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^ Write to file
367843 [tigrib85-for] I'm trying to write to a new file, wich I'm creating by
367844 [jgabrielygal] The problem is that gets returns the \n at the end of the string, so
367846 [tigrib85-for] Hey, thanks very much, its working!

^ Refactoring Global Constants
367848 [frank.guerin] I'm going to ask a dumb question (sorry for that, in advance)...
367851 [b.candler po] The best way to define a constant is using a constant :-)
367934 [frank.guerin] This is perfect.  Thank you very much!

^ SMTP SMS Reminder Script
367855 [human.dictio] require 'net/smtp'
+ 367872 [b.candler po] Probably it's the newline on the end of the username and password. Try
| 367876 [human.dictio] I've tried that previously, the script just sits there until I interrupt
| 367880 [b.candler po] Sure. So you have another bug. To be sure, try typing a wrong password
| 367906 [human.dictio] /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/net/smtp.rb:551:in `initialize': getaddrinfo: Servname
+ 368017 [human.dictio] require 'net/smtp'

^ HTTP Downloader
367856 [human.dictio] require 'net/http'
+ 367860 [wagner.andre] Why are you trying to convert the subURL to an integer? That's what to_i
| 367863 [human.dictio] The storage control blocks were destroyed. (SocketError)
| 367869 [peterhickman] The problem is that you must not have the http:// part of the url.
| + 367874 [wagner.andre] Wow, really? Why the terrible error message then?
| + 367875 [peterhickman] As an aside. Here's something to note when reporting errors.
| + 367877 [human.dictio] Thank you; mucho appreciato! :D
| + 367878 [human.dictio] Sorry to double post but is there any way to get the script to extract
|   367879 [peterhickman] To be honest I would not use the net/http library if you can help it.
+ 367861 [peterhickman] An error you say? What error would that be and what steps have you

^ Making File.open work on gzipped files
367884 [mail maasha.] I am trying to write a class for a file parser with an class method for
367893 [b.candler po] Ruby's Zlib library should do that nicely for you.
+ 367902 [b.candler po] i.e. http://ruby-doc.org/core/classes/Zlib/GzipReader.html
+ 367919 [mail maasha.] Thanks Brian,
  367924 [shortcutter ] Exactly, just try to open with GzipReader and if that throws just work
  367948 [b.candler po] Remember to rewind it too.
  367953 [mail maasha.] Thanks Brian and Robert. The below snippet appears to be working nicely
  + 367954 [shortcutter ] 1. refactor opening code (everything before "if block_given?") into a
  | 367961 [mail maasha.] 1 & 3 done! I dont quite get 2.
  | 367963 [shortcutter ] If you have done 1 you will have a single variable left and hence done
  + 367968 [b.candler po] Good question, but the documentation for GzipReader#close gives you the
    367970 [shortcutter ] That's why I suggested my item 1. :-)
    367978 [mail maasha.] I must be missing something :o/
    367986 [shortcutter ] Parse#close does not exist.  :-)
    367997 [mail maasha.] Of cause! And inserting the close method the right place inside the

^ question on if / defined?()
367903 [jrubiando gm] assuming x is not defined, why does the statement
+ 367904 [rick.denatal] Because x is defined, this happens at parse time so it doesn't matter
| + 367909 [john.sikora ] The two statements were probably typed sequentioally. Consider the
| + 367913 [john.sikora ] Is this because when the parser sees 'x = ...',  Ruby automatically
|   367923 [colinb2r goo] I think that's correct, but I'd welcome confirmation from those more
|   367933 [joseph.savar] The following appears that when using the ternary operator it sheds a little
+ 367947 [b.candler po] if false

^ Macruby - some basic questions
367905 [sentinel1879] I am going thru the macruby site and tutorial.
+ 367908 [echristopher] While I can't answer any of your questions specifically, you might be
| 367977 [sentinel1879] Thanks for the answers.
+ 367916 [dave.baldwin] It provides a toll free bridge between ruby and the objective-c world of =

^ Ruby GC question (MRI, JRuby, etc)
367910 [cremes.devli] My basic understanding of the garbage collectors in use by the various Ruby runtimes is that they all search for objects from a "root" memory object. If an object cannot be reached from this root, then it is collected.
+ 367914 [wyhaines gma] by runtimes is that they all search for objects from a "root" memory object=
| 367915 [cremes.devli] Kirk,
| 367949 [b.candler po] In any case, if you don't keep a reference to them somewhere, then you
| 367959 [cremes.devli] Not necessarily true. The Bar class in my example could have its own internal lifecycle where it is generating events for Baz and Quxxo which in turn are reacting to or generating events for Bar. Plus, they all may be interacting with yet more objects on a local or remote system. Retaining a reference to the Bar instance from Foo does not preclude them from doing useful work.
| 367962 [b.candler po] Not unless it is running in its own thread. In that case, there will be
+ 367966 [shortcutter ] There is a small error in the wording above.  While the issue has been
| 367976 [cremes.devli] Ha! Yes, quite true. Depending upon the GC algo in use, some objects may never be collected even though they are eligible for collection.
| 368176 [Ruby GoogleM] In particular, the GC algorithms in MRI and YARV are specifically
| 368178 [matz ruby-la] 99.999% is a bit over-exaggerated, but it is true that garbage
+ 368180 [headius head] by runtimes is that they all search for objects from a "root" memory object=

^ easy to fine a hot girl from your city,
367912 [iamforufrien] easy to fine a hot girl from your city,

^ for a new ed. of "The Ruby Way"?
367918 [diego.viraso] I was wondering if anyone has heard of any plan by Hal Fulton to
367921 [echristopher] He mentioned in an email to me a few months ago that he is working on

^ Base64 multiple by 4
367926 [ mk maero.dk] I'm in the need of a Base64 decoding method that can decode a string
+ 367927 [ mk maero.dk] Ignore that string.
+ 367936 [xeno badenou] Are you looking for
| 367941 [huard.elise ] require 'base64'
+ 367942 [b.candler po] irb(main):001:0> s = ["hello world"].pack("m")
  367944 [ mk maero.dk] Once again, that's what not I wanted. Heres an example of what I wanted
  367972 [b.candler po] Then you need to specify more precisely what you want.
  367973 [b.candler po] Also, I tried to run the code you posted with the decode test vector,

^ Strange behavior of or condition in loop
367928 [salex mac.co] I don't understand why ruby's "or" acts differently in a loop.
+ 367930 [skim.la gmai] and/or aren't the same as &&/||.  they have lower operator precedence than
| 367932 [colinb2r goo] And to be particular for the OP's problem "and" and "or" have lower
| 367935 [salex mac.co] than
+ 367939 [john.sikora ] Why did it work outside the loop (in the example given above) but not
| + 367940 [jgabrielygal] ~$ irb
| + 367985 [john.sikora ] Just to clarify: I meant I tried the outside the loop code in irb, not
+ 368249 [vikkous gmai] dirty ||= found

^ ruby 1.9.1 unable to find ruby_parser from an included .rb file, but can from irb?
367929 [sophrinix gm] Greetings,
367943 [shortcutter ] Different environments?  Maybe it helps if you dump the current

^ [ANN] LAST CHANCE TO REGISTER ONLINE for 2010 Workshop on Scheme and Functional Programming
367931 [feeley iro.u] The 2010 Scheme Workshop will be held in Montreal in less than 4 days

^ Web Browser Visualization Libraries????
367957 [frank.guerin] Are there any complex visualization libraries that can be used with Ruby
367995 [hello studio] I haven't personally messed with any of these, but Raphael in
367996 [matt harpsta] Raphael is pretty nifty.
368019 [frank.guerin] Matt and Chris,
368020 [frank.guerin] OK... I think I'm falling in love with InfoVis...

^ Adding Common Lisp to Ruby
367964 [nfbetakappa ] -Dear Yukihiro=2C
+ 367969 [shortcutter ] and another one is better solved with Common Lisp? Let's take out the perfo=
+ 368031 [vikkous gmai] I created RubyMacros, an extension to ruby which adds lisp-style
  368067 [default spir] "If I were that programmer, I would be very angry if I missed the
  368078 [xeno badenou] OT, but

^ Adding Common Lisp to Ruby (fixed)
367974 [nfbetakappa ] (fixed - I forgot to convert it to plain text!) - I forward an email conver=

^ to maintain regression in watir
367979 [amrit95 yaho] I've to create overnight regression task for my watir tests. If any

^ where to keep watir tests
367981 [amrit95 yaho] Iam new o watir and i've automated few of my tests . Im looking for a

^ [ANN] Ruby 1.9.2 is released
367983 [yugui yugui.] Ruby 1.9.2 has been released. This is the newest release of Ruby 1.9
+ 367987 [joelvanderwe] Supported also on x86_64-linux, right?
+ 368018 [botpena gmai] congrats and many thanks.
+ 368021 [botpena gmai] after installing, gem does not seem to work here.
| 368023 [botpena gmai] arggh i'm stuck..
| + 368024 [sora134 gmai] rubygems is included in ruby1.9.2.
| | 368026 [botpena gmai] yes, of course. that was the first thing i did. see my previous post
| + 368025 [sora134 gmai] Sorry for continuous mail.
| | 368027 [botpena gmai] no problem. pls do not apologize :)
| + 368061 [sroach inves] Same here!
|   368094 [ryand-ruby z] try
+ 368082 [martindemell] Rather than just saying "your  script should not depend on the current

^ Net::SSH is unable to use my RSA Key
367988 [ masc web.de] I'm currently using ruby 1.9.1p429 and net-ssh-2.0.23

^ Anyone use PDFLib with Ruby 1.9.1 and having issues?
367990 [ckalkman aol] All,

^ Nokogiri bug?
367999 [astahl hi5.c] nodesets, wondering if anyone here knows about possible existing issues.
368003 [mike.dalessi] A better place to discuss Nokogiri-specific questions like this is probably
368006 [astahl hi5.c] Thanks, I thought there might be a more appropriate forum.

^ Ruby Code Parsing
368000 [webmaster in] I have a Perl friend asking me questions about how ruby parses its code.
+ 368016 [ryand-ruby z] code.
+ 368248 [vikkous gmai] Statements generally end with a semicolon or newline...  but not all
| 368256 [code apotheo] I find Perl pretty easy to parse.  Maybe yours is a personal problem.
| 368265 [ryand-ruby z] No, you do not find perl pretty easy to parse. Last time I checked, you =
| + 368277 [mark thomasz] an NOT statically parse perl. You have to evaluate it in order to get a pro=
| + 368290 [code apotheo] Regardless of nitpicky phrasing, I found your comment about Perl kind of
|   + 368292 [tony.arcieri] Tony Arcieri
|   + 368303 [vikkous gmai] First of all, do not confuse me with Ryan.
|   | 368317 [code apotheo] ot
|   + 368337 [ryand-ruby z] not
|     368375 [code apotheo] You apparently think I'm saying my brain has an implementation of the
|     368381 [ryand-ruby z] not
|     368396 [code apotheo] Yes, I saw all this.
+ 368333 [sunaku gmail] How about the "To Ruby From Perl" mini-guide on the Ruby website?

^ [ANN] Win32::Screenshot 0.0.7
368001 [jarmo.p gmai] A new version of Win32::Screenshot got released!
368099 [headius head] Awesome! Thanks for adding JRuby support!

^ Check existence of object and it's property at the same time
368005 [coryp aquasu] I run into this from time to time and I was wondering if there is a
+ 368007 [dblack rubyp] It doesn't, actually, because if @member is nil, the "and" is
| 368011 [coryp aquasu] David,
| 368038 [jgabrielygal] Yes, it's important. Ruby starts evaluating from left to right, and
| 368050 [shortcutter ] For the record: short circuiting also happens in Enumerable#any? and
+ 368008 [astahl hi5.c] I've run into a similar situation before, and found that
  368009 [dblack rubyp] They both short-circuit. Note that the puts("here") statement never gets
  368010 [dblack rubyp] (P.S. I've made the second condition fail, rather than the first, but if
  368014 [astahl hi5.c] Strange... it was failing before (like a few weeks ago) w/ a
  368015 [dblack rubyp] h = {}

^ Twitter gem - include_entities option
368012 [catflaporama] The twitter api now has an option 'include_entities' which when included in

^ ambiguous first argument?
368022 [rogerpack200] memory_bitmap.scan /\x00{5}+/
+ 368028 [ryand-ruby z] 2 / 2
+ 368063 [gf.bozzetti ] - {5} means exactly 5 occurrences of \x00
  368065 [Rob AgileCon] memory_bitmap.scan / \x00 { 5 } + /
  368068 [rogerpack200] Interesting. Ok thanks for all the responses.

^ Blog tutorial and postgres
368029 [ivan_521521 ] I have begun the "Getting Started with Rails" guide at
368044 [b.candler po] Sorry, but you're much more likely to get questions about Rails answered

^ passenger->fastthread.c1 will not compile
368030 [jeffrey.monc] Good Day,

^ Re: Ruby 1.9.2 is released
368032 [suntsh gmail] ruby 1.9.2p0 (2010-08-18 revision 29036) [x86_64-linux]
368090 [keltia gmail] Are you sure you don't have an outdated copy in
368106 [dev caiochas] I compile manually. Install to /usr/local. Pretty standard. I had 1.9.2
368108 [dev caiochas] Oh, that's interesting.
368140 [sroach inves] Thanks for this!  That was the solution I needed...works like a charm now!
368237 [jasonm.mark ] Worked great for me too -- thx.
370412 [conmotto gma] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
370414 [markus fisch] Incredible, your post was right on time for me! I struggled to get

^ Hashes in 1.9 index
368033 [iainspeed gm] Since hashes in 1.9 retain their insert order, is there a built in way =
+ 368034 [xeno badenou] I think the closest to what you want is Hash#to_a
| 368036 [iainspeed gm] Thanks, I'll see how that pans out.
+ 368039 [joelvanderwe] => {:a=>17, :b=>18, :c=>19}
+ 368040 [b.candler po] No - I expect it just keeps them on a global linked list, in addition to

^ can't open an xcl workbook on a mac  with rb-appscript
368037 [arti.p.singh] I get an errror when I try to open a workbook

^ Timeout exception open-uri
368041 [l17339 gmail] question...
368042 [b.candler po] That's not the exception you're getting (read the error message
368045 [l17339 gmail] Hey Brian

^ How to set library path for FileUtils
368046 [mark.t.macdo] What is the correct way to set library paths to remove this error when
+ 368052 [shortcutter ] Normally there should be no change necessary since it's part of the std lib.
+ 368053 [fxn hashref.] require 'fileutils'
  368055 [mark.t.macdo] Thank you - this was the problem. Uppercase works on my Windows

^ help with OAuth unitialized constant OAuth::VERSION
368047 [samatoms gma] I am trying to authenticate to Etsy.com's web server using OAuth.
368048 [samatoms gma] oauth (0.4.2)
368157 [rmcgoss gmai] That doesn't work for me.

^ How to render svg image with stylesheets using RMAgick
368049 [martin angle] Dear Friends,

^ when test just can't be automated
368051 [alexisdal ho] i do hope i'm posting at the right place.
+ 368056 [richard.conr] Automate the tests that are automatable, have them generate a report that
+ 368057 [b.candler po] If they can't cope with a text script with Y/N prompts, maybe you could
  368270 [alexisdal ho] Thank you for the feedback. the trouble is i think most tests are 10%

^ ICFP 2007 - Save Endo!
368054 [wagner.andre] I'm thinking about working on the problem from ICFP
368058 [james grayso] if even

^ Whyday Fun and Games
368059 [james grayso] Haven't decided on a project for Whyday (http://whyday.org/) yet?
368072 [sophrinix gm] =A0play.cobots.org:23
+ 368074 [james grayso] #COBOTS:  play.cobots.org:23
+ 368075 [eregontp gma] Port 23 is the default port for telnet ;)
  368080 [sophrinix gm] Ah so this is an internet explorer game. gotcha.
  368111 [ninja slapha] Erm, what?
  368113 [sentinel1879] Seems the Cobots have stolen all the rubies :) Nothing happening!
  368159 [b.candler po] Looks like I missed the fun :-(
  368160 [james grayso] Whyday was one day only.  ;)
  368162 [code apotheo] Damn.  I was away from this list for a few months, and I missed the

^ Error when try to install ncurses gem on windows
368062 [shahpriyank0] I got following error when i try to install ncurses on windows.
368070 [rogerpack200] install the ncurses library into your devkit or ping the authors and ask

^ (How) Can you run another ruby script, from a ruby script?
368064 [3lionzw gmai] Sorry for the newbie question, but Can you run another ruby script, from
+ 368093 [jgabrielygal] It's better to use the block form of File.open, it ensures that the
+ 368334 [sunaku gmail] If the test.rb file that you are creating is a really just a temporary

^ Is this a bug of String#count?
368066 [liruohao gma] $ ruby -v
368069 [rogerpack200] count returns the sum of occurrences of characters.  I don't see any ^a
368071 [liruohao gma] But according to the documentation, "Any _other_str_ that starts with a
368073 [rogerpack200] Probably because non-ASCII aren't counted as /\w/ matching anymore.  You

^ [ANN] Shoes 3 released
368076 [steve stevek] Hey there everyone. We've just released Shoes 3, "Policeman", to
372711 [josh.cheek g] I just gave Shoes a try, it was a lot of fun. Went in with no knowledge, an=
372757 [steve stevek] Thanks Josh!
372771 [josh.cheek g] my own logger for most of it.