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^ [ANN] DIFECTS 3.0.1
366462 [sunaku gmail] DIFECTS

^ SSL communication with Mechanize
366464 [mulder.patri] http.verify_mode = OpenSSL::SSL::VERIFY_NONE
366465 [richard.conr] It might help if you were more clear in stating what it is that you want to
366483 [mulder.patri] Thanks for providing the references. I'll need to check these.

^ syntax
366466 [raghu1216 ya] Is there anything in ruby like we use "this" pointer in ruby.Like,how do
366468 [josh.cheek g] presumably you want self.config = parse_ini_file(...) your actual question
366469 [raghu1216 ya] I apologize for miscommunication.I know that Ruby will not have any
+ 366486 [yalexfan gma] If you want to access private member variables of a class instance, using @
+ 366497 [josh.cheek g] In Ruiby, all instance variables are private (hence the need to use the
  366511 [raghu1216 ya] Hey Josh,
  366515 [jgabrielygal] class Web
  + 366591 [jarmo.p gmai] And also, is you want to have access to @config and @database from the
  + 366597 [raghu1216 ya] I've conf and database as class variables which I access in some other
    366647 [jgabrielygal] You don't need to declare the variables.

^ ri odd behavior
366467 [jeanjulien.f] How would you correct this "bug" in ri ?
366471 [panaggio.ric] Trunk is ok. I've tested it here and it doesn't show that bug.
366476 [jeanjulien.f] ~>ruby -v
366506 [ryand-ruby z] % locate cdesc-Array.yaml | grep system

^ [Ann] Col 1.0.0 -- high-level console color library
366473 [gsinclair gm] If you want a dash of color in your Ruby console program, use Term::ANSIColor.

^ [ANN] Conference Hotel Announced for LSRC 2010
366474 [jimfreeze gm] Howdy

^ assign blocks to variables
366475 [mulder.patri] If you want to work on a function that takes a block as input, is it
+ 366477 [oscartheduck] You hand blocks in as a variable to a function by prepending a variable =
+ 366479 [phrogz mac.c] You can capture a block parameter passed to a method using an
+ 366480 [sutniuq gmx.] irb(main):001:0> b1 = lambda{puts "hello"}
  366482 [mulder.patri] Thank you all.

^ [ANN] nmap-1.1.0
366478 [ara.t.howard] NAME
366485 [botpena gmai] this uver cool, but i am lost. is that v 1.1.0 or 0.1.0?

^ Standalone ruby-tk application for Windows from Linux
366481 [hikay_akira ] I've made a (somewhat) online multiplayer ruby game using the tcl/tk
366484 [hikay_akira ] Nevermind, I found it out!

^ General delimiters
366487 [johns applie] I would like to create a new general delimiter.
+ 366491 [sutniuq gmx.] %q is part of Ruby's syntax and not a method. You can't modify how Ruby
| + 366492 [sutniuq gmx.] I meant "abuse", sorry.
| + 366500 [johns applie] Thank you for the answer.  So as I understand it, to get the effect that
+ 366537 [vikkous gmai] On 7/25/10, =D0=98=D0=B2=D0=B0=D0=BD =D0=A1=D1=82=D0=B0=D1=88=D0=BA=D0=BE <=

^ * operator, Float
366488 [johns applie] Where is the * operator defined for Float?
+ 366490 [sutniuq gmx.] The way you're trying to find the #* method is wrong. You try to find
| 366503 [johns applie] OK, this is clear.
+ 366495 [kbloom gmail] use instance_methods, not methods

^ unknown_ca exception when using client certificate in net::https
366489 [william.weih] I have using net::https in an Jruby program to connect an SSL web site
366575 [rogerpack200] Does it work in MRI? Also note that the active_merchant code uses CA's

^ Module inclusion and class macro problem
366493 [rolfhsp gmai] I was reading the book "Metaprogramming Ruby" which I found quite good for a
+ 366501 [paolo.nusco.] Coming from C#, you're probably tempted to assume that the code inside
| 366607 [rolfhsp gmai] Thanks for answering :o)
| 366679 [paolo.nusco.] You might add add_interface_methods to the Module class. It would then
+ 366568 [xavier.noell] add_interface_methods is not defined for these modules.
  366621 [rolfhsp gmai] Having "include Base" in both the Interface::xxx modules does remove the
  366670 [xavier.noell] Indeed, that's what I meant by "I'm not sure that's what you want in

^ soap with ruby 1.9 ?
366494 [laguna53 yma] with ruby 1.9 ?, there si no support anymore for soap.
366504 [jeremy hineg] Try the 'savon' library.  http://rubygems.org/gems/savon
366593 [jarmo.p gmai] Jarmo Pertman
+ 366596 [pedrolito la] soap4r has bad press on the web.
| 366598 [mark without] What kind of bad press?
| 366599 [pedrolito la] Bugs
+ 366606 [yermej gmail] /soap4r

^ building an array of hash tables.
366505 [flethuseo gm] I know how to build a hash table.
366507 [joelvanderwe] a = []

^ [ANN] Detest 3.1.0
366508 [sunaku gmail] Detest

^ [ANN] Inochi 4.0.0
366509 [sunaku gmail] Inochi

^ Beginning meta-programming question
366510 [wagner.andre] I'm pretty new to ruby, and just playing around. I can't work out why the
+ 366513 [cppcodeguy a] I'm a noob myself so sorry if I give incorrect information but I think you=
+ 366514 [jgabrielygal] When you open the singleton class of parent, you don't need to define

^ ruby on rails.
366516 [music musi.c] Is it a NG also for ruby on rails?
+ 366517 [alan blogome] Alan Gutierrez - alan@blogometer.com - http://twitter.com/bigeasy
+ 366529 [piyush.pr gm] I think thats a very rude reply to a question which is just asking whether

^ ruby calc.rb     or just     calc.rb
366519 [sbstn26 yaho] Beginner here (in ANY programming language), so pls bear with me.
+ 366520 [jgabrielygal] I'm not a Windows expert, but what this is saying is that "ruby", the
| 366522 [elysah elysa] the ruby command will only work if you put the "$path\ruby\bin"  in your
+ 366526 [joseph.savar] You need to set your path top the Ruby bin directory.  The error: 'ruby' is
  366533 [oscartheduck] As a curiosity issue, what version of Windows are you using? Because Windows

^ stop program with entering a key...
366521 [niyaziates77] i m a new in Ruby . sorry may be its a silly question.
+ 366536 [mjijackson g] The following code doesn't do exactly what you need, but it should be
| + 366548 [cppcodeguy a] Use puts to print the screen and gets to get the user's input.
| + 366561 [niyaziates77] thank you MJ
|   366564 [thiagown gma] Just define a function like "play_game" and do a loop that gets the input in
|   + 366565 [jeanjulien.f] JJ Fleck
|   + 366570 [niyaziates77] thank you TM and others ;
|     366571 [niyaziates77] change the line  like ; if (k='Y') or (k='y')
+ 366580 [cidza tin.it] def menu
  366661 [niyaziates77] thank you G. Z.

^ I GOT $2,000 FROM ' PAYPAL'
366523 [bayofbengal2] I GOT $2,000 FROM ' PAYPAL'  At  http://veryhotguru.co.cc

^ RubyGems.org Still Down?
366525 [transfire gm] ...
+ 366527 [ben bleythin] Works fine here. Maybe your end?
+ 366528 [botpena gmai] it's good here.
  366550 [transfire gm] Server error.
  366604 [transfire gm] I had to remove a _test_token cookie (or some name like that) to get
  366651 [gsinclair gm] Thanks Trans.  I was experiencing the same problem; that fixed it.

^ Regex ^ beginning not strong?
366530 [iainspeed gm] regexes and inspect the parts (we all have our reasons for the things we =
366545 [shortcutter ] I think you found a bug - probably related to referring to back
366552 [iainspeed gm] charset=us-ascii

^ Unable to access the elements in an array with array[1][0]
366531 [arti.p.singh] I feel quite silly asking this question, but here I am. I have what I

^ Re: Unable to access the elements in an array with array[0]
366535 [arti.p.singh] Thanks, James. I owe you one.

^ Confused with "include" and require
366538 [stevepauly c] I am getting an error when I include or require a file.
366540 [flo andersgr] the
366551 [stevepauly c] Florian,

^ Erroneous output from ri File
366539 [echristopher] I mentioned this in another thread, but didn't get an answer.

^ Directory structure best practice?
366541 [mrzombie the] What are the best practices concerning directory structures for Ruby programs?
+ 366542 [joseph.savar] Also, look in gems you have installed.
+ 366601 [  jbw jbw.cc] You can , if you're feeling lazy, install a gem called "jem" which

^ Issue with mongrel and apache.
366543 [javaalley gm] I just upgraded rails to 2.3.8 on my test server and now the apache is
366577 [rogerpack200] On all browsers? Also you may want to ping the RoR ML.
366578 [javaalley gm] On firefox and chrome it did the same thing.   On IE7 it rendered correctly.
366610 [javaalley gm] Just wanted to let everyone know i sloved the issue.  There is a bug in

^ Help: How to pass a struct as a pointer to Win32API?
366544 [thyrlian gma] As titled, I want to read text content from a standard syslistview32
366556 [phasis gmail] rol
366563 [thyrlian gma] Thanks for your answer, and I've tried your code, everything is fine but
366566 [phasis gmail] this.
366569 [thyrlian gma] I tried both, with VirtualAllocEx and WriteProcessMemory part and without.

^ interactive ruby development
366546 [syamajala gm] As someone who has used lisp, emacs, and slime in the past, I get
+ 366576 [rogerpack200] I believe netbeans has auto-completion. Anybody else know of one?
| 366579 [sroach inves] I've used Netbeans as well and really like it.  However, I'm in love with
+ 366581 [brabuhr gmai] ...
+ 366775 [gabriel.horn] You may want to try inf-ruby-bond(http://github.com/pd/inf-ruby-bond)

^ [ANN] RubyConf Uruguay 2010, October 29th and 30th
366547 [contacto nic] Hey there!

^ How to proceed?
366553 [railsfid gma] I am a fairly new member to RoR community and programming for that
366554 [ninja slapha] That sounds like a really fragile approach.

^ IO.popen   exit the program when it failed
366555 [soloparamsn2] i have been trying to recieved the output of a command with IO.popen and
366557 [soloparamsn2] i found the solution on the forum :D
366573 [rogerpack200] use .read instead of .gets (?)

^ Beginner help needed: use a class def to create new instance
366558 [stevepauly c] I am attempting to put as much code inside classes as possible, to
+ 366559 [jgabrielygal] - I tend to separate the domain objects from the code that interacts
| 366817 [stevepauly c] Jesús Gabriel y Galán,
| 366821 [jgabrielygal] Maybe call this coa=3D, as it's a setter?
+ 366869 [b.candler po] I think you want a class method, not an instance method, since you're

^ thanks guys
366560 [sbstn26 yaho] To James, I'm still on windows xp.
366562 [jgabrielygal] No problem, we were all novices at some point in time. When you type
366595 [jarmo.p gmai] If you don't know how to change PATH variable in Windows (then you
366645 [steve.j.swif] It used to be the habit of my employers to send us our PC's with a

^ sample programm using savon to connect toms-exchange ?
366572 [laguna53 yma] ms-exchange ?

^ Dolphin Dale high School: N Naveen Chowdary
366582 [mahesh2.p gm] N Naveen Chowdary At Dolphin Dale High School.

^ RSpec configuration?
366583 [mrzombie the] Is there anyway to make it so that --color be a default option? Like a
366588 [eregontp gma] ~/.rspec
366592 [mrzombie the] That will sound stupid, but it doesn't work for me. Any other magic
366594 [mrzombie the] Meh. I ended up aliasing the command in my bash profile. Thanks anyway :P

^ Re: nmap-1.1.0
366584 [ara.t.howard] eeks.  it's 1.1.0
366623 [joelvanderwe] Any idea why narray.h doesn't get found (or more to the point, why the

^ Where can I find the 'shebang' line?
366590 [azzzz gmx.ne] I seem to be having trouble with RVM (after an update to Rails 3 RC),
366602 [echristopher] The shebang line is (optionally) the first line of a Unix script,
366605 [azzzz gmx.ne] Thanks for your help Eric :)
366608 [azzzz gmx.ne] I fixed it!
366609 [echristopher] No problem. Out of curiosity, where was rake located? Since it was
366615 [azzzz gmx.ne] /Users/me/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.2-head/bin/rake

^ In Ruby 1.9 Test::Unit::TestCase parse ARGV differently
366600 [oliver.peng ] After upgrading to Ruby 1.9, I found that class Test::Unit::TestCase
+ 366603 [oliver.peng ] Find the reason. In Ruby 1.9, it uses new Unit Test framework
+ 366669 [rogerpack200] File a bug with minitest?

^ Which Ruby is in use?
366611 [hassan.schro] Is there a way to tell from within a program which executable is being
+ 366614 [joseph.savar] The best way is to check your path or your #! Line....
| 366617 [hassan.schro] As I said, I'm not interested in the version, just the path to the executable.
| 366620 [joelvanderwe] Maybe this will work?
| 366622 [hassan.schro] Works in a Rails console, but not a Ruby program. But thanks, now
| + 366624 [joelvanderwe] Hm, that's surprising. I tested it in ruby and jruby programs. What's
| | 366625 [hassan.schro] puts File.join *Config::CONFIG.values_at("bindir", "ruby_install_name")
| | + 366626 [joelvanderwe] $ ruby -v -rrbconfig -e 'p File.join(*Config::CONFIG.values_at("bindir",
| | | 366627 [hassan.schro] Yes, I see that -- my first thought was that that's not going to be practical
| | | 366631 [fmg134s yaho] hope I did not misunderstand the question, but would this work??
| | | 366633 [hassan.schro] Thanks, but
| | | 366635 [edward.middl] Thats because the $0 is being evaluated by the shell not ruby.  What you
| | | 366637 [fmg134s yaho] Yeah I missed that.  I could not execute/test the code I suggested
| | | 366642 [vikkous gmai] $ ruby -e 'p $0'
| | | 366677 [hassan.schro] Yeah, that's the pick of the litter. I was looking for the minimal solution
| | | 366680 [rogerpack200] ENV['_']
| | | 366695 [vikkous gmai] I just did a quick check, and I'm not seeing anywhere in the ruby
| | | 366698 [joelvanderwe] $ ruby -e 'p ENV["_"]'
| | | 366700 [hassan.schro] Ah, good detectorizing :-)  and that explains the JRuby "issue" -- even
| | + 366676 [joseph.savar] You forgot to require "rbconfig"
| + 366675 [joseph.savar] Maybe
+ 366616 [joseph.savar] RUBY_COPYRIGHT
+ 366668 [rogerpack200] => "c:/installs/ruby192-rc1/bin/ruby.exe"

^ Chat client
366618 [soloparamsn2] the part where i can create a chatserver with Gserver
+ 366632 [fmg134s yaho] Daniel, you need to include more info.
| 366703 [soloparamsn2] I am sorry!!!
+ 366649 [jgabrielygal] test_socket.rb:6: undefined local variable or method `s' for

^ tool to compare DB schema against DDL file
366629 [fmg134s yaho] First of all any feedback from you guys will be of tremendous help.
+ 366643 [shortcutter ] It wouldn't.  This is a solved problem already, for example Sybase has
| + 366678 [fmg134s yaho] Is Sybase open source?  I'm disregarding proprietary, non open source
| | + 366688 [brabuhr gmai] RoR ActiveRecord can dump a ruby representation of the database schema
| | | 366706 [fmg134s yaho] Well I'll grant you one thing, it sure ain't pretty but it gets the job
| | | 366713 [brabuhr gmai] I've not tried it; it should work, but I'm more comfortable reading
| | + 366689 [shortcutter ] No.
| |   366705 [fmg134s yaho] The answer might be that it cannot, it's a matter of where you put your
| |   366717 [shortcutter ] But what are you looking for?  The subject says you want to compare a
| |   366749 [fmg134s yaho] I ultimately need to compare a DB (extracting data to a DB custom tool
| + 366750 [fmg134s yaho] Robert, wouldn't an AR model fit the bill for the marshalled object
+ 366764 [rogerpack200] Is this just for oracle then?
  366768 [fmg134s yaho] Actually this would be for DB2.  I'm not particularly fond of it but
  366770 [rogerpack200] GL.

^ multidimensional array insert syntax
366630 [dcastellano1] Can anyone help me with the correct syntax to insert into a
366648 [jgabrielygal] answer_choices[x][0] =3D correct_ans_1
366653 [dcastellano1] I actually want to insert rather than replace. Is there a way to do
+ 366655 [jgabrielygal] irb(main):001:0> a =3D [1,2,3,4]
+ 366657 [shortcutter ] Use Array#insert.
  366660 [jgabrielygal] Amazing how I missed that, given that I was specifically looking for
  366666 [dcastellano1] That works for single dimension arrays but I can't figure out the syntax
  + 366667 [jgabrielygal] In order to better understand it, I'm afraid you will need to stop
  + 366671 [dcastellano1] Sorry, missed your reply earlier.  That was what I needed.  Thank you

^ ironruby forums?
366634 [scott.hutter] anyone know any good IronRuby specific forums?  And am curious, how
+ 366664 [sardaukar.si] IronRuby allows for interesting stuff, but being Win-only is bad, I mean it
| 366663 [sardaukar.si] Actually, I meant Maglev or Rubinius :)
+ 366763 [rogerpack200] The more ruby the better, as far as I'm concerned :)

^ why i can't  get the value out of each block?
366636 [myocean135 y] a=[1,2,0,10]
366640 [ayumu.aizawa] In that case, x has scope of inside block.