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^ get particular thing from #<Net::HTTP google.com:80 open=tru
369495 [shahpriyank0] #<Net::HTTP google.com:80 open=true>
369504 [b.candler po] Read /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/net/http.rb (or wherever it is on your system),

^ Spamassassin assasinated
369496 [shortcutter ] Well, of course it's a Perl program. ;-)

^ calling private accessors
369500 [ralinx davyb] i bumbed into something weird today, and would like to know what's going
369503 [b.candler po] To Ruby, that's an assignment to a local variable, which then drops out
369510 [ralinx davyb] d'oh! of course :)
369513 [ara.t.howard] that is called 'protected' not 'private' - just that change should do

^ Rake task dependencies question
369505 [wagner.andre] task :prepare_to_fight => :has_weapons do
+ 369517 [josh.cheek g] I came up with two ways that seem to work. Not sure which is best
+ 369524 [jeanjulien.f] ~> ri Rake::Task#reenable
+ 369538 [ryand-ruby z] goes to

^ rubyforge <-> gemcutter issues
369511 [ara.t.howard] until it's fixed it's possible that your releases are not making it to
+ 369515 [botpena gmai] yforge-never-worked-what-now
+ 369531 [luislavena g] I never expected gems published on gemcutter (now rubygems.org) been
| 369533 [ara.t.howard] agreed - but i cannot push to any of the gems i used to own, otherwise
| + 369535 [luislavena g] This could be related to the email/account records at RubyForge versus
| + 369540 [sutniuq gmx.] You say you can't publish newer version of gems you own? That's really
+ 369539 [ryand-ruby z] ge-never-worked-what-now

^ Mechanize Cache problem
369519 [cameron1inm ] ok hears the deal, I'm building a program that notify's you when theres
369520 [mike.dalessi] Mechanize instances do cache pages you've visited, but you can clear that
+ 369522 [cameron1inm ] So it is that easy!!
+ 369523 [cameron1inm ] Wait wait ... Got back into my code.. as far as I can tell every time I
  369525 [cameron1inm ] sorry

^ complete newb stuck on command...
369527 [bpolenz79 ya] going through chris pine tutorial and am stuck on command line. when i
369528 [sutniuq gmx.] Try executing your file via
369530 [astahl hi5.c] Sounds like you're on Windows?  Might want to deassociate .rb file
369600 [bpolenz79 ya] got it.. not sure how that happened

^ Connect to IBM_DB with rubyscript2exe
369532 [ramsee safea] I have a ruby script that can connect to an IBM_DB database and gather
369541 [me waltonhoo] First off, I highly recommend switching to OCRA
369913 [ramsee safea] I have tried to install OCRA but keep getting a ton of errors.

^ problem in hash and symbol
369544 [amiref ymail] I have a question about hash and symbol. when I use symbol for key in
+ 369545 [jgabrielygal] irb(main):005:0> :7
+ 369547 [cmdicely gma] Looking at that, you've got two symbols (:odd, :even) used as keys, a
+ 369548 [ryand-ruby z] ] , :7

^ Anyone running v1.9.2 with Ubuntu 10.04?
369546 [samweber01 g] I had LoadError problems when my box was running Ruby v1.8.? and v1.9.2.
+ 369549 [luislavena g] Wonder how you installed 1.9.2 and then uninstalled it when there is
+ 369550 [Joseph.Savar] For testing these things RVM is a strong solution.
| + 369551 [markus fisch] Just want to second that, I'm new to Ruby too and don't regret every
| + 370950 [samweber01 g] RVM turns out to be a very good answer to the question of how to get to
+ 369589 [mikeowens gm] I hacked together a 1.9.2 deb source package based on the 1.9.1. As root,
  + 369590 [mikeowens gm] 12. bash $ git clone git://github.com/linterra/ruby1.9.2.git
  + 369592 [joelvanderwe] If you just want to get a recent ruby running on one ubuntu host, the

^ Ruby exception statement not suppressed within begin-rescue-end block
369552 [RichardDummy] Exception `NameError' at ReformChartNames.rb:8 - uninitialized
369561 [b.candler po] A bare 'rescue' is short for 'rescue StandardError', and catches only
+ 369562 [ryand-ruby z] sunglasses?
| 369573 [b.candler po] Android phone and touch screen keyboard :-(
+ 370571 [RichardDummy] Thanks for your excellent response,  not withstanding the sunglasses I

^ Ruby's regex
369553 [rubyview gma] However, regular expression support is typically built into only
+ 369556 [RichardDummy] I see that language was carried along into the second edition.  I take
+ 369558 [brabuhr gmai] I believe the author means that it would be wonderful if other

^ [ANN] Mail 2.2.6 Released
369560 [raasdnil gma] charset=us-ascii

^ how to run redmine under ruby 1.9.2?
369563 [jasonjoo.god] ubuntu 10.04
369566 [pejuko gmail] You can install and use both at the same time using rvm

^ sqlite3-ruby failing on 1.9.2 ?
369572 [sentinel1879] I have apps working on 1.9.1 but simple inserts are failing on 1.9.2.
+ 369580 [eitoball gma] Try the statement below instead
| 369585 [sentinel1879] 1. The samples for execute used to give "*bind_params", but now they are
+ 369607 [sentinel1879] Okay, one more issue in sqlite3-ruby 1.3.x
  369630 [luislavena g] sqlite3-ruby has introduced API changes in 1.3.x line compared to

^ Best way to get compile-time configuration for building/linking against Ruby?
369574 [eveith wwweb] I want to embed the Ruby interpreter in a project and am currently fiddeling
+ 369577 [rogerpack200] I would call out to mkmf with a fake ext and "see" what it uses.
+ 369579 [ara.t.howard] i use this
  369583 [eveith wwweb] Roger,
  369598 [luislavena g] A workaround will be create ruby as static library (--enable-static --

^ Simply open a file using a variable
369575 [doxxer xmail] i´m totally new to ruby and have a tiny little problem.
369576 [jgabrielygal] I can't test it now in Windows but I seem to recall that you can use
369582 [doxxer xmail] i tried this, but the result is the same. Only the slashes in the error
369588 [doxxer xmail] Ok, got it. This is slightly confusing. I hope, the rest of Ruby makes

^ Username Generator
369578 [human.dictio] How would one go about starting to write this? I don't want you to write
369587 [joelvanderwe] => nil

^ Why does my program exit?!
369586 [tim.jakobsso] my program?! I have a menu with 2 submenus that you can reach from the
369591 [dblack rubyp] Let me turn the question around: why would you expect it not to exit? At
369593 [tim.jakobsso] Yes I know. I just were not sure how to incorporate the user input in a
369594 [dblack rubyp] Several, but I'm a bit skittish about directly answering questions that
369595 [tim.jakobsso] ok, well before I was reading the input like this def self.menu
369685 [john.carter ] But with the current upgrade Im just receiving an undefined local

^ .each skipping elements
369596 [cameron1inm ] I have an array of links from a webpage.  I need to clean up the links
369597 [dblack rubyp] That can't be the code you're actually running; it doesn't assign
369599 [cameron1inm ] Thanks for the reply and I think I get it now
+ 369601 [dblack rubyp] (Note that the ? in that regex is a special character and will not match
| 369603 [ywzhaifei gm] a = ["About us", "Blog", "Status", "Help", "TOS", "Privacy", "Are we missing
| 369673 [cameron1inm ] Yep yep!
+ 369661 [shortcutter ] Maybe page.links returns a new array every time you call it instead of

^ Converting from one class to another in Ruby
369602 [harryspier h] Dear list members,
369668 [shortcutter ] The first thing I'd do differently is to cut off this inheritance.
369688 [harryspier h] Dear Robert,
+ 369690 [harryspier h] Correction to post (finger trouble)
+ 369711 [shortcutter ] You're welcome.
  369759 [harryspier h] I meant to write: (more finger trouble :-)  )
  369761 [shortcutter ] Hopefully the trouble does not extend further up... :-)

^ uninitialized constant Connector(Name Error)
369605 [twzgerald gm] I have seen a thread that has nearly the same problems but I guess mine
369646 [twzgerald gm] Is this problem really that uncommon ?
369653 [justincollin] For future questions, please describe the results you are trying to
369656 [twzgerald gm] I came from a Java background where my idea was you just call Connector

^ RJB - getting NoClassDefFoundError on import of JAVA class
369606 [anukul.singh] I am using rjb gem, and trying to import a JAVA class.  The JAVA API
369616 [artonx yahoo] I believe your path string need to escape the path separator.
369626 [anukul.singh] Thanks for the response. But I get the same error.
369642 [artonx yahoo] Ah,

^ [ANN] rcairo 1.10.0
369608 [kou cozmixng] (*1) A library to use cairo(*2) from Ruby.

^ Ruby1.9.2+Gems: Load path not populated, autoloading fails
369609 [ylphcm gmail] After running 'gem install nokogiri' (any other gem can be chosen) the
+ 369631 [luislavena g] What you;re mentioning is a bug in 1.9.1 bundled RubyGems, which has
+ 369733 [rogerpack200] It would be nice if gems could do this.

^ #{}  in xpath
369610 [myocean135 y] code1
+ 369611 [tony twincod] Trick is that the string interpolation is not working with single
+ 369647 [phlip2005 gm] Firstly, // in some implementations differs from descendant:: , which
  369655 [phlip2005 gm] that might need a

^ Re: Nokogiri and LibXML (Important information)
369612 [hutch-lists ] I'm going to reply to this message because I have a couple of comments, =
369664 [mike.dalessi] Sorry for the silence from Nokogiri HQ on this one. Let me first say that

^ creating trivial classes with Struct.new (adding constraints
369615 [sentinel1879] I'd like to use this form for making small classes rather than hand
369652 [ara.t.howard] -a

^ variations to gets.chomp for user input?!
369617 [tim.jakobsso] What good alternatives to read user input are their in Ruby?! I have

^ Wait on external program?
369618 [misterljones] IO.popen(appname)
369622 [sutniuq gmx.] What about using backticks?
369627 [misterljones] Marvin,
369633 [sutniuq gmx.] The backtick method (yeah, that'a a method, see

^ How to do same as perl's crypt?
369620 [rubyforum ta] $ openssl passwd ruby
369629 [b.candler po] String#crypt

^ Ruby packaging in Debian and Ubuntu: Mythbusting and FAQ
369623 [lucas lucas-] As questions on the packages provided in Debian and Ubuntu for Ruby and
+ 369643 [kbloom gmail] * Myth: Ruby is completely outdated in Debian and Ubuntu
| + 369658 [lucas lucas-] Yeah, I agree that the "1.9.1" suffix is a bit painful, but I don't
| + 369678 [martindemell] One of the design features of RVM is that it installs everything as a
+ 369670 [nick nick-br] Lucas, thanks for all your work maintaining ruby on Debian!
+ 369672 [msfaas not.g] "Lucas Nussbaum" <lucas@lucas-nussbaum.net> schreef in bericht

^ My experience from setting up a ruby dev environment (was: Re: Ruby packaging in Debian and Ubuntu: Mythbusting and FAQ)
369634 [markus fisch] [warning: this turned out to be a loooong email]
+ 369637 [lucas lucas-] It's not part of Ruby 1.8.
| 369639 [markus fisch] Ok thanks, wasn't aware of that!
| 369657 [lucas lucas-] You can see things differently. Lenny was released in february 2009.
+ 369665 [mike.dalessi] Just a note that http://nokogiri.org/tutorials/installing_nokogiri.html has

^ Mechanize file save on generated link
369635 [dan bleckfie] I'm working on a project to automate retrieval of content and the
369636 [andrea andre] try with
369640 [dan bleckfie] invoice_page = agent.get(URL_BILLING)
369666 [mike.dalessi] links_with returns an array. Try using .first to pick out the first result,
369864 [dan bleckfie] invoice_page = agent.get(URL_BILLING)
369865 [dan bleckfie] File.open('myfile.pdf', 'w+') do |file|
370096 [dan bleckfie] SO CLOSE!

^ Declarative relations between object attributes
369638 [knut.franke ] Some time ago I stumbled over Cells[1], a Common Lisp extension allowing
+ 369641 [mentionuse g] This is a neat bit of code, but is there any chance you could
| 369697 [knut.franke ] Yeah, I guess it's a bit pointless to publish this one when you can't
| 369766 [mentionuse g] Indeed, being able to mix it in with other code is good!
| 369771 [knut.franke ] I'm not sure I'm following you there. Make what exactly explicit?
| 369776 [mentionuse g] I mean make the licensing specific. Since there's no longer a license
| 369785 [knut.franke ] Ah, now I got you. :-) I had included the complete license terms at the
+ 369644 [joelvanderwe] FXRuby), something along those lines. One nice feature was pattern
  369698 [knut.franke ] Thanks for the link; I managed to miss that one when trying to google
  369784 [joelvanderwe] I was going to say: why not just do
  369788 [knut.franke ] Yes, for this example that's the main advantage. More generally,
  369789 [joelvanderwe] class PublicEmailRole
  369791 [knut.franke ] Yes; as I said, it's not perfect (I guess a "perfect" solution just
  370041 [knut.franke ] I think I've found a better solution. Quite simply, given that changes

^ 64-bit integer
369645 [wagner.andre] I'm doing a lot of bitwise operations and I need numbers that are truly 64

^ rspec-2.0.0.beta.22 has been released!
369648 [dchelimsky g] rspec-2.0.0.beta.22 has been released!
369650 [raasdnil gma] Thank you David and all :)

^ array[index,length] strange behaviour
369649 [raasdnil gma] charset=us-ascii
369651 [Rob AgileCon] Well, the docs seem to describe the behavior properly.  You have to
369674 [colinb2r goo] As well as Rob's reply there is this recent thread, which has an explanation
+ 369676 [Rob AgileCon] Well, given that Matz is a C programmer (as was I), he may have wanted
+ 369677 [cmdicely gma] ge".
+ 369736 [raasdnil gma] explanation
+ 369768 [rick.denatal] "And a tip for you; never mention PoLS again to persuade me.  It's no

^ Re: WWW::Mechanize and basic_auth
369654 [yiling.cao g] Is it solved? Im having the exactly same problem as well. I have tried
369662 [b.candler po] Check the whole thread at http://www.ruby-forum.com/topic/146128
369671 [yiling.cao g] I did have tried basic_auth() as i did read the whole thread.
369675 [mike.dalessi] If you've got a reproducible case that you can either put into executable

^ [ANN] Money 3.1.0 Released
369663 [shane.emmons] Money 3.1.0

^ ERROR with toolkit.rb
369667 [ramsee safea] i was using Ruby 1.8.5 but recently upgraded to 1.8.7 and now
369732 [rogerpack200] Is that a railsy method?
369734 [ramsee safea] i didnt create it. it is a feature of the PDF Toolkit. so i would guess

^ XML Driver for ActiveRecord?
369669 [web.gma gmai] Anyone know if there is any xml driver built in to the Ruby library that
369680 [josh.cheek g] I don't think there is, because AR3 uses arel, and if you look at arel's
369681 [josh.cheek g] *but you would have more luck on a Rails forum
369719 [web.gma gmai] Thank you.

^ ssl demo
369679 [junkone1 gma] i want to use ssl for application to application encryption. for eg. i
+ 369684 [rogerpack200] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
+ 369705 [b.candler po] functionality; you can dig through the code to find it (it's pretty

^ [ANN] net-http-persistent 1.3.1 Released
369682 [drbrain segm] net-http-persistent version 1.3.1 has been released!

369683 [noel.mcgrath] New to ruby and trying to do a HTTP POST. From looking at documentation
369714 [b.candler po] Of the Net::HTTP API. Look in the source; depending on your system this
369716 [b.candler po] Here's a successful post, and only a single object is returned. What
369775 [noel.mcgrath] Brian thanks for reply. I tried the code above and am getting the same
369778 [b.candler po] I don't think so. Can you show some actual code, preferably something
369787 [noel.mcgrath] Brian, I cannot post my example as it is currently posting to an
+ 369790 [noel.mcgrath] resp, responsedata = http.post(path, data, headers)
+ 369792 [b.candler po] This one had me stumped for a while.

^ how to install ib ruby api?
369687 [myocean135 y] in my console,
+ 369691 [shahpriyank0] Don't Know but check this if it may help you for install ibruby gem,
+ 369703 [b.candler po] The library doesn't have a file called ib.rb, and/or the library's lib
  369720 [myocean135 y] pt@pt-laptop:~$ irb -I ib-ruby/trunk
  369726 [b.candler po] Well, I only suggested require 'datatypes' because you showed
  369794 [myocean135 y] irb -I ib-ruby/trunk
  369795 [myocean135 y] it's ok now,
  + 369801 [myocean135 y] there is file in  "/home/pt/ib-ruby/trunk/ib.rb"
  | 369807 [ryand-ruby z] Did you read the error message?
  + 369831 [b.candler po] option 1: start your session with

^ how can i get particular datafrom #<Net::HTTP google.co  ope
369689 [shahpriyank0] I want to fetch google.com as a data from
+ 369693 [ryand-ruby z] You can start by using google to try to answer your own question.
+ 369695 [justincollin] See http://ruby-doc.org/stdlib/libdoc/net/http/rdoc/classes/Net/HTTP.html

^ (none)
369694 [cyriacsmail ] unsubscribe

^ adwordvouchers@yahoo.com
369699 [lotus5147 gm] account from adwordvouchers@yahoo.com.

^ Update IRB or is it right like this
369702 [w3bwizart.be] I'm new to ruby en stubbeld on a problem i think.
369717 [w3bwizart.be] when i put it $: in a file and run with ruby1.9 it works correct
369718 [justincollin] If you are using "ruby1.9" to run Ruby 1.9, then you might try "irb1.9"
+ 369727 [b.candler po] And inside irb, type
| 369730 [w3bwizart.be] It works on both Ruby versions
+ 369729 [w3bwizart.be] Thanks this works