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^ Accessing Class Variables in mixed in define_method
364588 [jamiequint g] I am using define_method inside a module to dynamically create a class
364658 [jgabrielygal] There's a typo here: it should be :@@c

^ Does Ruby allows setting something like SESSION variables.
364589 [vaishukatkar] Does Ruby allows setting something like SESSION variables.
364600 [astounding g] Are you talking about Ruby in the context of a web application

^ App with lots of business logic
364594 [josh.cheek g] initially intimidated, but the more we talk about the process of how we get
+ 364678 [jstewart fus] It's a Microsoft book, but reading Code Complete a couple of times has
| 364683 [stuart stuar] I'd second Code Complete. Like the Pragmatic Programmer, it's a really a
+ 364713 [edward.middl] Look at what approaches worked for other people.  Martin Fowler has some
  364790 [josh.cheek g] Alright, I just ordered Code Complete. That book is very long, though, any

^ Is there an environment variable that gives me line number and file?
364596 [xeno.campano] External from the trace stuff that is.  I just want the line number and file I'm
364598 [xeno.campano] I guess I've found '__FILE__', so I just need some mythical '__LINENO__',
364601 [Rob AgileCon] On Jun 18, 2010, at 5:22 PM, Xeno Campanoli / Eskimo North and Gmail

^ [ANN] easy_translate-0.1.1
364607 [john.crepezz] NAME

^ Compare 2 XML files with libxml-ruby
364610 [nadja123 inb] libxml-ruby. If difference is found - puts message about it.
364621 [transfire gm] First of a couple of pointers.

364614 [benadictraj1] MAKE UPTO $5000 PER MONTH! $2000 IN FIRST 30 DAYS!

^ Re: Getting rid of self - OT
364615 [chris s-4-u.] In "Refactoring - Ruby Edition" (with Kent Beck) the consensus seems

^ Builder::XmlMarkup + output encoding
364617 [coder montx.] Is it possible to NOT encode or escape some chars in Builder ?

^ General Ruby OOP question
364618 [cyril.staff ] I have a general question about OOP with Ruby.  If I have 2 class: Home
+ 364622 [transfire gm] It's fine. But why is Home creating people? Perhaps they should be
+ 364623 [ammarabuali ] There is nothing wrong from an OOP point of view with one object
| 364626 [m.fellinger ] class Window
| 364629 [reinh reinh.] This is a Law of Demeter violation. The home should be responsible for
+ 364627 [josh.cheek g] Plus, you get a nice little benefit in that the Person#open_a_window method

^ (none)
364620 [mailinglist ] # help

^ Ruby 1.9.1 installation
364624 [mailinglist ] Dear community,

^ [QUIZ] Random Points within a Circle (#234)
364628 [yahivin gmai] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
+ 364671 [eregontp gma] I had an intuition doing some Math.sqrt about the distance, and it
| 364855 [njus larshau] I bet you didn't do that right from the start, before seeing the
| 364877 [eregontp gma] Yes, and a Point + Point is not as meaningful
| 364880 [yaserbuntu g] The _awful_ "return p" is now gone ;)
+ 364695 [yaserbuntu g] It's not as advanced as Daloze's solution, and it definitely can (should?)
+ 364696 [vikkous gmai] def random_point_in_a_circle(x,y,r)
| 364700 [groups.2009a] And wrong, unfortunately. You're selecting a random angle, and then a =
| + 364706 [brabuhr gmai] dom distance from the center. This will result in way too many points at th=
| | 364707 [brabuhr gmai] ndom distance from the center. This will result in way too many points at t=
| + 364708 [vikkous gmai] I guess this is why Benoit had that sqrt in there. I don't quite get
| | 364746 [colinb2r goo] (Apologies for this oldish "re-post": it seems that changing from googlemail
| | + 364748 [vikkous gmai] That was beautiful! The best explanation yet. Thank you.
| | + 364837 [yaserbuntu g] 2010/6/22 Benoit Daloze <eregontp@gmail.com>
| + 364731 [eregontp gma] 4.
|   364737 [brabuhr gmai] -polar-coordinates/
|   364742 [vikkous gmai] Thanks. It took me a while, but it's making sense now.
+ 364754 [boesemar gmx] Inspired by the other solutions here are two possible algorithms with a
+ 364854 [njus larshau] I'm sorry about the lack of comments (the code should

^ Module vs Binding Evaluation
364631 [transfire gm] I am confused by the difference between using module_eval on a module,
364666 [b.candler po] This looks rather odd to me: (1) you are subclassing Module, (2) you are

^ [ANN] QED v2.2.0 released
364632 [transfire gm] QED 2.2.0 has been released.
364768 [jontyjont bt] Is that a typo in your work url? protuils? :)

^ [ANN] RubyKaigi 2010 open for registration
364633 [l.g.chin gma] RubyKaigi 2010 is now open for registration

^ mechanize  login problem
364635 [myocean135 y] require 'rubygems'
364702 [aaron tender] This line ^^^^^
364751 [myocean135 y] <form id="frmLogin" name="frmLogin" method="post" action=""

^ Doubt regarding Testing with RSpec.
364636 [knarayanan88] I have a library of RSpec Test examples. Now, from an upper ruby layer, I

^ Thread Timeout
364638 [ravenz o2.ie] i'm working with multiple threads, with a producer-consumer like algorithm.
364639 [shortcutter ] Why do you want to do that?  If you want to schedule activity with
364653 [ravenz o2.ie] Robert, a draft example ?
364688 [shortcutter ] You go first. ;-)  You did not yet describe what kind of problem you are

^ Namespacing a class
364641 [eveith wwweb] - ---%<---
364680 [b.candler po] you mean 'module A' ?
364681 [eveith wwweb] Brian,
+ 364682 [b.candler po] $ irb --simple-prompt
| 364687 [eveith wwweb] Question answered. :-) Thank you!
+ 364690 [Ruby GoogleM] Actually, to add a bit to Brian's answer: it *is* possible and makes
  364693 [gwtmp01 mac.] at all=20
  364749 [Ruby GoogleM] You can take the algorithm Ruby uses for mixins and simply substitute
  + 364774 [rick.denatal] at all
  + 364803 [vikkous gmai] at
    364807 [shortcutter ] at
    364810 [transfire gm] I disagree. This sort of explanation has no material bases --how does
    364824 [shortcutter ] I don't understand what you mean here.  Can you elaborate or provide an exa=
    364876 [transfire gm] example?
    364879 [shortcutter ] n example?
    364955 [transfire gm] Sorry about the delay... you know how it is!
    364985 [shortcutter ] No problem.
    365372 [transfire gm] Just a quick follow up to this --I would love to hear a clear case

^ General Confusion
364642 [brotman nc.r] I'm confused!  I may have bitten off more than I can chew!
364648 [shortcutter ] The place is perfectly OK.
364691 [brotman nc.r] Robert,
364692 [shortcutter ] You're welcome.
+ 364699 [brotman nc.r] Robert,
+ 364701 [brotman nc.r] Robert,
+ 364890 [brotman nc.r] Robert,
  364916 [shortcutter ] It returns @nodes[node_id] if that is not nil and not false - otherwise
  364946 [brotman nc.r] Robert

^ IMPORTANT: tr dropper.gen Trojan inside Ruby Installers for Windows
364644 [acrive82 gma] today with my antivirus (Avira) I find the tr dropper.gen Trojan
364645 [luislavena g] f956561#
364646 [acrive82 gma] Sorry Guys...

^ Simple way to switch between printing object key/reference and object  value?
364649 [nicholas.orr] ruby-1.8.7-p249 > person =
364677 [b.candler po] I think it would be too dangerous to override person.[]. What about when

^ Windows, Dir class and special characters
364651 [digilant gma] I'm using ruby 1.9.1 on windows 7 x64. If I manually make a few test
364661 [b.candler po] People have reported that 1.9.2 is better in this area, so you could

^ Writing files in Windows in correct enc. for batch scripts
364652 [digilant gma] Me again, ruby 1.9.1 and windows 7 x64.
364686 [rogerpack200] do the batch files look "right"? Is this an issue with lame?

^ Update FK_ID at validation/save time in activerecor
364654 [eblumenfeld ] class Customer < ActiveRecord::Base
364659 [ammarabuali ] e"

^ Closures in Ruby
364656 [lakshmanan v] Can you please explain me what are Closures in ruby ?
364657 [michel demaz] Just google it ! There are many good posts on that.

^ Download parameg soft
364665 [mahdiking1 g] Download parameg soft

^ Ruby Basic
364667 [jazzezravi g] def one
+ 364668 [jazzezravi g] Tried and Got Solution
| 364669 [jgabrielygal] irb(main):001:0> def one
| 364675 [b.candler po] There are some other options too.
+ 364685 [josh.cheek g] In general, you can convert a string / symbol to the method it is maning by
  364710 [jazzezravi g] Thanks for your help.

^ Re:
364674 [shortcutter ] ...........................................................................=

^ Re: (no subject)
364676 [b.candler po] yum install sqlite-devel

^ [ANN] Money 3.0.3
364684 [shane.emmons] Money 3.0.3 Released

^ library path not working?
364694 [antonio fler] I am new to using ruby, so I am probably doing something wrong, but I
364697 [antonio fler] require 'rubygems'

^ Information about satellite tv product
364698 [shrr303 goog] They offer us a 40% discount (As I tried to close the site, a pop up

^ Got to be a better way to code class variables....
364703 [groups.2009a] I'm trying to set up an object with overridable defaults, so it will act =
364704 [joelvanderwe] Some metaprogging...
364711 [shortcutter ] 2010/6/22 Joel VanderWerf <joelvanderwerf@gmail.com>
364738 [groups.2009a] Good question. I'm not sure yet.
364741 [joelvanderwe] If you want the extend to happen automatically when you include a

^ nike shox shoes(paypal payment and free shipping)
364705 [rain.rain43 ] shox shoe (paypal payment)

^ [ANN] ruby bounties update
364709 [rogerpack200] I am pleased to announce that the Nokogiri pure-Java version for JRuby
364745 [vikkous gmai] if that's what you really have in mind. See

^ ruby rexml stream mode
364712 [alumsimporta] would any one please help me with parse the xml below with STREAM MODE
364714 [b.candler po] get or where you're stuck.
364720 [alumsimporta] tanks Brain,
364724 [b.candler po] Which part of the text I quoted do you not understand?
364727 [b.candler po] "A StreamListener module has been supplied as a template for you to

^ script for production server
364715 [mailinglist ] I'm pretty new with ruby and I've just installed retrospectiva with
+ 364716 [mbj seonic.n] This is not a ruby specific problem.
| 364717 [mailinglist ] Thanks a lot for your answer.
| 364718 [hackob hacko] QWxzbyB5b3UgY2FuIHVzZSB0aGUgbm9odXAgY29tbWFuZCB0aGlzIHByZXZlbnRzIHRoYXQgdGhl
| 364719 [mailinglist ] thanks for all your answers.
+ 364820 [xeno badenou] Maybe this is actually a Rails specific question? Just use the "-d" flag

^ Help with Ruby return types and documentation
364721 [zapotek segf] I'm new to Ruby and I really like it..or trying to like it.
+ 364725 [shortcutter ] Did you enter "nokogiri" or "nokogiri documentation" into your
| 364729 [zapotek segf] Erm...I think I might have come off a bit too strong, there's no smoke
| 364734 [richard.conr] I came from Java like yourself, so the absence of return type
| 364736 [zapotek segf] Thanks a lot for your informative reply.
| 364744 [richard.conr] Good API docs was always a quality of Java, even from the early days, but
+ 364728 [hassan.schro] Using irb to explore might help, e.g.

^ Extract value
364722 [manu nebrock] <script type="text/javascript">
+ 364723 [jgabrielygal] irb(main):001:0> doc =3D<<EOF
+ 364726 [matthew byte] matched = /google_ad_client\s*=\s*\"([^"]+)\"/.match(string)
  364732 [shortcutter ] irb(main):001:0> s=3D<<STR

^ limiting download size with net::http
364730 [iwasinnamukn] I got bored so I'm writing a little web spider in ruby. I've got several features

^ Re: XMPP client with Ruby
364733 [lareb.indore] I am trying to send some message over the gtalk, here is my code

^ print gem VERSION from ruby program
364735 [sentinel1879] jeweler maintains a file VERSION in the base directory.
364740 [rogerpack200] , note that File.open("../VERSION") fails since
+ 364753 [sentinel1879] *duh* Thanks a lot !!
+ 364757 [sentinel1879] Roger,
| 364773 [rogerpack200] I've never posted an announcement to rubyforge.org
| 364775 [tom infoethe] forum.=20
+ 364759 [reinh reinh.] Roger, you shouldn't depend on files outside of the lib/ dir when
  364772 [rogerpack200] Good point. For bundling sake I'd therefore suggest moving the file
  + 364778 [transfire gm] cd lib/foo
  | 364806 [sentinel1879] Actually, I thought of this earlier. The mistake I made was of trying to
  + 364783 [gabriel.horn] Disagree for two reasons. First, keeping VERSION out of lib/ breaks

^ Information about  PHP + MySQL E-book
364739 [jeffry.kanta] about PHP + MySQL in
364802 [badlands_200] buy the ebook.

^ Re: Random Points within a Circle (#234)
364743 [timrandg gma] This is actually a pretty interesting puzzle. Correct solutions should

^ Recommended library for parsing RSS and Atom feeds
364747 [richard.conr] I am looking to sort through the various options for processing RSS/Atom
+ 364767 [transfire gm] S/Atom
| 364769 [richard.conr] A bit low level aren't they? Don't really want to get my hands too dirty
| 364776 [jeremy hineg] I've heard good tings about feedzirra (the top listed there) although
+ 364787 [me waltonhoo] ...

^ [ANN] net-http-persistent 1.2.2 Released
364750 [drbrain segm] net-http-persistent version 1.2.2 has been released!

^ nokogiri  extract text?
364752 [myocean135 y] there is a  simple file /home/pt/test.html such as the following
364770 [lparravi gma] At http://wiki.github.com/tenderlove/nokogiri/ you can read on how to

^ Watir - can't take control on a second opened browser (IE)
364755 [mennym walla] I am activating watir and the IE browser was opened ,when I am clicking

^ SQLite placeholder problem
364756 [yuriyskobov ] I'm just learning Ruby with SQLite3 and I ran into this problem with the
364766 [ruby urgewal] - sqlite3 3.6.10
+ 364791 [yuriyskobov ] I thought it might have been a Windows vs. Cygwin issue, so I went back
+ 364800 [yuriyskobov ] Found it.  It was the gem sqlite3-ruby-1.3.0 that was causing this.
  364801 [fistfvck gma] see blow.

^ [ANN] kramdown 0.9.0 released
364758 [t_leitner gm] ## About kramdown

^ Iterate over specific keys in a hash
364761 [ryandewhurst] I have a hash;
+ 364762 [b.candler po] [cars["car0"], cars["car3"]]
| 364764 [b.candler po] you can also do
| 364765 [ryandewhurst] Brian Candler;
+ 364763 [luc honk-hon] cars.values_at("car0", "car3")

^ Re: ruby bounties update
364771 [rogerpack200] Sure works for me :) e-mail me.

^ [ANN] Ruby 1.8.7 patchlevel 299 released.
364777 [shyouhei rub] This time we fixed various bugs, including the unicode inspection
364781 [wayneeseguin] Urabe,

^ Re: QED v2.2.0 released
364779 [transfire gm] Yes, thanks.
364780 [jgabrielygal] I alway have a Freudian slip with some words. A funny one which is the
364782 [rick.denatal] For me, although it's been years since it was my main programming

^ MD5 Checksum of a String
364784 [ddjolley gma] The script shown in Exhibit A submits a test string to 3 different
364785 [jonathan jmn] $ irb
364788 [ddjolley gma] Oops.  My bad.  I should have used 'echo -n'.  So, it really was one of

^ Finding a project's root directory
364786 [transfire gm] As I continue to work  project development tools I repeatedly run into
+ 364795 [jeremy hineg] I use the parent directory of the lib/ directory as project root.
| 364808 [transfire gm] Thanks Jeremy. I'm using lib/ as the fallback in place of README*.
+ 364797 [tony.arcieri] In cases where I actually need this, I usually have a "root" method defined
  364809 [transfire gm] ed

^ parsing the gutenberg index
364789 [martindemell] Has anyone written any ruby code to work with this? I'm mostly

^ Re: Help with leap year programing
364792 [fakelife7 ho] The problem comes from a beginnerĀ“s tutorial. Using methods like .leap?

^ rake-compiler fails on Fedora 13
364793 [strangest co] [root@li137-46 tenderlove-nokogiri-0e2a3d9]# rake-compiler
364794 [rogerpack200] perhaps you are missing a dependency, like one that contains the word
364799 [gloriajw66 g] I don't use MingW on Fedora. I don't want to cross compile for Windows
364804 [luislavena g] You only need to invoke rake-compiler if you want to setup a ruby for
364805 [gloriajw66 g] Thank you. I'm following nokigiri build instructions, and this was not
364811 [luislavena g] Don't worry, is actually my fault for not having good documentation in

^ marshalled data in 1.9
364796 [rogerpack200] Is there the possibility this would fail in 1.9?
364798 [Rob AgileCon] You almost certainly want the 'rb' and 'wb' modes on Windows to read
364864 [rogerpack200] Hmm.  The problem may occur when I read the file in--because I'm not
364871 [b.candler po] If you're under Windows, ruby/C will translate \r\n to \n on read and
364882 [rogerpack200] Yes, but if I read and write both in ASCII mode, should it not be
364888 [billk cts.co] irb(main):001:0> [RUBY_VERSION, RUBY_PLATFORM]
364891 [rogerpack200] This feels like a bug to me...
364898 [billk cts.co] If I could pick one statement to summarize my feeling
364900 [luislavena g] r {|c| io.write c; io.flush}}