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364394 [wes@ve ti al] ...
384698 [masonkelsey@] I tried to unsubscribe on May 15th and I see I am still getting ruby
+ 384699 [code@ap th o] Have you tried sending an unsubscribe message to the following address?
+ 384702 [josh.cheek@g] Why do you hate us?
  + 384703 [cmdjackryan@] He doesn't. He's just been seduced by the Dutch Satan. ;)
  + 384707 [code@ap th o] Maybe Mason just hates all the Ilias threads.
    384708 [klauer@gm il] Ilias threads wouldn't be a problem if people stopped replying to them....
    384710 [cmdjackryan@] Ilias threads wouldn't be a problem if Ilias didn't post.

mechanize  login  form
364397 [myocean135@y] i'm gona  to  simulate  login  my  ubuntu forum,here is my program
364400 [josh.cheek@g] Mechanize has its own set of cookies. So you could be logged in with

Getting rid of self
364402 [ralphs@do 32] ...
+ 364403 [andrea@an re] ...
| 364405 [jgabrielygal] That won't work, because the parser sees this as local variable
| 364408 [jameskilton@] 2010/6/16 Jes=FAs Gabriel y Gal=E1n <jgabrielygalan@gmail.com>
| 364409 [jgabrielygal] Only if you assume that the setter methods only set the ivar. If
+ 364411 [transfire@gm] step.=3D(0)
+ 364434 [robert.dober] Only by changing your paradigm and by defining setters like these
| 364448 [rick.denatal] No a cat has 9 lives, not 9 selves.
+ 364440 [josh.cheek@g] I don't think so, but if you wanted to dry it up a bit, you could
  364442 [reinh@re nh ] Just
  + 364447 [robert.dober] <snip> _why's code is full of metaprogramming where simpler alternatives exist.
  + 364449 [josh.cheek@g] The original post did not use instance variables, so there is no way to know
  | + 364450 [rick.denatal] This is a teapot which holds a tempest which has been brewing for 30
  | | + 364460 [josh.cheek@g] Thanks for the explanation, Rick. I've thought about it a bit, and I think
  | | | + 364465 [joelvanderwe] One style that I find myself using is to use direct access only for
  | | | + 364619 [rick.denatal] "i don't see how the forces are any different in Ruby. e.g. C#'s
  | | |   364625 [josh.cheek@g] Interesting! I'm a little surprised, but I already made my case :) Thanks
  | | + 364462 [reinh@re nh ] I wish more people would read Kent Beck. Smalltalk Best Practice
  | + 364461 [reinh@re nh ] Good point.
  + 364459 [judofyr@gm i] Bad choice of victim (Camping, not _why), because the whole philosophy
    364463 [reinh@re nh ] Not at all. This is exactly why I chose Camping. It more than

Compare two objects
364406 [gregorylepac] I have an array of events comming from a database and I have a new
+ 364413 [b.candler@po] All objects have an object_id, so I presume you mean an "id"
+ 364486 [shortcutter@] Basically it boils down to that - there is no other way.  How you do

Fashion Accessories
364407 [vkm.singh198] Fashion accessories for men and women - compare and buy latest fashion

Rubyforge => Redmine
364412 [tom@in oe he] Me and some other folks are looking into switching RubyForge over to use =
+ 364423 [transfire@gm] Err... woozahhh
| + 364441 [transfire@gm] So IS the Redmine just FOR issues?
| | 364446 [luislavena@g] But the question is not that, is what would happen with file being
| | 364454 [tom@in oe he] True, yup, Redmine has a files tab but I think it's pretty much a linear =
| | + 364574 [vikkous@gm i] Personally, I don't see much point to having rubyforge model releases.
| | | 364604 [tom@in oe he] linear
| | + 364579 [luislavena@g] list.
| |   364605 [tom@in oe he] Cool.  No worries, yup, we'll keep all that data (and the files) in some =
| + 364452 [tom@in oe he] use Redmine.  If you'd like to help, the migration script is underway =
+ 364435 [luislavena@g] I just wonder what is going to happen with file hosting.
  364453 [tom@in oe he] use Redmine.  If you'd like to help, the migration script is underway =

Android apps using ruby
364415 [lakshmanan@v] I just like to build apps for Android apps. I am a rubyist btw, and how
+ 364417 [jgabrielygal] Jesus.
+ 364439 [akaspick@gm ] JRuby?
  364479 [lakshmanan@v] Is it stable enough ? Does it have any issues right now ?
  364485 [josh.cheek@g] I am also curious as to the state of Android dev with JRuby. And if Charles
  364521 [headius@he d] So here's the skinny on Ruby on Android (which I've dubbed "Ruboto")
  364525 [jose.halesga] ...
  + 364527 [headius@he d] I fail to see how unrestrained openness would negatively impact the
  | 364559 [reinh@re nh ] For the record, Charlie, the walls around Apple's garden have
  + 364528 [booking2heav] It is using ruby on rails and very easy :)
    364556 [headius@he d] I don't find the Rhomobile way very appealing. I want to be able to
    364561 [joelvanderwe] Web is ok, unless you need to access gps or other hw.
    369762 [ed.howland@g] Has this situation improved with Apple's recent relaxing of
    + 369767 [jose.halesga] ...
    + 369770 [ninja@sl ph ] Possible, but why would you want to? Apple has already demonstrated that they
      369793 [ed.howland@g] I think I agree w/you that android is a better dev target, but I was

[ANN] pik 0.2.7 Released
364416 [gthiesfeld@g] pik version 0.2.7 has been released!

strange behaviour if exploding parameters
364418 [jarmo.p@gm i] I've just happened to find strange behaviour when trying to explode
+ 364428 [b.candler@po] => [1, 2, 3]
+ 364445 [josh.cheek@g] lambda { |*params| params }.call 1 , 2 , 3 # => [1, 2, 3]
  364508 [jarmo.p@gm i] Brian and Josh - thank You both for these fine answers. I got my

364421 [rich.mcgrath] Unsubscribe please work this Time.
364422 [vadud3@gm il] Asif Iqbal

Input/Output to IRB using Pipes
364426 [knarayanan88] I have a situation where I need to create a pipe into which I load ruby/irb
364429 [martindemell] Check out my guirb project: http://github.com/martindemello/guirb
364471 [nagai@ai ky ] Are 'irbtkw.rbw' and 'tktextio.rb' useful?

Encoding, "extended ansi", and unicode in 1.9
364427 [dennis@co te] I have a routine for converting ansi with "extended" ibm characters to
364436 [m.fellinger@] str has the encoding ISO-8859-1, probably inherited from your system locale.
364504 [dennis@co te] Thanks, that worked.  I guess we should always specify file encoding

transmitting raw data vs. tree-structured data
364433 [max.you15@gm] tree-structured data to users.
+ 364438 [b.candler@po] Use JSON.
| 364466 [reinh@re nh ] Use XML or JSON or any other data format (JSON obviously works very
+ 364630 [max.you15@gm] Thank you both for the replies. I ended up mandating all AJAX data

364467 [wes@ve ti al] ...

364468 [ben@bl yt in] Please, please figure out how to unsubscribe rather than sending

Socket Problems
364474 [ddjolley@gm ] I want to use a Ruby script to connect to a vendor API.  I have 2
+ 364475 [joelvanderwe] ...
+ 364491 [b.candler@po] Socket.do_not_reverse_lookup = true   # speeds things up
  + 364586 [ddjolley@gm ] Great suggestion.  The problem seems to be that the xml returned by the
  + 364634 [ddjolley@gm ] I *FINALLY* got this issue resolved!  Brian, you were definitely on the

Help with errors:
364477 [flethuseo@gm] I was running some scripts but the following lines are giving
+ 364478 [Gennady.Byst] ect
+ 364492 [b.candler@po] Show your code, i.e. contents of writeFile.rb around that line.

RegEx Tutorial?
364480 [chandrasekar] I looked through the archives, but couldn't find a comprehensive
+ 364481 [ehsanul_g3@h] ...
+ 364482 [chandrasekar] Got it, thanks!
| 364483 [josh.cheek@g] Sounds like you are using the proposed regex.  Why don't you go to the given
| 364484 [chandrasekar] ven
+ 364489 [shortcutter@] Not exactly a tutorial but a very comprehensive book on the matter is
+ 364501 [chrisw_88@ho] ...

WIN332Ole , pass by reference
364487 [george.thoma] I am trying to call a method in an ATL (C++ based) dll created by myself
364490 [artonx@ya oo] With _invoke, you may set the initial values in the second

VitalQIP and SOAP
364493 [ondemannen@g] Has anyone on the list has been working with VitalQIP and the SOAP interface ?

nothing new in ruby_core for four days ?
364496 [michel@de az] The Ruby Core forum has no new entry since four days ago.
364498 [b.candler@po] When you say "forum" do you mean ruby-forum.com? That's just a mirror of
+ 364499 [michel@de az] Yes
| 364502 [b.candler@po] You mean http://www.ruby-forum.com/topic/211458 ?
| 364503 [michel@de az] Yes
| 364506 [b.candler@po] Certainly there are cool new features in 1.9, and apparently improved
| + 364511 [botpena@gm i] i think you caught the last one,
| + 364514 [michel@de az] It was written in a post in this forum (or ruby core) I think from
| | 364515 [michel@de az] I think I'll add a Regexp#one_nine_two_escape method!
| + 364516 [brabuhr@gm i] * \d, \s, and \w are now ASCII only; use POSIX bracket classes and \p{} for
|   + 364517 [michel@de az] Yes, that was this post.
|   | 364519 [michel@de az] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
|   + 364518 [brabuhr@gm i] or
+ 364500 [michel@de az] More : apparently the ruby core archives are also blocked at June 10th.
+ 364526 [x-ruby-lang@] It was, but it's fixed now and all posts have been added. Sorry for the

[ANN] unicorn 1.0.0 - yes, this is a real project
364497 [normalperson] Unicorn is an HTTP server for Rack applications designed to only serve
364513 [dvdplm@gm il] ...is going to be bright. Awesome work and fyi, I read unicorn source code to my kids before putting them to sleep. It's that good.

Module boundaries and classes within them (Was: Re: Placement of require() and missing symbols)
364505 [eveith@ww eb] Kirk,

method interface - hash argument vs. named parameters
364507 [transfire@gm] I've never run into this issue before, but I'm working on a method
+ 364512 [josh.cheek@g] I would expect stuck, because the difference seems nothing more than visual.
| 364555 [transfire@gm] al.
+ 364542 [rogerpack200] One possibility would be to check for known keys in the hash.  If
+ 364558 [reinh@re nh ] If both the second and third option are valid then there is no way to

Setting IRB Configurations using env variables?
364523 [knarayanan88] IRB.conf[:IGNORE_EOF]=true
364564 [gabriel.horn] You can't set those configurations with ENV variables. To verify

Dear gem: still no zlib.
364529 [groups.2009a] I really really regret ever installing SnowLeopard.=20
+ 364531 [ben@bl yt in] None of this is Snow Leopard's fault. Nokogiri works fine for me. Are
| 364533 [groups.2009a] Um, it's COMPLETELY SnowLeopard's fault. I *am* using the stock Ruby, =
| 364537 [ben@bl yt in] Ah, okay.  So you did an upgrade install, and are now surprised that
| + 364538 [flo@an er gr] I had no problem doing an upgrade install since 2 OS X releases. What I
| + 364539 [groups.2009a] Actually, this WAS a clean install. It took me over a month to get all =
| | 364549 [ben@bl yt in] My mistake. Jumped to conclusions there.
| | 364552 [groups.2009a] As a matter of fact, I have. It's not currently on my system, so I think =
| + 364541 [tshanky@gm i] As a first step reinstall your macports for the right architecture and
|   364546 [groups.2009a] install
|   364548 [tshanky@gm i] do you use rvm to manage multiple versions of ruby on your machine?
|   364551 [groups.2009a] No. The only other version I had of ruby on my machine had specifically =
+ 364532 [wishdev@gm i] Afternoon Dave,
  364534 [groups.2009a] <groups.2009a@grandfenwick.net
  364535 [groups.2009a] the
  364536 [groups.2009a] installing dependencies.

change gem user agent
364550 [a708387@bo t] How do I change the gem user agent?  We are behind a proxy server which
364553 [jonathan@jm ] It's in

[ANN] ZenTest 4.3.3 Released
364554 [ryand-ruby@z] ZenTest version 4.3.3 has been released!

How to print exit status to a log file?
364568 [mail@ma sh .] I would like to, for a given script, to print the exit status - such as
364573 [shortcutter@] Not clear what you intend to do.  Is the script a Ruby script?  Then
364655 [mail@ma sh .] I would like to print the exit status from within the current Ruby
364660 [shortcutter@] Please don't top post.
364662 [mail@ma sh .] Hm, I am not making myself clear :o( - It is the status of the ruby
364672 [shortcutter@] Apparently.
364679 [mail@ma sh .] That indeed looks very clever. But I note that if the script is

364570 [sentinel1879] Okay, I just ran it a bit. Looks good. You might consider trying the

What kind of testing for executables?
364571 [transfire@gm] system/functional or integration?
+ 364578 [vikkous@gm i] These terms are so broad and mean so many things to so many people
+ 364608 [sentinel1879] Is this about the terminology ?
  364612 [transfire@gm] No worries. I use either Cucumber (with Aruba) or QED.
  364613 [sentinel1879] Is there some project you've used Cucumber or QED in (command-line). I
  364616 [transfire@gm] QED

Build 32 bit version of ruby 1.92 on snow leopard
364572 [idclick@fr e] Anybody can help me , I have googled and spend the last two night
364650 [groups.2009a] bit

String comparison. Why does Ruby consider this true?
364580 [abder.rahman] When I try for example to compare the following strings in Ruby, I get
+ 364581 [abder.rahman] The "Learn to Program" book by Chris Pine mentions that computers order
+ 364582 [jonathan@jm ] Because the '<' is doing a character-by-character compare on the strings.
+ 364583 [wyhaines@gm ] Uppercase letters come before lowercase letters.
+ 364584 [josh.cheek@g] Well, this used to be easy to show, but apparently since ascii has been
  + 364593 [m.fellinger@] {"ABC"=>[65, 66, 67]}
  | + 364595 [xeno.campano] That's an artifact of the old ASCII encoding.  Uppercase letters came out first
  | + 364597 [josh.cheek@g] Thanks, but it doesn't seem to work on 1.8
  |   + 364599 [xeno.campano] I thought Unicode started with ASCII anyway, so I don't think that solves it...
  |   + 364609 [m.fellinger@] {"ABC"=>[65, 66, 67]}
  |     + 364611 [josh.cheek@g] Well, a lot of systems still ship with it, SnowLeopard, for example ships
  |     + 364664 [b.candler@po] That does work the same on both, but it doesn't give codepoints.
  + 364663 [b.candler@po] Except that this is irrelevant, because even ruby 1.9 does not compare

1.8.7 SMTP TLS How to?
364585 [transfire@gm] I know that Ruby 1.8.7 is supposed to support SMTP TLS but damn if I
364602 [transfire@gm] Well, after beating my head again wall for a couple of hours I answer
364689 [rogerpack200] bug? impossibility?

Is there a method I can call where:
364587 [xeno.campano] class Blek
+ 364590 [sutniuq@gm .] Is there a method I can call where:
+ 364591 [transfire@gm] __method__ or __callee__
  364592 [xeno.campano] Thank you.  __method__ seems to work, but __callee__ seems to fail, and I cannot
  364603 [transfire@gm] On Jun 18, 4:44=A0pm, Xeno Campanoli / Eskimo North and Gmail

Accessing Class Variables in mixed in define_method
364588 [jamiequint@g] I am using define_method inside a module to dynamically create a class
364658 [jgabrielygal] There's a typo here: it should be :@@c

Does Ruby allows setting something like SESSION variables.
364589 [vaishukatkar] Does Ruby allows setting something like SESSION variables.
364600 [astounding@g] Are you talking about Ruby in the context of a web application

App with lots of business logic
364594 [josh.cheek@g] initially intimidated, but the more we talk about the process of how we get
+ 364678 [jstewart@fu ] It's a Microsoft book, but reading Code Complete a couple of times has
| 364683 [stuart@st ar] I'd second Code Complete. Like the Pragmatic Programmer, it's a really a
+ 364713 [edward.middl] Look at what approaches worked for other people.  Martin Fowler has some
  364790 [josh.cheek@g] Alright, I just ordered Code Complete. That book is very long, though, any

Is there an environment variable that gives me line number and file?
364596 [xeno.campano] External from the trace stuff that is.  I just want the line number and file I'm
364598 [xeno.campano] I guess I've found '__FILE__', so I just need some mythical '__LINENO__',
364601 [Rob@Ag le on] On Jun 18, 2010, at 5:22 PM, Xeno Campanoli / Eskimo North and Gmail

[ANN] easy_translate-0.1.1
364607 [john.crepezz] NAME

Compare 2 XML files with libxml-ruby
364610 [nadja123@in ] libxml-ruby. If difference is found - puts message about it.
364621 [transfire@gm] First of a couple of pointers.

364614 [benadictraj1] MAKE UPTO $5000 PER MONTH! $2000 IN FIRST 30 DAYS!

Re: Getting rid of self - OT
364615 [chris@s- -u ] In "Refactoring - Ruby Edition" (with Kent Beck) the consensus seems

Builder::XmlMarkup + output encoding
364617 [coder@mo tx ] Is it possible to NOT encode or escape some chars in Builder ?

General Ruby OOP question
364618 [cyril.staff@] I have a general question about OOP with Ruby.  If I have 2 class: Home
+ 364622 [transfire@gm] It's fine. But why is Home creating people? Perhaps they should be
+ 364623 [ammarabuali@] There is nothing wrong from an OOP point of view with one object
| 364626 [m.fellinger@] class Window
| 364629 [reinh@re nh ] This is a Law of Demeter violation. The home should be responsible for
+ 364627 [josh.cheek@g] Plus, you get a nice little benefit in that the Person#open_a_window method