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^ Changing the folder that ruby recognizes
368908 [prcollin24 g] How do i change the folder that ruby recognizes its files from.

^ Ruby installation
368912 [tridib04 gma] Can anyone help me in how to make the Ruby source files to executable
368913 [astahl hi5.c] Uhh, you don't.  Ruby is an interpreted language, meaning the source
+ 368945 [rpowell93 gm] If you add #!/usr/bin/env ruby to the start of the file and then run the chmod
+ 368973 [Joseph.Savar] Alex,

^ p vs. print
368914 [abder.rahman] require "rubygems" # Not in the example
+ 368915 [astahl hi5.c] Ruby uses "puts", not "print".  "p" is short for "puts".
| + 368917 [sutniuq gmx.] This is definitely wrong. #p is quite another method than #puts and yet
| | + 368918 [wagner.andre] Actually, "p x" is equivalent to "puts x.inspect", not "puts x"
| | + 368919 [colinb2r goo] This is definitely wrong. #p is quite another method than #puts and yet
| | | 368923 [astahl hi5.c] Sorry, my wording was off.  Understood that they're different methods.
| | | 368925 [wagner.andre] No problem. I actually used to think that they were identical, which led to
| | | 368936 [abder.rahman] Thanks everyone for the clarification.
| | | 368941 [paradisaeida] Not to mention pp which is prettyprint
| | | 368969 [abder.rahman] That's nice.
| | + 369078 [code apotheo] irb(main):001:0> print [1, 2, 3]
| |   + 369082 [Rob AgileCon] $ rvm ruby -e 'a=[1,2,3];puts "to_s",a.to_s; puts "inspect",a.inspect'
| |   + 369083 [josh.cheek g] Differences in versions. You can get an account at
| + 368920 [abder.rahman] puts ary1
| | 368921 [abder.rahman] What is "inspect"? What does it do?
| | 368922 [wagner.andre] It just returns a user-friendly version of the object. It can be overridden
| + 368974 [Joseph.Savar] @Alex & @Ali The correct explanation is P is effectively puts x.inspect
|   368975 [abder.rahman] Thanks @Savard.
+ 368958 [b.candler po] print(x) calls x.to_s to get the string representation, then sends that
  + 368965 [kachaleedmon] ****
  | 368967 [abder.rahman] Thanks @Edmond for the clarification.
  + 368966 [abder.rahman] @Brian.
    368976 [b.candler po] That's what Object#inspect returns: a string containing the class name,
    368981 [abder.rahman] Thanks @Brian for this nice clarification.

^ 1.9 require problem
368924 [byrnejb hart] As of this morning I am just starting to work with Ruby 1.9.  I note
368927 [byrnejb hart] .  .  .
+ 368928 [shortcutter ] You can as well modify $: or set RUBYLIB in the environment.
+ 368929 [luislavena g] tup')
  368979 [byrnejb hart] I see. Is there some reason that require does not issue an error that an
  368982 [byrnejb hart] OK.  This is not good.  If I try to use require_relative I discover that
  368985 [byrnejb hart] Now I discover something even worse.  If I change the the lib_path by

^ ruby graphs and hudson
368931 [aidy.lewis g] I am running some load tests and I would like to provide some Ruby
368933 [rogerpack200] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.

^ Error Loading File Beam.rb undefined method `file_loaded?' f
368932 [datulravi gm] Help please!
369049 [b.candler po] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
369064 [datulravi gm] Thanks Brian:)

^ Cannot get RMagick to install
368934 [mlanza comca] I have been trying for quite some time to get RMagick to install on my
368994 [markus fisch] The *.h files usually reside within the respective development packages,
369015 [mlanza comca] Thanks Markus.  I will definitely give that a try.
369017 [martindemell] By way of anecdotal evidence, I had a lot of problems upgrading ubuntu
369247 [mlanza comca] That is the path I ultimately took and it worked fine.  It took about 3

^ Enumerator#each return value is surprising
368937 [cmdicely gma] Generally in Ruby, if enum is an Enumerable, enum.each returns enum --
368942 [dhruva.sagar] ruby-1.9.1-p378 > e = [1,2,3].enum_for(:each)
368944 [ryand-ruby z] the
368999 [cmdicely gma] I suppose when the enumerator is created with the default options, I
+ 369007 [ymendel pobo] First system ruby 1.8.6, then rvm with 1.9.1
| 369027 [cmdicely gma] I think that is exactly what gets broken, though: Enumerator is the
+ 369231 [dblack rubyp] I'd say that the enumerator represents enumeration logic (i.e., the
  369253 [cmdicely gma] I always really thought of Enumerators as representing a sequence with

^ different between cookie and session
368940 [gonnawon qq.] now,my project needs save variable, but i am not know about the

^ Uninstall conflicting versions of ImageMagick?
368943 [mlanza comca] ImageMagick 6.5.7 but ImageMagick 6.5.5-10 is in use.

^ Event Resolution Framework
368946 [spare frigid] Has anyone ever pursued creating a library/framework for the abstract
368968 [wagner.andre] This sounds interesting. Have you heard of such a library in another languag=
368986 [spare frigid] No. Google searches bring up nothing. But then, maybe "Event Resolution"
368992 [wagner.andre] So how does the logic decide which event takes priority? And what
+ 368995 [cremes.devli] cr
| 369021 [jgabrielygal] eems
| 369023 [cremes.devli] almost seems
| 369147 [spare frigid] I think a rules engine might be along the lines of what I was looking
| 369149 [jgabrielygal] t seems
+ 368996 [jgabrielygal] Jesus.

^ Failed to write unicode string to excel
368947 [author zhang] I am trying to do some converting from xml data and write the reports to
369660 [author zhang] Anybody can give some hints?

^ [ANN] RubyInline 3.8.6 Released
368950 [ryand-ruby z] RubyInline version 3.8.6 has been released!

^ GUI for commandline programs
368953 [handigandy-e] I'm looking for a simple, easy to learn, low weight GUI for use in Ruby
369000 [reid.thompso] =20

^ GUI for commandline programs
368954 [handigandy-e] I'm looking for a simple, easy to learn, low weight GUI for use in Ruby
+ 368956 [handigandy-e] Sorry for double posting, I have absolutely no idea how that happened.
+ 368957 [dglnz2 gmail] I have used fxruby & foxGUIb successfully for a wee while.
| 369001 [ralphs dos32] Dave,
+ 368960 [b.candler po] # Text dialog
| 368961 [b.candler po] I should add, that will handle your case (1) and (2) happily, but not
+ 369005 [rogerpack200] If you want easy cross platform I might suggest something jruby-like.
  369025 [steve stevek] As a shoes maintainer, I'm a bit biased. But since Shoes is more of an

^ About check link is broken or not ? using watir
368962 [shahpriyank0] Can any one help me to check links are working or not in page? using

^ How to get Ruby Forum emails right in the mailbox
368963 [kachaleedmon] This may sound silly, but I do not get emails from this forum in my
368971 [martindemell] You need to sign up for the ruby-talk mailing list (the forum and

^ ary6[1..2,0..-1]
368970 [abder.rahman] ary6 = NArray.sfloat(4,3).indgen!(1.02.0) # This line didn't work
368997 [markus fisch] This is just another form of array slicing, see

^ Matz's slides from Rubykaigi?
368972 [diego.viraso] (I guess this is mostly directed at Matz but I thought of sending it
369051 [matz ruby-la] matz.
369052 [diego.viraso] =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 matz.

^ Read cookie
368977 [pal palbergs] How can I get the value of a browser cookie with Ruby?
368978 [b.candler po] In what framework? CGI? Rack? Rails? Sinatra? Other?
+ 368984 [pal palbergs] It's rails. I used CGI but doesn't seem to work anymore. I just want to
| + 368987 [hassan.schro] And have you looked for 'cookie' in the Rails API docs?  :-)
| | 368989 [pal palbergs] I'm asking about getting a cookie value in Ruby, not Rails.
| | + 368991 [hassan.schro] So where would you be "getting" this cookie from? Stored in a file? As
| | | 369012 [pal palbergs] Using a personal encryption script in models, with a key stored in a
| | + 368993 [pal palbergs] Can I get the value using Rack?
| + 369028 [b.candler po] It's not clear what you want now.
|   369031 [pal palbergs] I'm sorry if I'm unclear. But I don't understand what the problem is
|   369042 [b.candler po] (Presumably a unique string which your app provided in a previous
|   369044 [b.candler po] rails foobar
|   369050 [pal palbergs] But that's in the controller. Or do I miss something?
|   369053 [b.candler po] Yes, it's in the controller.
|   + 369054 [b.candler po] Sorry, that should have been
|   + 369055 [pal palbergs] Thanks for your time and effort to answer. I appreciate it. I have given
|     369057 [b.candler po] And I say again, that question is completely meaningless. Ruby is a
|     369065 [pal palbergs] I know. I believe I did that. As I said I've asked before, not this
|     369080 [josh.cheek g] 2010/9/4 P=E5l Bergstr=F6m <pal@palbergstrom.com>
+ 368988 [pal palbergs] Btw, I'm not sure I follow.  Does it have to be within a framework?
  368990 [jgabrielygal] So, you need to make a request to a site and get the cookie that the
  + 369002 [pal palbergs] It reguards my own site.
  | 369003 [pal palbergs] I need to install Nokogiri first :-)
  + 369013 [pal palbergs] Got it working when installed as a gem. Thank you so much :-) Don't
    369022 [jgabrielygal] Maybe because your question was not completely clear, and could get
    369026 [jgabrielygal] That should read Enumerable#find
    369136 [pal palbergs] If you understand what I'm trying to do, do you think the use of
    + 369141 [B.Candler po] Mechanize is a HTTP *client* - a programmable web browser if you like.
    + 369145 [jgabrielygal] I answered what I did in case you were really looking after calling a

^ Mountain.rb in Boulder Oct6-9 early bird closing Monday
368998 [charley.bake] Just a quick note to anyone who doesn't know about this conf. I'm

^ Can't install gems (Windows) - Quick Solution
369004 [jwest wezbiz] I too ran into the same issue with the error message being displayed when installing gems on a new Ruby 1.9.2 (http://www.ruby-lang.org/en/downloads/) installation on the C: drive.
369018 [luislavena g] installing gems on a new Ruby 1.9.2 (http://www.ruby-lang.org/en/downloads=

^ Re: ary6
369008 [abder.rahman] Can you clatfiy my question based on this? Still cannot get the idea.

^ [ANN] hoe-gemspec 1.0.0 Released
369009 [mike.dalessi] hoe-gemspec version 1.0.0 has been released!

^ Getting notification that a subprocess is killed on Windows
369010 [ralphs dos32] What is the proper way, under Windows, to detect that a process was killed?  Crashed?
+ 370364 [cbciv yahoo.] [snip code]
+ 370378 [reachme char] d? =C2=A0Crashed?

^ Tk and Ruby or alternatives ( Re: GUI for commandline programs )
369016 [handigandy-e] I have never used Tk, though I have encountered it often. It was actually

^ [ANN] Wrong: an introspecting assert library
369030 [alexch gmail] For WhyDay, I took the time to clean up and document Wrong, a project
+ 369032 [ryand-ruby z] HAHAHA!... you SICK SICK BASTARDS.... HAHAHAHA!
| 369035 [alexch gmail] You just made my day.
+ 369067 [eregontp gma] Neat ! I am indeed surprised you made possible to parse 1.9.
  369089 [ryand-ruby z] He prolly didn't... It still prolly won't parse 1.9isms, but luckily =
  369103 [eregontp gma] Ah, indeed.

^ Constants lookup changes in 1.9.2?
369034 [naquad gmail] module SomeModule

^ [ANN] ruby_archive 0.1.0 released
369036 [jonathan jmn] After a summer of working on various ways to implement it, I'm happy to
+ 369037 [james grayso] to
+ 369079 [code apotheo] an
| 369081 [jonathan jmn] I would like to support other archive formats at some point, but it may be
+ 369085 [botpena gmai] how do you resolve pathnames w "!"
| 369086 [jonathan jmn] That is a concern that needs further work in future versions, but for now it
| 369091 [botpena gmai] how about using constant flags as options,  like eg,
+ 369087 [ninja slapha] If it can work well as a Gem, especially if it doesn't need to know much about
+ 369092 [botpena gmai] even something like a,

^ encrypt passwords
369038 [junkone1 gma] i have a ruby script screenscraping my bank. how can i encypt the
369039 [synfinatic g] The problem is of course your script will have to decrypt the password
+ 369040 [junkone1 gma] //tcpreplay.synfin.net/- Pcap editing and replay tools for Unix & Windows
| 369043 [synfinatic g] Nope, a one-way-hash is "one way".  Meaning you can go from cleartext
+ 369041 [astahl hi5.c] You could also store the user/pass off in a read-protected file

^ Getting name of current method
369045 [ralphs dos32] Ruby has __FILE__ and __LINE__ to give the file and line omber where we are currently at in the code.
+ 369046 [ryand-ruby z] we are currently at in the code.
| 369048 [ralphs dos32] Ryan,
| 369056 [shortcutter ] What are you trying to achieve?
+ 369047 [runrun runpa] re currently at in the code.

^ Ruby looping
369058 [stuart.clark] Hey,
+ 369059 [shortcutter ] We "call a method" or "invoke a method" but we do not "call an object" -
| 369130 [stuart.clark] Sorry, the next was commented basically just to say move to the next so
+ 369062 [b.candler po] Does this really work at all? Doesn't 'next' just skip every line as

^ Slow Find.find - real problem
369060 [stuart.clark] Hey,
+ 369061 [b.candler po] The slow bit will be scanning the filesystem.
| 369063 [stuart.clark] Thanks for getting back to me. At present I read the CSV file get the
| + 369066 [jgabrielygal] If you are starting with a unique basename, and then traversing your
| + 369069 [b.candler po] Well, I guess you are doing a 'find' because the files are in various
+ 369070 [shortcutter ] Brian gave excellent advice already.  I'd just want to point out that
| 369128 [stuart.clark] I agree, Brian gave some great code and the speed increase was very
+ 369093 [botpena gmai] ok. one folder, many files.

^ Using Nokogiri to scrape multiple websites
369068 [ryan souliss] I'm looking to use Nokogiri to scrape about 10 websites for their anchor
369071 [jgabrielygal] What is exactly the problem? You need to write the full url starting
369134 [ryan souliss] I'm looking to output the information to an .html document (using the
369144 [jgabrielygal] So you want to iterate twice, in each site search for a link that
369221 [ryan souliss] That works great! Thank you.
369222 [jgabrielygal] pt

^ ActiveRecord and incrementing the key
369072 [abder.rahman] In "The Rails Way" book, the following is mentiond in Chapter
+ 369073 [josh.cheek g] If you're using migrations, then it will add this by default, unless you
| 369133 [abder.rahman] Thanks @Josh.
+ 369074 [markus fisch] You need to consult your database documentation how to achieve this; it
+ 369075 [b.candler po] automatically-assigned ROWID.
  369076 [abder.rahman] Thanks @Brian for the clarification.

^ what are the best practices to handle local gem modification
369077 [alexisdal ho] i hope i'm posting at the right place. i have the feeling that what i'm
369088 [ninja slapha] Find the author of the classifier gem, or better yet, find a Github repo or

^ Urgent [ rake aborted ! ]
369084 [vishal marks] rake aborted! can't activate, already activated prawn-0.8.4

^ [QUIZ] Seeking a new Quizmaster
369090 [yahivin gmai] Dear Rubyists,
369098 [james grayso] That you for keeping the quiz alive with the time you had!
369101 [eregontp gma] Indeed, thank you very much for these quizzes !
369104 [martindemell] Thirded! Thanks to Daniel for a great job

^ Re: Shoes 3 released
369094 [sentinel1879] I've just downloaded and played a bit with Shoes 3. Great !
369102 [steve stevek] ...
369151 [sentinel1879] This appears very much like the output of "shoes -m"
+ 369155 [steve stevek] (widgets) that are not clear what htey are, where is the documentation
| 369161 [sentinel1879] Hey,
| 369171 [steve stevek] Awesome. :)
+ 372712 [dske01 126.c] LISA One of the most important supplies <a
  372713 [dske01 126.c] <a

^ "Segmentation fault" with QtRuby
369095 [arturo.bonec] Using QtRuby, I tried to implement the "Read-only example model"
369097 [stefano.croc] The problem with your code is that the #data method must always return a
369153 [arturo.bonec] Thank you for the reply!

^ ruby for desktop and web
369096 [mohammedrash] I need to develop a application which can be used in desktop environment and
+ 369100 [ninja slapha] What was the question?
+ 369248 [rogerdpack2 ] Unfortunately ruby doesn't run "natively" in the browser.  So if you
  369249 [mohammedrash] Can I use M-V-C architecture keeping Model and controller common for both
  369258 [phlip2005 gm] Firstly, the most important detail for reuse is unit tests. They allow
  369260 [phlip2005 gm] OMG I read "FOX DB". Fox Windows is something else entirely; of course

^ Re: ruby_archive 0.1.0 released
369099 [transfire gm] ive