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^ A problem with Gem
369940 [zqyking gmai] I'm download the Ruby version 1.9.2-p0,and compile and install it,on
369942 [zqyking gmai] my system is openSUSE 11.1, in the system software resource is too low
369950 [b.candler po] I think that's your problem.
369962 [glennj ncf.c] In my (brief) experience (building Ruby in Cygwin), in addition to the
369969 [b.candler po] In Unix that shouldn't be necessary, as long as openssl-devel was

^ Twitter script since oAuth
369943 [jeff.greelis] I had a script working with basic authinecation pulling from out local
369944 [skim.la gmai] You can use the twitter gem to post once you have the oauth token or even

^ method_missing
369951 [diego.viola ] This is my first email that I send to this ML, so hi everyone :)
+ 369953 [botpena gmai] what is in the docs that you do not understand?
+ 369958 [b.candler po] class Foo
  369985 [diego.viola ] Nice, so method_missing is called when I call a method that I didn't
  369987 [rick.denatal] It's called when a message is sent to an object which doesn't have a
  369988 [astahl hi5.c] method_missing is a great tool for dynamically adding/handling methods
  370004 [diego.viola ] but why do i get a: asd.rb:6:in `method_missing': wrong number of
  370014 [b.candler po] Run the code I first posted again, and look at the output carefully.

^ Developing for Ruby on Windows?
369952 [tom tomwardr] I've heard a lot of criticism about developing for Ruby on Windows, but
+ 369955 [sutniuq gmx.] My personal opinion about this is that developing on Windows is not as
| 369957 [mo_mail ongh] Barring ideology, there are, in my opinion, two main annoyances in
| 369963 [reachme char] Much of the criticism, I believe, comes from cultural rather than
+ 369956 [richard.conr] There is quite a few reasons, the main one is that Ruby assumes a POSIX
| 369959 [jontyjont bt] I totally agree with Richard - I am stuck with windows mostly as I got
| 369965 [reachme char] done,
| 370324 [jontyjont bt] Ahh, many thanks charles - I hadn't spotted pik yet, looks great I
+ 369961 [eldestdamphy] The bulk of my development work is on Windows  and it has been since I
+ 370046 [code apotheo] I'll be sorta treading the same ground as some other people who
+ 370287 [rogerpack200] I've heard a lot of criticism about developing for Ruby on Windows, but

^ Get hours, seconds and time from Date.day_fraction_to_time
369954 [dierre gmail] start = DateTime.now
370006 [colinb2r goo] See below at *** for two "work-arounds" which seem to allow you to do what
370017 [dierre gmail] Thanks for the answer. Could you examplain me the wrapper in detail,
370045 [colinb2r goo] I'm not surprised that "class << self" isn't clear to you. It wasn't clear

^ sequel (load error) - used in production PC
369960 [dglnz2 gmail] I've got my development PC and all programs work.

^ Re: Use of ? in variable names
369964 [ruby silasda] I would also support this, and I have another case. I often use the
369966 [b.candler po] You assume wrongly.
369968 [b.candler po] nil and false are objects too.

^ Prawn table cell too tall
369967 [mcieong yaho] Prawn will move the complete row to the next page, and left the last

^ Windows Filetime
369970 [stuart.clark] Hey all,
369973 [b.candler po] Google "ruby windows timestamp" (without the quotes)
+ 369975 [chris.hulan ] ibrary/ms724284(VS.85).aspx
| 370124 [stuart.clark] puts Win32::Registry.wtime2time(185714508829513297)
| 370129 [b.candler po] To be a useful error report, you must post the *exact* exception message
| 370143 [stuart.clark] Apologies, I meant to copy it in. Please see below.
+ 369976 [stuart.clark] Thanks, I had the documentation, but the ruby link is new on me. Thanks

^ Printing part what's found with a regex
369974 [edvelez.g gm] I'm trying to build a program that filters
369977 [jonathan jmn] You will find that portions of the regex marked with parentheses will be
369978 [edvelez.g gm] hmm I'm trying to print this variable
369979 [edvelez.g gm] Ah just realized it is in variable $1.
369981 [jonathan jmn] Ah yes, that'll be it.  Sorry, I wasn't paying attention to what was inside

^ How to initialize the object of expression?
369980 [imelody msn.] It has a lot of expressions in a file.
369983 [botpena gmai] ri String#split

^ ruby regexpresion
369989 [ruwanb gmail] I want to parse the following few things from the above string
+ 369992 [b.candler po] bits about regular expressions.
+ 369993 [jeremy bopp.] The following example will work for your singular example, but it's
| 369999 [ruwanb gmail] Jeremy thanks so much for your help......it works.
| 370002 [jeremy bopp.] Sure thing.  Especially when you're learning about regular expressions
+ 370000 [pfharlock gm] another answer is
  370001 [pfharlock gm] sorry, I lied, the first captured group would be " mamamea this "

^ Re: More seats on sale today
369990 [ymendel pobo] re announced? That just seems really backwards to me.

^ search and replace
369991 [edvelez.g gm] I want to be able to run a program that will do a bunch
+ 369994 [pfharlock gm] try
| 369996 [pfharlock gm] forgot to add, the output is
+ 369995 [b.candler po] Have you got something simple working yet? For example, you could write
+ 369998 [jeremy bopp.] changes = [
| 370005 [edvelez.g gm] That one almost works but it needs to do the
| 370007 [jeremy bopp.] I'm not sure what you mean by only replacing the first occurrence.  Are
+ 370009 [angel_steel ] search=%w[one four]
  370025 [edvelez.g gm] Both solutions almost work, only that I want the first instance to be
  370026 [jeremy bopp.] Alright, so you only want a search/replace pair to apply to a single
  370027 [edvelez.g gm] Hmm it works perfect for what I asked.. but I realized I will probably
  370033 [jeremy bopp.] The example I sent should do exactly what you're saying here.  Are you

^ composition vs 'leaf-class mixins' (vs class inheritance)
370003 [woody.peters] I have a design question inspired by Rails 3 internals. In Design
+ 370016 [b.candler po] That to me is awful. The logic is obfuscated; the order in which the
| 370030 [robert.dober] I have given this post quite some thoughts (for a change ;) and I
| 370368 [woody.peters] Robert, if I understand you correctly, you're saying my 'composition'
| 370377 [shortcutter ] I believe inheritance is overrated and often overused.  In teaching
+ 370375 [shortcutter ] That would be a poor Neo who's skill set never changes.

^ open for exclusive read
370008 [ralphs dos32] I am on a Windows machine.

^ using send to define object methods
370010 [dmiller teco] If I want to add a method to a class, I can use send as shown below.  Is
+ 370012 [nobuoka r-de] If you execute your script on Ruby 1.9, you can use
+ 370013 [b.candler po] object_poof = Object.new

^ Ruby regexpresion, error? :-(
370018 [imelody msn.] I want to match last chars of the line,
+ 370019 [b.candler po] /as$/ means "match 'a' then 's' then end-of-line". But there is a
| 370020 [imelody msn.] Dear Brian Candler, thank you very much, but still have problem.
| + 370022 [angel_steel ] then do this
| | 370023 [imelody msn.] Thank you,Steel Steel,But why cannot use regexpresion?
| | 370024 [angel_steel ] yes you can use regexp. But your requirement is simple. So simple string
| + 370029 [b.candler po] Change
|   370067 [shortcutter ] OP, I suggest you do this and post the outcome - then we can see what
+ 370021 [angel_steel ] i see that you are actually wanting to match "as" at the end of

^ Problem on an example from ruby-lang.org
370031 [awvalenti gm] I'm new to Ruby and I've been taking a look at the "Getting Started"
370037 [b.candler po] Which bit of "please don't do this" don't you understand? :-)

^ Ruby-based data language
370039 [transfire gm] Has anyone ever endeavored to create a data/configuration file format
370040 [b.candler po] Which bit of Ruby syntax are you thinking of?
370203 [transfire gm] Yes, I should have been more specific. This is what I mean. A longer
+ 370208 [wyhaines gma] Enough for what? To trust arbitrary configurations that are executable Ruby?
+ 370217 [b.candler po] You could make a parser for that fairly easily - or transform it to JSON
  370226 [transfire gm] nice advantage with blocks.
  370254 [b.candler po] I'd have said most packages use YAML. If you can provide examples which
  + 370269 [b.candler po] That is, to parse that record using eval I think you need something
  | 370440 [transfire gm] You make a good point about arrays. I'm thinking about configuration
  + 370272 [transfire gm] I think a Gemfile is a pretty good example --yes you can use
    + 370280 [b.candler po] Do you mean a Gemfile from Bundler? e.g.
    | 370437 [transfire gm] That's one way. The parser could just offer a couple of options to
    + 370301 [sean.ohalpin] require 'doodle'
      370438 [transfire gm] Close. The only thing with Doodle is that you have to pre-define the

^ Learning Shoes - Have some questions!
370042 [ruby.student] I recently started playing with Shoes to learn it during my Ruby
370060 [steve stevek] Hey, thanks for trying out Shoes! What would make the documentation better
370114 [satoshi rin-] `.org`?
370465 [ruby.student] I truly appreciate the help from everyone.
370472 [ashbbb gmail] Okay.
370494 [ruby.student] Well, I re-tried AGAIN, yesterday. I replied to the first email as requested
370548 [ashbbb gmail] requested

^ Re: A new Ruby book
370043 [b.candler po] (1) This appears to be a pay-for only publication. You can pay either
+ 370044 [ruby.student] Female underwear?
| 370048 [b.candler po] Yep. I guess I should have said that :-)
+ 370049 [xeno badenou] Euh, sure you can browse the ToC (and the first 12 pages). Click the
| + 370056 [angel_steel ] IT IS when you start asking to pay for it :)
| + 370071 [b.candler po] In Chrome under Linux (Ubuntu Lucid x86_64), that just opens up a blank
+ 370057 [mindaslab gm] The free version is in http://mindaslab.in/ilr , but its a beta one. It
  370063 [mindaslab gm] People my website is temporarily down. Don't know what really happened,

^ Re: More flexible inheritance
370047 [axyd80 gmail] I tried to implement similar solution some time ago, in case with Foo -

^ Have some Shoes questions!
370050 [ruby.student] I recently started playing with Shoes to learn it during my Ruby

370051 [antonio.gale] Arcadia is a Light Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Ruby

^ SSLSocket -- Connection reset by peer
370052 [michael.vast] I'm having a weird (to me, at least) problem trying to connect to an SSL
370072 [b.candler po] You're really running an SSL server on the telnet port on your local
370111 [michael.vast] Haha. No. I change the port/hostname to mask what it really was.
370113 [michael.vast] sslSock.write(data + "\n")

^ Getting GUI for ruby for Linux running (QT or wxWidget)?
370053 [markus fisch] I'm trying to evaluate GUI development with Ruby on Linux and Windows
370054 [markus fisch] There's a slight but important to note error here: of course I didn't
+ 370097 [mohammedrash] try FXRuby
+ 370099 [chauk.mean g] Chauk-Mean.
+ 370116 [sutniuq gmx.] wxRuby doesn't work out of the box with Ubuntu 9.10 and newer, because
  370164 [ryanmelt gma] gem install qtbindings
  + 370188 [markus fisch] That sounds great, I'll test that for sure when I'm home later. Thanks
  + 370201 [eregontp gma] Yeah, that's quite cool.

^ to_json / to_xml: where to find?
370055 [ajfrenzel we] "The builder options are the same as to_json / to_xml, except for the
370058 [m.fellinger ] he

^ how to get Mycompute.sum([1,2,3,4]).mean=2.5?
370059 [myocean135 y] class  Mycompute
+ 370061 [daniel.gayta] I don't know if you tried to say how you can write a code that accepts
+ 370064 [botpena gmai] uh,uh, you cant because you get a conflict: your sum returns a value

^ [ANN] TryRuby on 1.9.2 with all lessons working
370062 [sophrinix gm] Greetings,

^ need Help Simulation in ruby
370065 [winshocker.2] An Ambulance are dispatched at a rate of one every 15 + 10 minutes in a
+ 370066 [winshocker.2] Ambulance(Dispatch Rate)  15sec ->10 Minutes
+ 370070 [b.candler po] Yes, remarkably similar.
  370166 [winshocker.2] thx for the response i'll try your advice thanks brain
  370167 [winshocker.2] An Ambulance are dispatched at a rate of one every 15sec to 10 minutes
  370184 [b.candler po] As I said before, I'd replicate exactly what you'd do on paper. For

^ Nokogiri error
370073 [logan.senthi] I am getting the below error when I am working with nokogiri version
370082 [b.candler po] Can you post the full error with backtrace? All I can tell from that is

^ How can this Java method header be represented in Ruby
370075 [abder.rahman] public static short[][] setFile(String fileName)
370076 [peterhickman] def setFile(fileName)
+ 370078 [abder.rahman] Thanks @Peter. And, of course, the second form is more suitable
+ 370079 [abder.rahman] @Peter. Ruby is a dynamic language, sure it is :-)
+ 370080 [b.candler po] def file=(filename)
  + 370081 [abder.rahman] Thanks @Brian. A nice one!
  + 370108 [hassan.schro] However, the 'static' in
    370109 [abder.rahman] Thanks all for your replies.

^ Installing files outside /usr/lib/ruby/ using  rubygems
370077 [stefano.croc] I'm writing an application using the KDE ruby bindings and I'd like to package

^ Constructor (Java) ---> initialize (Ruby)
370083 [abder.rahman] Like constructors in Java, I understood that in Ruby, we use
+ 370085 [markus fisch] class ReadFile
| + 370086 [abder.rahman] Thanks @Markus.
| + 370088 [b.candler po] There is an implicit constructor: it calls 'allocate' to create the
+ 370087 [b.candler po] No. You can't nest defs (or at least, they won't do what you expect).
+ 370090 [shortcutter ] That seems pretty weird Java code.  A method named "setFile" with a

^ installation of Ruby 1.8.7 on fedora .
370084 [avijit.shand] I got this
370089 [b.candler po] Which Fedora? http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases
370091 [avijit.shand] it's Fedora Release 13(Goddard).
370098 [b.candler po] OK. Next thing I'd suggest is to try building the latest 1.8.7, which is
370168 [avijit.shand] Thanks Brian, Now it's working..

^ Ruby 1.8.7 from 1.8.6
370092 [avijit.shand] I have been given a project to understand the ruby and rails so every
+ 370100 [b.candler po] The most appropriate place for questions about or problems with Rails
+ 370135 [msfaas not.g] "Awijeet Mr." <avijit.shandilya@gmail.com> schreef in bericht

^ How to handle authentication pop-up when the machine is lock
370094 [parulg covel] I am facing issues while handling authentication pop-up when my machine

^ name =  upload['datafile'].original_filename
370095 [abder.rahman] name =  upload['datafile'].original_filename
370102 [b.candler po] def self.save(upload)
370105 [abder.rahman] Thanks a lot @Brian for this nice clarification.

^ File.open(path, "wb")
370101 [abder.rahman] File.open(path, "wb")
370104 [b.candler po] and in the top right pane select open(IO). This is because File is a
370106 [abder.rahman] I got it @Brian. Thanks a lot.

^ [SOLVED] Re: Mechanize file save on generated link
370103 [dan bleckfie] Thanks to everyone who helped. Writing the file in Binary mode did the

^ Obtaining metadata from a url or web to for avoid loadit
370110 [sak proxecto] I was googling a lot with very different queris to find an answer, lets
370112 [hassan.schro] See the request methods section of
370146 [sak proxecto] Thanks for the info, but I can't find anything about the question.
370149 [hassan.schro] <quote>

370115 [wfinn fuelre] My client, a leading academic research institution, is looking for a

^ Problem install mysql Gem OS 10.6.4
370117 [w3bwizart.be] I'm trying to install  the Mysql Gem but getting error's.
370120 [edmond.kacha] Younes,
+ 370122 [edmond.kacha] 2010/9/20 Edmond Kachale <edmond.kachale@baobabhealth.org>
+ 370125 [luislavena g] On Sep 20, 12:34=A0pm, Edmond Kachale <edmond.kach...@baobabhealth.org>
  370126 [w3bwizart.be] if it works with you can you tel me how for snowleopard. For you it is
  370128 [luislavena g] How you installed MySQL? using binaries form dev.mysql.com or using
  370148 [w3bwizart.be] Everybody   thanks voor the help, also i have to apologize to all of

^ convert time to ruby time to calculate the time difference.
370119 [ruwanb gmail] I have following two time stamps,
370123 [ravenz o2.ie] require 'time'
370130 [b.candler po] => true

^ An elegant way...
370127 [fred lacave.] I've written a method to solve a little problem, but I find my solution
+ 370131 [jgabrielygal] S1', 'S2' ])
| 370139 [fred lacave.] /.../
+ 370132 [james grayso] either
| 370141 [fred lacave.] Where does the slice_before method comes from ?
| 370144 [james grayso] =3D> "1.9.2"
| 370145 [fred lacave.] => "1.9.1"
+ 370133 [brabuhr gmai] S1', 'S2' ])
+ 370134 [joelvanderwe] a = [ '1', '2', 'S3', 'S4', 'S5', 'O6' ]
| + 370136 [mentionuse g] ...
| + 370138 [joelvanderwe] a = [ '1', '2', '3', '4', '6', '7', '9', 'S1', 'S2', "10", "11", "12" ]
|   370140 [fred lacave.] => "T0"
|   370142 [joelvanderwe] => "S10"
+ 370165 [list.push gm] This is not a complete solution but *maybe* it is something worth looking a=
| 370169 [list.push gm] A slightly shorter but still unreadable version :-)
| 370171 [list.push gm] r = [ '1', '2', '3','4', '6', '7', '9', 'S1', 'S2' ]
| 370182 [b.candler po] Here is a very traditional imperative solution.
| 370183 [b.candler po] In fact, I forgot it's OK to run off the end of an Array in ruby :-) So
| 370185 [shortcutter ] Fred, for the contrast here's my engineering approach.  It may not be
| 370186 [shortcutter ] Forgot the end handling and mixed up two versions. Sorry for that.
+ 370193 [botpena gmai] S1', 'S2' ])
+ 370320 [fred lacave.] Right.  I've written a sligthly better version in my project.