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^ Module design acceptable practices questions..
370723 [web.gma gmai] Module design acceptable practices questions..
370735 [shortcutter ] I cannot recall having seen a module implementer attempt this.  If at

^ Accessing variables of instances in an array?
370728 [prpaulroche ] listb = [instance1, instance2, instance3]
370730 [jeremy bopp.] an_arry.each { |item| puts "#{item.name} #{item.age}" }
370733 [prpaulroche ] Thanks Jeremy, that does the job. By the way is 'item' a keyword?
370734 [jeremy bopp.] No, item is not a keyword.  You can replace that with any valid variable

^ New At WATIR
370736 [maddreamer10] I am new at both ruby and WATIR and have ran into a problem when trying
370748 [skim.la gmai] ...

^ Can't upgrade ruby on Snow Leopard
370740 [azzzz gmx.ne] ...and everything seems to go ok. I do ruby -v and I'm told I have
+ 370741 [mentionuse g] Have you considered looking at rvm?
| 370742 [azzzz gmx.ne] I originally have RVM installed, but it kept throwing errors every now
+ 370744 [jose.halesga] It seems it's a problem with your paths variable.  You should see that =
| 370745 [azzzz gmx.ne] /usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/git/bin:/usr/X11/bin:/usr/local/mysql/bin
| 370746 [jose.halesga] charset=us-ascii
| 370747 [azzzz gmx.ne] /bin/bash
| 370749 [jose.halesga] charset=us-ascii
| 370773 [azzzz gmx.ne] export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/mysql/bin
+ 370752 [sentinel1879] 1. fink is obsolete, please use macports over fink.
  + 370774 [azzzz gmx.ne] Thanks for the heads up about Fink - it is still listed on the rails
  + 370778 [jose.halesga] charset=us-ascii
    370905 [sentinel1879] Strangely, whenever I did an OS upgrade using Software Update, (and I

^ ruby-1.9.2-p0 fails to to build
370750 [vwyodapink g] I am trying to get ruby set up on a gumstix overo running angstrom linux
370753 [ryand-ruby z] You're missing an existing ruby. Unfortunately, the current build =
+ 370754 [vwyodapink g] Ahhh ok thanks for the info hadnt ever seen that before. I will build an
+ 370787 [onepoint sta] And those of  us who build everything from source  and have no package
  370793 [luislavena g] ild
  + 370794 [luislavena g] age
  + 370801 [onepoint sta] Thanks.  Will that  work just for now, or  indefinitely?  What happens
    370805 [ryand-ruby z] worry about it when it happens.

^ [ANN] mcbean 0.4.0 Released
370759 [mike.dalessi] mcbean version 0.4.0 has been released!

^ Re: Turning off WEBRick server logging (XMLRPC)
370766 [gal bar-or.c] Have you found a solution to this that did/does not require modifying

^ rspec question
370768 [wagner.andre] thing I'm describing
370775 [luislavena g] You need a custom formatter

^ Ruby Groups/Meetings
370770 [laurenqtbr g] Any ruby groups out there for membership?
370772 [jstewart fus] Here's a list of Ruby User Groups worldwide. Oddly, my hometown User
370777 [dhruva.sagar] @Jason, where's the list?
+ 370780 [jstewart fus] I knew somebody would be needing that link sooner or later :)
| 370795 [ryand-ruby z] I'd never heard of that website and Seattle.rb isn't on it. Google is =
| 370821 [jstewart fus] Seattle.rb is a pretty huge oversight. I found the link on
+ 370782 [jgabrielygal] ...

^ Need help installing Appscript on MAC OSX 10.4.11 Power PC
370776 [jalbers bsu.] I downloaded appscript and it is unzipped.  I started up terminal and
371222 [groups.2009a] I'm afraid that's really your best option. The version of Ruby that =

^ GetoptLong usage
370779 [RichardDummy] I'm using Example: http://rubylearning.com/satishtalim/ruby_arrays.html
370783 [stefano.croc] As you can see from the link you posted, the constant name is
370786 [RichardDummy] =A0 =A0 # Line 10

^ module MyMod::MyOtherMod question
370788 [web.gma gmai] Can someone please explain what the difference is?
370789 [web.gma gmai] module A::B
370792 [b.candler po] Yes. But even then,
370813 [adrfer yahoo] The constant that classes are assigned to when defined may be prefixed

^ rvm install problems on Ubuntu 10.04
370790 [samweber01 g] Trying to get Ruby v1.9.2 running on Ubuntu v10.04.  Other users

^ How to prevent overwriting methods by accident?
370796 [mail ssalews] In Ruby we can add new methods to existing classes.
+ 370797 [jeremy bopp.] class String
| 370800 [astahl hi5.c] But is there a way to call the original method instead of just quitting
| + 370803 [josh.cheek g] The super keyword does this, I'm not really sure what it is, a macro maybe?
| | 370806 [b.candler po] No it doesn't; not if you redefine a method in the same class.
| | + 370810 [astahl hi5.c] I noticed that too.  Super works fine in cases of inheritance, but the
| | | 370848 [b.candler po] In Ruby, the current object is "self". Inside a 'class' definition, it's
| | + 370850 [josh.cheek g] Whoops. Thanks, my brain swapped override and overwrite.
| + 370809 [jeremy bopp.] If you want to know if you can conditionally define the method and skip
|   370853 [jgabrielygal] Shouldn't we be using respond_to? instead of method_defined? or
|   370854 [b.candler po] respond_to? only works on instances of objects, not when you're within
|   370855 [jgabrielygal] Ah, you are right, I missed that we were not in an instance...
+ 370798 [b.candler po] $ ruby -w -e 'class String; def length; end; end'

^ Small graphics library?
370802 [sutniuq gmx.] Does somebody know about a rather small graphics library for Ruby?
+ 370804 [rogerpack200] The only thing I can think of would be to 'wrap' java's built in
+ 370827 [joelvanderwe] does this help? haven't used it myself...
  370866 [sutniuq gmx.] That one looks really good, but it seems it can't handle the case of

^ system() command line args
370807 [misterljones] System command won¡Çt work with arguments.
+ 370811 [jeremy bopp.] I can't explain what the problem is, but if you add .exe to the command
+ 370814 [luislavena g] Please always indicate which version of Ruby are you talking about
  370869 [misterljones] Thanks for your response...
  + 370870 [jeremy bopp.] What version of Ruby are you using?  Send us the results of running ruby
  + 370910 [reachme char] You need to let us know what version of Ruby you're using. Type ruby
    370945 [misterljones] Thanks Charles,

^ Microsoft Word metadata extraction query
370808 [stuart.clark] Hey all,
370820 [david.mullet] Not sure if this can be done by "scanning the file".
+ 370822 [perl2ruby gm] Try to run strings (see man strings) on the word doc and see if there
+ 370891 [stuart.clark] David,
  370957 [david.mullet] Ah, you're working with JRuby. Unlike standard Ruby (on Windows),
  + 370973 [stuart.clark] David,
  + 370974 [stuart.clark] David,

^ use net:smtp behind the proxy
370815 [peterpeiguo ] I would like to use net:smtp to send email through smtp.gmail.com. The
370847 [b.candler po] What sort of proxy? SOCKS4/5? Something else?

^ Convert ellipsis to utf-8
370816 [rahul.thatho] I have a string consisting of 3 periods: "...". I want to convert it
370823 [markus fisch] ruby-1.9.2-p0 > puts "foo...bar".gsub!('...', "\u2026")

^ Re: Metadata 0.2
370817 [dandante dan] available as a gem?
370818 [wishdev gmai] You really are going to take the time to open up a 3+ year old thread on a
370819 [dandante dan] My post did not show up (on ruby-forum.com) the first time.

^ Syntax error
370825 [vidgameteste] ERROR
370828 [astahl hi5.c] What are you expecting the "x:y" statement to do?  I ask because I'm not
370829 [vidgameteste] Sorry I forgot to post this.
+ 370830 [john.sikora ] If I read the example correctly, the colon (:) should be a semi-colon
| 370831 [vidgameteste] Test6.rb:4 syntax error, unexpected ';', tCOLON2 or '[' or '.'
| 370832 [justincollin] As the page notes, this was introduced in Ruby 1.9.1. I'm guessing you
| 370833 [vidgameteste] I was, then I downloaded and installed version 1.9.2
| 370834 [john.sikora ] Yes, I saw the same error in 1.8.6 but not in 1.9.2.
| 370837 [astahl hi5.c] Works fine on 1.8.7.
| 370839 [vidgameteste] I tried 1.8.6, and 1.9.2
+ 370835 [astahl hi5.c] Got it - in your code, you typed ":", while the example uses ";".
  370836 [vidgameteste] I realised that mistake of using : instead of ;
  370838 [john.sikora ] One other note: you have an uppercase X instead of a lower case x.
  370840 [vidgameteste] I looked at the code there was no uppercase x, I am baffled.
  370841 [john.sikora ] I think that you are still using 1.8.6 when you get this. Look at the
  370842 [vidgameteste] Sorry, my fault it was still, 1.8.6. My apologizes.
  370843 [john.sikora ] No problem. Have fun.

^ how can we make a ruby compiler
370844 [r thevoid1.n] how can we make a thing that compiles ruby into c++ source code?
+ 370845 [robert.dober] Short answer: You cant
| + 370857 [edmond.kacha] 2010/10/1 Robert Dober <robert.dober@gmail.com>
| + 370873 [tony.arcieri] It's possible, although many language features can't be supported, most
|   + 370875 [robert.dober] I would have appreciated a context aware citation, e.g. including my
|   + 370876 [rogerpack200] Well, I would disagree slightly.  Not impossible, just dang hard to
+ 370859 [eleanor game] It's possible in principle, but in practice you'd end up building a ruby =
+ 370867 [rogerpack200] basically you'd need to "parse" the ruby, and then convert it into C++
| 370871 [luc.traonmil] This might be slightly off-topic but something interesting would be to
| 370874 [cremes.devli] It just hit release 1.1.0 and is looking really good. Most of the standard library is in Ruby while certain portions are written in C++. The goal is to move *more* of it to Ruby as the compiler and JIT get more intelligent.
| 370877 [rogerpack200] As a note to the rubinius guys, if you're out there and listening...
+ 370882 [transfire gm] * http://confreaks.net/system/assets/datas/234/original/20-nov-2009-09-30-t=
| 370923 [rogerpack200] Caleb's work into this is very interesting, though I'll admit there's
| 370927 [robert.dober] I do not think you have to add type information in Clojure, you can,
+ 370884 [martindemell] If you really want to explore ruby compilation, you could look into
+ 370896 [ryand-ruby z] What's "awesome" is that not a soul on this thread has asked you a =
| + 370920 [ammarabuali ] You just ruined the "awesome" by asking them. Didn't you? Just kidding.
| | 370944 [ryand-ruby z] Then why do you bother with this mailing list? You might as well =
| | 370967 [phil pricom.] Ryan,
| | 370989 [martindemell] rly
| | 371094 [ryand-ruby z] That's true of zenobfuscate but not true of ruby2c.
| + 371096 [tony.arcieri] Perhaps the most straightforward answer for wanting a Hiphop or
|   + 371097 [ryand-ruby z] single
|   | 371100 [tony.arcieri] Given the OP hasn't responded to any of the discussion, the world may never
|   + 371120 [no spam.plea] And in all the world, there are how many companies that have a
|   | 371127 [hramrach cen] The lack of reliability is not caused by using a less traditional
|   | 371129 [space.ship.t] language
|   | 371130 [ryand-ruby z] impossible to compile it adequately. This is because compilation is all =
|   | 371136 [space.ship.t] Dear Ryan,
|   | + 371138 [space.ship.t] example.
|   | + 371141 [shyouhei rub] Rhino 1.7 release 2 2010 01 20
|   | + 371153 [rick.denatal] please keep in mind this is simply my perspective based on my experience.
|   |   371154 [wruyahoo05 c] Thanks to MIT's open course ware program, 21 hours of video of Sussman
|   |   371156 [phil pricom.] Bill,
|   |   + 371158 [tony.arcieri] SICP is actually aimed at freshmen at MIT. So I might be inclined to say
|   |   | 371161 [namekuseijin] freshmen at MIT are higher level than your average joe.  Plus, they
|   |   | 371163 [tony.arcieri] I've never read the wizard book but I've watched the Ableson/Sussman
|   |   + 371187 [wruyahoo05 c] The book was the text for the introductory programming course at MIT.
|   |     371196 [eleanor game] reasons. Now a compiler for a different language that has a distant =
|   |     371233 [wruyahoo05 c] I have just reread all the messages in this thread and decided not to
|   |     371234 [rick.denatal] It's not clear from this whether he has actually tried to recode the
|   + 371202 [mo_mail ongh] If you get to that scale (and are hopefully making money by then or have
|     371204 [tony.arcieri] This is pretty much a staple of static type inferencers for dynamic
|     + 371231 [rick.denatal] This is very true.  Dipping into what seems to have been attempted in
|     | 371235 [eleanor game] Funnily enough this is one of the inspirations behind my golightly[0] =
|     | 371240 [rick.denatal] mentation of Lisp (or more often than not Lisp and several other languages)=
|     | 371287 [eleanor game] I don't think anyone's done this particularly well to date, in large =
|     | 371401 [eblumenfeld ] I may be wrong, but I've read that IronRuby can be set to allow
|     + 371245 [frank-lesser] Ruby can be dynamically translated ( = jitted ) as Smalltalk is.
+ 371155 [namekuseijin] 1) static type-inferencing analyzers/compilers wouldn't help much in a

^ [ANN] kramdown 0.11.0 released
370851 [t_leitner gm] ## About kramdown

^ Question regarding pik/ruby/jRuby
370852 [jtmiller gma] I'm very new with Ruby, and am going through Chris Pine's *Learn to Program=
+ 370868 [rogerpack200] Yeah unfortunately it doesn't.  You could, however, create a file
+ 372384 [daniel.l.gre] So you don't feel too left out, pik and RVM do similar things, but yes,

^ ANNOUNCE - NHI1 / PLMK / libmsgque - Work-Package-II
370856 [aotto1968 us] Dear User,

^ Bug in 1.8.7-p249, the version shipped with Ubuntu 10.04
370861 [transfire gm] I recently upgraded from 1.8.7-p72 to 1.8.7-p249 and a piece of code
+ 370864 [shyouhei rub] Yes and fixed already.  Try a newer patchlevel.
| 370879 [transfire gm] Thanks. I was hoping the Debian/Ubuntu package maintainer would get
+ 370886 [lucas lucas-] Would you mind reporting this as a bug on

^ Ignore
370862 [transfire gm] Please excuse the noise. There appears to be some issues with posting

^ ANN: Sequel 3.16.0 Released
370872 [code jeremye] Sequel is a lightweight database access toolkit for Ruby.

^ New to Ruby, Looking for Help With Basic Program
370878 [monkeymica y] I am teaching myself Ruby and am trying to figure out why this program
+ 370880 [rick.denatal] This says 'paraphrasing"
| 370881 [monkeymica y] Thanks Rick -
| 370887 [jeremy bopp.] That while condition is only evaluated at the beginning of each pass
| 370888 [monkeymica y] if year1.to_i % 4 == 0
| 370890 [jeremy bopp.] I have another suggestion to help simplify your code a bit.  Replace
| + 370893 [jtmiller gma] Mica, are you going through the book *Learn to Program* by Chris Pine?
| + 370921 [thopre gmail] you don't need  chomp
+ 370883 [jude.dashiel] UHJvYmFibHkgYmVjYXVzZSBjaG9tcC5nZXRzIHdpbGwgd29yayBiZXR0ZXIuICBUaGUgZ2V0cy5j
| 370885 [justincollin] That is completely backwards. The OP has it right.
+ 370895 [adrfer yahoo] year1 = 1987
+ 370924 [w_a_x_man ya] puts (1987..1999).select{|n| 0 =3D=3D n%4 }

^ scrubyt scraper help
370889 [cwatts westm] I'm scraping all the information that I need correctly.  I'm very

^ Can't convert Float into String
370892 [vidgameteste] The error is p018arrays.rb:37:in '[]=' can't convert Float into String
+ 370902 [sentinel1879] you have reassigned name to a string. Now you are inputting a float into
| 370903 [sentinel1879] On second thought, if you are actually trying to stuff a float into a
+ 370904 [nobuoka r-de] The String object, "Prune", is substituted for variable [name] in the
+ 370911 [b.candler po] That assigns 'Prune' to name (so name is no longer pointing to an Array,
  370936 [vidgameteste] # p018arrays.rb

^ Ruby String: How do I strip anything between two parenthesis
370897 [frank.guerin] Given a string that contains one or more substrings within parenthesis,
+ 370898 [hassan.schro] => "This is (variable length substring #1) (variable length\nsubstring
+ 370899 [angel_steel ] Non regex way
+ 370907 [josh.cheek g] What if your substrings have parentheses in them? How do you know, when you
| 370908 [timrandg gma] I'd go with regex, but we need more cases with expected results to
| + 370909 [timrandg gma] By the way, one of my favorite books of all time is O'reilly book on
| + 370913 [jgabrielygal] irb(main):001:0> "something (this should be stripped), but not this,
+ 370925 [w_a_x_man ya] my_string =3D "This is (variable length substring #1) " +
  370943 [mentionuse g] substring = "something) else"

^ The Third Ruby - Ever Comes Out at Night?
370912 [rubfor recit] Often you see that Ruby can be object-oriented, functional or
+ 370914 [jgabrielygal] Statements and top-level methods, but no classes?
+ 370915 [huard.elise ] I guess you could work only with modules and class methods, and avoid
| 370916 [jgabrielygal] As I understand it, you wouldn't use classes or modules at all. Only
| 370918 [huard.elise ] I guess. This top-level approach would only take you so far - though
| 370919 [rubfor recit] Prior to the advent of OO, we used procedural styles, and we still had
| + 370932 [shortcutter ] Well, prior to automobiles people had to get from A to B, too.  Ah, the
| + 370934 [huard.elise ] I think you misunderstood what I wanted to say (I wasn't very clear).
|   + 370935 [huard.elise ] but before that, my main point was that trying to use Ruby
|   | 370938 [rubfor recit] It's beginning to firm up up in my mind.
|   | 370941 [shortcutter ] More importantly: they are connected!  Methods work on an instance's
|   + 371131 [jrmair gmail] The Ruby 'require' functionality is much closer to the C paradigm of
|     371207 [rubfor recit] An interesting feature of Ruby is that a module can contain a nested
|     371211 [shortcutter ] I think there are two structuring mechanisms that should probably be
|     371228 [rubfor recit] That's what I was floating.
|     371230 [shortcutter ] Does he know Ruby?  If so, why did PHP impress him more?  That would
+ 371214 [groups.2009a] is
  371229 [rubfor recit] The only thing is your data never manipulates itself. You always have to