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^ another Test::Unit question
36301 [pate eylerfa] Okay, so I'm moving along doing unit testing to build a small application
36333 [nathaniel ta] OK, first of all, the GTK UI was very broken in the last release. I just
36349 [list chromat] I did not follow this from the beginning and am a little worried.  I
36355 [nathaniel ta] junk.
36393 [list chromat] *relief* :-)

^ [ANN] rpkg 0.3.2
36302 [info chromat] - Removed dependency upon the uri package.  Since the only external
36303 [elanthis awe] ... You get *NO* points for that one.  ~,^
36350 [list chromat] Not even for the boldness of trying?  ;-D

^ default arguments for blocks
36304 [tsondergaard] def myFunc(arg1, &aProc = { something })
36306 [alan digikat] I'm not sure but you can check if a block was supplied by

^ irb, ruby and threads
36305 [probertm nor] I have a script running under irb (ruby 1.6.6-cygwin) and it
36351 [nahi keynaut] Yes.  Use debugger or try
36404 [probertm nor] Thank you.  This pointed me in the right direction.  The problem

^ Re: Why is Ruby so slow? - Solution
36310 [Venherm.Borc] Dear colleagues,
+ 36320 [jim freeze.o] How did you implement @col[j]-[''] to get a speed improvement?
+ 36347 [chr_news gmx] This depends. If you ``set subtract'' a one million element set from an
  + 36348 [botp delmont] yes, and I'd like to know, too, how did Nobu knew that that line was the
  | 36439 [jeremy chaos] ...
  + 36361 [nobu.nokada ] Yes, current implementation is optimized for bigger arrays, it
    36384 [ronjeffries ] I'm curious. How do you do this operation in O(N+M)?
    36385 [nobu.nokada ] Once making a hash whose keys are the minuend's elements, and
    36430 [ronjeffries ] Assumes hash lookup is O(N) which it might not be. Close enough for me tho.
    + 36436 [ronjeffries ] Never mind. It's O(N) up until your virtual memory spills, which is long enough
    | 36447 [matt lickey.] You mean O(1)?  Linear array lookups are O(N).
    | 36471 [botp delmont] Cool. Thanks, Jeremy.
    + 36472 [borchers dec] Dear All,

^ Is there anything left but *nix and Windows?
36314 [gehlker fast] Is extconf.rb a dependable way on non-*nix platforms?
+ 36327 [cbbrowne acm] CP/M was essentially what Microsoft "cloned" to get MS-DOS, so that
+ 36338 [tim vegeta.a] ...
+ 36443 [list chromat] Yes, when I said non-*nix I was thinking mswin32 and Mac, though in

^ Increased traffic?
36318 [list chromat] Is it just my impression or has the traffic on the list increased
36328 [ptkwt shell1] ...
+ 36335 [list chromat] I had missed that, thanks!
+ 36378 [ruby-lists w] How about some pictures? Maybe generated with gnuplot?
+ 36379 [dsafari xtra] Dave Thomas has also added a pretty graph on the left that shows a traffic

^ Why no String#bin?
36322 [ptkwt shell1] ...
+ 36325 [paul atdesk.] "0xff".oct      #=> 255 (this is a hex number, not octal)
| + 36340 [bingalls pan] Cannot Ruby handle this with exceptions?
| | + 36343 [paul atdesk.] NaN only applies to floats and doubles; it does not apply to any integer
| | + 36375 [jfontan cesg] Returning false should work.
| + 36362 [nobu.nokada ] Integer raises on error.
+ 36376 [matz ruby-la] For this purpose, 1.7 String#to_i takes an optional radix argument,
  36424 [ptkwt shell1] ...

^ ANN: REXML 2.0
36345 [ser germane-] I have a feeling there will only be three major revisions of REXML.  Version
+ 36476 [stesch no-sp] How much slower did XPath get (as mentioned in the Changes section of
| + 36478 [tobiasreif p] At least post some code :)
| | 36483 [stesch no-sp] The code isn't free.
| | 36485 [tobiasreif p] You can't post the XPath, and some dummy XML fragment/doc?
| + 36484 [stesch no-sp] OK. No endless loop. It's just very, very slow.
|   36590 [ser germane-] Yup.  You can thank, by and large, XPath itself for this.
+ 36562 [garym canada] Ok, confess: /how/ did you generate the web-based class browser for
  36568 [dsafari xtra] Perhaps you are referring to RDoc?
  37047 [sean celsoft] ...
  37050 [dsafari xtra] RDoc is a javadoc like tool for Ruby except much smarter! Go to
  + 37052 [sean celsoft] ...
  + 37053 [sean celsoft] ...
    + 37055 [james rubyxm] The rexml tar should have given you a 'docs' directory, with a file called
    + 37057 [ jimm io.com] That's a bug. Grab the latest RDoc from CVS; it fixes that problem.
    | 37059 [jbgirgis msn] ...
    | 37064 [chris darkro] Sorry to state the suprisingly very obivous, but why not go to it's
    + 37065 [tobiasreif p] True; it looked better before.
      37074 [Dave Pragmat] There was a bug in RDoc that was exposed by a change in Ruby sometime

^ Ruby and IBM
36346 [ser germane-] If anybody else here gets the IBM XML Developers Tool Tips email, in a this
36387 [in6x059 publ] It is nice to see less places were Ruby is unexpected. ;-)

^ RE: REXML 2.0
36353 [rich infoeth] You rock dude!
36437 [tobiasreif p] Above.lines.copy.paste :)

^ 全新推出asp.net jsp虚拟主机;通用网址!诚邀代理业务,利润可达4
36357 [market today] ...

^ [ANN] Seattle Ruby Users Meeting
36363 [pate eylerfa] Just a quick note to give people a heads up.  We're going to be meeting
36464 [ysantoso jen] You forgot to say what time.
36492 [pate eylerfa] hrrm, so I did.  We'll be meeting at 7PM PST.

^ Re: Rubicon -> Test::Unit [long]
36366 [W.L.Kleb LaR] So, apparently being too impatient for an answer, I stole the
+ 36500 [W.L.Kleb LaR] I was adding the readers to testunit itself until it dawned on me to
+ 36559 [nathaniel ta] Bravo! This looks very interesting. One question I have: what were your

^ Newsfeed dropping messages?
36367 [W.L.Kleb LaR] I read via the newsgroup gateway, i.e., news://comp.lang.ruby
+ 36382 [Dave Pragmat] It's possible they were trapped by the spam filter (although I'd think
+ 36501 [W.L.Kleb LaR] Upon reflection, I have reasoned that since the articles made
  + 36506 [Dave Pragmat] Through the mailing list.
  + 36609 [W.L.Kleb LaR] [I know, I know, responding to my own post, yet again...]

^ Float comparison
36377 [rubydev.dewe] 3.1415 == (2) 3.1416   #The (n) being the precision
36389 [in6x059 publ] You could redefine Float#eql?

^ =?GB2312?B?IjMreCK437+8w9i8rg==?=
36392 [dfit 0451.co] ...

^ Archives
36396 [list chromat] Those interested in archive-like containers like Tar and Zip but also
+ 36399 [pate eylerfa] Right now, I'm getting an HTTP 404 error on this url.  I'm excited to see
| 36406 [jason jvoege] Just remove the period (.) from the end of the URL.
+ 36400 [pate eylerfa] I like the concept of having a single interface to a variety of
  + 36407 [tom.hurst cl] I think you misunderstand where "ar" is from; this is Archive::Ar, ar
  | 36420 [list chromat] Actually rpkg still uses another implementation (shamelessly copied
  + 36414 [list chromat] Yeah, I know, the prototype is called that way simply because `ar'

^ Guidelines for cross-platform development?
36397 [list chromat] After reading the fork/mswin32 thread, I'm convinced, like many, that
36411 [ljohnson res] ...
36412 [chris.morris] It seems even the 1.6.6-0 for Win is happier (requires?) with / instead of \
36419 [list chromat] Hmmm, that's odd.
36438 [chris.morris] ruby 1.6.6 (2001-12-26) [i586-mswin32]

^ Q: Xmlparser and DTDs
36398 [mulperi iki.] I asked this before but I didn't get any answers. So i'll ask again
36409 [maki rubycol] Unfortunately, XMLParser(expat) is not validation parser. You

^ building latest cvs ruby on win
36401 [chris.morris] I'm trying to build the latest cvs on Windows with msvc ... I found the
36405 [nobu.nokada ] Sorry, I've missed ext/configsub.rb and fixed now.
36410 [chris.morris] Thanks! It works great now.

^ Ruby/Tk on OSX
36402 [jack_d_herri] Has anyone had any success running Ruby/Tk on OSX.
36444 [gehlker fast] I don't think so. It's looking for a file named tcltklib.rb and not finding
+ 36473 [Jean-Francoi] I don't think so. tcltklib is a binary library (.so for unix and .dll
| 36494 [gehlker fast] On 3/21/02 2:08 AM, "MENON Jean-Francois" <Jean-Francois.MENON@meteo.fr>
+ 36489 [bobx linuxma] Tcl is on OSX...Tk is not...unless you get the 8.4a version but I

^ Test::Unit GUI suggestion (was Re: Test::Unit GTk GUI)
36403 [nat.pryce b1] How about Test::Unit only providing two TestRunner implementations which
37335 [nathaniel ta] This is a good idea, and you're not the first to suggest it. However,

^ extending an exception
36408 [paul atdesk.] I recently came across the "need" to attach some user data to an already
36416 [decoux moulo] ...
36434 [paul atdesk.] Ah, that makes sense.  I've done the following now so that I can use the

^ Regex backreference in method "sub"
36415 [klowery wts.] line = "Some random string data"
36417 [tom.hurst cl] line.sub!(/(str)ing/,"#{$1}")
36421 [kelowery cs.] This works. I just need to do a better job of RTFM. I was using the
36422 [klowery wts.] This works. I just need to do a better job of RTFM. I was using the

^ Linux Journal Ruby article
36423 [mike stok.co] ...
36441 [info mjais.d] today I finally received my copy of linux magazin here in Bavaria and it
+ 36442 [cparrish cox] That is unfortunate :-)  j/k
| 36453 [james rubyxm] Flame war!
+ 36456 [brailsmt yah] It is never too late to repent, and mend your ways.
| 36457 [brailsmt yah] Dangit, I forgot the smiley face... now you all are gonna think I am
+ 36467 [ptkwt shell1] ...
| + 36469 [mjais web.de] it is the current issue.for april 2002
| + 36490 [bobx linuxma] The one that just came out...has a big Ruby on the cover. Very good
+ 36512 [in6x059 publ] It is not too late to return to the GNU.
  36567 [martin.kahle] No, he meant the editor, not the OS :-)

^ [OT] web standars (was: web templating for static sites?)
36426 [tobiasreif p] But it isn't. People who don't care about current standards or nice
+ 36427 [jason jvoege] I apologize for continuing an off-topic thread, but I've heard several
| + 36429 [tom.hurst cl] It's just an extension of modularising your CSS;
| | 36432 [jim freeze.o] Hmm, maybe you can explain how I can fix the fonts
| + 36468 [tobiasreif p] The concept is to to hide from older browsers all the CSS they don't
|   36470 [cparrish cox] If your page isn't showing up correctly in Mozilla (0.9.9) then I would suspect that your CSS isn't correct
|   36495 [tom.hurst cl] That, or you're using something that's currently broken or just not
|   36515 [jason jvoege] I ran the validator service against my CSS, and got no errors.  There were
|   + 36516 [jason jvoege] I take that back.  It looks OK in Netscape 4, but not in Mozilla or
|   + 36519 [tobiasreif p] TR {
|     36524 [cparrish cox] warning IE doesn't do display: table-row correctly (at least not in 5.0
|     36525 [tobiasreif p] Tobi
+ 36428 [in6x059 publ] as in Galeon/Mozilla 0.9.8. Besides that it looks OK. If the window is
+ 36463 [patrick-may ] I don't know if this is a reply, or if it is on topic :-)
  36465 [ rik kde.org] #if Patrick May

^ [ANN] RUDL 0.6
36435 [danny frouke] RUDL combines the SDL library, Ruby and a few other libraries to make high
36440 [ rik kde.org] #if Danny van Bruggen
36538 [danny frouke] That will be all, now I can call it "stable" :)

^ Ruby speak
36448 [cparrish cox] Okay here are some newbie questions.
+ 36454 [elanthis awe] Anything starting with a capital is a constant.  Which tends to be
+ 36455 [alwagner tca] Class and Module names are constants and constants must begin with a capital
+ 36528 [dennisn pe.n] 1. afaik, the language requires it.  Try creating a class with the
  36530 [vjoel PATH.B] my_class = Class.new(Array)

^ Latest 1.6.7 release works, but latest 1.7.2 doesn't
36449 [W.L.Kleb LaR] We've run across an odd error from our Ruby application

^ Windows version of Ruby (proposals)
36458 [ptkwt aracne] My newsfeed has been down all day.  I had no idea how much traffic
36482 [cboos bct-te] Some thoughts on the 2 first Windows issues, plus a 4th one...
36496 [Dave Pragmat] Does popen work with "w+" in your version of Ruby under Windows?
+ 36497 [paul atdesk.] This would be a global change, and may not be desirable.  What are the
| 36498 [Dave Pragmat] I view it as changing the underlying semantics of a File object. I
| 36503 [chris.morris] Excellent. Make it so. <g>
| 36511 [Dave Pragmat] ...
+ 36504 [rich infoeth] Dave,
+ 36505 [tobiasreif p] yay!
+ 36508 [pit capitain] Why that pessimism?
+ 36509 [ljohnson res] ...
| 36554 [ptkwt aracne] Once again, I'm seeing messages on Google that never showed up in my
| 36555 [Dave Pragmat] I wonder if your news provider is filtering them out because of the
+ 36510 [nobu.nokada ] IIRC, Usa has a patch makes it work, but not merged yet.
| 36514 [Dave Pragmat] I'd like to have a central place that these things vector
| 36518 [nobu.nokada ] I guess `require "sys/..."' also looks obvious, but get your
+ 36532 [james rubyxm] <snip/>
+ 36565 [matz ruby-la] I think the builtin libraries for scripting languages should provide
  36578 [Dave Pragmat] I think everyone agrees on the first point - we should provide
  + 36579 [tobiasreif p] I agree fully with you, and I also agree with what I think Matz is
  | 36599 [benoit.cerri] ...
  | 36607 [tobiasreif p] I don't know.
  | 36610 [ronjeffries ] <and so on in excellent detail>
  | 36620 [cparrish cox] Ron,
  | + 36622 [chris.morris] So, Carl, do you believe that Ruby does not need to be really good on
  | | 36637 [cparrish cox] Sorry that I wasn't clear here. I'm not against Ruby being good on
  | + 36628 [gehlker fast] You may be right, Carl. I personally  don't use Windows any more since its
  | + 36629 [nat.pryce b1] Sure but most developers are developing for users, not other developers,
  | + 36631 [james rubyxm] I used to work at a company that ran in-house server apps on Solaris.
  | | + 36640 [pit capitain] I don't think there are many Ruby applications yet that have much
  | | + 36659 [benoit.cerri] ...
  | + 36657 [ronjeffries ] When you say "on the sly" ... what were they /supposed/ to be doing?
  |   36663 [james rubyxm] My experience has been that developers often work at odds with IT foot
  |   36664 [tobiasreif p] Yay! That's the spirit ;)
  + 36591 [matz ruby-la] First, I agree with you.  That's what I meant by the word "polish".

^ Some Windows (re | bench)marks (Re: building latest cvs ruby on win)
36459 [chr_news gmx] Thank you very much for the quick fix ... however there an old build
36474 [nobu.nokada ] Hmm, they should be rejected by /@.*@/.  Is it better to change
36475 [usa osb.att.] Hmm, but I don't have VS7, too...

^ Test::Unit verbose mode
36460 [W.L.Kleb LaR] I didn't realize how much I enjoyed RUnit's verbose
+ 36477 [mulperi iki.] I was missing same thing so I override
+ 36499 [W.L.Kleb LaR] FWIW, my co-worker remarked that he was confused by this terminology too..
+ 36861 [nathaniel ta] Certainly! Added to the TODO.

^ RE: Rubicon does work on Windows (was proposals)
36461 [chrismo char] Actually it does work. I was able to get the latest cvs today and figure out

^ Utility for ruby
36486 [rubydev.dewe] ...
36487 [decoux moulo] ...
36488 [rubydev.dewe] None, I didn't new it existed :-)
36571 [rubydev.dewe] -ruby.h is located in archdir
36572 [decoux moulo] ...
36575 [rubydev.dewe] [rocdvp@vazen:448] cat a.c
36576 [decoux moulo] ...
36577 [rubydev.dewe] argh!!! Shame on me :-))

^ erb: how to include(import,load) another erb file?
36491 [ngawor lucen] Sorry for not being able to find this by myself,
36551 [m_seki mva.b] Sorry, erb does not support import.
36557 [list chromat] Can one pass variables to imported files this way?
36561 [m_seki mva.b] How about using instance variablies?
36586 [list chromat] Stoopid me.  Yes, of course.  I had tried that without success and I