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^ Ruby on web without RoR
371101 [jgnmello gma] Is possible to use only Ruby without Rails on web?
+ 371104 [jeremy bopp.] Ruby is a complete programming language with a large selection of
| 371109 [ryand-ruby z] bad answer. see steve's answer for an example of how to be helpful.
| + 371110 [wishdev gmai] Wow I can only imagine what my useless top posted message is going to get
| + 371112 [thiagown gma] Please ignore that Ryan Davis. I believe that any message besides his
| + 371113 [jeremy bopp.] Yes, everyone.  I answered poorly.  Please accept my most sincere apologies.
|   371169 [ryand-ruby z] apologies.
|   371170 [jeremy bopp.] You continue to create even more noise on this thread while never once
+ 371105 [steve stevek] Yes.
| 371108 [ryand-ruby z] _great_ answer (except for being a top post).
+ 371121 [code apotheo] Absolutely.
+ 371140 [josh.cheek g] 2010/10/4 Jo=E3o Mello <jgnmello@gmail.com>

^ [ANN] matz_en and matz_transrated twitter accounts
371117 [tony.arcieri] Many of you probably follow the matz_translated Twitter account, provided by
371119 [justincollin] Hrm...

^ rspec-2.0.0.rc is released
371118 [dchelimsky g] charset=us-ascii

^ Strip illegal characters from a file name
371123 [jack.zelig g] I have a program which takes a users details and saves them in a pdf.
371126 [reachme char] I've got a script that strips out invalid characters from TextMate
371152 [jack.zelig g] Hey that's really cool.

^ Re: "require" no such file to load
371125 [b.candler po] This means: ruby could not find any file called p030motorcycletest.rb in

^ Sinatra Application with ActivRecord 2.3.9 and MassAssignmen
371132 [astrid.kurbi] i tried my first sinatra application with ruby 1.9.2 and ActiveRecord
371135 [b.candler po] ActiveRecord is a component of Rails; I suggest you ask on a Rails forum

^ Broken link check for Authenticated Url using http,uri
371133 [shahpriyank0] I work on check all links in a site, so for that i fetch all links from
371329 [sandor.szuec] and

^ Tooltip with css_tt
371147 [bianca.steph] Using "css_tt" gem, I was able to create a tooltip.
371150 [jeremy bopp.] I'm not a CSS/HTML expert, but are you testing with the same version of
371227 [bianca.steph] Thanks for the answer.
371243 [jeremy bopp.] This doesn't appear to be a general Ruby problem, so this is probably

^ what is easies gui to install ? - tk, gtk, fxruby etc
371157 [jrubiando gm] What is the easiest gui to install and use with ruby such as tk, gtk,
+ 371160 [steve stevek] You can install qtruby by making sure you have qt4 installed, and then
| 371164 [jrubiando gm] This is as far as I got .. thanks
+ 371162 [jude.dashiel] Snow Leopard on a Mac!  Even if you're totally blind you can do it

^ Gem Mirror Yaml file
371165 [valblade gma] I do not succeed building the index (gem generate_index) (lake of
371179 [valblade gma] Reply is in

^ win32ole adodb.command AffectedRows howto?
371167 [lmuellerhome] Greetings,

^ Calling a method with an instance
371168 [prpaulroche ] instance that calls the instance. Here's my code.....
+ 371172 [jrubiando gm] dis1.discount_amount(dis1.amount, discount)
| 371173 [jrubiando gm] this works, but not sure if this approach is most sensible
| + 371175 [prpaulroche ] Thanks for this. What is the best way to go about dealing with a method
| | 371178 [jeremy bopp.] I think the comment about sensibility regards the passing of an object's
| + 371176 [wagner.andre] Um, I think you guys mean
+ 371174 [jeremy bopp.] There are a couple issues.  First of all, you are trying to use two

^ how to get rpm file with ruby ?
371171 [jrubiando gm] Neither of the methods below are able to download this rpm file. If
371180 [b.candler po] Please post the exact error message you see (or other symptom - e.g.

371182 [lparravi gma] $ gem install orgasmastron

^ How can I count number of elements in an HTML page
371181 [tester.paul ] want to count the number of items in a list on the page.  The
+ 371183 [jgabrielygal] I'd use Nokogiri. Off the top of my head, it would be something like (untes=
| 371208 [jgabrielygal] I am now at my computer so I can test this. It seems that
| 371224 [jazzezravi g] The "jazzez" gem lists -- Count for each and every html tag.
| 371225 [jazzezravi g] 3. Get the Html tags
+ 371184 [astahl hi5.c] Nokogiri allows direct access to HTML elements as data.  I use it a lot
+ 371185 [seanh1313 tx] I would say if you aren't exactly concerned with the content of the row.  Perhaps just counting the number of lines in the array?  I guess you would have to read in the page line by line...but that isn't too hard.
+ 371199 [angel_steel ] $html.scan(%r{<div.*first section.*</div>}m).to_s.scan(/<li>/).size
  371462 [tester.paul ] Thanks Steel.  This worked fine.  I just needed to make it a lazy
  + 371478 [jgabrielygal] You have to be careful, then, about all the possible combinations that
  + 371479 [josh.cheek g] I would try REXML, then. It's an XML parser in the standard library.

^ win32ole with Outlook2010 read email
371186 [dejan1 gmail] I am using the first script from this blog to read email from my inbox

^ soap4r orders multi-element sequences incorrectly?
371189 [jzipperle gm] I'm building an app using soap4r v1.5.8 and I've generated client stubs

^ How to call a method within another method
371190 [prpaulroche ] def  make_pay_loan
371194 [jeremy bopp.] I think you want to dynamically define one method from within another.
371201 [ryand-ruby z] But there is nothing dynamic about that solution. All you're doing is =
371203 [jeremy bopp.] All I'm doing is attempting to answer the question as asked without

^ Writing a Nim game in ruby
371192 [kingkongkill] wondering does anyone know how to help with this problem
371193 [astahl hi5.c] Uhh, what kind of help are you looking for?  Or did you just want
371212 [kingkongkill] Very true sir but I was short on time and if someone had already done it

^ Any XMLRPC library you can recomend?
371198 [albertschlef] I'm looking for an XMLRPC library. I don't need something fancy.

^ confused: instances or arrays?
371200 [prpaulroche ] Client
371205 [jeremy bopp.] The is_client_solvent? method is therefore equivalent to the bankrupt
371213 [shortcutter ] I'd rather say "object relationships" because that is the more general

^ Error  defining UI_need help urgently
371210 [datulravi gm] Please find the .txt file attached. I have been trying to build a
371219 [martindemell] You're missing a closing quote in your definition of prompt4. (A good
371237 [datulravi gm] Thanks martin... I moified it like u said but am getting the same error
371260 [martindemell] Do you have a syntax highlighting and indenting editor, or a ruby

^ how do i detect END OF FILE file in ruby
371215 [amittomer25 ] i would like to know how do i detect END OF FILE file in
+ 371217 [jgabrielygal] Usually the ways of reading a file in Ruby are higher level, where the
| 371220 [amittomer25 ] Am looking to configure mongrels's http_request.rb in
+ 371299 [devguy.ca gm] you can use IO.eof?

^ setting local variables in a binding
371221 [martindemell] Why does this not work?
+ 371232 [b.candler po] irb(main):001:0> b = binding
| 371256 [martindemell] Yes, didn't work there either. Didn't think to try 1.8 - wonder why
+ 371262 [john.sikora ] irb(main):001:0> x=4
| 371267 [martindemell] ruby-1.9.2-p0 > x = 5
| 371274 [tony.arcieri] Note that "binding" is the default argument of eval if you don't specify
| 371302 [john.sikora ] You are correct but the problem 'persists'. The following irb session in
| 371350 [shortcutter ] The reason is that Ruby looks at the source code to find out which are
| 371408 [john.sikora ] I mean that I have seen examples where people use, say '@var', outside
| 371418 [shortcutter ] So you have something like
| 371474 [john.sikora ] I don't like to top post even a little bit, but I want to apologize for
| 371522 [shortcutter ] Fluent speaking of Ruby makes it somewhat easier but even for me the=20
| 371757 [john.sikora ] Your remarks are always useful, and I appreciate them.
| 371796 [shortcutter ] In case you get two copies of this: First send attempt was returned by
+ 371792 [john.sikora ] By the way, I've been busy and not checking the forums too much lately.

^ Another issue with spamassassin
371223 [shortcutter ] that's the second time I get a reply like this.  Is there a way to
371795 [shortcutter ] This is the mail system at host carbon.ruby-lang.org.
371813 [brabuhr gmai] in

^ XML-RPC WEBrick problem (error during method invocation)
371226 [moog_master ] I have a university assignement, and i am stuck. I am supposed to create
371265 [jeremy bopp.] The server code is incomplete.  I managed to get something to work and
+ 371276 [moog_master ] Well, the problem for me is that i already know i am close. I was
| + 371304 [albertschlef] "watch the output of your server while you run your client". Look at
| + 371316 [jeremy bopp.] The problem is that you are so near to finding the solution to your
|   371359 [moog_master ] Look closer at that server output, and don't discount anything out of
|   371362 [moog_master ] Scratch that, i figured that part out. I was just having type errors
+ 371368 [moog_master ] I attempted a fresh start without using WEBrick.
  371370 [moog_master ] i would love to have the facepalming moment myself :D
  371383 [jeremy bopp.] Excellent!  In your original example you were doing exactly that with

^ Another Ruby Conf Speaker needing to pull out the Tin Cup.
371238 [rick.denatal] Ellie,
371465 [eleanor game] can now afford not only my roundtrip flight from London to New Orleans =

^ "map" a deeply nested structure: Object#deep_map
371239 [guidoderosa ] most of you probably know/use Ruby Facets
371241 [shortcutter ] 15a35f06af36
371247 [guidoderosa ] I was not interested in mapping keys, but this would be a reasonable
371324 [shortcutter ] OTOH you say you want to mimic #map behavior and since this is part of
371333 [guidoderosa ] Right.
+ 371334 [guidoderosa ] Ouch! It actually returns an Array of key-value pairs. Sorry for the
+ 371335 [shortcutter ] CYGWIN_NT-5.1 padrklemme2 1.7.7(0.230/5/3) 2010-08-31 09:58 i686 Cygwin
  371352 [guidoderosa ] This is embarrassing but I'm thinking - right now - that I made some
  371380 [transfire gm] Perhaps what is being sought here is a form of search and replace.
  371391 [guidoderosa ] Here's a deeply nested object; replace any "content" n which is a
  371403 [transfire gm] Indeed there is. In fact that is something akin to how the new Facets

^ runtime evaluation of variables
371242 [romaric.ludi] I'm currently working with ruby and set_trace_func function. I need to

^ RDoc doesn't create diagrams
371244 [tasos.laskos] I'm having a problem with rdoc.

^ named parameters in ruby?
371246 [chuchelo gma] Ruby does not support named parameter for now as all of you know.
+ 371377 [shortcutter ] That's really the best solution available today.
+ 371399 [b.candler po] a = A.new
  371423 [mentionuse g] One thing to remember about this idiom is what happens when you try

^ progromatic download of rpm file
371249 [jrubiando gm] not sure why neither of these ways to download an rpm from ruby don't
371251 [jgabrielygal] require 'open-uri'

^ A Real World example for Ruby to "compiled" version discussion
371250 [phil pricom.] People,
+ 371291 [ryand-ruby z] looked at (eg RubyInline) is that the performance problem comes in in =
| 371355 [shortcutter ] ked at (eg RubyInline) is that the performance problem comes in in repeatin=
| 371430 [phil pricom.] People,
| + 371438 [cmdjackryan ] [snip /]
| | + 371443 [phil pricom.] Phillip,
| | + 372353 [headius head] Re JRuby: Eventually, yes...the current compiler is largely unchanged
| + 371466 [joelvanderwe] Traffic simulation has an analogous distinction: microscopic (traffic as
|   371470 [phil pricom.] Joel.
+ 371372 [wruyahoo05 c] How much data is carried for each individual? a few alleles? a lot? the

^ UnboundMethod#source_location in Ruby 1.8.7
371252 [transfire gm] Any way to emulate UnboundMethod#source_location in Ruby 1.8.7? I am

^ interesting irb experiment
371254 [jude.dashiel] J=3D126*rand+33.round
+ 371258 [b.candler po] You're not showing actual copy-pasted code nor error message, but at a
+ 371259 [stefano.croc] I don't know what you want to obtain. If you want the character with code
  371263 [jude.dashiel] Brian, thanks for the reminder on rand() notation, I was able to use

^ Error when using class variables with operators
371255 [prpaulroche ] message........
371257 [stefano.croc] It means that @@target1 is nil. Try
371261 [prpaulroche ] The problem is I intialise the attributes first.......
+ 371268 [jeremy bopp.] You don't need @@ in order to make off_target accessible.  That method
| 371271 [jeremy bopp.] Hmm.  Looking closer at what you're trying to do, I see that you do need
| 371278 [prpaulroche ] Thanks guys for the help. Stefano, I stuck a 'p' in and I got a nil.
+ 371269 [stefano.croc] I truly can't understand how your code should work. However, here are some

^ urgent help needed! unable to locate syntax errors
371264 [datulravi gm] Please find the txt file for the ruby program attached.
+ 371272 [devguy.ca gm] you should learn to read the error message it's telling you were the
+ 371273 [martindemell] Your code has a bunch of errors, all of which will need to be fixed.

^ [ANN]  October Phoenix Ruby User Group Meeting
371270 [james.britt ] October Phoenix Ruby User Group Meeting

^ minitest randomization
371277 [alexch gmail] Minitest was intended to be a minimal replacement for Test::Unit and =
+ 371285 [steve stevek] The best solution would be to make the execution random, but the
| 371290 [ryand-ruby z] that's not a bad idea at all... but it would be DAMN confusing if you =
+ 371289 [ryand-ruby z] which a single test is failing.
  371482 [alexch gmail] Sorry, read "wc" wrong -- they both have about 1100 lines of code.
  371512 [alexch gmail] charset=us-ascii
  + 371516 [ryand-ruby z] Idempotency is a red-herring. There is nothing about the xunit =
  | + 371518 [colinb2r goo] I haven't made any psychological tests on this, but I suspect that if I'm
  | | 371530 [ryand-ruby z] output be
  | + 371537 [redstun gmai] when running in console, is it possible to highlight test failures/errors
  |   371687 [ryand-ruby z] failures/errors
  + 371540 [alexch gmail] (Apologies if the quotes don't come out right in plain text -- I'm using

^ looping through array starting at i !=0
371279 [edvelez.g gm] I want to loop through this array, but not for every index.. only
371282 [becker qagis] @weights[2..-1].each_index{|i|
371349 [shortcutter ] That would be

^ Missing @ for instace variable in class, but no error message
371280 [mail ssalews] Some days ago I was defining a class, but forgot to use the leading @
+ 371281 [tony.arcieri] attr_accessor defines the Test#a method which is a getter for the @a
+ 371283 [wagner.andre] attr_accessor actually defines a public instance method, named 'a'. That
  371284 [jeremy bopp.] Beware of attempting to use the bare a= accessor within an instance
  371305 [john.sikora ] Jeremy raises an excellent point. I wish I had read this post a few days
  371308 [jeremy bopp.] Thanks go to Dave Thomas, Chad Fowler, Andy Hunt, and their book

^ Why does Module#include exclude the module's metaclass?
371286 [jrmair gmail] When classes are inherited in Ruby the singleton classes are also
+ 371288 [botpena gmai] ok. single inheritance
| 371292 [jrmair gmail] Hehe,
| 371297 [botpena gmai] single inheritance for class includes their singletons. single class
+ 371294 [shyouhei rub] The former.
| 371300 [jrmair gmail] Thanks for your reply.
| 371351 [shyouhei rub] =20
| 371360 [jrmair gmail] @Urabe,
+ 371311 [transfire gm] For no good reason other than a purely theoretical misconception
  + 371314 [botpena gmai] matz has humbly commented on this...
  + 371320 [jrmair gmail] @Thomas,

^ how many seconds old am i?
371293 [penta2100 ho] for some reason line 6 doesnt work.i converted it into a integer but
+ 371296 [penta2100 ho] heres the file
| 371295 [penta2100 ho] wrong one.lol
+ 371298 [astahl hi5.c] You didn't save the result of .to_i.
  371306 [ryand-ruby z] As much as I dislike doing someone's homework for them... *shudder* I =
  + 371313 [albertschlef] Are you... 240 years old?
  | + 371319 [cmdjackryan ] You forgot to account for the lack of 400 seconds  (6.666... minutes!) a day. ;)
  | + 371363 [rick.denatal] That might explain why Ryan seems to get, shall we say, a bit
  |   371394 [ryand-ruby z] Pththththt
  + 371397 [penta2100 ho] This isn't homework. i was doing a tutorial and it said make a app that

^ rescuing a function
371301 [courtlandall] I've normally handled exceptions by "rescuing functions" in roughly this
371303 [dhruva.sagar] Are you sure that you don't have *args in your code instead of just args ?
371307 [jeremy bopp.] Actually, *args is certain to be initialized.  If no arguments are
+ 371309 [courtlandall] Yep it still gives a warning when I define a default value for the argument,
| 371348 [shortcutter ] Yes, certainly.  You could open a bug report.  What IDE is it?
+ 371312 [dhruva.sagar] Interesting...yea I didn't think of that