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^ Append a file to another file
363409 [j_wu_76 yaho] What is the best way to append the content from one file to another
363410 [imphasing gm] Just open the file in append mode, and write the contents of the file

^ Reports & Graphs
363411 [stuart.clark] Hey all,
+ 363413 [jason.lillyw] Ever considered Ruby GNUplot?
| 363414 [jason.lillyw] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
| 363415 [jason.lillyw] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
+ 363427 [joelvanderwe] RRDTool is nice if you are always plotting the last N seconds. The

^ A better way to write this function?
363412 [jason.lillyw] #c is the drag coefficent
+ 363423 [shortcutter ] Just a slight improvement
+ 363428 [vikkous gmai] A couple small speedups. c/m never changes while the loop is running,
+ 363439 [joelvanderwe] Not quite pure ruby, but if it's acceptable to have a C backend, then
| 363683 [jason.lillyw] Thank you Joel.
| 363700 [joelvanderwe] Yes, that's the same thing (but there is no formal release on that site).
| 363952 [joelvanderwe] gem install redshift
+ 363703 [colinb2r goo] Using C for the "fast" bits has been suggested.
| 363945 [brabuhr gmai] of
| + 363956 [jason.lillyw] I'm sorry, can you tell me what Duby is? I tried looking it up and found
| | 363959 [brabuhr gmai] Duby is a Ruby-like static-typed language with local type inference
| | 363960 [jason.lillyw] Thank you for the links. Duby is really fast. thanks.
| + 363964 [joelvanderwe] That is a very impressive speed-up!
+ 364024 [b.candler po] def velocity(c, m, t, dt, v)

^ ANN: guirb 0.02: The return of fxirb
363416 [martindemell] * Application-configurable behaviour when IRB exits, so that it can be used as

^ Interrupting the evaluation of a ruby script
363417 [emmanuel.bac] Let's say I have a ruby script which first takes as an input a ruby
363447 [branden.tang] Ruby noob here. I think what technique you would have to use would be
363483 [emmanuel.bac] Thanks very much for your answer.
+ 363516 [branden.tang] * User can input a string of any length to be evaluated
| 364103 [headius head] JRuby threads are Java threads, which on all the common JVM
+ 363519 [vikkous gmai] If this is what you want to do, you should probably use the Timeout
  363548 [emmanuel.bac] Thank you for both of you !!
  + 363549 [ddefrenne gm] You might want to take a look at Eventmachine
  + 363559 [vikkous gmai] What is the difference between 'kill' and 'interrupt'? Do you mean by
    363560 [emmanuel.bac] Nope.
    363564 [vikkous gmai] MS documentation claims they have a posix-like signal(), which
    363568 [emmanuel.bac] What I know (having tried it) is that on ruby, only the signal Kill can

^ Hash : TypeError: can't convert Symbol into Integer
363420 [unbewusst.se] h = Hash.new  (same error with h = {} )
+ 363421 [unbewusst.se] h = {:path => "/Users/yt/lib/ruby-i386/"}
| 363424 [unbewusst.se] truc = info_for(h[:path])
+ 363422 [rick.denatal] You are calling info_for with h[:path] which is"/Users/yt/lib/ruby-i386/"
  363429 [unbewusst.se] Merci, j'avais vu ma connerie entre-temps )))

^ A complete beginners question
363426 [anthonywainw] Sorry this is probably going to be a real easy question but I am totally
+ 363430 [reid.thompso] puts 'Do you not think' + number.to_s + 'is a better number?'
| 363431 [anthonywainw] Thank for the reply but I am still getting the same error even after
| + 363433 [Rob AgileCon] the problem is with number+=1
| | 363435 [anthonywainw] Thank you very much, that worked. And thanks for the explanation of how
| + 363434 [ondemannen g] You need to convert the input from String to Fixnum
|   363436 [gonzalezgjai] puts "What is your favourite number?"
+ 363438 [angushammond] When you call gets.chomp it returns a string (lets say it's "5"). That
+ 363575 [ak mindaslab] puts 'What is your favourite number?'
  363577 [seeth yeah.n] unsubscribe
  363579 [ywzhaifei gm] puts 'What is your favourite number?'
  363581 [josh.cheek g] You don't need chomp.
  363585 [wes vertical] Let's not forget our double quotes.  Also why write so much code?
  363593 [martindemell] Because when you're learning to program it's nice to have stuff teased
  363622 [wes vertical] Agreed Martin.  I should have chosen a better way to express that the code =

^ Dynamic SVG with Ruby/Tk
363432 [spam joeandj] The example I'm looking for in regards to ruby/SVG differs from the
363441 [arndt.roger ] Jeszra
363442 [spam joeandj] Maybe I can read the file.svg, modify it, and then write it as a temp
+ 363446 [spam joeandj] Jeszra looks like a GUI Builder - it's interesting, but really I'm just
| + 363456 [paradisaeida] Ruby is the Right language for pretty much everything.
| | 363458 [spam joeandj] I agree - I was planning two applications, one in Ruby, and one in
| | 363465 [arndt.roger ] I agree with Mark that SVG is important for web-deployment.
| | 363469 [spam joeandj] Long term I really need individual event handling on each node of the
| | 363488 [arndt.roger ] SVG grants this type of access.
| | 364088 [help ratesnl] Ok, I'm really drinking your Kool-Aid and really want to believe every
| | 365032 [help ratesnl] If anyone is in the silicon valley area would be able to show me how to
| + 363462 [arndt.roger ] There are no SVG-images, but you can use raster images inside of
+ 363461 [arndt.roger ] Yes,

^ Reusable Applications - Architecture Question
363437 [di3go.bernar] Some times i ask my self about reusable applications, ive build several

^ simple GUI framework - nothing fancy
363440 [jason.lillyw] I'm looking for a very basic GUI framework that would be useful for
363453 [transfire gm] On May 28, 4:43=A0pm, Jason Lillywhite <jason.lillywh...@gmail.com>

^ Suggestion to design specific network client
363443 [ravenz o2.ie] as in the object i need to realize a simple IPv6 multicast client. And I
363450 [vikkous gmai] Um, maybe use threads? EventMachine ought to work too, but I can't
363451 [ravenz o2.ie] yes i can use threads but, now i was wondering would a good idea to
363455 [vikkous gmai] An observer feels wrong, idunno. Observer is not a

^ .rb security
363445 [ameliorable ] Wondering if possible to compile a ruby script to byte code that can be
+ 363449 [luislavena g] You mean encrypt/lock your source code?
| 363452 [ravenz o2.ie] Luis, i think you forgot to say: "And unless you compile the rb into a
+ 363506 [Ruby GoogleM] Short answer: No, it doesn't.
  364102 [headius head] This has largely landed in 1.5.1, with improvements to follow in 1.6 I'm su=

^ [QUIZ] Geometric Intersections (#233)
363454 [yahivin gmai] -=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=
363571 [andrea andre] Hei everybody,

^ Source Code for puts(..)
363457 [derril.lucci] Dear all,
363463 [robert.dober] I am convinced that the reason lies in the shell command.

^ [ANN] Rainbows! 0.93.0 - MOAR!!!1
363460 [normalperson] Rainbows! is an HTTP server for sleepy Rack applications.  It is based on

^ 1.9.3 Encoding Error w/ compressed data http request header
363466 [biot023 gmai] thought I'd post what I'm trying to do here & see what comes back.
363634 [aaron tender] Can you reduce the problem to code the breaks outside of your particular

^ Date.today problem on linux with Ruby 1.8.6
363467 [jarmo.p gmai] I just installed Ruby 1.8.6 from source and then stumbled upon the
363473 [jarmo.p gmai] Time.now works correctly
363474 [jarmo.p gmai] Also, found one very similar problem, but no solutions...
363476 [wyhaines gma] I'm not able to reproduce this.  However, what version of GCC did you
363487 [jarmo.p gmai] jarmo@jarmo-laptop:~/Downloads$ gcc -v
363491 [jarmo.p gmai] i executed make test and it seems that some of the tests are also
+ 363495 [shortcutter ] If you are compiling from source anyway I'd probably switch to 1.8.7.
| 363503 [jarmo.p gmai] By the way, doing every same move with 1.8.7 as i did with 1.8.6 works
+ 363497 [kubo jiubao.] As far as I checked, ruby_strtod() in util.c is broken by gcc 4.4's
  363504 [jarmo.p gmai] Thank you for this (insight|help)ful reply!

^ Reporting a bug how to ?
363468 [unbewusst.se] I got a "Segmentation fault" with open4.rb:65 (ruby 1.9.1p378
+ 363481 [ninja slapha] =2E..which seems to be moderately active.
| 363485 [unbewusst.se] fine, thanks.
+ 363486 [ryand-ruby z] On May 29, 2010, at 9:00 AM, unbewusst.sein@google.com.invalid (Une =

^ Non blocking IO during an AJAX request
363470 [zundra.danie] I realize this is a Ruby mailing list but I have a Ruby/Rails question that
+ 363471 [tony.arcieri] The semantics of pipes are somewhat tricky and definitely not ideal for this
+ 363472 [gwtmp01 mac.] that
  363477 [zundra.danie] The only value Fifo.open returns is the name of the pipe.  Since the pipe's

^ "uninitialized constant Encoding::UTF_8" in rb_require
363475 [o01eg yandex] When load script with rb_require I got error about Encoding constants.
363492 [o01eg yandex] Encoding.list return [#<Encoding:ASCII-8BIT>, #<Encoding:UTF-8>,
363498 [o01eg yandex] Fixed.

^ Another complete beginners question
363478 [equisigriega] tutorial, i am a beginner in ruby. My problem is that when i want to
+ 363499 [ravenz o2.ie] It's ok, you want to run it as a normal command if i understand well.
+ 363501 [josh.cheek g] # add a shebang to the top of a file called hello_world.rb
  363502 [ravenz o2.ie] You're right, maybe my answer can get someone confused, to be 100% sure,
  363512 [equisigriega] the first line of code in the example i trying to run : "#!/usr/bin/env
  363517 [josh.cheek g] Please follow the instructions above, exactly, and let us know whether the
  363518 [josh.cheek g] If you are having difficulty following it, this is what it looks like on my

^ Inject Loop Syntax
363479 [transfire gm] I wonder if any other languages have any sort of "multiplicative
+ 363496 [shortcutter ] This can never work because the string is evaluated before the method
| 363505 [transfire gm] Yea, I didn't really expect it could be done in Ruby as it now stands.
| 363521 [wes vertical] irb(main):074:0> class MyTest
| 363553 [transfire gm] s + "def hello_#{var}?; puts \"hello_#{var}\"; end\n" }
+ 363500 [vikkous gmai] Maybe you want something like python's array comprehensions? This is

^ Square Root
363480 [angushammond] Is there a way to get an accurate square root?
363482 [jeanjulien.f] le
363484 [angushammond] Thanks I had tried require complex and Math::sqrt but only separately.
363677 [jzakiya gmai] lves

^ Windows XP can create a R˝ďumhtml file but ruby cannot.
363489 [Dave.Hurrell] Windows XP can create a R=E9sum=E9.html file but ruby cannot.  Why?

^ Windows XP can create a R˝ďumhtml file but ruby cannot.
363490 [Dave.Hurrell] Windows XP can create a R=E9sum=E9.html file but ruby cannot.  Why?

^ `require': no such file to load on Windows
363493 [toshiromibal] spec "C:\Ruby19\wwwjdic2db\spec\p4_importer_spec.rb"
363494 [toshiromibal] spec "C:\Ruby19\project4\spec\p4_importer_spec.rb"
363507 [toshiromibal] This is the default application that I've been trying to modify and run.
363510 [vikkous gmai] Your error message indicates that a file named p4_importer.rb cannot

^ How to load code converters?
363508 [o01eg yandex] When I try to encode string in program I got
363509 [vikkous gmai] require 'enc/koi8_r'
363511 [o01eg yandex] Ruby 1.9
+ 363513 [o01eg yandex] Solved. It has to require "enc/trans/transdb".
+ 363514 [vikkous gmai] Did you try my suggestion or not?
  363515 [o01eg yandex] Yes, but as I say, it doesn't help me.

^ uninitialized constant error... trying to create a TCPsocket in a  module
363520 [dennis corte] Okay, forget about the editor thing.. (;
363526 [vikkous gmai] Spelled wrong, I guess. The correct name is TCPSocket, not TCPsocket.
363539 [dennis corte] Thanks.  I looked at that for hours and didn't notice.  I take it the
363546 [shortcutter ] Capitalization of identifiers *always* made a difference in Ruby!
+ 363555 [joelvanderwe] $ ruby -v -r socket -e 'p TCPSocket, TCPsocket'
+ 363570 [dennis corte] yes?  (;

^ Trouble with timeout
363522 [lukich gmail] require 'rubygems'
363611 [walle.sthlm ] begin
363623 [lukich gmail] I'll try it out, thanks!

^ Graphical programming with Qt
363523 [amirsanaii g] How are you my friends?
+ 363532 [d_rems yahoo] require 'Qt'
+ 363541 [han.holl gma] require 'rubygems'

^ enumerator problem in 1.9.1
363524 [amberarrow y] [5, 7].each_with_index.each_cons(2) {|v| p v }
+ 363525 [vikkous gmai] Works for me in 1.9.3. Maybe a 1.9.1 bug?
+ 363528 [botpena gmai] you'll have specify the index, eg,
  363533 [shortcutter ] irb(main):009:0> [5, 7].each_with_index.map {|v| v }
  + 363534 [robert.dober] Even more so, as
  | + 363561 [amberarrow y] Thanks for all the responses. Where do I pick up 1.9.3 ? I don't see it
  | + 363569 [amberarrow y] Just checked the just-released 1.9.2-preview3 and it too seems to have
  |   363612 [robert.dober] I am afraid that is incorrect :(
  |   + 363613 [botpena gmai] ...
  |   | 363615 [robert.dober] =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 --> =A0|*a|
  |   + 363625 [amberarrow y] ruby -ve '[5, 7].each_with_index.each_cons(2) {|a| p a}'
  |     363628 [robert.dober] Funny indeed...
  |     363635 [botpena gmai] ah, ok, now i know where i'm confusing myself, and in turn, all of you  :)
  |     363643 [robert.dober] Do not be too harsh with yourself, the semantics of this are
  + 363538 [botpena gmai] brain dead here.
    363544 [shortcutter ] [5, 7].each_with_index.each_cons(2) {|v| p v }
    363574 [botpena gmai] LOL. ok i get it :)
    363594 [shortcutter ] No, this does not create an intermediate Enumerator.  For trying to
    363604 [botpena gmai] no. it's me who is talking past. you're right on really :)

^ Re: Windows XP can create a Rsum.html file but ruby  cannot.
363527 [dave.hurrell] The following works properly in ruby v1.9.1
363531 [billk cts.co] Not even 1.9.1 supports unicode paths on windows very well.

^ Does Rails 3.0.0 beta3 work with ruby 1.9.1 on Windows XP?
363529 [Dave.Hurrell] Does Rails 3.0.0 beta3 work with ruby 1.9.1 on Windows XP?
+ 363530 [luislavena g] On May 31, 2:04=A0am, "Dave.Hurr...@gmail.com" <dave.hurr...@gmail.com>
| 363537 [Dave.Hurrell] The sqlite3-ruby gem was installed and the sqlite3.dll was correctly
| 363551 [luislavena g] On May 31, 7:34=A0am, "Dave.Hurr...@gmail.com" <dave.hurr...@gmail.com>
| 363552 [vinibaggio g] I think rails 3 does not support Ruby 1.9.1. You have to use ruby 1.9.2-head
+ 363675 [rogerpack200] works ok for me using the rubyinstaller.

^ 1.9.1-p376 vs. 1.9.1-p378
363540 [onepoint sta] I just noticed that both http://www.ruby-lang.org/en/ and
+ 363543 [ddefrenne gm] p376 is the advertised as the stable release, but I've been running p378
| 363545 [shortcutter ] You can search for issues at
| 363550 [ddefrenne gm] Ah, thanks :).
+ 363547 [james grayso] 378 is preferred.  The page was just out-of-date.  I've updated it.
  363554 [onepoint sta] Thanks for clearing that up James!  Mind you, it's still a little
  363572 [james grayso] The core team doesn't always write about every point release, I assume =
  363587 [onepoint sta] No problem with that.  I was really asking for a pony there!

^ Qt4/ruby 1.9 install on mac os x Snow Leopard ?
363542 [unbewusst.se] this week end i've followed a number of blogs over the net in order to

^ Do you want the safety of the computer ?
363556 [ronyekr gmai] Do you want the safety of the computer?

^ Windows and Linux Tips
363557 [pavel.mba.du] www.windowsandlinuxtips.blogspot.com

^ [ANN] Ruby 1.9.2-preview3 is out
363558 [yugui yugui.] I have just released Ruby 1.9.2-preview3. This is a preview release of
363566 [joelvanderwe] installing binary commands:   /usr/local/bin
363576 [wayneeseguin] Yugi, *awesome* news, thank you and the Ruby team!!!

^ using GMail to send e-mail causing email
363562 [rhie0004 gma] I am attempting to setup my development environment to use gmail to send
363563 [hassan.schro] Because as the error message (somewhat obliquely) says, there is

^ Ruby breakpoint has weird idea of what local_variables are?
363565 [RichardDummy] require 'rubygems'
363567 [shortcutter ] Robert@babelfish ~
363817 [RichardDummy] ractices.com/
363819 [RichardDummy] On Jun 4, 9:53=A0pm, RichardOnRails

^ change csv file into html table
363573 [myocean135 y] there is csv class showtable() function to change csv file into html
363597 [shortcutter ] Yes.
363602 [myocean135 y] how to do it ?
363609 [shortcutter ] Open a file for writing, use a CSV library to read the CSV file, write
363637 [myocean135 y] for example ,there is a csv file , two rows two coulums
363638 [shortcutter ] You open your favorite text editor or IDE and type in all the commands=20