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beginner's q about eval and/or code blocks
369773 [jeff43023@gm] This ruby program successfully prints all 5-letter words starting with
369774 [b.candler@po] str = $stdin.gets.chomp
+ 369780 [jeff43023@gm] Excellent! Thanks. Now I'll spend some time digging into the Why of
+ 369781 [jeff43023@gm] "private method 'chomp' called for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError).
  369786 [b.candler@po] No. It's because you're trying to do nil.chomp. Possibly, $stdin.gets is

Extend & Declarative relations between object attributes
369777 [ralphs@do 32] ...
369779 [mentionuse@g] Extend is include on the eigenclass/metaclass/singleton class. In this

Ruby Multi-threading?
369796 [spare@fr gi ] I read a Ruby e-book recently that indicated that although Ruby has
+ 369797 [cremes.devli] Just about any book on this topic will have outdated information. Here's the breakdown.
| + 369798 [botpena@gm i] nice. is the java code for this open for perusal?
| | 369799 [tshanky@gm i] ...
| + 369803 [ninja@sl ph ] Nice summary, mostly accurate. I'd just like to add that, interestingly...
| | 369806 [shortcutter@] ... using DRb for example which makes IPC a breeze.  Absolutely agree.
| + 369873 [tony.arcieri] FYI, IronRuby has true concurrent multithreading just like JRuby.
+ 369800 [me@wa to ho ] This is a rather confusing issue, but I'll try to give you a basic summary.
+ 369824 [wyhaines@gm ] I'm wrapping up a second installment that covers Ruby 1.9 with it's
| 370444 [jarmo.p@gm i] Kirk, i'm really waiting for that post :) The first one was pretty
+ 369853 [joelvanderwe] Maybe this is not relevant to your case, but it's also worth
+ 395827 [lists@ru y- ] Oh my friend, i had the same question at you when i studdy the book, is

How to send whole file and get response from webservice
369802 [ipec.dinesh@] I have problem doing the following.
369808 [ryand-ruby@z] How much are you getting paid for this gig, and how much of a cut are =
369812 [ipec.dinesh@] Its for my work. So neither i am offering anyting nor i am getting paid.
369830 [b.candler@po] You don't get paid for your work?!

gem mysql on windows problem
369804 [jasonjoo.god] I used to running ruby apps on ubuntu but someone else would running them on
369841 [luislavena@g] on
369947 [jasonjoo.god] yeah, it works !
369972 [luislavena@g] in

Errors while updating gems...
369805 [erafaloff@gm] I'm new to Ruby, so please forgive me if this seems a tad bit obvious :)
369809 [ryand-ruby@z] /System/Library/Frameworks/Ruby.framework/Versions/1.8/usr/lib/ruby/ruby.h=
369879 [erafaloff@gm] Good preliminary. I installed Apple's developer tools and problem

best ruby web framework?
369810 [mohammedrash] As my subject line says the question is about ruby web framework
+ 369813 [rubyview@gm ] The most popular is Rails certainly.
| 369814 [mohammedrash] which is the best in terms of performance and speed
| + 369817 [steven.ellio] I think your best bet us to go with rails 3 and ruby 1.9.2.
| + 369832 [b.candler@po] mod_ruby does exist but please don't use it - very few people use it and
| + 369833 [phlip2005@gm] and if you become popular, you will need to cache as much generated
+ 369829 [b.candler@po] The "best" framework depends on what your requirements are. If there
+ 369835 [martindemell] If you're specifically interested in apache integration, someone
  369836 [mikeowens@gm] If you like Apache (and Debian/Ubuntu), you might like rsp. I have spent

Nokogiri was built against LibXML version 2.7.7, but has dynamically loaded 2.7.3
369815 [unbewusst.se] Nokogiri was built against LibXML version 2.7.7, but has dynamically

regexp property under windows
369816 [ntysdd@gm il] though properties of regexp under Linux is OK,ruby under windows doesn't
369842 [luislavena@g] That seems a bug.

ruby gooeys
369819 [iainspeed@gm] I'm looking for recommendations on GUI's. Primarily OSX, I'm not =
+ 369821 [mohammedrash] FXRuby
| + 369834 [iainspeed@gm] Thanks, I'm just trying to get it to compile. Once I've worked out what =
| | 369854 [steve@st ve ] Because we only have three our four contributors, and Shoes is
| + 369838 [josh.cheek@g] Last I heard, FXRuby, and FOX Toolkit were no longer being developed
|   369840 [javaalley@gm] I use wxRuby for my GUI apps.  I am not sure about Mac but I have great
|   369848 [mohammedrash] That news was wrong. Lyle Johnson has stopped contributing to FXRuby for
+ 369822 [iainspeed@gm] Is should say, something that will work with Ruby 1.9.2 if possible, =
| + 369827 [steve@st ve ] Yep, we'll be targeting 1.9.2 for Shoes 3.1.
| + 369828 [steve@st ve ] Yep, we'll be targeting 1.9.2 for Shoes 3.1.
+ 369849 [tony.arcieri] There's MonkeyBars for JRuby

[RubyConf] More seats on sale today
369825 [dblack@ru yp] More tickets for RubyConf will be going on sale today (thanks to some
369945 [ryand-ruby@z] I've got to ask... why are tickets on sale before speakers and schedule =
+ 369982 [james@gr ys ] run
| 369984 [Rob@Ag le on] * limited seats are opened and call for talks is still open
+ 369986 [matt@te hn r] I'm ok with it, I trust them to put together a good lineup.
+ 369997 [gwtmp01@ma .] run
  370015 [dblack@ru yp] We'll start at 9:00 on Thursday, and end around 4:00 on Saturday. As for

ruby_init_loadpath() vs Win32
369826 [phlip2005@gm] If I set RUBYLIB to "C:\phlip\tools\ruby-1.9.1-p0\" before running an
369843 [luislavena@g] Are you linking to a shared library of ruby or statically linked?

property short cut for read-ony instance access, but....
369837 [web.gma@gm i] Is there a short cut for creating a property that has read-only access
369839 [shortcutter@] With a little meta programming you can do

OT Japanese for NLP
369846 [transfire@gm] Anyone know the Japanese equivalent to "Natural Language
369847 [vishal@ma ks] Can you mail me the exact requirements
369856 [kbloom@gm il] He's looking to translate the phrase "Natural Language Processing" into
369857 [mo_mail@on h] My software turned up: 自然言語処理 - searching for this in Google
369941 [transfire@gm] Thanks. I just wasn't sure if it was a straight translation. I looked

[ANN] require_all 1.2.0
369850 [jarmo.p@gm i] I've released a new version of the gem called require_all which was

access super from yield block?
369859 [web.gma@gm i] Is there a way to access super from a yield block?
+ 369860 [shortcutter@] What exactly are trying to achieve?
| 369863 [web.gma@gm i] I have class A that derives from class B
| + 369868 [wishdev@gm i] Afternoon,
| + 369869 [joelvanderwe] That should work. Can you isolate the problem in a small piece of code
| + 369871 [b.candler@po] There is no such method as A#super. super means "call the same named
| + 369882 [shortcutter@] What should "super argv" do?  Your description is completele technical
+ 369862 [sutniuq@gm .] None I'm aware of. However, with a heavy bit of metaprogramming,

Rspec and autotest problems
369866 [hristo.tentc] I am running rails 3. I installed the rails gem. (OS Win7 64bit)
+ 369870 [hristo.tentc] I mean 'I installed the rspec gem.'
+ 369872 [b.candler@po] Rails problems belong in a Rails forum.
  369886 [hristo.tentc] I am really sorry. Mods, please, delete this topic.

Best method to use TCPSocket
369874 [adambouchard] I'm having an issue getting an expected response via TCPSocket.  My goal
369887 [b.candler@po] Don't use recv on a TCP socket.

Get the beginning of the hour and the end of the hour
369875 [rfsllc@gm il] I would like to Get the beginning of the current hour and the end of the
+ 369876 [jeremy@bo p.] Time.at(Time.now.to_i / 3600 * 3600)
+ 369878 [xeno.campano] Time.local instantiation method?
  369881 [rfsllc@gm il] awesome...thats what I wanted
  369891 [shortcutter@] Not so fast!  Is this really the end?  Which hour does

[ANN] Germany.rb 2010, September 18th and 19th in Leipzig
369880 [daniel@bo en] Dear Rubyists,

using translation variable in link_to
369884 [arunajasmine] In ROR , i m having a line like
+ 369885 [ryand-ruby@z] you should ask on the rubyonrails forum instead.
+ 369906 [gwtmp01@ma .] Without the actual error message I'm guessing but you probably want =
  369946 [arunajasmine] Thanks Gary .

How best to include paths to ruby 1.8.7?
369888 [dglnz2@gm il] I have a set of scripts working on my development linux PC.

Re: ruby-sendfile 0.9.1
369889 [amittomer25@] will it be useful for large file download ???
369897 [b.candler@po] You are re-opening a four-and-a-half year old thread ???

HTTP client to post XML RAW_DATA to restful API
369890 [constantin.n] Hey
369894 [b.candler@po] restclient can do this. Otherwise, just use Net::HTTP directly.
369948 [constantin.n] Cheers for that
369949 [b.candler@po] Which, restclient or Net::HTTP?

def swfupload_file=(data)
369892 [abder.rahman] def swfupload_file=(data)
369893 [b.candler@po] The method's name is "swfupload_file=", and (data) is the one argument
369895 [abder.rahman] Thanks Brian for your clarification.

How the regular expression to match "//"?
369898 [imelody@ms .] In C/C++ language, can use "//" to comment,such as "//i++ "
369899 [b.candler@po] if line =~ /^\/\//
+ 369901 [shortcutter@] if %r{^\s*//} =3D~ line
+ 369902 [imelody@ms .] understand, thanks you very much! :-)

Net::PingExternal gives an errror
369900 [w3bwizart.be] I'm having a problem with a tutorial to ping whatever.
+ 369904 [sandor.szuec] # gem i net-ping
+ 369907 [djberg96@gm ] Try Net::Ping::External
  369917 [w3bwizart.be] if Net::Ping::TCP.new('loocaalhost')
  369918 [djberg96@gm ] You didn't call the ping? method in your example. You just called the
  369919 [w3bwizart.be] thanks Dan

REXML advice - output
369903 [stuart.clark] Hey all,
+ 369905 [shortcutter@] Just iterate over all "ItemInfo" elements and print values from sub
| + 369971 [stuart.clark] Thanks for getting back to me. I will look into this and see how I get
| | 370121 [brabuhr@gm i] ...
| + 370118 [stuart.clark] info = doc.elements.to_a("//UserData/List/ItemInfo/")
+ 372630 [stuart.clark] Could anybody help me with an issue you I am having with some XML I am
| 372634 [brabuhr@gm i] Data
+ 372814 [stuart.clark] My issue was due to the mis matched tags actually, it was a broken XML

Running a .rb file under Windows (beginner's question)
369908 [howard@br ze] I just installed Ruby on a Windows XP machine.   At the start of the
369909 [reachme@ch r] Assuming you installed Ruby using the RubyInstaller package, look in
369910 [howard@br ze] Thanks.   That worked.   I didn't have to change the 1st line.   I
369912 [reachme@ch r] Yes, that is almost certainly what happened.
369924 [howard@br ze] I opened terminal in that directory (using Path Finder), and tried the
369935 [luislavena@g] directly.

Traversing a friend graph - the ruby way?
369911 [astahl@hi .c] Recently, I needed to write some code to traverse friend graphs on my
369914 [b.candler@po] That's a perfectly good way to traverse a graph. I'd just say: don't use

NP-Hard Geolocatoin Problem
369916 [jrgutier@gm ] I am trying to create a program that maximizes the distances of

Re: NP-Hard Geolocation Problem
369920 [mbj@se ni .n] In a first step you can classify each person to a "neighbor group", this
369932 [efqdalton@uo] I found a heuristic solution that has complexity O(n*log(n)) per
369933 [efqdalton@uo] *but continue considering the lack of sleep...

converting number to its digits as an array
369921 [ianphorsman@] I'm new to ruby and I was trying to solve a problem where I convert a
+ 369922 [astahl@hi .c] Not terribly difficult to accomplish.  Check out the .split() method of
| 369930 [ianphorsman@] Thank you.
+ 370011 [angel_steel@] irb(main):001:0> "12345".scan(/./)
+ 370028 [Ruby@Go gl M] There's a myriad ways to do that. I find this one the simplest,
  370032 [ianphorsman@] If I try one of these methods, I still can't go from element to element
  370034 [josh.cheek@g] All of these methods return an Array. Why don't you show us what you're
  370035 [ianphorsman@] It says I can't do the each method, but if I have the array, can't I
  370036 [b.candler@po] The value of this expression is an array, but you don't assign it to
  370038 [ianphorsman@] Thank you so much! That really clarifies things. It did the program

Ruby IDE for Windows
369923 [tom@to wa dr] I've looked at quite a few IDE's (or editors) for Ruby on Windows, but
+ 369925 [astahl@hi .c] That's odd... I'm running NetBeans 6.8 on Ubuntu, and it's got code
+ 369926 [tom@to wa dr] I've just found that Netbeans does indeed have code completion, and it
+ 369927 [me@wa to ho ] I'm afraid code completion for Ruby is pretty much out. Between dynamic
| 369931 [Ruby@Go gl M] Why? Other, much more dynamic languages have had that for more than 30
| 369936 [me@wa to ho ] I suppose it depends on what you mean by code completion.  Since the OP
+ 369928 [luislavena@g] Netbeans does what you're saying, also RubyMine.
+ 369929 [michel@de az] I have been using NetBeans for three years now. I tried Rubymine, but
+ 369934 [michael.broo] Try JetBrains RubyMine.  It just replaced my previous favorite, Embarcadero

undefined local variable or method '_FILE_'
369937 [diogoveras@g] Don't know why but when I try to use the _FILE_ variable I'm getting the
369938 [jeremy@bo p.] You need to use __FILE__ (note the 2 underscores on each side).
369939 [diogoveras@g] It worked. Can't believe, you are right, have no idea how I let this

A problem with Gem
369940 [zqyking@gm i] I'm download the Ruby version 1.9.2-p0,and compile and install it,on
369942 [zqyking@gm i] my system is openSUSE 11.1, in the system software resource is too low
369950 [b.candler@po] I think that's your problem.
369962 [glennj@nc .c] In my (brief) experience (building Ruby in Cygwin), in addition to the
369969 [b.candler@po] In Unix that shouldn't be necessary, as long as openssl-devel was

Twitter script since oAuth
369943 [jeff.greelis] I had a script working with basic authinecation pulling from out local
369944 [skim.la@gm i] You can use the twitter gem to post once you have the oauth token or even

369951 [diego.viola@] This is my first email that I send to this ML, so hi everyone :)
+ 369953 [botpena@gm i] what is in the docs that you do not understand?
+ 369958 [b.candler@po] class Foo
  369985 [diego.viola@] Nice, so method_missing is called when I call a method that I didn't
  369987 [rick.denatal] It's called when a message is sent to an object which doesn't have a
  369988 [astahl@hi .c] method_missing is a great tool for dynamically adding/handling methods
  370004 [diego.viola@] but why do i get a: asd.rb:6:in `method_missing': wrong number of
  370014 [b.candler@po] Run the code I first posted again, and look at the output carefully.

Developing for Ruby on Windows?
369952 [tom@to wa dr] I've heard a lot of criticism about developing for Ruby on Windows, but
+ 369955 [sutniuq@gm .] My personal opinion about this is that developing on Windows is not as
| 369957 [mo_mail@on h] Barring ideology, there are, in my opinion, two main annoyances in
| 369963 [reachme@ch r] Much of the criticism, I believe, comes from cultural rather than
+ 369956 [richard.conr] There is quite a few reasons, the main one is that Ruby assumes a POSIX
| 369959 [jontyjont@bt] I totally agree with Richard - I am stuck with windows mostly as I got
| 369965 [reachme@ch r] Check out Pik: http://rubyinstaller.org/add-ons/pik/
| 370324 [jontyjont@bt] Ahh, many thanks charles - I hadn't spotted pik yet, looks great I
+ 369961 [eldestdamphy] The bulk of my development work is on Windows  and it has been since I
+ 370046 [code@ap th o] I'll be sorta treading the same ground as some other people who
+ 370287 [rogerpack200] I've heard a lot of criticism about developing for Ruby on Windows, but

Get hours, seconds and time from Date.day_fraction_to_time
369954 [dierre@gm il] start = DateTime.now
370006 [colinb2r@go ] See below at *** for two "work-arounds" which seem to allow you to do what
370017 [dierre@gm il] Thanks for the answer. Could you examplain me the wrapper in detail,
370045 [colinb2r@go ] I'm not surprised that "class << self" isn't clear to you. It wasn't clear

sequel (load error) - used in production PC
369960 [dglnz2@gm il] I've got my development PC and all programs work.

Prawn table cell too tall
369967 [mcieong@ya o] Prawn will move the complete row to the next page, and left the last

Windows Filetime
369970 [stuart.clark] Hey all,
369973 [b.candler@po] Google "ruby windows timestamp" (without the quotes)
+ 369975 [chris.hulan@] ibrary/ms724284(VS.85).aspx
| 370124 [stuart.clark] puts Win32::Registry.wtime2time(185714508829513297)
| 370129 [b.candler@po] To be a useful error report, you must post the *exact* exception message
| 370143 [stuart.clark] Apologies, I meant to copy it in. Please see below.
+ 369976 [stuart.clark] Thanks, I had the documentation, but the ruby link is new on me. Thanks

Printing part what's found with a regex
369974 [edvelez.g@gm] I'm trying to build a program that filters
369977 [jonathan@jm ] You will find that portions of the regex marked with parentheses will be
369978 [edvelez.g@gm] hmm I'm trying to print this variable
369979 [edvelez.g@gm] Ah just realized it is in variable $1.
369981 [jonathan@jm ] Ah yes, that'll be it.  Sorry, I wasn't paying attention to what was inside