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^ === is not a symmetric operator?
368278 [ralphs dos32] Is my understanding correct that === is not a symmetric operator?  That, in fact,
+ 368280 [shortcutter ] =A0That, in fact,
+ 368281 [matz ruby-la] No.
| 368289 [ralphs dos32] Matz,
| 368294 [shortcutter ] or? =A0That, in fact,
+ 368296 [josh.cheek g] Typically, you define X#=3D=3D=3D to be whatever is meaningful for you. So =

^ Class initialization
368279 [abder.rahman] class  Foo
368282 [wagner.andre] #<Foo...> just means "an instance of the class Foo". That crazy hex at the
368283 [abder.rahman] Thanks a lot Andrew. It is becoming more clear now. I'm just still not
+ 368284 [wagner.andre] So somewhere (at least conceptually) there's a definition that goes
| 368287 [abder.rahman] Oh, I see, and I override it when I define to_s in the class.
+ 368318 [cbciv yahoo.] "inherited to_s method" or "inherited implementation of to_s".
  368319 [abder.rahman] Thanks Charles.

^ Looking for a file somewhere in a directory recursively
368286 [ralphs dos32] Assume I have a file pattern
+ 368288 [wagner.andre] result = %x[dir *.bat]
+ 368295 [shortcutter ] isms rather than than Ruby regular expressions or the functionality of fnma=
  368298 [ralphs dos32] Robert,
  + 368306 [Rob AgileCon] Different Rob(ert), but yes, there is a [] method defined on Dir
  + 368338 [shortcutter ] e brackets?

^ Your thoughts on #memo ?
368293 [transfire gm] # Memoize a method.
+ 368297 [shortcutter ] Ruby version 1.9.1
| 368302 [transfire gm] l }
| 368304 [vikkous gmai] Your #memo method is no more re-entrant than the instance variable
| 368330 [transfire gm] Ah, thanks Caleb. So to be on the "safe" side I will have to use a
+ 368300 [wagner.andre] Yikes. There's rarely a good reason to need to call eval. And the rest of
+ 368307 [eregontp gma] It looks a bit weird, and eval is really ugly^
  368329 [transfire gm] I find the approach of extending Method interesting. I will have to

^ oracle proc : ArgumentError (interning empty string)
368322 [sharnelp gma] I am trying to access oracle proc.

^ Static code analysis in Ruby 1.9
368324 [hubert.lepic] I am wondering if there is any way to perform sort of static code
+ 368325 [sunaku gmail] Cheers.
| 368327 [ryand-ruby z] Unfortunately that doesn't really help him much. He's still left hanging =
| 368341 [hubert.lepic] Well, that's a good link, thank you for that. I think for now I'll
| 368350 [hubert.lepic] g with actually analyzing the code.
+ 368373 [michel demaz] For quite a long time now, I have been using all the 1.8 tools (flog,

^ Interacting with other programs
368328 [jeppe88 gmai] Is it possible to make some kind of program hook in ruby, so I can have
368354 [shortcutter ] require 'expect'

^ Using fetch_fields in MySQL for Windows
368332 [yuvalrooz gm] Hey,
368368 [rogerpack200] probably a bug in the gem.
368374 [yuvalrooz gm] I found a solution for the problem.  The MySQL gem does not work with

^ Convert array of object to xml
368335 [shyamkkhadka] I have an array containing objects of different classes.Each class is
368370 [robert.dober] Hmm I have to do some guessing here
368388 [shyamkkhadka] Thanks for your reply.
368414 [robert.dober] I used rc for my convenience, but why not use ActiveSupport without rails?
368417 [shyamkkhadka] I agree with you. But for my case, I am writing pure ruby gem that has

^ Nokogiri SAX parser encoding problem
368340 [michel demaz] According to Nokogiri's doc, it works internally in UTF-8.
368342 [ryand-ruby z] On Aug 24, 2010, at 2:26 AM, Michel Demazure <michel@demazure.com> =
368352 [michel demaz] Yes, Ryan, you are right : writing to a utf-8 file gives the good
368358 [michel demaz] Alas, no !
368363 [michel demaz] Sorry for posting again. Actually, in this last example, 'characters' is
+ 368376 [ryand-ruby z] the=20
+ 368383 [hutch-lists ] (this was the=20
  368395 [michel demaz] @Bob : Yes, it is allowed.

^ gem list --remote does not work on windows running ruby 1.9.2p0
368343 [botpena gmai] Title says all.
+ 368348 [luislavena g] When reporting issues related to RubyGems, please provide the
| 368389 [botpena gmai] ebug -V" options.
+ 368349 [luislavena g] It is worth mentioning that your username contains accented
  368390 [botpena gmai] ah, yes.
  368391 [luislavena g] Did you installed ruby with admin rights? Because gem env shows the
  368392 [botpena gmai] out of desperation, i removed all home vars (eg homepath...) _and_ it
  368404 [luislavena g] ht information.
  368416 [botpena gmai] well if the going gets tough, the brain fa*rts :)

^ Newbie question on file reading
368345 [raj_plays ya] I have got the code to read a file line by line amd it works too but I
+ 368346 [peterhickman] I believe it comes from the IO class instead
| 368351 [shortcutter ] Yes, this is true.
| 368362 [raj_plays ya] Thank you, Robert.
| 368364 [shortcutter ] Your welcome!
| 368378 [raj_plays ya] Thank you, Martin and Robert
| 368420 [raj_plays ya] In continuation with my questions about reading files from the file
| 368421 [shortcutter ] You can feed the result through #map and File.basename.
+ 368359 [martindemell] How big is your file? IO.read("/path/to/file") will read the entire

^ See Hot Sexy Star *Angelina Jolie* Nude Bathing Videos In All Angles
368353 [magguru.chin] See Hot Sexy Star *Angelina Jolie* Nude Bathing Videos In All Angles

^ If input contains....
368355 [human.dictio] I'm making a secure password generator, where the user inputs a word and
+ 368356 [martindemell] Check out String#gsub
+ 368357 [shortcutter ] input.gsub! /S/, '$'
+ 368360 [peterhickman] That is not going to be very secure.
| 368595 [code apotheo] I may be a little late to this thread, but . . . what the heck.
+ 368361 [Rob AgileCon] String#tr and String#gsub come to mind.
+ 368369 [jeanjulien.f] string = "password"
  + 368371 [peterhickman] The really insane ones are used to access accounts or services
  + 368596 [code apotheo] Speaking only as someone not named Peter, I use a password manager.  At

^ #attr back to 1.8.6 an older behavior?
368365 [transfire gm] What happened to dropping the optional true/false parameter from #attr
368436 [b.candler po] FWIW, it looks like 1.9.1 doesn't allow attr :x= anyway (reader
368450 [transfire gm] I don't really care about the 'x=3D' option either way, though I do

^ Lock file while copying
368372 [aidy.lewis g] Is it possible during File.copy to lock that file from any other
368432 [b.candler po] Not normally - unless your operating system supports Mandatory File

^ warning: method redefined
368377 [iainspeed gm] Any idea how to track down `warning: method redefined` errors? Is there =
368379 [iainspeed gm] there a way to force errors to appear with irb when I load individual =
368431 [b.candler po] It can happen if you require them in different ways, e.g.
368437 [iainspeed gm] is=20

^ [ANN] ffi-ncurses 0.3.3
368384 [sean.ohalpin] I've just released version 0.3.3 of the ffi-ncurses gem. This fixes
368387 [botpena gmai] uver cool. thanks sean.

^ HTTPClient Suddenly Fails - Cannot Verify Certificate File
368385 [bodarotech g] Today (Tues. Aug 24 2010) using HTTPClient for a SSL connection fails.
368386 [richard.conr] Dumb question (you did ask for *any* advice)
368393 [bodarotech g] call HTTPClient.new and connecting. Offhand I cannot remember the url (I
368394 [bodarotech g] Heres is a test I ran from the rails console to verify that the issue is

^ Character encoding problem
368397 [dave develop] I am getting an encoding problem when trying to write an xml file out
368399 [cppcodeguy a] I git cloned the file and looked through to see if i could find the
368400 [dave develop] That works great, thank you for all your effort in looking into this,

^ check if Win32OLE still available
368398 [ rv domos.be] charset="us-ascii"
368407 [rogerpack200] call some method on it, perhaps?
368408 [ rv domos.be] Hey,
368411 [cbciv yahoo.] When you call a method after the application has been closed, does it
370068 [ rv domos.be] I'm getting back on this.
370069 [masaki.suket] What is the error you received?
370074 [ rv domos.be] HRESULT error code:0x800706ba
370093 [masaki.suket] No. You must use begin rescue end to catch WIN32OLERuntimeError exception.
370107 [ rv domos.be] Excellent! Thank you.

^ Configuration management tool
368402 [sardaukar.si] I wanted to use Puppy to maintain configuration for some Windows servers,
368412 [cbciv yahoo.] [snip configuration management util for Windows hosts]

^ Simulating a TTY?
368405 [sutniuq gmx.] I'm trying to write something like a terminal emulator for use inside a
+ 368406 [rogerpack200] live console [1] monkey patches irb to allow it to receive from a socket
| 368446 [sutniuq gmx.] Thanks, fxri pointed me to the right direction. I already solved problem
| 368561 [ed.howland g] I'd look at guirb [1] as well. Even though it is written in Tk (and
| 368569 [sutniuq gmx.] guirb looks good. I will definetely look at it.
+ 368575 [james grayso] the

^ Time.local and offsets
368409 [fxn hashref.] Does anyone know why Time.local gives these offsets here? (+0100 is correct)
+ 368429 [b.candler po] IIRC, daylight saving time was first introduced as a wartime
| 368430 [b.candler po] Sorry, I should engage brain before typing. Jan 1st is not in the
| + 368434 [fxn hashref.] It's a bit weird (though I guess there's an explanation).
| | 368440 [b.candler po] => true
| | 368491 [b.candler po] It wasn't until 1847 that Greenwich Mean Time was widely used across the
| | 368492 [fxn hashref.] Awesome!!!
| + 368749 [rick.denatal] Also, although daylight saving time WAS initiated as a war time
+ 368438 [akr fsij.org] % TZ=Europe/Madrid ruby -ve 'p Time.local(2010); p Time.local(1940); p

^ Some odd ball optimization tricks....
368415 [john.carter ] Here are two idioms which you may find useful, or at least curious, when
+ 368418 [ninja slapha] I guess I can think of a few rare instances this might be useful, but I've=
+ 368422 [shortcutter ] I prefer

^ Re: ffi-ncurses 0.3.3
368423 [sentinel1879] thanks sean
368500 [sean.ohalpin] Sure - it's documented in the README at
368533 [botpena gmai] it would be great if ffi curses portability gets integrated w rbcurses
368538 [sentinel1879] Not clear what this implies. rbcurse does *not* use ncurses form or
368546 [botpena gmai] i was wrong then. i thought* rbcurse required ruby-ncurses... wc i
368556 [sean.ohalpin] It does. (I think the 1.9.x difficulties with Ruby's ncurses have been
+ 368578 [botpena gmai] very nics.
+ 368623 [sentinel1879] botp et al
  + 368625 [botpena gmai] barrier of the ruby-ncurses that is keeping a lot of us fr using it
  | 368627 [sentinel1879] What platform are you on ? While we work on moving rbcurse to ffi, can
  | 368632 [sentinel1879] Wanted to confirm. Seems ffi-ncurses does not support panels. Panels are
  | 368647 [sean.ohalpin] 0.3.4: tidy up wide character support (almost ready to ship)
  | + 368663 [sentinel1879] I noticed in ncurses-example.rb that you've created a module and WINDOW
  | | 368678 [sean.ohalpin] Yes, it will but it's not exactly quite there yet.
  | + 368670 [m.fellinger ] Michael Fellinger
  |   + 368680 [sean.ohalpin] Wow. That looks great. Would you mind if I included it in my 0.4.1
  |   | 368689 [m.fellinger ] It's MIT licensed, so no problem.
  |   + 368695 [botpena gmai] cool h@cker.
  + 368650 [sean.ohalpin] I have the same issue. I've been thinking about how to automate visual
    368675 [renard nc.rr] Believe it or not, I do not any GUI application.

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^ Initialise
368425 [iainspeed gm] Being English and able to spell proper like, innit, I find I'm creating =
+ 368428 [chastell cha] It definitely does work =E2=80=93 you can start using #initialise instead of
| 368435 [iainspeed gm] arise..
| 368441 [b.candler po] class Object
| + 368453 [iainspeed gm] Thanks, I'll give that a shot.
| + 368485 [shortcutter ] What about inheritance especially in light of "super"?  I'm with
+ 368433 [joseph.savar] I see your point.

^ [ANN] rcairo 1.8.3
368426 [kou cozmixng] (*1) A library to use cairo(*2) from Ruby.
368444 [dsisnero gma] I installed this in windows
368465 [kou cozmixng] In <AANLkTin_k5LmzvLTsnMgvZVepjLDRJVJF6QbT-tccm5R@mail.gmail.com>

^ Ruby and selenium for a newbie
368427 [snomys hotma] I am looking at automation using selenium with the ruby api, and am

^ Re: Contribution wanted: test your code with 1.9.2-preview3
368442 [rogerpack200] Appears this has been the case for 1.9.1 with p378+

^ gem install RedCloth
368443 [advancedtech] I am just learning Ruby and have become somewhat frustrated on this
+ 368445 [sutniuq gmx.] You need a C compiler to install gems with native extensions. The
| 368447 [advancedtech] Where or how do I get this C compiler. The book mentions nothing about
| + 368448 [sutniuq gmx.] At first, you need to know that RubyGems can be written in other
| + 368449 [rogerpack200] Book is out of date.
|   368451 [advancedtech] Thank You! This worked
+ 368458 [luislavena g] You need a compiler.

^ getting fox unit test runner to work
368452 [alexisdal ho] sorry if the question seems dump but...
368472 [ryand-ruby z] Look at that number. Embrace it. Love it. But, please, don't ruin it by =
368479 [alexisdal ho] i couldn't agree more
368489 [ryand-ruby z] by=20

^ Node hierarchies, and the inspection thereof
368454 [sinisterchip] Sorry if this belongs in Ruby Core, though I don't really think it does
368457 [rogerdpack2 ] Currently there's no way to get the nodes of methods with 1.9.{1,2}
368494 [sinisterchip] That's what I suspected, but was hoping I'd just missed something. :(

^ Idiom or method for determining where in the class hierarchy an object fits
368455 [ccw.in.nc gm] I have a class hierachy that looks like this
368456 [mike stok.ca] You could try kind_of? e.g.
368459 [ccw.in.nc gm] Thank you!  I was only aware of instance_of?  This is exactly what I

^ syscall: string contains null byte
368460 [hadmut danis] is there any chance to ever have bug #20895 fixed?

^ May I know that why the zz[0]=="s" return false, please?
368461 [jayaoscarlok] Dear Sir,
+ 368462 [Gennady.Byst] "s" is a string containing one actual character (s). While you have 3 after=
+ 368463 [astahl hi5.c] Because it is.
+ 368464 [josh.cheek g] You output an inspected view of your objects with the method p, that should

^ Get Proc of current block?
368467 [transfire gm] Is there any way to get a hold of the current block? I've been playing
+ 368469 [m.fellinger ] _s] }
| 370552 [transfire gm] Helpful. Thanks. I am considering adding to Facets, but it would have
+ 369915 [jbarnette gm] lambda { |x| p x +=3D 1; redo }[0]

^ File Contents into Hash Table?
368468 [jamesrasmus ] I'm trying put some file contents into a hash table. The file contains
+ 368470 [jamesrasmus ] hash_table = file_contents.each { |line| Hash[line.to_s] }
| 368473 [pejuko gmail] hash = {}
| 368477 [jamesrasmus ] I tried your method, and debugging, it looks like all the key value
| 368482 [pejuko gmail] that is strange our both codes are working well with given example
| 368483 [jamesrasmus ] Ha, It's all sorted now. There was something wrong with the charset of
+ 368476 [shortcutter ] That line is dysfunctional.  Please kick this Perlism out of your Ruby

^ how about Array#collect_until
368471 [timrandg gma] I am wondering if anyone has implemented an Array#collect_until method
+ 368474 [shortcutter ] This would not work - it does not even parse
+ 368475 [timrandg gma] Here is an awful hacked solution...perhaps someone come up with a
+ 368478 [matz ruby-la] How about using
| 368480 [stevena arno] I think he was thinking of something more like collect_unless, a =
+ 368481 [stevena arno] You can't pass an anonymous function using the syntax you're using.  You =
+ 368488 [fred lacave.] class Array
| 368518 [timrandg gma] Thanks everyone for the great ideas. I ended up slightly modifying
| 368519 [shortcutter ] I would rather place this code in Enumerable.  Then all other classes
| 368535 [timrandg gma] Good idea.
| 368537 [cmdicely gma] Okay.. I misunderstood the intent. So you can't use the
+ 368522 [cmdicely gma] I know you already got something that works, but I think this is a
  + 368534 [botpena gmai] nice. i'd add that to my lib if you don't mind ;-)
  + 368536 [timrandg gma] Thanks for another useful answer.