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Ruby 1.9.2 float precision
365687 [diogo.borges] The Liquid templating engine has the following tests passing till ruby
+ 365694 [shortcutter@] I question the validity of the test.  Expecting a particular
| 365703 [diogo.borges] Yes, I found it odd when I saw it myself. Though, since this was a
| 365713 [vikkous@gm i] 1.9.2 has been changed so that float.to_s.to_f always round-trips with
| 365746 [diogo.borges] Thanks guys
+ 365819 [rogerpack200] I think it's something like this for <= 1.9.1
  365825 [diogo.borges] Thanks Roger. I'll wait and see if the guys from shopify will accept my
  368466 [rogerpack200] Enjoy.

Programming TCP-protocol Server (MineCraft)
365689 [hikay_akira@] There's this game called Minecraft (http://www.minecraft.net/)
365750 [b.candler@po] If your server wants to accept incoming TCP connections from clients,
365789 [hikay_akira@] Thank you alot. I have begun writing the pseudocode and such.

365691 [abder.rahman] In this code: http://pastie.org/private/llneqf8bi5kf3i82q2ivw from
365693 [dhruva.sagar] If you are familiar to other programming languages such as Java, rescue is
365696 [abder.rahman] Thanks a lot. Yes, now I get it. If it is like "catch" in Java which I'm

Shouldn't this be called a global constant?
365697 [abder.rahman] In "why's poignant guide to Ruby" book, it mentioned that: $LOAD_PATH is
365700 [fxn@ha hr f.] Not really.
365702 [abder.rahman] Thanks for your reply. So, is your point here, that anything starting
365704 [fxn@ha hr f.] Correct.
+ 365706 [abder.rahman] Got your point. Thanks.
+ 365773 [colinb2r@go ] Well, that's a good question that hadn't occurred to me in over 8 years, and
  365788 [b.candler@po] Yes, that's all correct.

Ruby garabage collector
365721 [abder.rahman] "If you can't get to an object through a variable, then Ruby will figure
+ 365723 [oscartheduck] The simplest way to think of it is if something falls out of scope.
| 365727 [abder.rahman] Thanks James. Can you provide a simple Ruby code to clarify the idea. A
| 365729 [oscartheduck] A=20
| 365732 [abder.rahman] Thanks a lot James for your clarification.
| 365734 [oscartheduck] new=20
| 365736 [abder.rahman] Thanks a lot James for your advice. Yes, think have to read more deeply
| 365737 [sophrinix@gm] This looks like the perfect opportunity to send this conversation way
| 365738 [abder.rahman] Thanks Andrew. Helpful...
| 365741 [ammarabuali@] ...
| 365745 [wyhaines@gm ] Kirk Haines
| 365747 [abder.rahman] Thanks everyone for your valuable information.
+ 365724 [sardaukar.si] a = [1,2,3].find {|x| x > 3}
| + 365731 [abder.rahman] Thanks Bruno.
| | 365733 [oscartheduck] requesting=20
| | 365735 [abder.rahman] Thanks James.
| + 365744 [rick.denatal] Actually this is a bad example for several reasons.
| + 365778 [kbloom@gm il] Nothing gets garbage collected here becuase 1,2, and 3 are value objects
|   365796 [sardaukar.si] I stand corrected. Thanks!
+ 365757 [joelvanderwe] class C; end
  365758 [abder.rahman] Thanks a lot all.
  365769 [jeob32@gm il] Ali,

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[ANN] unicorn 1.0.1 and 1.1.2 - fix rollbacks
365749 [normalperson] Theses release fix a long-standing bug where the original PID

What does this do?
365752 [abder.rahman] I have this portion of code from "Why's poignant guide to Ruby" book.
+ 365753 [oscartheduck] definition
| 365755 [abder.rahman] terminal on MAC OS X, and even online here: http://tryruby.org/
| 365780 [shortcutter@] Great!  Then you can try these things out.  In my experience knowledge
| 365793 [abder.rahman] That's right Robert. Thanks.
+ 365754 [josh.cheek@g] I'm not really sure what you're asking, but I think that it is probably
  365756 [abder.rahman] Thanks Josh.
  + 365759 [hassan.schro] Open up irb and experiment until it's clear :-)
  + 365760 [josh.cheek@g] The first character is zero, the last character is negative one (there is no
  | 365762 [abder.rahman] Thanks a lot Josh for your thorough clarification. This really helps.
  + 365761 [wishdev@gm i] Afternoon,
    365763 [abder.rahman] Thanks everyone for your replies. Yes, things need experimenting with.

How can I get the result of this equation
365764 [abder.rahman] values = [10, 20, 30].each {|value| value + (value * 10)}
+ 365765 [ken70r@gm il] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
| 365768 [abder.rahman] Thanks Kenneth :-)
+ 365770 [jeob32@gm il] Ali,
  365771 [jeob32@gm il] more conclusively (using =)

Strange Loop 2010
365766 [eleanor@ga e] I'll be talking about GoLightly at http://strangeloop2010.com/ in =

Advice for html project
365767 [webmaster@in] I helping my boss with some scripting for a web analysis research
365772 [marco-oweber] Google for nokogiri. That's one solution.

How to update Ruby >>> CentOS
365775 [admin@in ex ] my data center has installed Ruby for me
365808 [jstewart@fu ] Seems like what you need is RVM. Makes it easy to install additional
365814 [admin@in ex ] i really can't understand the commands in the link you gave me.
365826 [kyleaschmitt] There is no official CentOS package for ruby 1.9.  You will either

Stdout as IO object
365776 [webmaster@in] Okay, real simple question, but somehow I am missing it in the API: how
+ 365777 [ammarabuali@] Why not just pass $stdout itself?
+ 365786 [b.candler@po] When your program starts, the constant STDOUT is an open file descriptor
  + 365824 [skim.la@gm i] Instead of modifying the global variable $stdout, you could just pass in an
  + 365834 [webmaster@in] The $stdout variable works fine. I was a little confused with $stdout at

[ANN] Ruby|Web Conference
365781 [blowmage@gm ] Hey all, I'm excited to announce Ruby|Web Conference, a new conference that

gets() -- Need to skip when no response after 20seconds
365782 [jazzezravi@g] puts "Print your age"
+ 365784 [fred@la av .] begin
+ 365785 [b.candler@po] require 'timeout'
  365790 [jazzezravi@g] The script is still waiting for input from User.
  365791 [phasis@gm il] If you try the code with Ruby 1.9.1
  365792 [jazzezravi@g] But my environment is Ruby 1.8.7. I need to implement this particular
  + 365794 [phasis@gm il] require 'Win32API'
  + 365795 [m.fellinger@] if select([$stdin], nil, nil, 20)
    365797 [ammarabuali@] IIRC, the last time I tried that on Windows (a while back) the select
    365798 [jazzezravi@g] Thanks Park. Your code helps me to complete the task.

I have some questions about this modified String class
365799 [abder.rahman] I have the following script that I just have only slight changes in the
365803 [martindemell] class String
365806 [abder.rahman] Thanks a lot Martin. That makes it more clear.

365800 [vinumams29@g] Can any one help me out for the below mentioned problem.
365835 [astahl@hi .c] If all you have available is the href, you could use nokogiri to get the

what's proble with ruby-mysql-prepare?
365801 [myocean135@y] Zimmer Holdings, Inc.
365802 [myocean135@y] require  'rubygems'
365804 [peterhickman] Whats with this
365809 [myocean135@y] there two ways to do it after test

How could I  post request with out parameters using  curb
365805 [millechili@g] curl  POST -u login:pass --url http://test/item/176/start
365810 [millechili@g] probably need to use something  else?
365820 [millechili@g] hey, could anybody helm me..?

This script is a bit confusing!
365807 [abder.rahman] 1- def join( sep = $,, format = "%s" )
365816 [javaalley@gm] class ArrayMine < Array  def join( sep = $,, format = "%s" )
366189 [abder.rahman] Thanks a lot.

Modules in Ruby
365811 [abder.rahman] If I type the following: puts MyModule.greet
+ 365812 [martindemell] Include it in a class
+ 365813 [abder.rahman] And, a small thing here. Can we say that "Modules" in Ruby are like
  365817 [martindemell] Modules in ruby serve a dual role as namespaces and mixins. You can
  + 365818 [abder.rahman] Thanks a lot Martin. Yes, "include" was the missing part.
  + 365821 [abder.rahman] puts MyModule::GOODMOODE
    365822 [skim.la@gm i] In your private pastie, you have GOODMOOD, not GOODMOODE.  I think this
    366188 [abder.rahman] Thanks everyone for your replies.

Logger's sync and flush returns NoMethod error
365815 [RichardDummy] Below is my code, which works fine in Ruby 1.8.6 (with Rails 2.3.5),
365838 [b.candler@po] sync= and flush are instance methods on IO objects. I don't think Logger
365933 [RichardDummy] I found these on http://maintainablesoftware.com/articles/rails_logging_tips

trouble waiting X minutes
365823 [teedubb@gm i] I am making a constant network connection that is feeding me
+ 365833 [ben@bl yt in] dimensional
+ 365843 [b.candler@po] Your program doesn't have any threads, so it will execute in lock-step.

click a javascript dialog window in Firefox
365828 [tcblues@gm i] I'm trying to click a dialog box in Firefox but all the code I found is
366103 [jgabrielygal] $ ri startClicker
367658 [tcblues@gm i] But the thing is... if you click first.. ff keeps waiting and doesn't
367659 [jgabrielygal] ")
+ 367660 [tcblues@gm i] So there is no way to click the buttons on a javascript window
| 367662 [jgabrielygal] Inside Firewatir no, but why do you really need that? Your javascript
| 367663 [tcblues@gm i] Because, in some cases the page is doing different things depending what
| 367665 [jgabrielygal] But then you can automate to one option or the other with
+ 367661 [jgabrielygal] er

RbConfig::CONFIG['CPP'] question
365829 [rogerpack200] => "gcc"
365830 [Rob@Ag le on] CPP => C Pre-Processor

Re: RbConfig::CONFIGquestion
365831 [rogerpack200] Thanks.

[QUIZ][SUMMARY] Console-based Pixel Editor (#231)
365832 [yahivin@gm i] There were no submitted solutions for this week's quiz, maybe consoles

365836 [pandyan.sent] ...

[OT] Cpp Complier
365837 [javaalley@gm] I am trying to figure out which would be the best C++ compiler to install on
+ 365839 [sophrinix@gm] on
| + 365840 [javaalley@gm] Passenger currently does not have a windows version.  I was thinking of
| | 365841 [tony.arcieri] Hey member of the NetBeans Dream Team guy, you considered using JRuby on
| + 365842 [ammarabuali@] Interesting. The last time I tried to pass ruby's code through clang it
|   365845 [ammarabuali@] That should have been vm_exec.c, not vm.c
|   365846 [sophrinix@gm] It's not Linux, but it might work.
+ 365857 [ninja@sl ph ] I'm sure you know, but in case you don't, Ruby runs well enough on Windows

Return nothing when looking outside the bounds of 2D array?
365844 [shawnw@in er] I have a 2D Array. I have written a method
+ 365850 [w_a_x_man@ya] if ary[y]
| + 365853 [shawnw@in er] Thx. Don't quite understand that code. I tried plugging in some nils but
| | 365869 [shawnw@in er] A better way to describe it.
| | 365871 [groups.2009a] I was going to suggest using the 'case' statement instead of all those =
| | + 365917 [shawnw@in er] Just be aware I'm a complete newb at programing and Ruby, so the more
| | | 365973 [groups.2009a] those=20
| | + 365938 [shawnw@in er] Okay, just found out that...
| |   365944 [martindemell] The basic problem is that ruby doesn't have rectangular arrays, you
| |   365974 [groups.2009a] Hmm. I think you need to re-read my example, because my code *never =
| |   365982 [shawnw@in er] Understood.
| |   + 365985 [martindemell] No, the simplest thing to do is what you've already done - write an
| |   + 365987 [groups.2009a] class HexArray
| |     + 366025 [martindemell] Looks good :)
| |     | 366263 [groups.2009a] That's what I thought, too.
| |     + 366051 [shawnw@in er] Thx again - very instructive.
| |       + 366180 [shawnw@in er] I think I got it. I did away with storing my cell data in a hash; rather
| |       | 366264 [groups.2009a] rather=20
| |       + 366270 [groups.2009a] main=20
| + 365874 [w_a_x_man@ya] def get2d ary, x, y
|   365882 [w_a_x_man@ya] in
+ 366057 [shortcutter@] Did anybody suggest modulo operator so far?  I only glanced over

Ruby best practice for "always on" app/service?
365847 [yermej@gm il] I'm building an app that will essentially be a web service client. It
+ 365854 [richard.conr] So the web service client IS a web app? That proxies/intermediates
| + 365891 [b.candler@po] Seconded.
| + 365900 [yermej@gm il] Basically, but I'm not sure my web service client should be a web app
| | 365918 [richard.conr] This makes things a bit more challenging. While these kinds of architectures
| | 365957 [yermej@gm il] Thanks for taking the time to reply. This conversation has given me
| + 365969 [headius@he d] trinidad --threadsafe --rackup config.ru
|   365995 [richard.conr] Nice heads-up Charles. I didn't go into too much detail with JRuby options,
+ 365858 [ninja@sl ph ] Or Mongrel, Thin, Unicorn, etc -- anything Rack-based. (If you aren't Rack-
  365887 [yermej@gm il] then

bug in TkComm::list?
365848 [geoff.belkna] I'm running into a weird behavior while using TkComm::list and
365851 [nagai@ai ky ] Those methods convert a tcl string to a Numeric object, if the string

HighLine freezes when using wrap_at and page_at
365849 [blambeau@gm ] I'm experimenting a small problem when trying to use HighLine with
365855 [james@gr ys ] MacOS
365865 [blambeau@gm ] Works perfectly now :-)
365881 [james@gr ys ] are
365908 [blambeau@gm ] Works fine !

Ruby 1.9.1-p129
365852 [wesley.mw.wo] I was trying to install ruby 1.9.1-p129 through RVM and got this error
365862 [onepoint@st ] Here we go again!  http://redmine.ruby-lang.org/issues/show/3528
365901 [wesley.mw.wo] Thanks for the reply Jeremy.
+ 365909 [robert.dober] Hmm maybe you can avoid this by installing 1.9.2 rc-2? That is the
| 365921 [wesley.mw.wo] Thanks for the reply Robert.
+ 365936 [onepoint@st ] Actually, when  reading your post I  assumed that p129 was  a typo for
  365978 [wesley.mw.wo] Thanks Jeremy.
  365992 [onepoint@st ] I'm afraid  I don't have any ideas.   Were you using rvm  when you had
  368685 [wesley.mw.wo] I have a few updates from this problem. I've managed to take RVM out

Re: Console-based Pixel Editor (#231)
365856 [sentinel1879] Could you give us some hints...
365859 [yahivin@gm i] Sorry for the confusion. I meant to say that quiz #231 Console-based

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what is the advantage is to use class methods over object me
365863 [jakheart001@] Could u please tell me what is the advantage is to use class methods
+ 365864 [xeno.campano] 1.  All programming should be as much functional programming as is practical.
| 365866 [shortcutter@] 2010/7/15 Xeno Campanoli / Eskimo North and Gmail <xeno.campanoli@gmail.com=
+ 365867 [shortcutter@] IMHO the primary criterion for using class methods over instance
+ 365990 [ninja@sl ph ] Because the code "belongs" there, for whatever reason. For example, in
  376219 [jakheart001@] Thanks David Masover and all, It clear my doubts and also get some valid

xmpp4r and ejabberd
365873 [sid.ravichan] Im using xmpp4r and ejabberd and my server runs on EC2 on an elastic IP.

Can I install Ruby from a cd w/out the internet?
365875 [connor.labau] I'd like to program using Ruby in a secure environment, i.e. one that
+ 365876 [dhruva.sagar] There is a Ruby Installer for windows. If not that, you also have Ruby
+ 365877 [joseph.savar] You could use netbeans Ruby edition: http://netbeans.org/downloads/ choose

Can't change the value of self
365878 [ralphs@do 32] Ok ... I've googled this error and I see stome explanations about usnig destructive methods ...
365892 [b.candler@po] It can take care of itself, it can't turn into someone else :-)

Ruby for Windows Mobile (Win CE, CeGCC)
365879 [a.x.e.1@ya r] I'm spent countless time in searching working ruby port on Windows
365880 [rogerpack200] If it's a dll it "should" work.
365941 [a.x.e.1@ya r] How do I add it in a right way? When I add it to LDFLAGS and LIBS env
365959 [rogerpack200] is there an --enable-pthreads option?  I know 1.9.2 used to try to use