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^ How to read data in text file and put into the web page
362552 [sweetzubair ] username=abcd
+ 362553 [jgabrielygal] contents =3D File.read("c:/test/test.txt")
| 362555 [sweetzubair ] ******* It's Realy works **************
+ 362567 [b.candler po] Building a Hash of your input data is one way to make it convenient to

^ Super simple newbie Q about methods
362557 [oss.hcs goog] def add(i,j)
362559 [alex.decaria] The 'i' in your method is local to the method.  It is not the same 'i'
362562 [oss.hcs goog] Thanks for that, but I was looking for a way of passing by address.  In
+ 362563 [alex.decaria] Then you need to use instance variables such as '@i', or class variables
| 362565 [jeanjulien.f] I would say rather on the contrary. Everything is a pointer but you
+ 362564 [aldric trevo] Well....
+ 362568 [b.candler po] The number 1 is an object. The variable i is not an object; it is a

^ Connect to postgresql on remote host
362558 [jtian riorey] I need to connect to the postgresql database on a remote host. The host
362585 [ruby urgewal] It seems sshd is listening on port 8022. On which port is postgresql
362603 [jtian riorey] Thanks so much Waldemar for the comments. I am complete new to ruby.

^ Timeout Error in pingecho
362569 [magicc0d3r g] But I got an error :-s
+ 362570 [sven.schott ] Hmmm, what platform are you running it from? Just ran in from Mac OS 10.5.8
| 362571 [magicc0d3r g] My Platform Linux and FreeBSD.
+ 362588 [b.candler po] $ irb --simple-prompt

^ How to unregister
362576 [Prashant_Sin] charset="us-ascii"
+ 362578 [jonathan jmn] Same place you registered for it.
+ 362581 [  sim me.com] You can't.
+ 362582 [b.candler po] If the form at

^ How to create the log
362579 [sweetzubair ] How to create the log in ruby.
+ 362580 [josh.cheek g] # http://ruby-doc.org/core/classes/Math.html#M003708
| 362583 [b.candler po] or one of the gems like log4r. Who knows?
+ 362607 [lyle lylejoh] Log.new
+ 362610 [tim.pease gm] toilet = $stdout

^ New version 2.5.0 of IBM_DB gem now available
362584 [praveendevar] New version 2.5.0 of the IBM_DB gem, the Rails Adapter/Ruby Driver for

^ gem install icu4r error
362589 [unbewusst.se] when i try to install the gem icu4r (under Mac OS SL)
362593 [b.candler po] Is this the one you're trying to port?

^ How to synchronize files, from FTP to computer ?
362608 [kadelfek kad] I'm looking for the best way to synchronize files between my computers
362626 [joelvanderwe] Can you use rsync or unison? Or do you really want to reimplement that
362627 [kadelfek kad] I didn't know these two projects. Thank you for giving me the names.
362634 [joelvanderwe] Yes, I think there are native win32 ports of rsync. If all else fails,

^ about ruby -d script/server
362612 [suaq 21cn.co] any ruby and any rails ,when using ruby -d script/serverˇ¤appear a lot of
362631 [ryand-ruby z] a lot of
362664 [b.candler po] $ ruby -d
362669 [jonathan jmn] Perhaps what you really wanted is 'ruby script/server -d', which runs

^ [ANN] rest-graph 1.1.0 - super simple facebook open graph api client
362613 [godfat gmail] = rest-graph 1.1.0

^ TcpIp, Sockets, Gserver question
362614 [rps salas.co] I'm writing a simple pair of client and server apps to demonstrate a
362620 [rogerpack200] in general if you were to a recv(1024) it might receive "half" of an

^ reading file after a particular line in file
362617 [nairvan gmai] I would like to read a file in ruby. It is a 2G file, but
362640 [  tvw s4r.de] File.open("myfile", "r") do |f|
362642 [nairvan gmai] Thank you very much.
362659 [shortcutter ] File.foreach "myfile" do |line|
362677 [unbewusst.se] File.foreach "myfile" do |line|
+ 362678 [botpena gmai] yes.
| 362679 [fxn hashref.] Line-oriented solutions assume small lines, and that the pattern has
| 362680 [fxn hashref.] newline (beeline is damn phone autocorrection)
+ 362687 [shortcutter ] Yes, that could be done.  However, I would not use this for languages=20
  362693 [unbewusst.se] Right, however REXML isn't working for badly balanced tags.

^ reading file after a particular line in file
362618 [nairvan gmai] I would like to read a file in ruby. It is a 2G file, but
+ 362622 [rick.denatal] Grep is going to have to read the file to find that pattern anyway.
+ 362623 [rogerpack200] If you don't know where it is, then you'll probably have to parse each

^ Determine if IE has an open modal window win32ole
362621 [arti.p.singh] Does anyone know how to determine if an Internet Explorer window has a
363195 [d-l-brown ro] What version of ruby and watir are you using?

^ [ANN] JRuby 1.5.0 Released
362628 [nicksieger g] The JRuby community is pleased to announce the release of JRuby 1.5.0.

^ remove_const does not play nice with require
362629 [neerajdotnam] $ ruby -v
362630 [jbarnette gm] `require` consults $LOADED_FEATURES.

^ Command Line Arguments problem
362635 [derril.lucci] Greetings,
+ 362636 [jgabrielygal] require 'date'
| 362638 [derril.lucci] Certainly.
| 362663 [b.candler po] No, but it will help if you can provide a complete, standalone program
| 362752 [derril.lucci] Figured it out.  Turns out, I was checking if ARGV's size was 0, then
+ 362637 [mat patch.co] When working with command-line options, you'll have a much better time

^ Reading Data From Excel File
362647 [sweetzubair ] I write some code for Reading data from excel file and put into the
362648 [ayumu.aizawa] Keyword, Object_Prop_Name ... there are constant values in Ruby.
362649 [sweetzubair ] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
362650 [ayumu.aizawa] plz post now virsion of your program.
362651 [sweetzubair ] require 'watir'
362654 [john.allen e] So are you getting the same warning messages??  Since those were
362656 [ayumu.aizawa] This program may be your want, but also you can use Selenium or Mechanize.

^ How to read id3 tags from files
362652 [benemue goog] I want to read (not write, change or other things, just read) id3 Tags
362675 [lparravi gma] You should mention which libraries tried to use if you need help on
362686 [benemue goog] This was it I tried, but it can't read flac tags.
362688 [reid.thompso] using a quick google for  "ruby flac tags"
362689 [benemue goog] great!

^ Asynchronous HTTP request
362657 [dan-ml dan42] Does anyone know how to do the following, but without threads, purely
+ 362662 [b.candler po] Depends what you mean by "with asynchronous IO". Do you want to keep
| 362670 [dan-ml dan42] I mean nonblocking. I don't want to keep calling select(), I just want
| + 362671 [matthew byte] I think you are trying to save the computer time at the expense of your
| + 362672 [b.candler po] http = Net::HTTP.start(...)
|   362773 [dan-ml dan42] Thanks for your answer. It was a bit more low-level than I would've
|   362775 [b.candler po] So you didn't want a Thread, but you'll happily use a Fiber...
|   362777 [dan-ml dan42] Well, yes, a Fiber is just a coroutine, nothing like a thread.
|   362951 [b.candler po] Except that the semantics of Threads are well defined. You start them,
|   + 362969 [billk cts.co] As an aside, Fibers can behave in that fashion when used within a
|   + 362986 [dan-ml dan42] Given that I just said a Fiber is nothing like a thread, I'm not sure
|     363003 [b.candler po] Oh yes, sorry about that. I'd digested one of the method_missing
+ 362867 [rogerpack200] It might fit well. Give it a shot.
+ 362899 [zach.lists g] You could check out http://github.com/pauldix/typhoeus
+ 362900 [has.sox gmai] Event machine is perfect for this kind of stuff.  Weather it fits with the
| 362909 [dan-ml dan42] If you could show me how to use EventMachine in this case I'd be
| 362987 [has.sox gmai] What context are you trying to do this in?  Is it inside a rack request
| 362995 [dan-ml dan42] Ok, here's the context. I didn't put this in my OP because I figured
| + 362998 [tony.arcieri] The problem here is inversion of control.  EventMachine inverts control on
| | 363000 [billk cts.co] Sorry if I'm being redundant, but I wanted to point out that EventMachine
| | 363001 [tony.arcieri] And I'm pretty sure I was the first person to ever implement a Ruby
| | 363031 [rogerpack200] Yeah I was going to mention revactor as well.
| + 362999 [has.sox gmai] Ok now we're talking.  So with rack you can't do true async with a callback.
|   363014 [dan-ml dan42] Ah, but I never really wanted callbacks; that would be evented IO. The
+ 362901 [tony.arcieri] Looks like you want futures, which can be provided by any number of
  362902 [has.sox gmai] It uses threads and blocks on first access (no callbacks).
  362911 [dan-ml dan42] Except that's pretty much the same thing as my original example. And
  362914 [tony.arcieri] That's one way of looking at it.  However, Erlang ultimately relies on

^ [ANN] Mail version 2.2.1
362660 [raasdnil gma] I just pushed Mail 2.2.1.  ActionMailer edge now depends on 2.2.1 as =

^ How to append the time stamp in before file name
362661 [sweetzubair ] i write code for create log file and i want to append the time stamp
362673 [lparravi gma] You get string interpolation when using double quotes. See for other

^ net-ssh....
362681 [alfonso.capo] I've a big problema using the last version net-ssh on my Ubuntu (i386)
362706 [trednu gmail] you are probably not connected at all.

^ idiomatic way to pass multiple Procs/lambdas/blocks
362684 [cremes.devli] def send message, timeout = -1, callback, errback
+ 362685 [tony.arcieri] I like using symbols that identify named methods, personally
+ 362694 [ninja slapha] send({

^ Tempfile broken in Ruby 1.9.1?
362690 [rdpoor gmail] I've been using Tempfile to create ~ 6 files of plot data.  However,
+ 362760 [rogerpack200] Not sure. Only thing related appears to be
+ 362764 [normalperson] No, the contract is that Tempfiles exist until there are no longer

^ Re: Putting value in sorted array
362692 [real.sergeyc] sorting after each insertion is a bad idea. there is a quite simple
+ 362705 [botpena gmai] 1 that breaks if value inserted is less than minimum
+ 362717 [shortcutter ] Kind regards

^ segmentation fault while using Ruby::DL
362697 [jarmo.p gmai] I tried to call a simple method on Windows (XP, Win7 - didn't matter)
+ 362716 [jarmo.p gmai] Just wanted to let you know that segfault doesn't happen with win32-api
+ 362759 [rogerpack200] It's probably a bug.  You can report it at redmine.ruby-lang.org
  362766 [jarmo.p gmai] Does your recommendation also apply when the library in question is
  362767 [rogerpack200] I'm not actually totally into the subject (I've done a few ffi

^ [ANN] Citrus ~ Parsing Expressions for Ruby
362698 [mjijackson g] Just released this gem today, and thought others might get some good
+ 362700 [default spir] are you the real Michael Jackson?
| 362701 [mjijackson g] Yes. I'm real. ;)
+ 362850 [eule space.c] Out of curiosity: What are you using citrus for? What is the
  362862 [mjijackson g] At this point Citrus is a parser combinator. It is able to take

^ Re: Mail version 2.2.1
362699 [aldric trevo] Excellent. Keep up the good work, and thanks for doing this!

^ [ANN] RubyGems 1.3.7
362708 [drbrain segm] rubygems version 1.3.7 has been released!
+ 362729 [matt tidbits] This sounds great. It turned out that rdoc_osx_dictionary, with its
+ 362730 [cremes.devli] Thanks for your continued work on this! What a great contribution to the community...
+ 362740 [wayneeseguin] Eric,
  362748 [drbrain segm] do

^ How to check the file is available or not.
362710 [sweetzubair ] How to check the file is available or not.
+ 362711 [jgabrielygal] if test ?e, "c:/test/test.txt"
+ 362715 [b.candler po] begin
+ 362758 [rogerpack200] There is File.readable?(name)

^ Play audio file (AAC) from ruby program
362712 [sentinel.200] I need to play, pause and resume AAC files from a ruby console program
362724 [default spir] if its for the mac, you could use MacRuby with QTKit.
+ 362726 [lparravi gma] I'm not saying it's the best solution, but you can use mpg321 to
| 362733 [sentinel.200] Thanks, I just tried it. It gave a malloc error complaining first that
| 362734 [jonathan jmn] You might also try mplayer in -slave mode.  I know that can handle 48k audio.
| 362776 [sentinel.200] I've come across a Snack Sound Toolkit,
+ 362732 [sentinel.200] I am on a mac, but this is a console program so should be usable on

^ How to Pump $1,000s in CASH & Checks to your door.
362714 [brighten235 ] How to Pump $1,000s in CASH & Checks to your door.

^ Range on strings.
362718 [nasa42 gmail] If I do -
+ 362719 [robert.dober] I do not know if it is a bug, but the behavior has changed in Ruby1.9,
+ 362771 [josh.cheek g] I think the problem is that on 1.8 it checks include by seeing if the value
+ 362785 [mrzombie the] Mac OS X Snow Leopard running Ruby 1.9.1, same behavior.
| 362805 [josh.cheek g] $ rvm use 1.9.1
+ 362856 [nasa42 gmail] Probably because the way Strings are compared, "AA" < "Z" #=3D> true
| 362863 [mrzombie the] Just for the kicks, I tried with ('a'..'z').include? 'aa'
+ 362858 [dblack rubyp] As per the other answers, it's because ('A'..'Z').to_a is an array of
| + 362861 [rick.denatal] Not exactly.  Range#include? for Ruby 1.9 has a few special cases.
| | 362865 [dblack rubyp] Thanks. I was being lazy, so I'm glad for the further info :-)
| + 362864 [shortcutter ] Throwing just my cent in here: I believe the solution in 1.9.* is
|   362868 [dblack rubyp] $ ruby191 -e "p((1..10).include?(3.4))"
+ 362891 [data quantum] Using ruby 1.9.1 and Windows Vista both examples return false.

^ LIFE INSURANCE  Life insurance business is analyzed under new  business individual insurance, rural new business, development of new  products, new business projects under group insurance, new business projects  under group superannuation schems, bus
362720 [devisandhyac] LIFE INSURANCE

^ Comparing elements within an array
362721 [trodwell iee] I'm familiar with the enumberable sort method ...
362722 [robert.dober] ah a #unique_by, I therefore conclude that you want to keep one
362723 [trodwell iee] Many thanks for this, and you ahve exactly described what I am wanting
362728 [alexg rugged] module Enumerable
362731 [robert.dober] yes I do not worry about 1.8 much anymore, not very considerate of me
362738 [trodwell iee] Yup, that all works - thanks to you both!

^ using Ruby to extract search result
362725 [aaronbarwell] I am a complete beginner (used ruby for the first time today).

^ Reporting Bugs about REXML ?
362727 [hadmut danis] where would I report a bug about ruby REXML?
+ 362737 [robert.dober] Hmm IIRC that would be on ruby-core
| 362744 [hadmut danis] I recently have asked a question about the standard library on
| 362762 [aaron tender] If you have a bug, not a question about how to use the standard library,
+ 362765 [mjijackson g] Just FYI, REXML is probably the worst possible XML library available
  + 362768 [sophrinix gm] I know this isn't a rails mailing list, but if speed is of utmost important,
  + 363176 [hadmut danis] Well, I feel a little bit annoyed about such recommendations like
    + 363291 [robert.dober] Ruby is a wonderful programming language, but should that not be a
    + 363293 [shortcutter ] I don't agree to that assessment of Michael.  Whenever I have to deal

^ GServer Miultiple Clients - Collisions
362735 [sendmail ins] I've got a small problem using gserver with multiple client connections.
+ 362757 [rogerpack200] I'm not too familiar with it, but GServer probably threads incoming
+ 362894 [sendmail ins] "results" does not exist.  I was missing it, because the exception was

^ Memory leak in Rails apps
362736 [jmanivannanc] We have developed rails reports and deployed in server, report have some
+ 362745 [jonathan jmn] You may start garbage collection manually in Ruby by calling GC.start,
+ 362756 [rogerpack200] I have added some GC suggestions to the bottom of
+ 362761 [josh.cheek g] One of the talks at Ruby Midwest is going to be on Memprof. Here's it's

^ Rake versus Ruby?
362739 [mo_mail ongh] I was thinking of this on my way home, but could not come up with a good
+ 362746 [jonathan jmn] Rake allows you to create tasks that are dependent on one another,
+ 362749 [james.britt ] * Dependency chain management
  362750 [jbarnette gm] not entirely clear.   If I move the code into Rake tasks with a decent =
  362994 [james.britt ] Interesting.  Does not grep the description, though.

^ Problem ruby pwd in different directory
362741 [gladenko gla] i have a script in direcory ex
+ 362743 [lparravi gma] Dir.pwd gives the current working directory. To get the directory of
| 362747 [gladenko gla] Yessss Thank you very much! now is all ok!
+ 362774 [josh.cheek g] every time I've needed that, it had to do with relative positioning of

^ Robust HTTP file upload server in Ruby?
362742 [tony.arcieri] I'm looking for a server-side HTTP file upload solution in Ruby which would
362763 [normalperson] You could probably build a simple Rack handler (like below, just

^ Propogate variable up to included module
362751 [slush314 gma] Hey folks,
362754 [transfire gm] At the instance level yes, and the module level no (though you can
362801 [robert.dober] module M
362802 [transfire gm] How would that work?
+ 362808 [slush314 gma] I thought modules sit further up the inheritance chain that classes?
+ 362809 [robert.dober] That's exactly what I gave you, good then :)