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^ Switching dynamically between methods (inside modules)
361963 [cyril.staff ] I would like to allow a person object (instanced from a Person class) to
361964 [robert.dober] A first, elegant approach suffers from the minor defect that it does not work ;(
361965 [robert.dober] Oh BTW, traits do exactly what you want, maybe you want to check out
361966 [rick.denatal] To me, this problem cries out for delegation rather than inheritance
+ 361969 [shortcutter ] Absolutely!
| 361971 [robert.dober] Ok can you kinda stop of spoiling the fun ;).
| 361975 [shortcutter ] How can I stop you from having fun?  It's a free world and you can do
+ 361972 [cyril.staff ] Impressive code, thanks Rick Denatale! Thank you too, Robert Dober!  I
  361974 [shortcutter ] This does not work as the #{} is expanded right here, i.e. if you look

^ Besoins d'infos
361967 [rubyforum yo] J'aurais besoin de quelques infos au sujet du scripting par ruby.
361973 [aldric trevo] La reponse a toutes ces questions est oui.

^ Need informations
361977 [rubyforum yo] I need some informations about the scripting with Ruby.
361981 [rick.denatal] Sure there are various ways to interact with processes, this seems to

^ Inverse of stream parser
361983 [b.candler po] I plan to parse a huge XML document (too big to fit into RAM) using a
+ 361995 [vikkous gmai] From my experience, REXML is far too wimpy to deal with data on this
+ 361999 [wishdev gmai] Morning,
+ 362000 [robert.dober] Would you care to use JRuby?
| 362015 [b.candler po] I don't mind which stream parser, but Java is out :-)
| + 362018 [b.candler po] storing XML docs as rows in a SQL database, and one component of that
| + 362026 [tony.arcieri] Why?
|   362034 [robert.dober] And to add insult to injury, by interfacing J*** ;) with JRuby you do
|   362045 [flo andersgr] Just to be clear, too: By interfacing Java with JRuby, you get a Ruby =
|   + 362049 [robert.dober] agreed, I was putting my bold statement to test, when calling into
|   | 362063 [robert.dober] BTW what about Nokogiri? http://nokogiri.org/Nokogiri/XML/SAX.html I
|   + 362064 [james.britt ] Often true.  However, the range of fast, reliable libraries is much
|   + 362201 [headius head] I don't know a lot of struggling Java consultants that have released
+ 362251 [TandGandGAGN] Depending on how complicated the XML is, you may be able to use a

^ freetds implementation in Ruby
361984 [thiagoovm gm] Do you guys know about any implementation of the freetds protocol in
361985 [felipecpg gm] Dude, feels like you and I work together. LOL
362898 [TandGandGAGN] Doesn't Ruby have a C-interface?  Wouldn't the first step be to wrap the

361986 [alumsimporta] Does anyone knows how to access a method's url within the method
361992 [marius nuenn] xxxxxxxxx

^ File.read(fname) vs. File.read(fname,File.size(fname))
361988 [alexinbeijin] I have learned from experience to avoid reading files using
362001 [rogerpack200] Yeah this is true.  I think it has been fixed in ruby trunk, though (try
362014 [rogerpack200] I'm unable to reproduce this except on windows, so that's where you are,
362035 [alexinbeijin] Thanks for your reply, Roger!
362047 [michel demaz] In my case, on Windows with 1.9.1 and an utf-8 file, the two commands

^ Cann't require UTF-8 files.
361989 [o01eg yandex] irb(main):001:0> require '/tmp/share/mudserver/game.rb'
361997 [vikkous gmai] Are you using ruby 1.9? If so, then you need to add a magic encoding
361998 [o01eg yandex] Thanks, it work.

^ Encrypting/Decrypting files wirh ruby.
361990 [demec me.com] I have been searching the internet to find a way to encrypt files and
362053 [baduk mailin] There are many examples of using OpenSSL to encrypt and decrypt files in
362055 [demec me.com] Baduk thanx for your reply.
362079 [b.candler po] ruby's openssl library works fine, but it's quite low level, which means

^ TCPServer issue
361991 [tildeNO SPAM] Someone knows why this source
361994 [dblack rubyp] It happens to me too, when I name my file socket.rb and use Ruby
362004 [rogerpack200] I think 1.9 started preferring .rb files over .so files, where possible.
362007 [tildeNO SPAM] I haven't think at this behavior of the interpreter, many thx ^^

^ Re: JRuby 1.5.0.RC2 Released
362005 [rogerpack200] => true

^ get browser name and version
362006 [mmc_collins ] I want get the browser name and version using ruby.
+ 362180 [edumucelli g] I'm not quite sure, but I guess that Launchy has a interface through
+ 362181 [kvnhpkns gma] the only real thing i know of to accomplish is using javascript to get the
+ 362189 [b.candler po] If you're writing a web application in Ruby, and want to get the browser
+ 362810 [hutch-lists ] There's this gem too <http://github.com/kuccello/Spy-Vs-Spy>

^ Setting to Ruby 1.9 in Ubuntu...
362008 [xeno.campano] I tried installing a bunch of ruby 1.9 stuff on my Ubuntu laptop last night, but
362009 [walton vyper] The Ubuntu way is to run 'sudo update-alternatives --config ruby' and
+ 362011 [jameskilton ] way...???
| 362016 [xeno.campano] root@rockhopper:~# gem install rvm
| + 362017 [jameskilton ] You didn't follow the instructions I gave and the block of text there =
| | 362020 [xeno.campano] Sorry man.  The more I play with this thing, the less comfortable I feel about
| + 362019 [walton vyper] This is because the location that Debian/Ubuntu's version of rubygems
|   362024 [xeno.campano] Yes, you know in some settings I really want to stay with a simple set of
+ 362012 [james.britt ] Or install from source code.
+ 362013 [xeno.campano] Thank you.  That didn't get me there, but I really appreciate the quick
  + 362021 [walton vyper] Ugh.  I just assumed that Ruby would be managed through the
  | 362022 [jonathan jmn] Try 'sudo gem install rvm'
  | 362027 [walton vyper] No it won't, he's installed the Debian version of rubygems, which puts
  | 362029 [jonathan jmn] Well, that's precisely what I did on mine to install rvm atop Ubuntu's
  + 362074 [kbloom gmail] Ubuntu (and most other distributions) believe in having a default version

^ What is the standard way to put a standard set of asserts into a called subroutine in test/unit?
362023 [xeno.campano] require 'test/unit'
+ 362030 [vikkous gmai] On 4/30/10, Xeno Campanoli / Eskimo North and Gmail
+ 362275 [phlip2005 gm] On Apr 30, 2:42=A0pm, Xeno Campanoli / Eskimo North and Gmail

^ Can I do this with Ruby?
362036 [sbstn26 yaho] I have very little knowledge in programming.  I tried to learn Visual
362037 [brabuhr gmai] If I was building an application to handle something like that, I
362040 [sbstn26 yaho] I'm not interested in webapp because we don't have a network setup.  I
362044 [jgabrielygal] You don't need a network setup to use a webapp, you can launch it in

^ Online survey jobs & data entry jobs
362046 [onlinejobsat] ...

^ Cheap Software Offers!
362051 [mkmax2 gmail] We have best software prices, visit us at http://cheaphsoft4u.com/?rid=107

^ Upgrading a socket to an SSLSocket
362054 [baduk mailin] Is it possible to 'upgrade' a normal socket to an SSL socket. I would
+ 362070 [rogerpack200] I think you can do it with eventmachine, since you call start_tls
+ 362078 [b.candler po] There's a complete working example of this in ruby-ldapserver, see

^ Reading lines from a file into an array
362056 [jack.zelig g] Using ruby, I am trying to read in lines from a two column html table
362057 [jgabrielygal] Usually parsing html with regular expressions is risky. I'd use a
362060 [jack.zelig g] Thanks for your reply. That really helped.

^ a ruby 1.8.5 list of ruby VM's
362058 [kannan.deepa] a ruby 1.8.5 list of ruby VM's

^ Re: subclassing Logging
362066 [tim.pease gm] for my classes. They all log to the same rolling file.  I seem to get =
362084 [dhf0820 gmai] or my classes. They all log to the same rolling file. =A0I seem to get two =

^ class in instance_eval -- what the namespace?
362069 [simon.a.chia] I'm confused as to how the parent constant is determined when you

^ how can i get that kind of transpose?
362071 [myocean135 y] there is text1
+ 362072 [sophrinix gm] Try googling for ruby matrix rotate.
+ 362073 [botpena gmai] pose
+ 362076 [b.candler po] Is this what you want?
+ 362129 [josh.cheek g] First your names are "text1" and "text2" but your data is not quoted like

^ Sendmail, semicolons and new lines
362075 [trodwell iee] I know the tile doesn't sound very Ruby-related but please bear with me!
+ 362077 [b.candler po] This is complete nonsense. Sendmail doesn't handle semicolons in mail
+ 362080 [shortcutter ] There is net/smtp in the standard library.
  362082 [trodwell iee] Ah, very helpful and very useful, many thanks Robert.  By using
  362085 [b.candler po] Ah. An E-mail message consists of headers and a body, and they are
  362202 [trodwell iee] Many thanks for the explanation Brian - always nice to know 'why' as

^ Convert a raw string to an array of big-endian words
362081 [cyril.staff ] I would like to convert a raw string to an array of big-endian words.
362091 [cyril.staff ] Regards

^ Teaching Programming Languages (including Ruby)
362083 [space.ship.t] This is a follow up from previous postings about teaching Ruby in the =
+ 362086 [jmaher jdmah] Awfully ambitious!
| + 362087 [ak4u2009 gma] yeah the links given are good..
| | 362089 [space.ship.t] charset=us-ascii
| | 362090 [ak4u2009 gma] I have looked at wikibooks link on PHP learning part..but i don't fond a
| | 362092 [space.ship.t] Dear Aamir,
| + 362088 [space.ship.t] charset=us-ascii
+ 362105 [shortcutter ] I don't find your description of Java accurate.  For one, it has a
| 362115 [space.ship.t] charset=us-ascii
| 362119 [shortcutter ] ecause it does not have primitive types. =A0Also, the ascription that it is=
| 362120 [space.ship.t] Dear Robert,
| + 362122 [robert.dober] I was reading this with quite some interest when it struck me that you
| | 362123 [space.ship.t] Dear Robert,
| + 362130 [alec arlross] Williams <space.ship.traveller@gmail.com> writes
|   362131 [space.ship.t] Dear Alec,
|   + 362134 [alec arlross] Williams <space.ship.traveller@gmail.com> writes
|   + 362136 [rick.denatal] Just to reinforce the point.  Computer language are neither inherently
|     362137 [space.ship.t] Interesting, Thanks for the information.
+ 362145 [jeremywoerti] Not that it matters, but I was curious as to why the doors examples are
  362149 [space.ship.t] Dear Jeremy,

^ bowline
362093 [robin1 cnsp.] bowline?
+ 362095 [dominikh for] ...
+ 362133 [josh.cheek g] After you have it installed, go to your command line type $gem server

^ Qtruby scale images on window resize with QGraphicsView and  QGraphicsScene
362094 [darkintent g] I'm trying to get an image to scale nicely on window resize with Qt and all

^ Install from source on CentOS question
362096 [velvetpixel ] I am attempting to install 1.9.1 from source on CentOS 5.4 and am
362097 [v4forums gma] I am new to Ruby and I came across this same problem when I was installing
362112 [b.candler po] There's no need to install openssl from source. Just install the

^ Main working window for Ruby is DOS?
362098 [sbstn26 yaho] I know nothing about programming and am not a techy person, so please
+ 362099 [sbstn26 yaho] I think what I'm trying to say is does it have an IDE? integrated
| + 362102 [cremes.devli] Here are a couple I found with a quick google search. I use TextMate for my own work, but it doesn't have all of the visual basic pointy-clicky stuff like some of these others.
| + 362106 [ninja slapha] That's fine. I'm still going to correct your terms, though. How else will you
+ 362100 [usenet-nospa] No.  Ruby is a programming language, not a GUI builder.
| 362104 [sbstn26 yaho] Thanks guys.  I want to make a program for the company I'm working for.
| + 362107 [usenet-nospa] Not really.  If you really want a form-builder type thing, I guess I
| + 362121 [d_rems yahoo] How much patience do you have? From your words I can conclude that you
+ 362101 [benemue goog] Visual BASIC is a
+ 362103 [walton vyper] Not a stupid question at all, just a newbie question (which is what this
+ 362113 [rob flowof.i] Do you have a Mac?
+ 362146 [jeremywoerti] BAM! http://www.sapphiresteel.com/
  362152 [alexandermcm] There are some beginners lessons to programming using Ruby at www.oldkingja=

^ MacRuby 0.5 : Library not loaded
362108 [stefjeubs gm] I'm using XCode 3.2.3 and MacRuby 0.5.
362114 [rob flowof.i] Have you tried creating a statically linked binary of your MacRuby

^ bottom line question to help me get started
362109 [sbstn26 yaho] I will take Walton's advice and read the "poignant guide to Ruby".  When
+ 362110 [james.britt ] There are UI toolkits that allow you to use a text editor to define what
+ 362111 [b.candler po] It's an old version of a book (for ruby 1.6) but this edition is free,

^ School teacher still at it learning programming language
362116 [my77elephant] Now I while glimpsing at the beauty of Ruby, there is the software of
+ 362117 [space.ship.t] Dear Hilary,
| 362207 [my77elephant] Dear Samuel,
| 362211 [space.ship.t] Dear Hilary,
| 362279 [my77elephant] Dear Samuel,
| 362282 [space.ship.t] Dear Hilary,
| 367284 [my77elephant] Dear Samuel and the entire OpenSource community
| 367391 [steve stevek] Hey Hilary-
| 367420 [my77elephant] Thanks a $llion Steve. So far it looks very inviting to read.
+ 362132 [josh.cheek g] Rails is a framework for programming web applications. That means it helps
+ 362167 [b.candler po] Rails is a web application framework. By typing "rails mydiary" you have

^ Doubt regarding Exception handling in Watir
362118 [vinod236 gma] below is my code

^ Installing icu4r
362124 [unbewusst.se] zsh-% sudo macgem install icu4r

^ Ruby Midwest Conference Early Bird Pricing
362125 [lpillow gmai] I want to remind everyone to register (http://j.mp/rmw-register) for Ruby

^ how  to use load comman(in mysql) in ruby?
362126 [myocean135 y] LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE "/home/pt/test/bal.csv" INTO TABLE bal FIELDS
362165 [b.candler po] Did you intend the extra space in there?
362228 [myocean135 y] think you ,it must be ENCLOSED BY '\"'

^ Bundler gem: "no such file to load"
362127 [moshimoshi.h] I have some troubles with a Ruby gem... named Bundler.  My OS is Ubuntu
362135 [ruby-forum a] The first thing I notice is that you run `ruby`, with no version number,

^ key search in files
362128 [quantum.17 h] i am trying to find a set of keys within specific files under a specific
362153 [shortcutter ] This is likely caused by the fact, that you do not postprocess what
362154 [quantum.17 h] thanks for your reply and advices robert.

^ Detecting Single Modifier Key Presses (Is HighLine Not Able?
362138 [lists f-p-i.] <2.33GHz MBPC2D, Running OS X 10.6.3, Ruby 1.8.7 (173)>

^ Is there likely to be any problem with an embedded assert statement like this?
362139 [xeno.campano] class BaseMenuUnitTests < Test::Unit::TestCase
362143 [transfire gm] On May 3, 4:07=A0pm, Xeno Campanoli / Eskimo North and Gmail

^ ANN: Sequel 3.11.0 Released
362140 [code jeremye] Sequel is a lightweight database access toolkit for Ruby.

^ Re: Help decoding UDPSocket trap data
362141 [joao.pompei ] I know that isn't the thread to ask this, but this is the closest I got
362147 [johnsheahan ] I was able to get my version to work but I have to look back now and
362179 [joao.pompei ] We got the things going here. Thanks all.

^ [ANN] MacRuby 0.6
362142 [laurent.sans] After 3 months of development since the last release, MacRuby 0.6 is

^ Nokogiri bug or intended effect??
362144 [jeremywoerti] I'm trying to parse this (poorly formatted) page, and when I look at the
+ 362148 [8si.greg gma] Try using the .content() or .text() methods to get the text content of
| 362199 [jeremywoerti] Yeah, I tried that. It just returns the name all squished. Any other
+ 362161 [mike.dalessi] If you post this question to nokogiri-talk with a reproducible test case, I
  362242 [jeremywoerti] Cool, I'll try that. Thanks man.

^ [ANN] Lone Star Ruby Conference 2010 - Call for Speakers
362150 [jimfreeze gm] Lone Star Ruby Conference 2010

^ Ocra-fied exe doesn't trace with set_trace_func
362151 [djlewis tria] set_trace_func does not seem to work in an ocra executable -- the proc
362176 [djlewis tria] Ah, I see that set_trace_func is "unsupported". I guess that means

^ * splat error
362155 [kerwinfranks] error below. Why is that, according to the textbook it should work, also
+ 362156 [shortcutter ] CYGWIN_NT-5.1 padrklemme1 1.7.5(0.225/5/3) 2010-04-12 19:07 i686 Cygwin
| + 362157 [kerwinfranks] I tried putting end after the last brace but didn't work. I am assuming
| | + 362158 [justincollin] def s(required, default="default", *variable_args, &block)
| | | 362160 [robert.dober] It is legal in 1.9 and illegal in 1.8
| | | + 362163 [dblack rubyp] Ditto in arrays as well as parameter lists. (Kind of interesting that
| | | + 362200 [justincollin] Hmmm...noted.
| | + 362159 [josh.cheek g] Robert is saying that it works in 1.9.1 (see how it says Syntax OK), but not
| + 362373 [headius head] ~/projects/jruby =E2=9E=94 jruby -e "def s(a,*b,c) end"
+ 362162 [b.candler po] What Robert is saying is that is valid syntax for ruby 1.9, but not for
  362164 [kerwinfranks] Thanks guys for all the input as well as the timely responses! I have to
  362204 [josh.cheek g] ...

^ Something I expected to work, but didn't!
362166 [kurtisrainbo] irb(main):001:0> x = 2
362169 [alex.decaria] You need the same number of arguments on the right hand side as you do
362170 [alex.decaria] And, compound assignment operators such as *=, +=, etc. aren't allowed
362172 [kurtisrainbo] Ah-ha, someone gets what I was talking about, but my point was they
+ 362177 [gsinclair gm] I have no idea what that code snippet is intended to do!  So it
| 362182 [aldric trevo] Yes.. I'm not sure this follows the POLS principle. It probably follows
| 362186 [matt harpsta] I'm not sure why you would think that the POLS is for the operator on the
| 362188 [b.candler po] Except that does nothing except calculate values and throw them away
| 362190 [matt harpsta] Good point.
| 362191 [matt harpsta] I just had a semi-evil thought, however.....
+ 362185 [walton vyper] irb(main):001:0>  x, y=2