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"Self Organizing Record" Idea
358664 [gmkoller@gm ] (and the real question on my mind lately...)
+ 358673 [ninja@sl ph ] I'd suggest Riak, but I haven't used any so far.
+ 358728 [b.candler@po] That still sounds like a pretty small system.

Camera, Graphic and Mouse Class???
358667 [nofortee@gm ] I'm new in Ruby, please help me out with this.....

Communicating with running process / acceptance-testing GUI apps
358676 [sean@cl pp r] Does anyone have a method for interacting with a running Ruby
358716 [echristopher] Do you mean you want to test the GUI component of it? I don't know
358717 [sean@cl pp r] Well, I want to drive the app through the GUI, but not simulating

please help. what does mean <<
358681 [kirill.super] I have to translate code from ruby to .net
358682 [rick.denatal] It depends on what objects source and source_expr are.
358683 [kirill.super] It is an array and it means that the operation is push. Thanks a lot for

Ruby 1.9.1 built-in JSON troubles
358684 [astounding@g] user@host:/path$ irb
358725 [b.candler@po] This is simply because JSON.parse only parses JSON *objects* and
358748 [astounding@g] Thanks for the note, Brian.
+ 358749 [astounding@g] (IMHO, JSON ought to handle this automagically.)
+ 358752 [b.candler@po] I could understand if it only allowed an object at the top level (which
  358768 [astounding@g] Definitely more robust, since that will handle numbers too.  Thanks

where to ruby tk in gem format?
358687 [robin1@cn p.] Wondering, where can I find ruby tcl/tk in gem format?
358690 [echristopher] ...
358974 [robin1@cn p.] Thanks for your help :-)

testing a class method that also is called in initialize
358688 [adamtemporar] parse_file method below
+ 358694 [robert.dober] Hmm seems you want to test something you did not implement.
+ 358704 [vikkous@gm i] What harm is going to come of letting parse_file run before the

Mutex object
358689 [ash.reddy34@] Should I create a new Mutex object per thread accessing a shared
358715 [poetabh@gm i] You need one mutex by resource. The Mutex will control the access to
358722 [shortcutter@] This is only true if the Array and the Hash are supposed to be

Escaping strings
358692 [krishna.rokh] This seems rather easy, but its got me stuck.
358693 [krishna.rokh] Nvm, got it.
358708 [shortcutter@] I'd rather use prepared statements with bind variables.  This is much
358712 [krishna.rokh] Thanks!

Weakref: can I use it like this?
358696 [onepoint@st ] I want  to do some extended processing  on an object referred  to by a
358707 [shortcutter@] I think that's exactly the way it should be done.

[ANN] ffi-mysql 0.0.1
358698 [frank-fische] ffi-mysql version 0.0.1

[ANN] mongrel_service 0.4.beta3 Released
358700 [luislavena@g] mongrel_service version 0.4.beta3 has been released!

Send file over XMPP
358701 [di3go.bernar] Anyone know how to send files over XMPP?

[ANN] win32console 1.3.0.beta2 Released
358702 [luislavena@g] win32console version 1.3.0.beta2 has been released!
358713 [botpena@gm i] Quick q: does it implement all the features listed here

Machinist with Plain Old Ruby Objects
358711 [sean@cl pp r] Does anyone have experience with this?
358724 [b.candler@po] Can you show the source for your 'make' class method? The following
358771 [sean@cl pp r] Make is a method added to Object by the gem.  It did not support

[ANN] tyrantmanager 1.5.0 Released
358714 [jeremy@hi eg] tyrantmanager version 1.5.0 has been released.

Re: win32console 1.3.0.beta2 Released
358718 [luislavena@g] /perl/site/lib/Win32/Console.html=A0?
358755 [rogerpack200] I noticed it doesn't seem to do "too much" for colored specs.
358780 [luislavena@g] Are you using autospec? If so, is not win32console, as I mentioned to
358783 [reachme@ch r] Charles
358784 [luislavena@g] No answer. I've described there what could be the root of the issue.
+ 358803 [reachme@ch r] Charles
+ 358813 [rogerpack200] Thanks for the link.
  358837 [gthiesfeld@g] If all of this code still works the way I remember it, this is
  358851 [luislavena@g] It does, however, as I mentioned in the RSpec-dev mailing list post,
  358887 [gthiesfeld@g] Ah! I see the problem now.  I'm afraid it is in win32console[1], and
  358904 [luislavena@g] Gordon, your patch fix the issue with red/green sample, but still
  358917 [gthiesfeld@g] at
  358978 [luislavena@g] Change received, merged and tested.
  + 358996 [gthiesfeld@g] =A0I
  + 359311 [rogerpack200] Interesting.

ffi-mysql 0.0.2
358719 [frank-fische] ffi-mysql version 0.0.2

Kernel#autoload ignores custom monkey patched Kernel#require
358720 [lars.gierth@] I'm playing with FakeFS and want to fake Kernel#require. That's working
+ 358727 [luislavena@g] On Mar 8, 11:25=A0am, Lars Gierth <lars.gie...@altefeuerwachekoeln.de>
| 358729 [lars.gierth@] thanks a lot for pointing me on this discussion, quite interesting ;)
+ 359308 [lars.gierth@] and #autoload.
  359312 [ninja@sl ph ] You probably didn't.
  359363 [lars.gierth@] thanks a lot for pointing this out. It's indeed one more limitation of
  359381 [ninja@sl ph ] That was mostly my point, and the examples I used are cases where

Problem running Ruby app
358723 [aldiaz84@gm ] I'm developing a ruby app, and i'm using NetBeans IDE 6.8 for
358736 [hassan.schro] sudo gem install ntp
358739 [echristopher] Right -- the gems installed for Jruby are totally separate from the
358788 [aldiaz84@gm ] Thanks!! Problem Solved!!

Capturing incremental output from STDOUT
358732 [jcoglan@go g] If I run an external process, e.g.
+ 358824 [shyouhei@ru ] really?
+ 358855 [b.candler@po] What's almost certainly happening is that the process which is sending
+ 358869 [shortcutter@] IO.popen does not block anything.  You would at least have to read
  358871 [b.candler@po] Although the OP didn't mention the platform, as Windows can be broken

Rake doesn't recognise that rubyzip gem is installed
358733 [toastkid.wil] a more general ruby gems problem.

(SOLVED)Rake doesn't recognise that rubyzip gem is installed
358734 [toastkid.wil] Solved the problem - google revealed that i need to add :lib =>

Login Prompt - how to?
358738 [dracoola4u20] Can anyone tell me how I can login to a web page using a login prompt?
358742 [richard.conr] That looks like standard HTTP authentication (Basic/Digest).

Ruby::DL vs Ruby::FFI
358741 [blackapache5] ...
+ 358743 [djberg96@gm ] nternet programmers, but are more interested in scientific and number proce=
| 358888 [headius@he d] JRuby supports FFI on Windows just fine.
| 358923 [blackapache5] ________________________________
| 358948 [cremes.devli] Here's a project that is providing the beginning of win32ole support for jruby [1]. Please try it out with your application to see if it works. File tickets or provide patches for broken or missing functionality.
+ 358890 [headius@he d] Why not build DL atop FFI, and get FFI into Ruby 1.9.2?

daemonize, redirect stdin and stdout and write a pidfile
358750 [guidoderosa@] the subject is a very standard requirement and should be done in a very
358791 [b.candler@po] Have you checked out the documentation of the PidFile class in the

Shortest code
358757 [dare.take@gm] ruby,
+ 358758 [robert.dober] I am afraid so
| 358759 [dare.take@gm] tx for the reply, i originally used
| + 358775 [joelvanderwe] You can save a char by replacing
| | 358776 [astounding@g] Ruby 1.9: 34 characters
| | + 358778 [dare.take@gm] y=0
| | + 358779 [dare.take@gm] tx aaron this is by far the shortest code ive seen...
| |   358794 [s.korteling@] p eval gets.split(/ |-\d+/)*?+
| |   358814 [dare.take@gm] irb(main):003:0> p eval gets.split(/ |-\d+/)*?+
| |   358823 [s.korteling@] p eval gets.split(/ |-\d+/)*'+0'
| |   358838 [dare.take@gm] yea it works perfectly...
| + 358781 [robert.dober] I feel that your code has less characters and mine is shorter :)
|   358785 [dare.take@gm] yea your's is definitely better(it's more readable), but the problem
+ 358760 [florian.assm] puts eval(gets.gsub(/-\d+|[^0-9]+/, '+')<<'+0')
  358770 [dare.take@gm] irb(main):001:0> puts eval(gets.gsub(/-\d+|[^0-9]+/, '+')<<'+0')
  358845 [florian.assm] interesting...
  358848 [dare.take@gm] irb(main):010:0> puts eval(gets.gsub(/(?:-\d|[^0-9])+/, '+')<<'+0')
  358853 [robert.dober] 1 -2 8 is nice too ;)

asynchronous network access with Rack?
358761 [nick@ni k- r] I've read that "threading is considered harmful" for Ruby web apps.
+ 358763 [w3gat@nw ag ] I've used threading with getting several web pages for a long time and
| 358764 [ezmobius@gm ] I've never had any problem so long as you catch errors if a specifc web =
+ 358765 [richard.conr] There are some historical reasons behind threading == harmful (defaults for
| 358773 [nick@ni k- r] Awesome! Good to hear :-)
+ 358787 [b.candler@po] thread_a = Thread.new { Net::HTTP.get site_a }

Re: Digits of e (#226)
358762 [dnspringer@g] I decided to work on an old quiz.
358790 [b.candler@po] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
358828 [dnspringer@g] => 19.9990999791895

convert s to i, then + 1
358766 [mspeltzer@gm] simple program: basically i just want to ask for an integer then return
+ 358767 [Rob@Ag le on] You're struggling with the difference between numbers and strings.  If
+ 358769 [wyhaines@gm ] 'well ' is an object that is an instance of the String class.
| 358789 [b.candler@po] really bad idea to do this in real code. Firstly, you're changing a core
| + 358796 [shevegen@li ] num = gets.chomp
| + 358945 [artemisc360@] this is the code I use;
|   358947 [aldric@tr vo] puts "What is your favorite number?
|   358952 [josh.cheek@g] As long as their number isn't negative
+ 358772 [usurffx@gm i] Or
+ 358820 [dare.take@gm] puts 'what\'s your favorite number?'

question on threads
358774 [rubynewbee@g] count = 0
+ 358782 [shortcutter@] Because there are no guarantees about thread scheduling.  Btw, your
+ 358815 [b.candler@po] (1) each thread sleeps for a random amount of time before capturing and
  358849 [shortcutter@] Brian, thank you for taking the time to do a more elaborate explanation.

can°«t get pingfm class work
358786 [radek.simcik] I have simple code from Ping.fm Ruby Client/Library

Rufus Sheduler, Dinamic timing changing
358792 [aldiaz84@gm ] In my app, i'm using Rufus Sheduler to shedule some automatic tasks, my

Install fcgi-ruby for Apache on Windows Xp
358793 [gamh03122002] I need some help with gem fcgi-ruby-0.8.8. I have tried to create from
+ 358802 [luislavena@g] Please provide more information about the ruby version you're using.
+ 358804 [b.candler@po] I believe the gem is called 'fcgi': gem install fcgi
  358860 [gamh03122002] Thanks for your help. I have downloaded and compiled the development kit
  358864 [b.candler@po] Then you need *ruby's* development header files as well.
  358870 [gamh03122002] require 'rbconfig'
  358872 [gamh03122002] The first problem is that i can't find the fcgiapp.h or
  358873 [b.candler@po] You could try

[ANN] test-unit 2.0.7
358797 [kou@co mi ng] % sudo gem install test-unit
358808 [djberg96@gm ] Awesome, thanks. I'm glad to see my request regarding duplicate test

Flatten out Hash
358799 [glenn_ritz@y] {"a"=>{"b"=>{"c"=>1}, "b2"=>{"c2"=>2}}}
+ 358801 [rubynewbee@g] hash = {"a"=>{"b"=>{"c"=>1}, "b2"=>{"c2"=>2}}}
| 358805 [glenn_ritz@y] Thanks, Jean.
| 358812 [shortcutter@] [k3]]
+ 358809 [b.candler@po] I think that's the right way, if the nesting depth is variable. One
  358811 [b.candler@po] Perhaps a better solution is to yield an array of keys (being the 'path'

358800 [mattbeedle@g] I'm having trouble in with us-ascii strings. I have written a script
358806 [b.candler@po] You just got the args the wrong way round. 'to' comes before 'from'.
358810 [mattbeedle@g] lol, ok, now I feel stupid.  I've been messing around with this for

What to do if anything bites.
358807 [earnmoney942] What to do if anything bites.

Getting Constructor Not Found (Ruby Java Bridge, RJB)
358816 [anukul.singh] I am a newbie to using RJB gem, and this is the issue I am facing.

Testing Symlinks
358817 [transfire@gm] I probably should know the answers to these, but it's never come up
358819 [gwtmp01@ma .] def info(path)

What is Forex ? All Should Know It.
358818 [forex.daily1] What is Forex ? All Should Know It.

Compile/Close Ruby Code
358821 [axabert@ho m] I write scripts under Linux using Ruby.
+ 358825 [walton@vy er] I don't about Ruby2Exe, as I understand it, it's been replaced by OCRA,
| 358827 [richard.conr] The question of obfuscating code comes up a lot here. One of the more
+ 358826 [drbrain@se m] hold
+ 358830 [usenet-nospa] Why?
+ 358847 [axabert@ho m] OK, I see. I shouldn't bother too much about hiding the code then.
+ 358889 [headius@he d] There are several vendors who use JRuby to pre-compile code for

Godaddy promo codes 2010
358822 [hosting.man2] Godaddy promo codes 2010

[ANN] loofah 0.4.7 Released
358833 [mike.dalessi] loofah version 0.4.7 has been released!
372579 [unbewusst.se] because i'm using daily nokogiri i wanted to test loofah with a small

[ANN] mcbean 0.1.1 Released
358834 [mike.dalessi] mcbean version 0.1.1 has been released!

[ANN] lorax 0.1.0 Released
358835 [mike.dalessi] lorax version 0.1.0 has been released!
358836 [tony@me io .] That's awesome, great name

358839 [dhananjaybha] the code is like this
+ 358842 [stfairy@gm i] An iterator is an object that allows a programmer to traverse through
| 358843 [astounding@g] Correct me if I'm wrong, but in 1.9 Hashes do maintain order
+ 358844 [josh.cheek@g] Your question is ambiguous, but I'll assume it is in regards to the

[QUIZ][SUMMARY] Found Senryu (#224)
358840 [yahivin@gm i] The quiz this week has solutions from Martin DeMello and wkm.

SOCKSSocket working?
358841 [mksm.sama@gm] I compiled ruby-1.8.7-p249 with --enable-socks and package libsocks4
358857 [b.candler@po] I can't answer your question directly, as I tend to use the
358957 [mksm.sama@gm] (1) It works with tsocks. I tested using irb without setting
358959 [b.candler@po] Odd. Maybe it's worth experimenting with SOCKSSocket directly.

how to test if a file is open ?
358854 [unbewusst.se] i'd like to know how to test if a file is open from another app ?
+ 358861 [b.candler@po] The traditional Unix utilities to solve this problem are "lsof" and
| 358862 [b.candler@po] Or it might be "fstat", given that OSX is BSD-derived.
| 358877 [unbewusst.se] zsh-% which fstat
| 358878 [b.candler@po] That sounds quite likely.
| 358886 [unbewusst.se] Apple recommandation are, afaik, * no test * but raise an exception if
+ 358867 [cidza@ti .i ] You could use exceptions
  358868 [b.candler@po] I thought the OP was interested in whether *another* process had the

Best / cleanest DSL for manipulating data files?
358856 [dreamcat4@gm] At the stage of implementing the interface for a new RubyGem. The main
+ 358859 [b.candler@po] You did google for 'ruby plist' already?
| 358866 [dreamcat4@gm] Yes. Although none of them provide the same kind of options that I shall
| 358891 [dreamcat4@gm] Standard initializers seem better. Leaning toward b)
| 358892 [dreamcat4@gm] Hmm,
+ 358863 [dreamcat4@gm] So i've been looking at the current API interface to my classes. To be
+ 359029 [dreamcat4@gm] For any of you who were interested, here is the interface which was

Re: lorax 0.1.0 Released
358858 [transfire@gm] Why not in every case?
358874 [mike.dalessi] Because there are still boogs! :-D

Calculation of means in Narray objects
358865 [knirirr@gm i] I'm trying to perform some calculations on data held in NArray objects
358875 [masa16.tanak] If you mean [0,0,0],[0,0,10],[0,0,20]...[0,0,90], try
358876 [knirirr@gm i] Thanks. Would you mind pointing me in the direction of any documentation
358879 [masa16.tanak] is the only documentation.
358882 [knirirr@gm i] Thanks again.
358883 [masa16.tanak] Right.
358884 [knirirr@gm i] new = narray.reshape(96,73,12,140).mean(3)

[ruby 1.9] reading an UTF-8 encoded file
358885 [unbewusst.se] if i read and output to terminal an UTF-8 encoded file, i do not have

A "How to" about installing Ruby/TK for the Windows RubyInstaller

side-effects from STDIN.reopen ?
358895 [lance@ca nl ] I'm encoding videos from a background process and found a video where
358902 [luislavena@g] Why are you messing with the inherited STD handlers? Can't you
358903 [lance@ca nl ] Well STDIN.reopen is the line I isolated from inside the Daemons library