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Deaf grandma - almost there
362953 [hellostephen] **
362955 [jonathan@jm ] It doesn't work because of scope.  When you set 'byes = 0' in def
362960 [hellostephen] Thanks Jonathan, that fixed it! I guess I got ahead of myself by using a

opening urls
362965 [mark42@li e.] on my pc IO.popen(wmp){file location}
362966 [ninja@sl ph ] require 'open-uri'
+ 362967 [mark42@li e.] sorry i use IO.popen(file location here) to open files works fine i
+ 362968 [mark42@li e.] yes this is what i want please help me
  362971 [alex.decaria] There is a pretty good blog devoted to automating Windows using Ruby.
  362974 [mark42@li e.] thanx ill try this
  362976 [alex.decaria] As an example, here is a program that will open internet explorer,

directing browser
362972 [mark42@li e.] all i want to do is use my program to open a web page in my browser i am
+ 362977 [ninja@sl ph ] Reposting your question as a new thread is obnoxious, especially when someone
+ 363879 [jeremy@hi eg] ========================================================================

[ANN] bones 3.4.2
362973 [tim.pease@gm] bones version 3.4.2

curl library?
362979 [xeno.campano] 1.  How do I install the curl library for Ruby?  I thought there was one...???
362980 [xeno.campano] # gem install curl-multi
362982 [lparravi@gm ] Anyway, you need the ruby development packages. In ubuntu / debian its
362984 [xeno.campano] Well, I got that -dev thing installed with apt-get, and then I tried again and
362985 [oscartheduck] ...
362988 [xeno.campano] Thank you.  That appears to have gotten me going...
362989 [xeno.campano] So, I installed rubycurl, that being the listed package of greatest maturity,
363083 [shortcutter@] 2010/5/19 Xeno Campanoli / Eskimo North and Gmail <xeno.campanoli@gmail.com=
363092 [xeno.campano] Yes, but I am trying to move from using curl on shell to getting the same
363094 [shortcutter@] 2010/5/20 Xeno Campanoli / Eskimo North and Gmail <xeno.campanoli@gmail.com=
363103 [xeno.campano] Among other things we have built the tool around curl facilities like the
363107 [drbrain@se m] On May 20, 2010, at 10:45, Xeno Campanoli / Eskimo North and Gmail =
363110 [xeno.campano] I'm sorry.  That is not pertinent to what I said.  Perhaps you should learn curl.
363265 [drbrain@se m] On May 20, 2010, at 20:23, Xeno Campanoli / Eskimo North and Gmail =

About proc and binding
362983 [blambeau@gm ] I'm currently working on a _dsl_ method that allows writing expressions

Handling Events - Help
362990 [iroupa@gm il] I have crated a application with two TextCtrl boxes (One for write and
+ 363044 [mark42@li e.] Could you post a sytax for this and i will see if i can help.
+ 363045 [mark42@li e.] Could you post a sytax for this and I will see if I can help.
  363061 [iroupa@gm il] Mark Kirby,

how to change ri1.8  to ri  in shell command?
362991 [myocean135@y] ruby1.8 and ri1.8 were installed in my computer ,there is strange thing
362992 [jonathan@jm ] Well, if you install the 'ri' package in Ubuntu it installs a symbolic

64 bit ruby interpreter
362993 [brgsousa@gm ] Since when does 64bit ruby interpreter exists?
363005 [  sim@me co ] It was 64 bit since you have the possibility to build it from source :)
363022 [brgsousa@gm ] Ops :P
363026 [hramrach@ce ] I can say I noticed improvement in the amount of available memory.
363028 [hramrach@ce ] Also you will notice that 64bit systems can do integer arithmetics on
+ 363034 [brgsousa@gm ] Thanks!
+ 363036 [vikkous@gm i] Integer math on even larger integers should be roughly twice as fast too.

Write whitespace to a file
362996 [j_wu_76@ya o] I need to write many whitespaces to a file, what is the best way to do
362997 [dhruva.sagar] Well you could do

undefined method `xml_in' for XmlSimple:Class (NoMethodError
363002 [martin@an le] Dear Friends,

Read text file and set the values in the Variables
363004 [sweetzubair@] firstName=abcd
363010 [wolskint@o2 ] data = Hash.new

How to print out all of an object's instance variables?
363006 [blueskybreez] When it is RoR, we can use ActiveRecord's attributes method to get a
+ 363007 [dhruva.sagar] require 'pp'
| 363052 [blueskybreez] hm, looks like inspect() by default will print out all the instance
| + 363053 [blueskybreez] on the other hand, if inspect() is to return a string representation,
| + 363054 [vikkous@gm i] Your definition of inspect is bad. inspect should just return a
+ 363055 [gabriel.horn] def instance_var(obj)

check if a file is already required ?
363008 [mszatanik@gm] I made a GUI in wxruby to run ruby/watir test cases/test sets. Framework
363013 [shortcutter@] Why?

passing values from partial to controller
363009 [venkataravi.] I am trying to pass login and group_name from partial to controller, but
363011 [nerd@ne di h] <%=3Drender :partial =3D> 'users/grouprow' ,:collection =3D> @groups%>
363012 [venkataravi.] Thanks Greg for the reply.
363015 [nerd@ne di h] ...
363016 [venkataravi.] I tried with a hidden field
363017 [nerd@ne di h] yeah that's because you pass only one parameter to the hidden_field_tag =
363019 [venkataravi.] Thanks Gregor Panek. I am able to pass the values but plz check my
363020 [nerd@ne di h] I can't see an error in your controller,
363024 [venkataravi.] Still the same error, Panek.

visual effect for the div
363018 [venkataravi.] In a partial,
363038 [piyush.pr@gm] please do not ask Rails questions here. This is ruby mailing list and NOT

How to pass data from one textbox to another one?
363023 [iroupa@gm il] I'm trying to create an simple application with two text boxes. One for

Retrieve instance
363027 [walle.sthlm@] Quick question. Can I somehow retrieve the instance of the class Test in
363029 [shortcutter@] There is no general mechanism that would allow to follow an object
+ 363030 [walle.sthlm@] Ah, I see.
| 363032 [jgabrielygal] class Contained
+ 363033 [ninja@sl ph ] Well, there's ObjectSpace. Probably not general (cross-interpreter), but it
  363041 [shortcutter@] in
  363047 [ninja@sl ph ] I suppose. I still tend to think of things like this, because the Internet is
  363050 [rick.denatal] Unlike http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Klein who I can't recall
  363051 [shortcutter@] That's perfectly OK for me.
  363059 [colinb2r@go ] but http://babelfish.yahoo.com gives just a one word answer "wedges"!
  363080 [shortcutter@] Hehe. :-)  You know what?  That's the typical phrase I use when

Agile web Development with Rails section 9.3
363035 [dinar603@gm ] I am reading Agile Web Development with rails (third addition).
363040 [josh.cheek@g] Rails mailing list. You should try a Rails list, you will get much better
363046 [dinar603@gm ] Thank you for replying.
363048 [jonathan@jm ] Regardless of the application being written in Ruby, Rails is a huge
363049 [dinar603@gm ] Thank you

Immediate need for Business Analyst with Cognos exp in MO
363039 [jsam.recruit] Below is a very urgent need, please submit qualified resumes for the

watir and shoes problem
363042 [mark42@li e.] know how to install the gem to shoes but i get the error
363043 [mark42@li e.] Also if no one no's a solution could you reccomend a diffrent gem or GUI

Write to the top of a file
363056 [j_wu_76@ya o] I want to write some content to an existing file and I want to new
363057 [ian.hobson@n] You can't do it directly - there is no insert for disk files. What you
363058 [ninja@sl ph ] Or for files whose contents you actually care about -- and many of those are

Re: Interactive Mode BASIC Interpreter (#232)
363060 [dearbenj@ya ] Not quite sure what this means, but I took it to mean "display the path
363081 [jgabrielygal] I think it could mean "show the source", maybe?
363162 [dearbenj@ya ] I sort of thought that too, but I'll just stick with what I have -
363184 [ruby@al f1 o] The meaning of the 'list' command is indeed: show the code of the

define_method inside instance_eval
363062 [anr@sa ir .c] I'm trying to create a class macro that, when called, defines a class
+ 363063 [dhruva.sagar] Well the first thing that I see is that your missing the (*args) in the
| 363064 [anr@sa ir .c] Sorry, I wasn't clear. This snippet is actually wrapped inside the class
| + 363065 [anr@sa ir .c] BTW, it sort of works. But I don't like it at all... It is brittle,
| + 363066 [dhruva.sagar] def status_field(*args)
|   363068 [anr@sa ir .c] Dhruva, I'd like to get rid of the string manipulation, it would be much
+ 363070 [dhruva.sagar] Ok I reread your problem.
  363071 [anr@sa ir .c] Actually, args already is an array and you don't need it as an argument
  363072 [dhruva.sagar] def status_field(*args)
  363073 [anr@sa ir .c] Yep, this works.
  363074 [dhruva.sagar] Its not a bug imo

method returning a hash, is the hash in the heap?
363067 [blueskybreez] class Point
363082 [shortcutter@] It is just _a_ reference - there can be multiple references to an
363084 [blueskybreez] yes, because previous, I was thinking that any local variables will get
363085 [shortcutter@] Exactly.

Want to know whether Ruby supports ASN1 Decoders
363069 [sajualways@g] Whether Ruby can be used for Binary protocol testing?????

XmlSimple not working
363075 [martin@an le] Dear Friends,
363079 [martin@an le] I have fixed the issue as my environmental variable points to another

Scrape javascript content
363076 [phil.a.mcdon] I'm trying to scrape a page that hides some data behind a javascript
+ 363078 [josh.cheek@g] ...
+ 363087 [brabuhr@gm i] The *really* interesting part is what does the Javascript do :-) with
  363097 [phil.a.mcdon] The other trick here is that this page is behind a login.  Mechanize
  + 363098 [m.fellinger@] Watir definitely does that since it simply controls your browser and
  + 363099 [david_v_wrig] Mechanize cannot execute javascript but watir/celerity can. (I've never
    + 363102 [smparkes@sm ] never=20
    + 363197 [phil.a.mcdon] This is extremely helpful!
      363204 [brabuhr@gm i] Sorry, don't have time to look at the page right now, but if it "is
      363309 [d-l-brown@ro] @browser.button(:src, 'https://online.americanexpress.com/myca/logon/
      363317 [phil.a.mcdon] Darryl!  You just made my day!  This does work.  I've been banging my

passing values from partial to controller
363077 [venkataravi.] <tr>

Office docs fuzzer
363086 [balzer@ne s.] Anyone know Ruby based Office docs fuzzer (word, excel, etc), run on

Read text file and check  multiple checkbox
363088 [sweetzubair@] I try to check the Multiple Checkboxes in the page.
+ 363091 [wolskint@o2 ] In the example that you provided it seems that value of @check_location
+ 363095 [josh.cheek@g] *Your html can't have two elements with the same ID (ID's must be unique,

Executing Password Change over Ruby Net-SSH
363089 [tyleresmart@] I am looking to execute a password change over Net-ssh and this code
363090 [brabuhr@gm i] Here's an old script I had used to randomize weak passwords.  I
363104 [brabuhr@gm i] I had some time and took a look at it.  Net-SSH 2 no longer has the
363108 [paradisaeida] require 'rubygems'

CGI Request Failing
363096 [exiquio@gm i] webpage being served by Cherokee. It is pretty simple. I make

[ANN] Ruby/Tk-Kit for RubyInstaller 1.9.1p378rc2
363105 [nagai@ai ky ] Now, you can download a trial version of Ruby/Tk-Kit for RubyInstaller
363172 [nagai@ai ky ] Sorry. Files at 20100520 include silly bug.

[ANN] net-http-persistent 1.2 Released
363109 [drbrain@se m] net-http-persistent version 1.2 has been released!

Merging two arrays -> array of arrays
363111 [auswalk@gm i] a = [1,2,3]
+ 363112 [kkohno@gm il] [a, b].transpose
| + 363113 [auswalk@gm i] Awesome. Thanks
| + 363114 [kkohno@gm il] I was typoing...
+ 363119 [jgabrielygal] irb(main):001:0> [1,2,3].zip([4,5,6])

OMG, why are there so many Strings in ObjectSpace!
363115 [timrandg@gm ] I was playing around looking at ObjectSpace in irb and was astounded
+ 363118 [josh.cheek@g] MRI 1.8.7 => 36715
| 363122 [robert.dober] I would rather count like this
| 363123 [robert.dober] and 553 for 1.5.0
+ 363124 [robert.dober] Sorry really did not see what you were looking for, somehow missed
+ 363135 [shortcutter@] It would be interesting to know what code you executed *before* you
  363253 [headius@he d] ~/projects/jruby  jruby -X+O c.rb

Re: [SPAM]  Merging two arrays -> array of arrays
363116 [ rv@do os be] i=0
363117 [ rv@do os be] Didn't see kohno's answer

[ANN] rest-graph 1.1.1 - A super simple Facebook Open Graph API  client
363120 [godfat@gm il] = rest-graph 1.1.1

MAXIMIZE the Browser Automaticaly
363121 [sweetzubair@] I try Many thing but not find the best solution to maximize the window.

ruby-qt bindings - is somebody in charge of those?
363125 [andrea@an re] Hei everyone,
+ 363128 [pilz@os -d .] Dear Andrea,
| 363130 [andrea@an re] Hei Jan,
| 363137 [pilz@os -d .] ...
| 363141 [andrea@an re] Hei Jan,
+ 363131 [ryand-ruby@z] next time please start a new mail thread of your own instead of thread =
  363133 [andrea@an re] Sorry, I just replied to an old message and deleted content/subject

Ruby gem for Growl
363126 [ddefrenne@gm] I'm looking for a gem that's able to send Growl notifications and
+ 363127 [kkohno@gm il] How about ruby-growl?
| 363129 [ddefrenne@gm] Doesn't appear to be able to capture a click-event which is pretty
+ 363132 [ryand-ruby@z] but that might not be the terminology they're using.
  363134 [ddefrenne@gm] from http://growl.info/documentation/developer/introduction.php
  363136 [kkohno@gm il] How about Growl::Notifier?

Importing/exporting google contacts
363138 [dagnan@gm il] I'd like to know if there are other modules than gmail_contacts and

running changed files.
363139 [mszatanik@gm] Ill try to explain my problem as clear and as short as possible.
363278 [mszatanik@gm] ok i changed a lot, and i just use

Plugin errors
363140 [mailtorajuit] in my applicaition i want to use automatic sesssion cleaning.

Validation for feed links using by 'rss'
363142 [swapna.ch@tc] I used require 'rss'.
363143 [saurabh.purn] There are ways to validate url
+ 363164 [swapna.ch@tc] Thanx for replying
+ 363536 [njus@la sh u] Why not use the standard library?

Significance of Kernal.test method?
363144 [v4forums@gm ] I am new to ruby and the best way I found to learn ruby is to walk-through
363150 [transfire@gm] ly

Application Name / Process Name
363145 [nonstickglue] Is there any way to set the application name or process name that
363146 [Rob@Ag le on] $0 = "This is my program\0"
363147 [tj.adkinson@] Is there something I need to require at the beginning of my code because
363148 [Rob@Ag le on] Nothing special
363189 [paradisaeida] Should this survive a 1.8.7 fork?
363190 [paradisaeida] Looks like it does with one-liner.

Re: rake gem : rake aborted! No Rakefile found
363149 [johncsl82@ya] Thanks guys

Re: Ruby/Tk-Kit for RubyInstaller 1.9.1p378rc2
363151 [rogerpack200] The rubyinstaller guys would be happy to accept a patch to their recipes
363155 [nagai@ai ky ] Please give me time to clean up Ruby/Tk-Kit version of tcltklib.c.
363156 [rogerpack200] does it need tclkit or is just tcl/tk enough?  I have a patch for those
363160 [nagai@ai ky ] It requires Tcl/Tk sources or static build libraries,
363208 [rogerpack200] Oh ok.  Sounds like an interesting project.  I think rubyinstaller plans

ruby/SVG dom mod and display
363152 [spam@jo an j] There seem to be a lot of SVG solutions for Ruby, SRVG, RVG, rcairo,
363165 [robert.dober] If you have a running REXML solution why not? But please bear in mind

Eval, SAFE, and Sandbox
363153 [smcbryan@gm ] I am working on a personal project that will need people to be able to
+ 363154 [sophrinix@gm] Look at Try Ruby.
| 363168 [smcbryan@gm ] Cool, thanks, looks like this should do the trick.
| 363173 [josh.cheek@g] If you're on a Mac, you might try Dia. http://github.com/robgleeson/Dia
+ 363180 [vikkous@gm i] $SAFE is unlikely to be good enough. Even why's sandbox probably has
  363255 [headius@he d] To be honest, I'm not sure I trust $SAFE because it takes such a

SMPP from Perl to Ruby
363157 [ineedme@gm i] I have this code in perl to send SMS via SMPP

Internal string storage and Encoding::Converter#convpath
363159 [pthomson@ap ] In #rubyspec we were discussing whether the specifications are correct =
363163 [akr@fs j. rg] % ruby -e 'p Encoding::Converter.new("euc-jp", "shift_jis").convpath'
363211 [pthomson@ap ] For encodings that can be converted directly (like EUC-JP to SJIS), I =

Can not install swiftiply
363161 [brgsousa@gm ] (Debian Squeeze)

fgci -> ruby-fcgi
363166 [brgsousa@gm ] did fcgi gem changed its name to ruby-fcgi?