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^ [ANN] webgen 0.5.12 released
361114 [t_leitner gm] Hey everybody!

^ How to use AutoIt in Ruby
361125 [s1ay3r44 gma] I know for a fact that one can use AutoIt in Rubybut I don't know ho to
361132 [sutniuq gmx.] require "win32ole"
+ 361134 [james.britt ] That's how I've used it.  It's pretty straightforward.
| 361297 [colinb2r goo] ive
| 361299 [colinb2r goo] ty)
| 361353 [sutniuq gmx.] require "win32/api"
+ 361224 [s1ay3r44 gma] Thanks, I didn't know you needed the '.Control'.
  361234 [sutniuq gmx.] Marvin

^ Is this good OOP structuring?
361141 [novelltermin] and I have a question about the best practices for my program.
361157 [shortcutter ] Course = Struct.new :title, :day, :time
361242 [robert.dober] But please be aware that the Struct based implementation is a super
361254 [novelltermin] "def self.name" makes the method static, right? Is there any particular
361255 [josh.cheek g] Yes (in the Java sense of the word).
361257 [shortcutter ] Derek,thanks for stepping in with good explanations!
361260 [novelltermin] Robert, I think you were meaning to thank Josh! Anyway, thanks very much
+ 361261 [jgabrielygal] In this particular idiom, the class methods (what you are calling
+ 361271 [shortcutter ] Oh, yes of course.  Thanks for the correction!
  361321 [novelltermin] Thanks Jesus and Robert for your responses.
  361325 [novelltermin] I guess I'm ultimately asking here: What should be the criteria for
  361331 [robert.dober] Given that certain people (YHS included) consider methods of a length
  361332 [novelltermin] Thanks for the info. Based on what you've said on classes, do you think
  361334 [robert.dober] IMVHO it sounds like as a Course class should be responsible of

^ Is there a way to make class and object constants in Ruby?
361142 [xeno.campano] I am reading up in other areas, and it occurs to me much of the items I have as
+ 361143 [josh.cheek g] Variables that begin with capital letters are constants
+ 361144 [  tvw s4r.de] class MyClass
  361145 [josh.cheek g] I do for things that don't (or shouldn't) change. For example, I'm working
  361449 [xeno.campano] Thank you Josh and Thomas.  The source of this question is my study of Erlang,
  361475 [chris.hulan ] To make objects immutable you can 'freeze' them.  After being frozen

^ Extend Class to include attr?
361146 [paradisaeida] Can I extend a class to add an attr_accessor?
361158 [shortcutter ] Yes.

^ Safer monkey-patching?
361147 [mike mike-no] Sometimes (or often, depending on your use) it is useful to add or override
361176 [transfire gm] de

^ MacRuby help...?
361148 [rwboyer mac.] I am confused - everything I have read tells me 0.5 should run sinatra,

^ Automatic indentation
361166 [michel demaz] Most IDE integrate automatic indentation for ruby.
361181 [m.fellinger ] And if you use 1.9, i made a new version: http://gist.github.com/367011
+ 361184 [michel demaz] Thanks, Michael, it is exactly what I was looking for !
+ 361238 [rogerpack200] Let's collaborate :)

^ Re: memory leak
361167 [eli20075 gma] In a .net windows application the form might have resource leaks though

^ Blocks and local variable creation
361169 [ruby-forum j] def rights_for_item (rights_hash, item)
+ 361197 [b.candler po] def rights_for_item(...)
+ 361198 [chris.hulan ] Hash has a select method, in 1.8 (at least according to the docs) it
+ 361201 [robert.dober] I do not reallly understand why you want nil, instead of [], but apart
  361265 [ruby-forum j] I've never seen the _ before where I would expect a variable. I also
  + 361266 [jgabrielygal] select {|k,v| v.include? item}
  + 361290 [rick.denatal] I think you meant rights_held instead of rights_hash in that second line.
    361312 [ruby-forum j] Yes I did' Serves me right for doing two things at once ;)
    361314 [rick.denatal] Actually, given the definition of idiom, I'd argue that it's MORE idiomatic.

^ [ANN/ADV] Early-bird rate for Compleat Rubyist training, Chicago, June 18-19
361170 [dblack rubyp] The early-bird rate is in effect all this month for The Compleat

^ Win32 Service: Access Denied when creating service
361171 [rajiv.abraha] I am trying to create and register a windows service with the following
361175 [rajiv.abraha] - I installed the win32-services gem using gem install win32-service
361183 [luislavena g] in32 /service.rb:368:in
361268 [rajiv.abraha] Thanks Luis !

^ 1.9's New Methods
361174 [transfire gm] First a big shout-out to Marc-Andre Lafortune and his <a href="http://
+ 361177 [ryand-ruby z] i use Hash[*collection.map {...}.flatten] all the time.
| + 361179 [transfire gm] Hash[*collection.flat_map {...}]
| + 361180 [m.fellinger ] Hash[[1,2,3].map{|i| [i,i*2]}]
| + 361188 [james grayso] Me too, but it's needed less in 1.9 I think.  Hash[=85] now accepts an =
|   361247 [ryand-ruby z] Array of Arrays.
+ 361193 [flo andersgr] One advantage of :flat_map over map(...).flatten(...) is that it can be =
+ 361360 [Ruby GoogleM] #flat_map is monadic bind (also known as flatMap in Scala, SelectMany

^ Update a particular Field in a csv file
361189 [nas srasys.c] I am having a role.csv file as like

^ my vim and cream can't work!
361190 [myocean135 y] i have installed vim and cream,Make install ruby myself.
+ 361191 [aldric trevo] Which distribution are you using? My guess is Ubuntu, but I am not sure.
| 361194 [myocean135 y] ubuntu9.1,
| 361199 [walton vyper] Notice, you have ruby 1.9.1 installed, and it's looking for libruby1.8.
+ 361195 [smasta earth] If you installed ruby by compiling it from source code, you will
  361196 [myocean135 y] in order to   run (as root) ldconfig to update the library cache,how to
  361310 [smasta earth] Either use the su command to become root and then run ldconfig or you

^ transfer GBK into  UTF-8  in csv file
361192 [myocean135 y] here is my programm

^ Formal methods
361200 [brodowsb stu] anyone have any experience with the combination of formal methods and
361300 [vikkous gmai] I don't know much about formal methods, but my guess is that it is
361311 [brodowsb stu] It is most certainly true, that it is extremely difficult, but one has
+ 361316 [vikkous gmai] It should be fairly easy to prove that kind of thing in some special
+ 361347 [robert.dober] <brodowsb@student.ethz.ch> <snip>
  361818 [brodowsb stu] The thing is, that I'm still somewhat suspicious if it's really
  + 361823 [robert.dober] To re insist on the complexity of the thing, PhD you mean?
  | 361852 [wruyahoo05 c] "Formal Methods" has meant different things to different people.
  | 361857 [robert.dober] I guess you did not really read the thread, did you? OP insisted to
  + 361919 [shortcutter ] For practical purposes the difference between "impossible" and "takes
  + 361929 [vikkous gmai] You might want to look into what work has been done on formal methods

^ [ANN] PDF::Writer officially retired in favor of Prawn
361202 [gregory.t.br] I have an announcement to make:  PDF::Writer is

^ own exception classes
361204 [brodowsb stu] I'm working at a bigger private project with my brother now and I wanted
+ 361207 [zach.moazeni] Hey Bernard,
| 361212 [robert.dober] I agree with most you say, but I took the habit to inherit from
| + 361214 [brodowsb stu] Thanks a lot, it was really a good idea to ask my question here since
| + 361216 [zach.lists g] I'd be interested in hearing the rationale too. I actually forget my =
|   361222 [jonathan jmn] The problem (IIRC) with extending from Exception instead of
+ 361208 [jonathan jmn] I would use exception classes for all but trivial cases.  I sometimes

^ Re: Deep Clone of array?
361206 [heizusan gma] I'm curious, has anybody done any benchmarking of this method?

^ DRb: execute method but dont wait for it to finish
361213 [christoforev] Basically I want to execute a method on a drb service but not wait for
361236 [rogerpack200] Run it in a sub thread you don't join on?
361286 [christoforev] That's actually what I'm doing now and then killing off the thread after
+ 361291 [tony.arcieri] DRb is inherently synchronous, so unfortunately not.  Depending on your
+ 361296 [rogerpack200] I don't think there is (though you could commit a patch to trunk that

^ Reading Ruby-Talk in Atom or RSS
361223 [cwdinfo gmai] charset=us-ascii
+ 361225 [zach.lists g] inside an email client?
| 361230 [cwdinfo gmai] inside an email client?
+ 361228 [walton vyper] Ruby-forum.com does indeed have RSS feeds, though I don't know if it
| 361231 [jonathan jmn] I thought Thunderbird worked as a standalone RSS reader?  At least it
| + 361232 [justincollin] Yes, Thunderbird can do RSS and newsgroup feeds. Of course, it can also
| + 361233 [walton vyper] If it is, I don't know how it's done.  The main reason that I was
+ 361335 [Ruby GoogleM] Man, am I really *that* old? To me, "news reader" means "Usenet
  361355 [cwdinfo gmai] inside an email client?
  361358 [Ruby GoogleM] Are you talking specifically about Google Groups or about those

^ SNMP trap forwarding.
361229 [zampar yahoo] I want to listen the trap and send this trap to another plataform. At

^ [ANN] JRuby 1.5.0RC1 Released
361240 [tom.enebo gm] The JRuby community is pleased to announce the release of JRuby 1.5.0.RC1

^ [ANN] ri_cal 0.8.6 has been released
361248 [rick.denatal] ri_cal version 0.8.6 has been released!

^ Are you using IronRuby?  Are you using it inside VS?
361249 [TandGandGAGN] If you're using IronRuby and using something so it'll work inside VS,

^ Any Rubyists here doing Mathematica?
361251 [gmkoller gma] (There may well be more...)
361277 [aldric trevo] That is however a really, really cool link, and thanks for finding it.

^ how to use csv to open file in gbk code
361252 [myocean135 y] there is an file(/home/pt/test/shbase.csv) in gbk not utf-8,the

^ fcgi or ruby-fcgi on Windows-Xp
361267 [gamh03122002] Finally i've could install fcgi and ruby-fcgi on Windows-Xp.
361304 [rogerpack200] Wow for some reason I'm not able to even *build* the fcgi library using
361417 [gamh03122002] 1) Download an install Fastcgi-development-kit from www.fastcgi.com,

^ DB to CSV
361269 [mitja.cebokl] i am very new to ruby and i have a major problem i would like to have
+ 361270 [peterhickman] Does something like this work?
+ 361273 [peterhickman] Further hacking reveals that this might be a better option to create the
  361275 [mitja.cebokl] I have changed
  + 361276 [mitja.cebokl] And one more thing :)
  | 361307 [kubo jiubao.] How did you define the ID number.
  + 361281 [peterhickman] On 16 April 2010 12:57, Mitja =C4=8Cebokli <mitja.cebokli@svashta.com> wrot=

^ Win32 service error
361272 [vinod236 gma] Below is my code.
361274 [vinod236 gma] my probelm is reloved , Thanks Rajiv , i reffered one of thread which

^ Writing a parser
361279 [mail maasha.] I am struggling to get a grip on OO (and Ruby) and write a parser for
+ 361280 [aldric trevo] irb(main):001:0> record = {}
| 361282 [mail maasha.] Ah, yes, that is how a hash works :). Now I am interested in getting my
| 361283 [aldric trevo] class Hash
| 361284 [mail maasha.] Ah, of cause I am creating record of class Hash and not class Record.
| 361287 [shortcutter ] Inheriting from core classes is rarely a good idea.  Basically your
| 361288 [mail maasha.] Robert,
| 361294 [shortcutter ] Hey, that's a good thing to learn early! :-)
+ 361302 [ryand-ruby z] lines
  361326 [mail maasha.] @Ryan,
  361327 [ryand-ruby z] could=20
  361328 [mail maasha.] Yes, for I want to use Ruby to juggle the records - and then let's see
  361416 [shortcutter ] Yeah, it took me a while as well to grok it initially.  I think it's
  361419 [mail maasha.] @Robert,
  361423 [shortcutter ] a) Implementation of parsing which I changed from using gets() with a
  361460 [mail maasha.] I admit that you implementation will be more robust and more efficient.
  361462 [shortcutter ] Well, there are also pipes on Windows.  And even if your program is
  361463 [mail maasha.] Robert, your help is much appreciated. I have been researching and

^ [ANN] Money 2.3.0
361285 [shane.emmons] [ANN] Money 2.3.0 has been released.
361289 [orel.stringa] [ANN] Money 2.3.0 has been released.

^ Newbie ruby watir exception handling
361293 [2viavr gmail] We're testing. This script below will go through the list of url's, and

^ Extending Ruby using C++ and Rice
361295 [lesavage ado] I am trying to extend Ruby and my current implementation is using C++
361303 [jameskilton ] -I/System/Library/Frameworks/Ruby.framework/Versions/1.8/usr/lib/ruby/1.8/=
361477 [lesavage ado] Thanks for the suggestions.

^ [QUIZ] Console-based Pixel Editor (#231)
361298 [yahivin gmai] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

^ Re: EventMachine.defer and ActiveRecord connection pool?
361305 [ruby-forum p] using

^ [ANN] ri_cal version 0.8.7 has been released!
361313 [rick.denatal] ri_cal version 0.8.7 has been released!

^ Ruby Midwest Conference Speakers & BBQ!
361318 [lpillow gmai] I wanted to let everyone know that the Ruby Midwest conference speaker

^ [ANN] Ruby-GNOME2 0.19.4
361320 [kou cozmixng] This release has many bug fixes and some improvements. The

^ iconv transfer code
361322 [myocean135 y] pt@pt-laptop:~$ irb
361372 [b.candler po] One of the joys of ruby 1.9 is that the same program run on two
+ 361377 [eregontp gma] Please don't be so pessimist without real reason :)
| 361380 [b.candler po] File.open("myfile.txt") do |f|
+ 361379 [james grayso] in=20
  361381 [b.candler po] Perhaps, but I was talking about an identical platform, O/S, and
  361390 [james grayso] So your main complaint is that Ruby honors the settings of your environment?
  + 361391 [eregontp gma] answer)
  | 361406 [b.candler po] This is a poor example of the point in question, although a good example
  | 361411 [botpena gmai] good
  | 361413 [b.candler po] an exception. The second can.
  | 361424 [james grayso] That's grossly inaccurate.  You may not have write permission to the =
  | 361433 [b.candler po] Of course syscalls can fail due to insufficient resources and other
  + 361412 [b.candler po] My complaints are listed at

^ rails errorm on FreeBSD-RELEASE
361323 [blackapache5] 2dev (2010-04-12 trunk 27317) [x86_64-freebsd8.0]=0A$ uname -a=0AFreeBSD ra=
361371 [b.candler po] Try the Rails mailing list/forum.

^ Documenting Rakefile using rdoc
361324 [jeanjulien.f] Does anybody know a gem that could be used to document a Rakefile the
361410 [drbrain segm] I started on a Rakefile parser for RDoc but haven't finished it.  Part =
361420 [jeanjulien.f] Thanks, it's at least a beginning and make the code appear easily but
361426 [drbrain segm] should be
361430 [jeanjulien.f] Because my boss does not wish to :o)
+ 361431 [joelvanderwe] Maybe the best solution to your problem is by changing rake, not rdoc.
| 361446 [robert.dober] ut.
| + 361448 [joelvanderwe] Thanks, Robert!
| + 361450 [joelvanderwe] task "tasks" do
|   361461 [robert.dober] This is sooo cool, how come I never found this in the doc I needed it
+ 361457 [drbrain segm] You should tell him what I said :)

^ Dont know where to look :(
361333 [woo_ hotmail] I get this error
361336 [robert.dober] Well the Ruby On Rails ML seems to be a better place to look for help,
361337 [woo_ hotmail] NoMethodError in User#index
361338 [robert.dober] The best way to predict the future is to invent it.
361339 [robert.dober] Well I had lots to say in my last post, sorry about that.

^ Trouble with Pushing Arrays to Arrays
361340 [novelltermin] array. Maybe this is an easy fix that I'm just not seeing? Here's my
+ 361341 [novelltermin] And one last thing: As you can see from the commented out code, the temp
+ 361342 [dblack rubyp] The problem is that you're reusing temp, and clearing it.
  + 361343 [novelltermin] Doh! I knew it was something easy. The raw_course_list is pushing a
  | 361345 [dblack rubyp] Yes, essentially, though the more standard word in Ruby is
  + 361344 [novelltermin] Also, this coding worked perfectly. It's very elegant; thanks! I had to

^ what is String#ord?
361346 [fxn hashref.] Return the <code>Integer</code> ordinal of a one-character string.
361348 [fxn hashref.] tring.
361349 [eregontp gma] p "=D7".ord # =3D> 215
361351 [fxn hashref.] Yes of course, a posteriori that's the only thing that makes sense. I

^ Undifined local variable or method error
361350 [vinod236 gma] Below is my code
+ 361352 [robert.dober] to my dismay
+ 361354 [dblack rubyp] a = 1
+ 361362 [phrogz mac.c] If you want h to be a global variable, accessible everywhere, prefix
  361370 [b.candler po] (1) pass h as an argument to method foo; or