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Sequel migrations
358897 [shamaoke@ho ] I've just started to use Sequel and discovered that they removed the
358899 [spox@mo sp x] require 'sequel/extensions/migration'

Re: reading an UTF-8 encoded file
358900 [b.candler@po] In my web browser onto ruby-forum, I see what you say is the "correct"
358924 [unbewusst.se] first, thanks for your reply )))
358929 [b.candler@po] Use 'puts' instead of 'p' and it may work. That is, I suspect
358935 [unbewusst.se] zsh-% cat /Users/yt/dev/Signature/signatures.txt
+ 358936 [b.candler@po] Ah, so it's not ruby 1.9, it's macruby 0.5. I'm afraid I'll have to
| 358938 [unbewusst.se] [:RUBY_VERSION, "1.9.0"], [:RUBY_RELEASE_DATE, "2008-06-03"]
+ 358937 [unbewusst.se] def get_signatures
  358940 [b.candler@po] If forcing the encoding of individual strings makes Ruby output them
  + 358942 [unbewusst.se] I got nil ))
  + 358962 [unbewusst.se] 1.9 encodings in trunk have very little support for now, but we

Aliasing a class method
358901 [mksm.sama@gm] I've made some changes to net/http that allows me to bind to a local

iterate through an @Array
358905 [johnwdale@gm] New to ruby
+ 358906 [hassan.schro] puts "<table width=3D'1000' border=3D'1' cellspacing=3D'3' cellpadding=3D'=
+ 358907 [rgkaufman@gm] Hey John,
  358912 [johnwdale@gm] Thank you all for your help. It makes sense now and works perfect!

ruby (not rails) internationalization
358908 [amishera2007] I have some web page which contains accented words (in french/italian
+ 358910 [rafael.ufs@g] Try use the i18n <http://github.com/svenfuchs/i18n> gem or
+ 358922 [m.fellinger@] Easiest is to use Ruby 1.9 with Nokogiri for the HTML parsing.

RabbitMQ and SSH behind firewall
358916 [di3go.bernar] I have some computers behind a firewall, the only ports i can use is 80

(noob) Help with variables
358918 [admin@ry uj ] I'm trying to make what amounts to a cloud files manager using the ruby
358930 [shortcutter@] I believe you rather want
358950 [admin@ry uj ] Basically I want to be able to get variables from posting forms.
358983 [shortcutter@] <quote>Note: Ruby will take care of GET and POST methods

[ANN] Rubytest.vim 1.0.0 Released
358921 [jan.h.xie@gm] Rubytest.vim is a vim (http://www.vim.org) plugin, which helps you to run

ruby-forum broken?
358928 [B.Candler@po] www.ruby-forum.com is showing me "Application error", even for the home
358932 [B.Candler@po] It's working now - but this post hasn't appeared yet, nor anything from the
358995 [rogerpack200] Seems to be ok from here.
359057 [x-ruby-lang@] Yes, all should be working fine again. I had a problem with a filled-up
359081 [b.candler@po] Thank you. My original post to ruby-talk did catch up into ruby-forum in

Simple SMTP server in ruby
358931 [madjokr@gm i] I was trying a simple mail smtp server in ruby.  I tried the code in
358961 [b.candler@po] That's because a SMTP *server* receives mail. If you want to send mail,
358964 [xenogenesis@] he code

Building ruby 1.9.1: miniruby failure
358939 [wonderdog@gm] Building on a SuSE 9 box. Not sure how to troubleshoot. Any advice?
358941 [matz@ru y- a] Need more info.  Ruby version, compiler version, etc.

[MacRuby] Re: reading an UTF-8 encoded file
358943 [unbewusst.se] Perfectly right, because i read on a MacRuby web page
358944 [unbewusst.se] zsh-% ruby1.9 -v

NameError - confused gems?
358946 [brandon.g.jo] I have 2 gems installed: ruby-opengl and rubygame. Both gems contain
358965 [brandon.g.jo] I did some digging and it turns out that renaming rubygame's file fixed

Dynamically require and include code in application
358949 [sentinel.200] I was hoping to dynamically load and include code in my application.
358951 [b.candler@po] What do you mean by this? Show your code.
358976 [sentinel.200] def load_module requirename, includename
358980 [b.candler@po] Slight simplification: extend Object.const_get(includename)

Can't install gems with native extensions
358953 [ me@el 1s ru] ??? gem install rdiscount
358966 [echristopher] Is it possible you have Jruby installed anyway? It sounds like Jruby's
358967 [ me@el 1s ru] Yes.
359096 [ me@el 1s ru] I've jruby installed via Homebrew. I've removed it and re-install ruby.
361451 [squid37.test] I'm getting this same error, but I would like to find a fix if anyone

358954 [cluny_gissla] Im new to ruby and programming and I saw a guy do this on a tutorial
358955 [brandon.g.jo] what version of ruby are you running? It works for me on 1.9.1 on
358956 [cluny_gissla] Thanks, the example you made works (alto I didnt fully understand it).
358958 [brandon.g.jo] I think the 1.8x version of Ruby's string implementation is in another
358960 [aldric@tr vo] Because it's a lot of work :)
358963 [walton@vy er] As I understand it, there will be no more 'one-click' installers.  The

result of assignment is not the return value
358968 [nbeyer@gm il] Given a simple class like this
+ 358969 [tony@me io .] Setters always return the value they were originally assigned
+ 358970 [matz@ru y- a] It's a design choice.  We defined the value of the assignment as the
  358975 [nbeyer@gm il] Ahh. Thanks. I figured it was something like that, but I couldn't find
  358977 [rubyhacker@g] I have thought about this for awhile. One rationalization is this.

Beware prelink and compiling ruby from source
358971 [doug@ds if r] All,

[ANN] weakling 0.0.1 - a reference queue and weak ID hash for JRuby
358972 [headius@he d] JRuby 1.5 will soon be released, in which ObjectSpace._id2ref does not

Is ruby-1.9 threads data safer?
358973 [rubynewbee@g] $ cat count_threads.rb
+ 358994 [rogerpack200] Nope you just got lucky :)
| 359032 [eregontp@gm ] We've got a big luck in 1.9 then ;)
| 359037 [walton@vy er] My suspicion is it has to do with the way threads work in 1.9.  Read
+ 359045 [shortcutter@] The test proves nothing other than that you got what seems like a proper

Request for comments: small class to create, manage and interact with  forks
358979 [apeiros@gm .] I created a small class to deal with forks, mainly creating, managing and communicating with forks. But since forks/forking is a bit of a new topic to me, I'd be happy to get comments on the following bit of code: http://gist.github.com/329397/ (version while posting this: http://gist.github.com/329397/89206b9d1df916b31d818010f13fdb78102c2788 )

how to get word from sentence
358981 [mailtorajuit] In my application i have to get the word which contains given word.
+ 358982 [jgabrielygal] irb(main):001:0> s = "i am testing the app"
| 358986 [mailtorajuit] thanxs
| 358987 [rolfhsp@gm i] irb(main):024:0* s=3D"Iam testung the aplication"
+ 358984 [rubynewbee@g] irb(main):005:0> s="iam testung the aplication"

how to check the file field empty
358985 [mailtorajuit] How to check the file selected or not while uploading form in ruby or

Why dosnt this work
358988 [cluny_gissla] Hey guys
358989 [b.candler@po] Add some 'puts' or 'p' statements to your code in strategic places, e.g.

Clone array elements
358990 [javaplayer@g] [:one, "two", 3].repeat(3)
+ 358991 [javaplayer@g] def repeat n
+ 358992 [rikiji@pl yk] like this?
+ 359019 [phasis@gm il] irb(main):003:0> [:one,"two",3].map{|x|[x]*3}.flatten(1)
+ 359022 [list.push@gm] Another way maybe,
  359078 [shortcutter@] This is nice!

Ruby Regexp implementation?
358997 [aldric@tr vo] And in the first few lines of the first page, it shows that the Regexp
+ 358999 [cremes.devli] I remember reading that article when it was first published.
+ 359000 [s.korteling@] def pathologicalize (str,  n)
+ 359004 [matz@ru y- a] No plan.  We need more (human) resource.

Hpricot Relative Path
359001 [josh.cheek@g] I'm trying to write a script that pulls out an image from a yfrog page
359002 [ben@bl yt in] Hpricot is just telling you what's in the HTML.  Munging the
359007 [josh.cheek@g] page             =  open url

[ANN] The Compleat Rubyist / June 18-19 2010
359003 [gregory.t.br] Still suck at Ruby and want to get better?  Can you be in the Chicago

[ANN] The Compleat Rubyist / June 18-19 2010 (corrected)
359006 [gregory.t.br] [apologies for the double post -- had an incomplete paragraph]

Dir.glob problem
359008 [cluny_gissla] In the program Im making I need to read some wma files into a variable
+ 359011 [echristopher] What goes wrong with it?
+ 359013 [data@qu nt m] The only way I could get it to work is to use the example at
| + 359014 [data@qu nt m] a=Dir.glob("C:/Users/Public/Music/Sample Music/*.wma") which has the
| | 359026 [shortcutter@] Dir.new("C:/Users/Public/Music/Sample Music").entries.grep /\.wma\z/i
| + 359015 [data@qu nt m] a=Dir.glob("C:/Users/Public/Music/Sample Music/*.wma") which has the
|   359017 [joelvanderwe] chdir is not thread safe, it changes the pwd which is global to the
|   359018 [data@qu nt m] Is there a way to expand this to include subdirectories like .glob
|   359027 [shortcutter@] If you want to do globbing, include subdirectories and want to have
+ 359110 [data@qu nt m] Looking at the source code for Dir it looks like it should accept the
| 403634 [lists@ru y- ] To avoid "." and "." how to use the Dir::glob() method? Give me an
| 403636 [michel.reves] ...
| 403637 [lists@ru y- ] Yes But if I want to perform such search,on the directory say -
+ 403635 [lists@ru y- ] Dir.glob('*.*') gives you all the files in the current directory. You
+ 403641 [lists@ru y- ] Dir.glob("C:/Documents and Settings/prayer/My Documents/userdata/**.*")
| 403689 [lists@ru y- ] irb(main):001:0>Dir.glob('C:/Documents and Settings/peter/My
+ 403691 [lists@ru y- ] The asterisks are important: **/*
| 403696 [lists@ru y- ] Yeah,I am with you. But what the difference is between "glob" without
| 403743 [sto.mar@we .] The asterisks are explained in the documentation,
| 403816 [tamouse.list] Part of the confusion may be what "glob" is doing. "glob" is a term
+ 403697 [lists@ru y- ] Glob without any wildcards just gives you back what you sent.

Re: Why no TextMate for Linux? (corrected)
359010 [ninja@sl ph ] Sorry for the double-post... accidentally hit ctrl+enter before it was

ncurses alternative character set?
359025 [tjacobs-sndr] I'm exploring the ncurses library for Ruby 1.8, and am unclear how to
359153 [sentinel.200] window.mvwaddch(0, 0, Ncurses::ACS_LTEE)

[ANN] posix_mq 0.4.0
359028 [normalperson] POSIX message queues allow local processes to exchange data in the form

Newbie Help : Object
359031 [imran.nazir@] This question may be more to do with my understanding of OOP that the
+ 359034 [  jbw@jb .c ] You might get more help if you show some code.
+ 359038 [rikiji@pl yk] You could set an array of n "Ball"s, check one against each other
| 359040 [wruyahoo05@c] First, look at the #each method and its siblings. These will encapsulate
+ 359042 [gwtmp01@ma .] Actually I think your question isn't really about OOP or Ruby at
  + 359044 [  jbw@jb .c ] I imagine an event library like ruby-event would suit this, but it might not
  + 359048 [imran.nazir@] Thank you for all the ideas peeps. Much appreciated, I was hoping that
    359049 [hassan.schro] I'd suggest looking at the Observer pattern.
    + 359053 [imran.nazir@] I'd suggest looking at the Observer pattern.
    | 359056 [wruyahoo05@c] You may find it useful to look at the Wikipedia entries for "collision
    + 359058 [ian.hobson@n] The observer object will have to do the same (computationally explosive)
      359059 [hassan.schro] Sorry, I don't see that at all.
      359060 [imran.nazir@] Perhaps if there some games programmers reading this they could let us
      359074 [billk@ct .c ] I seem to recall encountering both techniques Ian mentioned in

Wsdl -  Webservice Client
359046 [axel@wo ld o] #!/usr/bin/ruby
+ 359079 [b.candler@po] I'm afraid I can't answer your question directly, but the soap4r which
| 359125 [axel@wo ld o] Brian,
| 359129 [b.candler@po] It's simply the result from the method call, which is an object of class
| 359138 [axel@wo ld o] Brian,
+ 366170 [akshay.dce@g] I have created a stand alone webservice tool to access any webservice

WSDL Interface to EPO (European Patent Office)
359047 [axel@wo ld o] I am trying to do patent searches accessing the webservice at the
359141 [b.candler@po] $ curl -v
359143 [b.candler@po] It looks like the correct domain is ops.epo.org, not www.ops.epo.org.

What Version?
359050 [nrhird@gm il] I am kinda new to ruby and new to ruby on rails. I originally had
+ 359051 [walton@vy er] I use 1.9.1 on my Windows 7 install without problem.  Make sure to use
+ 359080 [b.candler@po] I'd suggest 1.8.7, since the vast majority of 1.8.6 code runs happily

Ruby/Tk-Kit : tcltklib.so with Tcl/Tk environment (Re: Tk on Windows and Mac OS X 10.6)
359052 [nagai@ai ky ] Now, you can download test versions of such tcltklib.so

[Mac OS X] redcar install
359054 [unbewusst.se] zsh-% git clone git://github.com/danlucraft/redcar.git
359055 [robert.dober] I am waaay to stupid to understand GIT but I am fighting ;)

[ANN] Graffiti 1.0, SynCache 1.0, Whitewash 1.0
359061 [angdraug@gm ] Three components of the Samizdat open publishing system are finally

[ANN] win32console 1.3.0 Released
359062 [luislavena@g] win32console version 1.3.0 has been released!
359067 [djberg96@gm ] Cool.

Change emblem from folders/icons from ruby
359063 [di3go.bernar] There is any way to change folders/icons emblems from ruby or maybe from
359064 [di3go.bernar] I think that Dropbox use libnautilus to do this, i dont know have any

[ANN]  April Phoenix Ruby User Group Meeting
359065 [james.britt@] April Phoenix Ruby User Group Meeting

Can I load dynamic configuratioins to a ruby program
359066 [lxybhbh@gm i] during every execution.

Why teach Ruby in the classroom?
359068 [space.ship.t] ...
+ 359069 [josh.cheek@g] Missing the link :)
| 359070 [space.ship.t] ...
| + 359077 [shortcutter@] I think the first item in the list is a very important one!  I am
| | 359083 [space.ship.t] ...
| + 359088 [stuart@st ar] One thing that might be relevant is the way that Ruby seems to enable a
|   359127 [space.ship.t] Dear Stuart,
|   359137 [richard.conr] one point that I don't think has been mentioned, is the ratio of lines
|   359861 [space.ship.t] Dear Richard,
+ 359073 [ninja@sl ph ] Type 'help' to bring up the brilliant tutorial. So easy my mother can follow
  359076 [space.ship.t] Dear David,

This is what I do for fun..

359071 [asdhoke@gm i] ...

Re: win32console 1.3.0 Released
359075 [luislavena@g] nsole

Re: redcar install
359082 [dan@fl en ra] the README is a good place to start: http://github.com/danlucraft/redcar
+ 359085 [unbewusst.se] yes except i had make use of "git checkout stable" after git clone
| + 359086 [unbewusst.se] zsh-% sudo port install jruby
| + 359108 [headius@he d] Bleh...MacPorts is still on 1.1.6? That's almost a year and a half old :(
|   359123 [robert.dober] Potentially stupid question: Would RVM help on Mac?
+ 359087 [unbewusst.se] finally i got recar working after installing "jruby-complete-1.4.0.jar"
  359089 [dan@fl en ra] For everyone else reading this thread, the easier way to install redcar

Overriding new?
359090 [andrea@an re] class Parent
359091 [cremes.devli] Use the #super keyword to call the superclass.
359093 [andrea@an re] Hei Chuck,
+ 359094 [sutniuq@gm .] irb(main):001:0> class Parent
| 359099 [andrea@an re] FreightViewModel is part of the framework, and if you're using it that's
| + 359111 [kbloom@gm il] freight_view_model.rb
| + 359342 [andrea@fa ti] I suppose you could change a bit the design and use a hook method
+ 359095 [  jbw@jb .c ] def initialize
+ 359097 [cremes.devli] Ah, I didn't read your original email very closely.
| 359098 [aldric@tr vo] I think something similar was brought up on this mailing
| 359100 [andrea@an re] I'm sorry, I looked before posting and i couldn't find anything. I'm
| 359101 [walton@vy er] Found it: http://www.ruby-forum.com/topic/204105
| 359102 [shortcutter@] I agree: calling super is the default method for making sure super
+ 359103 [tony@me io .] One way to avoid it is to override new.  You can use the "allocate" method
  359104 [cremes.devli] I like Tony's final suggestion. In your base class initialize method, have it make a call to post_initialize. All subclasses should then create a post_initialize method if they need to do any construction (or leave it empty).
  359106 [andrea@an re] Hei,
  359112 [walton@vy er] I assume that '#do your stuff' is where you do things like call the
  359119 [andrea@an re] class FreightViewModel
  359121 [walton@vy er] Right, so not an issue in this case.

Mountain West Ruby Conf : Videos
359092 [aldric@tr vo] Do you have an estimate as to when the presentations from MWRC will be
359465 [blowmage@gm ] Hey, I didn't see this until now. The videos will take another few weeks to

Singleton methods without the singleton class
359107 [headius@he d] JRuby currently allows you to add singleton methods to normal Java
+ 359463 [b.candler@po] What if you are defining a singleton method to override a method which
| 359486 [headius@he d] The problem with this is that it then makes all callers to all
+ 359478 [transfire@gm] How do you handle #extend?
  359487 [headius@he d] I don't :)

TkFont from file or data
359113 [antonio.gale] Is there a way to load a TkFont from a file or from resources ?
359122 [nagai@ai ky ] The following page may help you.
359124 [antonio.gale] in "windows" try to call AddFontResourceEx of GDI dll