as host, I ran the command
+ 372049 [luislavena g] Have you installed cygwin or cygwin installation bundled with E text
+ 372072 [uniqueembass] ruby 1.9.2p0 (2010-08-18) [i386-mingw32]
+ 372073 [uniqueembass] ruby 1.9.2p0 (2010-08-18) [i386-mingw32]
| 372084 [luislavena g] Can you unset TERM?
| 372104 [phasis gmail] It seems that the rbreadline.rb distributed with rubyinstaller 1.9.2
| 372130 [luislavena g] ct
| 372134 [phasis gmail] Yes, at least, the current version is better than the installer
+ 372132 [uniqueembass] i have unset the TERM.
+ 372135 [uniqueembass] does that mean, I should uninstall my current version of the ruby and
  372149 [luislavena g] Will perform a release and instructions soon.

^ gem dependency to ruby? Re: Error msvcrt-ruby18.dll
372017 [markus fisch] I've followed your replies here and also on -core and you seem to be
372050 [luislavena g] You can define a gem to be targeted at one version of Ruby (using gem

^ ruby-forum.com attachments don't show up in mails anymore
372021 [sutniuq gmx.] I just noticed that attachments made to posts on ruby-forum.com don't
+ 372022 [devguy.ca gm] if you want to share code you can use codepad.org and include a link in
| 372023 [shortcutter ] A gist at http://github.com/ is another option.  A gist can contain
| 372025 [sutniuq gmx.] It's not me, I know about where I can post/upload files. I was thinking
+ 372028 [x-ruby-lang ] Thanks for reporting this bug, it's fixed now.

^ Two while loops at once
372026 [robmckennie ] i dont want to go into details about what im doing, i just want to know
+ 372029 [devguy.ca gm] you talking crazy! =) a loop in a loop? one loop in each thread? answer
+ 372030 [sutniuq gmx.] t = Thread.new do
+ 372031 [ammarabuali ] I don't want to go into details about how to do it, I just want to let
+ 372034 [sentinel1879] I've been coming across posts about iterating over multiple objects at

^ github: maintain multiple releases of a gem
372033 [sentinel1879] (Apologies if i've posted before. Can't find it here).
+ 372036 [steve stevek] This is pretty much the standard for maintenance versions.
| 372044 [sentinel1879] I wish someone would elaborate just to give me confidence. So now
| 372045 [steve stevek] ...
+ 372057 [sentinel1879] Great link. I still have a question about multiple versions that i don't
  + 372061 [steve stevek] Ah, yes, I never noticed that. If you want to keep a 1.1 release,
  + 372062 [Rob AgileCon] Are you thinking about git rebase here? When you git cherry-pick only
    372113 [sentinel1879] Yes, i was mistaking with rebase. thx.

^ simple question: pointer equivalent in ruby
372039 [shea sysach.] learned ruby a few months ago - is there a pointer equivalent in ruby
+ 372040 [parker soren] That is precisely how ruby works by default. If you wanted othervalue to
| 372043 [dblack rubyp] Have you tried running that? :-)
| 372051 [parker soren] Doh!
+ 372041 [dhruva.sagar] Well generally for such situations you create setters, the example you gave
+ 372042 [shea sysach.] what about the first example with the method?
| 372046 [shortcutter ] method = 3 will always assign to a local variable.  If you really want
+ 372048 [shea sysach.] I was confused about the way that ruby assigns and stores variables.

^ data type for a string value
372052 [jackxxu gmai] when humans look at a string, they will know whether it is a date, a
+ 372053 [cmdjackryan ] While true, what sort of number? Is it "three point two three two", or
+ 372054 [fxn hashref.] This problem is too generic. Are we talking only numbers vs strings or
  372055 [jackxxu gmai] as I mentioned, all data types, including dates, data times, percentage,
  + 372075 [joelvanderwe] Regexes may not be as costly as you assume for simple formats like
  + 372093 [shortcutter ] The usual solution to this is to expect a number of types (possibly only
    372094 [jackxxu gmai] it would be nice to have a method String#parse.
    372127 [shortcutter ] No, that would be a catastrophe!  Class String is responsible for

^ question about net-ssh
372058 [edwinchen ho] I am learning ssh module. I have a question about the channel.

^ eFax gem error.
372059 [samykaruppa ] I have one doubt in using the efax gem.

^ Ubuntu, SSL, Ruby 1.9.2
372064 [gander sweep] Having a problem with SSL on ruby 1.9.2, Ubuntu 10.10.  Think it's a
+ 372067 [b.candler po] First, take Ruby out of the loop: use
| 372068 [gander sweep] depth=0 /O=www.mydomain.com/OU=Domain Control
| 372069 [gander sweep] Certificate chain
| 372076 [b.candler po] Well, if you were to post the actual certificate (PEM file) then I can
| 372077 [gander sweep] Wasn't a security issue, just trying to keep the thread clean ; )
+ 372089 [b.candler po] No need to hide your domain name, it's in the pem file :-) And I see
+ 372133 [gander sweep] Brian,
  372140 [b.candler po] Your motivation doesn't concern me. It's just that if I can't see the

^ su {block of code.}
372070 [guidoderosa ] non-privileged user. Occasionally I need to gain root privileges.
+ 372074 [tony.arcieri] I'd suggest spawning a new Ruby instance which runs under sudo and talking
| + 372086 [b.candler po] Or use IO.popen and talk over stdin/stdout.
| | 372095 [guidoderosa ] Well, if you worry about TCP not being optimal inside the same machine,
| + 372096 [guidoderosa ] "As blocks (or rather the Proc objects that represent them) are not
|   372098 [tony.arcieri] That's not an issue here. They're describing how blocks execute in the local
|   372100 [guidoderosa ] Still doesn't work.
|   372102 [tony.arcieri] Well yes, this isn't going to work, because you're talking to the File
|   372126 [guidoderosa ] My immediate, practical need is to deal with files; but in the longer
|   + 372219 [guidoderosa ] (documentation coming soon... :-)
|   + 372223 [b.candler po] That's just a side-effect of the multiple-assignment syntax (implicit
|     372235 [guidoderosa ] Yep. Thanks :-)
+ 372092 [shortcutter ] You cannot do that in a single process since Unix permissions and user

^ Is the problem with me or with the documentation?
372078 [nick nick-br] The Sinatra FAQ makes mention of the "escape_html()" method of

^ Rye - how to use passphrase?
372079 [terevos gmai] I'm new here, so excuse me if I am breaking one of the rules of
+ 372081 [justincollin] According to the docs, it's :password, not :passphrase.
| 372082 [terevos gmai] According to the docs, it says: ":password =3D> the user=E2=80=99s passwo=
+ 372101 [delano solut] I just fixed a bug related to this and pushed it in the 0.9.1 release.
  372131 [terevos gmai] Someone give this guy a medal. Same day bug report and fix!

^ A question about require when using Shoes
372083 [ruby.student] I am playing with Shoes and Ruby and wanted to use the Math library on my
+ 372120 [justincollin] The Math library is always available,  you do not need to require it.
+ 372124 [steve stevek] I think Justin is right, in that you should be able to just use Math,
  372144 [ruby.student] Gents,
  + 372147 [matt tidbits] True, but that is not the same as "requiring" Math. You'll notice you
  | 372150 [ruby.student] Matt,
  | 372621 [matt tidbits] include Math
  + 372148 [ashbbb gmail] # test.rb
    372156 [ruby.student] That "*include Math*" stmt worked fine.

^ Help with array
372087 [matthew.bost] I'm working through the rubykoans and I cannot figure out one of them.
372091 [Rob AgileCon] -Rob

^ How can I play sound using ruby?
372097 [flethuseo gm] I want to build a program where I will need to play sound from a wav
+ 372108 [phasis gmail] html
| 372450 [flethuseo gm] What has suggested by Park, worked.. Thank you Park.
+ 372421 [jim.mckercha] Have you installed the win32-api gem?

^ unable to download file from rubyforge.org
372103 [phasis gmail] I cannot download rubyinstaller file http://www.rubyinstaller.org/downloads/
+ 372107 [beagle4321_2] I went there and tried, but the server was offline.  I'd try again.
+ 372112 [erikfhoffman] s/
  + 372114 [phasis gmail] ds/
  + 372632 [tom infoethe] Incidentally, this was due to some discombobulation with the mirror =

^ What is This Construct?
372105 [travis.garri] I'm messing with a gem called eve-api.  I have a Perl and PHP
+ 372106 [steve stevek] ss
+ 372111 [ryand-ruby z] access
+ 372125 [travis.garri] Thanks.  After Steve's comment, I tried the exact thing that Ryan

^ Pixbuf not loading File -- NameError?
372109 [beagle4321_2] 64bit  Ubuntu 10.04
+ 372110 [phasis gmail] I think you should use Gdk::Pixbuf instead of Gtk::Pixbuf
+ 372171 [beagle4321_2] Thank you Park!!!!  I never would have noticed that.  They look so

^ rspec-2.0.1 is released!
372115 [dchelimsky g] ### rspec-core-2.0.1

^ Constant Lookup Confusion
372117 [josh.cheek g] Trying to dynamically set a constant, but I seem to either be defining it in
372121 [ammarabuali ] in
372141 [josh.cheek g] Thanks, Ammar.

^ find it's funny
372122 [john881021 y] so cheap hh

^ Find block in a long string
372128 [gregorylepac] I am parsing a rss feed and i am try to extract a specific element from
372129 [angel_steel ] Ruby has an RSS parser isn't it? Why not use it?
372137 [gregorylepac] I do use a rss parser. The rss parser was just here to explain what I am
372146 [gf.bozzetti ] Does this snippet solve your need?
372155 [gregorylepac] Thanks this is what I was looking for :)
372165 [shortcutter ] Kind regards

^ Re: windows messagebox example(s)
372136 [amittomer25 ] but Gentlemen is there any to show this meassage box on client side??
372326 [cbciv yahoo.] A couple of things.

^ Need email for listmaster
372142 [sean.mehan g] Sorry for noise, but I can't get hold of the list master.
372152 [devguy.ca gm] you mean un-subscriber off this maillist?

^ For the Ruby Newbie (?) with programming experience
372145 [dnorcott mts] I have had exposure to multiple programming languages and have made a
372159 [justincollin] This is a decent resource, but just beware that some of it is

^ While executing gem (Errno::ENOENT)
372153 [leonelsantos] I'm trying to help a co-worker install Ruby on Rails on his Windows 7
+ 372172 [luislavena g] Please provide the entire output of "gem env"
+ 372226 [leonelsantos] I think we found the problem. They have a weird network setup here. I

^ [ANN] isolate v3.0.0 release
372154 [jbarnette gm] Isolate is a very simple RubyGems sandbox. It provides a way to express =

^ YAML serialization of Hash with Set key not loadable
372157 [tgarnett pan] YAML serialization seems to be failing for me with any structure that
+ 372167 [aaron tender] This is a bug in Syck (the yaml parser / emitter in Ruby < 1.9.2).
+ 372185 [yermej gmail] I'm seeing the same behavior in 1.8.6p399 and 1.9.2rc2 so it's
| 372186 [vattibe gmai] Can anyone explain me a bit more about the use of set key in hash??
+ 372248 [tgarnett pan] Thanks all for the help.  Good to know that the issue is fixed in ruby

^ ifmapper 1.0.1
372161 [ggarra13 gma] IFMapper, the premier mapper for interactive fiction, has been updated

^ Separator in $PATH
372163 [stefano.miol] Unix-like operating systems use a colon to separate each directory in
372164 [djberg96 gma] directory in
372166 [stefano.miol] Many thanks, Dan.
372193 [gf.bozzetti ] string#split accept a regular expression
372199 [shortcutter ] Well, it works.  But it isn't helpful.

^ parse an xsd:date or xsd:datetime
372168 [rochkind jhu] I'd think there would be something built-in or in a commonly used
372169 [ammarabuali ] It is built into the Time and Date classes. See

^ nokogiri xml namespaces
372170 [rochkind jhu] So when using nokogiri xml_element.xpath(path), you can pass a second
372173 [aaron tender] There is no API for doing this.  However, I am open to suggestions.

^ wmi client gem for linux
372174 [botpena gmai] Is someone working on a wmi client gem that runs on *nix, similar to

^ Comparison error
372175 [zrgms aim.co] so i'm writing a program for class that tells the user if the person is
372177 [devguy.ca gm] 20 is not a string =), possible you want to do the following
372215 [b.candler po] Beware that it also has some other behaviour you might not expect.
372227 [devguy.ca gm] nice thanks for pointing that out =)

^ Folder Update Triggering
372176 [born2run000 ] Big time Ruby novice here; I apologize in advance.
372178 [angel_steel ] how about ruby-inotify ? http://raa.ruby-lang.org/project/ruby-inotify/
+ 372218 [shortcutter ] Alternative would be to lazily update the index whenever it is
| 372357 [born2run000 ] Robert,
| 372408 [reachme char] Brandon,
+ 372355 [born2run000 ] Thanks, Steel.  A big caveat I forgot to mention is that the folder(s)

^ Re: (and scheme lisp) x Python and modern langs [was Re: gossip, Guy Steel, Lojban, Racket]
372179 [namekuseijin] (pee 1 5 even?)

^ Help missing something BASIC
372181 [dnorcott mts] This code is conceptually what I want to do with the nokogiri code below
+ 372182 [dnorcott mts] Posted incorrect code for number array and should have said last item
+ 372197 [shortcutter ] le
  372231 [dnorcott mts] Thanks Robert
  372238 [shortcutter ] I'm sorry but this is ridiculous!
  372243 [dnorcott mts] Thanks for your help
  372247 [shortcutter ] There's also
  372272 [dnorcott mts] I have actualy taken this first tutorial plus a few more
  372275 [shortcutter ] From this posting of yours it's not clear to me what issue you have.
  372280 [dnorcott mts] My issue is not with anything you have shown me and not with my ability
  372297 [shortcutter ] The problem might lie in the term "contains".  Conceptually one would