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^ Snapshots
35906 [rubydev.dewe] I'm trying to get a devel snapshot of ruby to develop my ruby-config utility (even if this didn't triggered too much enthousiasm :-) ... but I need it).
35908 [ruby-lists w] Hey hey
+ 35911 [rubydev.dewe] You're sooo right, I've messed up with glib's sources.
+ 36005 [zohr im.eth.] I want to unsubscribe from ruby talk. What is the way?

^ style question
35907 [ronjeffries ] How do we feel about methods that return more than one result? It it OK? Is it a
+ 35909 [andy toolshe] ...
+ 35912 [Dave Pragmat] Sometimes the return value is a true tuple, so a tuple is appropriate.
| 35914 [ronjeffries ] OK, here's my case. A "Set" has a couple of instance variables that let it do
+ 35920 [bill 32768.c] I can think of a couple of times where that meant that I

^ Plugging Ruby and COM together?
35917 [mattbee soup] I'm entering unchartered territory with COM programming, and wanted to make
35921 [chris.morris] require 'win32ole'
35923 [mattbee soup] Blimey, that easy?  Okay thankyou, it's more that I'm unfamiliar with COM
+ 35926 [james rubyxm] You should be able to find numerous articles at
+ 36165 [benoit.cerri] ...

^ Can I edit my submitted RCRs?
35919 [balexander r] I just submitted a bunch of RCRs, after previewing them and making sure
36096 [Dave Pragmat] No - but I can. And I should, because I was too lazy in the past to

^ Net::HTTP Question:
35928 [dmartenson m] ...
35968 [hubert cs.ny] Go to 'http://www.rubycentral.com' and check out the 'Ruby book'

^ Reading from a string
35929 [dcorbin impe] Is there a class that provides the IO interface from a String?  It seems
+ 35931 [list chromat] I'm sending you offlist the one I've got.  I'm not posting it here
| 35991 [ronjeffries ] I'd love to have / see it.
+ 35948 [patrick-may ] Depending on your purposes, it's not that difficult to whip one up.  I
+ 35950 [nobu.nokada ] 1.7 has StringIO.  Or you can find many StringIO, StrIO and so
  35957 [tsondergaard] Have you reimplemented the features like gets, readline, readlines, etc.
  + 35960 [list chromat] It's fine for writing (as shown of one of those pages) but I found it
  | 35996 [tsondergaard] Why? I would suggest that the implementation relies on read(byteCount).
  | 36002 [list chromat] Reading in chunks?  Actually sounds viable.
  + 35998 [nobu.nokada ] Yes, except for <<, print, printf, puts.  readline and

^ [ANN] rpkg 0.3.1
35937 [list chromat] rpkg is a system for quick installation, removal, and browsing of Ruby
35958 [list chromat] Whooops.

^ Reading a file Into a string
35942 [roy milican.] Greetings,
35944 [filip.moens ] ...
35952 [nobu.nokada ] mystring = File.open("mytext.txt", "r") {|f| f.read}

^ (sort of)OT: CGI, FastCGI, etc.
35943 [alwagner tca] I'm a total web newbie.  I'm learning HTML and trying to understand how CGI
+ 35946 [dennisn pe.n] I'm not a total expert myself, but --
+ 36006 [zohr im.eth.] I want to unsubscribe. What I have to do?

^ Re: [ANN] rpkg 0.3.1 Small bug and a question
35945 [gehlker fast] You might have fixed this. My browser doesn't like your site and the RRA
35961 [list chromat] But the RAA points to a .tar.gz on the same site.  There is no
35975 [gehlker fast] Ah. Then it was the right file. It just had the wrong name because they

^ Newbie problem
35947 [Liorean user] keyboard input. Now, at home running cygwin, I can't figure out how to get
35953 [nobu.nokada ] What's your cygwin version? :)
35954 [Liorean user] 165-2
35956 [nobu.nokada ] Did you try with only the line?  If it works, there should be
35962 [Liorean user] Yes, I did try only that line. It's the only thing that doesn't work.
36009 [nobu.nokada ] When you run like this, it returns soon without you type any key?
36010 [Liorean user] Now, that actually works.
36011 [nobu.nokada ] Hmmm, then how do you run the script?  In Command Prompt,
36021 [Liorean user] Where %1 is replaced with the file in question. (I don't know if it uses
36023 [nobu.nokada ] Explorer should pass the absolute path.
36026 [Liorean user] It might change the active (base/running) directory instead of using root
36030 [nobu.nokada ] W2k might change.  You can confirm the passed script name by

^ 각종 문서를 PDF로 변환해 드립니다(광..고)
35955 [dhlee flynar] ...

^ [patch] update to (X)Emacs modes
35964 [ville.skytta] ...
36012 [nobu.nokada ] I have a question about backward compatibility, from which

^ splice missing... why?
35969 [hubert cs.ny] Why Ruby doesn't have 'splice'? and  'splice!'?

^ splice... it's an old question
35970 [hubert cs.ny] Well.. I did a search on Ruby news group, should have done it

^ how does gtk curve work?
35973 [list chromat] I'm trying to initialize the curve in the Gtk::Curve widget.
36106 [mrp cre.cano] ...
36141 [list chromat] Thanks a lot Martin, but it gives weirder results than before.  :-(
36209 [nconway klam] Since this is a GTK+ API question (and not something that relates to

^ Mixin class methods?
35976 [chrismo home] Is it possible to define a method in a module so that when it's mixed in, it
+ 35977 [chrismo home] module MixInst
| + 35981 [chrismo char] It's a self-service email list for me today. Next time I'll hit Gooja
| + 35983 [r2d2 acc.umu] ...
+ 35979 [nobu.nokada ] module Mix
  35980 [nobu.nokada ] Sorry,

^ PROGRAM : download ruby talk archive
35982 [moontoeki ao] ...

^ Good example Ruby program?
35986 [jennyw dange] I was hoping someone could suggest a good example Ruby program for me to
+ 35988 [armin approx] warning, the txt is in German, but you wanted code :-);
+ 35997 [dennisn pe.n] I haven't read it yet (planning on buying it), but I understand that
| 36020 [edjbaker att] I totally agree with Dennis. I own "The Ruby Way" by Hal Fulton.
| 36029 [gehlker fast] What about the 'Ruby Developer's Guide'? It's bundled with "The Ruby Way" at
| + 36033 [Stephan.Kaem] I'd say so. IMHO that's kind of the most advanced Ruby book currently
| + 36039 [jweirich one] I've got both "The Ruby Way" and "Ruby Developer's Guide".  There is
| | 36084 [nahi keynaut] I'm dreadfully sorry.
| + 36040 [info mjais.d] I think it is a very good book. I have read only parts of it but what I've
+ 36016 [jostein.bern] On this page((The Great Computer Language Shootout) you've got a collection

^ matrix.rb and question dervied from looking at it.
35987 [hubert cs.ny] Could we 'add' new  way of responding to parameters for
36661 [hubert cs.ny] Well... of course we can... silly, i should have just tested myself.

^ ANN: Locana GUI and GUI Builder version 0.81
35989 [mdavis sevai] I am pleased to announce release 0.81 of Locana.  Locana is a GUI
+ 36014 [tobiasreif p] I get "connection refused" for all three. :|
| 36045 [mdavis sevai] It should be fixed now.  I forgot to tell my firewall to allow port 8080
| 36053 [tobiasreif p] Didn't run in WinNN6.2 (empty popup for calculator.rb)
| + 36060 [mdavis sevai] Humm, it should work in Netscape 6.2.  It sounds like the calculator
| + 36092 [mdavis sevai] When running on a slow computer or with a slow connection, I have
| | 36154 [tobiasreif p] WinNN6.2: first window: URL above; pops up window with button
| + 36130 [paul atdesk.] It comes up empty on Mozilla 0.9.9 (running on RedHat Linux).  When I
+ 36071 [j.travnik sh] I have tried calculator.rb in mozilla 0.9.9 and found that
  + 36091 [mdavis sevai] 1) Would you be willing to email me a screen shot (.jpg) of the
  | + 36104 [cparrish cox] Hmm well since Konqueror ships with any KDE distro of Linux I would
  | + 36108 [j.travnik sh] Screenshot is at http://klokan.sh.cvut.cz/~jtra/locana.jpg
  | | 36147 [mdavis sevai] Thanks for testing this :)  I think I see the problem and I'm not sure
  | + 36244 [alwagner uar] You should code to the W3C standard, not a specific browser. If
  + 36143 [mdavis sevai] In Konqueror version 1.X, the JavaScript function open() is not being

^ XPath
35992 [schuerig acm] I've got a bibliographic "database" with about 3200 entries that I
36013 [tobiasreif p] Perhaps you want to post tiny representative fragments.
36019 [schuerig acm] Sure.
36024 [tobiasreif p] The current one is not wrapped inside a biblio element?
36028 [schuerig acm] Oops, at the top-level is a biblio-element in all cases.
36032 [tobiasreif p] $:.unshift 'rexml/1.2.6/'
+ 36036 [schuerig acm] [and Tobi mostly solved my problem]
| 36038 [tobiasreif p] (also see my other post)
| 36044 [schuerig acm] [searching for matching elements in an XML document]
| + 36050 [tobiasreif p] I don't understand.
| + 36057 [schuerig acm] Or so I thought. :-/
|   36061 [tobiasreif p] nah...
|   36066 [schuerig acm] [deliriously suggested to do something by hand that could also be done
|   36069 [james rubyxm] There is a libgdome-ruby, a wrapper for the GNOME parser.
|   36162 [schuerig acm] I've tried the libxml and libxslt bindings from
+ 36037 [tobiasreif p] These XPaths would do what we want
  36359 [ser germane-] Sorry, Tobias, I haven't had much time for the usenet groups.

^ Could we subclass this way?
35993 [hubert cs.ny] Suppose I have a class called "Monster" with a instance variable
+ 35999 [ronjeffries ] I'm not sure what you're trying to do, but if you go ahead and define the
+ 36001 [jweirich one] Don't use "@" sytle names, Use accessor functions instead.  See the
  36025 [hubert cs.ny] Thank you. Ron and Jim.

^ sorting large string of records
36000 [ronjeffries ] Suppose I have a large string that is really a lot of fixed-size records joined
36003 [rich infoeth] class StringView
36015 [ronjeffries ] @data[@offset+i]
36018 [chr_news gmx] afaik there is no such thing as  a ``character object'' - i.e.

^ Rubicon -> Test::Unit
36004 [W.L.Kleb LaR] Are there plans a foot for Rubicon to use Test::Unit?
36329 [nathaniel ta] Dave and I have discussed it... I think it will happen eventually, but
36365 [W.L.Kleb LaR] Yes, we find it produces a nice summary of all our UnitTests.

^ [Oni Guruma] some problematic regexp
36017 [decoux moulo] ...

^ [Oni Guruma] strange regexp
36027 [decoux moulo] ...

^ [Oni Guruma] char class
36031 [decoux moulo] ...

^ Mini Rant: Indenting
36034 [tom.hurst cl] (uri/generic.rb)
+ 36035 [elanthis awe] I think people's editors may be at fault here.  I know if I edit a file
+ 36041 [pixel mandra] (setq indent-tabs-mode nil)
| + 36043 [tom.hurst cl] No, I want to see tabs the default, damnit; I like my tabstop and people
| | + 36048 [kentda stud.] I see your rant, and up the ante...
| | | + 36070 [in6x059 publ] marko schulz
| | | + 36075 [nobu.nokada ] Since I never put spaces after open parens I don't guess it's a
| | + 36051 [ronjeffries ] So code up a little something?
| + 36102 [cparrish cox] In VIM simply add it to the ruby.vim in filetype (that's what I'm going
| + 36168 [list chromat] (defun ruby-custom-setup ()
+ 36128 [paul atdesk.] then vi's autoindent inserts a tab any time it sees 8 spaces.  If anyone
| 36548 [craig_files ] Put :set expandtab  in your .vimrc file.  ... This specifies that
| 36587 [paul atdesk.] The problem is that vi does not support expandtab, nor does it support
+ 36140 [bobx linuxma] So is it "TABS" or "SPACES"? I am a newbie and it will stick with me!

^ instance_respond_to?
36042 [tsondergaard] Shouldn't module have an instance_respond_to? method?
+ 36046 [tsondergaard] (I removed Module. above in return public_instance_blahblah)
| 36047 [tsondergaard] Eek, ignore my last post. All I had to do was call
+ 36073 [nobu.nokada ] Module#method_defined?
| 36139 [tsondergaard] Yup! That's it.
+ 36138 [paul atdesk.] I'm not sure why it is needed, when Object#respond_to? works 99% of the

^ web templating for static sites?
36049 [list chromat] I'm using the Template Toolkit for generating static web sites and I
+ 36064 [james rubyxm] Have you looked at ruby-tmpl?
| 36181 [list chromat] The README says this is for Apache and mod_ruby, can it be used
| + 36187 [sean chitten] Absolutely.  This is how I generate the ruby-tmpl site and to create
| + 36193 [james rubyxm] I've used ruby-tmpl as part of a CGI script, and I believe there are
+ 36101 [patrick-may ] Try building off of a wiki.  If you don't give everyone rights to edit
| 36248 [list chromat] This is a really cool idea, but the very reason I choose static pages
| + 36250 [gnhurst hurs] So you would like your templating system to be on your local computer,
| | + 36253 [jim freeze.o] Problematic how?
| | | 36265 [gnhurst hurs] Problematic in a few ways. One was that there were many
| | | 36307 [list chromat] These ones seem to depend on the implementation, rather than the
| | + 36275 [list chromat] Exactly.
| + 36321 [patrick-may ] def compile_eruby (template_filename)
|   36352 [list chromat] <quicly browses through the eruby intro>
|   + 36354 [m_seki mva.b] Do you know erb?
|   | + 36388 [patrick-may ] I don't think I've fully grokked these, but they look interesting.
|   | | 36390 [m_seki mva.b] erb is yet another eRuby implementation. It is written by Pure Ruby.
|   | | 36391 [chris.morris] server-side includes. Right now it's a Windows binary written in Delphi -- I
|   | + 36394 [list chromat] Wow. :-)
|   | + 36445 [patrick-may ] I think there's a missing message here, so I'm answering these
|   + 36381 [list chromat] Nevermind, just found it.  I wonder when I'll get used to switch
+ 36324 [alwagner uar] How do you Ruby/HTML guys deal with the different versions of
| + 36334 [tom.hurst cl] Semantic XHTML 1.1, biodegradable CSS 2, to hell with people who expect
| | 36339 [alwagner tca] You're probably right.  But it seems so damned elitist.  BTW, I went to your
| | 36413 [tom.hurst cl] *slap*, use a proper attribution :)
| + 36446 [patrick-may ] If you get a good page abstraction for your site, you can then have
|   36452 [alwagner tca] Thank you, Patrick.  Especially for your previous post on this thread
+ 36450 [patrick-may ] While I agree that code should be divided neatly, I think that

^ [ANN] Xml Serialization for Ruby
36052 [chrismo char] =Xml Serialization for Ruby
+ 36058 [lucid users.] I've often thought recently that ruby is almost the ideal XML
+ 36059 [list chromat] <yum> :-)
  + 36063 [tobiasreif p] might
  + 36086 [nahi keynaut] with an
  | 36089 [chrismo char] Thanks! I read up on these options for doing serialization before I dove
  + 36087 [chrismo char] Yeah, this is the way it is now, and it's a bit much. Especially with a Hash
    36169 [list chromat] Yes, basically the options are these two---apart from the more complex
    + 36170 [tobiasreif p] UXF looked quite readable, IIRC.
    | 36174 [chrismo char] Do you have a sample (or link to one) you could post? I quickly scanned the
    | 36269 [tobiasreif p] 2 minutes ... ;)
    + 36173 [chrismo char] I'm not sure I follow you here. Are you saying that with class name as an
      + 36176 [chrismo char] class Person
      | 36186 [nahi keynaut] This is FYI thing, too.
      | 36194 [chrismo char] Thanks for posting, I'll have to take a closer look at this -- no need to
      | 36197 [nahi keynaut] Yes.  Regarding "human readable and editable XML", there
      | + 36199 [chrismo char] Alright, that's what I thought might be the case. I'll keep pluggin' away,
      | + 36215 [nahi keynaut] Oops.  What a boring sample.  I intended to add this here;
      + 36225 [list chromat] <AddressBook>
        + 36234 [chris.morris] Ah, much clearer now with the example. Good point.
        | 36395 [list chromat] Hmmm... how do you know what class are the contained elements going to
        + 36263 [dcorbin impe] This would also permit you to have a reasonable DTD for this schema,

^ SSSCA: A bad thing for open source
36054 [web2ed yahoo] Dear Ruby Users and Hackers,

^ Parsing Ruby
36065 [ronjeffries ] I'm looking for a good, simple, working parser for Ruby, in Ruby. It'd
+ 36068 [chrismo char] Not certain on all counts, but there's a parser included in RDoc.
+ 36076 [gha intrasto] I extract the parser from RDoc, and modify it.
| + 36077 [gha intrasto] Sorry, I make a mistake in the sample script.
| + 36079 [ronjeffries ] Thanks!
+ 36360 [ser germane-] <posted & mailed>
  + 36380 [dcorbin impe] I'm not completely familiar with REXML, but I think it fails because it
  + 36383 [ronjeffries ] REXML parses Ruby? I took it to be an XML parser. I want to parse Ruby code (a
    + 36386 [Dave Pragmat] RDoc has a full Ruby lexer (stolen from irb) and parses enough Ruby to
    + 36673 [ser germane-] Sorry Ron.  I must have had a brain cramp.  I mentally inserted an "XML"