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functions to escape and unescape  strings in rails
366273 [augustine.ma] i  have  created an appliation to  show the pie chart in pdf, now its

Programming Ruby, PDF format
366276 [sbstn26@ya o] Is "Programming Ruby, The Pragmatic Programmer's Guide" available in PDF
366307 [joseph.savar] Select the ebook http://www.pragprog.com/titles/ruby/programming-ruby

Forget it, found one
366278 [sbstn26@ya o] thanks guys

Two Question
366281 [amiref@ym il] 1 - What is the exact meaning of Literals in Ruby ?
+ 366282 [josh.cheek@g] 5.times { puts "abc" }
+ 366285 [jgabrielygal] Take a look at the section: The Basic Types.
+ 366309 [joseph.savar] 1-

download button - how to get file with mechanize
366283 [u.gotzes@go ] i'm having problems to access the content of a (csv-)file behind a

Method error
366287 [ruby-forum.c] I use sipsorcery for my SIP-calls, which uses a ruby dialplan.

Spanish payment solution
366290 [niklas.lun@g] Im building a web site for a spanish company and we need to implement a

366292 [amiref@ym il] What is the use of "inspect"?
366299 [jeanjulien.f] ~> ri Object.inspect

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366295 [amiref@ym il] What is the use of "split"?
366298 [jeanjulien.f] ~>ri String.split

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syswrite changes from 1.8 to 1.9
366297 [towme@tr te ] I have a ruby script which is scraping a website with Hpricot. I am
366300 [doug@ds if r] Sounds to me that what you thought were strings were really arrays?  In 1.9,
366304 [towme@tr te ] Thanks for the fast response.

documentation from inside irb
366303 [eugen@pr me ] is there a way to call ri documentation from irb ?
+ 366305 [ruby@sl gh l] p'
| 366308 [eugen@pr me ] wow, it has even tab completion!
| 366317 [guidoderosa@] require 'irb/completion'
+ 366367 [gabriel.horn] If you just want to access ri within irb then this would do in your
| 366375 [eugen@pr me ] Thank you!
+ 366425 [rogerpack200] This is a bug in core and "should" work, really...

Typical Ruby (non-rails) project structure.
366319 [carljenkins@] What is/are the best-practice(s) for a Ruby project structure?
+ 366322 [sutniuq@gm .] I think the RubyGems guidelines describe how a ruby project is typically
| 366323 [carljenkins@] So all my code looks like it would go under lib/ correct?
| + 366326 [sutniuq@gm .] Most of the code goes under lib/, that's correct. The -my_namespace.rb
| | 366327 [sutniuq@gm .] bin/  #Put your executables here
| + 366328 [brabuhr@gm i] lib/
+ 366329 [tim.pease@gm] organization.
| + 366333 [sutniuq@gm .] I'm not sure that's what the OP wants. He didn't state he wanted to
| + 366388 [carljenkins@] I just tried 'bones' and it works perfectly!
+ 366338 [transfire@gm] ...
+ 366351 [paradisaeida] My advice is to build a unique folder at root on a unix boxen (ex: RP1).
| 366352 [carljenkins@] I appreciate your advice but, didn't understand most of what you were
+ 366363 [sentinel1879] I would suggest using the same structure as the gem structure. You can
+ 366390 [richard.conr] Use the gem structure. Its pretty universal for packaging, structuring and
  366391 [carljenkins@] When using them gem structure for example I have something like this.
  + 366394 [brabuhr@gm i] $ cat spec/spec_helper.rb
  | 366397 [carljenkins@] haha - that's genius..
  + 366586 [jarmo.p@gm i] # spec_helper.rb

HowTo get ruby to report a sumbolic link?
366336 [byrnejb@ha t] I am creating a series of symbolic links to target directories.  I wish
366337 [ben@bl yt in] File.stat( @soft_link_target ).should be_symlink
366340 [byrnejb@ha t] As File::stat automatically follows symbolic links, symlink? will always
366346 [ben@bl yt in] You're right.  Sorry, jumped the gun.  There's also File.symlink?,
366349 [byrnejb@ha t] Yes, it does. Which surprises me since that is what I started with.  I

Emacs Ruby mode bug
366339 [webmaster@in] I found a case where ruby mode is not parsing the Ruby code correctly.
366348 [ryand-ruby@z] this

How to build and install Ruby
366353 [rl001@pa be ] I unzipped a .7z file from rubyinstaller,
366389 [luislavena@g] Please avoid the sarcasm, we all are trying to help you.

Error on test case
366364 [jonathan@jm ] On some of my test cases (that almost certainly fail anyway right now), I'm
366365 [jonathan@jm ] Never mind, putting require 'pp' at the top of the test case file fixed

Snippet to append code to method
366366 [raineronrail] I'm looking for a brief snippet that I've seen somewhere lately, but
366371 [shortcutter@] Rainer, vielleicht meinst Du so etwas?

Hash Problem
366368 [amiref@ym il] How can I a hash with one key and some( for example 5 ) value?
+ 366369 [jgabrielygal] h = {:key => 5}
+ 366370 [cidza@ti .i ] h = Hash.new()

Ruby sandbox secure enough for evaluating any code?
366372 [ehsanul_g3@h] ...
+ 366411 [ehsanul_g3@h] ...
+ 366419 [headius@he d] It would be pretty simple to assembly a JVM security policy file and


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how to convert the string?
366378 [myocean135@y] i want to convert a string  "-34\n   \302\240"  into "-34"
+ 366379 [eugen@pr me ] "-34\n   \302\240".match(/\S+/).to_s
| 366380 [eugen@pr me ] where \S in regular expression means match any character except whitespace
+ 366382 [Ruby@Go gl M] Does the string have *any* kind of random data at the beginning or is
+ 366386 [shortcutter@] As others have indicate it is a bit unclear what strings you expect.  If
| 366412 [myocean135@y] irb(main):001:0> "-34\n   \302\240".match(/\S+/).to_s
| 366413 [myocean135@y] if i want to convert
| 366414 [myocean135@y] maybe match(/\S+/).to_s is not ok
| 366417 [shortcutter@] What output do you expect for every input?
| 366420 [myocean135@y] i have solved it myself,thinks.
+ 366421 [list.push@gm] I don't think you are clearly stating your requirements.

Trace calls in a module
366383 [jonathan@gs ] How do you do the equivalent of include in a module? I would like to
366385 [shortcutter@] I don't understand this: why is tracing of method calls equivalent to
366387 [jonathan@gs ] The aren't, just what I'm trying to do (below) requires an include,

wxRuby listcontrol
366384 [bdloving@gm ] new to ruby, have succesfully created a frame and populated a Listcrl.

Determining the Source File of a Class
366392 [alan@bl go e] I'm trying to debug a bug where I seem to have a class that has two
366395 [ryand-ruby@z] defintions, the one I know of, and another one, somewhere, the one I'm =
366396 [alan@bl go e] Thank you. That answers my question.

[ANN] rake-remote_task 2.0.1 Released
366393 [ryand-ruby@z] rake-remote_task version 2.0.1 has been released!

Comparison of ways to install Tk
366400 [echristopher] In the recent discussion of installing Tk in a Windows Ruby
+ 366432 [rogerpack200] tk-win is "brand  new" and is basically tk_as_gem for 1.9.x
+ 366435 [m.fellinger@] All it needs is the tcl/tk .dll/.so/.dylib, and it has the most common

rmagick for Ruby 1.8.6 won't work for Ruby 1.8.7?
366401 [blueskybreez] if i install
+ 366402 [blueskybreez] oh well, i set up a new XP SP3 virtual machine,
| + 366403 [ben@bl yt in] According to the docs, you must require 'RMagick'... note the capital
| + 366404 [blueskybreez] ok, i don't know whether it is required to run the .exe in the rmagick
+ 366406 [luislavena@g] require 'RMagick'
  366407 [blueskybreez] strange, i am using 'rmagick' and it works too.

ReverseEng an Object's methods?
366405 [paradisaeida] Could there (ever) be a way to reverse engineer, (to code), an object's methods?
+ 366410 [ryand-ruby@z] object's methods?
+ 366433 [rogerpack200] Actually less possible since 1.9 doesn't keep around the parse tree's,

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366409 [moksha@an pn] Why do we get multiple unsubscribe messages here?
+ 366416 [kentasaurus@] Unsubscribe
+ 366446 [ninja@sl ph ] "To unsubscribe from a list, send a mail which body is °»unsubscribe°… to the

Ruby books designed especially for beginngers
366418 [sbstn26@ya o] Hey experts, i need your advice.
+ 366428 [mochigome@jb] How about http://pragprog.com/titles/ltp2/learn-to-program-2nd-edition ?
+ 366434 [chrisw_88@ho] ...
| + 366436 [richard.conr] Brian Maricks Everyday Scripting with Ruby is a good choice, as well as
| | 366437 [oscartheduck] especially
| | 366438 [moksha@an pn] out
| + 366439 [carlo_ledesm] ...
+ 366512 [steve.j.swif] I've been programming for 43 years and am just starting to learn Ruby.
+ 366585 [matt@ti bi s] with what a class is.
+ 366612 [stevepauly@c] Kaye,
  366644 [steve.j.swif] Also, check AbeBooks, www.abebooks.com - one of my Ruby books was

re-organize original text data then write in files
366422 [junhui.liao@] Dear all,
366498 [colinb2r@go ] I'm neither a Ruby expert nor an expert programmer, but I have been using
366499 [junhui.liao@] Actually, I developed two versions of C++ script. One is opening 4096
366619 [colinb2r@go ] I'm putting this at the top of my post because I think the basic problem

Text extraction from MS Office and PDF
366424 [vfridman.rub] I'm looking for libraries to do text extraction from MS Office and PDF
366628 [bdloving@gm ] I am using the standard 'spreadsheet' library to load from excel

tryruby error
366426 [real.daniel@] How to insert the double quotes here?
+ 366427 [alan@bl go e] Is your browser inserting frilly double quotes (not quite sure what they
+ 366429 [sophrinix@gm] On Jul 24, 2010, at 7:37 AM, "Real.daniel Real.daniel" <real.daniel@yahoo.co=
  366431 [sophrinix@gm] Make sure your browser is using UTF-8 character encoding.

Design Question
366430 [mochigome@jb] I have a program design question regarding mix-ins.
366447 [ninja@sl ph ] That's not bad in and of itself. It depend show big the modules are.
+ 366449 [carljenkins@] I hope it is OK that I ask a related question. ( not sure what the
| 366450 [carljenkins@] Ehh I just found someone who asked the exact same question... thanks..
+ 366472 [mochi.mochig] After thinking more about it and doing some reading I changed my design

how to get private helpers into class methods?
366440 [grary.stimon] How do I use the same private helper method(s) inside different class
366589 [jarmo.p@gm i] I guess that no-one understood the question :) Could you bring some

broken UTF-8 string
366443 [jueldo@gm il] begin
366574 [rogerpack200] I believe you specify the encoding within the File.new(path_file, xxx)

[ANN] kcar 0.1.1 - bytestream to Rack response converter
366448 [normalperson] kcar features an HTTP parser that will convert a bytestream into a

basic beginner help needed
366451 [karl.halvors] I am new to Ruby and have been looking for some basic beginner help. I
+ 366454 [xheruacles@g] please provide your script first..then we can do a little help
+ 366456 [pcbala@gm il] Try going through these books to get started in Ruby -
| 366502 [karl.halvors] Thank you all for your input. After reading the comments I took the
| 366532 [oscartheduck] Looks that way here, too. Good work!
| 366549 [karl.halvors] Thanks James!
+ 366496 [colinb2r@go ] My apologies if the following is too elementary.

366452 [sunaku@gm il] DIFECTS
366453 [sunaku@gm il] Argh!  Sorry for the unreadable announcement.  Here is a better one.

Where's the Scintilla Text Editor?
366460 [sbstn26@ya o] "The Ruby installer comes with a lovely text editor called SciTE (the
366461 [sutniuq@gm .] It isn't bundled with RubyInstaller anymore as it was with the old OCI.
366470 [sbstn26@ya o] Thanks!!!

366462 [sunaku@gm il] DIFECTS

SSL communication with Mechanize
366464 [mulder.patri] http.verify_mode = OpenSSL::SSL::VERIFY_NONE
366465 [richard.conr] It might help if you were more clear in stating what it is that you want to
366483 [mulder.patri] Thanks for providing the references. I'll need to check these.

366466 [raghu1216@ya] Is there anything in ruby like we use "this" pointer in ruby.Like,how do
366468 [josh.cheek@g] presumably you want self.config = parse_ini_file(...) your actual question
366469 [raghu1216@ya] I apologize for miscommunication.I know that Ruby will not have any
+ 366486 [yalexfan@gm ] If you want to access private member variables of a class instance, using @
+ 366497 [josh.cheek@g] In Ruiby, all instance variables are private (hence the need to use the
  366511 [raghu1216@ya] Hey Josh,
  366515 [jgabrielygal] class Web
  + 366591 [jarmo.p@gm i] And also, is you want to have access to @config and @database from the
  + 366597 [raghu1216@ya] I've conf and database as class variables which I access in some other
    366647 [jgabrielygal] You don't need to declare the variables.

ri odd behavior
366467 [jeanjulien.f] How would you correct this "bug" in ri ?
366471 [panaggio.ric] Trunk is ok. I've tested it here and it doesn't show that bug.
366476 [jeanjulien.f] ~>ruby -v
366506 [ryand-ruby@z] % locate cdesc-Array.yaml | grep system

[Ann] Col 1.0.0 -- high-level console color library
366473 [gsinclair@gm] If you want a dash of color in your Ruby console program, use Term::ANSIColor.

[ANN] Conference Hotel Announced for LSRC 2010
366474 [jimfreeze@gm] Howdy

assign blocks to variables
366475 [mulder.patri] If you want to work on a function that takes a block as input, is it
+ 366477 [oscartheduck] You hand blocks in as a variable to a function by prepending a variable =
+ 366479 [phrogz@ma .c] You can capture a block parameter passed to a method using an
+ 366480 [sutniuq@gm .] irb(main):001:0> b1 = lambda{puts "hello"}
  366482 [mulder.patri] Thank you all.

[ANN] nmap-1.1.0
366478 [ara.t.howard] NAME
366485 [botpena@gm i] this uver cool, but i am lost. is that v 1.1.0 or 0.1.0?

Standalone ruby-tk application for Windows from Linux
366481 [hikay_akira@] I've made a (somewhat) online multiplayer ruby game using the tcl/tk
366484 [hikay_akira@] Nevermind, I found it out!

General delimiters
366487 [johns@ap li ] I would like to create a new general delimiter.
+ 366491 [sutniuq@gm .] %q is part of Ruby's syntax and not a method. You can't modify how Ruby
| + 366492 [sutniuq@gm .] I meant "abuse", sorry.
| + 366500 [johns@ap li ] Thank you for the answer.  So as I understand it, to get the effect that
+ 366537 [vikkous@gm i] I have in the past created preprocessors to achieve this type of

* operator, Float
366488 [johns@ap li ] Where is the * operator defined for Float?
+ 366490 [sutniuq@gm .] The way you're trying to find the #* method is wrong. You try to find
| 366503 [johns@ap li ] OK, this is clear.
+ 366495 [kbloom@gm il] use instance_methods, not methods

unknown_ca exception when using client certificate in net::https
366489 [william.weih] I have using net::https in an Jruby program to connect an SSL web site
366575 [rogerpack200] Does it work in MRI? Also note that the active_merchant code uses CA's

Module inclusion and class macro problem
366493 [rolfhsp@gm i] I was reading the book "Metaprogramming Ruby" which I found quite good for a
+ 366501 [paolo.nusco.] Coming from C#, you're probably tempted to assume that the code inside
| 366607 [rolfhsp@gm i] Thanks for answering :o)
| 366679 [paolo.nusco.] You might add add_interface_methods to the Module class. It would then
+ 366568 [xavier.noell] add_interface_methods is not defined for these modules.
  366621 [rolfhsp@gm i] Having "include Base" in both the Interface::xxx modules does remove the
  366670 [xavier.noell] Indeed, that's what I meant by "I'm not sure that's what you want in

soap with ruby 1.9 ?
366494 [laguna53@ym ] with ruby 1.9 ?, there si no support anymore for soap.
366504 [jeremy@hi eg] Try the 'savon' library.  http://rubygems.org/gems/savon
366593 [jarmo.p@gm i] Jarmo Pertman
+ 366596 [pedrolito@la] soap4r has bad press on the web.
| 366598 [mark@wi ho t] What kind of bad press?
| 366599 [pedrolito@la] Bugs
+ 366606 [yermej@gm il] /soap4r

building an array of hash tables.
366505 [flethuseo@gm] I know how to build a hash table.
366507 [joelvanderwe] a = []