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^ Active Directory in Ruby on rails
363200 [periyasamy r] What is Active Directory authentication?. How to use in Ruby on rails?.
363213 [brabuhr gmai] require 'net/ldap'
363774 [periyasamy r] Great!. It worked for me.

^ WSDL with network credential
363202 [vetrivel.bks] Hai ,

^ Ruby Newbie...Classes and Objects, oh my!
363203 [fuglyducky g] I'm very new to Ruby and I'm trying to create a program that will take
363207 [robert.dober] This is a local variable, uninitialized for that matter
363210 [fuglyducky g] ay
+ 363212 [shortcutter ] Hm, difficult where to start.  If I read your code properly you have
+ 363232 [robert.dober] Not at all, small methods are considered good by many, I just had the
  363301 [fuglyducky g] Thank you both for the information! I was able to get it working with

^ Stopping a specific DRb service
363205 [christoforev] I have a DRb service which in turn spawns off multiple threads. Each of
363219 [christoforev] SOLVED. I was under the impression ( not sure which site at the moment

^ default encoding UTF 8?
363209 [rogerpack200] Is this expected?
+ 363223 [wolskint o2.] "The default external encoding is something different: this is the
+ 363238 [matz ruby-la] Yes.

^ [ANN] configlet 1.3.0 Released
363216 [jbarnette gm] charset=us-ascii

^ [ANN] isolate 2.0.1 Released
363218 [jbarnette gm] charset=us-ascii

^ [ANN] mkmf-lite 0.1.0
363221 [djberg96 gma] Greetings,

^ [ANN] Call for Papers for 2010 Workshop on Scheme and Functional  Programming
363224 [feeley iro.u] Please note that the deadline for submitting a paper to the Scheme

^ Redefine a Class?
363225 [paradisaeida] Currently this raises: superclass mismatch for class Soda (TypeError)
363226 [wolskint o2.] What are your trying to do? You want to extend Stirng class? I ask,
363228 [paradisaeida] The String class is used as an example Class.
363229 [wolskint o2.] You can open existing class, and redefine methods. For example
363230 [paradisaeida] I'm looking for something... kinda 'destructive'....
+ 363231 [wolskint o2.] class Soda
+ 363233 [robert.dober] IIUC you want
+ 363235 [jgabrielygal] irb(main):001:0> class Soda
  + 363236 [paradisaeida] Thanks all!!
  + 363243 [robert.dober] should that not rather be
    363245 [jgabrielygal] Could very well be :-).
    363250 [robert.dober] Where did I have my head? send remove_const to Object for top level

^ The order of garbage collection
363227 [alip exherbo] I'm writing a Ruby extension wrapping a library that uses talloc for its
363274 [drbrain segm] freed,
363277 [shortcutter ] nd on even ruby 1.8 to free the items in the proper order by itself.
363292 [alip exherbo] d,

^ lime wire pro Full very speed ...new Versiyon
363234 [broundej gma] no pass

^ Get methods params type soap4r
363239 [ingegnerlill] require 'soap/wsdlDriver'
363334 [ingegnerlill] No one could help me? :(
363355 [marco.sorman] Can't you just look in the wsdl?
363356 [ingegnerlill] First of all, thanks for your answer :)
363396 [marco.sorman] Have you tried sending dump_method_signatures to a WSDLDriverFactory
363591 [ingegnerlill] dump_method_singature works, but only for simple type. For complex ones,
364760 [ingegnerlill] I've tried for several days to resolve my problem, I think I'll give it

^ Funny IO.select behaviour
363240 [dennis corte] I've been debugging my full screen console ruby editor.
+ 363241 [matz ruby-la] I feel sympathy, but above code snippet help us nothing.  If you need
| 363242 [dennis corte] But Matz, my Ruby is real bad.  It looks like my Pascal did.  I never
+ 363247 [joelvanderwe] Can you try upgrading to the latest 1.8.6 or 1.8.7? IIRC there were a
  363259 [dennis corte] I thought about that.  I'm kind of nervous about doing that, because
  363260 [dennis corte] Martin (my partner in crime) has tried it for me on 1.8.7 and 1.9.1
  363340 [dennis corte] No takers I guess.  Code must be worse than I thought... (;
  363342 [matz ruby-la] I think the problem was ill indented (and wrongly wrapped) code.  It's
  363343 [dennis corte] What can I do to help?  I'm certianly not demanding... just asking. (;
  + 363345 [matz ruby-la] Probably your MUA wraps lines and modifies indentation, so attach the
  + 363349 [vikkous gmai] If you can boil the problem down to 10 lines of code or less, I'm sure
    363350 [dennis corte] That is one of the issues.  I can't.  Getting random QUITs doesn't
    363382 [martindemell] I've pushed the code to github, and am updating it to run on ruby

^ Problem with Ruby 1.9, HTTPS and OpenSSL
363244 [dagnan gmail] I have a strange problem with my Ruby installation.
363246 [akr fsij.org] Strange.  Ruby 1.8.7p248 raises EOFError on my environment.
363248 [dagnan gmail] in `rbuf_fill'
363275 [drbrain segm] problem...

^ Looking for a 3D physics engine
363249 [kadelfek kad] Chipmunk seems to be a pretty cool 2D physics engine, but does a 3D
+ 363251 [jameskilton ] AFAIK no 3D physics engine has fully fleshed out bindings into Ruby. I =
| 363337 [kadelfek kad] Are you sure I can use this as a 3D physics engine for my game ? I's a
+ 363252 [tom.enebo gm] JRME is a JRuby-based wrapper around JMonkeyEngine and JMEPhysics
+ 363254 [bosko.ivanis] h?v=3D-SuAHsje2SY

^ Re: isolate 2.0.1 Released
363256 [transfire gm] An interesting project, I think, in light to Bundler. Basically it
371429 [johan.postbo] beta back then). I did not have any problems with rails but bundler gave

^ Status of sftp/ssh connection. Retrieve error-msgs
363257 [walle.sthlm ] Hey, I'm trying to determent the status of a sftp and ssh connection to

^ In-code data
363264 [imran.nazir ] What is the best way/practice of storing data that is to be used and
+ 363268 [tony.arcieri] If you'd like to include some data inline with your code, you can do it like
| + 363269 [tony.arcieri] Err, I guess DATA comes through as a File object, not a String, but you get
| + 363304 [vikkous gmai] However, you should be aware that this only works for the 'main' file
+ 363270 [joelvanderwe] Since you are updating the data periodically, you might want to consider
  363271 [joelvanderwe] you'll need to "gem install rake". Then you can do "rake run" to

^ Re: Welcome to our (ruby-talk ML)         You are added automatically
363272 [Eroc.Wang ch] # help

^ Watir - finding element in form
363276 [phil.a.mcdon] I'm trying to use Watir to log into a page.  I can't seem to find the
+ 363294 [ddefrenne gm] You could try to use :index to find the form you want and submit it that
+ 363305 [hassan.schro] if"

^ how to achieve parallelism, using threads?
363279 [walle.sthlm ] Hey,
363280 [jgabrielygal] When you call join, the main thread waits for the other to complete.
363281 [walle.sthlm ] That achieves the same result, or close to it.  I don't want the main
363282 [jgabrielygal] I think it's clear, and what you have to do is what I explained. The
363283 [walle.sthlm ] Okey, I think I got it.
363284 [walle.sthlm ] it.

^ Regarding Arrays
363285 [sourav.halda] I am trying to build a Class 'Employee' in which age,address,idno
363289 [shortcutter ] Not sure what you're after, probably something like this
363319 [sourav.halda] Thanx  robert
363321 [shortcutter ] It is.
363327 [sourav.halda] Thanx Robert
363330 [sourav.halda] And can you tell me that how to build a good concept on Ruby.

^ How to call method in the another file
363286 [sweetzubair ] I write the method on one file and call this method on another file but
363300 [transfire gm] fix 'require' typo, but other than that is looks fine.
363315 [sweetzubair ] ohhhhhhhhhh thanks...........!!!!!!!

^ round the floating point to nearest halfpoint
363287 [lakshmi27.u ] I want to round the my floating point result into nearest halfpoint
363288 [shortcutter ] If you are rounding then 3.6 should yield 3.5 because (3.6 - 3.5) <<
363290 [eregontp gma] Arf, you answered before I did finish my answer.

^ [ANN] Money 3.0.1
363295 [shane.emmons] Money 3.0.1 Released
363297 [botpena gmai] where is it? i just downloaded but it's still v3.0.0
363299 [botpena gmai] pls ignore.

^ Re: SOAP and NTLM Authentication
363296 [vetrivel.bks] Hai ,

^ Re: Money 3.0.1
363298 [shane.emmons] It's available on RubyGems.org and RubyForge.org as v3.0.1

^ XML Generator/Merger
363302 [fuglyducky g] Before I get into this, I need to say that I am not a programmer and
363303 [fuglyducky g] Sorry...I was typing too fast...
363307 [fuglyducky g] Forget it...I got it. Nested for loops do the trick.

^ "Statically linking" native extensions.
363308 [atamiser gma] I am writing a small game in ruby, using rubygame to do the graphics. I

^ How to have *_url generate urls with https:// protocol
363310 [errol sereng] I am using *_path in views and *_url in controllers (with redirect_to,

^ Re: Error invoking PDFTK when running from TextMate
363311 [melchoir55 g] A year later and still no resolution is posted?

^ [ANN] define_exception gem
363313 [wes vertical] I'm happy to announce the release of define_exception 0.0.2. This is the initial public release of this library.

^ file copy
363314 [j_wu_76 yaho] I am having a weird problem. I have the following code.
+ 363318 [shortcutter ] You also need to close the file.
+ 363320 [xsw1024 gmai] It seems everything is ok in my computer!

^ variable send value as true or false instend to string
363316 [sweetzubair ] def Readfrom_file(fieldata,log,result)

^ Badly organized code?
363322 [mail maasha.] 'biopieces' class is here http://pastie.org/979577 - but this I am not
363332 [shortcutter ] I would extract the opion parsing from that class and either use a
363335 [mail maasha.] It is quite important to me that other people can put together a
+ 363336 [josh.cheek g] If you have a comprehensive set of tests, then people can refactor without
| 363338 [mail maasha.] I am working on comprehensive unit testing of class biopieces, but
| 363346 [josh.cheek g] I meant rubyists. For example, the time_diff method at the very end can
| 363353 [mail maasha.] @Josh,
+ 363339 [shortcutter ] Well, then I don't know what you're after.  You say you suspect it's
  363341 [mail maasha.] The goal is to create a bunch of scripts that can be piped together

^ If call method HTML file not create
363323 [sweetzubair ] def Readfrom_file(fieldata,log,result)
363347 [hassan.schro] ??? If you call *what* method?

^ how to call gnuplot from ruby?
363324 [myocean135 y] `gnuplot` <<EOF
363329 [eregontp gma] IO.popen('gnuplot', 'w') { |io|
363388 [myocean135 y] IO.popen('gnuplot', 'w') { |io|
+ 363389 [myocean135 y] i don't know the difference of w and  r.
+ 363394 [robert.dober] you are writing to the handle, right?
  363419 [joelvanderwe] There is a gnuplot gem which IIRC makes the gnuplot interface more
  363607 [njus larshau] The latest version of the gnuplot gem is 2.3.1, but I'm unable to find
  363624 [joelvanderwe] It look a little out of date, but maybe it helps?

^ unsubscribe
363325 [coolgeng410 ] unsubscribe

^ Problem update
363326 [viglesiasgut] Can anyone tellme why when i update or save html code in my database
363608 [njus larshau] Not as long as you're not giving us any information at all about how
363610 [shortcutter ] Also I'd be curios what "clean all HTML tags" actually is supposed to

^ unsubscribe
363328 [howardfr8 ya] unsubscribe

^ [ADV] Compleat Rubyist in Chicago -- space still available!
363331 [dblack rubyp] There are still spaces available for The Compleat Rubyist, a two-day

^ Module methods
363333 [unbewusst.se] i wanted to have a Module method having the same name as another one
363344 [jgabrielygal] irb(main):001:0> module PlaySound
363370 [unbewusst.se] RIGHT ! )))

^ Ruby as Client Side Language in Web Browser (replacing JS)
363348 [k5mmx yahoo.] I was thinking about the old days when IE was able to execute script
+ 363351 [vikkous gmai] I think it's a fantastic idea. I suspect most people on this list will
+ 363352 [default spir] 2010/5/27 Simone R. <k5mmx@yahoo.com>
| 363365 [xenplex gmai] Wouldn't it be possible to develop an extension for various browsers for a
+ 363358 [transfire gm] Yes, but on the other hand Javascript is pretty good language in it's
+ 363372 [joelvanderwe] I'd like to have a ruby -> swf compiler. ActionScript is painful--it
| + 363374 [default spir] 2010/5/27 Joel VanderWerf <joelvanderwerf@gmail.com>
| | + 363377 [joelvanderwe] That is interesting, though it is far from a ruby -> swf compiler.
| | + 363403 [vikkous gmai] Although we appreciate your contributions to the discussion, when
| + 363379 [tony.arcieri] Long ago there was the IronMonkey project to run IronRuby and IronPython on
| + 363384 [robert.dober] Copy that.
+ 363395 [rasputnik he] You're on a hiding to nothing I think; if you can't rely on it being
| 363398 [default spir] A nice alternative would be cappuccino: http://cappuccino.org/
| 363401 [vikkous gmai] Also two of the other projects mentioned on this thread: CoffeeScript
+ 363535 [shortcutter ] Technically, yes - and in fact it has been attempted already.  The
+ 363583 [echristopher] ...
  363584 [paradisaeida] Here's an interesting candidate for displacing 'javascript' for 'Ruby'...!

^ heads-up for arch linux users: rvm installer workaround
363354 [martindemell] Anyone on arch linux planning on using rvm, note that the installer
363359 [transfire gm] Personally I don't understand why rvm uses so much bash scripting.
363362 [james grayso] Because you don't want to have to have Ruby installed to install Ruby.  =

^ RDoc and HTML5: 'tt' -> 'code'
363357 [transfire gm] I read that HTML5 has deprecated the <tt> tag. In that case I suggest

^ AS400 database connectivity(aka iSeries, i5, System i)
363360 [frankkany ci] I am looking for a working open-source RUBY example that demonstrates
+ 363361 [sophrinix gm] I had to interface with Quadra Star  (a non relational DB from the early 80s
+ 363363 [rahegge gmai] Here is the first hit on google for AS/400 ruby... you can check it out

^ Ruby confused about current directory?
363364 [brian.hartin] Something is wrong with my environment such that ruby occasionally gets
+ 363366 [Gennady.Byst] It looks like the difference in invocation -- first system() command invoke=
+ 363367 [luislavena g] Your co-workers are using XP too?
  363368 [brian.hartin] Thanks for replying.  Yes, they are using Windows XP.  My values for
  363380 [brian.hartin] This is an environment issue, not a Ruby issue.  I have narrowed it down
  363385 [luislavena g] Console or anything like that?

^ RubyInline folder
363369 [brgsousa gma] "# gem install RubyInline" installs its files in /root/.ruby_inline
363373 [paul.p.carey] I don't have it locally so I can't check, but it may well be INLINEDIR.
363375 [monty vmware] It is indeed INLINEDIR
363381 [brgsousa gma] Using a certain rails app, I was having problems with permissions

363371 [magguri.devi] ADSENSE ACCOUNT ONLY $5 WITH IN 4 HOURS

^ [ANN] Win32::Screenshot (old name win32screenshot) 0.0.4
363376 [jarmo.p gmai] I've taken over a gem called win32screenshot from Aslak Hellesøy and
364030 [tcblues gmai] I'm trying to download this gem but now it's not possible anymore.
364037 [jarmo.p gmai] What do you mean it's not possible to download?
364042 [tcblues gmai] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.

^ permissions problem when running Ruby
363378 [beverley.hin] I am having a permissions problem which no one else on the developement
+ 363386 [vikkous gmai] This is just a shot in the dark, but could it be because you have a
| 363406 [beverley.hin] I tried removing the space and that didn't help.
+ 363387 [data quantum] If you are using Vista or newer you might want to turn UAC off to see if
  363408 [beverley.hin] I am running Windows XP Professional.

^ [ANN] io_splice 1.0.0 - zero-copy pipe I/O for Linux
363383 [normalperson] The splice family of Linux system calls can transfer data between file

^ Get Google adsense account approval in 4 hours
363390 [harikasmiley] Get Google adsense account approval in 4 hours

^ Insecure operation - chdir
363391 [yanghatespam] #include <stdlib.h>
363444 [yanghatespam] To add to the confusion, the rake task runs fine from root's crontab.
+ 363448 [luislavena g] You need to cd into the directory where the Rakefile is since most of
+ 363459 [ninja slapha] Well, if the purpose of these things being enabled on setuid is to make it
+ 363598 [b.candler po] $SAFE is set to 1 if the code is run setuid.

^ Ruby Core - Lambda function
363392 [cyril.staff ] I think it could be cool to call lambda function just like: λ
+ 363393 [shortcutter ] This might cause issues with encoding of the source code - I believe
| 363397 [piyush.pr gm] okay I have seen this in clojure also. sigma and likes. Can you please tell
+ 363399 [vikkous gmai] a=3D0
| 363402 [shortcutter ] or even
| + 363404 [sophrinix gm] 2010/5/28 Robert Klemme <shortcutter@googlemail.com>
| + 363407 [vikkous gmai] I meant it as mostly a joke, but I really do want a unicode keyboard
| | 363418 [kbloom gmail] I think an optimus maximus keyboard would be what you want. Set the 10
| + 363425 [joelvanderwe] puts(*0...5)
|   363464 [robert.dober] I can beat you in pointlessness ;)
+ 363400 [transfire gm] For that matter, if we're going by similarity, doesn't /\ look much