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^ [ANN] Announcing ad_agency version 0.1.0
361356 [rick.denatal] Announcing ad_agency version 0.1.0

^ Pagi something :(
361357 [woo_ hotmail] Errors, errors and more errors :(
361359 [ben bleythin] Please go ask the Rails list.  They are better equipped to help you than we are.

^ unsubscribe
361361 [alan_472003 ] unsubscribe=0A=0A=0A

^ rchardet wrong message?
361364 [myocean135 y] sudo gem install rchardet
361365 [elliot.cm go] ...

^ Elegant Solution to a Seemingly Simple Problem?
361366 [novelltermin] but I'd really appreciate some help.
+ 361367 [elliot.cm go] Do you have any control over the HTML at all?  Some semantic HTML classes
| 361368 [novelltermin] The HTML comes from a page on my schools website :(
+ 361369 [b.candler po] Can you post a complete sample page somewhere?
+ 361373 [8si.greg gma] doc = Nokogiri::HTML(open(url))
| 361374 [novelltermin] Sure, I'll post HTML examples. In this non-simplified version, there are
| 361375 [novelltermin] Since my original post, I've been playing around with the code some
| + 361376 [ehsanul_g3 h] =20
| + 361378 [dblack rubyp] I think having the condition and the reject be the last things in the
+ 361382 [phrogz mac.c] Generalized, you have an array of values and you want to map a subset
  361397 [novelltermin] This is interesting. So nil is returns for elements that activate the
  361452 [phrogz mac.c] do_this unless something

^ (WILL PAY) Blog combined with reading
361383 [woo_ hotmail] I will pay for someone to solve this problem for me! post ur email or
361394 [woo_ hotmail] Anyone???
361395 [ryand-ruby z] You didn't get your answer within 2.5 hours... maybe you should be more =
361398 [jzakiya gmai] atient. But I'd also suggest you email/post on a ruby on rails list/forum, =

^ MD5 16 octet - how to compute?
361384 [shuaib.zahda] I am trying to compute the 16 octet MD5 hash.
361392 [m.fellinger ] MD5 computes a 128bit hash.
361393 [shuaib.zahda] Michael thank you very much, you saved me a lot of time. It took me

^ Running script on Windows XP
361385 [blocks677 ya] I'm using Ruby 1.9.1p378 on Windows XP and I'm having a very bad time
+ 361386 [aaron tender] It's hard to say.  Can you put the contents of "test.rb" somewhere so
+ 361387 [woo_ hotmail] i am on windows 7 and it works perfectly!
+ 361388 [walton vyper] No. If you provide code however, we might be able to tell you what is.

^ [ANN] McBean 0.3.0 released
361389 [mike.dalessi] mcbean version 0.3.0 has been released!

^ ruby 1.9+ , floats, and decimal
361396 [botpena gmai] => 0.1
+ 361399 [cmdicely gma] I think decimal floating point (as supported in the 2008 version of
| + 362367 [gneuner2 com] The decimal formats in 754-2008 are *storage* formats only ... the
| | 362707 [cmdicely gma] I haven't read the spec myself, but every published reference to it
| + 362481 [rogerpack200] +1
| | 362605 [rogerpack200] Another option (suggested by Caleb Clausen offline) would be to add
| + 362518 [rick.denatal] I'm afraid that this idea of making BigDecimal the default is based on
|   + 362520 [rick.denatal] ((BigDecimal("1") / BigDecimal("3"))*BigDecimal("3")).to_s
|   + 362538 [rogerpack200] Good point.
|     + 362542 [rick.denatal] No there is no universally good default. The best representation
|     | 362544 [rogerpack200] Oh ok.  I was a bit dense there.  Rational could do better in this
|     | 362548 [rick.denatal] to 36
|     | + 362572 [botpena gmai] i hope you are not exaggerating ;-)
|     | | 362601 [rick.denatal] And the first three can't be represented numerically exactly in a
|     | + 362633 [joelvanderwe] And to add to that point: most languages are based on int and float, so
|     + 362547 [vikkous gmai] Rational can't represent irrationals or transcendentals exactly. More
+ 362370 [gneuner2 com] Default behavior?  I don't know whether it's a good idea or not.  On
  362396 [shevegen lin] Every programmer must be a professional?

^ Life without Method Overloading?
361400 [novelltermin] How do Ruby programmers handle method overloading? In Java, I could
+ 361401 [eule space.c] I think overloading is very much attached to static typing and not as
+ 361402 [cmdicely gma] Mostly, I think instead of creating several methods of the same name, Ruby
+ 361404 [josh.cheek g] An easy thing to do is just normalize the data.
+ 361408 [botpena gmai] ruby programmers do not need it
  361414 [novelltermin] Sure. A simple example of what I wanted to do (using method overloading
  361415 [jgabrielygal] Class XYZ

^ Re: how to scrap data with Nokogiri from this page?
361403 [novelltermin] Hey! This is the first question I can contribute too! I found a very
+ 361405 [novelltermin] Also, how you would enter this information into Ruby using Nokogiri
+ 361407 [andrea andre] Hei Derek,

^ [ANN] rdoc-rake 1.0 Released
361409 [drbrain segm] rdoc-rake version 1.0 has been released!

^ [BUG] Segmentation fault
361418 [insfocus gma] I'm writing a bridge for ruby to python.

^ how to redirect to a url that is stored inside a variable
361422 [ksreevarshin] I am trying to redirect to an url by using the method redirect_to but
361434 [b.candler po] There is no 'redirect_to' method in the core Ruby language. I guess

^ Yanked 'ansicode' gem; use 'ansi' instead
361425 [transfire gm] This is just a simple FYI, since there is no way that I know of to

^ ya config file parser
361428 [roberto.toma] I'm wondering how to extend the config-yaml parser at
361435 [b.candler po] That looks a bit broken - 'data' is a local variable or method, which
361444 [roberto.toma] yea it's a typo. Thanks for the rescue though! --
361468 [b.candler po] I don't see what you mean. You are defining the []= method yourself, so

^ [ANN] Rainbows! 0.91.1 - use a less-broken parser from Unicorn
361436 [normalperson] Rainbows! is an HTTP server for sleepy Rack applications.  It is based on

^ unicorn 0.97.0 - fix HTTP parser for Rainbows!/Zbatery
361437 [normalperson] Unicorn is an HTTP server for Rack applications designed to only serve

^ [ANN] Zbatery v0.2.1 - use a less-broken parser from Unicorn
361438 [normalperson] Zbatery is an HTTP server for Rack applications on systems that either

^ [ANN] unicorn 0.97.1 - fix HTTP parser for Rainbows!/Zbatery
361439 [normalperson] Oops, I got the subject line and version wrong :x

^ Net::Ping::HTTP inconsistencies
361440 [rabbitblue g] I have multiple websites that are "up". That is, they are accessible via
+ 361442 [rabbitblue g] system(%{echo "HEAD / HTTP/1.1\nHOST: www.rabbitcreative.com\n\n" | nc
| + 361455 [shortcutter ] On what basis do you come to this conclusion?  Maybe your webserver is
| + 361479 [djberg96 gma] net-ping isn't part of the Ruby standard library. There's a ping
+ 361445 [djberg96 gma] require 'net/ping'

^ AES decrypt without PKCS padding?
361441 [astounding g] I need to do some decryption of data encrypted with Rijndael (AES) but
361469 [b.candler po] Google "openssl disable padding", the first hit is
361497 [astounding g] def decrypt_aes_256_cbc(key, iv, ciphertext)

^ Windows 7 - 64-bit and MySql - what are my options?
361443 [jdezenzio gm] Windows 7 - 64-bit
+ 361447 [luislavena g] Not available yet.
+ 361453 [walton vyper] 4:) First make sure you installed rubyinstaller via

^ [ANN] DrX, an object inspector
361454 [mooffie gmai] DrX is an object inspector (and a source-code browser).
+ 361465 [mailing.mr g] NICE!
+ 361466 [flo andersgr] Not at all.
+ 361467 [b.candler po] Looks like this is awesome. However it doesn't work for me under Ubuntu
| + 361503 [mooffie gmai] This is the main error.
| + 361519 [mooffie gmai] Yes, it turned out DrX wasn't compatible with Ruby 1.8.6. I've updated
|   361520 [b.candler po] Thank you! It works, and it's superb.
+ 361470 [davinciSINSP] I didn't know about it and... it is great! :)
+ 361505 [sophrinix gm] woohoo! This is awesome.
| + 361514 [paradisaeida] Vote +1 drx.
| + 361521 [arndt.roger ] Using <canvas/> seems redundant to me and SVG is better suited
+ 361526 [vikkous gmai] Ooo, pretty colors!
  361551 [severus post] I would suggest not to replace program's private environment variable

^ [QUIZ][SUMMARY] Ruby BASIC (#228)
361456 [yahivin gmai] This summary was written by Jean Lazarou.

^ running drb as a windows service
361458 [martindemell] I'd like to run drb as a service, so that when windows starts up
361464 [joelvanderwe] Maybe http://raa.ruby-lang.org/project/win32-service ? (Never used it.)

^ [ANN] [RFC] Proposing a Ruby Packaging Standard
361459 [chneukirchen] structure Ruby projects.  It started at http://gist.github.com/361451

^ Regexp: exclude a word or a phrase
361472 [shuaib.zahda] Dear all
+ 361473 [marcelo.maga] I don't think I understand your intent, but in order to match
+ 361476 [gf.bozzetti ] re = /^\=+$/

^ Ruby Summer of Code 2010
361474 [wyhaines gma] Ruby Summer of Code is still accepting student applications!
361556 [transfire gm] I have an idea for a project that I think some students might very
361559 [matz ruby-la] See <http://rubysoc.org/students>.  Ideas pages for Rails, JRuby, and
361565 [transfire gm] =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 matz.

^ Re: [RFC] Proposing a Ruby Packaging Standard
361478 [transfire gm] On Apr 20, 3:35=A0am, Christian Neukirchen <chneukirc...@gmail.com>
361482 [transfire gm] In response josh and zimbatm regarding setup.rb.
361484 [transfire gm] Final comments for now, I promise ;-)
+ 361485 [joelvanderwe] Except for the _gem_ executable itself, or any other executable that
| 361487 [sunaku gmail] I've only ever used RubyGems for packaging my projects, so I'm kind of
+ 361493 [james.britt ] I have a JRuby desktop app that clears out and then sets up $:  The
  361494 [luislavena g] On Apr 20, 4:27=A0am, Christian Neukirchen <chneukirc...@gmail.com>
  361525 [chneukirchen] Afaict do libraries have that extension on VMS.
  361548 [damian.janow] Under Tests, should there be a standard for running the entire test
  361564 [jbarnette gm] All,

^ Re: Proposing a Ruby Packaging Standard
361480 [transfire gm] Ok. Just read last post from github and it indicates to discuss here.
361491 [transfire gm] Clearly the gem command itself is necessary exception --it *is*
361496 [transfire gm] used
+ 361502 [gabriel.horn] $ gem install gem-man
| 361508 [sunaku gmail] Excellent tip!  Thank you.
+ 361506 [sunaku gmail] Thanks.  Based on this example, I found that there is a
  361510 [lucas lucas-] I think that what is important is that we have a clear set of guidelines
  361511 [sunaku gmail] It's burdensome on Ruby library developers to support both ways.
  361513 [lucas lucas-] Not really. Both solutions are largely compatible. You just need to
  + 361516 [sunaku gmail] My concern is about the Ruby code in bin/ and lib/ being able to
  | 361522 [angdraug gma] Isn't that precisely what Config::CONFIG['datadir'] is for?
  | 361539 [sunaku gmail] => "/usr/share"
  | 361552 [luislavena g] That would trigger other dependencies developers might have in their
  | + 361557 [transfire gm] Depends on the testing framework. Some do not support autorun. Some
  | + 361561 [james.britt ] I have some Rakefiles where the default task is to list the tasks.
  |   361563 [james grayso] listing rather than kicking off something.
  |   361566 [james.britt ] Yeah, it's not like it isn't already there, it's just that if I type
  |   361569 [josh joshpee] I'd like to see mkrf formally spec'd here. I'm not to familiar with
  + 361598 [transfire gm] All true. But it does effect how one is able to access files from
    361600 [sunaku gmail] Hurray!  Well said.  +1  :-)
    361911 [transfire gm] ...
    361914 [sunaku gmail] Thanks for the update.  For posterity, I suggest

^ Using variables defined in configuration files
361481 [derril.lucci] Greetings all,
361483 [jgabrielygal] jesus@jesus-laptop:~/temp$ cat ~/.myconf.rc

^ [ANN] pipeliner 1.1 released
361486 [spox modspox] The pipeliner library provides framework for message passing between objects.

^ Import photos from face book account
361488 [aashish syst] How to import photos from face book account in my server?
361489 [edds718 gmai] Take a look at
361490 [edds718 gmai] or http://facebooker.rubyforge.org/

^ GetoptLong::AmbigousOption
361492 [david.franci] I wanted to understand how I can get the error of GetoptLong::Ambigous

^ Proxying method calls
361495 [thomasmallen] How do I safely proxy method calls from one class to another, as a
361543 [shortcutter ] I am wary about respond_to? - usually I would not bother to override

^ Help with HTTP Intercepting Proxy in Ruby?
361498 [orbit45244 g] I have the beginnings of an HTTP Intercepting Proxy written in Ruby (see

^ [ANN] ruby-doc.org server move
361499 [james.britt ] I'm relocating ruby-doc.org.
361501 [hackergene g] Regards.

^ [ANN] Red Dirt Registration Ending
361500 [james grayso] Friday is the last day for normal registration to the Red Dirt RubyConf.

^ Re: DrX, an object inspector
361504 [mooffie gmai] I'm not familiar with JRuby, but it was always on my mind to look into
+ 361523 [mooffie gmai] I'm not sure what you mean here.
| 361524 [arndt.roger ] doxygen generates a similar static documentations in html , and it's
| 361623 [mooffie gmai] No, it doesn't.
| + 361624 [mooffie gmai] I also ask GraphViz to produce a "hot spot" map, which I use to give
| + 361629 [arndt.roger ] Send a medium to large compressed svg via email to  me, then  I take a
+ 361562 [davinciSINSP] Great news! Thank you for so useful little gem.
+ 361572 [headius head] For getting the data, you don't even need to write an extension to
  + 361580 [rick.denatal] I shudder to think about what a lickable interface would be like,
  | 361622 [mooffie gmai] Thanks for reminding me of this Ruby/Tk bug. I think I'll have a
  | 361647 [vikkous gmai] I thought I had 8.5 installed... apparently not. Thanks for the
  + 361691 [ninja slapha] It seems like this should be possible to do from bare Ruby, in a portable way.
    + 361722 [headius head] No, I'm pretty sure this isn't possible on regular Ruby. What's
    | 361744 [ninja slapha] Ah, wishful thinking of my part, then.
    | 361769 [headius head] The main issue that comes up with this is that classes with native
    | 361861 [ninja slapha] I think I'm OK with that. JavaScript doesn't allow rebinding native methods,
    + 361724 [mooffie gmai] How, for example, can you find an object's class using pure Ruby?
      + 361739 [vikkous gmai] I had thought that I had proved to myself that class<<s; self; end was
      + 362067 [dolzenko gma] This little gem does what you want (with some magic from some very thin

^ scrap data from jsp with Nokogiri ?
361507 [myocean135 y] can i scrap data from it with Nokogiri or other tools?

^ [ANN] Ember 0.1.1
361509 [sunaku gmail] Ember

^ Module "re-opening"
361512 [tildeNO SPAM] why this simple source doesn't do what is expected? (modify the
+ 361515 [tildeNO SPAM] i mean, sqrt _method_, sorry
+ 361517 [jgabrielygal] 1 #! /usr/bin/env ruby1.9
+ 361518 [ryand-ruby z] visibility of sqrt module)
  361550 [tildeNO SPAM] I see.. thx to all ^^

^ cannot find header-files
361527 [skully gmx.c] I am working here on Solaris and i have ruby-installation.
361529 [lateau gmail] Did you check a mkmf.log file under the gem path?
361531 [skully gmx.c] have_header: checking for sqlite3.h... -------------------- no
361547 [lateau gmail] May there is a 'Makefile' in the directory,

^ Ruby 1.9.1, Threads and "[BUG] The handle is invalid."
361528 [aazman.w gma] I am new to this forum so this is my first post.
361530 [cremes.devli] You might want to try the release from ruby-lang.org [1]. It is built differently than the version you are running (I assume you got it from rubyinstaller.org). The Ruby from ruby-lang is built using Microsoft's development tools and calls into Win32 APIs directly. The version from rubyinstaller.org is built against MinGW which provides a POSIX emulation layer on top of most Windows APIs. As a result, the mingw version exercises more UNIX code paths than it does Windows code paths in the 1.9.x source.
361553 [luislavena g] ferently than the version you are running (I assume you got it from rubyins=
361555 [cremes.devli] Oops, my mistake. Now I know the correct answer for next time.

^ Re: Ruby 1.9.1, Threads and "The handle is invalid."
361532 [aazman.w gma] Thanks for your reply. Going to give a try right now.
361533 [aazman.w gma] Unfortunately I get the same crash with mswin32 build. :(
361541 [cremes.devli] Then it's a genuine bug that you should report.
361545 [aazman.w gma] Already reported: http://redmine.ruby-lang.org/issues/show/3183
361554 [aazman.w gma] Actually I get the crash for both 700 threads and 10 threads. Initially
+ 361558 [aazman.w gma] 700.times{|i|
+ 361560 [luislavena g] Invalid handle might be associated with handles allocated by Ruby to

^ Bug? variable changes without assignment
361534 [bobgus rcn.c] I seem to have uncovered a bug. The program below defines a series of
361536 [jgabrielygal] puts variable.object_id
361544 [bobgus rcn.c] Ok, good to know that it is not a bug.
361546 [jgabrielygal] Then what object do you want the second variable to refer to?
361549 [bobgus rcn.c] OK, got it. I modified my program and I get what I want now. Thanks

^ Function accepting argument list or array
361535 [thomasmallen] How would I write a function that treats fn(:a, :b) the same as it
361537 [jgabrielygal] irb(main):013:0> def method *args
+ 361538 [thomasmallen] On Apr 21, 11:52=A0am, Jes=FAs Gabriel y Gal=E1n <jgabrielyga...@gmail.com>
+ 361542 [shortcutter ] irb(main):001:0> a=3D[[[1,2],3],4]