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^ keep eventmachine app running
363972 [vectorno goo] I want to find out how to get a event machine app running in the
+ 363979 [billk cts.co] /usr/bin/nohup
| 363981 [joelvanderwe] Those are ideal choices, particularly if you don't want to touch the
| 363983 [vectorno goo] What are some projects that do this and do they work with eventmachine
| 363989 [wyhaines gma] If you are writing the software, it's simple.  You should do a little
+ 363985 [reinh reinh.] This is not strictly a Ruby question. It's a *nix question. The answers
  363988 [vectorno goo] thanks guys.

^ [protip] Mr Bones
363976 [tim.pease gm] Mr Bones is a collection of rake tasks and a ruby command line =
364059 [cwdinfo gmai] application for creating projects from templates and building / testing =
+ 364060 [joelvanderwe] Ditto!
+ 364061 [james.britt ] Mr. Bones is Mr. Badass.

^ Defining struct in a class
363977 [wei_song1990] How can I properly define a struct in a class?
363984 [reinh reinh.] The error you reported has nothing to do with your Card struct. Besides
363987 [wei_song1990] Sorry, I meant to put it into a function. I over-simplified it when
+ 364009 [reinh reinh.] You create an instance variable, @cardsOnHand, in the class scope. That
+ 364045 [angushammond] I assume you want the first two lines of you class definition to be run
  364055 [wes vertical] class Deck < Array
  364065 [reinh reinh.] The fact that the Deck class violates the Liskov Substitution Principle
  364081 [wes vertical] Thanks for pointing that out Rein. You learn something new every day when active in this mailing list. Forwardable might be possible but I think you are right that Deck is really its own class that uses an array object as the internal data store.

^ [ANN] strace_me 1.0 Released
363986 [drbrain segm] A wrapper around strace(1) that allows you to perform targetted tracing of a
364082 [normalperson] Other than debugging, this could be a great tool for people to learn

^ Installing Tk
363993 [e.j.jurman g] Cutting straight to the case,
364026 [nagai ai.kyu] The ruby binary is compiled for x86_64, but Tcl/Tk frameworks are
364056 [e.j.jurman g] That makes some sense... I installed Tcl/Tk through activestate.com...
364057 [e.j.jurman g] Got it to work using a one click installer that included tk

^ Re: array and hash combine methods
364001 [jmrepetti gm] [1,2].combine([3,4]).combine([5,6,7])
+ 364005 [phrogz mac.c] Juan, it would appear that glen posted this question/tip 3.5 years
| 364008 [jmrepetti gm] Sure Gavin, I'm looking for something like that and found this post.
| 364011 [kamal2222ahm] The examples seem to be missing=0AIf there is code snippets, it would help.=
+ 364017 [shortcutter ] module Enumerable
  364033 [jmrepetti gm] class Array

^ [ANN] atomic 0.0.1 - An atomic reference for Ruby
364003 [headius head] Ruby implementations (MRI 1.8/1.9, Rubinius)
+ 364007 [headius head] And just pushed a minor update in 0.0.2 :)
| 364032 [headius head] And now a 0.0.3 that adds "swap", fixes "update" return value to be
+ 364020 [robert.dober] What a great idea!
  364031 [headius head] It's possible to do some of Clojure's magic right now with my "Cloby"
  364034 [robert.dober] Just too good to be true :P

^ Passenger Crashes, It needs an old version of rack
364006 [Dave.Hurrell] Passenger Crashes, It needs rack 1.0.0 and my system only has rack

^ Rubyzip - `dup': can't dup NilClass (TypeError)
364010 [lukich gmail] require 'rubygems'
364021 [b.candler po] Works fine for me with rubyzip-0.9.1 + "ruby 1.8.6 (2007-09-24
364043 [lukich gmail] I'll give it a try, thank you!
364046 [b.candler po] Just to be clear: I'd expect the program to crash still, but this time
368486 [brons_rubyfo] The Unix unzip command unzips it just fine.
368487 [b.candler po] For me (with ruby 1.8.7 and rubyzip-0.9.4) that dies with "cannot
369534 [thomas sonde] The encoding of the external file attributes appears to be illegal. To
369536 [brons_rubyfo] ZipInfo 3.00 of 20 April 2009, by Greg Roelofs and the Info-ZIP
369537 [brons_rubyfo] That might not actually be true...  Most failing zipfiles were upped by
369565 [peter petero] I publish my Vim plug-ins with a Python script that uses the zipfile [1]
369568 [thomas sonde] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.

^ Difference between puts and print?
364014 [sbstn26 yaho] Difference between puts and print, please? Thanks much!
+ 364015 [ben bleythin] Briefly, puts adds a newline at the end but print does not. Try them =
+ 364016 [reinh reinh.] All of these questions (and more) can be answered by reading this

^ [ANN] unicorn 0.990.0 - inching towards 1.0
364028 [normalperson] Unicorn is an HTTP server for Rack applications designed to only serve
364223 [normalperson] Log rotation for $stderr and $stdout (but not other

^ [ANN] kramdown 0.8.0 released
364036 [t_leitner gm] ## About kramdown

^ How can I use Ruby with MS Excel?
364038 [jason.lillyw] As much as I hate to say it, Microsoft Excel is here to stay and will
364041 [sutniuq gmx.] Since it looks like on every computer excel is set up, you can connect
364072 [josh.cheek g] xcel.html
364073 [modkawf gmai] I found spreadsheet gem for read/write Excel files.
+ 364074 [jason.lillyw] This gem allows you to access the content of
| 364080 [Carey.Nation] There is one caveat which may no longer be a problem.  It's been a while since I've tried to do this.  It used to be that there was no way with the ruby com libraries to access any com interface that an object exposed other than the default one.  Some of the objects expose multiple interfaces that provide different sets of functionality, just as you would expect an interface to do.  If you can't get a pointer to that interface, you just can't do those things on that object.
+ 364095 [mark thomasz] I have had success with JRuby and the Apache POI library (http://

^ Re: ssleay32.dll, postgresql, extension problem
364044 [krystyna.wis] My work-around worked in just the opposite way. Having boy files
364078 [luislavena g] On Jun 8, 12:58=A0pm, Krystyna Wisnaskas <krystyna.wisnas...@gmail.com>

^ Errno::ENOEXEC
364047 [santhosh214 ] puts `bundle install`
+ 364049 [astahl hi5.c] Any reason you're using `backtics` around your string?  If you're just
+ 364050 [testcore gma] (Apologies if this is a dupe... I sent a reply email to the ML but
  364051 [santhosh214 ] Thanks for you reply.
  + 364052 [astahl hi5.c] Do you have the path to the executable listed in your $PATH environment
  | 365083 [gouravtiwari] I am facing similar issue and I do have $PATH variable setup in the
  + 365084 [gthiesfeld g] puts `bundle.bat install`
    365085 [gouravtiwari] Thanks for the reply Gordon
    + 365087 [gouravtiwari] It didn't work, any idea what may be going wrong here?
    + 365088 [gthiesfeld g] Running ruby scripts are a bit different.  You may want to try adding

^ [ANN] LSRC 2010 - Last Call for Speakers/Trainers Proposals
364048 [jimfreeze gm] Lone Star Ruby Conference 2010

^ Upflickr v0.1.6
364053 [bbakersmith ] Upflickr is a ruby gem that wraps the Flickr API, making it easy to add
364054 [bbakersmith ] That is... http://bitsynthesis.com/upflickr/

^ ODBC query
364058 [brianwork br] I'm attempting to connect to a database via ODBC connection.

^ newbie question
364063 [usenet ccjj.] In perl, one is able to sort of 'declare' variables by mentioning them
+ 364066 [robert.dober] Well one can say, that concerning local variables the "my" is
+ 364084 [shortcutter ] catch situations for you where you forgot to initialize (aka assign) a
| 364094 [usenet ccjj.] I assume that if I use the value of an unassigned variable ruby will
| 364104 [shortcutter ] Please do not top post.
+ 364159 [josh.cheek g] You can also get an ide / editor that supports auto completion. There is a

^ [ANN] Call for Papers for 2010 Workshop on Scheme and Functional  Programming
364064 [feeley iro.u] Please note that the deadline for submitting a paper to the Scheme

^ (newbie) Array > Element Assignment > nil > Documentation
364067 [potato.peeli] Ruby version :
364071 [botpena gmai] that's an old and buggy doc
364100 [potato.peeli] Thanks! That resolves it.

^ railroad in netbeans
364068 [pradheep.rb ] how to run the railsroad in Netbeans Please help me asap
364069 [robert.dober] IIRC it does not work with any decently up to date Rails version. Oh

^ Source for ruby-html-template
364070 [grimble nosp] I'm re-installing all my Ruby software, gems, etc but can't find

^ [ANN] bitescript 0.0.6
364075 [headius head] === 0.0.6 / 2010-06-09

^ Html parsing with Hpricot
364076 [gregorylepac] I need to parse a wonderful html page full of tables everywhere!
+ 364077 [gregorylepac] This made the trick
+ 364079 [juanjova um.] It's not so obvious that you are using Hpricot. You could use Nokogiri too.

^ First Gem -- What can I model after?
364083 [zigxxx gmail] I'm working to create my first gem which will be a super simple wrap of
364096 [eustaquioran] ...
364099 [reinh reinh.] Not really relevant.
364112 [eustaquioran] I beg to differ. :-)
364121 [reinh reinh.] Of course you do. Nevertheless, Yehuda's article on whether to include

^ [ANN] Duby 0.0.3 released
364086 [headius head] === 0.0.3 / 2010-06-09

^ Socket programming in Ruby
364087 [rabbitblue g] What are the requirements for the IP address passed to TCPSocket.new?
364089 [rabbitblue g] Never mind -- turns out you have to create a TCPServer first.

^ [ANN] bones 3.4.6
364090 [tim.pease gm] bones version 3.4.6

^ Blog
364091 [axman463 gma] We are trying to add a blog to our Ruby Site.
364093 [nicholas.orr] This is a bit or weird question to ask on a language site.

^ Photos
364092 [axman463 gma] Another thing..
364111 [josh.cheek g] Since you posted to this group through ruby-forum.com, you can go down to
364120 [axman463 gma] Josh-
364143 [josh.cheek g] that I've got projects in the queue, and it would be irresponsible for me to

^ Why private #binding?
364101 [transfire gm] class Scope
364113 [rick.denatal] I can think of two potential reasons.
364136 [matz ruby-la] The latter one was the biggest reason for me.
+ 364139 [rick.denatal] Knowing you, I suspected that that was the case.   It would be for me as we=
+ 364149 [transfire gm] It doesn't recognize it's receiver?
  364151 [matz ruby-la] binding returns the binding object that has info on
  364154 [rick.denatal] =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0matz.
  364157 [transfire gm] =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0matz.
  + 364158 [matz ruby-la] Probably you want something different from binding, maybe restricted
  | 364163 [transfire gm] Is it truly different? How does one get restricted eval environment
  | 364182 [matz ruby-la] At least, you don't want some part of the current binding attributes.
  | 364203 [rick.denatal] Which is what I suggested. That's the beauty of Ruby, a programmer can
  + 364162 [rick.denatal] I have to admit that you totally lost me in that last sentence, and

^ How to implement fork cocept in ruby
364106 [lakshmi27.u ] I need to implement fork concept in my application.
+ 364107 [peterhickman] What appears to be the problem with the existing implementation of fork?
+ 364110 [matthew byte] I think you probably want to look at threading if your background job is

^ Metaprograming
364108 [sateesh.mca0] i would like to know which methods are called by the object created by
364109 [jgabrielygal] I'm not sure if I understand you correctly, but if you want those
364298 [sateesh.mca0] Thanks for reply
+ 364299 [phrogz mac.c] On Jun 13, 11:23=A0pm, Sateesh Kambhamapati <sateesh.mc...@gmail.com>
+ 364302 [raghu hudli.] Are you asking for the list of methods defined on the Object class? If
+ 364303 [jgabrielygal] As I understand the question now, I think the answer from Phrogz is
| 364325 [reinh reinh.] My goodness. Has anyone asked why such metaprogramming might be
| 364326 [jgabrielygal] From this and the rest of his question, I understood he wanted to
| 364336 [reinh reinh.] Agreed. I would prefer that we attempt to understand a bit more of the
| 364348 [jgabrielygal] that
+ 364319 [b.candler po] Not sure what you mean by "called by class object"

^ How to print something with erb?
364118 [ofusiono gma] I'm having a problem to output things in the write order with erb1.9
364134 [reinh reinh.] Do not combine puts with <%= %> output in your erb templates. puts
364251 [ofusiono gma] If I want to print something on the middle of a script I should do
+ 364265 [reinh reinh.] Just use <%= %>.
| 364520 [ofusiono gma] OK thank you that really helped. This is another piece to my puzzle.
+ 364300 [phrogz mac.c] As noted in the documentation, you can specify the erb out variable in

^ right*, not write
364119 [ofusiono gma] *I meant right order, and normal behaviour

^ win32ole excel excelconst disable macros
364124 [u.gotzes goo] I use
364196 [lasso lassow] Provided that self.excel represents the Excel.Application object, you
364200 [u.gotzes goo] Thanks Lasso,
364399 [lasso lassow] r)

^ RVM Snow Leopard
364127 [fousto me.co] I just put in a new disk and I would like to install rvm in
364130 [cremes.devli] I don't have a full answer for your problem, but I do have a suggestion.
364137 [fousto me.co] thanks chuck,
+ 364138 [cremes.devli] Try asking for help in the #rvm irc channel on freenode.net. The author of rvm hangs out in there all day and can probably help. There are dozens of other helpful folks in there too.
+ 364146 [fousto me.co] well I just bit the bullet and put it in my home directory.

^ Question about testing self.inherited
364132 [jgabrielygal] module GameFramework
364133 [reinh reinh.] Write a method to clear your available_games array for testing and use
+ 364141 [jgabrielygal] in
+ 364142 [jgabrielygal] in

^ Re: rdoc-data 2.5.1 Released
364140 [rogerpack200] As a note, I see that rdoc-data's gemspec file is 1.4M

^ How to Display ./configure options from compiled Ruby?
364144 [kstailey yah] With perl you can run "perl -V" to see the configuration options.
364145 [joelvanderwe] $ ruby -r rbconfig -e 'puts Config::CONFIG["configure_args"]'
364152 [kstailey yah] Thanks very much Joel VanderWerf

^ Split an array of object by first letter
364147 [gregorylepac] I have an array of brands and I need to split this array by brand name
364148 [joelvanderwe] ["fz", "yt", "fu", "za", "zw", "yo", "zb"].group_by {|s|s[0,1]}
364161 [phrogz mac.c] Joel is right on. My addition below shows that (a) this works not just
364165 [wes vertical] "]}
364169 [joelvanderwe] %w/:-/
364213 [wes vertical] Finger memory - Ha that is a good one that I have never heard before.

^ Numbering array values [multidimentional?!]
364150 [ryandewhurst] I'm very new to Ruby (2 days), I'm mostly used to Python/PHP/C++.
364155 [reinh reinh.] [[1,1,1],

^ Re: Numbering array values
364156 [ryandewhurst] Awesome! Just the thing I was looking for.

^ Mechanize  output:strange number
364160 [myocean135 y] require 'mechanize'
364189 [ryand-ruby z] With `curl -I $url` you can quickly see that the page is encoded UTF-8. =
364193 [myocean135 y] my  system:ubuntu10.04+firefox
364224 [ryand-ruby z] I'm kinda surprised that `irb` doesn't have a -K flag... so read up on =
364226 [myocean135 y] irb(main):001:0> $KCODE = "U"
364227 [wishdev gmai] Good Afternoon,

^ [ANN] unicorn 0.991.0 - startup improvements
364164 [normalperson] Unicorn is an HTTP server for Rack applications designed to only serve

^ Option parsers that support single-dash words?
364166 [jos catnook.] In order to convert some legacy Perl code that uses Getopt::Long, I'm looking
364170 [shortcutter ] Drop your requirement.  Think about it: what you require is extremely
364215 [jos catnook.] Well, while I agree with you, my colleagues will claim that Perl's
+ 364221 [me waltonhoo] Maybe the getopt gem?  Both are wrappers around the same C Library, so I
+ 364253 [shortcutter ] Several thoughts come to mind.  First of all, even Perl cannot remove

^ case when and class
364171 [unbewusst.se] case my_var.class
+ 364174 [rimantas gma] "when" condition in case statement uses =3D=3D=3D to compare objects. For
| 364177 [rimantas gma] err, I ment a === b . For strings a === b is the same as a == b.
+ 364175 [jgabrielygal] case calls the method =3D=3D=3D on the when object passing the case object
| 364184 [unbewusst.se] yes of course, clear enough, thanks !
+ 364176 [reinh reinh.] Because of the behavior of the Module #== operator -- which you can
  364180 [reinh reinh.] Woops, that should be Module#=== of course.
  364185 [unbewusst.se] ok, well undestood, thanks !

^ creating a gem structure for command line program
364172 [sentinel1879] I've written a command line program. Would like to distribute it as a
364178 [reinh reinh.] Put your executable in bin/ and any supporting code in lib/
364181 [sentinel1879] Thanks. I was looking at some other gems such as cheat and maruku, and I
364186 [transfire gm] 1) put exe code in a bin/<name> file
364187 [sentinel1879] This (#2) is roughly how the "cheat" gem does it. I think it will take
364188 [sentinel1879] Are there any naming conventions here that have to be followed.
364192 [vikkous gmai] Have to be followed? No. Your gem will still work if you don't follow
364197 [sentinel1879] Ahh. Thanks for clarifying. Actually, the support files I have are not

^ Mongrel is getting Terminate
364173 [sumantacapta] Dear All,

^ [ANN] rest-graph 1.3.0 - A super simple Facebook Open Graph API  client
364191 [godfat gmail] = rest-graph 1.3.0