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^ Complie-time polymorphsim and Run-time polymorpshism
365447 [haribhat51 g] I wanted to know about complie-time polymorphsim
365450 [fxn hashref.] nted to know about complie-time polymorphsim

^ Regular expressions, capture repeated groups
365448 [iainspeed gm] charset=us-ascii
365457 [w_a_x_man ya] s capture a named group, but not just once, get all it's repetitions and th=
365460 [iainspeed gm] charset=us-ascii
365462 [botpena gmai] wait till you call the 21st ;-)
365463 [iainspeed gm] would be phenomenally useful, because scan returns arrays of strings and =

^ Write/Read File having Japanese characters as file name
365449 [uma.sudhi gm] My requirement is to create new files by names from database(UTF8
365452 [luislavena g] =88=A5=E3=83=90=E3=82=B0=E3=83=AC=E3=83=9D=E3=83=BC=E3=83=88.txt".

^ Standalone Ruby executable with GUI
365454 [ralphs dos32] I have been using Ruby in a Rails environment.
+ 365455 [skim.la gmai] skim
| 365459 [ralphs dos32] <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
+ 365482 [david.mullet] RubyScript2Exe to create the standalone executables but have more
| 365485 [michael.broo] I've had good success with wxRuby too.
+ 365484 [rogerpack200] Recommend Jruby (some GUI framework or other) + rawr for packaging.

^ open all sites free now
365456 [hossamalagmy] open all sites free now

^ [ANN] texticle 1.0.3 Released
365458 [aaron tender] texticle version 1.0.3 has been released!

^ Silencing Standard Error
365461 [babybluebeac] I am new here, so I apologize if this is a lame question. I have googled
+ 365471 [oscartheduck] Have you tried just simply stderr? You could either run the script and =
+ 365472 [b.candler po] If you're running under some Unix-like O/S, then try
+ 365664 [shortcutter ] If you want to silence all error output and you run on some form of

^ Ruby Expect
365466 [rmasci gmail] I have a expect scripts that I use to get from system to system, and
365468 [rilindo gmai] Some of the functionality you usually utilize in Expect can be invoke in =
365469 [b.candler po] There is also a separate wrapper library Net::SSH::Telnet which gives an

^ Where can I find shoes?
365474 [modtarget ho] Hey. Just wondering if anybody knows where I can find Shoes? I've
+ 365475 [sophrinix gm] check github.com
| + 365477 [juanjova um.] Announcing a Ruby with Shoes Course... on 7th August
| + 365480 [modtarget ho] Thank you so much.
+ 365606 [steve stevek] Hey, sorry I didn't see this until now.
+ 365607 [steve stevek] Hey, sorry I didn't see this until now.

^ cheap sale winter warm caps ( www.nike-black.com )
365476 [huhai101 gma] Discount smet caps( www.nike-black.com )

^ Ruby WARC Parser
365478 [choward indi] Is anybody out there working on a Ruby-based parser for the WARC (Web

^ [ANN]  July Phoenix Ruby User Group Meeting
365481 [james.britt ] July Phoenix Ruby User Group Meeting

^ from functions to classes, where should I start?
365489 [jarodzz gmai] Guys, I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask questions like this.
365502 [jfister gmai] I began software development using OOP can't recall any books to
365518 [shortcutter ] The key word for this is "encapsulation".  I believe it is the most
+ 365520 [jarodzz gmai] Thanks, Robert and Jay.
| 365544 [shortcutter ] The funny thing is, you can code OO even in a language like C.  Of
+ 365566 [colinb2r goo] There are (at least) two interesting posts on this on Rick Denatale's Talk
  365568 [rick.denatal] ed paper

^ RUBY_VERSION_* macros in C?
365494 [sutniuq gmx.] I'm trying to create a C extension that compiles for both Ruby 1.8 and
365503 [luislavena g] Most of the times you work around specific Ruby 1.9 features that
365519 [sutniuq gmx.] Thank you, Luis! That helped me a lot, I now solved the problem by

^ FuseFS raw_write never call
365499 [lvaldes grm.] I am newbie use FuseFS and i make a little script to create a FS from a
365500 [lvaldes grm.] El 09/07/10 12:24, Luis escribióº

^ swapping regex libraries
365501 [iainspeed gm] I see there is a way in Ruby 1.9.1 to switch to the old regex library =
365508 [rogerpack200] might help.
365557 [iainspeed gm] ernative_Regular_Expression_Libraries

365504 [calabazag ho] first tasks and I can't manage to find a solution.
+ 365505 [astahl hi5.c] You can put individual elements into the array w/ the push operator
| 365509 [calabazag ho] num=1
+ 365506 [brabuhr gmai] How far have you made it?
  + 365507 [calabazag ho] def print_tokens(txtFile)
  | + 365511 [w_a_x_man ya] le
  | + 365515 [brabuhr gmai] Instead of opening and closing a file, you can pass a block to open
  + 365510 [calabazag ho] num=1
    365516 [brabuhr gmai] f=File.open(txtFile)
    + 365521 [calabazag ho] Tank you very much...muy problem is that I don't know how to extract
    | 365524 [brabuhr gmai] ...
    + 365522 [dblack rubyp] Don't forget too that File objects are fully enumerable, so you don't

^ what about allowing to specify, which end belongs to which start?
365513 [prog janleli] end
+ 365514 [ryand-ruby z] error.=20
| 365517 [shortcutter ] Not to forget about end:case, end:class, end:module...
| 365523 [prog janleli] Also,
| 365529 [ryand-ruby z] Wrong wrong wrong. I cannot disagree more.
| 365537 [prog janleli] I mean, of course, you should try to keep it short... but I think the
+ 365538 [eleanor game] error.=20
+ 365541 [vikkous gmai] I've been told that very old versions of ruby used to have this
| 365548 [shortcutter ] I don't want to advocate this but concatenating "end" directly with the
| + 365551 [vikkous gmai] Eh, I don't like it either.
| | 365555 [shortcutter ] Unfortunately the word "almost" makes this unusable for creating a
| | 365574 [vikkous gmai] The syntax change I proposed requires forbidding a construct which is
| | 365604 [shortcutter ] ne
| | + 365611 [vikkous gmai] Well, it has to be optional for another reason too: it would be far to
| | + 365618 [prog janleli] The backporting effort for 99% of the cases: code.gsub /end~(class|
| |   365626 [thethirdswit] I know it's a bit of a contrived example, and I'm not advocating a version
| |   365636 [prog janleli] Of course, the example was made up to demonstrate the ends and not real
| |   + 365638 [thethirdswit] on
| |   | 365652 [paradisaeida] *) Keeping with designer's intentions. Least surprise being one of.
| |   + 365663 [shortcutter ] on
| + 365552 [prog janleli] Thank you for all the opinions :)
|   + 365554 [shortcutter ] ... and much less typeable on my keyboard (German).
|   + 365575 [vikkous gmai] If you want help figuring out how to do this, I'll be glad to give you
+ 365542 [b.candler po] You can always use comments, although I'd only usually do this for

^ [ANN] sqlite3-ruby 1.3.1 Released
365525 [luislavena g] sqlite3-ruby version 1.3.1 has been released!

^ [ANN] SmartImage 0.0.4 - simple yet powerful cross-platform thumbnail  generation and image manipulation in Ruby
365526 [tony.arcieri] "It's like a Swiss Army Knife for images, but one of those tiny ones you can

^ if statements and case statements questions
365527 [a2533488 bof] I am fairly new to Ruby and programming and had a couple questions about
+ 365528 [zundra.danie] Case statements are not faster.  Both Case and if statements are constant
+ 365530 [ken70r gmail] case string
| 365543 [b.candler po] if "" === string
| 365624 [a2533488 bof] Thank you all for your replies/answers.  I appreciate the help and
+ 365531 [ken70r gmail] Also since you are not just comparing lines but also row numbers, you
+ 365536 [shortcutter ] I personally prefer the case because then it is immediately clear that

^ [ANN] Rainbows! 0.95.0 - sendfile() support!
365532 [normalperson] Rainbows! is an HTTP server for sleepy Rack applications.  It is based on

^ [ANN] Zbatery v0.3.0 - for newer Rainbows!
365533 [normalperson] Rainbows! v0.95.0 is more awesome than v0.94.0, so we've updated

^ C Extension rb_block_call Weirdness
365534 [asher ridicu] I've already posted a description of my problem at Stackoverflow, but
365553 [asher ridicu] The documentation should read: Calls a method on the recv, with the

^ Cannot do a universal build of Ruby 1.9.2 on MAC OS X 10.6
365535 [utkarsh2012 ] I am trying to build it on 64bit mac osx, 10.6 in 32 bit kernel mode.
365539 [jameskilton ] It's because the step that builds libruby.dylib doesn't care about your =

^ Possible bug in FileUtils::fu_mkdir (Errno::EEXIST)
365540 [luislavena g] We are getting some reports in RubyInstaller project of weird gem

^ building 1.8.7 on ubuntu 9.10
365546 [msoulier gma] I prefer to make use of my own ruby build for the most part, and for
365547 [joelvanderwe] I remember seeing this with gcc-4.4 and some *older* ruby patchlevels,

^ how to convert it into utf-8?
365550 [myocean135 y] ghex2 /home/pt/myday
+ 365559 [ammarabuali ] I can't tell which unicode range those specific code points belong to, but
+ 365579 [b.candler po] What do you meant "convert to utf-8"?
  365587 [myocean135 y] pt@pt-laptop:~$ file /home/pt/myday
  + 365589 [myocean135 y] would you mind to tell me your email? i  can  send the  data file to
  + 365594 [b.candler po] 'file' knows many file formats - look at /usr/share/file/magic or

^ sample ruby program to talk to an exchange server
365556 [laguna53 yma] exchange server - connect, inquire data, add data, delete entry ...
+ 365608 [laguna53 yma] Any help here ?
| 365726 [mlgaunnac gm] Here is a sample program that uses Redemption Data Objects (
| 365870 [laguna53 yma] Thank you IKE, but I'm lloking for a sample program to connect to an
| + 365899 [mlgaunnac gm] Perhaps something here http://rubygems.org/gems/viewpoint could help.
| + 365911 [brabuhr gmai] I've used SOAP from Ruby but never against Exchange.
| + 365914 [brabuhr gmai] "For all of those out there trying to figure out how to receive information
+ 365954 [cparticle gm] I've done a little of this using the IMAP connection and the net/imap
  366210 [laguna53 yma] laguna53@ymail.com

^ [ANN] Ruby 1.9.2 RC2 is out
365558 [yugui yugui.] Ruby 1.9.2 RC2 has just been released. This is the second release

^ What does this mean?
365560 [abder.rahman] I'm just new to ruby, and want to ask about what this means (I got it
365588 [colinb2r goo] I think it would be OK to put that code in your email: it's not very long.

^ Basic Question: How do you check to see if gets is a number?
365562 [adam.bourg89] months, days and weeks old. I wanted to add some sort of control so that
+ 365564 [stefano.croc] There are a couple of errors in your code. First of all, in ruby you never
+ 365565 [rick.denatal] This will NEVER happen.
| 365578 [b.candler po] I'd use Float(age), which will raise an exception for invalid values.
| 365586 [rick.denatal] In general you are right, but ignoring my typo leaving out the \ in
| 365590 [dblack rubyp] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
+ 365567 [droleary.use] What do you expect this to evaluate to?  Instead of "true", did you mean

^ Re: Basic Question: How do you check to see if gets is a num
365569 [adam.bourg89] Thanks Stefano. It has been a major help.

^ How to pass a hash as a param to a method called through eval?
365570 [astahl hi5.c] able to read a set of data from a json file, pass that to eval, and have
+ 365571 [ammarabuali ] eval("#{call['action']}(#{call['params']})")
| 365573 [astahl hi5.c] Thanks, but... tried that already and it fails without even calling the
| 365577 [ammarabuali ] The argument should be a string, that's what eval expects. The problem with
| 365580 [b.candler po] Just use 'puts' instead of 'eval' to see what's happening.
| + 365582 [dblack rubyp] someFunc({"a"=>"foo", "b"=>"bar", "c"=>"etc"})
| + 365613 [shortcutter ] I wouldn't even use eval here - it's unsafe and slow.  Something like
|   365625 [josh.cheek g] Eval is also a wonky work flow.
+ 365576 [b.candler po] send(call['action'], call['params'])
+ 365581 [yermej gmail] eval("#{call['action']}(call['params'])")
  365583 [astahl hi5.c] Thanks.  You're actually the second response to suggest doing it that
  365584 [ammarabuali ] On 1.8.7 use yermej's suggestion, without the interpolation, if you choose
  365585 [astahl hi5.c] Thanks again, yermej's suggestion actually worked out.  I've now got
  365595 [b.candler po] Certainly. You should also be aware that 'send' is also not without its

^ hash example
365591 [sbstn26 yaho] is it a good book?
365593 [b.candler po] It is. You're reading the 1st edition, which was written for ruby 1.6.
365597 [sbstn26 yaho] The one I'm reading is the free ebook. I am using Ruby 1.9, do you

^ ruby float modulus operation.
365592 [karthicksmai] I am new to ruby and found this while experimenting with ruby.
365598 [b.candler po] Ruby is no different to any other language which uses binary floating
365605 [rick.denatal] It isn't relevant to the OPs example, but not all languages produce

^ [ANN] Free shell accounts on new ruby-versions.net site
365596 [dblack rubyp] I'm please to announce the new incarnation of ruby-versions.net, where
+ 365599 [fxn hashref.] David thank you very much for working on this, ruby-versions has been
+ 365654 [josh.cheek g] ...

^ How to create keybinds?
365600 [makire hotma] My Rubyknowledge is somewhat limited, so im in need of some help with
365620 [vikkous gmai] We need some more information to be able to help you. What environment
365659 [makire hotma] Terribly sorry, We use a Ruby CLI interface for a javasystem running on
365680 [sentinel1879] If you want to map F2 (function keys, or alt/control keys) in your CLI

^ Arrays and Hashes
365601 [abder.rahman] Unlike arrays, the items in a hash are not kept in a specific order.
+ 365602 [jacob.d.mitc] Arrays have order because each one represents a sequence of objects.  This
+ 365603 [phrogz mac.c] On Jul 12, 6:22=A0am, Abder-rahman Ali <abder.rahman....@gmail.com>
  365612 [abder.rahman] Thanks a lot Gavin.
  365630 [jacob.d.mitc] any of the Hashes each* methods, you'll always get the objects in the same
  + 365631 [abder.rahman] I got you Jake. Thanks.
  + 365649 [reinh reinh.] In practice, hash order (for 1.8) is deterministic *per machine*,
    365653 [julian coret] Yes. An orderedhash object is present in libraries such as activesupport bec=

^ Adding cookies to my http client
365609 [ryandewhurst] The following is a modified version of the http client found in the

^ [ANN] Lone Star Ruby Conference 2010 Registration is Now Open
365610 [jimfreeze gm] Registration for Lone Star Ruby Conference 2010 is now open!

^ Substitution
365614 [abder.rahman] I have this part of code from "Why's poignant guide to Ruby" that is
+ 365616 [angushammond] What that says is use the gsub! method on the object pointed to by idea
| 365633 [abder.rahman] Let me give an example I'm making similar to that, where I would like
| 365635 [abder.rahman] I think my MAIN point is this.
| 365637 [ammarabuali ] Maybe the loop and gsub are causing the confusion. If all you want to do is
| 365640 [abder.rahman] Jazak Allah Khayr Ammar for your reply.
| 365645 [ammarabuali ] It not a solution really, just the basic syntax.
| 365646 [abder.rahman] Jazak Allah Khayr Ammar.
+ 365617 [shortcutter ] This is simply a string read from stdin - nothing more.

^ [UPDATE] Try Ruby is back online.
365615 [sophrinix gm] Greetings,
365619 [fxn hashref.] Now idea about your general setup, but that comment rings the bell
365621 [sophrinix gm] I'm sorry if I sound like an idiot, but can you expand on what you mean that
+ 365622 [steve stevek] - $: no longer includes the current directory
+ 365623 [fxn hashref.] That's right, the current working directory is no longer in the load
| 365627 [sophrinix gm] Yes.
| + 365628 [fxn hashref.] It happened in changeset 23816, no rationale there. And I've seen only
| + 365634 [steve stevek] The reason I saw cited was that it was causing problems when loading
+ 365641 [jontyjont bt] Having fun working through the tutorial - It's like _why's back from the
  365644 [sophrinix gm] Yeah, It is a pending security issue. We didn't want someone orchestrating a

^ while loop end action
365629 [a2533488 bof] I am trying to write a script that when certain circumstances arise it
+ 365657 [sentinel1879] since no one has responded I'll make a quick try...
+ 365658 [sentinel1879] Is there any specific reason you are doing to_f. You can use to_i to get
  365720 [a2533488 bof] Thanks Kumar, I appreciate it and no there was no reason I was using

^ regex to match similar strings
365642 [johnnybutler] Im writing some validation code the basically make sure a users login is
365643 [chrisw_88 ho] Here are a couple ruby libraries that may help you out.  I found this a whi=
365647 [johnnybutler] Thanks Chris, exactly what i needed.  Installed the amatch gem and have

^ [ANN] configurability 1.0.0
365648 [ged FaerieMU] Version 1.0.0 of configurability has been released.
365779 [ninja slapha] What's the rationale for stripping namespaces? It looks like hashes are

^ Standard Library vs. 3rd Party Library
365650 [transfire gm] Loading rdoc in a ruby script leads to a conundrum of sorts.
365695 [b.candler po] I have the same problem with soap4r. To avoid the crufty version

^ Remote File Handling
365656 [maloney.mc g] Trying to use the File and Dir classes on remote directories with no
+ 365690 [b.candler po] Short answer: no.
| 365716 [vikkous gmai] Or you can use a network file system such as nfs or samba, which makes
+ 365717 [hassan.schro] You might want to look at <http://rush.heroku.com/>

^ are you inderest in cinima................you choose this bag
365660 [kkaruppuraja] http;//www.123maza.com/elaxa/domain-hosting