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^ When to use a db?
361540 [a3794202 owl] Dumb question but I am reading in a constant stream of lines via
+ 361589 [b.candler po] Unless your data structure won't fit in RAM, then you'll be better off
| 361665 [kyleaschmitt] Actually, if your data won't fit in RAM, you still probably want to do
| 361667 [usenet-nospa] I'm a big fan of those tools, but what I've found is that the moment I
| 361751 [a3794202 owl] Thank you all for your comments, I really appreciate it.  I have to
| 361862 [ninja slapha] In other words, a naive implementation, you'd be reading in the entire
| 361950 [a3794202 owl] Thank you David for your informative and considerate reply.  I
+ 361655 [kvnhpkns gma] I recently had a project here at work where I had to take close to 120k
  361664 [usenet-nospa] My answer used to be "oh, use flat files and the like, they're simpler".

^ [ANN] clogger 0.4.0 - small cleanups
361567 [normalperson] Clogger is Rack middleware for logging HTTP requests.  The log format

^ Ruby 1.91.376 hangs when launched with python pExpect
361568 [david.franci] I have a ruby program which has a UI using readline library. In the
361604 [rogerpack200] Maybe readline is getting confused somehow.  You could try using pure
361608 [david.franci] while @logout == false
361609 [rogerpack200] Hmm.  One thing to remember is Ruby has a GLI, which means that if any
361613 [david.franci] Could you explain me what is a GLI and what does it mean when a thread
361719 [rogerpack200] might help.
361746 [david.franci] Thanks Roger

^ [ANN] ad_agency version 0.1.2 has been released
361570 [rick.denatal] Announcing ad_agency version 0.1.2

^ Voronoi diagrams
361571 [jsosa smartd] Anyone know how to generate Voronoi diagrams with rubyvor library? ..

^ HOW  TO Track How Many Recipients Open Your Mail IN RAILS
361573 [augustine.ma] HOW  TO Track How Many Recipients Open Your Mail IN RAILS?
361591 [walton vyper] Can't be done.  There is no way to know for sure who has/hasn't read an
361593 [kvnhpkns gma] Email tracking can be done with a fair amount of accuracy but it is a pain
361606 [walton vyper] It also doesn't work if the users client blocks remote content (most do).
361675 [augustine.ma] ain

^ Re: ruby scripting on waitr
361574 [abhishekpand] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.

^ [MacRuby] UTF-8 to MacRoman conversion
361575 [unbewusst.se] I need to convert a String from UTF-8 to MacRoman, MacRuby makes use of

^ scRUBYt! Next Page e fill_textfield... Who can help me?
361576 [panthe liber] I don't understand some thing with scRUBYt!.

^ Finding dynamic Div tag using its innertext
361577 [vinod236 gma] I am using watir , in that have a scenario where they change a innertext
361618 [bpettichord ] browser.div(:text, 'dynamic text').
361632 [vinod236 gma] Thanks Bret for the fast response. i used another way to solve it

^ Test::Unit examples and OptionParser
361578 [mail maasha.] I am looking for a stack of unit tests examples to check the behavior of
361579 [shortcutter ] What exactly do you expect?  Do you want to test whether OptionParser
361590 [mail maasha.] @Robert
361594 [shortcutter ] Well, there you have it.  Just replace "==" tests with assertions and

^ If-Else within a loop going through array elements...
361581 [saeed.bhuta ] I'm having problems with a if-else statement within a loop which cycles
+ 361582 [vikkous gmai] Use the 'elsif' keyword instead of 'else if'.
+ 361583 [glennj ncf.c] [... the code you pasted ...]
| 361585 [saeed.bhuta ] Apologies for the confusion, I changed the else if to elseif and now
| 361588 [charles.john] Try elsif instead of elseif
+ 361584 [lyle lylejoh] ml
  361586 [saeed.bhuta ] Just spotted my mistake, I just removed the space between else if

^ Best way to write this method?
361587 [novelltermin] Could my code below be more Ruby-esque or simpler (using Ruby methods I
361625 [novelltermin] Each hash passed into overlaps?(x,y) will have a key (day of the week)
361631 [shortcutter ] I would start out by creating at least two or three classes.  One for
361653 [novelltermin] You are right about my initial coding being incorrect. I noticed it
+ 361657 [cwdinfo gmai] Here's a simple out-of-bounds comparison for elements_overlap? It makes =
| 361703 [vikkous gmai] This is on the right track to the right implementation, but it won't
+ 361668 [robert.dober] Hmm? Do I miss something here?
| 361671 [cwdinfo gmai] The algorithm I proposed for overlaps? is (by my count) at worst O(2). =
| 361679 [robert.dober] Ah indeed that was the point I did not understand, it did not seem to
| 361702 [cwdinfo gmai] O(2). This one looks like at least O(n*m). Maybe I'm wrong about that. =
| 361706 [robert.dober] This one looks like at least O(n*m). Maybe I'm wrong about that. In any cas=
| 361709 [ed.howland g] I'd check out "runt" ]1\ Ruby temporal expressions. I've used these
+ 361677 [shortcutter ] TimeTable

^ Latest News & Games & funny & Earn more Site(parttime & full time)...
361592 [kalaivanifai] Sania Mirza hot news & Download All software and

^ Reprocess Escape Sequences
361595 [nmadura umic] I am getting a string that has escape sequences in it, and I would like
361635 [shortcutter ] If you use eval you rather need to do something like this

^ ruby tutorial ,cloud computing
361597 [sriram.manuf] could anyone please tell me any good tutorial for ruby to be use d in

^ Ruby and Japanese
361599 [maxbc yandex] $KCODE = "UTF-8"

^ Sinatra without RubyGems
361601 [kwicher gmai] I wonder if it is possible to run Sinatra without useing RubyGems.
361605 [joelvanderwe] Depends on what you mean. For my purposes, the answer is yes.
+ 361612 [kwicher gmai] OK
| + 361614 [vikkous gmai] Unless it's a severely constrained environment like heroku, you can
| + 361615 [walton vyper] I hope and pray you mean FastCGI, or FCGI, because CGI will be painfully
+ 361628 [lists groll.] Impressive! What do you see as the benefits of crown over nkryptic's
  361652 [joelvanderwe] - programs in a "sandbox" still use the rubygems lib at runtime (hence a

^ Paper Presentation on Network Security
361603 [paperpresent] Network Security is dominant paper presentations for B.tech students.

^ [QUIZ][SUMMARY] Digits of e (#226)
361607 [yahivin gmai] This quiz harkens back to another mathematically themed computation

^ Need some quick help with very simple program
361610 [mwksmith gma] Let's say I have a file named "data1.txt" and "data2.txt" that contain
361611 [robert.dober] ARGF.map( &:to_i ).inject( &:+ )

^ change to a newly created directory
361616 [johnwdale gm] Ruby Beginner
361621 [ghotrapa yah] file_path = ARGV[0]
361636 [alex.decaria] Dir.chdir(directory_name)
361708 [johnwdale gm] Great! thanks for your help.

^ Ruby Open-source programs for photo galleries
361619 [rubyforum we] I'm not finding any Ruby (on Rails or otherwise) open source programs of
361620 [sophrinix gm] phuby :-)

^ Using metaprogramming to refactor many similar Rake tasks?
361626 [kkaitan gmai] I inherited a project with a lot of badly-written Rake tasks that I
361650 [vikkous gmai] There may be some feature of rake that helps dry up code like this...

^ What is the difference build and new?
361627 [manojs.nitt ] What is the difference between
+ 361630 [shortcutter ] What is the question?  Seriously you do not provide any information
| 361644 [b.candler po] At a guess, it's an ActiveRecord question.
+ 361654 [luislavena g] tml
  361760 [manojs.nitt ] Thanks Luis...

^ Alarm Clock( )
361633 [rajiv.abraha] I am creating an musical alarm clock e.g. play a youtube video at 5:30
361638 [b.candler po] That's just sleep().

^ A problem with work.
361634 [bpor5374 big] I found this site, and hopefully there is someone who can help. I'm a
361766 [bpor5374 big] So, anyone?
361767 [jonathan jmn] You may have more luck posting to a more specifically 'sketchup'
361777 [bpor5374 big] Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, thats where I just came from. I
+ 361778 [matt technor] The folks from smustard & srelish are quite nice, you might check with
| 361872 [bpor5374 big] Thanks Matt.
+ 361864 [ninja slapha] Is that what you actually said?
  361871 [bpor5374 big] David Masover,

^   11    
361637 [honar12fd go] 2KfYt9mE2KfYudmK2Ycg2KjYstix2q/Yr9in2LTYqiAxMSDYp9ix2K/Zitio2YfYtNiqICDYsdmI

^ What is wrong with this few lines of code
361639 [d_rems yahoo] ar = Array.new( 2,[])
+ 361640 [rolfhsp gmai] The code ar = Array.new(n, []) actually makes n copies of the same object
| 361643 [shortcutter ] ct
+ 361641 [glennj ncf.c] ar[0] and ar[1] both refer to the same (empty) array at this point
+ 361642 [ruby urgewal] works as expected with ruby 1.9.1p376 (2009-12-07 revision 26041)
  361645 [dblack rubyp] Are you saying that you're getting the second result from exactly the
  361648 [ruby urgewal] sorry, I must have missed the second assignment (ar[1]<<  e), so I got

^ qtruby and pointers
361646 [alexnickolia] I'm newish to the whole qtruby thing, and I've run into an interesting

^ LDAP Authentication with Username
361649 [brent bjohns] I'm trying to authenticate a username/password with Active Directory on
361651 [brent bjohns] Sorry for replying to my own email - but in case anyone else runs across

^ Burn Audio CD
361656 [quattro004 g] Is there an existing gem or library I can use to burn audio to a cd
361993 [quattro004 g] Is there anybody out there, out there?
361996 [wishdev gmai] Morning,
362002 [quattro004 g] Are you talking about this

^ subscribe
361658 [jen jenlindn] subscribe Jennifer Lindner

^ ANN: Gotham Ruby Conference Registration Open
361659 [jen jenlindn] charset=WINDOWS-1252;

^ ruby require problem
361660 [int512 gmail] I don't get it. Why doesn't ruby have just require/include for
+ 361662 [kyleaschmitt] *cough*
+ 361666 [luislavena g] When asking question about ruby behaviors, provide a sample of code
  361680 [int512 gmail] You are right thanks. i guess it is ruby mine bug

^ (none)
361663 [theadmiral g] ...

^ mysql gem problem
361669 [oss.hcs goog] I am a ruby and linux newbie hoping to learn rails.  I have Ubuntu 9.10
361670 [jonathan jmn] .10
361672 [oss.hcs goog] That is it solved - thanks.  I had the ruby-dev, but not the longer one.

^ Ruby to Python communication
361673 [phil pricom.] People,
361674 [jonathan jmn] do

^ ncurses-ruby install failing on OS X Snow Leopard
361676 [sentinel.200] ncurses-ruby 1.2.4 is failing on Snow Leopard 10.6.3 (ruby 1.9.1). I am
361720 [sentinel.200] I've found a work-around.
361756 [m.fellinger ] I recommend ffi-ncurses.
361786 [sentinel.200] Michael,
361787 [m.fellinger ] It covers all the basic ncurses calls..
+ 361790 [botpena gmai] sean's page mentions that he has no plans incorporating forms. That is
| 361792 [sentinel.200] ncurses forms are fine for simple forms. But if you have a complex form
| 361856 [botpena gmai] best regards -botp
| 361866 [sentinel.200] I meant, first give the forms and fields that is *already available*
+ 361791 [sentinel.200] I already have everything working with Window and Panel and Pad for over

^ hot hot
361678 [jhshgqutg gm] hot kiss 2

^ #object_hexid
361681 [transfire gm] Can anyone write a reliable Kernel#object_hexid, a method that returns
+ 361682 [dominikh for] "0x%x" % (object_id << 1)
+ 361683 [b.candler po] Can you show the failing examples? Is the portability problem between
  + 361685 [transfire gm] That would be nice.
  | + 361704 [vikkous gmai] class Object
  | | 361705 [vikkous gmai] Oh, but I see now that this doesn't work for many builtins like Array,
  | + 361723 [headius head] I think you're going to be SOL expecting these values to always match
  |   361737 [transfire gm] I don't expect the values to match up across implementations, I just
  + 361687 [colinb2r goo] That's something I've wanted when I've been writing #inspect for a class, and

^ error to gem install  mysql
361684 [myocean135 y] pt@pt-laptop:~$ sudo  gem  install  mysql
361686 [b.candler po] Likely you are missing mysql client development libraries. How to fix

^ Segmentation fault at raise exception.
361688 [o01eg yandex] (gdb) bt
361689 [matz ruby-la] Could you show us the code? The interpreter may not be initialized
361690 [o01eg yandex] int ruby_argc = 1;
361692 [matz ruby-la] Ah, I should have to say more clearly.  Show us ALL of your code if
361693 [o01eg yandex] Here ALL my code: http://bin.mypage.sk/FILES/mud.tar.bz2
361695 [matz ruby-la] Ok, now we have code.  Next, how can we compile it?
361696 [o01eg yandex] I use `autoreconf -fi`
361697 [matz ruby-la] OK, compile was done.  You have to wrap any ruby code execution
361698 [o01eg yandex] Thanks. Do I have to use this wrap for each thread which use ruby code?
361699 [matz ruby-la] You have to wrap every call for Ruby related (possibly exception
361700 [o01eg yandex] Can I use
361701 [matz ruby-la] Yes, but you have to do
361707 [o01eg yandex] Thanks, it work.

^ Missing dependence in Makefile
361694 [o01eg yandex] ruby ./tool/generic_erb.rb --output=id.h \

^ Metaprogramming - Array initialization
361710 [cyril.staff ] => [[[[nil], [nil]], [[nil], [nil]], [[nil], [nil]]]]
+ 361711 [joelvanderwe] => [[nil, nil], [nil, nil], [nil, nil]]
| 361712 [rolfhsp gmai] Agree with Joel.  Use the block form of the new method, or you'll get
| 361713 [cyril.staff ] Very instructives and helpful answers.  Many thanks!
| 361714 [rolfhsp gmai] A subtle improvement to the function, as I failed to remember that I could
| 361730 [shortcutter ] And what about the case of an empty argument list?
+ 361741 [vbosch gmail] You could construct the string that represents the command that would
  361745 [ed.howland g] Had a small issue w/1.9.1.

^ Defining your own typecaster
361715 [josh.cheek g] Builtin examples
+ 361716 [vinibaggio g] module Kernel
| + 361731 [shortcutter ] or
| + 361768 [mustmodify g] This is a valid solution to the problem, but I'm wondering why you
+ 361717 [dominikh for] They're actually just methods with an uppercase name.

^ [ANN] Inochi 2.0.0
361718 [sunaku gmail] Inochi

^ Posting to Tumblr with Ruby
361721 [accounts dav] I'm a Ruby/programming noob and one piece of advice I keep seeing pop up
361918 [sentinel.200] Are you only wanting to include this code in your client ?

^ Preferred state machine gem?
361725 [ravenz o2.ie] today i would ask what state machine is more well writed and to be
361836 [rogerpack200] looks like ruby toolbox is your friend
361844 [ravenz o2.ie] Yeah, i found it like 2 hours ago :) But thanks Roger.

^ Rexml pretty printing "can't modify frozen string"
361726 [unbewusst.se] /opt/local/lib/ruby1.9/1.9.1/rexml/formatters/pretty.rb:90:in
361727 [b.candler po] An object might not be frozen, but one of the objects it contains
361728 [unbewusst.se] yes right !
361729 [unbewusst.se] I've found a working one, not using "REXML::Formatters::Pretty.new 2",

^ wxruby install problem
361732 [myocean135 y] pt@pt-laptop:~$  sudo gem install wxruby
361733 [jeanjulien.f] Looks like you should only require 'wx', see
361734 [myocean135 y] pt@pt-laptop:~$ sudo gem install  wx
361735 [sutniuq gmx.] Looks like you are using Ubuntu Karmic... wxRuby's binary gem doesn't

^ Populate (an array or a matrix) from a vector
361736 [cyril.staff ] I have a simple, but very tricky, problem.  I would like to fix it using
+ 361738 [rolfhsp gmai] Library?
| 361740 [cyril.staff ] Yes, but I really don't see how to process with.  And matrix are limited
+ 361773 [colinb2r goo] using
  361811 [masa16.tanak] require 'narray'
  361851 [cyril.staff ] Thank you very much, Masahiro Tanaka!  Your response is exactly what I

^ Testing Rake tasks with RSpec... and Rake
361742 [johnf distb.] I'm of the (perhaps misguided) opinion that since Rake tasks are Ruby

^ Did 1.9 deprecate NUM2INT?
361747 [onepoint sta] I just upgraded to 1.9 and now my extension won't compile, complaining
+ 361748 [onepoint sta] On  2010-04-25,  Jeremy  Henty  <onepoint@starurchin.org>  (ie.  *me*)
| + 361749 [joelvanderwe] Maybe what changed is which file includes which other files, and ruby.h
| + 361750 [onepoint sta] On  2010-04-25,  Jeremy  Henty  <onepoint@starurchin.org>  (ie.  *me*)
+ 361763 [unexist dorf] I wonder that there even was such a function loosing precision. If you stil=

^ [ANN] Inochi 2.0.1
361752 [sunaku gmail] Inochi

^ Semi global variables
361753 [dhf0820 gmai] I have an application where multiple objects are created processing
361754 [transfire gm] Well, we would need to know more to be sure. But one possibility is to
361757 [dhf0820 gmai] That is an option but I hate to pass around that to every object.
361765 [shortcutter ] You might hate it initially but you'll be glad when coming back to the
361781 [dhf0820 gmai] of