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^ It's a fact not lost on the opportunity to see yourself
359900 [am8734200 gm] ...

^ how to use string variables in output files?
359906 [myocean135 y] 'http://quotes.money.163.com/corp/1034/code=601398.html'
359907 [  jbw jbw.cc] require 'hpricot'
359951 [myocean135 y] think for your  help

^ return number of spaces at the beginning of a line
359909 [jessebos aol] How would I find the number of spaces at the beginning of a line before
+ 359910 [  jbw jbw.cc] You could use regex you could also, if the data is a string or an array,
+ 359911 [list.push gm] If I understand your question correctly,
+ 359914 [Gennady.Byst] s =3D "   abc"
+ 359917 [showell30 ya] I think the following expresses what you are trying to do, but I do
| 359918 [showell30 ya] Oops, still not sure whether this is ideal, but this is better than my
+ 359920 [shortcutter ] spaces = str[/\A\s*/].length
+ 359925 [josh.cheek g] This solution counts non-leading spaces
  + 359929 [josh.cheek g] 1) The name of the method multi_line_spaces won't actually test, because
  + 359941 [shortcutter ] Oh, that's easily fixed: just replace \s with ' ' e.g. s[\A */].length
    359945 [jessebos aol] This second post with the "spaces only" fix seems to meet all the needs
    359961 [shortcutter ] What do you mean, middle of the night?  It's quite sunny here and the
    + 359966 [list.push gm] One Bright Day In The Middle Of The Night.   :)
    + 359978 [colinb2r goo] Well, it's also nowhere near the middle of the night here
      359980 [shortcutter ] Yeah, that sounds about right.
      + 359991 [colinb2r goo] From the west?
      | 359993 [shortcutter ] From south west.
      | 360013 [gmkoller gma] I'm impressed.
      | 360017 [gmkoller gma] Adding a '+' method to Kernel for symbols would reduce code clutter
      | 360051 [aldric trevo] You're thinking about it the wrong way. A symbol is a pointer to a
      | 360073 [gmkoller gma] just quickly: they start life as a method name so i was hoping they
      | 360078 [aldric trevo] Well, it sounds like you're using symbols for the wrong purpose, but I
      + 360083 [josh.cheek g] There was a blog by Yehuda Katz that implied to me that these globals
        360089 [aldric trevo] No, they are created as soon as the regular expression is parsed. I
        360289 [josh.cheek g] I was reading Rick DeNatale's blog Talk Like A Duck which directed me to a
        + 360295 [rick.denatal] The 'global' variables which are set by regular expression matches
        | 360302 [josh.cheek g] Thanks, Rick, that was actually a reassuring post, I always used to make
        + 360322 [gmkoller gma] My generalize and filled with Ruby Goodness "WhiteBoard" designed has

^ Bind NICs to Mechanize
359912 [johnyuan2000] I may shooting a wrong question, but I saw the same question here that
359964 [walton vyper] It doesn't work that way.  Mechanize is a client, not a server.  The NIC
360027 [johnyuan2000] Thank you Walton,
360028 [wishdev gmai] Good Evening,
360129 [johnyuan2000] Thank you, Mr. John W Higgins.
360134 [wishdev gmai] Evening,
+ 360138 [a.bovanenko ] socket which recieves client connections. In your case you can use
| 360148 [johnyuan2000] Thank you Mr.Alexey Bovanenko
+ 360145 [johnyuan2000] Thank you, Thank you, Mr. John W Higgins for very quick response.
  360174 [wishdev gmai] Morning,
  + 360178 [martindemell] Also note that if you do not run the proxy as root, it will not be
  | 360237 [johnyuan2000] Dear Mr.Martin DeMello.
  + 360240 [johnyuan2000] Dear John W Higgins,

^ coercing nil/obj to false/true
359915 [showell30 ya] I know this probably comes up a lot, but I could not Google the exact
+ 359922 [shortcutter ] Your method's documentation and naming the method with a question mark
| + 359968 [showell30 ya] Yep.
| + 359979 [rick.denatal] I almost never find that I need to 'force' a 'true' boolean value in Ruby.
+ 359956 [phrogz mac.c] If you really, really need exactly true or false based on the

^ Fastest Array Search?
359921 [novelltermin] mov1 = {"title"=>"Batman Returns", "genre"=>"Action"}
+ 359923 [shortcutter ] array.find {|i| i["title"] =3D=3D "Batman Begins"}
+ 359924 [jgabrielygal] item =3D array.find {|movie| movie["title"] =3D=3D "Batman Begins"}
  359926 [novelltermin] Well this code is going to be in Rails, searching through a SQLite3
  359931 [jgabrielygal] Primary keys and unique indexes in the database ensure that you don't
  359934 [novelltermin] I don't even know what that means yet. I just started with Rails a few
  + 359935 [novelltermin] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
  + 359938 [josh.cheek g] The short answer is that you're doing way too much work (and what a nice
    359940 [novelltermin] Oh wow, thanks very much for all this work! This picture has really

^ Ruby web service.
359927 [bradphelan g] I'm looking to make a web service probably with Sinatra. I'm a little
359949 [b.candler po] It's your app and your users, so you get to choose :-) But (a) is the

^ Using of module and "Is not missing constant" error
359928 [devanth gmai] I have some trouble using module. I'm working on a rails project, but I
359932 [josh.cheek g] Classes and modules are constants, so their names need to begin with
359933 [devanth gmai] Yes, sorry for my exemple, my real code follow of course the naming
359946 [b.candler po] So show a real piece of Ruby code which replicates the problem -
359954 [devanth gmai] Sure.
+ 359960 [josh.cheek g] I think this is going to be a Rails question about how Rails handles loading
| 359965 [devanth gmai] It Works !
+ 359970 [b.candler po] module Local

^ Hash to_xml from_xml
359930 [bradphelan g] Am I missing something
359948 [b.candler po] array, and failing.

^ Are you struggling to understand Business Concepts?
359936 [knowledgehor] We have developed a highly interactive short online course for you.

^ Its a  bird, its a plane, no ummm, its a Ruide
359943 [gmkoller gma] Well, maybe.
359950 [gmkoller gma] PS  There's an important output related module that makes sense of all

^ want to convert this php code to ruby.................
359947 [aksn18july g] function tooltip($el,$content,$options=array()) {
+ 360026 [jeanjulien.f] ";
+ 360038 [shortcutter ] ";

^ how to get the row size of the html's table?
359952 [myocean135 y] in vb, we can use webbrowaer to get tables row.
359972 [  jbw jbw.cc] I think this might be useful

^ [ANN] SmartImage 0.0.2: a sane cross-platform image compositing and  thumbnail library
359973 [tony medioh.] SmartImage is a new, powerful, cross-platform Ruby library for
359976 [peterhickman] Interesting. Does it correctly orient images? There is a flag in the EXIF
359989 [tony medioh.] Offhand I can't say... I'd need to write a spec for it.

^ Install magickwand 0.2.0 and rmagick 2.12.2
359974 [gamh03122002] Can i install magickwand-0.2.0 and rmagick-2.12.2 in ruby-1.8.7-p249 on

^ require and include??
359975 [rantingrick ] I am having trouble understanding the difference between require and
+ 359981 [gamh03122002] Ruby is different of other languages as php. In php, "include" an
+ 359983 [showell30 ya] I can relate to your situation, since I also come from a Python
| 359990 [rantingrick ] (..snip..)
| 359992 [gamh03122002] But the alternative is to make a "require" into the script-file to
| 359996 [rantingrick ] Thanks Javier! I did look into this also. It is interesting how you
+ 359984 [  jbw jbw.cc] This might clear things up, but to summarise  include adds methods,
  360006 [b.candler po] That is almost completely inaccurate, I'm afraid.

^ Install rmagick-2.12.2 for Ruby on Windows-Xp
359995 [gamh03122002] After a lot of time triying, i could finally install rmagick-2.12.2 gem
360014 [luislavena g] te

^ Looking for a ruby resource
360001 [rubyf gmail.] Guys,
+ 360002 [rubyf gmail.] Apologies for jumping the gun, should have tried different keywords on
+ 360003 [aldric trevo] I feel like I'm going to fall into a trap here, but I simply have to
  360024 [rubyf gmail.] Many thanks Aldric. Cheers.

^ Need help installing ruby and libraries
360008 [jstuardo sec] I want to install Redmine Project Management in my PC (Windows XP),
360015 [luislavena g] Please specify which version did you download. Where you installed it,
360055 [jstuardo sec] This is the information you requested.
+ 360057 [aldric trevo] gem update rubygems
| 360061 [jstuardo sec] I installed Ruby again and then I run the commands, getting these =
| 360062 [b.candler po] Are you behind a proxy firewall by any chance? Do you need to configure
| 360064 [aldric trevo] Since rubygems says 'nothing to update', I will guess it does a correct
+ 360097 [luislavena g] _id=3D50
  360100 [jstuardo sec] Thanks!!! With that proxy setting, rails was installed. When installing =

^ [ANN] ZenTest 4.3.1 Released
360009 [ryand-ruby z] ZenTest version 4.3.1 has been released!

^ RubyDictionary - First Try
360011 [max.schmidt.] Last week I started learning Ruby by the book The Ruby Programming
360035 [jgabrielygal] Welcome to Ruby and very good job. You achieved very nice things.
+ 360045 [max.schmidt.] This totally was my intention, because one word can be translated in
| 360047 [jgabrielygal] Yes, but the term Dictionary is a common technical term with that
| 360063 [max.schmidt.] This is a good argument, I was obviously too focused on my native
| + 360065 [jgabrielygal] Sorry about that ! You know your requirements :-)
| + 360066 [peterhickman] This is a religious issue, (flame)wars have started over less.
|   + 360067 [jgabrielygal] Ah, I thought it was pretty well-established...
|   + 360085 [flo andersgr] than
|     360113 [max.schmidt.] I promise to chance this bad style in my next ruby program.
+ 360076 [josh.cheek g] 2010/3/31 Jes=FAs Gabriel y Gal=E1n <jgabrielygalan@gmail.com>
  360077 [jgabrielygal] prefer

^ why getting error for this code fragment
360016 [amishera2007] 5 class Movie_Info
+ 360018 [  jbw jbw.cc] Are you trying to use unary if operations? If so you need to add ':'
+ 360019 [Rob AgileCon] 5 class Movie_Info
  360049 [b.candler po] def to_str

^ [ANN] rubygems-sing 1.2.1 Released
360020 [ryand-ruby z] rubygems-sing version 1.2.1 has been released!

^ Error in Starling on Windows..
360021 [chonkw nate.] - Windows7
360041 [luislavena g] It is, but it might be blocking on 1.8.7, not in 1.9.1

^ [ANN] rdoc_osx_dictionary 1.3.1 Released
360022 [ryand-ruby z] rdoc_osx_dictionary version 1.3.1 has been released!

^ [ANN] graph 1.2.0 Released
360023 [ryand-ruby z] graph version 1.2.0 has been released!

^ Pop Quiz: aliasing versus wrapping
360025 [phrogz mac.c] Below are two files that differ only in the 2nd line of code in each.
+ 360042 [shortcutter ] This one always invokes Object#inspect - unless you override #to_js explici=
| 360088 [phrogz mac.c] citly.
+ 360044 [martindemell] It's pretty clear if you think of it in terms of message handlers and

^ Ruby Koans: will this method ever return :empty?
360031 [skim.la gmai] I'm having trouble understanding the return statement for this particular
+ 360032 [Gennady.Byst] In this case (with *) args is always an array that holds all the arguments =
+ 360052 [aldric trevo] Sure.. Building up a little on the previous post which gave you the
  360053 [aldric trevo] I'd appreciate it if no one mentioned that I forgot the '?' twice! I am
  360070 [skim.la gmai] Thanks guys!  It looks like there's a mistake in the koans then.  I'll
  360071 [Gennady.Byst] but
  360072 [Gennady.Byst] but
  360086 [skim.la gmai] Yes it's true, you're suppose to fix the code and/or test, but only if it

^ Playing Games with "Ruids"
360033 [gmkoller gma] for trivial games one "helperclass" each.  one '?'method per potential
+ 360034 [andrea andre] Hei,
| 360037 [gmkoller gma] ing annoyed by
| + 360039 [andrea andre] Hei,
| | 360043 [gmkoller gma] idea what
| | 360046 [gmkoller gma] hej,
| | 360048 [gmkoller gma] eeeiii!
| + 360096 [usenet-nospa] You know, in a TINY FRACTION of the amount of time you've spent posting
+ 360036 [gmkoller gma] ummm, i taught my heathkit to play tic-tac-toe on its octal keyboard.
+ 360050 [transfire gm] Turning Test?
  + 360054 [aldric trevo] I feel like I'm watching K-PAX.
  | + 360075 [gmkoller gma] ??  you can't read
  | + 360087 [gmkoller gma] ohhhh?!
  |   360125 [ryand-ruby z] an old fart, that that would fit.
  |   360153 [gmkoller gma] Thank you much for the constructive postings!
  |   360152 [usenet-nospa] Not really.
  |   360160 [gmkoller gma] The contributor-side members of this group seem, perhaps, used to a
  |   + 360161 [gmkoller gma] F=E9 er fr=E6nda r=F3g
  |   | 360162 [gmkoller gma] OHG. has reita =93vereda, (44) reda, chariot,=94 r=EEtari, ritari =93horsem=
  |   | 360163 [gmkoller gma] bottom.bottom.bottom line...
  |   | 360177 [usenet-nospa] Is that you aren't going to tell us what you're doing.
  |   | + 360179 [andrea andre] Please everyone stop feeding the troll (or whatever he is).
  |   | | 360187 [usenet-nospa] I think you're right.
  |   | | + 360190 [aldric trevo] Hey Seebs, I've got this great idea.
  |   | | + 360192 [Gennady.Byst] .net
  |   | | + 360193 [robert.dober] Absolutely right, but maybe these postings are done by Ruids....
  |   | + 360181 [gmkoller gma] the
  |   |   360185 [charles.john] Great stream of consciousness prose died with James Joyce.
  |   |   360199 [gmkoller gma] ...and great English died with Shakespeare.
  |   |   + 360202 [aldric trevo] `Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
  |   |   + 360203 [gmkoller gma] and the most curious thing to me, with all the credentialated
  |   |     360207 [imphasing gm] Please do. As for me, I feel like I lose small portions of my brain
  |   |     + 360208 [ryand-ruby z] Looks like I have to break out the old "ilias is crazy" email sig and =
  |   |     | 360216 [lyle lylejoh] As best I can tell, thunk doesn't have a track record of trolling
  |   |     | 360217 [sophrinix gm] There is precedence. Can we end this thread?
  |   |     | 360218 [usenet-nospa] Uh.
  |   |     | 360219 [dnspringer g] Ah! but the TROLL will just start a new thread/jump in on an existing one.
  |   |     | + 360223 [usenet-nospa] Wow, if only every newsreader released since the mid-80s had done
  |   |     | | 360225 [ryand-ruby z] one.
  |   |     | | + 360226 [usenet-nospa] I have acknowledged them.
  |   |     | | + 360238 [transfire gm] There is also the google-group archive of the mailing list and the
  |   |     | + 360224 [ryand-ruby z] one.
  |   |     + 360210 [gmkoller gma] 1.  Go to CompUSA
  |   + 360183 [usenet-nospa] Not at all.  We're generally interested in new technologies.
  + 360074 [gmkoller gma] no Turing test.
    360080 [aldric trevo] I think you may be suffering from techno-aphasia. The technical terms

^ Where to store SQL Queries in Ruby Console App
360056 [jm202 yahoo.] I'm building out a windows console app that talks to SQL Server 2005.
360326 [david.mullet] I've used such a method numerous times and it has worked well for me.

^ connects to .NET wsdl
360068 [batchsend ya] wsdl from a linux OS? Thanks.=0A=0A-pack=0A=0A____________________________=

^ GitHub and DjangoBook like inline comments
360069 [mitko.kostov] Hey, guys.

^ Net::SSH - request a pty seems to put stderr in stdout
360082 [najati gmail] As context, we're simply trying to remotely (automatically) "su" to a

^ Weird hash key: what am I asking Ruby to do?
360091 [aldric trevo] irb(main):010:0> a = {}
+ 360095 [josh.cheek g] It means that the key is a hash table which contains a key of the lambda,
| 360165 [aldric trevo] Hah! That makes perfect sense. I know what I'm doing next time I see a
+ 360168 [b.candler po] You can omit the hash braces in the last arg of a method call, i.e.

^ stetecting change in number of leading spaces while looping
360092 [jessebos aol] I am looping through a file and using a script that detects leading

^ trap(:INT); system(); STDIN.gets(); ^C
360093 [tudor.lupei ] trap :INT do
360094 [brabuhr gmai] With or without line 7, here both programs behave the same (Ctrl-C +
360098 [tudor.lupei ] So you need to hit ^C^D every time?
+ 360099 [tudor.lupei ] Might be worth to mention that both of the alternatives below will
+ 360186 [brabuhr gmai] yes, on this host both versions act like