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^ Thanks a lot!
366638 [sbstn26 yaho] Thanks guys! Truly appreciate it!

^ Thanks a bunch!
366639 [sbstn26 yaho] Thanks everyone! Truly appreciate it!

^ Accessing object in rescue block
366646 [ odo mac.com] when I rescue an exception, is there a way to access the object where
+ 366654 [lasso lassow] Not by default. According to http://www.ruby-doc.org/ruby-1.9/classes/Excep=
+ 366656 [shortcutter ] There is no way I am aware of which allows for fetching the instance
  366778 [ odo mac.com] Thanks for your thoughts, I figured it out.

^ net/smtp
366650 [dglnz2 gmail] I am not sure if I've properly understood things correctly but....
366652 [mrzombie the] When I send mail using Ruby, I use Pony.
366719 [dglnz2 gmail] thanks MRZombie,
366724 [dglnz2 gmail] update to the issue.

^ Problem in loop do
366658 [amiref ymail] please explain me with example in "loop do" , diffrence between "redo"
366662 [shortcutter ] Why don't you just write a small program and test it out for yourself?
366681 [amiref ymail] "next" and "redo" was same.
366687 [rws1111 gmai] I've not been visiting here for very long, but I suspect people will be

^ openssl. question about ec
366659 [truschev gma] Here it is.

^ Shox Allegria Glow,Shox FSM,Shox Dendara,Shox 45,Shox Propulsion,Shox  XT,Shox Vivacity.                  (http://www.cntrade09.com)
366665 [chenxiangmei] For more information,please contact karen,

^ Object#tap (was Nice algorithm for 'spreading' indexes across an  array?)
366673 [list.push gm] Thanks to a post by David Masover in a recent thread, I learned about
366708 [ninja slapha] Oh, you mean modifying the array?
366716 [gsinclair gm] message = String.new.tap { |s|

^ [ANN] Inochi 4.0.1
366674 [sunaku gmail] Inochi

^ Concept of iterator
366682 [amiref ymail] What is difference between concept of iterator in c++ and ruby ?

^ Concept of iterator in c++ and ruby
366683 [amiref ymail] What is difference between concept of iterator in c++ and ruby ?
366690 [shortcutter ] Now this sounds like a homework question.  What did your research turn up?

^ hard drive backup program in 100% pure ruby
366684 [travis.ml-ru] I think that I'll run into needing some features from the File or
366711 [ninja slapha] Looks interesting...

^ 3D Ruby Process Screencasts
366685 [conmotto gma] For those wanting to do 3D stuff with Ruby Processing, I also have a few screencasts up on YouTube, as well as some F/OSS code available on GitHub. http://www.prestonlee.com/2010/05/17/3d-osx-applications-with-ruby-processing-screencast/

^ [NOOB] respond_to? failing
366686 [sentinel1879] I've been checking respond_to? before calling send() for ages but today
366691 [sutniuq gmx.] That's because the #testme method you defined is automatically made
366712 [sentinel1879] Thanks a lot. Is this mentioned in some document or Pickaxe. I'd like to

^ rubyw, RuntimeError, capturing the stack, FXRuby
366692 [ralphs dos32] Let's say I'm running rubyw and a RunTimeError is raised ...
366693 [joseph.savar] begin
366694 [ralphs dos32] Joseph,
+ 366696 [joseph.savar] Sorry..
+ 366697 [sutniuq gmx.] irb(main):001:0> begin

^ how to determine array element number in a each loop
366699 [kaya.aykut g] The title is quite self explanatory: I am in
+ 366701 [oscartheduck] i = 0
| 366702 [nicholas.orr] or use each_with_index
+ 366796 [bdloving gma] dummy_array.each_index do |i|

^ implementing multiple "constructors" in ruby
366704 [travis.ml-ru] So I have a class that I may want to instantiate multiple ways.
+ 366714 [ninja slapha] Ah, that answers my question from earlier.
+ 366720 [jgabrielygal] erbose=3Dfalse, debug=3Dfalse)

^ 64 bit ruby installation on 64 bit windows
366707 [dxtrdrosario] i've tried installing a 64-bit ruby on a 64-bit windows.
+ 366734 [luislavena g] Yes, all the DLLs needs to be exactly of the same architecture.
| 366777 [elysah elysa] Yes I tried to compile ruby for 64b arch, but there is too many
+ 366782 [rogerpack200] jruby under a 64-bit java VM should work OOTB on doze.  That's probably
  367086 [headius head] bly

^ [ANN] hitimes 1.1.0 Released
366709 [jeremy hineg] {{ Release notes for Version 1.1.0 }}
+ 366715 [cremes.devli] JRuby support? Excellent...
| 366746 [jeremy hineg] Yup, Roger Pack sent me the suggestion, I figured why not.  If you think
+ 367088 [headius head] FWIW, this is a really good example of how to write JRuby extensions.

^ undefined method `each' for (installing gem)
366710 [sonja kisa.c] I frequently get this error. Halp?
366767 [echristopher] Try updating rdoc.

^ Problem with concurrency
366718 [zapotek segf] I'm having an issue with a multi-threaded system I'm developing.
366721 [shortcutter ] Thread.abort_on_exception = true
366722 [zapotek segf] Thanks for the reply, however I didn't see any errors.
366723 [zapotek segf] Huh...it seems that the problem was actually caused by the localhost
366725 [shortcutter ] If it can happen once chances are that it will happen again.  It's
366726 [zapotek segf] Well, the laptop was on for 2-3 days constantly running fullscreen flash

^ my script just read one line?
366727 [junhui.liao ] Dear all,
366729 [jgabrielygal] you don't need to declare this, because you later are assigning
+ 366737 [junhui.liao ] Many thanks for your comment !
+ 366766 [junhui.liao ] Dear Jesús Gabriel y Galán and all,
  366774 [jgabrielygal] BTW, I'm using 1.8.7. And also, File.open().each_line doesn't properly
  366784 [junhui.liao ] Dear Jesús Gabriel y Galán,
  366786 [jgabrielygal] Sorry, the method write_line_to_file should be defined before the
  366792 [junhui.liao ] Dear Jesús Gabriel y Galán,
  366807 [jgabrielygal] What I'm typing is untested, is just to give you some ideas. In any
  366897 [junhui.liao ] Thanks a lot for your help!
  366920 [jgabrielygal] Maybe you can read it completely in memory, reorganize the contents
  366986 [junhui.liao ] Could you please give me some tips on how to organize this new script ?
  367002 [jgabrielygal] You could read the lines one by one as you are doing now, but instead
  + 367009 [junhui.liao ] Jesus,
  + 367135 [junhui.liao ] I tried to use the following code to make all of the line's data
    367149 [jgabrielygal] You don't need to declare the variable. You will only use it inside
    367208 [junhui.liao ] Dear Jesus,
    367225 [jgabrielygal] or
    367239 [junhui.liao ] It is this book. And I made a mistake, in this book (I bought a PDF

^ hash key (?)
366728 [brentgclarkl] Im going through the Ruby Cookbook.
+ 366731 [jgabrielygal] irb(main):008:0> ?v.class
+ 366732 [josh.cheek g] In earlier versions of Ruby, prefixing a character with a question mark was
+ 366733 [eugen prime-] irb(main):002:0> ?a

^ ruport, reading a csv whose column name have white spaces
366730 [alexisdal ho] i am not a expert with ruby at all. this is my first post, i do hope
366748 [thethirdswit] There's a Ruport mailing list here: http://groups.google.com/group/ruby-rep=
367015 [alexisdal ho] Thanks bob,
367054 [thethirdswit] rows_with can also take a block, so you can define how you want the
367255 [alexisdal ho] wow... can't wait to test that :)

^ How to use select
366735 [soloparamsn2] a succesful select it always failed on me.
366744 [  jbw jbw.cc] They are different :)
366745 [  jbw jbw.cc] I'm assuming the other select your talking about is Array.select... if
366758 [joelvanderwe] IIUC, Kernel#select is the same as IO.select. I avoid using the former,

^ Getting wrong id
366736 [bianca.steph] def concluir
366795 [bdloving gma] when I get  undefined method `projeto' for nil:NilClass

^ Documentation on embedding ruby?
366738 [naquad gmail] I would like to embed ruby interpreter into my C application, but I
366762 [rogerpack200] There probably isn't.

^ Adding an element to a copy of an array
366739 [jack.zelig g] array = ["one", "two", "three"]
+ 366740 [jack.zelig g] Answered my own question.
+ 366741 [joseph.savar] array = ["one", "two", "three"]

^ unsubscribe
366742 [ejpastorino ] ...

^ wxruby dialog box, not centering on parent
366743 [bdloving gma] Trying to center a messagebox on the parent instead of on whole

^ London Ruby Contractor Needed
366747 [rcatley fuel] I need a ruby contractor for a high profile site in London. Initially 2

^ how to read password from keyboard
366751 [brgsousa gma] simple_text = gets
+ 366753 [oscartheduck] print "*"
+ 366754 [guglielmo.fa] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
+ 366756 [joseph.savar] require 'rubygems'
  366757 [joseph.savar] c.echo=false; not needed... Only needs the c.echo='*'
  366783 [brgsousa gma] Thanks everyone!

^ Problem with a lambda not executing immediately
366752 [pedrolito la] I'm using the paperclip plugin for one of my rails app, but my problem
+ 366761 [echristopher] deo? ?
+ 366773 [jgabrielygal] deo? ?
  366779 [pedrolito la] Yes style.processors is expected to be an array
  366833 [rick.denatal] .video?
  366865 [pedrolito la] Yes it can. It's undocumented, I have tried and it works, but only if I

^ [].all?{} and [].any?{} Behavior
366755 [john.sikora ] I find the following behavior interesting (so interesting that I
+ 366759 [joseph.savar] The docs pretty clear...
+ 366760 [dblack rubyp] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
+ 366765 [wishdev gmai] Afternoon,
+ 366797 [rick.denatal] Well, there's a theoretical basis for this.  Enumeration#all? is an
  + 366809 [josh.cheek g] How about #appall? to imply that it is a pessimistic implementation of #all?
  + 366823 [shortcutter ] To complement this, De Morgan's Laws help do the conversion between
    366839 [rick.denatal] Whether or not it's a bad idea, and I tend to agree that it is.  I
    366871 [shortcutter ] I did not want to sound puritanical, just point out that certain

^ binary encode 7 ([7].pack("C")) as "\007" instead of "\a"
366769 [woody.peters] I have a problem that's on the borders of ruby and erlang, but I'm
366803 [woody.peters] Correction, this is actually a non-issue. The basic problem is that I
366811 [ryand-ruby z] => true

^ Re: .any?{} Behavior
366771 [john.sikora ] I must admit that I would never have thought of the behavior in this
366772 [john.sikora ] After reading your post and the previous post from David, I agree.
366787 [jarmo.p gmai] I'd have to agree with John on this one. It is really bizarre that
+ 366800 [xavier.noell] There's no easy answer to this question, as there is nothing easy
| 366802 [joelvanderwe] pattern = /.../
| + 366805 [john.sikora ] Well, that seals it for me. My thinking is wrong if it goes against
| + 366806 [john.sikora ] Yes, I can see where you would want your result to be according to
+ 366824 [shortcutter ] This behavior is _exactly_ what I expect from these methods.
  366882 [desantis.mau] I think that the best name for that method would be
  366883 [rick.denatal] ne.
  + 366886 [rick.denatal] And right after I hit send, I realized that I'd probably expect
  + 366888 [rubyhacker g] Ho
    366889 [rubyhacker g] Sorry, hit send by accident.
    366890 [dblack rubyp] Or maybe "all?!" :-)
    366978 [desantis.mau] what about "all_and_not_empty" ?
    366980 [josh.cheek g] What about redefining all? to accept an optional param for what to do when
    366984 [dblack rubyp] module Enumerable
    367005 [josh.cheek g] I did it that way based on the observations at this blog
    367077 [dblack rubyp] The blog post makes the motivation clearer to me -- thanks. The

^ leak tracking x64
366780 [derek.ward r] Have easily reproducable memory leaks, need to find them.
366781 [rogerpack200] The only one I'm actually aware of (except perhaps Ruby based
367087 [headius head] I would second the JRuby option. If it's a library problem and the

^ Compiling Ruby through JRuby?
366785 [mrzombie the] and use little libraries, if at all.
+ 366825 [rogerpack200] Probably.
| 366831 [rogerpack200] See also
+ 367085 [headius head] In JRuby 1.5, we introduced a feature to the jrubyc compiler to

^ Re: Swap contents in two files
366788 [cispas2000 g] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.

^ Re: show all files from a folder
366789 [cispas2000 g] How can I display the content of a folder after some time of its

^ how to find difference between two strings
366790 [shahpriyank0] I have two strings, like
+ 366791 [peterhickman] One method, and I stress this is only one method, is the Levenshtein distance at
+ 366808 [josh.cheek g] "Difference" in this case does not seem very well defined.
+ 366810 [transfire gm] There is strmask (http://rubyworks.github.com/strmask/)
+ 366815 [gsinclair gm] There's a "differ" gem which could be useful for you.
+ 366819 [shahpriyank0] Thanks to you all but i want difference so i used
  366820 [transfire gm] @b.split(//) - @a.split(//)

^ Will paginate question
366793 [bianca.steph] [code]
366794 [eugen prime-] ...
366929 [bianca.steph] I apreciate the aswer, but i was looking for a simplier solution... :\
367027 [bianca.steph] Got it.

^ SVG generation gem?
366798 [rick.denatal] I've recently started playing with an Epilog laser cutter, and I find
+ 366799 [damnbigman g] I had a similar experience a few months ago.  I was looking specifically to
+ 366804 [wruyahoo05 c] Topher Cyll's book, "Practical Ruby Projects; Ideas for the Eclectic
| 366836 [rick.denatal] I've been thinking about this a bit more, and for my purposes, which
| 366841 [gregory.t.br] Thanks to JEG2, I now know about this thread. :)
+ 366812 [eregontp gma] It's basically replacing xml tags by their name (as methods) and using

^ CGI Scripts - Islandnet.com KB Article
366813 [rt--nntp isl] Article #: 51 Updated: Mon Apr 12 2010 at 12:41 pm
366992 [ninja slapha] Hmm... really?

^ Re: binary encode 7 (.pack("C")) as "\007" instead of "\a"
366814 [woody.peters] In Ruby "\a" == "\007", but when my integration test (incorrectly)

^ unsubscribe
366816 [mikepietsch ] =EF=BB=BFunsubscribe=
366818 [vadud3 gmail] this is how you subscribe
369430 [jose.halesga] charset=us-ascii

^ multiple connections with DBI and Mysql
366822 [dglnz2 gmail] Can anyone here advise me the best way to have two classes access mysql
366828 [hassan.schro] You might take a look at Sequel: <http://sequel.rubyforge.org/rdoc/>
366854 [dglnz2 gmail] Thanks for the reply,
366878 [hassan.schro] It's "initialize"
366912 [dglnz2 gmail] Thank you VERY MUCH.

^ About unknown charaters shows
366826 [shahpriyank0] I read some html source and remove all tags and just take the contents.

^ How to use nokogiri For css file parse
366827 [shahpriyank0] Any one have idea about how to use
366877 [markus fisch] Nokogiri cannot parse CSS, what you're looking at is part to parse the
366911 [shahpriyank0] Thanks for reply,

^ Ruby Webbrowser
366829 [kgd92 msn.co] Hey Guys,
+ 366832 [sophrinix gm] Please no. There are too many browsers to target already.
| 366834 [kgd92 msn.co] What do you mean with GC!?
| 366835 [dhruva.sagar] I think he meant Garbage Collection when he mentioned GC
| 366848 [kgd92 msn.co] Thanks now I get his Idea. And it sounds like fun!
+ 366838 [martindemell] you don't want to write this yourself. take an existing renderer and
+ 369686 [ywzhaifei gm] A web browser developed by Ruby is great.
  369692 [ninja slapha] How would this be significantly better than the options we have?
  369696 [paradisaeida] MarkT

^ Active Record Inheritance with out using type_id
366830 [austin.fagan] I am writing a script that queries a database for records with either
366868 [b.candler po] Don't Do That.
366880 [austin.fagan] Thanks Brian, using named_scopes!!

^ Mocking a method with a block
366837 [fguillen.mai] I have an application that download emails from an email account an
+ 366852 [jgabrielygal] One option would be to change the start method of Net::POP3 to do
| 366863 [fguillen.mai] This is a good idea.
| 366909 [jgabrielygal] You can use alias_method to "save" a copy of the original method with
| 366910 [fguillen.mai] Jesús, Thank you so much for your help.
+ 366943 [b.candler po] require 'net/pop'
  366949 [fguillen.mai] This was how I started to try mock the Net::POP3.
  366954 [b.candler po] It would be really useful if you could attach arbitrary behaviour to a
  366963 [fguillen.mai] Following your suggestions I am trying to build an small library to
  + 366965 [fguillen.mai] *
  + 366966 [fguillen.mai] *
    366972 [fguillen.mai] * http://rubygems.org/gems/fibber_mailman