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362720 [devisandhyac] LIFE INSURANCE

Comparing elements within an array
362721 [trodwell@ie ] I'm familiar with the enumberable sort method ...
362722 [robert.dober] ah a #unique_by, I therefore conclude that you want to keep one
362723 [trodwell@ie ] Many thanks for this, and you ahve exactly described what I am wanting
362728 [alexg@ru ge ] module Enumerable
362731 [robert.dober] yes I do not worry about 1.8 much anymore, not very considerate of me
362738 [trodwell@ie ] Yup, that all works - thanks to you both!

using Ruby to extract search result
362725 [aaronbarwell] I am a complete beginner (used ruby for the first time today).

Reporting Bugs about REXML ?
362727 [hadmut@da is] where would I report a bug about ruby REXML?
+ 362737 [robert.dober] Hmm IIRC that would be on ruby-core
| 362744 [hadmut@da is] I recently have asked a question about the standard library on
| 362762 [aaron@te de ] If you have a bug, not a question about how to use the standard library,
+ 362765 [mjijackson@g] Just FYI, REXML is probably the worst possible XML library available
  + 362768 [sophrinix@gm] I know this isn't a rails mailing list, but if speed is of utmost important,
  + 363176 [hadmut@da is] Well, I feel a little bit annoyed about such recommendations like
    + 363291 [robert.dober] Ruby is a wonderful programming language, but should that not be a
    + 363293 [shortcutter@] I don't agree to that assessment of Michael.  Whenever I have to deal

GServer Miultiple Clients - Collisions
362735 [sendmail@in ] I've got a small problem using gserver with multiple client connections.
+ 362757 [rogerpack200] I'm not too familiar with it, but GServer probably threads incoming
+ 362894 [sendmail@in ] "results" does not exist.  I was missing it, because the exception was

Memory leak in Rails apps
362736 [jmanivannanc] We have developed rails reports and deployed in server, report have some
+ 362745 [jonathan@jm ] You may start garbage collection manually in Ruby by calling GC.start,
+ 362756 [rogerpack200] I have added some GC suggestions to the bottom of
+ 362761 [josh.cheek@g] One of the talks at Ruby Midwest is going to be on Memprof. Here's it's

Rake versus Ruby?
362739 [mo_mail@on h] I was thinking of this on my way home, but could not come up with a good
+ 362746 [jonathan@jm ] Rake allows you to create tasks that are dependent on one another,
+ 362749 [james.britt@] * Dependency chain management
  362750 [jbarnette@gm] not entirely clear.   If I move the code into Rake tasks with a decent =
  362994 [james.britt@] Interesting.  Does not grep the description, though.

Problem ruby pwd in different directory
362741 [gladenko@gl ] i have a script in direcory ex
+ 362743 [lparravi@gm ] Dir.pwd gives the current working directory. To get the directory of
| 362747 [gladenko@gl ] Yessss Thank you very much! now is all ok!
+ 362774 [josh.cheek@g] every time I've needed that, it had to do with relative positioning of

Robust HTTP file upload server in Ruby?
362742 [tony.arcieri] I'm looking for a server-side HTTP file upload solution in Ruby which would
362763 [normalperson] You could probably build a simple Rack handler (like below, just

Propogate variable up to included module
362751 [slush314@gm ] Hey folks,
362754 [transfire@gm] At the instance level yes, and the module level no (though you can
362801 [robert.dober] module M
362802 [transfire@gm] How would that work?
+ 362808 [slush314@gm ] I thought modules sit further up the inheritance chain that classes?
+ 362809 [robert.dober] That's exactly what I gave you, good then :)

Ruby Midwest Early Bird Ends Tomorrow
362753 [lpillow@gm i] The Ruby Midwest Conference Early Bird pricing ends tomorrow, Saturday, May

ANN: guirb 0.01, a multi-toolkit Irb wrapper collection
362755 [martindemell] * What?

WX Ruby - How to Create a MenuBar
362769 [iroupa@gm il] I have created a basic frame and I'm trying to create a MenuBar inside

[ANN] Redis-rb 2.0.0
362772 [michel@so er] Redis-rb 2.0.0 is out. It's the result of a big refactoring and it now

difference between $0 and __FILE__
362778 [unbewusst.se] /Users/yt/bin/path_test.rb
+ 362779 [josh.cheek@g] 2010/5/15 Une B=E9vue <unbewusst.sein@google.com.invalid>
+ 362780 [shortcutter@] Because the shell will also expand full names.  How does your PATH look=20
  362781 [unbewusst.se] OK, i see.

Hash method in ruby
362782 [sameeryadav.] I have been working in java and ruby is new to me. While trying some
+ 362783 [josh.cheek@g] I think your confusion lies more in the object model than the hash method.
+ 362784 [sepp2k@go gl] public class A {
  362790 [sameeryadav.] I understand the case where I call has method on new Object.
  362793 [jeanjulien.f] The class of A is "Class" (which is itself an object different from
  362794 [sameeryadav.] Thanks Jean,
  + 362798 [sepp2k@go gl] A is an object of class Class. Thusly A.class returns Class.
  + 362812 [jgabrielygal] No. This calls the hash object on *an instance* of A.

Converting hexadecimal string to character
362786 [mjijackson@g] If I have a string that represents some character in hex, what is the
+ 362788 [rikiji@pl yk] This should work
+ 362789 [gf.bozzetti@] c="41"
  362797 [mjijackson@g] Excellent. Both of these suggestions work beautifully. Clearly I need
  362806 [b.candler@po] irb(main):001:0> ["41"].pack("H*")

class best way for getters ?
362787 [unbewusst.se] i have a class "HFSFile" initialized by a parsed string
+ 362791 [ben@bl yt in] def []( a_key )
| 362792 [lparravi@gm ] def [](key)
+ 362799 [robert.dober] depends (I know this is too long, but anyway)
+ 362811 [shortcutter@] irb(main):017:0> o =3D Object.new
| 362824 [unbewusst.se] First, thanks a lot for your answer !
| 362825 [unbewusst.se] i had a first look and i wonder how to use it in order to get a new
| + 362826 [robert.dober] no, but you could forward to the OpenStruct.new( @attr )
| + 362827 [shortcutter@] There is no need for delegation here: you only need one instance and the =
|   362829 [unbewusst.se] OK, i see it's really fine of u helping that way !
+ 363100 [jw@mu tm di ] class HFSFile < Valuable
  363101 [unbewusst.se] fine, thanks a lot, it was what i was looking for !

Wx Ruby - MenuBar. What's wrong with my code?
362795 [iroupa@gm il] I have created a basic frame and I'm trying to create a MenuBar inside
362796 [thiagobranda] have to write you code in another way to achieve what you want.
362800 [iroupa@gm il] If the Wx::MenuBar doesn't accept arguments then I will have to create a
362803 [sutniuq@gm .] I'm not sure about what you mean by that, but have a look at this
362846 [iroupa@gm il] Marvin G├╝lker,

Is Bundler Overkill?
362804 [transfire@gm] This morning I thought about Bundler for a long time. I ended up
+ 362807 [jeremy@bi sw] 'Primary of these [...] The rationalized benefit being that you need
| 362870 [transfire@gm] Is that a common need? I doubt I'd use a host that make it necessary
| 362885 [ninja@sl ph ] Yes.
+ 362817 [matthew@by e] You're not the only one, but I think we're in the minority.  gems have
  362871 [transfire@gm] Sounds interesting. I'd like to know more. How does it compare to
  362875 [james@gr ys ] I believe it was called RPA.

chomp like Perl operator in Ruby
362813 [paragkalra@g] Is there a chomp like Perl operator in Ruby using which I can literally
+ 362814 [ben@bl yt in] $ ri chomp
| + 362816 [paragkalra@g] str="Hello\n"
| + 362819 [ninja@sl ph ] Not the whole story. If you know you're not going to use the original string,
+ 362815 [josh.cheek@g] The online docs (plus a few examples) for the method Ben showed the ri of

Accessing elements of a ruby array with javascript
362818 [brandonfrate] So I'm very new to both ruby and javascript, but the basic problem is. I
+ 362822 [walton@vy er] First off, since you didn't specify anything I'll assume your using Rails.
+ 362823 [ninja@sl ph ] Since someone else already offered a solution, I'm going to be a bit critical.
+ 362830 [kai@ka ri ha] You cant access the ruby array from javascript because it gets

how to read pointer data with Win32::API
362820 [jarmo.p@gm i] GMEM_FIXED = 0
362866 [rogerpack200] Suggest FFI since it has things like get_pointer (though I'm not too

[ANN] sqlite3-ruby 1.3.0.beta.2 Released
362821 [luislavena@g] sqlite3-ruby version 1.3.0.beta.2 has been released!

user defined if condition
362833 [mark42@li e.] so sorry if this is a stupid question
+ 362834 [mark42@li e.] sorry this is what i ment
+ 362835 [josh.cheek@g] Having a little bit of difficulty following, I assume you meant "if the user
  362836 [mark42@li e.] yhea i did sorry bin at this for hours thanks mate

Array conversion
362837 [cyril.staff@] array = [1717922406, 543519338, 543585641, 1701343776, 1718969704,
362838 [sepp2k@go gl] Group the array into slices of 4 and then "concatenate" each slice
362840 [cyril.staff@] Awesome! Many thanks, Sebastian!
362841 [cyril.staff@] Just a last question: how can we do the oposite operation?
362845 [eregontp@gm ] array_32bit = [1717922406, 543519338, 543585641, 1701343776,

iterating over sub arrays
362839 [oscartheduck] Hey folks,
362842 [ninja@sl ph ] Minor nit: by convention, Ruby people tend to use CamelCase for constants
362848 [oscartheduck] constants=20
362889 [ninja@sl ph ] The second is _defaulted_ to be an empty array. You can override it -- and the

Buscar todos los .pdf que hayan en un directorio dado
362843 [munichxxi@ho] who are in a given directory. I explain: I'm doing a project in Ruby on
362844 [ben@bl yt in] If you just need to search in the given directory, there are a number

[ANN] antlr3 1.7.2 ( improved ANTLR v3 language recognition for Ruby )
362847 [kcy5b@ya oo ] There have been a hand full of releases since I have posted an announcement

Real life use of each_cons? (... follow up)
362851 [jakub.hozak@] (following up the discussion from last year)
362853 [dblack@ru yp] Are you sure you don't want each_slice rather than each_cons? With

S3 2010 Workshop on Self-sustaining Systems (Call for Papers)
362852 [ko1@at ot ne] This is a CFP for Workshop on Self-sustaining Systems (S3) 2010.  This
366914 [ko1@at ot ne] Submission of papers: *EXTENDED* August 13, 2010

Pick the value from the table.
362854 [sweetzubair@] Help me to pick value from the tables.i m confused because of the button
362855 [b.candler@po] What are you using to parse the web page: Nokogiri? Mechanize? Hpricot?
362857 [sweetzubair@] I dont know because i m new in ruby.
362859 [rick.denatal] For those of us who know Ruby, it's very difficult to decipher what

Anonymous class
362860 [wladjmir@ga ] in a little macruby-cocoa app when i try to save a simple hash

Trying to install ruby-gtk2 on ubuntu 9.10
362869 [michel.reves] I didn't find the gtk2 library on the ubuntu repositories and searching with
+ 362878 [axabert@ho m] Have you already tried the package ruby-gnome2 ?
+ 362879 [oscartheduck] searching with=20
  362880 [axabert@ho m] Not quite. It will only list the packages containing the string
  362910 [michel.reves] Thanks for your help.

Strange error in ruby 1.9.1
362872 [branden.tang] I just compiled ruby 1.9.1 from source on my computer (osx snow
+ 362874 [rogerpack200] bug maybe? try trunk and see if it does the same...
+ 362876 [alexg@ru ge ] You don't check that index < recipient_array.size so if enough last names
  362881 [branden.tang] Aaaah, that makes perfect sense. Thanks for the help.

Bundler Groups
362873 [transfire@gm] I'd like to ask a more specific question about Bundler, pertaining to
362877 [vinibaggio@g] I don't know, I have the same feeling. Also, even if you're in a production
362943 [transfire@gm] On May 17, 12:12=A0pm, Vin=EDcius Baggio Fuentes <vinibag...@gmail.com>
362948 [fxn@ha hr f.] That's talking about Rails itself. If you are contributing to the
362957 [transfire@gm] I see. So ActiveRecord's tests are designed to test against these
362962 [fxn@ha hr f.] The rest of adapters have their own projects. Rails core is not tested

Scraping html behind a log-in
362882 [phil.a.mcdon] I've used libraries, such as hpricot, to scrape html from public sites.
362883 [jgabrielygal] You can try Mechanize. I've used it to login into a Wiki and edit pages.

opening my files with a ruby program
362884 [mark42@li e.] i was just wondering if i wanted my program to open a file on my pc what
+ 362888 [sutniuq@gm .] You've to find out what the Media Player's executable is named and if it
+ 362892 [gymbrall@gm ] Besides the ones Marvin mentioned, you also have a couple of other options.
  362893 [gymbrall@gm ] And actually, I don't think you need the "cmd /c"

Opening a stream to multiple (possibly zipped) files
362890 [mail@ma sh .] I am interested in opening a single data stream to multiple (possibly
362895 [lparravi@gm ] Maybe you could reimplement the Perl code trying to decompress always
362904 [mail@ma sh .] That is a good idea (I don't think you can rescue exceptions in Perl).
362924 [fred@la av .] require "zlib"

Dynamically adding methods to a class
362896 [cannedlobsta] I'm trying to add a method dynamically to a class by opening an existing
+ 362897 [josh.cheek@g] It is not being defined for the Array class, but rather for instances of the
+ 362905 [eule@sp ce c] class Array
+ 362930 [cannedlobsta] Thanks very much guys!
  + 362933 [rick.denatal] Really?  I ran your Test.rb program in its entirety and got the
  | 362944 [cannedlobsta] Yup, I run the code in its' entirety too.
  | 362947 [rick.denatal] I'm guessing you are using Ruby 1.9, which would explain it.
  | 362952 [cannedlobsta] That worked perfectly!
  + 362935 [robert.dober] Well it is not missing anymore as you define it when it is missing, it

How to read data in text file and put into the web page
362907 [sweetzubair@] I want to read the Radio button value or drop down value from the text

can ruby-spreadsheet  read\write  open office ods files?
362908 [myocean135@y] there are two files :/home/pt/test/codetable.xls
+ 362913 [soman.abhiji] According to homepage of spreadsheet gem (http://spreadsheet.rubyforge.org/)
+ 362949 [ninja@sl ph ] This gem allows you to access the content of

require': No such file to load -- rubygems
362912 [gerharte@gm ] Hey,
362915 [mark42@li e.] all i can say mate is to load gems i use this sytax note tho im on
362916 [mark42@li e.] also you must dclare your gem in command prompt first
362942 [gerharte@gm ] Hey, thanks. I did see somewhere about needing to require rubygems

Read text file and set the radio button values.
362917 [sweetzubair@] i write this code for getting radio button value from text file but the

Regexp help
362918 [andrea.carmi] I need to extract from an enormous text file, in natural language, for
362923 [lparravi@gm ] o.it -
362928 [andrea.carmi] Thank you, but 'couse I'm quiet stupid, can you write me a pseudo-coded
+ 362958 [a5hpip3@gm i] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
+ 363025 [shortcutter@] It's a bit difficult to guess which parts of your line are stable and

how to add time to date
362919 [lakshmi27.u@] Am using javascript calender to select date.am saving same date into
362927 [wolskint@o2 ] irb(main):011:0> s="2010-18-05 00-00-00"

[Rake v 0.8.7] rake gem : rake aborted! No Rakefile found
362920 [johncsl82@ya] $ rake gems:refresh_specs --trace
+ 362963 [josh.cheek@g] Rake works by looking in your dir for a file called rakefile, Rakefile,
+ 362964 [josh.cheek@g] Also, if you genuinely don't have a rakefile (ie it got deleted), you can

Re: gui with ruby
362921 [alex.decaria] I've written programs in both Tk and FXRuby, and dabbled with wxruby.  I
362925 [robert.dober] I am surprised to read, this Tk is built into Rub1.9 and works
+ 362926 [wolskint@o2 ] If you need relatively simple gui I would recommend Shoes (
+ 362932 [alex.decaria] I'm on the Windows side (XP and Windows 7).  When I installed Ruby 1.9
  362937 [robert.dober] That's what I feared, thx for sharing.

362922 [kamal2222ahm] false, :forward_agent => true ) do|ssh, err |
+ 362941 [walton@vy er] This is the important error.  You forgot to require 'net/ssh'. (and
+ 362975 [b.candler@po] Yes - see Net::SSH::Verifiers::Null, which should be selected by
  362978 [kamal2222ahm] false ) do|ssh |
  362981 [hassan.schro] You seem to have misspelled "DOS vector" :-)

YAML validation
362929 [nitsuanivek@] I am sorting through a heap of yaml files looking for the following
362931 [transfire@gm] Don't think there is any way to do this. I suppose it might be nice if
362939 [nitsuanivek@] That's what I thought was the case.
362945 [transfire@gm] probably 'next' would do if your looping over files. Also there is
362954 [nitsuanivek@] Working (kind of)
+ 362956 [jos@ca no k.] feeds.compact!
+ 362959 [transfire@gm] If you show us the code in question we may be able to help more.
  362970 [nitsuanivek@] Actually the rest of the problem appears to be 1.8.6 on my development

class arrays
362934 [mulder.patri] how does this work?
+ 362936 [mrzombie@th ] Erh, not that way. Sorry.
| + 362938 [mulder.patri] Hm... ok, this is more or less what I expected as well, when reading
| | 362940 [jonathan@jm ] field_helpers is neither a class nor an instance variable... it is a
| + 362946 [mulder.patri] Hm... ok, this is more or less what I expected as well, when reading
|   363106 [paul@pq f. o] I'm not familiar with the old actionview methods, but it strikes me
+ 362950 [ninja@sl ph ] Nope. It's a local variable. That means it disappears as soon as the