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^ public/private/protected instead of def
360497 [transfire gm] First of all, I am curious. Is there any way to do the following but
360499 [transfire gm] I should point out why this even crossed my mind. I have a piece of

^ Parse the data in an array  index  in ruby
360500 [banil86 yaho] I have a array in a class. And i want to parse the data in the array's
+ 360501 [aurelien.ami] I don't know what exactly is in @data so I may be wrong, but you could
+ 360514 [gf.bozzetti ] @data = []
+ 360523 [b.candler po] Best to show your code, so we don't have to guess.
  360571 [banil86 yaho] Actually i try to fill a table
  360573 [shortcutter ] There is no point in recreating this class over and over again.  Rather do

^ Maximum number of sockets
360510 [jgabrielygal] I am trying to test how many concurrent connections a certain web
360524 [b.candler po] I'd have thought that you'd hit a limit of 1024 because of fd_set (man
+ 360528 [normalperson] 0, 1, 2 = stdin, stdout, stderr
+ 360574 [jgabrielygal] Did you increase the ulimit for file descriptors for your process (I
  360578 [b.candler po] Oh you're right, I had -n 1024. I changed it to -n 4096 and it stopped
  + 360579 [jgabrielygal] 88)
  | 360592 [b.candler po] Yes, unless they are handled outside of the ruby core, e.g. by
  | 360607 [jgabrielygal] #!/bin/bash
  + 360580 [b.candler po] Logged at http://redmine.ruby-lang.org/issues/show/3106

^ [ANN] splib 1.4.3 released
360543 [spox modspox] Splib is a library of helper methods and classes. Nothing fancy or flashy,

^ pass a password to ssh
360545 [rogerpack200] Anybody know how to pass a password to ssh?
360551 [joelvanderwe] Dunno. Maybe use pty?
360575 [evtuhovich g] Why don't you use Net::SSH
+ 360616 [joelvanderwe] One reason not to use Net::SSH is that IIUC it doesn't use the config
| 360617 [b.candler po] By default it uses .ssh/config, but you can tell it not to if you don't
| 360620 [joelvanderwe] Huh, so it does!
| 360641 [b.candler po] I don't think so.
+ 370922 [rogerpack200] Appears that that is basically the only way (and you can't pass a

^ Re: rdoc-data 2.5.1 Released
360546 [rogerpack200] One feature request would be to be able to pull down the patch number of
360727 [drbrain segm] files=20

^ Singularity Alert for OO AI in Ruby & Javascript
360549 [mentifex myu] The Amazon sales rank for the renegade AI4U
360552 [billk cts.co] Haha!
360572 [peterhickman] See. Don't say I didn't warn you. Arthur T Murray is now here
360596 [gmkoller gma] the indian guide gave you false signal

^ Creating an exe on Mac OS X
360553 [e.j.jurman g] I've created a Ruby Program with Textmate, but now I need to create it
360555 [sophrinix gm] I am confused by a few points.
+ 360560 [e.j.jurman g] I need to create an exe, but I have been looking for a while for an
+ 360561 [e.j.jurman g] To answer your question more directly I need to create an exe file for
  360644 [echristopher] Ocra is a gem that can make Windows .EXEs; unlike RubyScript2Exe, it's
  + 360645 [echristopher] Oh, I forgot to mention this blog post which tells how to bundle an
  | 360646 [ravi8485 gma] if you just want to create a exe use iexpress a software inbuilt in windows
  + 360654 [e.j.jurman g] If anybody knows of a tutorial for Rawr that would be greatly

^ Visibility in tests
360556 [brodowsb stu] the right place to discuss problems and questions I have. I learned Ruby
+ 360558 [ryand-ruby z] only
| + 360581 [b.candler po] obj.send(:private_method_name, args...)
| + 360586 [brodowsb stu] Okay, thanks, a lot, nice and easy idea, I should have seen that. :)
+ 360656 [ninja slapha] I'm going to guess that I'm the odd one out here, but...

^ Heroku progamming
360562 [gmkoller gma] 1.  Is based on Wee + rack
360563 [josh.cheek g] 3 will be a problem, you can't write to Heroku's file system. When we deploy
360564 [gmkoller gma] loy
360565 [jbarnette gm] If you really want to do this (and you'll probably regret it later, =
360567 [gmkoller gma] Thank you!

^ Executing a program (a quick question)
360566 [albertschlef] I want to launch a program and I don't care about its return value or
+ 360577 [sutniuq gmx.] You may use the win32-process gem that implements #fork as far as I
+ 360614 [joelvanderwe] Thread.new do

^ what's matter with  fastri?
360568 [myocean135 y] pt@pt-laptop:~$ sudo gem install fastercsv
360570 [ryand-ruby z] I assume `ri Date` works fine, yes?

^ Convert multi dimentional array to array of hashes
360582 [all4miller g] How can I turn and array like this this
360583 [aurelien.ami] a = [[1,2,3,4,5],[1,2,3,4,5]]
360584 [all4miller g] thanks that worked great

^ Ruby uninstall and fresh install
360585 [shreyas.sati] Everything was working fine , until we decided to upgrade ruby to 1.8.7
360591 [b.candler po] In some shells, "rehash" will do what you want, but otherwise just

^ Precision and ==
360588 [blambeau gma] We all know that finite representation comes with some difficulties...
360589 [jgabrielygal] irb(main):001:0> x = 45.0*(Math::PI / 180.0)

^ UML Diagrams
360590 [ravenz o2.ie] someone know with what app i can draw UML diagrams like the ones appear
360633 [ryand-ruby z] appear at PraProg books, for example, that seems handmaded? Something =

^ How to convert a float into time
360593 [maddy_ferrar] I am querying from the database which is storing time in double format.
360594 [b.candler po] $ irb --simple-prompt
360600 [maddy_ferrar] Thank you.

^ modifying a Hash in one process when .each is running in another
360595 [njmacinnes g] I want one process to continually loop through a list of objects (in
360597 [b.candler po] Fortunately you are not replacing or modifying the hash at all (and
360598 [njmacinnes g] Thanks for the clarification... My application is network based, and
+ 360599 [matt harpsta] Might a messaging queue work better?  That way you don't have the
| 360601 [dan brillian] charset="iso-8859-1"
| 360608 [njmacinnes g] Dan, many thanks for this. Method 2 looks like it'll suite me
| 360611 [dan brillian] charset="iso-8859-1"
+ 360604 [b.candler po] Let's say generate_list_objects takes 15 seconds, and the test suite
  + 360605 [b.candler po] Replace 'q' with 'cmd' in that of course.
  + 360606 [njmacinnes g] I think you've misunderstood... sorry if I wasn't clear. Perhaps
    360610 [njmacinnes g] Sorry, that should read "it's source has become unavailable".

^ [ANN/ADV] rubyproblems.com
360602 [gregory.t.br] I'm pleased to announce the launch of rubyproblems.com!

^ Getting output of program with some DRb for good measure
360609 [christoforev] I'm running a DRb service which accepts a string<file name> and than
+ 360625 [christoforev] I've narrowed down the problem a bit ... it seems I get the output from
+ 360640 [b.candler po] You're using Windows, I guess? I would be very surprised if DRb blocks
  360642 [christoforev] Yes I am using windows as well as various version of unix. I'm testing

^ xml to ruby compactible json
360613 [sharnelp gma] I have an xml which i need in ruby json format
360618 [b.candler po] That looks like valid JSON to me.
360653 [sharnelp gma] Thanks.

^ heiao
360615 [opil ruby-la] oiefjid

^ Manipulating an Array of Structs
360621 [anthony over] I have data that I've extracted from a database, that I wish to pass to
360623 [shortcutter ] d.
360626 [jgabrielygal] rd.

^ Manipulating of an Array of Structs
360624 [anthony over] I have data that I've extracted from a database, that I wish to pass to
+ 360627 [matt harpsta] Take a gander at Dr Nic's map_by_method gem, it has this functionality --
+ 360639 [b.candler po] arr.map { |e| e[:name] }

^ Dissapearing data from array
360630 [casanejo gma] I have the next problem.
+ 360631 [flo andersgr] Try=20
+ 360632 [andrea andre] inserted element from the original one. That can be done with z.clone,
  360637 [casanejo gma] Thanks guys... Florian for your explanation, Andrea for your solution.

^ what is the meaning of \A and \Z
360634 [amishera2007] It is said that \A matches the beginning of the string and \Z matches
+ 360635 [aldric trevo] Oh boy. Welcome to "Regular Expressions". Time for you to use Google!
+ 360636 [fxn hashref.] Not exact, \z is the one that matches end of string. \Z still allows
+ 360638 [josh.cheek g] "xyz\nuvw".scan(/\Ax/) # => ["x"]

^ Net::HTTP error -- getaddrinfo: nodename nor servname provid
360647 [biot023 gmai] on Heroku.

^ [ANN] irbsh-1.0.1
360649 [rubikitch ru] == About irbsh

^ Is it possible, a fully general Enumerable#recursive ?
360651 [transfire gm] For the last couple of days I've been trying to write an Enumerable
+ 360670 [ninja slapha] Yes!
| + 360674 [transfire gm] class Functor
| + 360784 [robert.dober] ruby-1.9.1-p378 > Enumerable.instance_methods.grep /sort/
|   360790 [transfire gm] e.
|   360898 [shortcutter ] Why that?  The whole point would be to sort all elements that would be
|   + 360935 [robert.dober] eed to define #<=3D> =A0on the return value of recursive.
|   | 360945 [shortcutter ] then.
|   | + 360947 [transfire gm] I think I see what the confusion is. Your version of recursive looses
|   | | 360948 [vikkous gmai] I find this subject extremely confusing. Colin's answer to my last
|   | | + 360962 [shortcutter ] Probably because he is the OP. :-)
|   | | + 361306 [colinb2r goo] Colin's comment: Or possibly both apply? (I think that's true for me! :-))
|   | |   + 361309 [robert.dober] I beg to differ
|   | |   | 361317 [transfire gm] Yes and no. See my previous post about preserving structure.
|   | |   + 361315 [vikkous gmai] (3) Too much recursion just makes my brain hurt.
|   | |     361319 [robert.dober] ncept
|   | + 360951 [robert.dober] n then.
|   + 360946 [transfire gm] sive.
|     361329 [apeiros gmx.] recursive.
|     361330 [apeiros gmx.] That's just as broken as trying to sort [:a, "b", 3, Time.now] - those =
+ 360671 [colinb2r goo] Not at the moment! (And there's something i'm working on in which
| 360675 [transfire gm] aokaut.ac.jp/cgi-bin/scat.rb/ruby/ruby-talk/360275
+ 360768 [transfire gm] Working on this more I currently have the method #visit (see the code
  360788 [transfire gm] [1, 2, 3, ['a', 'b', 'c'] ].visit.with_index{ |x,i| i }
  360791 [vikkous gmai] This has got to be a bug. It should at least either flatten or not
  360809 [colinb2r goo] I'm not sure that it is a bug.
  360841 [transfire gm] ay,
  360883 [colinb2r goo] conveniently. 2 informal likely.

^ First post
360655 [alexandersan] so if you don't feel like responding I understand.  I am trying to
360658 [josh.cheek g] Variables that begin with $ are global variables. Using globals is frowned

^ win32ole question
360657 [the.chrismo ] Set foo = CreateObject("Foo")
360659 [mitchell.has] Chris,

^ Complicated output parameter in WIN32OLE
360660 [mitchell.has] I have a somewhat "complicated" output parameter I need to get via
360665 [cremes.devli] I'm not sure what to do here either. Have you tried retrieving the WIN32OLE_METHOD and then looping through each param and asking its #ole_type?
360672 [mitchell.has] Chuck,
360683 [cremes.devli] I don't really know how to deal with the VirtualSystemDescription but at least we know the BSTR maps to VT_BSTR in WIN32OLE::VARIANT. That's a good start.

^ [ANN] raindrops - real-time stats for preforking Rack servers
360661 [normalperson] Raindrops is a real time stats package to show statistics for Rack HTTP

^ Download through redirecting php-page
360662 [pettersen.oy] Hey,

^ Best practice for saving settings in separate file
360663 [pettersen.oy] I'm currently building an application that relies on a rather large set
+ 360667 [transfire gm] On Apr 7, 9:20=A0pm, Oyvind Pettersen <pettersen.oyv...@gmail.com>
| 360737 [m.fellinger ] # shorter, and makes sure the fd is closed too :)
+ 360669 [josh.cheek g] I think the book Ruby in Practice has a section on this (I left it at work,
  360700 [pettersen.oy] Thanks a lot!

^ Hash name increment on iteration?
360664 [shazamjad gm] Is it possible to add to the name of a hash while running through an
+ 360677 [shortcutter ] Make info an Array and just use
+ 360678 [b.candler po] Is this what you want?
  360866 [shazamjad gm] Each with index worked for me - didn't realize each variable in the
  360877 [b.candler po] Not exactly. The 'each_with_index' method just yields the array index to
  360886 [chen_li3 yah] So
  360896 [jgabrielygal] When there's no explicit receiver, the method call happens on the
  360901 [chen_li3 yah] Where can I find more info about method call on  implicit receiver?
  360919 [vikkous gmai] Seems like we've had a number of newbies who've been perplexed about

^ Hpricot inner_html
360668 [sharnelp gma] Have the below xml
360673 [sharnelp gma] if I give (doc2/'metas').inner_html

^ HTTPClient::ReceiveTimeoutError: execution expired
360676 [kalpesh_pate] I am trying to initiate HTTP communication using ::SOAP::RPC::Driver but

^ Apply your understanding of Accounts and Statistics
360680 [knowledgehor] Do you want to learn Accounts and Statistics concepts in just 30

^ how to use ri in my computer?
360681 [myocean135 y] pt@pt-laptop:~$ ri Integer#times
360682 [jeanjulien.f] It seems that there are some directory you can't read in ~/.ri.
360691 [myocean135 y] sudo find /  -name  'ri'
360695 [jeanjulien.f] The directory 'ri' is looking for is not called 'ri' but '.ri' (note
360758 [myocean135 y] pt@pt-laptop:~$ ls -la /home/pt/.ri
360759 [jeanjulien.f] Sorry, typo on my side. It should be read
360815 [myocean135 y] it's ok nox ,think you

^ ru'id  ramblings/ravings
360684 [gmkoller gma] I have thought of a simple way to communicate about this to
360687 [charles.john] ...

^ Ruby newbie - Trying to understand variables
360693 [rubyf gmail.] Hey guys,
+ 360694 [hasham2 gmai] Isbn is property of object book. The properties are accessible via dot
| 360740 [rubyf gmail.] Hasham, Dan & Daniel, thanks for the clarification.
+ 360696 [paul pollyan] With the class BookInStock you must refer to the instance variable
+ 360698 [dan brillian] charset="utf-8"
+ 360703 [ruby slightl] nd

^ Populate lat/lon data from street address with dm-geokit
360697 [hasham2 gmai] I using dm-geokit (http://github.com/mattking17/dm-geokit) in a Sinatra

^ simple text parsing
360699 [remi500 free] What is the best way to get this input
+ 360708 [gf.bozzetti ] What is the best way to get this input
| + 360709 [peterhickman] Watch out, both of these solutions will fail for
| + 360721 [remi500 free] Thank You gfb!
+ 360711 [glennj ncf.c] print_format = "First Name: %s\nLast Name: %s\nCity: %s\n\n"

^ gems not loading on mac 10.5.6
360701 [ghotrapa yah] It seems like my gems are not being loaded, i.e. when i require a gem i
360704 [flo andersgr] Did you load rubygems?

^ any way to use RSA1 for ssh in ruby?
360702 [terevos gmai] I saw a number of places say that Net::SSH does not support rsa1. Is
360706 [b.candler po] It would be a very good idea to enable SSH2 in your server.
360707 [terevos gmai] Thanks for the quick response, I suspected as much. I am looking into

^ Reading data from MS Exchange
360705 [laguna53 yma] application ?, if yes, can it then also be written to an sql db ?.
+ 360710 [brabuhr gmai] I think there was a question on the list not long ago about Ruby and
+ 360718 [MR-Mencel wi] I don't know Exchange so couldn't say for sure, but if everything in Exchange is stored in Active Directory (and that would be my guess)... you can use the ActiveLdap library to get whatever you want from AD.
| 360719 [brabuhr gmai] The address book and some stuff like configuration metadata is stored
+ 360722 [matt harpsta] Is it data acessible via IMAP?  And yes, Ruby/RoR can write to sql
  360746 [laguna53 yma] Thank you to all,
  + 360747 [commel gmail] I did the same thing some time ago. the contact information is hidden
  + 360781 [brabuhr gmai] Then you should be able to get what you need via LDAP (and Ruby does

^ XML to CSV
360712 [stuart.clark] I am struggling to see how I would go about extracting data from an XML
360863 [ninja slapha] REXML probably isn't the best place to start.

^ Batched Searching With a JOIN
360717 [MR-Mencel wi] I have two tables (IdmLdapAccounts and IdmAdAccounts) each with 20000-30000 records in them.  What I'm trying to do is join these tables so that I can find out what records from the LDAP table do NOT exist in the AD table.

^ [QUIZ][SUMMARY] Distinct Sets (#225)
360724 [yahivin gmai] Many members of the Ruby Community contributed solutions to this quiz. Some
360917 [badlands_200] Daniel,

^ importing config files
360728 [derril.lucci] I am writing a program for my research that uses configuration files.
360734 [8si.greg gma] What kind of configuration files? What format are they in? YAML, XML?
360735 [derril.lucci] Well, I am not too educated in configuration files.  I was going to just
+ 360736 [mjtanton gma] If you could include a sample of the files' contents, it would be helpful.
+ 360748 [shortcutter ] load File.join(ENV['HOME'], '.myconfrc')